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   What exactly is a Magnetic Motor?

More and more people are looking for alternative methods to create power. The reasons
for this vary but the most popular are that if you create your own power you can cut
down how much you spend on your home power bill and also creating your own power
can help the planet by reducing the amount of pollution produced. There are many
different ways you can create electricity to run your own home and the concept isn't new.
You might already have some solar panels or know of areas in your town that utilize
wind turbines to generate electricity. These two methods are very popular, but they lack
some benefits that magnetic generators posses.

Any method of creating power that reduces the amount of pollution we create and how
much we spend on electricity is good. Solar and wind power both allow the creation of
so called green electricity. Why aren't they so widespread and adopted then? This is
because these two methods of creating power have some major drawbacks. This being
that they rely on external sources of power to create their electricity. Wind turbines will
only spin if there is sufficient wind. They also require enormous amounts of space. If you
have a home or apartment this obviously means there is very little chance you'll be able
to install a wind turbine on your roof. This is a void that solar power fills. However, like
wind power, solar power will only operate if there is sufficient sunlight. This means that
at night and in countries that don't receive much light, solar power panels aren't able to
produce significant electricity. This is where magnetic generators shine. They work in a
similar way to solar and wind power but don't have any of the drawbacks mentioned

Magnetic generators are perpetual motion devices. When they start they continue to
work and operate forever. They never stop. This translates into magnetic generators
being able to create electricity forever without ever needing to stop. This is one of the
main advantages of magnetic power generators. They create electricity without relying
on any outside source of power. Solar power needs the sun and wind power the wind,
but magnetic generators require nothing else and they function completely off the grid.
Just how do they function then? As the name hints, magnetic generators generate
power through the use of magnets. It is magnets that allow the generator to spin and
operate without stopping. Magnets require no outside source of power and this is how
the generators can function so efficiently without requiring any other power.

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How does a Magnetic Generator work?

Anyone who has ever played with magnets as a child knows that magnets can both
attract or repel one another depending on how they are held in relationship to one
another. Yet few have ever asked themselves about the energy magnets use to accomplish
this movement. If you take two items and place them on a table, they do not move any
closer to each other without someone using energy of some sort to cause them to move.
                                                If someone uses their hands to move the
                                                items closer together, then they have had
                                                to add energy to the situation through
                                                their own physical intervention.

                                                Yet magnets will push each other away or
                                                draw closer without assistance from any
                                                outside source. They obviously use energy
                                                for this and they do not seem to expend
                                                any energy in doing it. Realizing this,
many inventors have understood that there is an untapped reservoir of energy in
magnetism that humans have yet to exploit.

The advent of a magnetic power generator could change the world as we know it. Many
inventors and scientists already claim to have built a working magnetic generator that is
ready for mass production. If these power generators work, people should prepare for a
new world full of possibilities. Scarce energy resources will no longer be a restraining
factor in any enterprise. Magnetic generators would change the way people live, the way
they work and the way they get about. The proliferation of such devices would not only
mean that people could drive farther in their cars. This is the promise of more modest
inventions and improvements in fuel types and vehicles. Instead, magnetic generators
would completely alter the landscape of reality for every person on the planet.
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The Principles of a Perpetual Magnetic
Generator Defined

Anything that can function indefinitely can typically be referred to as a perpetual object.
The word perpetual basically means continuous. Generators are a good example of this
with perpetual magnetic generators being one of the ideal. Just what is a perpetual
generator? Simply put it is one that can operate for a long time. This may not really
seem like anything special as any form of generator as well as engine could work
indefinitely if it had adequate fuel. However, this is actually the most important point
regarding perpetual generators. A perpetual generator is one that can create power or
electrical power without making use of any kind of external energy source to accomplish
this. Straight away this rules out the majority of power generators you see around the
house, because they require gas so that they can make electricity. A magnetic generator
is a perpetual generator simply because its power source is magnets.

Magnets allow a generator to operate forever because the power or energy they provide
is essentially infinite. Nevertheless, in fact magnets do gradually run out of "power", but
this only happens after a couple of hundred years. Therefore, most of us have no
worries stating that magnets are a source of perpetual energy on account of just how
long they're able to last. But exactly how do magnets supply power? It isn't that you
could plug ones TV into a magnet. So just how can magnets be utilized as a source of
energy? The power being referenced here is the one located in the magnetic fields
inside magnets. These fields may be utilized to generate force which creates movement.
This movement can then be used to generate power. To do this you'll need a magnetic
powered generator.

                             A magnetic powered generator is merely another label for a
                             perpetual magnetic generator. These kinds of generators
                             take the force produced by the fields within the magnets
                             and turn it into power. This may sound complex but the
                             strategy is very simple and is typically applied to many
                             other methods of producing electrical energy. If you get
                             sufficient magnets and arrange them correctly, they'll force
                             or repel away from each other. By placing these magnets
                             in a circular shape, you essentially are able to make a
                             wheel that will spin and keep on spinning forever since the
magnetic fields push the wheel along. The spinning movement created by this wheel is
how the generator produces electricity. As the power in magnets can last for decades,
what occurs is that the wheel can rotate and continue rotating without ever stopping.
This is what makes a magnetic powered electrical generator a perpetual generator. It
continues to change the motion made by the magnets directly into power and does so
for hundreds of years.

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What Size Magnetic Generator Should You Create?

In case you have some rudimentary Do it yourself knowledge, some everyday work tools
plus a spare $100 for buying the various components want, then you can certainly make
a magnetic generator to power your household. Thousands and thousands of men and
women around already have created theirs and you can too!

Magnetic power generators have become an increasingly popular option for men and
women interested in alternative methods to power their property. It isn't really as
straightforward as solar power mainly because you aren't able to simply purchase one,
you have to construct your own. While that might sound like a pain for some, others will
enjoy the challenge and excitement of creating a magnetic generator.

                                     Like I pointed out before, the parts shouldn't set you
                                     back any more than $100 and may possibly be
                                     even cheaper than that in some parts of the world.
                                     All of the parts you will require can be bought in any
                                     good DIY shop anywhere in the world so don't get
                                     worried about not being able to acquire the parts.

                                      Your only dilemma will probably be how big you
                                      wish to build it. If you are intending to make a
                                      magnetic generator to help power your house, and I
really mean your entire household it'll need to be much larger than a standard design.
My advice to anyone is to create a smaller one first and get that functioning before you
attempt building a larger one.

It won't wasted since you always sell your very first one to a neighbor as soon as you
show them how much electrical energy it can make. You will most probably even make a
massive profit in it if you're shrewd!

Building a magnetic generator to power your home is a really fun DIY task to tackle, and
also you get absolutely free electric
power too!

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Homemade Magnetic Generator - Things You Need
For anybody who is thinking about making your individual do-it-yourself magnetic
generator, then you certainly clearly must know just what one is made up of and the
parts required. The good news is because of their simple and down-to-earth design, you
will come across that there is nothing at all extremely overpriced nor hi-tech which
makes them simple to build and maintain. The pieces needed to build one of these types
of generators are:

Charge controller Flywheel Battery Meter gauges Power inverter

As you can tell the necessary components of these generators is very uncomplicated.
Most hardware retailers will stock all of the earlier mentioned parts, and you need not
expect to shell out any more than $100 to $150 USD to purchase everything you need.
Understand that this price is what you'll assume to fork out for just 1 generator. If
perhaps you are searching to build a number of generators, you must clearly find
yourself paying much more than this. However, prior to you heading to obtain almost
everything you require, there's a single significant piece of information you will want to
know in relation to batteries and magnetic generators first.

Given that magnetic generators harness kinetic energy and change it straight into
electrical power you'll need some place to keep it. The most apparent and simple
answer here is to utilize a battery power, however a thing people today forget is that the
capability of and the amount of electric batteries you make use of is incredibly critical.
Exactly how much electricity do you want to store? Are you looking to produce a little or
maybe a lots of power? Should you have quite a few generators working then you are
met with a straightforward problem. If you can't save all of the electricity made then you
are wasting money. Because of this you need to plan ahead. An easy solution is to start
with just the basic necessary quantity of batteries and scale them up to match your
needs. By doing this you are going to avoid wasting too much money upfront if perhaps
you never require a lot of batteries.

There's two methods you can deal with storing electrical power created by these kinds of
generators. You may merely acquire more batteries or perhaps you could acquire
batteries that can save a considerably bigger capacity of electricity. Adding batteries is
probably the most economical method to proceed, simply because you simply add a
battery when you find that you need to store supplemental electricity. The downside in
this case is that batteries may be ungainly and you may have a constrained amount of
area to work with. One other answer then is to try using higher capacity batteries. These
kinds of batteries make it possible for you to store much more energy in the exact
amount of area, nevertheless you might uncover that they come with a much higher
price tag. What is the best set up? Unfortunately only you will be in a position to best
answer this particular question.

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3 Good reasons Why the Magnetic Power Generator is the
Best Alternative Energy Machine For Your Home

People are asking loads of questions regarding magnetic generators and are watching
as they settle into the sustainable energy market place.

Just what exactly is it about this particular home electrical generator which has
captivated the imaginations and hopes of the regular people like you and me?

Firstly: it's a very simple device.

The permanent magnetic generator produces power by employing the attraction and
repulsion of the magnet's energy to produce motion.
As the permanent magnets move they make both AC and DC as soon as the unit has
been started it creates more energy than it requires to keep itself operating. It is this
excess of electricity which is used to power your household.

                                 Next: it's affordable to make.

                               Contrary to the solar, wind, wave or geothermal power
                               methods that cost enormous sums of money to get
                               launched and established the magnetic power generator
                               is very easily constructed without having special skills.
You may possibly need an instruction manual which you can pick up from the net. The
parts you need to construct your home electrical generator can easily be bought from
any local home improvement center and are reasonably priced.

The guidebook will cost close to $50 and the components which are required between
$100 and $200. So for approximately $250 you'll be able to build a magnetic energy
generator that will create cost-free electricity for your house for many years to come.

Thirdly: they are easily customisable.

A single unit will generate sufficient energy to reduce your utility bill by between 15 and
40% depending on the size of your house. A modest home would need three or four
individual magnetic generators working 24 hrs every day through the winter months.

Once you've built your very first home generator and also have it up and running then
you will need to build quite a few more so that you can create 100% of the electricity you
need for your house.

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Magnetic Generators & the Best Way to Create Free
Energy - Advantages of Going Green
It wasn't that long ago when the value of oil attained an astonishing $150 USD per
barrel, and it was this very event that forced individuals to seek out methods to scale
back on how much oil or gas they were using. The same can be said for your dwelling
and just about every other part of your life. Energy prices will once more surge and
definitely will continue to go up down the road. Right now there is no going back since
limited resources are by their very nature finite. One day they'll be gone and this event
will be the thing that pushes prices higher and higher each year. Going green can be a
straightforward method that you can offset the coming surge in power prices.

No                         matter where your house is or what type of household you
                            reside in, there are many solutions to go green. Several folks
                                 originally think of solar or wind energy as green types of
                                 energy, and they are generally right, nevertheless the
                                disadvantage to these renewable energy devices is that
                              they are certainly not applicable to many residential
                             residences. The good news is that there exists another
                        alternative way to create your personal power in your own
                            home, which is using a magnetic generator. These kinds of
                             generators transform power within magnetic fields into
electrical power, and you can very easily scale them to improve the amount of energy
you create in your own home.

They're also relatively compact, meaning that how big your property is not a challenge. It
additionally means that if you at any time opt to move house you don't have to bother
about costly relocation of the generators to your new residence. There are many ways
that you can go eco-friendly, and one of them is as simple as building your own energy
at home. Magnetic generators are just one of several ways that it is possible to produce
clean electricity out of your own house and scale back on what you spend every single
month for electrical power. As power rates continue to increase in your immediate future
more and more people will begin to consider methods they can reduce their monthly
power expenses, and a magnetic generator is capable of doing just that.

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What Am I Really Going to Pay for a Magnetic Power
The truth is that if you aren't careful with energy devices you'll end up spending more
money than it would have cost you to just buy your power from the power companies.
Magnetic generators are the only exception to the rule here as they are inexpensive and
cheap to setup and maintain. Just about every other energy solution that allows you as a
home owner to make your own electricity has high costs or hidden costs. When you sit
down and do the math, in the long run you usually end up spending much more than just
sticking to traditional power companies. I know this isn't very green but many people
can't afford to pay too much to go green and make their own home electricity. The best
energy device is one that has low costs in setting it up and maintaining it and offers real
savings in both the short and long term, like magnetic generators.

Where do all these costs come from? Most devices just cost so much upfront that many
home owners can't justify it. I am talking about thousands of dollars and the savings they
offer are minimal at best. This poses the obvious question of why go green when you
have to pay so much and don't ever make the money back? Even after twenty to thirty
years you may discover that you still haven't recovered what it cost to get the device
setup in the first place. This is because the amount of savings they give you on your
electricity bill just aren't big enough to cover all the expenses you paid when installing it.
Always make sure you ask the right questions and try to find out what you'll be paying to
setup and then keep the device running in the future.

This is why magnetic generators are gaining such popularity. They are extremely cheap
for home owners to setup and to keep them running. You shouldn't pay anymore than
just $100 to get all the required parts and materials to make your own magnetic power
generator. The savings don't stop there. The parts are so cheap that if you do have to
replace any in the future, doing so won't cost as much as other methods of creating
home electricity. The cheap parts mean you can easily replace them without worrying
about breaking the bank. These generators are the best way you can create your own
home electricity and pay very little to get started and keep on doing it.

$100 is all it costs and you'll be able to have your own magnetic generator in your very
own house and be able to make your own home electricity. Creating your own power is a
real option with these generators and it is one that won't burn a hole in your pocket.
You'll not only find that they are cheap to setup but you won't be paying through the
nose in the long run for any hidden service or other costs. They are both an extremely
inexpensive and efficient energy device to make your own green power at home.

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The Howard Johnson’s Permanent Magnetic

When Howard Johnson applied for a U.S. Patent for his magnetic motor, he was
required to bring one in to prove that this device actually worked. Johnson did as
requested, and was awarded three different patents on his incredible device. Though he
died before the Howard Johnson’s permanent magnetic motor become commercially
                                          available, his work has not been in vain.

                                          By using the simple repulsion and attraction
                                          force of magnets, Johnson was able to create a
                                          motor that we now can use to create cheap or
                                          free electricity. Obviously, his invention did not
                                          go over well with many government officials.
                                          After all, if the world’s residents are able to
                                          create their own energy, what will happen to the
                                          global economy? It seems we are about to find

Permanent Magnetic Motor Plans
Plans for the Howard Johnson’s permanent magnetic motor have been released to the
public. These original plans may be hard to follow for those that are not scientifically
inclined. However, it is these exact plans that have caused others to create simpler
versions that are easy to build, yet are just as effective in creating energy.

These motors are not commercially available at this time, and it remains to be see if they
ever will be. For the time being, those that wish to create their own energy source using
this motor will need to build it themselves.

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                  Hojo Motor Review
 So is the “HoJo Motor” the real deal? Does it really work?
    Can it really produce free electricity for your home?
                     Read on to find out!

This Hojo Motor review looks at the well-known Hojo Magnetic
Motor that was created by Howard Johnson has been the guide that has
been extremely useful many people all over the world in the production of
their own energy at home that is free of cost. The handbook gives you
information as to how to make your very own energy so that you are able to
reduce and even get rid of your electricity bill. The motor he created comes
with a patented magnetic generator as has gotten three US patents.

                             The Hojo motor utilizes not one group
                             but two groups of magnets which are
                             positioned around a rotor. These are stator
                             magnets which are in a drum and there is a
                             moving drum inside which creates the rotor. A
                             little push is usually all that is needed to start
                             the motor once the magnets are in proper
                             alignment. In order to produce free electricity,
                             you will then need to affix a rubber belt unto the
                             motor and then fit this to the generator.

                             The book has two versions of generators with
the first one being highly developed and the second one a simpler version.
The latter is not as hard to build and is also less functional than the more
advanced version. The package gives you clear step by step guide as well as
the plans.

You will have to be the one to build the motor as it is not assembled for you,
and this is not mentioned in the advertisements too notably. However, you
do get clear instructions as to how to build it and the components to build
the motor are very accessible.

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 The actual images for the 3 U.S. Patents that the “Howard Johnson Motor” was
                               awarded are below.
            Click the images below to see a larger version of each patent.

It is not as difficult to build the motor as you may have thought. Even if you
are not inclined mechanically, you can still assemble this motor, and it will
all be worth the effort at the end after you have managed to assemble the
motor. Just think of the effectual source of fuel you will now have in your
home and that alone should serve to make the assembly something you do
not even think twice about.

The motor is quiet and compact and is accessible via download.
Nevertheless, there are big energy companies are not too pleased about
individuals being able to create their own electricity at home. As such, the
internet may not still be accessible online for too long.
 You can check here!

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+Things to talk about in your review:

+How has the HoJo Motor helped you?

+The HoJo Motor is the only "free energy" device with 3 U.S. Patents!

+What did it do to change your life or finacial situation?

+How are the HoJo Motor plans different from other "free energy plans"?

+Were the HoJo Motor plans easy to follow?

+Did others doubt you?

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  Produces free electricity for your home in just 2 days.
  Only “free energy” device with 3 U.S. Patents to back it!.
  Easy to build.
  The Plans are easy to follow.
  Learn how we saved $1,000s of dollars a year on energy costs for our home and
  appliances…and how you can too!
  ..write whatever you want (these are just typical results people have that use the HoJo
  You will need to follow the plans closely if you don’t have building experience.
  Many of your family and friends won’t believe that you built a working magnetic motor till
  they see it in person!
  **note it’s good to have a few cons to seem more unbiased. But you obviously don’t want to
  say really bad things about the product..

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