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Business part 1


									Business consulting

As a business owner you are most likely very, very good at what you do.
However, many small business owners find that they are not very, very
good at the day-to-day operations of running the business. At Kimpton
Wells Business Consulting we come alongside you and help inject much
needed common sense into your business structure.

We are business management consultants specializing in implementing well
proven management profitability and organizational improvements. We
understand the many challenges facing businesses in today's fast-paced
and competitive climate. We understand because many of our associates
have owned or currently head-up their own successful business

Is your business requiring more and more of your time to maintain, much
less to grow? Is it becoming your life, rather than your livelihood? Or,
are you experiencing declining profits, markets, efficiencies, all of
which you have grappled with alone. Have the results of your improvement
initiatives proven disappointing in spite of all your efforts? Have you
lost your business focus? Are you uncomfortably deep into your bank line
of credit, or is your bank lending facility currently becoming overly
burdensome? Or is it more serious; has your business declined to the
turnaround stage?

We can help you:

    cut operational costs
    reduce business risk
    create brand value
    generate revenue from new sources
    transform your company into an innovative market leader ahead of the

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