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					CA Soil Nail Committee
Recommended Guidelines for Permanent Soil Nails

Soil nails shall preferably be furnished complete with all accessories, and/or
accessories shall be a standard product of a company regularly engaged in their
manufacture. Where this is not the case, all soil nail components shall be designed by a
licensed Engineer and conform to all design standards for the purpose for which they
are intended. When required, a certificate of compliance and copies of the certified mill
report of the soil nail steel and/or components will verify that the nails materials conform
to requirements of this the specifications. The materials specified below shall be used
for construction of soil nail assemblies and test soil nail assemblies.

Reasoning: A large percentage of drilling contractors is accustomed to purchasing
           components and accessories outside of the nail assembly, several of
           which have expressed their desire to continue to source components
           outside of the assembly. Certificates of compliance are available for
           components as well.

3.7 Centralizers
shall be installed as noted on the contract drawings, along the length of the soil nail to
ensure that the soil nail will be centered in the drill hole and that minimum grout cover
encapsulates the rebar. Centralizers shall be manufactured from polyvinyl chloride
(PVC), polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (HDPP), steel or material which is
nondetrimental to the prestressing steel. Wood spacers shall not be used. The
centralizer shall support the nail in the drill hole and position the nail so the required
grout cover is achieved. All centralizers shall be designed to permit grout to flow freely
around the nail and up the drill hole.

Note: Spacers (strand separators, etc. normally manufactured from plastic other than
PVC) have been excluded from the recommended guidelines.

Reasoning: There are centralizers in use by leading anchor and nail suppliers and
           drilling contractors that are not manufactured from PVC, including
           polyethylene and steel. There are also products other than centralizers
           (spacers) that are utilized in inner-annular spaces which are not
           manufactured from PVC. This recommendation excludes those products.

                                                   Recommended Revisions 6/26/01
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Description: Soil Nailing retaining wall technique Retaining structure and slopes by soil nailing technique