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SOPA Talking Points
   •   Economic Impact (
           o Numbers put out by industry are inflated
           o $58b losses are inflated due to error in math (“ripple effect”) (MPAA Study)
                   Pulls $19 from a $10 DVD due to erroneous math
           o Actual number is around $6.1b
           o Only blocks site – does not shut them down
           o Looking domestically…
           o Actual losses equal to about $466m
           o Revenue from a bad-average film
   •   Methodology
           o DNS blocking is easily circumvented
                   Sites are already online with IP addresses for popular sites around the world
   •   Heavy-Handed ideology
           o Using a sledgehammer to kill a fly – a table is going to get broken
           o It’s a gateway
   •   Case Studies
           o Legal Alternatives to Piracy
                    Music
                          • Spotify
                          • iTunes
                    Video
                          • Netflix
                          • Hulu
                    Games
                          • Steam
                          • GOG (DRM Free Old Games)
           o Gaming Industry
                    BAD EXAMPLE: EA, Blizzard’s Battle.Net
                          • Requires an internet connection (discriminatory against lower-income
                              families or people with little/no access to internet)
                          • Forces “good people” to pirate in order to use a game they paid for
                          • Same concept can be applied to sites that are taken down that people
                              want to access – will force good people to circumvent the system
                    GOOD EXAMPLES: Steam
                          • Provides a service “worth paying for”
               •   Keeps costs down
               •   Offers “bulk” discounts to allow games to be traded, given as gifts, etc
o   Louis C.K
         $5 DRM free special = ~$1m in revenue
         Made it so cheap to buy that it wouldn’t be worth it for pirates
         Cut costs to keep at a lower price point
              • Still made good profits/revenue
o   Humble Indy Bundle
         Can pay any price for a portion of the bundle
         “Pay what it’s worth”
         Can pay over the “average price” to “unlock” other games
              • Provides value to non-pirates

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Description: My talking points and research for my roundtable discussion with Rep Jim Cooper (D-TN) today regarding #SOPA.
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