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									Bloom’s Taxonomy to Plan Lessons

         Categories               Action Verbs          Resources/Products         Questions to Ask
Remembering                 list, identify, locate,   -books, magazines,        What is…? Who
recall facts, terms,        memorize, review,         diagrams, films,          was…? When did…?
basic concepts and          label, describe,          tapes, models, people     How would you
answers                     define, name,             -recite a poem, make      show…?
                            match, read               a filmstrip of events,    Can you recall?
                                                      draw what you know,
                                                      make a chart or a list,
                                                      make a timeline of
                                                      events, make a chart
Understanding               match, recall,            -books, magazines,        Why did…?
demonstrate                 reproduce,                diagrams, films,          How would you
understanding of facts      summarize,                tapes, models, people     classify the type of…?
and ideas by organizing,    explain, give an          -retell in your own       What is the main idea
comparing, translating,     example,                  words, write a            of…?
interpreting, describing,   demonstrate,              summary, illustrate       Will you state or
and stating main ideas      translate, rephrase       the main idea or          interpret in your own
                                                      important parts,          words…?
                                                      sequence the events       Which is the best
                                                      in a cartoon or           answer?
                                                      flowchart, draw or        How would you
                                                      paint pictures to         summarize?
                                                      explain what an event
                                                      was about
Applying                    predict, compare,         -model, diary, map,       What would you use
solve problems by           solve, contrast,          photos, mobile,           to…?
applying acquired           classify, categorize,     cartoon, illustration,    What examples can
knowledge, facts,           show, apply, make,        diagram, collection,      you find to…?
techniques and rules        build, choose,            map, puzzle, report,      How would you
                            teach, construct          lesson, photograph        solve____using what
                                                      -construct a model to     you‟ve learned?
                                                      show how it will work,    How would you
                                                      make a puzzle game        organize…?
                                                      using ideas from an       How could you show
                                                      event, make a             that you
                                                      presentation that         understand…?
                                                      shows how it applies      What would happen
                                                      to another situation,     if…?
                                                      play a piece of music
                                                      showing your
                                                      understanding of it
Analyzing                   analyze, categorize,      -graphs, surveys,         What are the main
examine and break           take apart,               questionnaires,           parts or features
information into parts      separate,                 diagrams, charts,         of…?
by identifying motives      compare/contrast,         reports,                  How is…related to…?
or causes, making           distinguish between,      advertisements            What inferences can
inferences and finding      show relationships,       -design a                 you make?
evidence to support         infer, draw               questionnaire; write a    What conclusions can
generalizations             conclusions               commercial to sell a      you draw?
                                                      new product; conduct      Why do you think…?
                                                      an investigation to       What is the theme or
                                                      support a point of        main idea of…?
                                                      view; create a model;     How would you
                                                      Venn diagram              classify…?
                                                      comparisons; write a
Bloom’s Taxonomy to Plan Lessons

                                                biography; review
                                                art/music in terms of
                                                form, texture, color,
Evaluating                 choose, decide,      -editorial, survey,       Do you agree with the
present and defend         recommend, select,   recommendation,           actions of…?
opinions by making         justify, defend,     panel, evaluation,        Do you agree with the
judgments about            support, evaluate,   court trial, debate,      outcomes?
information, validity of   judge                group discussion          What‟s wrong, if
ideas, or quality of                            -prepare of list of       anything?
work based on a set                             criteria to judge…,       How can you
of criteria                                     conduct a debate,         prove/disprove…?
                                                evaluate the              How would you
                                                composition               evaluate…?
                                                (art/music), hold a       What would you
                                                discussion about          select
                                                viewpoints, look at the   to…?
                                                issue from different      Why did they choose
                                                “hats” (deBono‟s          to…?
                                                Hats)                     What would you
Creating                   build, choose,       -story, pantomime,        What changes would
state information in       combine, compile,    news article, puppet      you make to solve…?
different ways by          compose,construct,   show, invention, new      How would you
combining elements         create, design,      game, recipe, poem,       improve…?
in a new pattern or        elaborate, test,     song, product             Can you elaborate on
proposing alternative      infer, predict,      -invent a machine for     that reason?
solutions                  hypothesize,         a specific task; write    Can you propose an
                           design, invent       about your feelings;      alternative solution?
                                                do a visual               Can you invent…?
                                                presentation (video,      What could be added
                                                TV show, play, puppet     to improve this
                                                show, etc.) on a „new‟    further…?
                                                version or angle
                                                connected to the
                                                topic; compose a
                                                rhythm/song or put
                                                new words to a known
                                                melody; write your
                                                prediction about how
                                                views on this topic
                                                would change in time
                                                or place; set goals
                                                from your learning
Bloom’s Taxonomy to Plan Lessons

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thinking across the curriculum project: Bloom‟s taxonomy and critical
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