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					    What Hope 08 is NOT…
It’s not …
• Prescriptive
• Top – down

It is …
• Bottom - up
• Whatever you want it to be
• Wherever you are
Hope 08 is simply a catalyst
Encouraging whole Church, whole Nation
across whole Year to raise its game:
–   Do more (Matthew 9 v36-38)
–   Do it together (Psalm 133)
–   Do it in word and deed (James 2 v14-17)
–   Do it out there ! (Matthew 28 v18-20)
            Hope is about…
• Calling for collaboration
  – between churches and ministries of all traditions
  – with public sector including police, local and
    national government
• Fostering unity across the whole church
  – all ages, and encouraging young people to take a
    lead …
   What might Hope 08
look like across the nation?

Year of Prayer and Fasting in 2007
– 24-7 prayer, prayer walks….
– Whatever works where you are
Hope 08 is about a vision …

Imagine reaching into ….
– All sectors, from the poor to the affluent
– All generations, from schools to retirement
Hope 08 is about a vision …

Imagine delivering ONE MILLION hours
of kindness
– Across 5 highpoints in 2008 …
– While telling people about the love of
 Jesus, in appropriate ways …
 Hope 08 is about a vision …
The High Points :
• Fresh Hope – New Year
• The Big Hope – Easter
• Hope Where you Live – Pentecost
• Hope Explored – September onwards
• The Gift of Hope – Christmas

What might that look like?
    Fresh Hope – New Year
• Debt support
• Drugs & alcohol
• Getting fitter
• Parenting skills
• Marriage support
• Tackling loneliness
• Promoting forgiveness
  The Big Hope – Lent & Easter
In outreach …
• Message of the
• Real Easter
• Tell people what
  Easter means
• Schools package
• Easter message on
  the streets
        Hope Where you Live –
•   Community Action
•   Celebration
•   Partnerships
•   Sharing God’s love
      Hope Explored - Autumn

Do more, do it well …
• Meal, surroundings, publicity,
• Engage entire church family
• Collaborate with other
• Plan well in advance
   Gift of Hope – Christmas
• Outdoor carol
• Free festive fare
• Fairtrade
• Community
  Christmas party
• Schools links
• Card from church
  to community
• Acts of kindness
  So what it might look like in
    South Manchester…?
• What does bottom – up look like here?
• What has happened up till now?
• And what are the thoughts about 2008?
         The story so far…
• Some churches collaborated to run Big Deal
  Weekend June 2006
• Social action in the streets
• Thousands came to Free Fun Day in Fog
  Lane Park
• Real hunger for continued church
            The story so far…
Hope South Manchester Steering Group
formed, consisting of:
–   St James and Emmanuel, Didsbury
–   Ivy Cottage, Didsbury
–   South Manchester Family Church
–   Northern Moor Community Church
–   Christ Church URC, Burnage
–   Grosvenor St Aidens URC
–   St Margaret’s, Burnage
–   Didsbury Methodist
      What we’re thinking…
• Invite ALL South Manchester churches to…
  – Either join us in close collaboration
  – Or to have a loose collaboration but do their own
    things more locally
      What we’re thinking…
• Let’s encourage church families to come to
  Hope South Manchester Launch Event on
  10th October
  – Keynote speaker John Kirkby, CAP
  – In association with Hope 08 Greater Manchester
    Road Show on tour
  What we’re thinking so far…
Shared outreach across the 2008 High Points
• Series of combined youth mission music events across 2008
• Jan/Feb : debt counselling, parenting courses, family support
• and ALPHA
• Easter : outreach to talk about what Easter really means today
  with an invitation for prayer
• Family Fun days
• Autumn ALPHA
• Christmas Services and Outreach
  What we’re thinking so far…
• Invitation to each member of our church families to
  PLEDGE to deliver ONE hour of kindness EACH
   – That’s 12 hours each over the year
   – That’s probably about 12000 hours of kindness
     delivered across South Manchester
• Business cards with gospel message
Lots of potential partners …
 Nothing is cast in stone yet…
• Would you like to join us in whatever way
  suits you best?
  – Closely collaborating with us
  – Or collaborating more loosely and doing your own
    thing where you are
• Would you fill in the simple questionnaire
  before you leave, please?
  Please take your copy of…
• Hope DVD
• Hope A5 leaflet
• Hope Great Ideas Book
  – Free if cash is tight
  – £2 or more, if it isn’t
  (the more we raise, the more can be given free)

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