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									Child Labour….
A Global Epidemic… If we don’t stand up for children then we don’t stand for much ……

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Raksha Shetty. Devashree Gedam. Radhika Parekh.

Who is a child? Definition Magnitude of Child Labour Causes of Child Labour Types of Child Labour. Major Sectors where Children Work Consequences of Child Labour. Triangular Development Paradigm. Recent Incidents. Solutions. Child Labour Act of India, 1986. Counter View on Child Labour.

Who is a Child?


Indian constituency defines a child as a individual below the age of 14 years...


"Child labour" is, generally speaking, work for children that harms them or exploits them in some way (physically, mentally, morally, or by blocking access to education.

Magnitude of Child Labour
There are approximately 246 million children aged 5-17 in child labour worldwide. This is nearly the size of the U.S. population of 293,027,571!1 Of these, about 186 million are below the age of 15. Strikingly, the majority of these children, nearly 110 million, are less than 12 years old.

Magnitude of Child Labour…Contd
One in every eight children 5 to 17 years old - 179 million - work in the worst forms of child labor. Of these, 8.4 million work in the unconditional worst forms of child labor, including forced and bonded labour(5.7 million), trafficking (1.2 million), armed conflict (0.3 million), prostitution and pornography (1.8 million) and illicit activities, including drug production and trafficking (0.6 million); The majority (171 million, or 69.5 percent) work in "hazardous" situations or conditions. Of these, 111 million are under 15. A stunning 55 percent of child laborers below 12 years old are already in hazardous occupations.

Causes Of Child Labour

Types Of Child Labour
Within the Family. Within the Family but outside the Home. Outside the Family

Major Sectors where Children Work
Agrarian Sector.
Migrant Labour. Invisible Labour. Bonded Labour.

Manufacturing Sector.
Migrant Labour Invisible Labour Wage Labour

Self employed children
Service Sector. Wage-based employment

Consequences Of Child Labour

Triangular development paradigm

Recent Incidents
Nike issue Bonded labour of children in Chaturpur village in Newariya of Jaunpur district. Tamil nadu – Fire Crackers

Eliminate Poverty Encourage Education Enforce Labour Laws Abolish Child Trafficking Promote Fair Trade Replace Working Children with Working Adults

Child Labour Act,1986.
Article 24 :Prohibition of employment of children in factories and mines Article 23 : Prohibits traffic i8n human beings and forced labour (including begging)‫‏‬ Article 39(e): Children are not abused and forced by economic necessity to enter vocations unsuited for there age and strength Article 39(f) : Childhood and youth stages are protected against exploitation. Article 45: Free and compulsory education for children until they complete the age of 14 years.

Counterview on Child Labour
Some reformers argue that it is essential for children especially the ones coming from economically weak sections to work so that they survive every single day

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