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      absurdity,                        when
                                especially             the
Professor enquires the way to Madame Tussaud’s,
and confesses to a weakness for wasworks.                        THESoudan correspondent of the L n ~ c c tgives
    What can I do to show        my appreciation of          t!le following interesting, information astothe
such a distinguished visitor 7 I feel it incumbent           arrangements made for the sick and wounded in
upon nlc to Bill not one fattedcalf but half-a-              the present campaign. We .notice, however, that
           least, the
dozen at but                    exigencies consequent        no mention is made of the services of trained
upon the production of a weeltly journalhave                 nurses havingbeensecured.           W e hope thatthe
tobe taken into consideration, even when one                 medical arrangements will not be considered com-
has no less a visitor than one   the           Professor     plete until an efficient stafl’ of nurses is provided.
of Nursing, so the     Professorstarts           off for         “ Surgeon-General Taylorarrived       a few days
                        and I promise to take her to
Madame. T L I S S ~ U ~ ’ S ,                                ago from England,     and      the disposition of the
see some of our hospitals in the afternoon. Readers          various medical unitswas arranged. Thereare
of the NURSING RECORD remember that Miss
                            will                             to be twelve field hospitals under the charge of
Kindbom is of Swedishnationality, and she has                Majors of the Royal Army Medical Corps, a IOO-
just beenpayinga         visit tohernative       country.    bedded hospital at the Atbara, and a 300-bedded
The Traiuing Schools for Nurses there, are, she              one at Abadia. The       hospitals on the   lines of
tellsme, underthe control of the Queen, who                  communication will be established on the various
hastobe        consulted before anyalterationsare            steamers which will run between the front and the
made. There are only very few training schools,              basehospitalsand        amedical officer will be on
and the nurses always keep in touch with them,               board the new gunboats which will play an im-
and indeed to them
              havepay                     a substantial      portant part in the bombardment of Omdurman.
amount of their      subsequent earnings       ; for in-     The troops from Darmali will be placed on boarcl
stance, a nursemay be appointed Matron of a                  steamers there andtaken up to Shatluka, where the
hospital, and may have to pay to her old training            two brigades will concentrate, and from hence the
school as much as a third of her income. The                 general advance will be made. The cavalry and the
private nurses also have to work very hard, and                                            a
                                                              Royal Artillery have each field hospital allotted to
cannot stand the strain for many years,as they are           them, and this time there be no want of medical
only espectedtowantonly            one night’s rest in        officers o~ material. The Royal Engineershave
everythree.What          a contrast to the Galveston          been hard at work on the sun covers         for   the
Hospital, Tesas I There nurses,
                              the               who are       stretchers, and a very good shaded stretcher has
nmnbers of the University, as       rank
                                   and                                    on same
                                                              been made the                          the
                                                                                              plan as Indian
students,‘haveaneight         hours’ day. Theyhave            I‘ dandy,” on which severe cases can bemoved
toattend                         with students,
               regular lectures, the                          withthe      minimum of jolting and exposure.
and graduate at the same time, their graduation               Several new sets of capital instruments (aseptic)
being a university function. Some of the lectures             with sterilisers have been served out to the field
are given bymaleprofessors           of the university,       hospitals, and plenty of antiseptic dressings are
others by Miss Kindbom, who           also    personally      available. The great difficulty will be the water
gives clinical instruction to medical students. All           for drinking purposes as we near Khartoum, as it
graduate nurses the University have the         privilege     is practically Impossible to carry enough filters to
of returning to their old school for the purpose of           supplytheamount of filtered water neededfor
seeingany novelties,and so keeping themselves                 both brigades, but every precaution will be taken
up to date.                                                   and the water will be boiled whenever practicable.
    Punctual to themoment,attwo              o’cloclr, the    It is intended to have a Pasteur filter for the field
Professor returns,and off westart to St.Bar-                  hospitals, but xvhere transport is such a considera-
tholomew’s Hospital, the London I-Ionmopathic,                tion, it is not always possible to carry out good in-
and to the Temperance         Hospital, to see the new        tentions. Thehealth of the troops continues  goodand
aseptic ward. Thc memory of this afternoon will                                    of
                                                              with the esception a few scattered cases of enteric
be an abiding one with me. Deeply interested in                fcver there is practically no sickness, but the men
everything she saw (and she saw everything that               are getting weary of the forced inactivity and a
came,anywhere nearher), her questions were lwen               move will do us all good. The one item which has
and searching,and her criticisms delicious. One               not been decided on yet, so far as I know, is a
pictured her conducting an esamination in the                 hospital ship. This ought to be arranged for, as,
halls of the University of Tesas, and felt that in            if we have any casualities and much sickness, a
 her hands it would be thorough indeed, although               properly equipped steamer at Alexandria with all
 as kindly as possible. At present I feel an irresist-         necessary medical comforts and nursingappliances,
 able longing to book my passage for the new world             so thatthepatients      could beput on board and
 and visit the Professor in her own domain. Why                talren straight to Netley, would be of inestimable
 Ilot a personally conducted tour by Thomas Cook              value. This ship shouldbe entirely for the sick
 ~ I I Sons open to all progressive nurses ?-M.B.
       C ~                                                     and Wounded, and should be ready at the close of
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