Minutes March 12, 2008

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                               University Safety and Health Committee
                                           March 12, 2008
                                         President’s Conference Room

Attendees:       Anne Alling, Richard Bachoo, Laurie Colburn, Domenic Forcella, Neil Glagovich, Rene Karas-
                 Johnson, Peter Kyem, Ray Primini (DAS),Coleen Sturken, Lynn Talit, Robert Virgulto.

Absent:          Brenda Albert, Sharon Braverman, Jason Powell, Karen Perezi, Joe Starczyk

Chairman Kyem called the meeting to order at 12 noon. The minutes of the December 20, 2007 meeting were


Neil Glagovich reported that the Communications subcommittee had met and discussed a number of possibilities for
improving communication, such as a link on the CCSDU website to all pertinent safety web pages. Chairman Kyem
asked the committee for a written report of their findings.



Chairman Kyem reported that Dr. Rosenstein, Director of Health Services, had written to see if the committee could
be of service regarding her staffing issues. Rene Karas-Johnson reported that there was an e-mail regarding our
failure to cancel classes on February 12, 2008 when it was snowing. Richard Bachoo explained the difficulty of
making these decisions. Rene will forward the e-mail to him and Richard will respond to the student.

Committee Representation

There was much discussion about whether AAUP and SUOAF committee members should be elected by the Faculty
Senate or appointed by their union leadership. Chairman Kyem indicated that he would talk to the AAUP and
SUOAF leadership to determine how they wanted to select their members on the committee. It was also decided
that a new Chair would be elected from within the committee ranks at the first meeting of the fall semester.

Committee By-laws

It was decided that the committee’s by-laws will be voted on at the May 2008 meeting.

MentalHealth EDU

Lynn Talit suggested that the Safety Committee endorse the use of MentalHealth EDU on campus, an on-line course
for all faculty and staff to learn more about how to deal with student mental health issues. Anne Alling moved and
Lynn Talit seconded to have the committee endorse the use of MentalHealth EDU and send it to the Faculty Senate

Heart Health Program

Laurie Colburn asked if the Safety Committee could sponsor activities during Heart Health Month (February). Lynn
Talit explained that the American Heart Association may charge fees. The Committee agreed to endorse any
activities that were arranged by individual groups on campus.
Student Athlete Bus Parking

Laurie Colburn reported that for a period of weeks, the student athlete bus was parking at the top of the hill near the
library parking lot and blocking the road. There was also a discussion of the lack of snow removal around the
Library parking lot handicapped spaces and sidewalk. Richard Bachoo will check into both issues.

Emergency Contact # booklets

Richard Bachoo passed out copies of the new emergency contact booklet. Lynn Talit made suggestions for changes
to phone numbers. Richard report that the Whelen System (emergency horn) is going to be installed in the coming
months and that CCSU was again hosting the School Security Summit on March 27, 2008.

Bob Virgulto moved, and Coleen Sturken seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Alling