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   2009 Hockey NSW
   Association Forum

Bankstown Sports Club 7th February 2009

                GAME DEVELOPMENT
      “To retain, recruit and up skill Hockey NSW stakeholders”

Resources to achieve these objectives include:

•   Hockey NSW Game Development Committee

•   Hockey NSW Game Development Unit Staff:

Game Development Manager:           Blake Durance
Game Development Coordinator:       David Mike

        Game Development Committee
•   2 meetings have been conducted in October and November 2008
• Committee Members:

Jeff McEwen - Chair                Graeme McKenzie - Tamworth
Karen Kennedy – HNSW Director      Rhonda Smyth - North Shore WHA
Steve Orchard - Maitland           Rowan Johnston - SJHA
Janette Brazel - Parramatta WHA    Geoff Hope (Officiating Panel)

Hockey NSW Staff:
Blake Durance             David Mike

       Game Development Committee
          Committee Charter-Roles & Responsibilities

•   Foster the recruitment, retention and up skilling of players, coaches and
    officials in NSW.
•   Actively develop programs in relation to grass roots hockey in NSW
•   Promote the development of Indoor hockey at grass roots level
•   Promote the importance of associations and their strengths in developing
    grass roots junior hockey, whilst fostering and nurturing these
•   Assist with HNSW staff in promoting special events located in NSW
•   Research and implement promotional strategies in relation to
    development programs in grass roots/club hockey.

              Committee Meeting Summary
•   Retention and Recruitment of players in NSW
    - Hook in2 Hockey and its role in NSW development.

•   January 2009- Hook in2 Hockey centres included:
    Northern Districts
    Sutherland Hockey Club
    Ryde Hockey Club

•   February 2009 Centres - North Shore WHA,
    Hockey New England HA, Lithgow HA

•   Additional 2009 Hook in2 Hockey centres-UNSW Hockey Club, Kings Langley Hockey

    Hook in2 Hockey-Northern Districts
•   Fourth year of operation as a Hook in2 Hockey centre.
•   2009 = 40 registered participants in their January program
•   Junior club members were employed as “Leaders” and coaches of
•   Strong emphasis on parent involvement in program

Hook in2 Hockey in Western Australia
•   19 Participating metropolitan clubs in Perth with 858 participants.
    Average of 45 participants at each centre.

•   24 Regional Centres with 965 registered participants. Average of 40
    participants at each centre.

•   All programs run on grass surfaces.

    Potential for the program in NSW:

•   61 associations = 61 centres
    Average of 15-20 participants at centres = 61 x 15/20 = 915/1220
    registered participants in NSW

     HockeyEd/Coaching Conferences
Hockey Australia Programs, resources are available for implementation.

In 2009 Hockey NSW will be coordinating;

•   HockeyEd Development Coach Program               mid 2009
•   HockeyEd Assessor Training                       mid 2009
•   Bathurst AHL coaching conference                 March 2009
•   Champions Trophy coaching conference.            July 2009

Focus= Lower frequency of events, high quality of content and presenters at

                Skills Development Camps
•   In 2008 Hockey NSW made the decision to outsource the operation of the
    camps to SLICS coaching services.

•   Previous Talent camps to be replaced by “Skills Development Camps”

•   Focus = “Skills based”   - Foundation skills to advanced aerial skills
                             - Transferring skills taught into modified games
                               and set play situations.

•   Existing Umpiring development component unsuitable for new Skills
    Development Camp model

•   NSW Academy Games to act as an umpire development opportunity

•   Hockey NSW Officiating Panel to coordinate with Game Development Unit.

                      Skills Development Camps
Skills Camps places

•      Formula applied to all NSW associations, representative of junior registrations.
•     10,323                  :      330          :        120            = 4 placements
    (total registrations in NSW)   (Assoc Rego)       (camp placements)

•      Regional v Conference based options were considered.
•      Logistics of 6 camps v 18 camps for 2009
•      9 coaches per camp
•      2 camps running sequentially
•      3 sets of 18 coaches = 54 coaches v 18 x 9 coaches = 162 coaches
•      3 full days of camps running from 8 am to 5 pm.
•      Hockey NSW aim to minimise a mass departure from previous camp model

Hockey NSW Registrations 2007-2008
     Case study undertaken by Game Development Unit

                                            • U9 Registrations
                                              dropped 1.3 %
                                              between 2007-2008

                                            • U18 Registrations
                                              dropped 11.5 %
                                              between 2007-2008

                                            • Senior Registrations
                                              dropped 0.4 %
                                              between 2007-2008


•   Formation of U9 modified games ¼ fields modified competitions on

•   Attract players away from AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket and
    Football with the use of Hook in2 Hockey programs

•   Junior competitions to take place on afternoons/evenings on weekdays.

•   Utilising grass surfaces as training/game venues for junior players

•   NSW to identify Indoor hockey as a recruitment tool.

•   Investigate Indoor registrations v Outdoor registrations & analyse differences.

        “How can Hockey NSW assist associations and clubs?”

•   Media templates – generic newspaper,
    web advertisements, brochures.
•   Producing 15 second generic ads
    with the ability to tag as per association
•   Illawarra-great example

         Hockey NSW is exploring the option to produce these
           advertisements for use by regional associations.

Resource Sharing Agreements:

•   Field Hockey British Columbia

•   Field Hockey Manitoba

•Soft copy and hard copy drills/fact sheets.

     Purpose= to provide high quality resources to up skill NSW


                          Website Direction
•    Skill Item Videos

•    Soft copy fact sheets on drills

•    Updates on coaching courses
     available in NSW.
•    Umpiring briefings and guidelines

•    Hockey NSW DVD production role

    AIM:    To develop a central resource hub for NSW coaches and

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