Interview a Professor Assignment

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					                 Interview a Professor Assignment
                       Different than your interview with me!

Due: October 2

For this assignment, you should choose one of your professors from this semester and
interview them. The purpose of this assignment is 1) to allow you to gather information
about Snow and how to succeed here and 2) to let you get to know your professors better.
In completing the assignment, follow these steps:

   1. Choose a professor, explain the assignment, and ask for an appointment. Your
      interview should only take 5-10 minutes of the professor’s time.

   2. Before the appointment, write down questions you’d like to ask. You may not ask
      all of them and you might think of new questions once you begin talking, but you
      should be prepared going into the interview. The questions might cover the
      professor’s educational background, experience at Snow, and advice for students.
      Still, the content of the questions is up to you.

   3. Keep your appointment, ask your questions, and take notes.

   4. After the interview, prepare a 1 minute presentation on the professor; you’ll give
      this report of your interview during our October 2nd meeting. Focus what you
      liked about the professor, what you learned about doing well in college, what
      advice the professor had to pass on, and what his or her classes are like.

   5. At our meeting, I will collect your notes as evidence that you completed the

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