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Calculus BC syllabus


									                                                     AP Calculus BC

Instructor:                  MRS. Heinz Room # 775
Office Hours:                Monday–Friday from 8:05 – 9:00 am (depending on morning meeting)

Required:                    TI-83* or TI-84*, these are the only calculators permitted during teacher’s test.

Criteria for Evaluation: Quizzes and examinations as determined by the instructor. Homework will be assigned

                             90-100            A
                             80-89             B
                             70-79             C

Text:                Calculus of a Single Variable
                     Larson, Hostetler, Edwards

Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned daily and weekly quizzes will be similar to homework questions.
Students are expected to do homework as assigned and encouraged to read ahead to ensure understanding of the
statistic concepts. Homework will not be collected unless the student fails the weekly quiz (which is less than a C).
If a student produces homework they will be given the opportunity to do quiz corrections to earn half the points
back towards their quiz (With corrections, failed quiz grades will not be higher than an 80%)

Attendance/Makeup: Students are expected to be present, on time, and prepared for each class. Students are also
expected to act in a manner that is conducive to learning. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher
to schedule makeup work on the day the student returns to class after an excused absence. Students attending field
trips must get homework prior to their absence and any missed assignments must be turned in the day they return
from their field trip. Failure to do this will result in partial credit for late assignments.

Exam Format for AP Calculus AB/BC

  Exam Format
                % of Grade Number of Questions         Minutes Allotted Calculator Use
   Section I    50
   Part A                      28                      55                  no calculator
                                                                           graphing calculator
   Part B                      17                      50
   Section II 50
                                                                           graphing calculator
   Part A                      3 problems              45
   Part B                      3 problems              45                  no calculator

Course Content
Topics for this course are defined by the College Board and correlated with the Florida Sunshine State Standards.
The Calculus AB exam covers differential and integral calculus topics that are typically included in introductory
calculus courses at the college level. Calculus is the culmination of all the mathematics students have done in high
school. In May, the Advanced Placement Exam will be given. If student successfully passes the exam they may,
depending on their grade and the college of their choice, receive college credit for Calculus I. The Calculus BC
exam covers all of AB topics and the study of techniques of integration, sequences and series, Taylor and
McLarin polynomials and applications using Polar form.

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