; Weekly Announcements(Jan. 04, 2012)
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Weekly Announcements(Jan. 04, 2012)


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									   Greater Hartford Church

           January 4, 2012, Announcements

Fri., Jan. 6—The Wedding of Celerick Stephens & Kim Ramaglia
Sat., Jan. 7—Teen Sunrise Prayer Time @ Elizabeth Park @ 7 AM
Sun., Jan. 8—10 AM: Begin Galatians Series & 2 PM FGL mtg.
Sat., Jan. 14—Doorknocking in Hartford for Fire Prevention
Sat., Jan. 21—Sebastian Aste marries Becky Glenney (Storrs)
Sun., Jan. 22—Financial Peace Class begins
Sun., Jan. 29—Bring Your Neighbor Day to Kick Off 2012
Sun., Feb. 5—Teen Led Service (Steve & Nick Shoff preach) “Dead or Alive?”
Sat., April 7—Andre Edmonds marries Latoya Robinson
July 6-9—World Discipleship Conference in San Antonio, Texas
                               Midweek Services
      January 11—Singles at bldg. @ 7 PM; Marrieds in Family Groups
      January 17—Men’s Midweek            January 18—Women’s Midweek
      January 25—Singles at bldg. @ 7 PM; Marrieds in Family Groups

                  “The object of a new year is not that we should
                   have a new year. It is that we should have a
                                    new soul.”
                                 G.K. Chesterton

  Attendance & Contribution — Church Budget is $9,800+
                                   January 1
       South Region = 220 & $7,747.36 Church = 400 & $12,580.52

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