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									Pearl Specialty
                                                                                           S P E C I A LT Y

Underwriters                                                                          UNDERWRITERS

 Insurance Solutions for Lawyers


Pearl offers a wide range of customized insurance programs and has
access to every major insurance company in the lawyer marketplace.
We continue to build on our tradition of innovation by delivering new          CoverageThat’s
products, services, markets, and technologies to our clients every year.
Pearl Specialty Underwriters is one such addition, offering high-quality
                                                                                   Right ForYou
coverage to those who don’t fit the mold so that no matter who you
are or what you do, we can offer a comprehensive insurance solution
that is perfect for your business.


Because we recognize that not every law firm fits into our standard
program criteria, we offer insurance solutions that cater to firms with        Discover the Pearl Advantage Today!
the following characteristics:
    •   Area of Practice (i.e. patents, intellectual property, class action)   •     Commited to providing attorneys
                                                                                     with professional liability insurance
    •   History of losses/claims experience                                          solutions for over 45 years
    •   Large firms
    •   High coverage limits                                                   •     Solid relationships with a multitude
                                                                                     of carriers, including CNA—the
    •   Quota share arrangements                                                     largest underwriter of LPL in the
    •   Excess capacity arrangements                                                 nation, Lloyd’s London Syndicates,
                                                                                     and all other leading writers of LPL

CONTACT PEARL                                                                  •     High customer satisfaction and
                                                                                     industry-leading renewal rates

Current Brokers: To request a FREE quote from Pearl Speciality                 •     State-of-the-art risk management
Underwriters, please visit and complete                       tools and services*:
our online premium estimate form. You may also call Mike O’Brien                     •    24-hour hotline
at 800.447.4982, ext. 160, or e-mail                 •    Online toolkit
Once we receive your request, one of our LPL Specialists will contact
                                                                                     •    Newsletters
you regarding your estimate and guide you to filling out a new
business application.                                                                •    Seminars that earn attendees
                                                                                          premium and CLE credits (in
New Brokers: If you would like to become an appointed broker for                          participating states)
Pearl Insurance, which includes access to Pearl Specialty Underwriters,
please contact Mike O’Brien today at 800.447.4982, ext. 160, or e-mail to request your New Broker Kit!                     *Not all tools and services available with
                                                                                   all programs.

    Pearl Insurance
    1200 E. Glen Avenue                                   Toll Free: 800.447.4982
    Peoria Heights, IL 61616                                                                  Fax: 866.817.9009

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