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					                                                               US Navy
Naval Personnel Development Command Leads the
Revolution in Training with OutStart LCMS
The U.S. Navy has the enormous task of providing individual training to about
30,000 Sailors each year, totaling 3200 hours of instruction per year. Recently,           industry
the Navy launched a new educational initiative, called “Revolution in Training”,           Navy or Armed Services
that employs online learner centric delivery to accelerate and improve the                 solution
quality of learning while reducing the costs associated with traditional                   OutStart LCMS enabled the Navy to develop, manage
classroom learning.                                                                        and assemble learning content in a way that exceeded its

The Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC) is leading the Revolution                   expectations and desired metrics.
in Training initiative with the focus on “providing the right training at the right        results
time and in the right place for the right Sailor”, in an environment where
                                                                                            •	 Saved	approx.	$8-10	million	by	reducing	training	time
Sailors can improve themselves and advance in the organization. The Navy
                                                                                            •		 Reduced	training	time	by	45%
launched this new initiative across the five Class A schools, where Sailors go
                                                                                            •		 Saved	approx.	$5	million	by	reducing	course	
after recruit training to receive basic technical knowledge for a job or specialized
                                                                                               development time
training. The Navy has more than 60 job fields from which enlistees may choose,
from electricians and avionics technicians to cooks and military police. Navy               •		 Reduced	course	development	time	by	almost	50%

class A schools are located on military bases throughout the United States,                 •		 Achieved	blended	learning	by	delivering	content	through	
including Great Lakes, Illinois; San Diego, California; Newport, Rhode Island;                 the	Web,	print,	CD,	presentation,	PDA,	and	SCORM
and Pensacola, Florida.

the challenge
The Navy began this new initiative with several    Accelerated learning                                  classroom training by reducing staff, reducing
key metrics in mind:                               The Navy wanted to move from group paced,             the Sailors’ time spent in the training
                                                   instructor-led training to a self-paced, learner-     organization and ensuring access to training
Improved “fleet readiness”                         centric approach that would enable Sailors to         regardless of location or connectivity.
It was imperative that the Revolution in           proceed quickly through the curriculum.
Training deliver improved performance              They sought a learning solution that would
to the fleet. Ultimately, the fleet wants a        measure and build on Sailors’ prior learning
                                                                                                              OutStart LCMS enables
highly prepared Sailor that has passed             with customized learning content, allowing
through rigorous training and multiple             the most dedicated and self-motivated Sailors              us to author down to
performance tests. The Navy wanted to              to return to their posts sooner.
                                                                                                              the learning object level.
have a learning environment that identified
Sailors’ knowledge gaps early in the training      Reduced training costs                                     No other vendor can do
process and offered prescribed content that        The Navy spends about 14 percent of its total
                                                                                                              that using a traditional
would ensure Sailors are getting the right         annual funding, about $10 billion, on training.
information at the right time.                     With the Navy’s time-is-money mentality,                   methodology.”
                                                   less time in training translates into significant
                                                                                                                                    Mary Louise Hutchings,
                                                   cost savings for the Navy. The Navy wanted to                                      Vice President at JHT
                                                   reduce costs associated with the traditional
 Naval Personnel Development Command Leads the
 Revolution in Training with OutStart LCMS

 the solution                                        106 days to complete. Now, Sailors can graduate
                                                     in as little as 38 days with the same or more
 To achieve these metrics, the Navy’s NPDC           knowledge. This reflects a 45% reduction in
 worked closely with Turtle Rattle Learning,         training time and 65% reduction of actual
 Inc. (TRL), a provider of training and education    in-class training time overall that saves the Navy
 services, and Jardon & Howard Technologies,         $7,000 per Sailor without sacrificing quality.
 Inc. (JHT), a provider of instructional design,
 graphic design, programming and program             With OutStart LCMS’s prescriptive learning                      We recognized
 management, to help implement the new               capabilities, Sailors can take assessment tests
 initiative. The Navy selected OutStart LCMS to      that identify what they do not know, and then                   OutStart LCMS as
                                                     receive a prescribed course of learning content
 provide an enterprise learning asset repository                                                                     ideal for quickly
 and provide the authoring and content               that covers only those areas. After studying the
 management functionality for the Navy’s             prescribed learning content, Sailors can take                   developing and
 Integrated Learning Environment (ILE). As a         another test to measure whether they have
 consultant to the Navy’s ILE, TRL identified        achieved proficiency. This approach ensures that                assembling reusable
                                                     training is more productive and efficient.
 OutStart LCMS’s authoring and aggregation                                                                           content, while
 capabilities as ideal for rapid content
 development and enterprise-wide reuse of            “About 25% of the Navy’s learners are considered                providing the
 common learning materials. TRL worked with          ‘fast trackers’ and excel at problem-solving on
 JHT to develop a comprehensive analysis,            their own,” said Lacey. “With their new elearning               customized learning
                                                     environment, these Sailors can progress through
 design, and development approach that                                                                               that really improves
 optimized OutStart LCMS while meeting the           courses at their own pace and be rewarded by
 Navy’s highly progressive instructional goals.      moving into their jobs more quickly.” Other Sailors             and accelerates
                                                     that need more help receive personalized courses
 According to Jim Lacey, president of Turtle         and assessments that help them close their                      training.”
 Rattle Learning, Inc., “We recognized OutStart      knowledge gaps and move to the next level.
 LCMS as ideal for quickly developing and                                                                                                            Jim Lacey,
                                                     Sailors can be involved in a training simulation,                   President, Turtle Rattle Learning, Inc.
 assembling reusable content, while providing
 the customized learning that really improves        then easily leave the application to take a quick
 and accelerates training.” Added Mary Louise        assessment test, and then go right back into the
 Hutchings, Vice President at JHT, ”OutStart LCMS    simulation. “We are really impressed with the level    Saved approx. $5 million by reducing
 enables us to author down to the learning           of granularity that OutStart LCMS provides with        course development time by almost 50%
 object level. No other vendor can do that using a   its prescriptive learning tools,” added Lacey. “By     First, TRL worked with the Navy to identify the
 traditional methodology.”                           giving Sailors this level of flexibility and control   common, recurring training requirements across
                                                     of their online learning experience, the Navy has      all five A-Schools, as well as the unique training
                                                     reduced its training hours while at the same time,     elements of each school. They discovered that
 the results                                         improving the quality of their training.”              of the 3200 instructional hours required in the
                                                                                                            first 5 courses, about 500 hours were common
 Saved approx. $8-10 million by reducing             “This level of speed and quality of training is        and could be reused. While traditional content
 training time by 45%                                required by the new specialized ships that             development with LMS delivery would have
 The Navy spends about $10 billion on training       can be configured based on a specific threat”,         required the developer to build all 3200 hours
 each year, and wanted to reduce that metric         explained Hutchings. “When Sailors are assigned        of content, OutStart LCMS authoring results in
 by reducing time-to-competency. The Navy’s          to a new ship, they need immediate training to         Sharable Content Objects (SCOs) which can be
 move from instructor- led training to a learner     work on a ship outfitted with equipment they’ve        assembled and reused dynamically. This reuse
 centric online delivery approach that included      never seen before. They now have “Just in Time”        capability ensured significant savings in both
 prescriptive learning made a significant impact     training and can even download customized              time and money for development of the 3200
 in reducing the number of training hours. For       training to their portable device.”                    required hours.
 example, the IC school pipeline used to take

US Navy
      Naval Personnel Development Command Leads the
      Revolution in Training with OutStart LCMS

      The Navy originally estimated it would take                                  propagated through to every place that the                                     delivering through a blend of channels. OutStart
      years to develop all the required hours of                                   content is used. These efficiency gains increase                               LCMS taps into the Navy’s learning content at a
      course content. In reality, it only took 7 months                            as more content is created and stored in the                                   single source, and delivers it as native content
      from the initial content analysis to the first                               repository.                                                                    through the Web, print, CD, presentation, PDA,
      Sailors graduating from the courses, showing                                                                                                                and SCORM. The Navy has also improved the
      a significant reduction in course development                                Also, developers could start building course                                   way it can identify knowledge gaps early in the
      time. The actual development time was about                                  content very early in the process based on                                     learning process and address them immediately.
      4-1/2 months. This time savings resulted in an                               the instructional design. Since presentation                                   “For the first time, the Navy can monitor
      approximately $5 million cost savings.                                       is separated from content, they don’t have to                                  the Sailors’ progress at the learning- activity
                                                                                   worry about the final look and feel, as that is                                level, rather than just seeing who completes
      “In total, we have satisfied some 5,000 hours                                all customizable and applied at delivery time.                                 graduation at the end of the training,” said Lacey.
      of instruction with 800 redesigned hours                                     They also don’t have to spend time checking                                    OutStart LCMS tracks all learner interactions and
      of stand-up and paper-based instruction to                                   their content for SCORM compliance. All                                        reports on results. This information shows the
      web-based elearning in 20 months,” said                                      content created in OutStart LCMS is SCORM 1.2,                                 Navy where learners are and how it impacts their
      Hutchings. “Traditional methods could have                                   and SCORM 2004 compliant, and OutStart LCMS                                    job performance.
      required up to 8 years.”                                                     can ingest SCORM content created by any tool
                                                                                   and manage it, maintain it, and assemble it for                                Using OutStart LCMS’s configuration
      To achieve fast and consistent authoring, the                                delivery.                                                                      management functionality, the Navy can track
      Navy used OutStart LCMS’s template-driven                                                                                                                   where changes in curricula have impacted
      environment that allows instructional designers,                             “We would have had to hire a slew of                                           time to train. Tweaks and improvements can
      course developers, and subject matter experts                                programmers for a project on this scale,” said                                 be made immediately, based on analysis of
      with no programming knowledge to rapidly                                     Hutchings. “OutStart LCMS shortened the                                        which learning objects are slowing Sailors
      develop learning content. Reuse is promoted                                  development process considerably by allowing                                   down. “The ability to manage content at this
      from the start because content is stored as                                  us to author down to the smallest SCO level                                    level is unprecedented,” added Lacey. “We refer
      SCOs. And because OutStart LCMS’s repository                                 for maximum reusability. Also, everything we                                   to it as ‘mass customization’, in that we can
      of reusable learning objects is searchable,                                  exported is automatically SCORM compliant,                                     create remediation loops that automatically
      developers can find and reuse relevant existing                              saving even more programming time.”                                            trigger based on how a Sailor performs with the
      content when building courses, rather than                                                                                                                  content. Each Sailor could theoretically take a
      having to develop content from scratch. Because                              Achieved blended learning and improved                                         unique path through the material. We can make
      the Navy’s content is stored in a single virtual                             knowledge analysis                                                             changes to the content within 24 hours of when
      repository in OutStart LCMS, any changes to that                             The Navy realizes that every Sailor learns                                     we receive the feedback from the Sailors,” said
      content only need to occur once, regardless of                               differently. OutStart LCMS supports personalized                               Hutchings. “We can add to a simulation or beef
      how many times and to how many formats that                                  learning by serving up content to each Sailor                                  up content immediately. We make the changes,
      content is delivered. Changes are automatically                              based on his/her profile and learning needs, and                               export it and upload it literally overnight.”

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US Navy

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