The Secret Romance Hourglas Technique

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See How Text Message Flirting Brings Passion To Any Relationship - EVEN YOURS! (as seen
on: FOX, CBS, NBC, and Rachael Ray)

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Secret Technique For Men: The Relationship Hourglass
Women Take Note Too!

Hi, this is Mike with day 6 of your Text The Romance Back free

Today's training is short, but powerful.

In fact, it's going to help you get right to the core of the your feelings
for your woman and help you do wonderful thingsfor your relationship.

It's a simple exercise I want you to do that
I call "The Relationship Hourglass."

Here's how it works . . .

Imagine you and your wife or girlfriend have
been kidnapped by terrorists.

(Yes, I know this is kind of weird, but just go with
my for a second. It'll be worth it.)

You're both tied to chairs facing each other
and on the table in front of you is an hourglass.

One of your captors takes the hourglass and
flips it over.

The sand in the glass starts to rush from the
top bulb, through the connecting hole
and into the bottom bulb.

Your captor says "You have one
last hour together. Say what you need
to say."

He then walks out of the room and
you know with complete certainty that
he'll be back.
You and your woman stare at each

She's scared. There are tears
in her eyes.

You watch the sand moving so very

At first you say some platitudes
to try to make her feel better.

You tell her things are going to be all

But as the sand continues to flow
as you get down to the last moments
you have with this woman you get a stunning

All the "problems" in your relationship
seem to fade away.

The fights. The money problems. The jealousy.
None of it matters now.

You have one minute left . . .

Or maybe just 30 seconds.

You hear the "Click" as your captor
turns the knob to come back into
the room to complete his promise . . .

What do you say when you have
one last chance to be truly sincere?

I've done this exercise with
hundreds of people so far and the
results always astound me.

Whatever came to mind in that
last minute . . . take out your cell phone,
type it out into a text message
and send it to your wife or girlfriend
right now.

Hit send.
See what happens.

Tell me about it.

Mike Fiore

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See How Text Message Flirting Brings Passion To Any Relationship - EVEN YOURS! (as seen
on: FOX, CBS, NBC, and Rachael Ray)

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