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					                       PDI Alert
                       MLA Pharmacy and Drug Information Newsletter

                       Message from the
                                                                                                Spring 2011

                                        Message from the Chair
                                    Jonathan Koffel, PDI Section Chair

Happy Spring! As the weather warms and MLA draws closer, I wanted to share information on all that is
happening in the Pharmacy and Drug Information Section.

PDI was well represented at the last Annual Meeting. Irena “Mad Hatter of MeSH” Bond did an excellent
job organizing our Section Shuffle Booth and won the award for most creative booth. Kit Aiken from the
FDA Division of Drug Marketing and Communication (DDMAC) gave an entertaining and informative talk
about DDMAC’s efforts to monitor and study drug advertising across media. Thanks to the kind
sponsorship of the Nature Publishing Group, we had a very tasty and productive business meeting.

Since MLA, PDI members have been busy working on new projects and initiatives. One of my goals for
PDI this year has been finding ways that we can share our drug information expertise with our
colleagues. I am pleased to report that two such initiatives are underway. First, Terry Jankowski and
K.T. Vaughn have submitted a proposal to teach a drug information CE course at MLA 2012. The initial
proposal was accepted and they should find out if they were selected or not shortly. Second, a small
group of members have been working on a pilot project to create an annotated guide to free online drug
information tools. The goal is to create a resource to help us and our colleagues quickly and easily find
the best sites among the sea of options. We hope to demonstrate this guide at MLA in Minneapolis and
recruit additional contributors.

To better support members’ professional development and presentation of PDI-related material, PDI will
be instituting travel awards for MLA 2012. We will be sharing more information at the awards at the
business meeting, so please stop by and find out how to apply.

Rae Jesano, Chair-Elect has put together an excellent program for this year's annual meeting. You can
see the full list of activities later in the newsletter, but I wanted to draw your attention to two items. First, I
encourage you to come to the Business Meeting (Sunday, 7-9am) where you can meet other members,
learn more about the new travel awards and future directions for the Section, and eat the excellent
breakfast generously sponsored by the Nature Publishing Group. Second, please come and hear
(Tuesday 3-4:30pm) the AACP 2010-2011 President Rodney Carter speak on "Changes and Challenges
in Pharmacy Education" and what he feels is necessary to create the "new American pharmacist." It
promises to be an excellent lecture.

I hope to see you all in Minneapolis.


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                                  Table of Contents

Message from the Chair        1              Elections                       8
Section Officers 2010-2011,   3              PDI Events at MLA ’11 in MI     9
2010-2011 Goals,              4              Report from MLA ’10 in DC       10
Business Meeting              6

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                       Pharmacy & Drug Information Section Officers

                                                                                          1 Page

Chair                                           Past Chair, Nominating Committee Chair &
Jonathan Koffel                                 Section Council Member
Clinical Information Librarian                  Christina Seeger
Bio-Medical Library                             Pharmacy Librarian
University of Minnesota                         Feik School of Pharmacy
Phone: 612-626-5454                             University of the Incarnate Word
Email:                         San Antonio, Texas
                                                Phone: 210-883-1121
Chair-Elect/Program Chair                       email:
Rae Jesano
Liaison Librarian to the College of Pharmacy    Liaison to Governmental Relations Committee
Health Science Center Libraries                 Vee M. Kwon
University of Florida                           Director Medical Library & CME Services
Phone: 352 273-8444                             Nyack Hospital
email:                          Nyack, NY
                                                Phone: 845-348-2514
Membership Committee Chair                      Fax: 845-348-2515
Amy Knehans                                     email:
Edwin H. Mookini Library
University of Hawai'i at Hilo                   Web Developer
Phone: 808-933-8613                             Sharon Giovenale
Email:                       Pharmacy Librarian
                                                Pharmacy Library
Secretary                                       University of Connecticut
Trish Chatterley, BA, MLIS                      Phone: 860 486-2218
Public Services Librarian                       Email:
John W. Scott Health Sciences Library
University of Alberta                           Newsletter Editor
Phone: 780-492-7933                             Joanne Doucette
e-mail:         Head of Collections & Technical/Access Services
                                                Henrietta DeBenedictis Library
Treasurer                                       Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health
Lin Wu                                          Sciences
Reference Services Librarian                    Phone: 617-732-2805
Health Sciences Library                         Email:
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Phone: 901-448-1667                             Liaison to American Assoc. of Colleges of
Email:                           Pharmacy Libraries/Educational Resources
Bylaws Committee Chair                          Sharon Giovenale
Penny Coppernoll-Blach                          Pharmacy Librarian
Reference Coordinator                           Pharmacy Library
Biomedical Library                              University of Connecticut
University of California, San Diego             Phone: 860-486-2218
Phone: 858-534-4431                             Email:

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                           Pharmacy and Drug Information (PDI)
                                    2010-2011 Goals

PDI members have been actively working on Section goals and objectives since the 2010
Annual Meeting.

Goal 1: Recruitment, Membership and Leadership in the Profession

Objective 1: Investigate continuing the officer stipend pilot or funding new travel or research awards.

The Section recently completed a 3-year pilot project to offer stipends to the Chair and Chair-elect to
support their attendance at MLA. After reviewing the project, the Subcommittee decided to offer a travel
award open to all members engaged in PDI-related activities at the Annual Meeting. The topic of the
award will be presented at the Business Meeting for discussion and adoption.

Stipend/Award Subcommittee:
Christina Seeger, Immediate Past Chair
Jonathan Koffel, Chair
Rae Jesano, Chair-Elect
Lin Wu, Treasurer

Goal 2: Life Long Learning

Objective 2a: To sponsor an expert speaker for the 2011 Embase lecture on a topic important to the
field of pharmacy and drug information

Rodney Carter, Pharm.D., is the 2010-2011 President of the American Association of the Colleges of
Pharmacy and will be delivering the Embase Lecture on “Changes and Challenges in Pharmacy

Objective 2b: To offer a CE session at the 2012 Annual Meeting for non-Pharmacy librarians on
searching for basic drug information.

Terry Jankowski and K.T. Vaughan voiced interest and submitted an abstract to the CE Committee. The
abstract was accepted and they are now writing a full proposal for the Committee to consider at their May

Goal 3: Creating and Communicating our Knowledge

Objective 3: To investigate the creation of a guide to free online drug information resources for use by
Section members, MLA members, and members of the public.

The Online Resource Guide Subcommittee examined existing lists, gathered input from members and
outside groups, and determined that an annotated guide to free online drug information tools would be
useful. Amy Chatfield devised a workflow and set up a Zotero group to gather citations (Zotero is a
resource organization program available online). Subcommittee members are testing the workflow and
populating the group with a small set of records. We hope to recruit more contributors and get feedback
from members at the Section Business Meeting.

 PDI Alert Spring 2011                                                                      Page   -4- -
Online Resource Guide Subcommittee:
Jonathan Koffel, PDI Chair
Amy Chatfield, member
Jean Siebert, member
Margaret Hoogland, member

Goal 4: Building a Network of Partners

Objective 4: Continued partnerships within the organization and with the American Association of
Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), as a relevant organization to the membership.

The Online Resource Guide Subcommittee has been in contact with the AACP L/ER section regarding
best practices for resource guide creation.

The Section will be cosponsoring several sessions at the Annual Meeting:

Corporate Information Services Section: Being There: the “Embedded” Librarian
Veterinary Medical Library Section: From Bench to Bedside: Librarians’ Roles in Translational Medicine
Leadership and Management Section: Rethinking Libraries in Hard Times

The Section is partnering with Nature Publishing Group, which is sponsoring breakfast at the Section
business meeting at MLA ’11.

Respectfully submitted,
Trish Chatterly, Secretary
Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Bylaws Committee Chair
Joanne Doucette, Newsletter Editor
Sharon Giovenale, Web Editor, Liaison to AACP
Rae Jesano, Chair-Elect
Amy Knehans, Membership Committee Chair
Jonathan Koffel, Chair
Vee Kwon, Liaison to Government Relations Committee
Christina Seeger, Past Chair
Lin Wu, Treasurer

 PDI Alert Spring 2011                                                                   Page    -5- -
                                  Business Meeting Minutes
                             Pharmacy and Drug Information Section
                         Medical Library Association 2010 Annual Conference
                           Monday, May 24th, 2010 – 7:30a.m. to 9 a.m.
                                      Washington, D.C.

Present: Irena Bond, Stewart Brower, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Sharon Giovenale, Ruiling Guo, Terry
Ann Jankowski, Rae Jesano, Jonathan Koffel, Sarah McCord, Christina Seeger

Meeting was led by Christina Seeger, Chair
Minutes were taken by Jonathan Koffel, Chair-Elect

   1. Comments from Julia Kochi, MLA Board member
      MLA Board members are attending each of the section business meetings in order to share
      information about what is happening in the Association as a whole and new initiatives from the
      board. Julia discussed a wide range of topics, including:
           Rising Stars Program pilot (4 mentor/mentee pairs)
           A “core professional competencies bootcamp” for new/transfer librarians to help them get
             up to speed
           Posting of meeting content online and videotaping of my sessions
           Ruth Holst’s presidential priorities regarding how to better locate and share the evidence
             for the value of libraries and librarians.
           Creation of the Technology Advisory Committee and Task Force on Social Networking
           Section Project of the Year policy has been approved
           YouTube Channels (one for MLA and a “group” channel that sections can post on)
           The 2013 meeting has been moved from Baltimore to Boston
   2. Approval of Minutes from 2009 Business Meeting
           Minutes of the 2009 Business Meeting were unanimously approved
   3. Officer and Committee Reports
           This year’s Embase lecture will be delivered by Kit Aiken of the FDA’s Division of Drug
             Marketing and Communication and will focus on the FDA’s role in monitoring consumer
             drug advertising.
           PDI is cosponsoring three other sessions, “Vaccine Information: The Role of the Library in
             Evaluation, Communication, and Dissemination,” “Health Information for Those Left
             Behind: Outreach and Services for the Disenfranchised, Marginalized, and Unconnected,”
             and “Electronic Health Record and Librarians: Potential Roles and Opportunities for
             Information Research.”
      Membership Committee
           The section currently has 106 members. MLA has recently reported that 50% of MLA
             members do not belong to a section. This represents a large untapped pool of potential
      Nominating Committee
           Rae Jesano is Chair-Elect for 2010-2011
           Sharon Giovenale is a potential candidate for the MLA Nominating Committee
      AACP Liaison
           The 2009 AACP Annual Meeting was held in Boston and was very successful

 PDI Alert Spring 2011                                                                  Page   -6- -
           There was a session on the use of mobile devices in pharmacy education and a lightning
           session featuring librarians.

         There is discussion about removing first-purchase designation from the AACP “Basic
           Resources For Pharmaceutical Education” list to avoid the perception among
           accreditation groups that these are required titles.
         Several PDI members have joined the AACP Council of Specialties Preceptor
           Development Task Force.
     Section Treasurer
         Lin Wu, Section Treasurer, could not make the meeting, but sent the current financial
           report to Christina Seeger. As of the meeting, the account balance is 3163.01. Expenses
           for the year were for the Embase Lecture speaker, business meeting food, Section Shuffle
           contribution, and travel stipends for officers.
     Section Shuffle Organizer
         Irena Bond organized this year’s Section Shuffle, which will include a poster with photos of
           PDI members and results of a member survey. Irena will be dressed in a “Mad Hatter”
           costume covered with MeSH terms and it should be a very impressive booth.
  4. New Business
         A new Chair of the Bylaws Committee was needed and Penny Coppernoll-Blach kindly
           agreed to serve for 2010-2011.
         Rae Jesano presented information on planning for the 2011 meeting and requested
           presentation ideas. The Section will serve as lead on one session and can potentially
           take the lead on a second session. Session ideas included cultural diversity and
           communication, patient safety, and intraprofessional communication.
         Stewart Brower presented Sarah McCord with a special print copy of “Communications in
           Information Literacy” in appreciation of her contributions to the issue.

PDI Alert Spring 2011                                                                  Page   -7- -
                                 Elections Results
                               PDI Section 2011-2012

Congratulations to the new Chair-Elect:

Chair-Elect/Program Chair
Irena Bond, MSLIS
Library Manager – Blais Family Library
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
19 Foster Street
Worcester MA 01608

 PDI Alert Spring 2011                                        Page   -8- -
                    Pharmacy and Drug Information Section
        Events Sponsored or Co-Sponsored at MLA 2011 in Minneapolis, MI
                                          Rae Jesano
                             PDI Section Chair-Elect/Program Chair

Sponsored Sessions:

Business Meeting
Date: Sunday May 15: 7:00 AM-9:00 AM
Refreshments provided by Nature Publishing Group

Title: Changes and Challenges of Pharmacy Education
Date: Tuesday, May 17: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Speaker: Rodney Carter, Pharm.D. Associate Dean for Professional and External Relations
Department of Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.

Co-Sponsored Sessions:

Title: Being There: the Embedded librarian
Date: Monday, May 16: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Co-Sponsor: Corporate Information Section

Title: Rethinking Libraries in Hard Times
Date: Monday, May 16: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Co-Sponsor: Leadership and Management Section

Title: From the Bench to the Bedside: Librarians’ Roles in Translational Medicine
Date: Monday, May 16: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Co-Sponsor: Veterinary Medical Libraries

    PDI Alert Spring 2011                                                            Page   -9- -
                                 Report from Washington, DC
                                    MLA Conference 2010

Irena Bond sent the following picture and survey results to PDI Alert from the Section Shuffle Booth
event. Irena’s exhibit won the award for Most Creative Booth!

 PDI Alert Spring 2011                                                                     Page   - 10 - -
                                                                            - 10 -
                            What PDI Section Members Say

    Colleagues are nice to work with
    If you enjoy Drug Information, you would enjoy this section
    Joining the section and getting involved has been the best experience!
    The professional support I have received has been so great.
    I have learned so much from the section!
    The section is active, and the members are very helpful to new MLA members.
    The EMBASE Lecture is always one of the highlights of the MLA Annual Meeting.
    Great opportunity to learn from great librarians
    I've learned lots from other colleagues in the PDI section.
    The past chairs are great and are willing to share their knowledge and support the new coming officers.
    I remember riding a shuttle into an annual meeting and talking all the way to the hotel with another member
     of the section. This section feels like a family.
    I always attend the EMBASE Lecture and love going out to dinner with the presenter and other PDI
     members that evening. The dinner in Honolulu was a particularly great event.

While only 10 members participated in this survey, most members would agree with their comments!

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