Gods Must Be Crazy _ Namib Desert by keralaguest


									Geography 358                                        Name ________________________________
Instructor Matt Ebiner

Gods Must Be Crazy - Set in the Kalahari Desert of Botswana (Southern Africa) (first 13 minutes)

1.   Describe the climate, landscape and vegetation of the Kalahari.

2.   Describe the Bushman’s culture:

             a.   Hunting/Gathering

             b.   Language

             c.   Customs/Beliefs

3. What was most interesting or memorable about the Kalahari or the Bushmen?

IMAX – The Greatest Places - Namib Desert (5 minutes)

1. What is noteworthy about the sand dunes of the Namib Desert?

2. The Namib Desert is influenced by the ocean current along its shore. Is that cold water or hot water?

3. Where does that ocean current come from?

4. What did you think was the most unusual or unexpected thing found in this desert?

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