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									 College Foundation                                                                                                Foundation
                                                                                                                Board of Directors
                             SUNY Orange Foundation                                                                            Officers
                                                                                                                        Chairman: Nicholas Illobre
    Established in 1987 as a means of supporting the College, The Educational                                        First Vice Chair: Richard Rowley
  Foundation of Orange County Community College is presently undergoing                                            Second Vice Chair: Brenda Harburger
  a metamorphosis. Having recently absorbed the Alumni Association, the                                             Treasurer/Secretary: Paula Osenni
  Foundation is committed to its newly minted mission “to generate funds
  and build resources to enhance learning opportunities for students and the
  community.”                                                                                        Board Members                   Bill Vacca

   Today, the Foundation stands ready to become a leader within the State                            Vinnie Cazzetta                 Jill Varricchio
  University of New York in generating funds to enhance the learning experience.                     (Executive Director)            Derrik Wynkoop
                                                                                                     John D'Ambrosio                 Jodie Yankanin
    During its early years the Foundation focused on an annual fund drive in
                                                                                                     Ruben Estrada
  the business community, raising funds for academic equipment, scholarships
  and a distinguished lecture series. Today the Foundation awards more than                          Brian Fuoco                     Emeritus
  $150,000 annually in scholarships to graduating, current and new students. The                     Dennis Greenwald                George Shepard
  Foundation is a volunteer-based organization comprised of alumni as well as                        Robert Hatfield, Jr.
  leaders in the business community of Orange County.                                                David MacFarland
    As it continues to investigate new and creative ways to assist the College in                    Ralph Martucci, Jr.             Representative
  bringing top-notch educational opportunities to residents of Orange County, the                    Cathy McCarty
                                                                                                                                     Gertrude Mokotoff
  Foundation is also looking to the community for assistance. If you are interested                  Karen C. Miller
  in working with the Foundation or the newly formed Alumni Council, contact                         Kunwar Nagpal
                                                                                                                                     SUNY Orange Staff
  Vinnie Cazzetta, vice president for Institutional Advancement, at (845) 341-4726.                  William Pendergast
  To show your support for SUNY Orange, you may contribute an annual gift to                                                         Glen Connoly
                                                                                                     Dr. William Richards
  the SUNY Orange Foundation. Gifts can be sent to the Office of Institutional                       (College President)             Pat Cregar
  Advancement, 115 South Street, Middletown, NY 10940.                                               Terry R. Saturno                Russell Hammond

Sustaining Ambassadors                                        Friends of SUNY Orange

  Over their lifetime, donors in this listing have given       Gifts to the College are vital to SUNY Orange meeting its mission.
to the College gifts totaling more than $100,000.             We thank the following for their support of the College between Jan. 1, 2008
                                                              and April 30, 2009.

Advance Testing                 Eugene and Jean Morrison      ABC Therapy Services                  Paul Auerbach                    Karen J. Bende
Estate of Luella Delavan        John Morrison, Jr.            Barbara Abel                          Robert P. Augello                Bennett Kielson Storch DeSantis
Estate of Mildred Delavan       Orange County Industrial      Phillip J. Adamson                    Anne F. Austell                  Louise M. Biasi
Estate of Thomas C. Walts       Development Agency            ADC                                   Rhett Austell                    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Frontier Communications         Orange County Trust Company   Paul Adler                            Brian S. Austin                  Nicholas Biondi
Alan Gerry                      James H. Ottaway, Jr.         Affinity Health Plan                  Diego Aviles                     Joanne M. Blersch
Gladys and Roland Harriman      Richard B. Rowley             Agassiz Society                       Lillian Ayling                   Claudia Bocker
Foundation                      Christopher Schmid            Candace Ahrenholz                     Mary E. Baiers                   Karen E. Boeckman-Sterner
Kaplan Family Foundations                                     Thomas E. Alford                      Henry Baker                      Carol A. Bokan
                                                              American Society for Industrial       Bank of America                  Bon Secours Community Hospital
                                                              Security                              Stephen L. Barber                Bonacic, Krahulik & Associates, LLP
                                                              Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.   Linda Barboni                    Terri E. Borden
                                                              Anaconda Sports                       Judith A. Bard                   Kim and Scott Boylan
                                                              Kim Andrew                            Demir Barker                     Helen M. Boyle
                                                              Armistead Mechanical, Inc.            Leon Barkman                     Marilyn Brosi
                                                              Thais L. Ashkenas                     Helen K. Bartlett                Anita Brown
                                                              ATT Mobility                          Louise Belfiglio                 Robert T. Brown

20                                                                                                                               SUNY Or a ng e Mag azine
Benon Budziak                          Valentina Desmedt-Wells             Michael H. Gilman              Shahla Javdan                     Lockheed Martin Corporation
Diane M. Burlison                      Joseph C. Devenuto                  Kenneth Giuntoli               JMZ Architects and Planners, PC   Walter Lockwood
Mary M. Bury                           Harold Diamond                      James Givant                   John Herbert Company              David Logan
Colline M. Busher                      Dorothy M. DiBello                  Roberta K. Glinton             Elizabeth P. Johnson              Barbara J. Lord
Christopher J. and Ellen Byrne         Edith E. Dill                       Maurice Goldman                Johnson & Johnson                 David P. Loyas
Howard W. Cadmus                       Janet Doran                         Douglas Gomez                  Patti J. Jones                    Mary Ellen Lucero
Gail A. Cali                           Dowd Battery Co. Inc.               Susan T. Goodreds              Wilma T. Joyce                    Arthur Lund
Elizabeth O. Cantline                  Barbara J. Downey                   Janet S. Gorgone               Judelson, Giordano & Siegel, PC   Dennis Luzon
Jo-Ann Capozella                       Eileen Drabik                       Andrea Gould                   Joan P. Kain                      Tammy L. Mackin
Juletta C. Carey                       Barbara U. Dreyhaupt                Kaitlyn S. Gould               Marjorie Kakeh                    Gertrude MacLeod
Shirley M. Carlton                     Dennis S. Dudley                    Barbara Graff                  Timothy Kanan                     Linda F. Madoff
Chris Carr                             Eileen Duffy                        Nicholas Gravanis              Helene Kaplan                     Leigh A. Maginniss
Pamela Carr                            Marie A. Dulzer                     Donald Green                   Jeanne C. Katucki                 Robert Malin
Mary E. Carroll                        E. A. Morse & Co., Inc.             Antoinette Griffin             Barbara A. Kay                    Alicia Maloney
Shermane Carter                        Edward Jones                        Joseph Guardino                Carol E. Keesler                  Eleanor W. Mamelok
Matthew Casserly                       Gesine H. Ehlers                    Frank J. Guarini               Eileen Kelly                      Mansfield Commercial Real Estate
Alfred F. Cavalari                     Kenneth El-Sherif                   Frank Guarino                  Joan M. Kemble                    Ruth Manyin
Central Hudson Gas & Electric          Kenneth J. Elder                    George S. Hadden               Catherine Kennedy                 Marist College Teacher
Corporation                            Elliott Brothers Office Interiors   Jo Ann Hamburg                 Jean M. Kenny                     Education Dept.
George J. Chessare                     Empire Savings Bank                 Anita M. Hanley                Doris Kessler                     Martin Markovits
Chester Printing Co.                   Empire State Bank                   Linda J. Haring-Robinson       Russell A. King                   Samuel Markovits
Harriett E. Clark                      Jean M. Eppinger                    Judith Harkavy                 Sandra King                       Roslyn Marks
Jeanne K. Clark                        Karen Epstein                       Harry F. Rotolo & Son, Inc.    Antoinette E. Knabl               Linda E. Martini
Alberta Clouse                         Faculty Association of              Kelly Haskin-Tenenini          Lois A. Knapp                     Masci & Hale, DDS & DMD
Steve Coccia                           SUNY Orange                         Mary E. Havens                 Knapp Consultants, Inc.           Kenneth J. Masten
Irving Codron                          Catherine Faller                    Eleanor Hedin                  Marie Knibbs                      Ann M. Matte
Kent R. Cofer                          Joseph M. Famellette                Edward Helt                    James W. Knox                     Richard S. Matteo
Silvia C. Colella                      Dennis Fanton                       Richard Heppner                Julie Koehn                       Matthew Street - GSA LLC
Rhoda Collins                          Kathryn Feeney                      Celia C. Herman                David Kohn                        Cynthia E. Maycrink
Pat Colville                           Fellenzer Engineering               Frances Higgins                Nickolas Kokenos                  McAleer and Associates
Joseph P. Como                         Donald Ferguson                     Richard M. Higgins             Pericles Kokenos                  Douglas McBride
Computer Network Solutions             Lawrence J. Ferrier                 Kenneth S. Hirschel            Martin Koksvik                    David M. McCarey
(Cornwall Hospital)                    Melody Festa                                                                                         Robert McCartney
                                                                           William A. Hite                Nancy Kolacz
Concept Promotions                     Patricia Fibel                                                                                       M. J. McCaughin
                                                                           Wendy Hobbs                    Alice D. Krawcyk
Construction Contractors Assoc.        Helen M. Finn                                                                                        James McCaul
                                                                           Hoffman Walker Homebuilders    Abigail Kreitzer
Cooper Electric Supply Co.             First Impressions Printing                                                                           Elaine McClung
                                                                           Holt Construction              Norman J. and Marge Kriney
Esther L. Coopersmith                  Sharon Fitzgerald                                                                                    Robert J. McGarry
                                                                           Linda M. Horan                 Suzanne Krissler
Mary Jane Corry                        Barbara Flanagan                                                                                     John C. McGiff
                                                                           Hospice of Orange & Sullivan   Ira Kroun
Pamela M. Crawford                     Lucinda Fleming                     Counties, Inc.                                                   Mary Ann McGinnis-Adamo
                                                                                                          Margaret Kujawski
Crystal Run Village Foundation, Inc.   Kathleen E. Flessa                  Martha A. Host                                                   McGoey, Hauser and Edsall
                                                                                                          J. Kuklis
Frances and John F. Cummins            Shirley Flynn                       Robert A. Howerter                                               McLaren Engineering Group
                                                                                                          James Kulisek
Jodi L. Currier                        Diane Fotino                        HSBC-North America                                               John D. McMahon
                                                                                                          Barbara Kwiecinski
Peter Cutty                            Friends of Music                    Richard W. Hull                                                  John J. McMahon
                                                                                                          Laborers Local 17
Deborah A. Czubak                      Fusco Engineering & Land            Helen L. Hulle                                                   Elizabeth E. McNamara-Hermida
                                                                                                          Joan Ladik
D&D Mailing Services                   Surveying, PC                       Michael J. Hulse                                                 Carolyn Meere
                                                                                                          Melanie J. Lanc
Bonnie D’Jovin                         Kirsten Gabrielsen                  Frank V. Hunt                                                    Kenneth A. Mennerich
                                                                                                          Carolyn A. Lantelme
D-Ben Security Systems, Inc.           Livio Galazzo                       Andrew P. Hunter                                                 Jennifer C. Merriam
                                                                                                          Michael A. Lanzano
Darlind Construction Company           Kate Gallaher                       Thomas H. Hunter                                                 Mid-City Transit Corp.
                                                                                                          Janice K. Lavine
Sadia I. Dave                          Veronica Galletly                   William B. Hunter                                                Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit
                                                                                                          C. A. Le Monier
Dean P. Gleeson - Insurance            GE Foundation                       IBM                                                              Union
                                                                                                          J. A. Lemarie
Donald L. Deans                        Dianne M. Gersbeck                  Innovative Engineering                                           Middletown Lions Club
                                                                                                          Liberty Pest Control &
Katherine Decker                       Salena R. Gertzkis                  Edmund J. Irlbacher            Environmental Management          Madeline M. Mignore
Linda Dederick                         GfK Roper Public Affairs & Media    Ironworkers Local 417          Lifelink MD Center                Lorraine Miller
Robert J. Dederick                     Patricia Giannoccaro                John Ivankovic                 Salvatore C. Ligotino             Mary L. Miller
Marie Defazio-Schultz                  Patricia Gilchrest                  Jacobowitz & Paz, Esqs.        Lynne Lindh                       Andrew H. Mills
Ursula M. Degenhardt                   Margaret Gillespie                  Daniel P. Jantzen              Irving Lipner                     Louis V. Mills
Joseph P. Deserto                      David P. Gillikin                   Kristine Jaroka                Marie Liu                         Grace J. Minkus

S umme r 2 0 0 9                                                                                                                                                           21
Monica T. Mitchell                   Betty Puyear
                                                                             In Memory and Honor
Gertrude Mokotoff                    Quality Bus Service, LLC                The College is thankful for the thoughtful individuals who have chosen to
Jane Monnich                         R. J. Smith Enterprises Corp.         remember a family member, colleague or friend by virtue of a gift in their
Cynthia Montemurro                   David Rabinowitsch                    memory or honor. Since January 2008, gifts to the College have been made in
Katherine R. Mooney                  Wayne Ragone                          honor or memory of the following individuals:
Marge Morales                        Chad T. Rasmussen
Eileen F. Morey                      Erich Raynor                                 Peter Alberghini                                     Judi Jaffe
Patricia A. Morgan                   Michael A. Reich                             Thomas Alford                                        James Lynch
Monica M. Morrow                     Patricia Reid                                Lillian Barbone                                      Frances C. Marks
Robert Moson                         Carolyn N. Reynolds                          George “Bucky” Bartlett                              Marchessa Morrison
Mount Saint Mary College             Sharon Rice                                  Roberta Bernstein                                    Robert Novak
Mary Mulrooney                       Ronald R. Rider                              Catherine Boeckman                                   Ruth Ottaway
Raymond P. Murphy                    Debra Ridgeway                               Walter Brown                                         Shep and Edna Pryluck
Thomas Murray                        Carol S. Roe                                 Vincent Casserly                                     Harold Ripley
Mary Myruski                         Michael Roe                                  Linda Connolly                                       Ingeborg Rogge
Nagpal Dental Associates, PC         James T. Rogers                              Isa Deluca                                           June Simpson
Robert Nelson                        Ingeborg Rogge                               Mary B. Diana                                        Moses Stivers
Robert A. Nichols                    Joseph P. Romanowski                         Diane Fernandes                                      Ruth and Steve Taffin
Arlene Nicholson                     David Ronson                                 Sears Hunter                                         Charles Toole
Diana Noger                          Arnold Rosen
North Plank Contracting, Inc.        Karyn H. Rosen
Nugent & Haeussler, PC               Phillip A. Rosen
John E. O’Brien                      Jayne Rosenhagen
                                     Roberta S. Rosenthal              Roberta Slockbower                   Joan E. Tetz                          Kenneth H. Wait
Clark Monroe Olver
                                     Rotary Club of Middletown         Fred C. Smith                        The Bank of New York Mellon           Ruth C. Wait
Orange County Chamber of
Commerce                             Jennifer Roth                     Michael A. Smith                     The Children’s Place                  Walden Federal
Orange County Economic               Benjamin Roujansky                Smith, Seaman & Quackenbush,         The Greater Hudson Valley Family      Susan Walker
Development                                                            Inc. Funeral Homes                   Health Center                         Brenda L. Walsh
                                     Ruby Construction Services, LLC
Orange County Equipment Rental,                                        Joel Solonche                        The Rug Store, Monroe                 Sharon Warantz
Inc.                                 Anne Ruscher
                                                                       Sovereign Healthcare, Inc.           Mary Theodore                         Cheryl Ward Simons
Orange County Town Supt.             Virginia D. Rushey
                                                                       Sarah A. Spannagel                   David Thiel                           Sandra Wardell
Association                          Ruth B. Ottaway Revocable Trust
                                                                       Irene P. Spaulding                   Thomas P. Stein DDS & Associates      Colleen Warren
Orange Regional Medical Center       Sister Ann Sakac
                                                                       Roberta Spitzer                      Tool Factory Outlet                   John B. Warren
Catherine G. Otto                    Lorraine Santacroce
                                                                       St. Anthony Community Hospital       Elaine Torda                          Washington Mutual
Kim Paffenroth                       Barbara Sardone
                                                                       St. Thomas Aquinas College           Debra J. Treinen                      Wausau Paper Foundation
Elizabeth M. Palen                   Howard Schaefer
                                                                       Staff and Chair Association of       Lorraine Triola                       Susan Webber
Ray S. Pantel                        Laura Schellschmidt               SUNY Orange                          Virginia H. Tubaugh                   Petra Wege Beers
Maria A. Paquin                      Earlene C. Schoonmaker            Anthony Stasio                       Nicholas A. Tulve                     Jed Weiner
Michele A. Paradies                  Herta M. Schrom                   State Farms Companies Foundation     UHY LLP, Certified Public             Rosemarie Werkman
Ann B. Pardy                         Faye P. Schuerholz                Fern S. Steane                       Accountants
Alice Parry                          Lois Schwab                                                                                                  Margaret E. Weymer
                                                                       Irving S. Steenrod                   Solveig M. Umbach
Susan Parry                          Judith Schwartz                                                                                              Wild Ones
                                                                       Arlene F. Stefane                    United Way of Orange
Partnership for Economic             Seekamp Lumber Co.                                                                                           Melvin B. Wilkin
                                                                       Christina Stern                      Michael Vaczi
Development in Sullivan County       Seely & Durland, Inc.                                                                                        Stephen Winter
                                                                       Stewart Regional Consulting, LLC     Douglas Van Cook
Paul Congelosi Sales, Inc.           Gilda Sesti                                                                                                  David Witkowski
                                                                       Lisa A. Stivers                      Fred Van Der Meulen
Pamela M. Pease                      Donald E. Shaddock                                                                                           R. M. Worden
                                                                       Sharon Strojnowski                   Jerry M. Van Duzer
Pella Windows & Doors                Audrey Andrews O. Sheeley                                                                                    Dottie (Dorothy) Wormser
                                                                       Linda Stroms                         Celeste Van Fleet
Pendergast & Terach, Associates in   Charles E. Sheridan                                                                                          WVT Communications
Architecture                                                           Mark Strunsky                        Cheryl C. Van Syckle
                                     Marianne Shoemaker-Shorter                                                                                   Joyce P. Wyka
Michael A. Penik                                                       Sullivan County Partnership          Harvey Vechery
                                     Patricia M. Shuart                                                                                           Xerox Corporation
Flora E. Pennell                                                       Nancy Swaine                         Verla International Ltd.
                                     Marion Sicina                                                                                                Jodie Yankanin
Joseph Pesola                                                          Helen R. Swanwick                    Verticon LTD
                                     Steven F. Silva                                                                                              Lorraine A. Yorke
Patricia Petty                                                         James Tarvin                         Paul Vignola
                                     Rick Silverman                                                                                               John G. Youngs
Michael A. Phillips                                                    James Taylor                         Carmelo Virgillo
                                     Margaret J. Simpson                                                                                          Margaret R. Zettle
Dolores Phoel                                                          Taylor Biomass Energy, LLC           Volusia County Attorney’s Office
                                     Gregory C. Sitler                                                                                            Joseph G. Zurovchak
Prestige Financial                                                     TD Banknorth                         Josephina Vondras
                                     Allan G. Skellett                                                                                            Anonymous
Prestige Land Rover                                                    Christine King Telefus and Jack      Christine A. Voorhis
                                     Patricia Slesinski                Telefus                              Josephine Vuolo
Provident Bank
                                                                       Corinne Tetz

22                                                                                                                                             SUNY Or a ng e Mag azine
Defining Moments
SUNY Orange Embarks on First
Comprehensive Capital Campaign

    In 2007, SUNY Orange President Dr.                          By the “official public launch”
  William Richards discussed his vision                         in October 2008, a fourth
  and thoughts behind the College’s                             priority was added: a new
  undertaking of a comprehensive                                Science and Technology Center
  capital campaign. “The potential for                          planned for the Middletown
  our ‘Defining Moments’ campaign                               campus. To date, through the
  is enormous. It is actually hard to                           tireless efforts of the volunteer
  overestimate. The campaign is one way                         Lead Gift Team, under the
  we feel that our really good college can                      direction of chair Rich Rowley,
  become a great college”                                       the Campaign has raised more                 The 2008 SUNY Orange Leadership Awards were
                                                                                                             presented at the “Orange Goes Green” Campaign
                                                                than $16.3 million in gifts and
    In that same interview, Richards also                                                                    Launch Gala in October. The winners were: back row,
                                                                pledges with a targeted goal of
  touched on the promise of the campaign.                                                                    from left: Rich Rowley (Leadership in Community);
                                                                $25 million.
  “We can demonstrate great potential                                                                        and Dan McCarthy, executive vice president and chief
  for new programs, revisions of current                          Nick Illobre ’73, chair of the             operating officer, Frontier Communications (Frontier
  programs, upgrades to current facilities                      SUNY Orange Foundation,                      received the Leadership in Business award). Front row,
                                                                                                             from left, Marianne Rowley (Leadership in Community),
  and enhancements to student activities.                       states “At the Foundation we
                                                                                                             Sister Ann Sakac (Leadership in Education), and Roberta
  We should be offering at least 10 times                       are most proud of the fact
                                                                                                             Glinton (Leadership in Community).
  as much scholarship support. The                              that the Campaign represents
  only way we can address these things                          so much more than raising money.
  is through a rigorous, thoughtful and                         These gifts are catalysts for change for                scholarships, and program innovation
  never-ceasing campaign.”                                      the College, our community, and the                     includes the F.E. Devitt Family
                                                                fulfillment of many personal dreams for                 Horticulture & Sustainability Program.
   Thus, the “Defining Moments”
                                                                our students.”                                            “There is still much to be
  campaign was born, with three priorities
  established: scholarships, a Science                            Gifts have impact. The Kaplan Family                  accomplished,” states Illobre. “We
  and Technology Innovation Fund and                            is turning the Newburgh campus vision                   invite our alumni and the community
  enrichment of the Newburgh campus.                            into reality. Students have benefitted                  to join us as we seize this exciting
                                                                from new Honors and Athletic                            opportunity and moment in time.”

Transforming Gifts –              Synergizing Gifts –                  Enriching Gifts –                      Terry & Carl Saturno       Partnering Gifts –
$1 Million +                      $50,000 – $99,999                    $5,000 – $9,999                        Times Herald-Record        College Administrators,
Frontier Communications           The F.E. Devitt Family               County Executive Edward A. &           William Vacca              Faculty & Staff
Kaplan Family Foundations         Estate of Charlotte Race             Maria G. Diana                         William A. Smith & Son     Paul Basinski
Jean & Eugene Morrison            Beryl & Christopher Schmid           First Federal Savings of               Joan & Jim Wolfe           Assoc. Prof. Diane Bliss
Rich Rowley and Marianne Murray                                                                                                          J. Daniel Bloomer
                                                                       Herbert Gareiss
                                  Altering Gifts –                                                            Sharing Gifts –            Paul & Immaculada Broadie
                                                                       Mrs. Heins                             up to $999
Empowering Gifts –                $25,000 – $49,999                    Marshall & Sterling
                                                                                                                                         Gerianne L. Brusati
$100,000 – $499,999               Margaret & Peter Botti               Karen C. Miller
                                                                                                              Arthur Anthonisen          Vincent & Roseanne Cazzetta
                                                                                                              Jonah Brock                Dr. Catherine Chew & Mr. Howard
Advance Testing                   Key Bank                                                                                               Stier
Orange County Industrial          Estate of Bohdan Staniewski                                                 Roberto Calderin
Development Agency
                                                                       Enhancing Gifts –                      Brian J. Fuoco
                                                                                                                                         Pat & Don Cregar
                                  Walden Savings Bank                  $1,000 – $4,999                                                   Anthony Cruz
Orange County Trust Company                                                                                   Brutus Hodge
                                                                       Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone                                  James M. Dutcher
James H. Ottaway Jr.                                                                                          Sr. Margaret Murphy
                                  Motivating Gifts –                   Dr. & Mrs. John D’Ambrosio                                        Michael Gawronski
                                  $10,000 – $24,999                                                           Jill Varricchio
                                                                       Robert E. & Barbara A. Hatfield Jr.                               Russell Hammond
                                  Frances & Dr. Ansel Marks            Ralph & Debra Martucci                                            Wendy Holmes
                                  John D. McMahon                      Cathy S. McCarty                                                  Maryann & Tom Raab
                                  Evelyn & John H. Morrison III        Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. Illobre                                    William & Helen Richards
                                  Selkowitz Foundation                 Paula Osenni                                                      Mindy Ross
                                                                       Riverside Bank                                                    Roberta Smith
                                                                                                                                         Roslyn Smith
                                                                                                                                         Frank Traeger
                                                                                                                                         Christine Work
S umme r 2 0 0 9                                                                                                                                                       23

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