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									Principal’s Message                                             Term 1 Week 4                                            15 February 2011
Swimming Carnival
                                                                          outside is the best light to check for these visitors.
By the time you are reading this our whole school swimming
carnival will be over for this year.                                      If your child has head lice they must be treated before they return
                                                                          to school. If we discover that your child has head lice while they are
It is disappointing that so many children do not like to participate in
                                                                          at school we will ring you and ask you to come and collect your
this carnival as competitors. We are finding that an alarming
                                                                          child and take them home to be treated. If you cannot collect your
number of our students are not competent swimmers. Having said
                                                                          child we have to keep your child isolated from contact with other
that, I know that our novelty events at the swimming carnival are
                                                                          children. Once treated they can return to school.
very much enjoyed by our less competent swimmers.
                                                                          It can take many hours to remove all the eggs but it is well worth
The Department of Sport and Recreation run excellent learn to
                                                                          the trouble. It is not fair to leave your child untreated as it is very
swim programs and I would encourage all parents to enrol their
                                                                          uncomfortable for the child and the lice quickly spread to other
children in learn to swim classes. Being able to swim is an
important skill for life.
                                                                          Scotty’s Morning Grill on the Way
Correction - Meet the Teacher Night
                                                                          Thank you to all of our school community who voted for Oxley Vale
My apologies for writing the incorrect date for this special evening
                                                                          to be the next school to host Back to School with Scotty’s Morning
last week.
                                                                          Grill. Our school received 650 votes!
Our Meet the teacher/Meet the parents night is an informal
                                                                          Local radio station 92.9 will be broadcasting from our school on
gathering this year under the COLA (covered outdoor learning
                                                                          Friday 25th February from 6:00am until 9:00am. It promises to be a
area). We will have a sausage sizzle on the night so you can bring
                                                                          very exciting morning for everyone with Canberra Raiders footy
your children along and have an easy dinner. They can play while
                                                                          players visiting, the Westpac rescue helicopter landing on the back
you get acquainted with your child or children’s teacher(s).
                                                                          oval, NIAS athletes visiting and other surprises planned.
There will be no formal classroom sessions this year. Our teachers
                                                                          Special congratulations to Holly-Maree Tallar of Year One who will
look forward to meeting all their students’ parents informally so
                                                                          on the day be presented with the prize of a mini dirt bike valued at
please come along even if you only come for twenty minutes.
                                                                          $1000. Holly won this by voting for Oxley Vale on line.
                      Meet the Teacher Night                              Parents, family members, community members and all of our
                                                                          students are very welcome to come along for the morning. Lets
                Tuesday 22nd February                                     make this the very best Back to School possible as this is a unique
                    Under our new COLA                                    opportunity to let the whole of Tamworth know what a great school
                     From 6:00 – 8:00pm                                   we have.
       Sausage sizzle available for a gold coin donation.
                      Children welcome
                                                                          COMING EVENTS FOR TERM 1
Newspaper Photographs                                                     Tues 15 Feb      K-6 Swimming Carnival
                                                                          Thurs 17 Feb     Maroon for a Day Mufti Day
The Northern Daily Leader will be visiting on 22nd February to take
                                                                          Friday 18 Feb    Combined Assembly at 1.00pm - Item by 5-6N
photographs of all our kindergarten students and our school               Tues 22 Feb      Meet the Teacher evening under the COLA
leaders.                                                                  Wed 23 Feb       P & C Meeting at 6.30pm in the staffroom
 If you have not completed a media consent form for your child it         Friday 25 Feb    PSSA Zone Swimming Carnival
must be returned to school by next Tuesday otherwise your child           Friday 4 March   Schools Clean Up Day
cannot be photographed by the Leader.                                     Mon 21 March     Harmony Day assembly at 12 noon
                                                                          Wed 23 March     P & C AGM at 6.30pm in the staffroom
                                                                          Friday 8 April   Questacon Science Show
Unwelcome Visitors
Unfortunately we have unwelcome visitors at school in the form of         DATES FOR TERM 2
head lice.                                                                Thurs 28 April First day Term 2 (students return)
Head Lice are particularly active at this time of year and it is          10, 11 & 12 May NAPLAN Testing - Year 3 and Year 5
essential that you check your child’s head regularly. Natural light       27-30 June      Canberra Excursion (Stage 3 - Years 5 & 6)
                                                                 YEAR 1 ECHIDNA NEWS
Maroon Mufti Day                                                 Congratulations to Spike's Super-Kid of the Week Trista
Don’t forget that all of our students are encouraged to come     Thompson.
along to school out of uniform this Thursday to support          All students now have Spelling homework and Home
Maroon for a Day Mufti for Queensland.                           Reading to complete each night. Please return the
Students must wear something that is maroon – easy for           home readers daily so they can be changed regularly.
our school! Please send your child with a donation for the       1E's library borrowing day is on Tuesdays and will
flood appeal. The SRC have done a great job of organising        commence next week.
this activity.                                                   Signing Off: Spike the Echidna

Scripture and Ethics
Scripture lessons begin tomorrow however our school will         SCRIPTURE 2011
be unable to offer the new ethics classes for students who       Scripture Classes at Oxley Vale will begin this week on
do not do scripture.                                             Wednesday 16 February. All students will be placed in
The Ethics program has to be delivered by parent or              classes according to enrolment information provided by
community volunteers who have been trained in the content        families or from specific notes sent in. The classes are
of the course but at this time we have no such volunteers.       run by approved volunteers and will take place each
                                                                 week after lunch. Please contact the school if you have
Letters about this program were sent home to every family        any questions.
at the end of last year. Until such time as we have trained
ethics volunteers we will not be making this course              Grant Scarborough, Coordinator
available to our students. Students who do not do scripture
are supervised in the library.                                   NUTELLA AND PEANUT BUTTER
                                                                 Parents, please be reminded that OVPS is a NUT
                                                                 FREE SCHOOL. This includes NUTELLA and
Julie Blanch                                                     PEANUT BUTTER. Please read the following notice
Principal                                                        re nut allergies and anaphylaxis - we must all
                                                                 remember just how important it is to look after our
MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT CANTEEN SPECIAL                           students with severe nut allergies.
On the evening of Tuesday 22 February the Canteen will be
opening from 6.00pm to 8.00pm for the ‘Meet the Teacher-
Meet the Parent’ night.                                           NUT ALLERGIES and ANAPHYLAXIS
We will be selling drinks, chips, icy poles, and as a special,   Question: What would happen to you if you held
60c ice creams in a cone.                                                  hands with someone who had just eaten a
                                                                           peanut butter sandwich?
              CLASS AWARDS – WEEK 3 TERM 1
                                                                 Answer: Probably nothing - but for several of our
SD               Mitchell Moore                                          students such a simple act can and
K Sunrise        Chelsea McDonald, Nicholas Campbell                     probably will mean an emergency trip to
K Koalas         Troy Carroll, Chanelle Squires                          hospital in an ambulance.
K-1 Possums      Abigail Schimann, Jesse Monk                      For several years now we have been a nut free
1 Echidnas       Bridey O’Neil, Jack Morris                        school. We currently have students in our school
2T               Matthew Peel, Shaun Thompson                      who are SEVERELY allergic to nuts.
2-3P             Brianna McDonald, Emily Klease                    This includes all types of nuts including Nutella and
3M               Bryce Kelly, Flo Davidson                         Peanut Butter. Because of the danger of these
4M               Hayley Whitten, Woody Dowe                        students suffering from ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK when
4-5A             Logan McCarthy, Travis Kennedy                    coming into contact with nuts, WE MUST BAN ALL NUT
                                                                   PRODUCTS IN OUR SCHOOL.
5-6N             Kyle Cullen, Jordan Barber
6L               Brooke O’Leary, Liam Sharp                        I realise this is an extreme measure but we have no
                                                                   alternative other than to ask all families:
Felicity Bailey, Melaney Smart, Dimity Webb, Charlee
                                                                      PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING
Marshall, Lilly Asekona, Chelsie Grant, Kaylah Higgisson,
Elijah Debenham, Jordan Averillo, Jack Patterson, Sarah               CONTAINING NUTS TO SCHOOL WITH
Sheaves.                                                                      YOUR CHILDREN.
                                                             TAMWORTH FOOTBALL CLUB REGISTRATION DAYS
                                                             Tamworth FC is conducting registration days for new and
                                                             existing players from any age group.

     PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS AND THEIR                          Our registration dates are as follows:
                                                              Wednesday February 16th 4.30pm – 6.00 pm Sports
                PARENTS                                        Dome.
                                                              Thursday February 24th 4.30pm – 6.00pm Gipps St Fields
           are cordially invited to attend the
                                                              Sunday February 27th 9.00am – 11.00pm Gipps St Fields
     Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School                The fees for 2010 will be:
            585 Calala Lane - Tamworth                            Players 5 – 9 years $105.00
           www.farreragri-h.schools.nsw.edu.au                    Players 10 – 18 years $115.00
                                                             If you have any enquiries please feel free to contact our
                                                             Secretary on the above address or ring Wayne May
      Wednesday 23 February 2011
                 Please wear a hat                           TAMWORTH FAMILY SUPPORT
DRAFT PROGRAM                                                TRIPLE P - POSITIVE PARENTING PROGRAM
    9.30       Registration and Morning Tea                  Triple P is a program to assist parents with strategies to
               Dress Casual                                  manage childhood behaviour problems. This program helps
    10.00      Tours Commence                                develop positive and caring parent/child relationships, with
               Classrooms/Boarding Facilities                strategies for dealing with common behavioural and
               and Farm                                      developmental issues.
    11.40      Brunch                                        Term 1 – Seminar Series
    11.55      Tours Resume                                  Seminars provide an overview of the principles of positive
               Address by the Principal                      parenting with strategies to use.
    12.55      Informal Discussion with
               Students and Staff                            March 1st, 8th and 22nd from 10.00am -12noon
                                                             Venue: Oxley Vale Public School
           Principal - Mr Steve Cavanagh
         Deputy Principal Day – Mr Jim Levy                  All courses are FREE
   Deputy Principal Residential – Mr Clint Gallagher         Phone 67664596 to book your place. Child minding and
                                                             transport available
Enrolments Officer 67648611
Email: farreragri-school@det.nsw.edu.au
                                                              CANTEEN SPECIAL -THURSDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2011
           EXAM MARCH 2011                                               MAROON MUFTI DAY MEAL DEAL

MAGNETIC NEWSLETTER DISPLAY POCKETS                                    Pizza, Juice, maroon jelly and bag of lollies
Don’t forget the Magnetic Newsletter Display Pockets which                                $4.00
are available from the School Office at a cost of $4.00.
                                                                         MAROON MUFTI DAY MEAL DEAL
Tips for finding and maintaining rental accommodation and     NAME………………………………..….. CLASS ………….
cleaning and budgeting tips to help you save time and         NAME………………………………..….. CLASS ………….
                                                              NAME………………………………..….. CLASS ………….
An excellent program to help you get the edge in a            NAME………………………………..….. CLASS ………….
competitive rental market.
Term 1 - March 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th,                          NO OF MEAL DEALS REQUIRED ……….……. @ $4 EACH =
Venue: Hillvue School
                                                              TOTAL MONEY ENCLOSED ……………..
All courses are FREE
Phone 67664596 to book your place. Child minding and          PLEASE RETURN TO THE CANTEEN BY WEDNESDAY 16 FEB
transport available.

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