How to Win Consistently in Racquetball

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					How to Win Consistently in Racquetball

Racquetball is a very interesting sport because it combines the athleticism and endurance of sports like
basketball or hockey and the repetitive, calculating aspects of games like golf or tennis. To become a
consistent winner on the racquetball court there are many different things that a player must do. Here's a list:

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need
Good racket
Good athletic shoes


1)Practice makes perfect. As is the case with nearly every athletic endeavor: the more you play racquetball,
the better you'll become. This is not to say that anyone could become a professional racquetball player. But,
if you practice the game 2 to 3 hours a day, after a year you will have become a pretty decent racquetball

2)Learn the angles. Nothing is more important in racquetball than learning how the racquetball will travel
around the court depending on its angle. Learning these angles can only be accomplished by playing the
game or watching it; but, if you want to become a consistent winner, it's something you definitely need to

3)Master the major serves. The major kinds of serves are the drive, the lob, and the "Z" serve. In order to
win consistently in racquetball you will have to master all of these serves.

4)Master the different types of shots. There are many different kinds of shots in racquetball, and you'll need
to master them all. So, learn the drop shot, power shot, kill shot, "Z" shot, ceiling ball, lob and touch shots;
and you'll be on your way to becoming a consistent winner.

5)Use the right gear. In order to give yourself every advantage, make sure that you're wearing good athletic
shoes and that you have a good racket.

6)Learn the rules. This goes without saying, it would seem, but you'll need to know the rules of racquetball
by heart to have a chance to win the game often.

7)Adjust your play to that of your opponent. It is important to adjust your style of play to whichever
opponent you're playing in order to win consistently.

Tips & Warnings

Vary your serves instead of just using your best serve every time. By varying serves you'll keep your
opponent off-balance.

To really improve, play against people who are better than you, not the other way around. This should help
you learn from them and improve your racquetball skills exponentially.

Always wear goggles while playing racquetball in order to avoid serious injuries including retinal
detachment and possible blindness.

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