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                                                                                        FIELD ASYMMETRIC
                                                                               ION MOBILITY SPECTROMETRY

                                              WHAT IS IT?
                                              Tourist is a lab based test
                                              platform incorporating
                                              Owlstone’s proprietary
                                              FAIMS technology. Owlstone
                                              technology is suitable for
                                              detection applications that
                                              demand high performance,
                                              affordability and small form
                                              factor. The Tourist test platform
                                              enables potential users to quickly
                                              establish the suitability of FAIMS for their detection needs.

                                              WHAT CAN I USE IT FOR?
                                              The Tourist system is a generic test platform, which means users
                                              can enter any number of chemicals or analytes of interest to test
                                              the underlying FAIMS detection capability. Whether testing organic
                                              compounds in industrial applications or chemical warfare agents the
                                              Tourist system provides fast answers to questions such as limits of
  BENEFITS                                    detection and performance in mixtures.
  • Comprehensive test platform with
    compact footprint                         WHAT dO I gET?
                                               • Tourist analysis unit
  • Fast answers. The Tourist system is
    easy to set up and run and you’ll be       • Laptop with customised control and analysis software
    getting detection results as soon as
    you switch on                              • User guide

                                               • Two days setup and support from an experienced analytical chemist
  • Using FAIMS to solve your detection
    problems, in the field, in shorter time    • Free feasibility pre-trial and relevant application notes
                                               • FAIMS tutorials
  • Cost-effective tool to accelerate
    development and prove suitability          • Automatic access to software upgrades with improved
                                                 analytical capability
  • Can be used to test suitability of
    FAIMS for any application area             • Access to secure, Tourist user’s tips section, on Owlstone website
    of interest                                • Follow-on support from the Owlstone analytical chemistry team
  • Complete flexibility to change and         • Additionally, Owlstone can supply vapour generators to precisely
    optimise control parameters for               accurately generate low concentrations of test vapours
    your target application

  • Capture and store results on computer

  • Use our detection algorithms or try
    out your own on captured data sets

  • Access to the expert Owlstone
    chemistry team who are there to
    help understand and address
    detection needs

               WHAT mAkES A CHEmICAl dIFFERENT?
               The basic problem of detection is how to
               detect the chemical of interest in a complex
               mixture. Owlstone technology identifies
               chemicals using a property know as ‘mobility’,
               a measure of how quickly an ion moves
               through an electric field. The mobility relates
               to size and mass, and is used to specifically
               distinguish and identify the chemical of interest.

               The Owlstone sensor acts as a reprogrammable
               filter, which separates and identifies chemical
               according to their characteristic mobility. The
               sensor ‘filters’ out the background chemicals
               that do not have the correct mobility ‘fingerprint’.
               The power and flexibility of the system is                 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION
               due to the fact that the filter can be easily
               reprogrammed through software and electrical                                   Field Asymmetric Ion
               signals to detect almost any chemical.                     Technology          Mobility Spectrometry
                                                                                              Positive and
               The Owlstone FAIMS technology rapidly creates              Detection Mode
                                                                                              negative Ions
               a fingerprint for all the chemicals present in a
               mixture, even at extremely low concentrations.                                 Gas cylinder
                                                                          Sample Input
               Software is used to analyse the fingerprint to                                 / Vapour Generator
               provide the user accurate information on the
               type, and quality of chemicals present, to allow                               1/8” Swagelok
                                                                                              compression fittings
               them to make the right decisions with a high
               degree of confidence.                                                          Industrial Gases
                                                                          Analyte Range       / VOC’s / Warfare
               CHEmICAl ‘FINgERPRINT’
               The following are a series of chemical
               fingerprints from internal programs. The                   Dry
                                                                                              -40ºC Dewpoint
               different fingerprints are unique to the                   Instrument Air
               compound and are easily distinguishable
                                                                          Max Heater
               and identifiable from each other. Software                                     70°C
               algorithms are used to classify each fingerprint,
               resulting in identification with greatly reduced           Humidity Range      0% to 95%
               occurrences of false positives.
                                                                          Start-up Time       5 minutes

                                                                                              < 2 sec
                                                                          Capture Time

                                                                                              Live graphical spectra
                                                                                              / text delimited file

                                                                          Comms               USB

                                                                          Laptop              Toshiba M70

                                                                          Software            Labview executable

                                                                          AC Inputs           120 / 240 VAC
      US OFFICE                      UK OFFICE
      Park 80 West, Plaza II         St Johns Innovation Ctr, Cowley Rd   Dimensions          22 x 14 x 7cm
      Saddle Brook NJ 07663 U.S.A.   Cambridge CB4 0WS U.K.
      TEL +1 201 880 4882            TEL +44 (0)1223 422415               Weight              1.4 kg
      FAX +1 201 880 4894            FAX +44 (0)1223 422414


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