; Episode 81
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Episode 81


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									                                          English Episode 81

1.      Scene 1                                                                      19.   ROBERT:   (SHY & EMBARRASSED) Oh…hey…Dennis. I didn’t mean
2.      Location:     Carpentry workshop, Ext. Day.                                                  to interrupt your work.
3.      B/G SFX:      Sawing and hammering in background
4.      ROBERT, DENNIS, JOSEPH                                                       20.   DENNIS:   (LAUGHING) You sound as if my father’s a mean task
                                                                                                     master… Come on, he won’t bite you.
5.      DENNIS:         Hey Robert, what’s up? Can you give me a hand with this?
                                                                                     21.   JOSEPH:   (KINDLY) Well, hello young man, I thought the two of you
6.      SFX:            DENNIS AND ROBERT PICKING UP A HEAVY PIECE OF                                were going to converse the whole day and never offer to lend
                        FURNITURE AND MOVING IT.                                                     me a hand.

7.      ROBERT:         (AMAZED) Eh, how come you never told me about this great     22.   DENNIS:   Father, this is Robert. Robert, my father Joseph. (JOKING)
                        work?                                                                        The meanest boss a man could ever have!

8.      DENNIS:         Must have took it for granted that you knew. This is the     23.   ROBERT:   (STIFFLY) How are you, Mr. Joseph?
                        carpentry where I work with my father.
                                                                                     24.   JOSEPH:   (LAUGHING) Fine, fine… Now, how about helping me to lift
9.      ROBERT:         (SURPRISED, IN A WHISPER) How does it feel to work with                      this piece of wood here…
                        your father?
                                                                                     25.   SFX:      SOUNDS OF THE MEN LIFTING THE WOOD AND
10.     DENNIS:         Feels okay. (JOKING) Of course when I make mistakes, he                      STACKING IT ON A HIGH SHELF
                        gets tough and wants to kick my butt but otherwise….
                                                                                     26.   JOSEPH:   Thanks. I can see the two you have a lot to talk about... Go
11.     ROBERT:         Lucky you…wish we could swap fathers                                         ahead and talk. Just don’t talk for the rest of the afternoon,
                                                                                                     son. I need your help with this pool table.
12.     DENNIS:         And maybe swap behavior as well.
                                                                                     27.   ROBERT:   A pool table!? You’re building a pool table?
13.     ROBERT:         (SEIZING OPPORTUNITY) Then I would be able to whip
                        your butt at pool. By the way, how come you never told me    28.   JOSEPH:   Yes we are… just like the one we built for the church.
                        there was a pool table at church?
                                                                                     29.   ROBERT:   You built the pool table at the church? No wonder you beat
14.     DENNIS:         There is. How did you find out?                                              me at pool, Dennis!

15.     ROBERT:         I was at Church..looking for you…and met the Pastor and he   30.   DENNIS:   Well, my father always says (CHUCKLE) if you want
                        told me.                                                                     something, you have to practice and work really hard for it.
                                                                                                     The same thing applies to pool as for everything else. And me,
      16. DENNIS: (CONCERNED) You were looking for me?                                               I really like whipping everyone’s butt at pool…

17.     JOSEPH:         (CALLING OUT FROM ASIDE) Hey Dennis, aren’t you going        31.   JOSEPH:   Okay, you two, get out of here and finish your talking. I’ve
                        to introduce your friend?                                                    got work to do.

18.     DENNIS:         (TO ROBERT) Oh, come on, Robert, let me introduce you to     32.   SFX:      ROBERT & DENNIS EXITING WHILE JOSEPH CAN BE
                        my father.                                                                   HEARD SAWING THE WOOD

                                   English Episode 81

33.   DENNIS:   (CALLING BACK TO HIS FATHER) I’ll be back in a few
                minutes, Dad.                                                     48.   ROBERT:   (A BIT ANGRY) And so?

34.   ROBERT:   Wow. You are sooo lucky. If my father was half as nice as         49.   DENNIS:   And so you have to stand up and face them as a man.
                that, I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in now.
                                                                                  50.   ROBERT:   It’s difficult Dennis.
35.   DENNIS:   (CONCERNED) You sound pretty worried, Robert. What’s
                going on?                                                         51.   DENNIS:   Just like it’s difficult for Carole--remember she is carrying
                                                                                                  your child.
36.   ROBERT:   (AGITATED) Carole’s parents visited my father at his garage
                and told him I am responsible for her pregnancy…                  52.   ROBERT:   Dennis, I came to you for help but you are just blaming me
37.   DENNIS:   And then?
                                                                                  53.   DENNIS:   I am sorry, Robert, if it sounds that way. I know it’s hard
38.   ROBERT:   He came to my mother’s house and beat me. (VOICE                                  medicine to swallow.
                CRACKS) He said I am not his son any more. (ANGRILY)
                As if he ever treated me like his son anyway!                     54.   ROBERT:   (CONTEMPLATING) Eh!

39.   DENNIS:   Are you okay?                                                     55.   DENNIS:   Don’t despair Robert. You can always escape to our house
                                                                                                  when you need to get away. You’re always welcome. I will be
40.   ROBERT:   Just some bruises where he hit me. But that’s not the worst                       your friend in times of need.
                of it. Carole’s parents are sending her to stay with me….That
                I am responsible and have to take care of her now.                56.   ROBERT:   (DESPAIRINGLY) Thanks, Dennis. I know you mean well.
                                                                                                  But nothing I do turns right. My life must be cursed.
41.   DENNIS:   Phew!! That’s tough, Robert.
                                                                                  57.   DENNIS:   Don’t talk like that Robert.
42.   ROBERT:   (DESPERATE) Yeah. In fact, I cannot do it.      I do not love
                her, Dennis!                                                      58.   END.

43.   DENNIS:   (GENTLY) You need to be strong, Robert. You need to face
                up to your responsibility now.

44.   ROBERT:   (DESPERATE)            I cannot bear it any longer! I think the
                best thing is for me to run far away from Rock Point. Maybe I
                can have some peace then.

45.   DENNIS:   Come on Robert, running away will not give you any peace.

46.   ROBERT:   (HELPLESS) Now what do you want me to do Dennis? This is
                hard for me.

47.   DENNIS:   (COMPASSSIONATELY) I know but you also have remember
                that this is simply the outcome of your actions…

                                           English Episode 81

                                                                                          76.   SOLOMON:   I agree. We don’t want to go overboard, but right now I think
59.   Scene 2                                                                                              Guma is running a professional business here; and the people
60.   Ext. Solomon’s farm (cow pen). Day                                                                   are getting what they want.
61.   B/G SFX: Farm ambience, cows mowing, cows being sprayed.
62.   SOLOMON, REMY                                                                       77.   REMY:      Solomon you don’t get it!

63.   REMY:            (FIRED UP) Solomon, this is a pity!                                78.   SOLOMON:   Look, if this is about balancing news and talk shows with
                                                                                                           music and entertainment, then talk to me, but right now I am
64.   SOLOMON:         (NOT BULGING) Remy what do you mean?                                                not convinced that the radio station is on the wrong track. We
                                                                                                           are doing our job. A great job!
65.   REMY:            The fact that all your attention goes to these cows is pitiful.
                       Do you even know what is going on in your other business?          79.   REMY:      Do you know how expensive it can be to keep one’s reputation?
                                                                                                           That report is going to destroy you.
66.   SOLOMON:         Remy, isn’t that why I pay you? It’s you who has to do the
                       worrying!                                                          80.   SOLOMON:   Remy you worry too much. Pass me that mixture for my
67.   REMY:            But…
                                                                                          81.   REMY:      (DESPERATELY) Solomon, have forgotten all about Lillian?
68.   SOLOMON:         You forget I am first and foremost a farmer, Remy. This is
                       what I LOVE.                                                       82.   SOLOMON:   What about her?

69.   REMY:            Solomon, have you even looked at the report Jessica and Mike       83.   REMY:      Every thing in that report was pointing at her and how you
                       gave to that something for something love committee?                                abused her.

70.   SOLOMON:         None of my business! That report was not for me it was for the     84.   SOLOMON:   I am not directly mentioned.
                                                                                          85.   REMY:      You know that at the mere mention of her name yours comes
71.   REMY:            Oh! (SARCASTICALLY) That is what you think?                                         to people’s minds and…
                       (SARCASTIC LAUGHTER, ANGRILY) Those two
                       rumormongers are going to destroy you Solomon and your             86.   SOLOMON:   Look Remy… what happened with Lillian is in my past. All
                       radio station!                                                                      that is behind me.

72.   SOLOMON:         Ah! Common Remy what are you fussing about?                        87.   REMY:      You won’t manage to put that Lillian out of your system if
                                                                                                           these rumormongers on your station keep gossiping all the
73.   REMY:            The station is becoming a base for preachers and false                              time.
                       prophets and that is just putting it mildly!
                                                                                          88.   SOLOMON:   Of course there will always be someone to point a finger in my
74.   SOLOMON:         I agree there’s a lot of radio talk, but remember this is new to                    direction but that doesn’t mean I am not a changed man.
                       the community. People want to express themselves.
                                                                                          89.   REMY:      But…
75.   REMY:            Solomon if you are not careful, your business is going to turn
                       into a church.

                                       English Episode 81

90.    SOLOMON:   Remy, I don’t see why you should be bothered about it if I am

91.    REMY:      Solomon, do you want the rest of us to also go through what
                  you went through?

92.    SOLOMON:   What do you mean?

93.    REMY:      Those gossips are going to expose all of us!

94.    SOLOMON:   Who is all of you?

95.    REMY:      Maybe you have forgotten who your friends are.

96.    SOLOMON:   Oh, I see. You don’t want to protect me after all. You are here
                  to protect your own interests.

97.    REMY:      Solomon, I pulled all the strings I had to pull to get you out of

98.    SOLOMON:   Well…

99.    REMY:       (FIRMLY) You owe me big time. And it is time to put a stop
                  to this propaganda!

100.   END.

                                             English Episode 81

                                                                                       121.   TOM:       No but…

101.   Scene 3                                                                         122.   TEACHER:   But what Tom?
102.   Location:      Class room. Int. Day.
103.   B/G SFX:       Pupils murmuring.                                                123.   TOM:       You told us to collect and draw insects with our fathers but
104.   TOM, TEACHER, PUPILS                                                                              my daddy was busy.

105.   TEACHER:         There is one book still missing.                               124.   TEACHER:   I know your father. Don’t lie you just forgot.

106.   SFX:             SILENCE                                                        125.   TOM:        (PLEADINGLY, ALMOST IN TEARS) No… I am telling the
107.   TEACHER:         I will make you sit in this classroom until the person who
                        hasn’t handed in comes forward.                                126.   TEACHER:   Tom this is the last warning I am giving you. I want you to go
                                                                                                         home and tell your father otherwise you shall fail on your end
108.   PUPILS:          MURMURS                                                                          of term report.

109.   TEACHER:         These books are only 41 and there 42 students in this class.   127.   TOM:       Teacher, can’t you tell him for me?
                        This is the last time I am asking…
                                                                                       128.   TEACHER:   He is your father not mine. You have to tell him yourself.
110.   SFX:             SILENCE
                                                                                       129.   TOM:       But he is busy and he gets very angry when I interrupt him.
111.   TEACHER:         Tom, I didn’t see you handing in your book. Is it you?
                                                                                       130.   TEACHER:   Tom, stop behaving like a baby.
112.   SFX:             SILENCE
                                                                                       131.   PUPILS:    LAUGHTER
113.   TEACHER:         I said, is it you?
                                                                                       132.   TEACHER:   You are a big boy!
114.   SFX:             SILENCE
                                                                                       133.   END.
115.   TEACHER:         (CROSSLY) Get up, stand in this corner and face the wall.

116.   PUPILS:          LAUGHTER

117.   TOM:             SOBBING

118.   TEACHER:         Tom, Son of Guma, why didn’t you do your homework? I am
                        going to punish you.

119.   TOM:             Teacher, I am sorry… I could not do it…

120.   TEACHER:         Why? Are you different from the rest of your friends who did

                                              English Episode 81

                                                                                            152.   AKONYO:    But still, we can’t just give up like that.
134.   Scene 4
135.   Ext. School canteen. Day                                                             153.   SFX:       SCHOOL BELL RINGS.
136.   B/G SFX: School break time ambience.
137.   Rebecca, Akonyo (both taking a drink and snack)                                      154.   AKONYO:    Don’t tell me it’s time up.

138.   AKONYO:           Maybe we should talk to Madam Judith about it.                     155.   REBECCA:   Sha! Me I have to first finish my break.

139.   REBECCA:          Akonyo right now I am not sure if my mother can do anything.       156.   AKONYO:    You better hurry or else you shall miss out on positions in the
                                                                                                              mock debate in the next period.
140.   AKONYO:            (DESPERATELY) No, but since we finished staging our play
                         it is as if people are forgetting our message on something for     157.   REBECCA:   (EXCITED) Aha, that’s it!!
                         something love.
                                                                                            158.   AKONYO:    What?
141.   REBECCA:          I don’t know if there is anything more we can do. I feel like we
                         did our best staging that play.                                    159.   REBECCA:   Why don’t we organize a real debate on something for
                                                                                                              something love for the whole school.
142.   AKONYO:           No we should do more. If you want something done you have
                         to do it yourself.                                                 160.   AKONYO:    Okay! That is a good idea!

143.   REBECCA:          So what do you think you can do about it?                          161.   REBECCA:   And everyone will have to pay attention to that sort of thing.

144.   AKONYO:           Definitely we can do more than just the play. Rebecca that is      162.   AKONYO:    Especially if it’s never been done before. But how will we do
                         why I want you to talk to your mother.                                               that?

145.   REBECCA:          And tell her what?                                                 163.   REBECCA:   I think I have just the right plan!

146.   AKONYO:           Your mother can convince the committee to sponsor our              164.   END.
                         drama so we can show it again and not just in Rock Point but
                         also in other places.

147.   REBECCA:          Akonyo, the last time I talked to my mother things were not
                         that good.

148.   AKONYO:           What do you mean?

149.   REBECCA:          I am sure you have heard by now.

150.   AKONYO:           I don’t know what you are talking about.

151.   REBECCA:          People on that committee are fighting each other… so forget
                         about any money from those people.

                                        English Episode 81

                                                                                   184.   DEO:     I have landed a business deal and I don’t want to leave you
165.   Scene 5                                                                                     out of it.
166.   Location:    Landing site.          Ext: Day
167.   B/G SFX:     Lake sounds                                                    185.   STEVE:   That sounds interesting. What is it about?
168.   DEO, STEVE
                                                                                   186.   DEO:     There is a bulk buyer from the city who has approached me
169.   SFX:         PULLING THE BOAT ASHORE. WATER LAPS.                                           and placed a huge order…he wants fish for ALL his
170.   DEO:         Steve, push a little harder it’s almost
                    there…harder…aha…now its there. Right.                         187.   STEVE:   /… you cannot fulfill the order alone.

171.   STEVE:       Thanks Deo for helping me out. It can be hard pulling a boat   188.   DEO:     Right. That’s why I need us to combine hands and…
                    out of the water especially if you don’t find any body here.
                                                                                   189.   STEVE:   Hold fire, Deo, the last time I tried out something like that
172.   DEO:         So where is the catch? I don’t see any fish!                                   with Andrew and John, it turned out fatal. I don’t want to
                                                                                                   repeat the same thing.
173.   STEVE:       No I just set the nets out on the lake.
                                                                                   190.   DEO:     There is big money on this my friend…
174.   DEO:         I thought you are coming with heaps of fish. So how is the
                    boat, eh?                                                      191.   STEVE:   Just like there was on the other one.

175.   STEVE:       Eh, you did a great repair job. It’s better than before!       192.   DEO:     (CONVINCING) We will be sharing equally…

176.   DEO:         What are colleagues for?                                       193.   STEVE:   Just like we were with Andrew and John, but where is
                                                                                                   Andrew now?
177.   STEVE:       (JOKINGLY) For repairing colleagues’ boats for free. (THEY
                    LAUGH). What were you doing here? You are not fishing          194.   DEO:     Come on that was just an accident, a calamity.
                                                                                   195.   STEVE:   My friend, once bitten, twice shy.
178.   DEO:         Actually I was waiting for you.
                                                                                   196.   DEO:     No, I see where you are coming from, Steve, but this one is
179.   STEVE:       (JOKINGLY) Has your wife chased you away? You want                             different.
                                                                                   197.   STEVE:   No, the thing is simple. I am not with you in this deal.
180.   DEO:         Haaa! Can she ever do such?
                                                                                   198.   DEO:     You don’t know what you will be missing.
181.   STEVE:       Eh!
                                                                                   199.   STEVE:   This is a huge order. It demands for extra hard work-day and
182.   DEO:         I am here for business. (EXCITED) And this one, you are                        night. My friend, I now have a family-a wife.
                    going to love it!

183.   STEVE:       Which business now?

                                   English Episode 81

200.   DEO:     (MOCKING) You hear who is speaking! Are you the first to           216.   DEO:     Relax its not much money. And in any case if you have the
                get married or are you the last? Am I not married myself-more                      business acumen that I know you have, it wouldn’t be a
                over with children?                                                                problem looking for that money.

201.   STEVE:   So, don’t you think I also need time to make mine-my               217.   STEVE:   (NOW DETERMINED) How much?
                                                                                   218.   DEO:     I haven’t worked out the figures yet. I will get back to you as
202.   DEO:     (CHALLENGING) Steve, do you want to betray my confidence                           soon as possible.
                in you? I have always known you to be a brave person.
                                                                                   219.   STEVE:   I don’t know. I’ll have to see…
203.   STEVE:   Yes I am.
                                                                                   220.   DEO:     Look for the money, Steve. I know you. If you really want
204.   DEO:     A hard working man destined for a brighter future.                                 something, you’ll make sure you get it. Believe me, you can’t
                                                                                                   go wrong!
205.   STEVE:   (PROUDLY) Well said.
                                                                                   221.   END.
206.   DEO:     But how do you get to that if you are not willing put in effort?

207.   STEVE:   SILENT.

208.   DEO:     And look, those nets out there will be stretched full of fish by
                the time you come back. Come on, man. don’t throw away a a
                gift! It’s good money and you can escape from the pressures of
                the wife at home.

209.   STEVE:   Hm, all Blessing’s nagging questions….

210.   DEO:     She will love you more when you bring home the bucks…

211.   STEVE:   No I am in.

212.   DEO:     That’s my Steve-o. (COMING CLOSE) Now friend, to make
                big we have to invest some. This deal needs some start up

213.   STEVE:   Money?

214.   DEO:     Yes. How else? I am talking about some little money to begin

215.   STEVE:   Then I am again out of the deal. I don’t have any money.

                                           English Episode 81

                                                                                         240.   MATATA:   SILENT.
222.   Scene 6
223.   Location:     Radio Station. Ext. Day.                                            241.   ROBERT:   Matata, things have become hot at home.
224.   B/ G SFX:     Music from the studio off air
225.   ROBERT, MATATA.                                                                   242.   MATATA:   But they have always been.

226.   SFX:             FOOTSTEPS HURRY IN.                                              243.   ROBERT:   This time they are hotter. Carole is pregnant…

227.   SFX:             RADIO ROCK POINT MUSIC PLAYING THROUGH THE                       244.   MATATA:   Carole is what?
                                                                                         245.   ROBERT:   Pregnant and her parents have raised dust. Now everyone
228.   MATATA:          (PLAINLY) Robert, what is it that you want?                                       wants to kill me, father, mother…everyone

229.   ROBERT:          (SOFTLY) Sshh Matata slow down, why should you raise your        246.   MATATA:   (TEASINGLY) Eh! Man you are sharp, you mean only that
                        voice?                                                                            one time you had with Carole was just enough. You are a
230.   MATATA:          Because I don’t want any more of your nonsense. As you can
                        see, everyone here at the radio station is busy so…              247.   ROBERT:   (NOT AMUSED) This is no joking matter.

231.   ROBERT:          (CHALLENGINGLY) What has entered into your head?                 248.   MATATA:   Haaa! Her brothers! Trouble!

232.   MATATA:          I now work professionally, I don’t want any disturbances.        249.   ROBERT:   (TROUBLED) Carole has been chased from her home to come
                        (GUILTY) If it’s about your radio or money, I am sorry I don’t                    and stay at our home.
                        have time for that.
                                                                                         250.   MATATA:   Great!
233.   ROBERT:          (WITH URGENCY) It’s none of those.
                                                                                         251.   ROBERT:   What do you mean by great?
234.   MATATA:          (CALMING DOWN) Then what? Remember its working time
                        now.                                                             252.   MATATA:   They have given her to you officially. Now you can enjoy
                                                                                                          without fear or favor!
235.   ROBERT:          Problems my friend.
                                                                                         253.   ROBERT:   Matata, do you really understand what this means?
236.   MATATA:          Make it quick man. I have things to do. I know for you, you
                        have all the time in the world because you are idle…             254.   MATATA:   Now, what do you want me to do?

237.   ROBERT:          But why are you being rude to me Matata?                         255.   ROBERT:   You are my friend. I need advice.

238.   MATATA:          I am not being rude. (BUSINESS TONE) Time is money my            256.   MATATA:   Just maintain that you are not responsible. Finish!
                                                                                         257.   ROBERT:   That is no longer possible.
239.   ROBERT:          (GETTING ANNOYED) If you are still guilty about my radio,
                        calm down, I no longer want it.                                  258.   MATATA:   So, what’s the point?

                                    English Episode 81

259.   ROBERT:   My father has already given me a thorough beating. And he        273.   ROBERT:   Oh. I thought maybe we could go together, start a business
                 has told me he wants nothing to do with me any more. Now                          somewhere…/
                 Carole is coming to stay at our home. Can I manage to stay
                 with her under the same roof?                                    274.   MATATA:   (LAUGHS) You are on your own, my friend!

260.   MATATA:   I don’t know. Carole’s quite nice. She has a nice body… but      275.   ROBERT:   Okay thanks. I guess I’ll see you around in that case.
                 then if she is pregnant she will be getting big and fat…
                                                                                  276.   MATATA:   (LAUGHING) Well, not if you are running away, my friend!
261.   ROBERT:   I don’t want some kind of sleeping arrangement with her,
                 Matata!                                                          277.   ROBERT:   (MUTTERS TO HIMSELF) Thanks for nothing. (PAUSE)
262.   MATATA:   Well, I don’t know. I know nothing about marriage and the
                 like. If you don’t like then don’t get involved with her.        278.   END.

263.   ROBERT:   You don’t understand, Matata… The girl is coming to my
                 house… my mum’s house. What am I going to do?

264.   MATATA:   I don’t know. Move out then. Leave Rock Point but don’t worry

265.   ROBERT:   Is that what you say? Leave Rock Point?

266.   MATATA:   Why not?

267.   ROBERT:   But where would I go?

268.   MATATA:   I don’t know. There’s plenty places, but at least you won’t
                 have to face your father who wants to beat you… or Carole…
                 just cut loose, Robert!

269.   ROBERT:   (CONFUSED) I don’t know.

270.   MATATA:   I am not in your shoes. But if I had your father, I would run.
                 At least with me and my father I can hang in here in Rock

271.   ROBERT:   I thought you hated him!

272.   MATATA:   I am only interested in my father’s wealth after he has died.
                 And at least he hasn’t cut me off yet, like yours has. So for
                 you, you can run away. But for me, I am going nowhere until I
                 see my inheritance.

                                          English Episode 81

                                                                               301.   BLESSING:   There were many customers today and I was a bit delayed at
279.   SCENE 7                                                                                    the salon.
280.   Location:     Home. Ext: Night
281.   B/G SFX:      Utensils screeching                                       302.   STEVE:      Don’t tell me you have now gotten married to the salon now…
                                                                               303.   MOTHER:     Steve don’t talk like that. Blessing has explained why she
283.   MOTHER:         Welcome back my son.                                                       came late and it was just for today.

284.   STEVE:          Thank you mother. How was your day?                     304.   STEVE:      Mum, just leave this to me. Blessing, we are married how
                                                                                                  long? – and this is what you think of me?
285.   MOTHER:         Good.
                                                                               305.   BLESSING:   I am sorry I meant to come earlier
286.   STEVE:          I am starving, where is food?
                                                                               306.   STEVE:      But something or somebody at work made you delay…Huh?
287.   MOTHER:         Food is about to get ready. Just a second.
                                                                               307.   BLESSING:   SILENT.
288.   STEVE:          At this time and food is not ready!
                                                                               308.   STEVE:      You are not even answering me. The salon women are more
289.   MOTHER:         I was not around and Blessing came a bit late so…                          important to you…?

290.   STEVE:          (ANNOYED) Blessing came late? (CALLING OUT) Blessing,   309.   MOTHER:     (INTERVENING) Now what do you want her to answer?
                                                                               310.   STEVE:      Mum, will you leave me to sort this out?
291.   BLESSING:       (FROM OUT) Yes Steve.
                                                                               311.   MOTHER:     But you should also be understanding, Steve.
292.   STEVE:          Come here.
                                                                               312.   STEVE:      (BITTER) And, you are also the reason why Blessing is
293.   BLESSING:       Welcome back                                                               growing horns. Supporting her all the time.

294.   STEVE:          Why is food not ready?                                  313.   MOTHER:     But it’s not just supporting her. It’s good you both work. When
                                                                                                  you have children it will be different.
295.   BLESSING:       It will be ready in a minute…
                                                                               314.   STEVE:      (IGNORING MOTHER) Blessing, is it too much to ask for a
296.   STEVE:          (AUTHORITATIVELY) I didn’t ask when, I asked why.                          wife to prepare supper?

297.   BLESSING:       We delayed cooking.                                     315.   BLESSING:   (HUMBLY) No.

298.   STEVE:          We, you and who?                                        316.   STEVE:      You see, mother.

299.   BLESSING:       I…                                                      317.   MOTHER:     (CANT STOMACH IT) Mmmm! Steve remember that Blessing
                                                                                                  also brings money into this house.
300.   STEVE:          And why did you come late?

                                        English Episode 81

318.   STEVE:      I work hard and I expect my wife to respect me. Do you want
                   me to stop her from working so that she does the simple
                   things like cook our meal?

319.   MOTHER:     SILENT.

320.   BLESSING:   I am sorry Steve.

321.   STEVE:      I don’t want that kind of carelessness Blessing. Know what
                   and who brought you here.

322.   MOTHER:     The girl is sorry.

323.   STEVE:      Now what if I had come along with my business partners. This
                   would have been a shame!


325.   STEVE:      If you want to join the league of other unruly women in Rock
                   Point, you will face it rough from me.

326.   MOTHER:     Now that’s enough Steve. We will bring the food now.

327.   STEVE:      And Blessing, I no longer want to find my mother in the
                   kitchen cooking just because you have delayed. What did I
                   marry you for?

328.   BLESSING:   (ALMOST IN SOBS) I am really sorry.

329.   STEVE:      You better be. Mother, don’t go anywhere, let Blessing cook
                   and bring the food here. You have only one second.
330.   END.

                                         English Episode 81

                                                                                      350.   SOLOMON:   Your ways? With all this luggage?

331.   Scene 8                                                                        351.   ROBERT:    It’s my clothes.
332.   Location:    Roadside. Ext/Int. Day
333.   B/G SFX:     Constant sounds of Thunder, Rain                                  352.   SOLOMON:   Are you planning to spend some days wherever you are going?
                                                                                      353.   ROBERT:    I don’t know.
                       PASSING.A CAR SLOWS DOWN AND STOPS. IT HOOTS.                  354.   SOLOMON:   Are you going with some one?

336.   SOLOMON:        (CALLING OUT FROM THE CAR) Robert! Robert. It’s me             355.   ROBERT:    (TIRED OF THE QUESTIONS) Why don’t you drive off and
                       Solomon. What are you doing in the storm?                                        leave me alone?

337.   ROBERT:         Why should you care?                                           356.   SOLOMON:   Okay. I was going to town. So, where should I drop you?

338.   SOLOMON:        Come on, this storm is dangerous. You might fall sick.         357.   ROBERT:    I was going onto the main road.

339.   ROBERT:         Better mind your business sir.                                 358.   SOLOMON:   Are you going somewhere long-distance?

340.   SFX:            THUNDERBOLT.                                                   359.   ROBERT:    It doesn’t matter where I am going.

341.   SOLOMON:        Ah you see? I told you its very dangerous. Have forgotten      360.   SOLOMON:   Let me take you to my house to wait the storm out. The rain’s
                       what happened to the Late Lawrence, the LC II Chairman?                          started already and there are heavier clouds on the way.

342.   SFX:            THUNDERBOLT.                                                   361.   ROBERT:    And why are you concerned about me all of the sudden,
343.   ROBERT:         (SCARED) Eh!
                                                                                      362.   SOLOMON:   Because I don’t want you walking out here in the storm.
344.   SOLOMON:        Come to the car. Just come and take shelter.                                     Drivers might not see you. It’s dangerous.

345.   SFX:            FOOTSTEPS APPROACH HURRIEDLY. CAR DOOR OPENS                   363.   ROBERT:    You should know, eh? And who cares about danger. I just
                       AND CLOSES. SOUND OF RAIN AND WIND BLOCKED A                                     want to get away from this godforsaken Rock Point.
                       LITTLE BY THE CLOSED CAR.
                                                                                      364.   SOLOMON:   (AWAKENED) You are running away? I should have known.
346.   SOLOMON:        Robert, why do you torture yourself moving in this dangerous                     But why?
                                                                                      365.   ROBERT:    And why should I stay in Rock Point…everyone hates me…my
347.   ROBERT:         It found me on the way.                                                          father and everybody else.

348.   SOLOMON:        (SURPRISED) Where are you going?                               366.   SOLOMON:   Robert, let’s not discuss this here. I’ll take you to my house
                                                                                                        and you can take cover until the storm is over.
349.   ROBERT:         (STUBBORNLY) I am going my ways.
                                                                                      367.   ROBERT:    No way. I want to go away.

                                     English Episode 81


369.   SOLOMON:   It’s dangerous out here. Let’s go have a cup of tea. We can see
                  what to do next when the rain has stopped.

370.   ROBERT:    I don’t want to go to your house.

371.   SOLOMON:   I can’t leave you here, Robert.

372.   ROBERT:    What if I meet my father there? He is the last person I want to

373.   SOLOMON:   (IRONICALLY) I promise you, my house is the last place your
                  father would visit.

374.   SFX:       CAR REVS

375.   SOLOMON:   Let’s go.

376.   ROBERT:    I don’t want my parents to know..

377.   SOLOMON:   They won’t. We talk. Then you make a plan. That’s all.

                  IN THE POURING RAIN

379.   END.


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