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                        Tim Parlow, Commissioning Manager
                                  Children & Young People‟s
                                       Commissioning Team
                                              01992 555749
• Context
• Theory
• Practical examples
• Questions/discussion
• Information
What is commissioning?

   „Commissioning is the process for deciding how to use
   the total resource available for children, young people
   and parents and carers in order to improve outcomes
        in the most efficient, effective, equitable and
                       sustainable way.‟
Procurement and Contracting are…
• Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, works
  or services from (usually external) providers / suppliers
  and managing these through to the end of contract.
• Contracting is the process of negotiating and agreeing
  the terms of a contract for services, and on-going
  management of the contract including payment and
• These two elements or tools amongst others, form part
  of the “Do” part of the commissioning cycle. They do
  not constitute all elements of the cycle.
What is Commissioning?
What is commissioning?

 Total Resource available:                                 Outcomes for children
                                                            and young people:
 • Finance
                                                               • Attendance
 • Workforce                   Commissioning is the
                              most efficient, effective,       • Attainment
 • Service providers         equitable and sustainable
                                        route                       •?
 • Other forms of capital
 • Community
 • Co-production
The changing landscape…
• Development of Hertfordshire Integrated Targeted
  Support teams
   – Behaviour & attendance
   – Central attendance & school employment support
   – Early years SEND
   – Educational psychology
   – Access to education for refugees and travellers
   – SEND
   – Specialist advisory service
The changing landscape…
• School partnerships
• Schools as commissioners (academies and
  traded services)
• Schools as contract managers
JSNA – Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
• Collection of data around health and social care
  needs – extensively used already by Health
• Linked to developments in the Health Bill and
  the Health and Wellbeing Boards
• Legal requirement for commissioners to have
  due regard to JSNA in service planning &
JSNA – Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
• JSNA Development Board set up
• CSF Joint Board on June 21st to agree service
  priorities and partner involvement
• Development work ongoing to collate existing
  needs data, identify current and future gaps and
Commissioning Toolkit for Schools
 • Gives access to specialist advice written by the experts
 • Contains a number of templates for use (not tablets of
 • The toolkit is specifically for HCC‟s:
     – School staff purchasing services / goods / works
     – Governors
     – LA staff supporting schools
Resources (cost) vs. needs (volume)
Market management (competition, VFM)

                            Provider 1

                            Provider 2
              Competition                      School A

                            Provider 3

                            Provider 4
Market management (competition, VFM)

                               Provider 1
 School D                                                     School A
                 Increase in price     Increase in price

                               Provider 2

 School E                                                     School B
            Competition                         Competition
                               Provider 3

 School F                                                     School C
                               Provider 4
Levels of commissioning




                       Area or strategic

                      Locality or practice       Individual
Deciding Which Level is Best
• The most appropriate level will be ultimately driven by
  ability to secure outcomes in the most efficient, effective,
  equitable and sustainable way.
• The following factors will impact on this decision and the
  system design:
    – Delegation, local democracy, accountability,
       brokerage and control systems
    – Maturity of the local market and provider
    – Safeguarding and risks
    – Cost of implementation and change management

Effort vs. value
• Under £5,000 – Minimum of 1 verbal Quote
• £5k - £10k – Min of 2 written quotes
• £10k - £50k – Min of 3 written quotes
• £50k - £156k – Must be Tendered
• (Services/Goods) Greater than £156k Must be
  EU Tender

Effort vs. value
• If more than £100k – Must be countersigned by
  CSF – contact Children & Young Peoples
  Commissioning Team
• If more than £500k - Must be countersigned by
  County Secretary
Effort vs. value (risk)
                 Practical examples
Service development
• Aim to achieve better outcomes at reduced cost
• CAMHS therapeutic input into Adolescent
  Resource Centre (ARC)
• £189,000pa – 2 specialist clinicians attending
  consultations with residents at ARC
• Negotiations based on appropriateness, delivery
  model and clinical discussions
Service development
• Partnership work with:
    – Hertfordshire Health and Community Trust
    – Young people
    – ARC staff
• Outcome – new contract with different provider
• £100,000pa – broader skills and less specialised
• Flexible, responsive service
• Working with service users and carers to improve
Improving Speech & Language therapy
• Aimed to
   – Improve VFM
   – Develop more responsive service
   – Create mix of SLT skills sets in relation to
• Collective negotiating power, economy of scale
• Spot purchasing, duplication, paying twice
• Not all sessions delivered – no audit trail
Improving Speech & Language therapy
• Improvements focused on:
    – Performance
    – Payments by performance
    – More for less asking for support with tribunal
• Service re-design underway
• New joint contract with Health from Sept 2011
Buying organisations
• Hertfordshire Business Service (HBS)
• Central Buying Consortium (CBC)
• Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation
Water Coolers
 • Bottled Water:
   Cooler unit rentals vary from £2.08 to £3.17 per
   month (includes sanitisation). Bottled water ranges
   from £3.64 to £3.74 per 18.5 litres.

 • Point of Use Dispensers (i.e. plumbed in):
   Rentals range from £10.00 to £11.25 per month
   (all of the above available from ESPO contract 988 with Cooler Aid,
   Pressure Coolers and Eden Springs)
Washroom Services
    Washroom / Hygiene Services
    • Hand Dryers: rental from £60 to £300 p.a.
    • Sanitary Units: £1.20 per 23 litre bin lift
    • Dust Mats: rental from £104 to £236 p.a.

    Roller Towel Cabinet Rental & Laundry
    • Free on Loan cabinet plus 91p per autoroll
    All on CBC Contract No:18411 with Cannon, Initial and PHS
    (New improved rates as from 1 February 2011)
Waste Disposal and Recycling
Stevenage Borough Council

• Collection of residual waste – charges from April ‟10
   1100l - £7.40      660l - £6.05   240l - £3.80

• Cardboard recycling – charge £6.70 per cage

• Dry recyclables: paper, glass, cans, plastic bottles
  Free of charge fortnightly collection – bins provided
     Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
   CBC Contract with Chubb
   • 22 pence per extinguisher per inspection
   • Spares at list price less 40%
   • No attendance fee
    Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  • Target Price: 85 pence per item
  • Hertfordshire Technical Services (part of Hertfordshire
    Business Services) provide this service
Waste Disposal and Recycling
St Albans District Council
• No waste collection service offered by St Albans
• Currently no wider consortium contract available
  (attempts from ESPO
  contract 379 for details)
• Contract with the private sector. Benchmark rates circa
  £9 per 1100 litre lift
• Recycling of paper, cans and plastic bottles is provided
  FOC but no internal boxes provided.
• Contact Recycling Officer Louise Palmer at
 Waste Disposal and Recycling
 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
 • Collection of residual waste via SERCO .
   Rates vary but are approximately:
   - £12.79 per 1100l lift if a school has 2 bins
   - £12.11 per 1100l lift if a school has 3 bins

 • Recycling of cans, glass, food and garden waste, paper and card.
   Request bins from Council – number of bins varies for schools size

 • Collection of recyclables by SERCO – no charge to school.

 • Welwyn Hatfield contact
 • SERCO contact
Waste Disposal and Recycling
• 1 x 660L Euro (inc. rental & collection charge but
  excludes disposal/landfill charge) = £296.53 ex vat
• 1 x 1100L Euro (inc. rental & collection charge but
  excludes disposal/landfill charge) = £462.32 ex vat
• Customer services on 0208 207 2277
• Free recycling workshops contact
Waste Disposal and Recycling
North Herts
•   Waste Charges
•   1100 litre container £110.70 per quarter (£442.80 p.a)
•   660 litre container £86.30 per quarter (£345.20 p.a)
•   Debbie Hookham on 0800 328 6023 or

• Recycling: roll out of FOC recycling trial 10/12
  school at a time.
• Food/card/glass/cans
• To access recycling services need to be using NH
  for trade waste and also need to ‘significantly
  participate’ in scheme
Waste Disposal and Recycling

• Waste £6 per 1100 litre lift plus £7.90 per month
  bin rental
• Most schools in District use
• Peter Linkson:
• FOC recycling of paper, card and cans
• Tina Finch: 01992 642240
Waste Disposal and Recycling
East Herts

• Waste £449 per 1100 litre bin p.a.
• Admin charge £66 p.a.
• 46 lifts a year: term time plus 1 lift at Christmas & Easter
  and first and last weeks of the summer holidays

• Free collection of recyclables, providing 240 litre bins for
  paper, glass and cans
Waste Disposal and Recycling
• Waste 1100 litre euro bin - £7.35 per empty
•       660 litre euro bin - £5.95 per empty

• Hire charge per bin for all bin sizes listed above (if bin
  not purchased) £1.10 per week
• Council can collect plastics, paper, cardboard and glass
• Recycling team on tel: 01923 235946
Waste Disposal and Recycling
Three Rivers
• Waste collection currently £222.55 per 1100litre lift for 6
• From April 2011 charge is £232.56
• 46 collections per year

• Jennie Moore (Environmental Projects Officer) 01923

• Recycling FOC
• Plastic/cans, paper, glass, cardboard, garden and food
  waste collected fortnightly
Waste Disposal and Recycling
Dacorum BC
• Waste collection
• £5.97 ex VAT per lift of 1100 litre bin
• £68.74 ex VAT for rental of 1100 litre bin

• Recycling FOC – paper, plastic, cans,
  cardboard, food/garden waste
IT Related Products & Associated
• Pro5 contracts awarded by ESPO
• Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, Servers,
  Hand Held Devices and Local Area
  Network Room equipment
• Network Support
• Special Needs
• Software
• Source via Hertfordshire Supplies: Claire
HCC Managed Telephone Service
• Free calls to over 250 other schools on Comnet and to core HCC
• Local and National calls at 1 penny per minute
• Calls to mobiles at 7.8 pence per minute (average)
• First line fault reporting service
• HCC pay the suppliers and recharge quarterly to the schools

   The HCC Telecoms Section is happy to carry out a free review of a
  school‟s telephony arrangements. Contact Gerry Causer, Voice
  Services Officer:
• CBC/ESPO Document Solutions contract 1770/272D. Runs until
  March 2012.

• Covers whole range from printers/scanners, standalone copiers,
  networked copiers and print room equipment

• Four manufacturers of copiers - Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh,

• Contract conditions – operational lease

• Copy cost in region of 0.4p b/w and 5p colour

• Quarterly rental over 3, 4 or 5 years

 • HBS advice see page 903 of 2010/2011 catalogue!
Toner and Cartridges
• Reduce requirements and range by networking

• Competitive market – consider non-branded,
  re-manufactured or a programme of re-filling.

• Keep up to date on pricing and shop around!
Copier Paper
• Competitive commodity market
• Prices fluctuate
• Shop around – be aware of grade of paper
  and loss leaders
• Buying in bulk

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