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Cross roads                                                            of the Corps

                                                       george pratt shultz
                                                       Marine, Statesman & Our Most
                                                       Distinguished Living American
                                                                          See page 6

   Gracious Hospitality. Dynamic Programs. Historic Mission.                 Fall 2011 · Volume 77 No. 3
                        The Marines’ Memorial Club
                        A Living MeMoriAL

     The Marines’       The Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco has,
                        for sixty-five years, stood in honor of the mem-
                        ory of American war heroes. The Club, just one
    Association, a      block off Union Square at 609 Sutter Street, is in
non-profit Veterans     the heart of downtown San Francisco. This hand-
                        some Beaux Arts-style building, which enjoys San
 organization, exists
                        Francisco’s protected landmark status, provides a
 to provide a living    sanctuary for those who wish to take a pause and

memorial honoring       to honor the valor of Veterans who were killed
                        while in military service for their country. Just
   all Veterans who     as the Marine Corps preserves its traditions, the
   serve honorably,     Marines’ Memorial Club maintains historical and
                        emotional remnants of past conflicts and heroism.
  remembering and
       honoring the     The founders of the Club recognized three com-
                        ponents to a living memorial: historical, emotional,
         service and
                        and business. There was also an awareness that
  sacrifices of those   these three functions of the Club might overlap
                        and complement each other. The creativity of the
     who have gone
                        original founders devised the framework for the
   before, educating    Club to survive in perpetuity.
    the public about
                        The Club’s original charter specified, as a tribute
those sacrifices, and   to Marine Corps heroes, the establishment

  providing services    and maintenance of a museum. Over time, the
                        atmosphere and ambiance of the entire building
       to those who     has fulfilled this historical function.
  continue to serve.
                                                          continues on page 34

                                                                                 Crossroads Fall 2011 3
From The General’s Desk

                     i celebrated my 10th anniversary at the helm              able, and not only because he has lent his name to the
                     of the Marines’ Memorial Association on the 10th of       lecture series. He continues to support so many of the
                     September. I’ll never forget my second day here, 11       activities here in San Francisco that are important to
                     September 2001. It was 5:50 a.m. and I was swim-          the Club, to the Association and to Veterans at large.
                     ming in our lap pool, and the manager in our Fitness      We struggle to find ways to thank both Secretary
                     Center grabbed my wrist as I was making a turn in a       Shultz and his wife, Charlotte, for all the wonderful
                     lane. He asked me to get out of the pool. I replied:      things they do for Veterans.
                     “I signed up for this lane to swim from 5:30-6:30             The continued support from our Members really
                     a.m.” He told me it was something really serious and      is what makes all this possible. We could not have
                     I complied and then learned about the airplanes hit-      implemented the capital improvements without your
                     ting the World Trade Center. Our world has changed        annual donations and we could not have created the
                     considerably since.                                       speaker forums without your active participation.
                         The Marines’ Memorial has changed, too. With          Here again, we struggle to find ways to thank all of
                     donations from our Membership, we have made               you, except with a simple “thank you”. That’s even
                     some significant capital improvements to your Club.       more so now because your support for the increases in
                     Since 9/11, we’ve air conditioned our event rooms         your annual membership donations has been tremen-
                     and put central air in our hotel rooms. We remod-         dous. I’ve only had two complaints. Everyone else has
                     eled our Leatherneck Steakhouse and created the           appreciated the situation and knows that every dollar
                     Flying Leatherneck Lounge. The ballrooms, library         you send as a donation goes toward our mission. Our
                     and event rooms have been completely repainted and        expenses are paid by our hotel operation. That means
                     re-carpeted. We’ve renovated every floor. We’ve cre-      we can turn the donations directly into our programs
                     ated themes for our floors to enhance the Club’s role     to support the currently serving, to commemorate the
                     as a “living memorial” and, perhaps most significantly,   service and sacrifices of our Veterans, and to educate
                     we’ve established and maintained the Tribute Memo-        the public about those sacrifices.
                     rial Wall to honor the young men and women we’ve              I hope you will come visit us soon. As you plan
                     lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.                             your trip, you should check out our Theatre’s website
                         In addition to our capital programs, we’ve estab-     at Now that the
                     lished our reputation for hosting speaker and lecture     Theatre is under our management, we’ve been able to
                     series here at the Club. Our most prestigious is the      add life back into its productions.
                     George P. Shultz Lecture Series, where we bring in            In addition to our day-to-day duties here at the
                     senior Department of Defense leaders to talk about        Marines’ Memorial, we are keeping busy with our
                     national security matters. Our most recent was on 25      Fleet Week preparations. We’ve included a schedule
                     August when General Jim Mattis, the Commander             of Fleet Week events (page 13). It is going to be a
                     of the USCentral Command, was introduced by               gang-buster event.
                     Secretary Shultz and then spoke on the region he              We thank you for your support.
                     looks after in his command. The next in this series
                                                                                  Sincerely, and Semper Fidelis,
                     will be on 8 November. General Carter Ham, the
                     Commander of the new Africa Command, will be
                     here to speak.                                               J. Michael Myatt
                         We have placed Secretary Shultz on our cover             Major General USMC (Ret.)
                     because, in our opinion, George P. Shultz is our great-      President and Chief Executive Officer
                     est living American. His contribution to our missions
                     here at the Marines’ Memorial has been immeasur-

4 Crossroads Fall 2011
                                                                                                                                                 Take Note
Table of
CONTENTS                                                                 New Direction for Care Packages
                                                                         In our continuous effort to better aid our serving men
On the Cover . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6     and women deployed in Afghanistan, the MMA will
Upcoming Special Events . . . . . . . . .21, 23, 25                      continue to include TRX fitness equipment in care
In Our Theatre. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36       packages. We also asked Spirit of America founder
Commemorate, Educate and Serve                                           Jim Hake for recommendations for other care pack-
  Commemoration: Battles for Guadalcanal . . 7                           age contents. Jim has a representative in country who
  SF Veterans Memorial Update . . . . . . . . . . . . 9                  recommended we send school supplies for Afghan
  SF Fleet Week 2011 Schedule . . . . . . . . . .13                      children. The goal is to connect Americans with the
                                                                         efforts of Marines in Afghanistan to open and sup-
  Marine for Life: Troops to College . . . . . . .27
                                                                         ply schools. The donation form is on page 12. (Spirit of
  How Semper Fi Fund Aids Wounded . . . . .27
                                                                         America is a nonprofit organization that extends the
Our Living Memorial                                                      goodwill of the American people to help those who are
 Sweethearts for Gold Stars 2012 . . . . . . .23                         advancing freedom, democracy and peace abroad. To
 Generous Contributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28                  learn more, visit
Events in Review                                                         Unique Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List
  The Brain at War Conference 2011 . . . . . .14
                                                                         Our collection of high-quality Marines’ Memorial
  Inside Libya with Amb. Gene Cretz . . . . . .15                        Memorabilia and apparel continues to grow. There’s
  Shultz Lecture with Gen James Mattis . . .16                           something for everyone, and shopping couldn’t be
  Author Event: Amb. Peter Tomsen . . . . . . . .17                      easier: just ask at the front desk, or click on the Store link
More for Members                                                         at
 Listing of Worldwide Reciprocal Clubs . . . 18
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 2011 Hotel Special . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
                                                                         Reach more than 25,000 Members, guests, Cur-
Know Your Association                                                    rently Serving and prospective Members with an ad
  Meet the Staff: Annual Awards . . . . . . . . . 24                     in Crossroads. To learn more about advertising, email
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        609 Sutter Street · San Francisco, CA 94102 · tel (415) 673-6672 · fax (415) 441-3649 · email member@
                     internet · Room Reservations: 1-800-5-MARiNE reservations@
       Crossroads of the Corps is published quarterly for Members of the Marines’ Memorial Association. Editor: Rose McCoy,

                                     Directors Emeritus: Colonel Ken Jordan, USMC (Ret.) · Colonel Bucky Peterson, USMC (Ret.)
                                                                        Board of Directors
    Chairman: Major General Matt Caulfield USMC (Ret.) · Vice Chairman: Mr. Stephen M. Snyder, Marine Veteran · Secretary: Mr. Peter J. Paffrath, Marine Veteran
Sergeant Major Doug Barr USMC (Ret.) · Mr. Eaton Dunkelberger, Marine Veteran · Mr. J. Barrie Graham, Marine Veteran · Brigadier General Frank A. Partlow, USA (Ret.)
         Mr. Jon Paulson, Marine Veteran · Col William E. Peacock, Marine Veteran · Mr. Quang X. Pham, Marine Veteran · Mr. Hugh Scott, Marine Veteran
         Mr. James Sullivan, Marine Veteran · Mr. Ian Thomson, Marine Veteran · Mr. Leonard E. Torres, Marine Veteran · Captain Irv Williams, Jr., USN (Ret.)
                                                                  Marine Military Advisors
                                 Colonel Chris Starling, USMC · Colonel George Aucoin, USMC · Colonel Robert Gates, USMC
                           Colonel Osamah A. Jammal, USMC · Colonel Frank Richie, USMC · Sergeant Major Sylvester Daniels, USMC
                                                                President & Chief Executive Officer
                                                             Major General J. Michael Myatt, USMC (Ret.)
                     General Manager: Michael Allen, · Chief Financial Officer: Ruby Wu,
        Membership Director: Lecelia Harrison, · Director of Historical Programs: John Lockie,
   Director of Sales & Marketing: Nicky Broderick, · Human Resources Director: Bethany Meyer,
  Executive Assistant: Carol Taylor, · SF Fleet Week Assn. Operations Manager: Catharine Hooper,

                                                                                                                                            Crossroads Fall 2008 5
                                                                                                                                            Crossroads Fall 2011 5
On the Cover

                                      in today’s day and age, we rely on            neering and construction companies,
                                      something called a GPS to keep us from        Bechtel Corporation.
                                      getting lost, to help us get to where            George’s key role as Secretary of
                                      we need to go, and generally give us          State in driving the largest political
                                      comfort and confidence in traversing          change since World War II and his role
                                      the unfamiliar territories that surround      in ending the Cold War is documented.
                                      us. The Marines’ Memorial is honored          And still to this day, he is driving for
                                      to have its own GPS; but, rather than         change. GPS, along with other states-
                                      being a Global Positioning System, our        men, both Republican and Democrat,
                                      GPS is George Pratt Shultz. For nearly        as well as noted scientists, has devel-
                                      10 years, the Marines’ Memorial Asso-         oped a framework for ridding the world
                                      ciation has hosted the George P. Shultz       of nuclear weapons. Having presented
                                      Lecture Series. We often call this our        to world leaders, support is building for
                                      “GPS Series”.                                 these statesmen’s most difficult policy,
                                         GPS is our most distinguished living       a policy that hopefully one day will give
                                      American. In General Mattis’ speech           us A World Free of Nuclear Weapons.
                                      last month, he paid tribute to Secretary         Perhaps the most distinguished title
                                      Shultz as a true statesman, in the con-       George Pratt Shultz earned, however, is
                                      text that Plato described in his Socratic     that of “Marine”. Following graduation
             On the cover of this
                                      dialogue: one who possesses this special      from Princeton in 1943, he enlisted in
             Crossroads, you see      knowledge of how to rule justly and well      the Marines and fought in the Pacific
       Secretary Shultz sitting on    and to have the best interests of the citi-   during World War II. He left the Corps
                                      zens at heart. James F. Clarke described      as a Major.
           his Cabinet Chair, with
                                      a statesman as follows: “A politician
        the brass plaques for the     thinks about the next elections —
      four Cabinet-level positions    the statesman thinks about the next
                                      generations.” Mikhail Gorbachev said
                he has held in his
                                      this: “What is the difference between a
                   amazing career.    statesman and a politician?... A states-
                                      man does what he believes is best for his
        This photo was taken by our   country, a politician does what best gets
           wonderful photographer,    him re-elected.”
                                         We know GPS as someone who
              Michael Mustacchi, of
                                      uniquely held four different federal cab-
         Mustacchi and Associates.
                                      inet posts (Secretary of Labor, Director
                                      of OMB, Secretary of the Treasury and,
                                      for eight years in the Reagan Adminis-
                                      tration, Secretary of State). He’s taught
                                      at three of this country’s greatest uni-
                                      versities (MIT, University of Chicago,
                                      and Stanford), and presided over one
                                      of the largest and most influential engi-

6 Crossroads Fall 2011
                                                                                                   Commemorate, Educate and Serve

                                 Commemoration The Battles for Guadalcanal
                                                                                                              A MARiNE’S OwN
                                                                                                              RECOLLECTiON OF
                                                                                                              by Peter V. Sellars
                                                                                                              it was a pleasure to listen to marine charles
                                                                                                              “Chuck” Morse (in photo, standing at right right), 93,
                                                                                                              discuss his experiences of the Pacific Campaign of World
                                                                                                              War II. He had fought on Guadalcanal, and subsequent-
                                                                                                              ly, Tarawa, Saipan, and Tinian.
                                                                                                                  Chuck was with the 1st Battalion, 10th Marines
                                                                                                              (1/10) on Samoa. They were there to prevent the Japa-
                                                                                                              nese from taking the island and expanding its territory.
                                                                                                                  After nine months of waiting, the Marines received
      Photo: Michael Mustacchi

                                                                                                              orders to go to New Zealand, where they were told they
                                                                                                              would receive additional orders. But, en route to New
                                                                                                              Zealand, they were diverted to Guadalcanal.
                                                                                                                  “There came a time, as the battle intensified, we
                                                                                                              pulled off of the trails and the roads and went into the
                                                                                                              grass primarily to escape the snipers. This was not the
                                 A CROwD OF MEMBERS, GUESTS, AND VETERANS OF THE BATTLES FOR GUADALCANAL      kind of grass you are thinking of. This grass was taller
                                 gathered on 18 August to commemorate the battles that began 69 years         than men. We called it kiwi grass. It was tall and tough.
                                                                                                                  “The grass never showed up in the films you see
                                 ago on 7 August 1942. Following a cocktail reception and luncheon,
                                                                                                              today, because those with the cameras never went into
                                 Major General Myatt gave a presentation on the significance of the
                                                                                                              the grass. It would be too difficult. We had to go into
                                 Guadalcanal campaign that raged for six months.                              the grass.
                                 More than 7,000 Americans lost their lives in the battles, including             “When we saw movement we had a machine gunner
                                 1,700 ashore and 5,000 at sea. The United States lost 29 ships and           fire into the vegetation, the trees, and the grass. We used
                                                                                                              armor piercing bullets with tracers taking out the snipers.
                                 more than 600 aircraft. But, our Nation prevailed. Japan committed
                                                                                                                  “We withdrew about 100 yards out. As we took cover
                                 more than 50,000 men to its Guadalcanal campaign, in vain, losing
                                                                                                              in the grass, a Marine came into our position and gave
                                 more than 25,000 Japanese Marines and soldiers ashore and 4,000              a password unlike the one we had. He was shot. It was
                                 sailors at sea, and 38 Japanese ships were sunk.                             unclear who shot him.
                                 It was America’s first ground offensive strike after the Japanese attacked       “The Marine was not dead. The commander felt
                                                                                                              badly. It was dark and the moon was shining brightly and
                                 Pearl Harbor…and it was the longest campaign in the Pacific War. It
                                                                                                              he was preparing to get the wounded Marine help. The
                                 forced Japan to exhaust its offensive capability. After Guadalcanal,
                                                                                                              colonel asked for any volunteers to take the wounded
                                 Japan’s empire began to shrink as it was forced to go on the defense for     Marine to regimental headquarters.
                                 the rest of the war. Both American and Japanese historians agree that            “There were several of us standing near the com-
                                 the Guadalcanal battle was the most important battle in Pacific. This is     mand post when the colonel was seeking volunteers…
                                 one reason we relook at this battle every year about this time.                                                 Continues on next page

Photos: Michael Mustacchi, Gene Choi                                                                                                              Crossroads Fall 2011 7
   Marine’s Recollection from page 7

                               when he saw the moonlight catch                            “The captain tells us what he                holes for us to hide in. It was scary.
                               my bayonet. We all had our bayo-                       wants us to do. He wanted six vol-                   “Of course, we thought we were
                               nets on, but he noticed mine shin-                     unteers to spread out in the middle              going to be slaughtered. On both
                               ing away. The colonel says, ‘Thank                     of this opening. He told us not to               sides of us were Marines who were
                               you Morse.’                                            worry, that we would see them when               ready to open up on the Japanese.
                                    “With that, me and another                        they came this way. He told us not               We waited. As we waited, I could
                               Marine, we were volunteered. We                        to worry because he would have his               hear the guy next to me crying. All of
                               were tasked with taking the wound-                     men waiting in the groves on each                us thought it was the end. I knew it
                               ed Marine to headquarters. This                        side of the opening and close in on              was going to be hand-to-hand [com-
                               was about a half-mile trip.                            the enemy when they arrived. I found             bat] and bayonets and all of that.
                                    “I suggested to the guys to remove                myself being volunteered again.                      “It was going to be close quarters
                               their helmets so neither side would be                     “I said, ‘Wait a minute, Captain;            and I was thinking I would have
                               sure of who we were under the moon-                    first of all, I do not belong to this            to make good use of my rifle. That
Charles Morse, 1945            light. We got the wounded Marine                       outfit and I am still looking for mine.’         was one scary night for all of us,
                               help and returned to our unit.                         But he replied that I was here now. I            because in the moonlight we saw
                                    “When we returned to our out-                     asked, ‘What is this about they’ll see           what seemed to be Japanese officers
                               fit, we discovered they had moved                      us waiting out here in the open?’                going up and down their line orga-
                               out with the 75 Pack Howitzers.                            “Well, the six of us spread out              nizing for an attack. It turned out
                               Now, there was an infantry unit                        about five yards apart. We stayed                the next day that this was an illu-
                               there; Captain Fazio commanded                         on the ground under the moonlight                sion caused by [distant] trees under
                               the infantry unit and he tells us that                 waiting for the enemy. The other                 the moonlight. It was one night that
                               intelligence says the Japanese are                     guys had grenades and much more                  I thought was going to be the end.
                               sending a company to the area to                       ammunition. All I had was my rifle               Well, the Japanese never came.”
                               remove our machine guns.                               and a bayonet. There were no fox-

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8 Crossroads Fall 2011
San Francisco                                                                                         THE YOUNG
                                                                                                      DEAD SOLDIERS
Veterans                                                                                              DO NOT SPEAK

                                                                                                      Nevertheless they are heard in
                                                                                                      the still houses: who has not
                                                                                                      heard them?

P r o j e c t                                                                                         They have a silence that speaks
                                                                                                      for them at night and when the
                                                                                                      clock counts.

Design Selected                                                                                       They say, We were young. We
                                                                                                      have died. Remember us.
                                                                                                      They say, We have done what
On 14 July, the War Memorial Board of                         land they saw. Andrea and I have        we could but until it is finished
trustees endorsed the design proposal                         worked to respect this important        it is not done.
submitted by Susan Narduli and Andrea Cochran for             civic space,” said Susan Narduli of     They say, We have given our lives
the San Francisco Veterans Memorial.                          Narduli Studio.                         but until it is finished no one can
    Entitled “Passage of Remembrance,” the focal point            The Memorial Court, between         know what our lives gave.
of the proposal is a series of three reflection pools cir-    the War Memorial Opera House            They say, Our deaths are not
cumscribed by an octagon of stone. Seen from above,           and Veterans Building, contains         ours: they are yours: they will
the pools form a circle of gently flowing water that glides   soils from battlefields where Amer-     mean what you make them.
over polished stone in sloping planes from the street to      icans have fought for their country.    They say, Whether our lives and
the garden below. The interplay between the circle and            Former Secretary of State           our deaths were for peace and
the octagon is meant to symbolize the merging of heav-        George P. Shultz and former Secre-      a new hope or for nothing we
en and eternity (circle) and earth (octagon). An open                                                 cannot say: it is you who must
                                                              tary of Defense William J. Perry co-
                                                                                                      say this.
metal weave walkway floats above the water and takes          chair the Veterans Memorial Steer-
visitors through the memorial. The walkway is anchored        ing Committee, which is raising pri-    They say, We leave you our
                                                                                                      deaths: give them their
on either side by basalt walls that reflect the image of      vate funds for design, installation
                                                                                                      meaning: give them an end to
passersby. The west wall is inscribed with a poem by          and maintenance. The Committee          the war and a true peace: give
World War I veteran Archibald MacLeish (see sidebar).         has raised nearly $1.8 million of the   them a victory that ends the
    “As I worked on this project, I thought a lot             $2.5 million project cost.              war and a peace afterwards:
about those who, like my father, passed through                   The Veterans Memorial is to         give them their meaning.
San Francisco on their way to combat overseas and             be dedicated on Veterans Day, 11        We were young, they say. We
how for many of them, this was the last American              November 2013.                          have died. Remember us.
                                                                                                             — by Archibald MacLeish
For more information, go to

                                                                                                                   Crossroads Fall 2011 9
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                       in achieving their mission of peace and security.

        Introducing the Afghan Children’s School Project
               Help us support one of most important efforts of our servicemen
                   and women in Afghanistan: to open and supply schools.
                 Your contribution of $75 can help ensure that the next generation of Afghan children
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12 Crossroads Fall 2011
                Some highlights from San Francisco Fleet Week 2010

SF Fleet Week
2011 is Here!

ScHedule        wednesday 5 October
                USS BONHOMME RICHARD transits under Golden Gate Bridge

oF eventS       Thursday 6 October
                9 am – 3pm       Interagency Softball Tournament at USCG Island, Alameda: Marines, USCG, Oak-
                                 land Police Dept, Oakland Fire Dept
5–11 october    1 – 4 pm         Blue Angels Orientation Flights

                Friday 7 October
                Liberty for Sailors and Marines aboard USS BONHOMME RICHARD
                8 am – 12 noon        Urban Search and Rescue Training with SFFD, Sailors & Marines at Treasure Island
                8 am – 2 pm           Interagency Softball Tournament at Moscone Field, SF: Sailors, Marines, SFPD, SFFD
                1 – 4 pm              Full Air Show Rehearsal

                Saturday 8 October
                Liberty for Sailors and Marines aboard USS BONHOMME RICHARD
                8 am – 4 pm           Humanitarian Village Static Displays on Marina Green
                8 am – 4 pm           USS BONHOMME RICHARD Open for public visitation at SF Pier 30-32
                11 am – 12:30 pm Parade of Ships (13 vessels!)
                11 am                 Marine Band March from the Cable Car Turn-around at Powell & Market Streets To
                                      Marines’ Memorial.
                1 – 4 pm              Full Air Show
                2 – 3 pm              1st Marine Division Band Concert at PIER 39
                6 – 7 pm              Band Concert Huntington Park

                Sunday 9 October
                Liberty for Sailors, Marines and Coasties
                8 am – 4 pm           Public Visitation for Ships at Piers 35, 27 and 30-32
                8 am – 4 pm           Humanitarian Village Static Displays on Marina Green
                11:30 am – 1:30 pm              Italian Heritage/Fleet Week Parade: Military Marching Bands, Color
                                      Guards, Marching Units; Military Band Concert at Washington Square
                1 – 4 pm              Full Air Show
                8 am – 6 pm           49er’s Salute The Fleet, Candlestick Park

                Monday 10 October
                Liberty for Sailors, Marines and Coasties
                8 am – 12 noon        Public Visitation for Ship at Piers 30-32
                8 am – 4 pm           Public Visitation for Ships at Piers 35 and 27
                8 am – 3 pm           Band Challenge at the Golden Gate Park Band Shell
                11 am – 3 pm          Historical San Francisco Tour for Sailors, Marines and Coasties
                11 am – 4 pm          Fleet Week BBQ for Sailors, Marines and Coasties

                Tuesday 11 October
                Ships depart

                                                                                                 Crossroads Fall 2011 13
Events in Review

                                                                                                                                        Photos: Michael Mustacchi
   4th Annual Conference

                    on wednesday and thursday,         sachusetts Senator Edward Ken-           the Department of Defense Blast
                    22 and 23 June, NCIRE – The        nedy and nephew of President             Injury Research Program Coordi-
                    Veterans Health Research Insti-    John F. Kennedy, spoke about his         nating Office, who reviewed the
                                   tute presented      “One Mind for Research” scientific       latest research on diagnosis, mech-
                                   programs under      forum. Kennedy, who has grappled         anisms, and treatment of mild
                                   the umbrella of     with depression and addiction, and       traumatic brain injury.
                                   its Brain at War    whose father died of brain cancer            Retired US Navy Seal James
                                   Conference.         two years ago, says he and his family    Hatch, a Veteran of the war in
                                   For the second      have always had an interest in brain     Afghanistan, stirred the audience
                                   year, the confer-   issues. “My family’s entire legacy has   of nearly 300 with a personal and
                                   ence took place     been interwoven with advocacy for        frank narrative of combat, serious
                                   at the Marines’     de-stigmatization of these illnesses,    injury, post-traumatic stress, recov-
                                   Memorial. It was    as well as advancing research into       ery, and readjustment. His talk was
                                   the fourth annu-    these illnesses.” He hopes for a pro-    received with a standing ovation.
                                   al meeting of       cess to speed the path to cures and          Other featured presenters
                                   this national       treatments for brain diseases, and       included Michael Weiner, MD,
                                   conference on       spurs collaboration among those in       Director of the Center for Imag-
                                   the neurologi-      the neurosciences. The brain health      ing of Neurodegenerative Diseases
                                   cal and psycho-     of war veterans is at the top of the     at SFVAMC; Thomas Neylan,
                                   logical wounds      agenda, he says.                         MD, Director of the PTSD Clini-
                                   of combat.              The next morning, NCIRE              cal Care and Research Program at
                                       On Wednes-      kicked off the Brain at War con-         SFVAMC; and Sophia Vinogra-
                                   day     evening,    ference. The keynote speaker was         dov, MD, Interim Chief of Mental
                                   former US Rep-      Francis J. Harvey, PhD, the 19th         Health at SFVAMC, each of whom
                                   resentative Pat-    Secretary of the Army. Harvey            spoke on different aspects of PTSD
                                   rick Kennedy,       spoke on “Making the Soldier’s           clinical care and research. Marga-
                                   son of late Mas-    Creed A Reality” and the broader         ret A. Chesney, PhD, Director of
                                                       meaning of the line, “I will never       the Osher Center for Integrative
                                                       leave a fallen comrade,” noting          Medicine at UCSF, discussed exer-
                                                       its implication that the United          cise as a key component of integra-
                                                       States has a lifelong commitment         tive care for Veterans.
                                                       to troops, Veterans, and their fami-         “This year’s conference was
                                                       lies, including the obligation to        wonderfully successful,” said
                                                       provide the best medical care.           NCIRE Executive Director Robert
                                                           Dr. Harvey was followed by           E. Obana. The Brain at War has
                                                       Michael J. Leggieri, Jr., Director of    become the nation’s leading venue
                                                                                                for discussion of the many neuro-
                                                       Photos, top to bottom: Rep. Patrick      logical and psychological aspects of
                                                       Kennedy; Retired Navy Seal and           combat injury, and their effects on
                                                       Afghanistan Veteran James Hatch          our Veterans, troops, their fami-
                                                       with his wife; Francis Harvey, PhD,      lies, and our country.
                                                       19th Secretary of the Army.

14 Crossroads Fall 2011
In partnership with the World Affairs Council, on 18 August,       in March as part of the
the Marines’ Memorial co-hosted a program featuring the            Arab Spring and Kha-
Ambassador to Libya, the Honorable Gene Cretz. Ambassador          dafy unleashed his “…
Cretz came to talk about current and past US relations with        violent waves of annihi-
Libya, the ongoing NATO operations and international diplo-        lation.” In his prepared
matic efforts and what we can expect in the next months and        remarks, the Ambassdor
years.                                                             stated how proud he was
   Ambassador Cretz is a career Foreign Service Officer who        that the US responded
served in Syria, Israel, China and Egypt, among other locations.   with our allies to estab-
He became the first US ambassador to Libya since 1972 on 9         lish the no-fly zone, and
January 2009. He described how, once he arrived in Tripoli, the    presented further infor-
Libyans started sending students to American schools, increas-     mation to justify the US
ing to 1,500 in 2011 compared to fewer than 100 in 2005. Ten       decision in March to
thousand visas were issued for Libyans to travel to the US. The    participate in what was
Libyans also began seriously working to cooperate in counter-      labeled as a humanitar-
terrorism operations. Trade relations improved dramatically.       ian mission, so that “…
Then, in November 2010, WikiLeaks released State Depart-           Libya would be free of 40
ment diplomatic traffic. Khadafy’s reactions to the information    years of tyranny.”
threatened Ambassador Cretz and, as a result, he left Libya in         In the audience ques-
January 2011.                                                      tion period, the very first
   Ambassador Cretz said the brave Libyans decided for change      question was, “…What
                                                                   do we know about the rebel side…Who are          Amb. Cretz answers
                                                                   the reps who call themselves the Transi-         audience questions
                                                                   tional National Council (TNC)…the side
                                                                   the we have decided to support?” Ambas-
                                                                   sador Cretz said, “…I know many. We have
                                                                   developed a much more comfortable sense
                                                                   of who these people are. There is an Islamic
                                                                   element present in the TNC and the TNC
                                                                   is trying to be inclusive. The TNC will start
                                                                   from scratch to build a democratic society.
                                                                   The TNC has serious officials. The US offi-
                                                                   cially recognized the TNC on 15 July. It has
                                                                   three main challenges: (1) economics; (2)
                                                                   security in some areas; and (3) planning for
                                                                       The Ambassador declared that the US
                                                                   will not engage in economic development
                                                                   in Libya.
                                                                       Timing for the program was interesting,
                                                                   in that two days later, the TNC launched
                                                                   the offensive to take Tripoli. Reports at this
                                                                   writing are inconclusive. The TNC plans
                                                                   to move its headquarters to Tripoli, but is
                                                                   delaying until the city is secure.

                                                                                                               Crossroads Fall 2011 15
        George P. Shultz                          the george p. shultz lecture series              has never seen it so tumultuous — full of
                                                                                                   promise and, yet, full of danger. As the mili-
                                                  resumed this past August when Former Sec-
          Lecture Series                          retary of State George P. Shultz introduced      tary commander, he is the “sentinel,” respon-
                                                  the Commander, US Central Command,               sible for keeping the peace wherever he can.

          GENERAL                                 General James N. Mattis USMC. In his
                                                  introduction, Secretary Shultz emphasized
                                                                                                       Referring to the Arab Spring as the Arab
                                                                                                   Awakening, he spoke about how we adapt to
                                                                                                   the changes while holding our American val-
          JAMES N.
                                                  that since 9/11, General Mattis has been “in
                                                  the fight,” starting on 25 November 2001,        ues and keeping a realistic view. The region
                                                  as a Brigadier General leading his 8,000         is in transition, and will never be the same

            MATTiS                                Marines and sailors in Task Force 58 from
                                                  the North Arabian Sea 350 miles by heli-
                                                  copter at night into Kandahar, Afghanistan
                                                                                                   as it was before the Awakening. Gen Mattis
                                                                                                   said that in meeting with Arab leaders today,
                                                                                                   he tells them: (1) We support each coun-
       COMMANDER                                  to break the back of the Taliban. Subse-
                                                  quently, he commanded the 1st Marine
                                                                                                   try’s political reform efforts to adapt at its
                                                                                                   own pace; (2) we support economic reforms

       U.S. CENTRAL                               Division in the march up to Baghdad,
                                                  bringing down Saddam Hussein’s statue in
                                                                                                   that broaden the fruits of economic growth
                                                                                                   in each country; (3) we support a renewed

         COMMAND                                  April 2003, and in the 1st battle for Fallujah
                                                  in 2004.
                                                                                                   pursuit of Middle East peace (the current
                                                                                                   situation is unsustainable); and (4) we sup-
                                                                                                   port regional security (we stand by our friends
                                                                                                   and against terrorism). Much of what we do
                                                                                                   is done relatively quietly, and our military-
                                                                                                   to-military efforts play a very positive role in
                                                                                                   supporting our diplomatic efforts.
                                                                                                       General Mattis spoke at length about our
                                                                                                   war in Afghanistan. The insurgents are losing
                                                                                                   public support and are deserting. Enemy-
                                                                                                   initiated attacks are decreasing. Forty-nine
                                                                                                   nations are joined in this coalition. He said
                                                                                                   that he is accountable to the public and
                                                                                                   firmly believes that, in terms of security, we
                                                                                                   are winning the war. He also acknowledged
                                                                                                   the difficulty in such an assessment when vio-
                                                                                                   lence and progress co-exist. He pointed out
                                                                                                   that this is a war we didn’t seek. The enemy’s
                                                                                                   only hope is to erode our “political will”. He
                                                                                                   said that the mission is to disrupt, dismantle
                                                                                                   and defeat al-Qaeda; to prevent them from
                                                                                                   returning to Afghanistan…and to defeat
                                                                                                   their hope for victory and set conditions for
                                                                                                       The audience question period, moder-
                                                                                                   ated by General Joe Hoar USMC (Ret.), a
                      Above, left to right:           General Mattis began his talk by review-     former Commander of the US Central Com-
            Former Secretary of Defense           ing the security issues in his area of respon-   mand, was very interesting. You can view the
      William J. Perry, General James N.          sibility, which stretches from Egypt to Paki-    entire event by going to CSPAN at this link:
        Mattis, and Former Secretary of           stan and includes Jordan, Lebanon, Syria,
                  State George P. Shultz          Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain,      mander-General-James-Mattis-Remarks-on-
                                                  United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iran, Turk-          Afghanistan/10737423748-1/
                       Photo: Michael Mustacchi
                                                  menistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakh-            The talk is also viewable at www.Marine
                                                  stan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan. He said
                                                  that in 30 years of serving in the region, he

16 Crossroads Fall 2011
Author Events
Meet the Author: Ambassador Peter Tomsen on The wars of Afghanistan
                                          peter tomsen was                 entirety, if at all. But, if such a long-term, comprehensive vision had
                                          special Envoy to Afghan-         been established to guide policymakers after 9/11, America would
                                          istan with the rank of           not be mired in Afghanistan today…”
                                          Ambassador under Presi-             Adding to the author’s credibility, the program moderator
                                          dent George H. W. Bush.          read the following quote from the September/October 2011
                                          In his diplomatic career,        Foreign Affairs article by Jonah Blank:
                                          he also served in Thai-             “…All serving consuls and prospective invaders (of Afghanistan)
                                          land, Vietnam, India,            interested in avoiding such an end (…a disastrous fate) would do well
                                          China, the Soviet Union,         to read Peter Tomsen’s new book. …Given Tomsen’s track record,
                                          and as Deputy Chief of           Americans should give a respectful hearing to his call for a thorough
                                          Mission in China, Depu-          policy reformulation — something beyond tweaks to troop numbers
                                          ty Assistant Secretary for       and counterinsurgency tactics. And given the merits of his book, they
                                          East Asian Affairs, and          should heed his warning not to repeat the mistakes of the past.”
Ambassador to Armenia. On 24 August, Ambassador Tomsen
came to San Francisco to speak on his book titled The Wars
of Afghanistan: Messianic Terrorism, Tribal Conflicts, and the                 “The man who does not read good books
Failures of Great Powers.                                                          has no advantage over the man who
   In his talk, Ambassador Tomsen emphasized the role                                cannot read them.” —Mark Twain
Afghanistan’s neighbor, Pakistan, has played and continues to
play in Afghanistan’s wars. He argued that American policy
makers still do not understand the Afghan tribal environment                                        MMA reAder’s
or how US actions facilitated Pakistan’s intelligence agency’s
support of the Taliban comeback. He bases his writings and
talks on extensive notes from his interviews of Afghan leaders,
                                                                                                    Books we recommend…
warlords and religious leaders involved in the region’s conflicts             Afghanistan and Pakistan: Conflict, Extremism, and
over the last two decades and his research of thousands of pre-               Resistance to Modernity by Riaz Mohammad Khan
viously classified documents.                                                 The Story of the Malakand Field Force by Winston Churchill
   Tomsen emphasized the importance of policy makers’
                                                                              Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through
understanding of the political and cultural history of Afghani-               Islamic Eyes by Tamim Ansary
stan before committing national resources. The final chapter of
                                                                              Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War by Karl Marlantes
his book, “The Way Ahead,” includes a section titled “Destina-
                                                                              What It Is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes
tion 2020,” with the lead-in statement as follows:
   “…One should not begin a long journey without knowing the                  The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield
destination. Shaping foreign policy outcomes to realize long-term             War: As Soldiers Really Live It by Sebastian Junger
strategic goals is preferable to reacting to events. Here I outline a         Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival,
destination for 2020. It is an ideal one, unlikely to be achieved in its      Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand

                                                                                                                          Crossroads Fall 2011 17
          reciprocal club listings for fall 2011
    new listings in red ~ Listings with * offer overnight accommodations

    keep this        united states                             HAwAii                                     nEw jErSEy
                                                               Honolulu: The Pacific Club; The Plaza      Florham Park: Park Avenue Club
  list handy         ALASKA                                    Club                                       Princeton: The Nassau Club*
                     Anchorage: Petroleum Club
  when you                                                     iLLinoiS                                   nEw yorK
                     ArizonA                                   Chicago: Union League Club of              Albany: Fort Orange Club*;
                     Phoenix: University Club of Phoenix
  plan your                                                    Chicago*; University Club of Chicago*;     University Club of Albany*
                     CALiForniA                                The Standard Club*; The Buckingham         Binghamton: Binghamton Club
   next trip!        Bakersfield: Petroleum Club of            Athletic Club*                             Brooklyn: The Montauk Club
                     Bakersfield                               Rockford: University Club of Rockford      Buffalo: Saturn Club*
                     Berkeley: Berkeley City Club*             Springfield: The Sangamo Club              New York City: New York Athletic
                     City of Industry: Pacific Palms Resort*                                              Club*; Yale Club of New York City*;
 Visit our website                                             indiAnA
                     Eureka: Ingomar Club                                                                 Princeton Club of New York*   Los Angeles: Los Angeles Athletic
                                                               Fort Wayne: Summit Club                    Rochester: Genessee Valley Club
                                                               Indianapolis: Columbia Club*               Utica: Fort Schuyler Club
    for reciprocal   Club*; Beverly Hills Country Club
    clubs’ contact   Marina del Rey: California Yacht Club     KAnSAS                                     norTH CAroLinA
                     Newport Beach: Balboa Bay Club*           Topeka: Top of the Tower                   Durham: University Club
  information and    Sacramento: Sutter Club                                                              Charlotte: Charlotte City Club
    our member’s     San Francisco: Golden Gate Yacht Club     KEnTUCKy
                     Santa Barbara: University Club of         Covington: Metropolitan Club of Kentucky   oHio
   guide to using    Santa Barbara                                                                        Cincinnati: Queen City Club*
    the Reciprocal   Stockton: Yosemite Club                   LoUiSiAnA                                  Columbus: The Athletic Club*
                                                               New Orleans: Plimsoll Club                 Youngstown: Youngstown Club
   Club program.     CoLorAdo
                     Colorado Springs: The El Paso Club     MAinE                                         oKLAHoMA
                     Denver: The Denver Athletic Club; Uni- Portland: Cumberland Club                     Oklahoma City: Beacon Club
                     versity Club                           MAryLAnd                                      Tulsa: Summit Club
                     ConnECTiCUT                            Baltimore: The Center Club; The Engi-         orEGon
                     Hartford: Hartford Club                neers Club of Baltimore                       Portland: University Club
                     New Haven: Graduate Club*;                MASSACHUSETTS
                     The Quinnipiack Club*; The New                                                       pEnnSyLVAniA
                                                               Boston: Harvard Club of Boston*;           Philadelphia: The Union League of
                     Haven Lawn Club*                          Algonquin Club*                            Philadelphia*
                     dELAwArE                                  New Bedford: Wamsutta Club                 Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Athletic Assn.*
                     Wilmington: The University and            Quincy: Neighborhood Club of Quincy        Wilkes-Barre: Westmoreland Club
                     Whist Club                                MiCHiGAn                                   York: LaFayette Club
                     diSTriCT oF CoLUMBiA                      Bloomfield: Knollwood Country Club         norTH CAroLinA
                     Washington, DC: Army and Navy             Detroit: Detroit Athletic Club*            Wilmington: City Club at de Rosset*
                     Club*; Capitol Hill Club;                 Grand Rapids: University Club
                     Georgetown Club                           Kalamazoo: The Beacon Club                 rHodE iSLAnd
                                                               Saginaw: Saginaw Club                      East Providence: Squantum Assn.
                     Jacksonville: The River Club; Epping      MinnESoTA                                  SoUTH CAroLinA
                     Forrest Yacht Club                        St. Paul: University Club of St. Paul      Aiken: Houndslake Country Club
                     Orlando: University Club of Orlando                                                  Anderson: Anderson Country Club
                                                               MiSSoUri                                   Columbia: Summit Club
                     Tallahassee: Governors Club               Kansas City: The Kansas City Club          Hilton Head Island: South Carolina
                     Sarasota: Sarasota Yacht Club
                                                               MonTAnA                                    Yacht Club
                     GEorGiA                                   Helena: Montana Club                       Rock Hill: City Club of Rock Hill
                     Atlanta: The Commerce Club; The
                     Vinings Club; The Georgian Club           nEw HAMpSHirE                              TEnnESSEE
                     Augusta: The Pinnacle Club                Portsmouth: The One Hundred Club           Memphis: University Club;
                                                                                                          Racquet Club of Memphis

18 Crossroads Fall 2011
TExAS                                        Kensington Riverside Inn, Calgary*                         Secunderabad: Chiraan Fort Club*
Corpus Christi: Corpus Christi Town Club     Ontario: Royal Canadian Military                           West Bengal: Tollygunge Club
Dallas: Park City Club                       Institute*; Royal Canadian Yacht Club; Thornhill Golf
Fort Worth: Fort Worth Club*;                & Country Club; Windsor Club; Donalda Club Don             indonESiA
City Club of Fort Worth                      Mills                                                      Jakarta: The American Club Jakarta
Houston: The Houston Club                    Montreal: Mount Stephen Club                               irELAnd
                                             Québec: Québec Garrison Club; Club Atwater*                Dublin: St. Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club*
                                             Vancouver: Vancouver Club*; Vancouver Lawn                 Londonderry: Beech Hill Country House Hotel*
Park City: Club Lespri*
                                             Tennis & Badminton Club
Salt Lake City: Alta Club*
                                             Victoria: Union Club of British Columbia*                  jApAn
VirGiniA                                     Toronto: University Club of Toronto                        Tokyo: Tokyo American Club
Richmond: Bull and Bear Club                 Winnipeg: Manitoba Club                                    Kobe: Kobe Club
Roanoke: The Shenandoah Club                                                                            Yokohama: Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
wASHinGTon                                   Santiago: Club de la Unión                                 KorEA
Seattle: Washington Athletic Club*                                                                      Seoul: Seoul Club
Spokane: Spokane Athletic Club*              CHinA
                                             Hong Kong: Pacific Club; United                            MExiCo
wiSConSin                                    Services Recreation Club; The Foreign                      Mexico City: University Club of Mexico
Madison: Madison Club                        Correspondents’ Club
La Crosse: The La Crosse Club                Shanghai: Shanghai Racquet Club &                          nETHErLAndS
Milwaukee: University Club of                Apartments*; Ambassy Club*                                 Amsterdam: De Industrieel Groote Club
Milwaukee*; Milwaukee Athletic Club*         Taipei, Taiwan: American Club
                                                                                                        nEw zEALAnd
wyoMinG                                      EGypT                                                      Christchurch: Canterbury Officers’ Club
Jackson: White Buffalo Club*                 Cairo: Cairo Capital Club                                  Dunedin: The Otago Officers Club
                                                                                                        Wellington: The Wellesley Club
international                                EnGLAnd
                                             Buckinghamshire: Stoke Park Club*                          pHiLippinES
AUSTrALiA                                    Leeds: Club LS1; The New Yorkshire Club                    Manila/Makati City: Manila Polo Club*
Adelaide: Naval, Military, &                 London: Naval Club*; Naval & Military Club*; Royal
Airforce Club of South Australia*                                                                       SCoTLAnd
                                             Air Force Club*; St. James’s Club*; Victory Services
Sydney: American Club; Royal                                                                            Edinburgh: The Royal Scots Club*
                                             Club*; Union Jack Club*; The Sloane*; Lansdowne
Automobile Club of Australia*;               Club*; East India Club*; City University Club              SinGAporE
Commercial Travelers’ Club LTD*              Teddington Middlesex: Lensbury Club*                       Scotts Road: The American Club
Brisbane: United Services Club*
Melbourne: Royal Automobile Club of          FrAnCE                                                     SoUTH AFriCA
Victoria*                                    Paris: Cercle National Des Armées*; St. James Paris*       Port Elizabeth: St. Georges Club*
Tasmania: Royal Yacht Club                                                                              Johannesburg: Rand Club*; Inanda Club*
BELGiUM                                      Frankfurt: Union International Club*                       SpAin
Brussels: Int’l Club-Sainte-Anne                                                                        Barcelona: Circulo Ecuestre*
Ghent: International Club of Flanders        indiA
                                                                                                        Madrid: Casino de Madrid
                                             Karnataka: Mangalore Club
CAnAdA                                       New Delhi: Delhi Gymkhana Club*                            THAiLAnd
Alberta: Glencoe Club; Ranchmen’s Club*;     Rajasthan: Jaisal Club*                                    Bangkok: The Capitol Club*

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    M E M B E R S O N L Y H O T E L P A C K A G E F O R 2 011

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         te nded
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    Package Includes:
    U Single or double occupancy in
      standard room (Sun-Thurs only)*
    U Full American Breakfast every
      morning plus Hosted Happy
      Hour 4-6pm each evening
    U Complimentary Business Center
      plus Broadband in guest rooms
    U Passes to Club One Fitness with
      indoor pool

      * Subject to availability. Upgrades when available: Deluxe/Corner $20 add’l per night; Suite $100 add’l per night. Not available as part
        of the complimentary Benefactor upgrade program. 15.5% Hotel Tax additional. Package must be purchased 7 days in advance & paid
        at time Fall 2011
20 Crossroads of reservation. Refund available with 7 days notice. Not applicable to groups. May not be combined w/other Hotel or Club offers.
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SPECiAL EVENTS                                                    REUNiONS AT MMC
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                                                                  20 OCTOBER 2011
TUESDAY 8 NOVEMBER 2011 · 5:30 PM                                 Bancroft Wardroom Reunion
The George P. Shultz Lecture Series, with General
                                                                  4 DECEMBER 2011
Carter F. Ham, USA, Commander, US Africa Command
                                                                  Sacred Heart Reunion
GEN Ham, who commanded the initial 2011 military
intervention in Libya, will speak in our Theatre.                 30 MAY 2012
                                                                  VMA 533 Reunion
236th Birthday of the US Marine Corps                             15 SEPTEMBER 2012
Reserve at www.Marine or 415.673.6672 x229.              Balboa 55th HS Reunion
$150 per person / $89 Currently Serving.
                                                                  19 SEPTEMBER 2012
THURSDAY 24 NOVEMBER 2011 · 12:00 PM                              The Knights Hospitallers of the Sovereign Order of St. John
Thanksgiving Day Brunch Buffet
See page 25 for details.                                          4 OCTOBER 2012
                                                                  USS Oriskany Junior Officers Reunion
                                                                  3 JULY 2013
New Year’s Eve Party
                                                                  White House Medical Unit Reunion
See page 25 for details.

                                           ON SATURDAY, 12 NOVEMBER 2011,
                                           Marines’ Memorial Association will
                                           celebrate the United States Marine
                                           Corps’ 236th Birthday here at the
                                           Marines’ Memorial Club. Our Guest of
  General James Conway                     Honor will be General James T. Conway
                                           USMC (Ret.), 34th Commandant of the
      USMC (Ret.) to be                    Marine Corps. General Conway com-
      Guest of Honor at                    manded the 1st Marine Division before
                                           being assigned as the Commanding Gen-

     236th                                 eral of the I Marine Expeditionary Force.
                                           In March 2003, he led the Marines in         in as the 34th Commandant of the

                                           the March Up to Baghdad, remaining in        Marine Corps on 13 November 2006.
                                           Iraq until September. In March 2004, he      He retired from active service on 22
                                           returned to Iraq to lead his MEF in the      October 2010.

  BiRTHDAY                                 first battle of Fallujah. Departing Iraq
                                           in September 2004, he was assigned as
                                                                                           The evening will open with enter-
                                                                                        tainment, including live patriotic

                                           the Joint Staff J-3. Following his tour as   music to set the mood for the
                                           J-3, he was nominated and then sworn         ceremony and celebration to follow.

                                                                                                         Crossroads Fall 2011 21
   From Our Chef                               Here is a recipe to jazz up thanksgiving dinner. Instead of
                                               the usual cranberry sauce, try a cranberry apple chutney
   A New Twist for Your Turkey Day             with bold, interesting flavors.

                                               CRANBERRY APPLE CHUTNEY
                                               1 medium onion, diced small          1 cup cider vinegar
                                               2 T chopped fresh ginger             1 ½ cup brown sugar
                                               2 T vegetable oil                    1 cup raisins
                                               2 apples, peeled and diced       1 cinnamon stick
                                               1 bag frozen cranberries (12 oz)   (or ½ teaspoon ground)

                                               Sauté onion and ginger in oil until soft. Add remaining
                                               ingredients and simmer 25 to 30 minutes until almost dry.

                                               Let cool before serving.

                                               Can be made 1 week ahead and improves with age.1

       Spectacular Views and Unparalleled Food                         (415) 673-6672 ext. 254

                                   Cocktails daily from 11 a.m. · Piano Bar Tues.– Sat. from 5 p.m.
                                   Dinner Tues.– Sat. from 5:30 p.m. · Lunch Mon.– Fri. 11:30 – 2
                                                  Light Bar Menu Sun. 12 –8:30 p.m.
                            ReseRvations: (415) 673-6672 x254 or

22 Crossroads Fall 2011
for Gold                                 Stars
AV    alentine’s concert & dinner-dance to
benefit the 2012 Gold Star Parents Event

Saturday Evening
February 11, 2012
From 6 to 11 p.m.
at the Marines’ Memorial Club
609 Sutter Street, San Francisco

     Bring your Valentine out for a special evening of             With entertainment by
 Cocktails ❦ Hors d'Oeuvres ❦ Dinner & Wine                        The Starduster Big Band
Fabulous Live Music ❦ Dancing ❦ Silent Auction                     with vocalist Noah Griffin

For Tickets:
(415 ) 673 - 6672 Ext. 215
$150 per person includes a $50 tax-deductible
donation to help support the Marines’ Memorial
Association’s Gold Star Parents event 2012.
Active Duty Members, please call for special rates.

   Please help us honor the parents of our fallen by joining us on this special evening.
                                                                           Crossroads Fall 2011 23
   Meet the Staff
   Marines’ Memorial Appreciates its
   a warm, sunny east bay day filled with roller            the Club, its members and guests.      working lives. This year, we hon-
   coaster screams and cotton candy-stained faces was the   Membership and Development             ored Josie Paculanan (Housekeep-
   order for the 2011 Marines’ Memorial Employee Appre-     Manager Mackenzie Jakoubek             ing), Luisa Salvador (Membership),
   ciation Day, held at Marine World in Vallejo, Califor-   was awarded the Star Leadership        Marissa Del Rosario (Restaurant),
   nia. The annual event brings Club employees and their    Award for her professionalism and      Tim Barnes (Engineering), Tony
   families together for a day of amusement park fun and    dedication to Member service.          Andes (Restaurant) and Ricardo
   recognition as we honor the tenure and achievements         The majority of correspon-          Villegas (Housekeeping) with ser-
   of the Club’s greatest asset: our employees.             dence received by senior leadership    vice awards for 20 to 30 years.
       Jake Gonzales from Housekeeping was awarded          from Club Members emphasizes               The annual Marine World
   the “Eagle of the Year” for his outstanding service to   how very pleased and impressed         event is always a wonderful oppor-
                                                                      our Members are with         tunity to visit with and enjoy the
                                                                      the service they receive     many families of Marines’ Memo-
                                                                      while visiting the Club.     rial. Newborns, toddlers, college-
                                                                      This is achieved by main-    bound teens and retirees are all
                                                                      taining a culture of hos-    part of the very special mix.
                                                                      pitality not only for our
                                                                      Members and guests but       At left: Games add to the spirit of
                                                                      also amongst members         celebration
                                                                      of our staff. The tenure     Below left: Star Leadership Award
                                                                      for Marines’ Memorial        recipient Mackenzie Jakoubek with
                                                                      employees is impressive.     Lecelia Harrison and Michael Allen
                                                                      Many choose to serve         Below right: Gen Myatt congratulates
                                                                      the Club for most of their   Eagle of the Year Jake Gonzales

24 Crossroads Fall 2011
                                             Grand Holiday Buffet Brunch
                                             with Live Musical Entertainment!

  tHUrsdAY 24 noveMber
  $49 per person $29 Children 12/under
reservAtIons: (415) 673-6672 x272

sPeCIAl Hotel PACkAge $459
 3 nights Standard Room + 2 Brunch Tickets
 thurs–sun · 24–27 november
reservAtIons: (415) 673-6672 x227

    New Year’s Eve 2011
     saturda 31 december 7p. m. to 2 a. m.

                ring in 2012 in grand style!
            reserve today at
                    or (415) 673-6672 x229
                   music cocktails hors d’oeuvres
              dinner dancing champagne party favors
                                                              $150 per person
                                                              $89 active duty

                                                                   Crossroads Fall 2011 25
        Your Perfect Holiday Party Begins…

          when you call the marines’ memorial.
              Whether you are planning the annual company holiday party or a special seasonal celebration
         for family and friends, Marines’ Memorial is the perfect choice in San Francisco. Elegance, history and
          impeccable service are our hallmarks. Let us do the planning so you can relax and enjoy your event.

              For pricing and availability, please complete our online rfp at
 , email us at
                            or give us a call at (415) 441-8562

26 Crossroads Fall 2011
                                                                                                                 Marine for Life

Update On
in march 2006, based on the vision of former                     Just think about this. The leadership of the largest university system in
Marines’ Memorial Board President Colonel Bucky              our nation met with the senior military officers in the state that has the larg-
Peterson, our governor announced in a press conference       est military population, to have a dialogue about these objectives:
the establishment of California’s “Troops to College”           •	 Provide	 course	 and	 direction	 for	 the	 CSU	 and	 Military	 Services	 in	
program. The program makes sense. One in nine of                    California
those serving on active duty in the US armed forces are         •	 To	strengthen	the	partnership	between	Campus	Veteran	Teams	and	
Californians. There are more service men and women                  the University’s Education Service Office
serving in California than any other state, and there           •	 Examine	the	Veterans	Admission	Program	(a	special	program	for	high	
are more Veterans living in California that any other               potential military)
state. Since 2006, leadership of the “Troops to College”        •	 How	to	serve	better	the	educational	needs	of	Veterans/Veteran	stu-
program has been provided by Bucky Peterson along                   dents
with Chancellor Charles Reed, who heads up the 23               •	 How	to	serve	better	the	educational	needs	of	wounded	warriors
campuses of the California State University System.             •	 How	to	better	prepare	the	service	members	for	transition	to	college.
    Five years later, just this past August, Chancellor          A highlight was the discussion of the Veterans Admission Program. The
Reed co-hosted a meeting at Camp Pendleton, along            Chancellor has established a program where military commanders can select
with Major General Tony Jackson, Commander of                qualified serving military who are approaching their end of active service to
Marine Corps Installations West, bringing together all       attend the CSU campuses…a guaranteed entry program! This is terrific!
the senior military officers in California with the presi-       If every state will emulate what is being done here, our young Veterans
dents of the 23 CSU campuses. This was an amazing            will be able to take advantage of the benefits they have earned.
and highly successful one-day conference.

SEMPER Fi FUND: A Call for Help
seven years ago, we published in article in                  the Veteran needs a vehicle. The Semper Fi Fund will pay the difference.
Crossroads describing the newly established Injured              The Fund also helps with costs to modify homes for wheelchairs or pur-
Marine Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund, as it             chase software so that the traumatic brain injured Veteran may relearn kin-
it now known, was formed by six wives of Marines             dergarten through high school. One truly amazing effort is “Team Semper
stationed at Camp Pendleton. Their husbands fought           Fi,” which now includes 260 wounded service member–athletes competing
in the first battle of Fallujah, Iraq in April 2004, when    in the Warrior Games in wheelchair racing, biathlon, sprint triathlon,
there were more wounded Marines than any time since          cycling, skiing, archery, and track and field. Several of the athletes aim to
the battle for Hue City in Vietnam in 1968. The Marine       compete next summer in the London Olympic Games.
wives formed the Semper Fi Fund to help families be              Since its inception, the Fund has assisted more than 6,000 service mem-
bedside as their Marines recovered from their wounds.        bers of all services. It has given out 30,000 grants totaling $50 million. The
    The scope of support provided by the Fund is truly       American Institute for Philanthropy assigned an A+ rating to the Fund and
amazing. In addition to family-support grants, the Fund      Charity Navigator gives the Fund a 4-star rating.
helps wounded service men and women in ways no                   We are providing this report on the Semper Fi Fund’s successes because
other charity will do. For example, a wounded who            their efforts are more necessary now than ever. More than 150 Marines
loses limbs may need a specially modified vehicle. These     are in hospitals today because they lost limbs in Afghanistan. Sixty-eight
vehicles typically cost more than $40,000. The VA will       of these are double amputees; twelve are triple amputees; and four are
only provide $27,000, telling the wounded to get a loan.     quadruple. These Marines will need our help for a long, long time. You can
But, to get a loan, a Veteran needs a job; to get a job,     make a donation at

                                                                                                                      Crossroads Fall 2011 27
                           Generous Contributions
                              to Sustain Our MMA Mission
            The Marines’ Memorial Association acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their
                          generous donations between December 1, 2010 and September 10, 2011.

                           O O O O O Perpetual Contributors ($25,000+) O O O O O
                        Land of the Free Foundation     One Union Recording Studios         The Madl Revocable Living Trust

                         O O O O Legacy Contributors ($10,000 to $24,999) O O O O
                                                LtCol Ronald A. Paige      Sheriff’s Charities, Inc.

                                 O O O Elite Contributors ($5,000 to $9,999) O O O
             Blue Star Moms, East Bay Chapter #101    Fitness Anywhere, Inc                     Some Gave All, The Joey Graves Foundation
             Dr. Terrell Bounds                       CAPT Richard R. Pohli, USN (Ret.)         Mr. Edmund L. Vollmer
             Eagles Up                                Secretary George P. Shultz

                                    O O Grand Contributors ($1,000 to $4,999) O O
    Mr. Henry C. Baker                                LtGen Robert B. Johnston, USMC (Ret.)            GySgt Brenda M. Rowen
    Mrs. Leone Baker                                  Col Kenneth D. Jordan, USMC (Ret.)               Mr. Warren E. Rupf
    Dr. Donald L. Barker                              CAPT W. Dale Kesselring, USN (Ret.)              Mr. Thomas E. Ryan
    SgtMaj Douglas R. Barr, USMC (Ret.)               Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Kessler, Jr.              S.E.C. Education Foundation
    Mrs. Octavia S. Barth                             Col G R. Klemmer, USMC (Ret.)                    Mrs. Jean E. Saunders
    Col Marvin S. Blair, USMC (Ret.)                  CAPT James E. Lacy, USN (Ret.)                   LtCol Norman L. Schoening, USAF (Ret.)
    The Boeing Gift Matching Program                  CPT Lesley R. Lederer, USA (Ret.)                1stLt Emmett W. Skinner, USMC (Ret.)
    Brown & Brown Insurance                           Wendy L. Lee                                     Mr. Stephen M. Snyder
    Mr. James D. Brown                                Mrs. Terry P Long                                Snyder Miller & Orton LLP
    CAPT William H. Browning, USN (Ret.)              CDR Jeffrey S Loving, USN (Ret.)                 CAPT Michael R. Steffenson, USNR (Ret.)
    Col William M. Callihan, USMC (Ret.)              Mr. Robert M. Mahr                               Michael D. Stenberg, M.D.
    MajGen Matthew P. Caulfield, USMC (Ret.)          CAPT Elgene G. Mainous, USN (Ret.)               Mr. Stephen R Stepler
    Mr. Michael W. Chadwick                           Capt Jesse Moore, USMC                           Mr. Charles W. Stewart
    CWO William M. Chionsini, USMC (Ret.)             Col Joseph J. O’Brien, USMC (Ret.)               Sun Trust Bank
    Ms. Joan L. Christie                              Mr. Donald W. Ozenbaugh, Jr.                     SYSCO
    Col Donald E. Christy, USMC (Ret.)                Gen Peter Pace, USMC (Ret.)                      LTC Thomas H. Takano, USA (Ret.)
    Contrast Productions                              Mr. Peter J. Paffrath                            Truist Comprehensive Distribution
    Dr. Fred Corley, USAF (Ret.)                      Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation               U.S. Marine Corps Coordinating Council
    Mr. Jon A. Dickson                                Mr. Jeffrey S. Parris                            Vietnam Veterans of America - Chapter 223
    Mr. Robert M. Dowd                                BG Frank A Partlow, Jr., USA (Ret.)              Mr. Jack W. Walker
    Capt & Mrs. Peter E. Dunkelberger, USMC           Mr. Jon W. Paulson                               Ms. Frances A. Weinberg
    Maj John J. Flaherty, USMC (Ret.)                 Col William E. Peacock, USMCR (Ret.)             CAPT Darnell M. Whitt USN (Ret.)
    Mr. Edgar Flowers                                 Mr. David Perez                                  Mr. Kristian Whitten
    Col Jack T. Garcia, USMC (Ret.)                   Col Harry W. Peterson, USMC (Ret.)               Mr. George Wiley
    Dr. James W. Gearhart, M.D.                       Mr. Quang X. Pham                                MajGen Thomas L. Wilkerson, USMC (Ret.)
    Mr. John D. Gomme                                 CWO Anthony J. Piscitelli, USN                   CPT Leland Wong, USA
    Col John T. Grablewski, USAF (Ret.)               Mr. Merlyn L. Pugh                               Col Robert B. Wright, USMCR (Ret.)
    Mr. John G. Halliday                              Mr. Mark F. Radcliffe                            Mr. Frank E. Xavier
    Gen Joseph P. Hoar, USMC (Ret.)                   The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay                  Gen Anthony C. Zinni, USMC (Ret.)
    CAPT William J. Hoskins, USN (Ret.)               Col H. Gary Roser, USMC (Ret.)

28 Crossroads Fall 2011
                                          O Major Contributors ($250 to $999) O
Mr. Gary L. Adams                      CAPT Ira Hearst Coen, USN (Ret.)         Mr. Joseph T. Giacinto                 CWO Vladimir N. Kuminoff,
Mr. Glenn N. Adams                     Mr. Guido E. Colla                       Dr. Paul W. Gikas                       USCG (Ret.)
Mr. Bruce Albertelly                   Mr. John W. Cooper                       Mr. Ivan H. Gilman                     LTC Robert C. Lacoste, USA (Ret.)
CAPT Jimmy E. Albright, USN (Ret.)     Col James A. Corwin, USAF (Ret.)         Mr. Walter H. Girdlestone              Dr. Barton Lane
COL Robert K. Allen, USA (Ret.)        Col Joseph W. Cotchett                   LtCol Joseph Glasgow, Jr.              LCDR Thomas F. Lantry, USN
Maj Robert L. Altick, USMC (Ret.)      LtCol Harry A. Cotesworth, USMC (Ret.)   CAPT Stephen J. Glawson, USN           LtCol Donovan K. Larson, USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Robert C. Aregger                  Mr. Kevin J. Coughlin                    Col Paul W. Glover, USMC (Ret.)        Primary Addressee
Mrs. Ann M. Arnold                     Capt John K Covey, USMC                  Golden Gate Breakfast Club             BG Michael E. Leeper, USA (Ret.)
Mr. Edgar D. Aronson                   Coyle Hospitality Group                  PO1 Candido Gomez, USN (Ret.)          Mr. Charles LeRoy
Mr. John J. Atwood, Jr.                Maj George S. Cripps, USMC (Ret.)        Dr. Mark Gorney                        CAPT Richard J. Leupold, USN (Ret.)
PO1 Warren Bacciocco, USN (Ret.)       Mr. Walter G. Crump III                  Mr. Michael J. Gothelf, M.D.           LtCol David D Lindsey, USAF (Ret.)
Mr. P. W. Bachan                       Mr. Stephen P. Cuff                      Gourmet Foods                          Dr. Malcolm L. Little, Ph.D.
Mrs. Maripaul S. Baier                 COL Sue E. Cunningham, USA (Ret.)        Mr. Dick Grace                         Mr. David Y. F. Liu
Dr. Thomas L. Balding                  LTC Daryl D. Cunningham, USA (Ret.)      Mrs. Rosemary C. Graham                Douglas S. Lloyd
Col Alan Baldwin, USMC (Ret.)          Mr. Daniel N. Cunningham                 Mr. Jeff Green                         Hon David W. Long
Bank of the West                       CAPT Thomas H. Curry, USN (Ret.)         LTC Antionette A. Griffin, USA         CDR James D. Lutton, USN (Ret.)
Mr. Raymond G. Barazoto                Mr. Benjamin W. Curry                    Maj William J. Griffin, USMC (Ret.)    Dr. Kevin P. Lynch
COL Frederick T. Barrett, USA (Ret.)   Dr. Donald J. Dal Porto                  Col Linda J. Griffith                  LtCol Peter H. Lyons, USMC (Ret.)
CAPT Kenneth R. Barry, USN (Ret.)      Col James W. Davis, Jr.                  Dr. James A. Grimes                    Mr. John T. Lyons
Richard A. Bass                        Mr. Daniel G. Davis                      Mr. Ray Groover                        Mr. M. D. MacCallum, Jr.
MCPO Eugene G. Bassett, USN (Ret.)     Mr. Thomas E. Dawkins                    Mr. Kenneth A. Guthrie                 CDR John H. MacKinnon, USN (Ret.)
LCDR George H. Bauer, USNR (Ret.)      Mr. Burley A. Daye                       CAPT Robert T. Hall, USN (Ret.)        Col Leroy A. Madera, USMC (Ret.)
Mr. Coy F. Baugh                       Dr. Robert J. DeKlotz                    MSgt William T. Hall, USMC (Ret.)      Col Charles E. Mahan
Mr. Philip E. Beauchamp                Mr. Douglas K deVries, D.M.D.            Capt Ronald L. Halstead, USMC (Ret.)   Mr. William C. Marckhoff
Mr. Edward G. Beddow                   Mr. John F. Dietrich                     Mr. James B. Hammer                    Mr. Stephen C. Martinelli
LtCol James W. Bell                    Mr. Kenneth R. Dillard                   Col Richard S. Harder, USAF (Ret.)     Mr. George T. Maye
Cpl Benedict E. Bellefeuille, USMC     CDR Carl A. Ditmore                      Col John H. Harrington, USAF (Ret.)    Mr. Dwayne Mc Clendon
CAPT Elgie L. Bellizio, USN (Ret.)     Mrs. Mary D. Dixon                       Dr. Hugh G. Harris, USA (Ret.)         Mr. Timothy B. Mc Grath
Mr. John J. Belsito                    Dr. Steven H. Dorfman                    Dr. Burr C. Hartman                    Mr. Robert A. Mc Lalan
CAPT Edward H. Belton, USN (Ret.)      Mr. Stanley A. Doten                     Mr. Don Haslett                        CAPT Irene M. McAleer, USN (Ret.)
Dr. Louis M. Benevento                 Mr. Joseph F. Dox                        COL Wilson A. Heefner, USA (Ret.)      George McCown
Dr. George W. Bensch                   CPO Raymond Draskovich                   Capt Christopher T. Heffelfinger,      LCDR Philip M. McGuire, USN (Ret.)
LtCol Linn D. Benson, USAF (Ret.)      Mr. Robert E. Drown                        USMC (Ret.)                          Dr. William C. McMaster
Col Terry J. Bergstrom, USAF (Ret.)    CAPT Thomas F. Drumm, USN (Ret.)         Mr. Gary B. Heinrichs                  Mr. Jesse D. Medlen
Mr. James D. Black                     LtCol Carl H. Dubac, USMC (Ret.)         Col Lee V. Heldt                       CAPT Raymond F. Mercker, USN (Ret.)
Ms. Josephine C. Blue                  Mrs. Joyce M. Dubay                      COL Paul B. Heller, USA (Ret.)         Mr. Henry L. Metzler
1stLt I. D. Blume, USMC (Ret.)         COL Richard G. Dubuque, USA (Ret.)       CAPT Ronald P. Hempel, USN (Ret.)      Michael J. Milbauer
Dr. John R. Bogie                      CAPT Denis C. Duffy, USN (Ret.)          Mr. Thomas S. Henderson                Mr. Barry E. Miller
Mr. Bruce L Boham                      CAPT Leslie H. Dunlap, USN               Mr. W. Dean Henrichs                   Mr. James R. Miller
LtCol Richard J. Borda, USMC (Ret.)    Mr. Ted W. Dutton                        Mr. & Mrs. Allan I. Herzog             Maj James M. Mitchell, USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Robert R. Bos                      Mr. Alan L. Earhart                      LtCol David A. Higley, USMC (Ret.)     Mr. John J. Mitchell, Jr.
CAPT John J. Bouvier, USN (Ret.)       Mr. John L. Easley                       Mr. Loren G. Hinkelman                 Mr. Robert H. Moon
LtCol Gregory Boyington, Jr.           MSgt Elmer T. Eells, USMC (Ret.)         Col Wesley G. Hinkle, USMC (Ret.)      Col Bobby B. Moorhatch, USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Edward B. Brackett                 EGO Enterprises                          Mr. Walter A. Hiskett                  Mr. Hiram B. Morgan
Mr. Michael P. Bradley                 CAPT William A. Elliot, USN (Ret.)       Col Richard C. Hoffman, USMC (Ret.)    MGySgt Samuel A. Morrow, Sr.
Mr. Theodore F. Brayer                 Mr. David G. Emerson                     CAPT Frank C. Holmes, USN (Ret.)       Mr. Thomas D. Murch
Mr. Scott Breed                        MCPO Robert C. Enders, USN (Ret.)        Mr. Robert A. Holub                    Mr. Wyche Murphy
CDR Patricia A. Breeding, USN (Ret.)   LtCol Donald C. Fenton                   Mr. Laurence P. Horan                  Mr. Glenn E. Murta
MSgt Albert J. Brink                   MAJ Thomas J. Ferrari, USA (Ret.)        Mr. Donald D. Horton                   LtCol Dillard O. Myers, USMC (Ret.)
Capt James V. Brooks, USAF (Ret.)      CAPT James V. Ferrero, USN (Ret.)        Mr. Michael J. Howard                  Col George M. Nakano
Mr. Roger L. Brown                     LtCol Oliver C. Field, USAF (Ret.)       LCDR John Hubner, USMC (Ret.)          Mr. William D. Norwood
Mr. Steven R. Bryan                    Wendy Fine                               Mrs. JoAnn M. Huff                     Mr. John D. O’Brien
1stSgt Wallace R. Burgh, USMC (Ret.)   Mr. Robert J. Fisher                     Mr. Robert E. Hurt                     Mr. William E. O’Connor
Mr. Harold H. Burns                    Mr. Charles T. Fitch                     Mr. Richard G. Hyman                   Capt Richard A. O’Day, USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Ralph T. Busby                     LCDR Adam L. Fleming, USN                International Pastry                   Mr. William T. Olmsted
Jerome H. Cahill                       Mr. Edward J. Fleming                    Mrs. Olga Irick                        Mr. S. Harry Orfanos
CAPT Rita Cain, USN (Ret.)             Mr. C. Nelson Fletcher                   Italian American Women’s Club          Mr. Gerald J Origlia
California Shellfish Co., Inc          Mr. Mahlon G. Foote                      Jewish Community Endowment Fund        Maj Edward M. O’Shaughnessy,
California Parking Company             Mr. Leroy Forehand                       Capt Kenneth A. Johnson                 USMC (Ret.)
Capt Homer R. Campbell                 Mr. James B. Foster                      Mr. Cyril H. Johnson                   Mr. Randell L. Oyler
Dr. W. L. Campbell                     Mr. Dean H. Francis                      Mr. Holland B. Johnson                 LtCol Larry F. Parsons, USMC (Ret.)
Mr. Charles L. Canfield                Col Denis J. Frank, USAF (Ret.)          Mr. Marvin L. Jungling                 Mr. John S. Pasco
Mr. Joshua A. Carpenter                CAPT Harold A. Frazier, USN (Ret.) II    LtCol Raymond W. Kalm, Jr.             Mr. Anthony Paskevich &
CWO John B. Carr, USMC (Ret.)          Mrs. Brenda N. Freeman                   Mr. Michael F. Kamprath                 Mrs. Claire Paskevich
Mr. George L. Carrere                  Maj General Donald J. Fulham,            Mr. Charles E. Kank                    Mr. Norman J. Paterson, Jr.
LtCol William F. Cashel, USAF (Ret.)    USMC (Ret.)                             Mr. Steven L. Kaverman                 Mr. Ray F. Pentz
Andrew N. Cattano, M.D.                MSgt Thomas A. Gafford, USMC (Ret.)      LTC Hugh N. Keel, USA (Ret.)           CAPT Denton L. Peoples, USN (Ret.)
Ms. Helen H. Chandler                  Col John A. Gagen, USMC (Ret.)           Mr. Francis D. Kelly                   Mr. Albert L. Petersen
Mr. Thomas R. Chatham                  Mr. Peter E. Galli, Jr.                  Mr. Peter C. Kelly                     LtCol Marshall L. Phillips, USMC (Ret.)
Dr. Stanley A. Clark, Jr.              CAPT Frank J. Gareis, USN (Ret.)         Mr. John M. Kemp                       Mr. Charles E. Phillips
CDR John Cleary, USN (Ret.)            Mr. Robert J. Garing                     CDR Robert J. Kish, USN (Ret.)         Mrs. Glenda J. Policastro
Mr. Edward T. Clifford                 LTC William K. Gay, USA (Ret.)           LtCol David E. Knop, USMC (Ret.)       Col Charles R. Poppe, USMC (Ret.)
Club One at Union Square               Mr. Donald R. Gerth                      Mrs. Margaret Y. Koenig
CDR Woodworth B. Clum, USNR (Ret.)     Col Kevork Ghourdjian, USAF (Ret.)       Mr. Dwight H. Kouns                                continues on next page

                                                                                                                                 Crossroads Fall 2011 29
    Mrs. Helen C. Prather              Schmitt Heating Co., Inc.                   Mrs. Elizabeth Stingley                 Viet Nam Veterans of Diablo Valley
    Mr. Charles W. Proses              LCDR Carl J. Schulz, USN (Ret.)             Mr. Rick A. Suerth                      Mr. Gary D. Villalba
    Mr. Jorge Ramirez                  Rear Admiral John A. Scott, USN (Ret.)      CDR Christine A. Sullivan, USN (Ret.)   Mr. Rahe H. Von Hoene
    Mr. Thomas J. Rauch                General Robert W. Sennewald, USA            Col Walter Sur                          CAPT Robert Wah, USN (Ret.)
    LtCol Philip H. Ray, USMC (Ret.)   (Ret.)                                      CSM Joseph R. Sweeney, USA (Ret.)       Dr. David W. Walkup
    LCDR Gordon R. Ray, USN (Ret.)     Mr. Walter R. Severson                      LtCol Cyrus B. Sweet, USAF (Ret.)       RADM William A. Walsh, USN (Ret.)
    Reno South Meadows Lions Club      Capt Harold P. Sexton                       Mr. Raymond H. Swentek                  Mrs. Claramae Weber
    Mr. Vincent E. Rigoni              Capt William B. Sexton, USMC                Tawani Foundation                       Dr. Peter G. Weiner
    Mr. Kenneth L. Riner               Shamrock Office Solutions                   Mr. Carl M. Taylor                      Mr. William T. White
    Mr. George P Rodgers               CAPT Eugene Shelar, USNR (Ret.)             Mr. James R. Taylor                     LtCol Sidney E Whiting III, USAF (Ret.)
    Mr. John P. Roediger               Mr. Joseph M. Shimmon, Jr.                  Mr. John B. Taylor                      CAPT Dicky Wieland, USN (Ret.)
    Col John M. Root, USAF (Ret.)      Mr. Frank J. Shissler                       Mr. William J. Taylor, Jr.              Wilcox Frozen Foods
    Rotary Club of Central Marin CA    2ndLt William J. Sichko, Jr.                CDR Thomas A. Techentin, USCG (Ret.)    Mr. Verne M. Willaman
    Dr. Donald E. Roy                  Col Gene R. Simonson                        Mrs. Olivia B. Thebus                   CAPT L. Irving Williams, Jr., USN (Ret.)
    Mr. Noel Michael Rucka             RADM Andy M. Singer, USN (Ret.)             Col John C. Thomas, USMCR (Ret.)        Mr. Edwin L. Willson
    Col David S. Russell               Mr. Robert W. Skelton                       Mr. Robert B. Thompson                  Mr. Ehrhard K. A. Winkelbrandt
    Mr. Ray P. Russell                 Dr. Robert B. Small                         LtCol John B. Tiberi, USAF (Ret.)       Col David L. Wittle, USMC (Ret.)
    Mr. Richard L. Russell             Mr. Charles T. Smith                        Mr. Michael Tomlinson, D.M.D            Mr. Kai M. Wong
    CAPT William L. Sale, USN (Ret.)   Col Robert W. Smothers, USAF (Ret.)         Dr. Joe P. Tupin                        CDR Paul J. Wotowic, USN
    Mr. George Sallay                  Mrs. Theresa M. Sousa                       Mr. Herbert W. Tuttle                   Mr. Joel A. Wright
    Ms. Susan S. Salt                  Col William A. Speary, USMC (Ret.)          LTC Patti J. Urbanec, USA               Mr. Joseph A. Wynne, Jr.
    San Francisco Fine Bakery          MAJ Ronald S. Speigle, USA (Ret.)           Mr. Robert G. Van Horne                 MSG Fredrick J. Yerrick, USA (Ret.)
    Ms. Barbara Santry                 St. Francis Yacht Club                      Mr. Ronald G. VandenBerghe              Capt John S. Young, USAF (Ret.)
    Mr. Christopher E. Schabacker      LtGen Henry C. Stackpole, USMC              Lt Fred A. Varni                        Mr. Douglas R. Young
    Mr. Fredrick H. Schatz             (Ret.)                                      MSgt Ronald M. Vater, USMC (Ret.)
    Mr. Robert A. Scheel               Col William R. Starke, M.D.                 Vegiworks
    CAPT H. Alton Schick, USN (Ret.)   LtCol William L. Stein, USMC (Ret.)         Mr. John G. Vidosh
    Mr. Jeremy D. Schlarb              Col & Mrs. Ronald G. Stepler, USAF (Ret.)

                   Recent “In Honor and In Memory” Contributions to the Living Memorial
    Maj Eric I. Mackintosh              Ms. Pauline J. Bonze                       Mr. John P. Keane                   Dr. Michael A. Clarke
    In honor of                         In memory of                               In memory of                        In memory of
    ALL FALLEN HEROES                   Sgt Ray Bonze, USMC (Ret.)                 Thomas Feeney                       Don Henriksen
    CDR Vernon P. Simmons, USN          Mr. James R. Miller                        COL James R. Robinson, USA (Ret.) SSgt Henry L. Tassinari
    In honor of                         In memory of                               In memory of                      In memory of
    All Navy People                     Sgt A. M. Carlson 2/1 VN                   Royce Flowers                     Mr. Charles E Hoonan
    Ms. Barbara A. Anderson             Mr. Louis H. George                        Carl Leroy Frazier                  The following donations are
    In memory of                        In honor of                                In honor of                         In memory of
    Roy C Anderson                      Cathy & Ben Tisa’s Wedding                 Aaron Frazier                       Mr. William O Hunt
    Dr. Donald L. Barker                The following donations are                Dr. Coral Smith                        Penelope F. Hunt
    In memory of                        In memory of                               In memory of                           Virginia & Francis Satalin
    SSgt Faoa (AP) Apineru, USMC        Capt Frank F Clifford, Jr.                 LCDR Raymon Garcia, USN             LtCol Gene E. Brennan, USMC (Ret.)
    Mrs. Eleanor C. Arnberg                Thomas Bowersox                         CAPT Peter H. Orvis, USN (Ret.)     In honor of
    In memory of                           Mr. Kenneth W. Waldorf                  In memory of                        MMA
    LTC Wilber H Arnberg, USA (Ret.) Mr. Arthur L. Bowie, Jr.                      Col William F. Gately, Jr.          Clayton Jacoby
    Mr. Raymond G. Barazoto          In memory of                                  CAPT Stephen J. Glawson, USN        In honor of
    In memory of                     LCpl Chris Cosgrove III                       In honor of                         Gene G. Jacoby
    Ben Barazoto                        Col William A. Speary, USMC (Ret.)         CWO2 George Glawson, Sr             Timothy J. Paul
    Donaldine McRae                     In memory of                               Mr. John D. Gomme                   In memory of
    In memory of                        2ndLt Dick Davis                           In memory of                        Mr. Richard “The Joker” Jokinen
    Mr. Harold L Basinger               Mrs. Lamar C Dempster                      Mrs. Mary Ann Gomme                 Ms. Susan Page
    Mr. James R. Miller                 In memory of                               Mrs. Caryl J. Hansen                In lieu of flowers for
    In memory of                        LCDR Thomas C Dempster, Jr.                In memory of                        Mrs. Bella Jung
    Cpl Bill Battreall, USMC            Mr. Joseph A Giordano                      LtCol Joseph K. Griffis, Jr.        Mr. Glenn L. Keyes
    Mrs. Irene Bell                     In memory of                               Mr. Roderick A. Stewart             In memory of
    In memory of                        Marine Corps Maj J. S. DiGiorgio           In memory of                        Richard Keyes
    Mr. Philip A Bell                   Mrs. Helen E Ernst                         Donald Lee Harrison                 CDR Stephen E. Jacobson, USNR (Ret.)
    SSgt Henry L. Tassinari             In memory of                               Maj George E. Frakes, USAF (Ret.)   In memory of
    In memory of                        CAPT Charles M Ernst, USN (Ret.)           In memory of                        1stLt Norman E. Lane
    Bill Boldenweck                     Dr. Akiko Masakawa                         1stLt Robert L. Henny
    Mr. Donald S. Tennenbaum            In memory of
    In memory of                        Dr. Maria L Falter
    Bill Boloenweck

30 Crossroads Fall 2011
Mrs. Jacqueline Larsen                    Mr. Enrique P. Mercado              Susie Calhoun                      Gayle Ventura
In honor of                               In honor of                         In memory of                       In honor of
MGySgt Arthur A Larsen, USMC (Ret.)       Mr. Edward Mercado, USN             Coco Regnolds                      GySgt Robert E. Ventura
Mr. John F. Schmidt                       Mrs. Caryl M. Harvey                Marianne Johnson                   Mr. Edgar Flowers
In memory of                              In memory of                        In memory of                       In honor of
CDR Donald L. Ledbetter, USN (Ret.)       GySgt Guy E Messina, USMC (Ret.)    Coco Regnolds                      Frank P. Verducci, Jr.
Richard Gribling                          Dr. Akiko Masakawa                  The following donations are        Mr. Carleton E. Rowe
In memory of                              In memory of                        In memory of                       In memory of
LtCol Scott Lindsey                       Dr. Florence Miyahara               Mrs. La Verne M Regnolds           Joan Wariner
CWO Joseph E. Intaschi                    Capt Nicholas L. Feakins, USMC         Edna Btuthe                     Mr. Kristian Whitten
In memory of                              In memory of                           Donald J. Diltz                 In memory of
LtCol Richard H Lohsen                    Col Joseph Motelewski, USMC            Phyllis Fachner                 Mrs. Katherine Whitten
                                                                                 Daniel A. Fachner
Lieutenant William C. Hanzlik, USCG       Ms. Evelyn V. Mullaly                  Mr. C. Nelson Fletcher          Herb Williams
In memory of                              In memory of                           Mr. & Mrs. Norman Golden        In memory of
Col John X Loughran, USAF (Ret.)          Harry Mull                             June Hansen                     SSgt Jesse Williams
CAPT and Mrs. Jack E. Hanzlik, Jr., USN   Col George L. Newton, USMC (Ret.)      J. Ted Oakley                   Mr. Thomas F. Fricke
In memory of                              In memory of                           Gladys A. Russell               In honor of
Col John X Loughran, USAF (Ret.)          LCpl Barrie Newton, USMC (Ret.)        Janet Von Toussaint             Wounded Vets
                                                                                 Marilyn Wasmuth
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hanzlik                   Mr. Charles J. Elliott                                                 Jack Zee
In memory of                              In memory of                        Mr. Henry O. Trowbridge            In memory of
Col John X Loughran, USAF (Ret.)          Michael Nicolet                     In memory of                       Lily Zee
                                                                              LtCol Ernest J Ribera, USMCR
CDR Jeffrey S Loving, USN (Ret.)          Col Forrest E. Storz, USAF (Ret.)
In memory of                              In memory of                        The following donations are
Matthew Loving                            Dave Nixon                          In memory of
                                                                              Capt Robert E Shea, USMC (Ret.)
Scott McComas                             West-Fair Electric Contractors, Inc
                                                                                 Philomena Bancroft
In honor of                               In memory of
                                                                                 Raymond D. Colburn
Winters McComas                           John O’Rourke
                                                                                 Cherrie W. Doggett
LtCol James M. McWalters, USMC (Ret.)     Jack & Helen Cunningham                Tim & Ramey Emmell
In memory of                              In memory of                           Nancy Fouchs
Evelyn McWalters                          Col Samuel Owens                       James & Christine Kernan
CWO Joseph E. Intaschi                    Bryan and Linda Yager                  Maureen Stadtler
In memory of                              In memory of                        Maria Simpson
Mr. Jack McBride                          Col Samuel Owens                    In memory of
Mrs. Marie D Intaschi                     Sun Trust Bank                      Abe & Jonathan Simpson
In memory of                              In honor of                         Timothy J. Paul
Mr. Jack McBride                          Mr. Jon W Paulson                   In memory of
BrigGen Wilson C. Cooney, USAF (Ret.)     SSgt Henry L. Tassinari             Uncle Robert Gilman
In memory of                              In memory of                        COL William J. Dieal, USA (Ret.)
Maj Vincent McDonald                      Toshiko Reagan                      In memory of
Mr. Samuel G. McGrath                                                         1stLt Frank Urso, USMCR
In memory of
Daniel B. McGrath

     The Marines’ Memorial Association Welcomes These Members to Benefactor Status

        LT Nicholas J. Bulls, USN                     LtCol Lawrence E. Klusman, Jr.             Mr. Jesse L. Stackhouse
        Capt Peter F. Carpenter, USAF                 GySgt William D. McPoil, USMC              LtCol Edward Stepien, USMC (Ret.)
        MSgt Kent W. De Santis, USMC (Ret.)           1stLt James P. O’Neill, USMC               Mr. Ian B. Thomson
        CAPT Larry M. Egbert, USN (Ret.)              Mr. Chong C. Park                          LT Clinton A. Trocchio, USCG
        Dr. Jonathan B. Fugitt, USN                   Mr. Brian P. Smith                         CDR Clifford K. Wakatake, USN (Ret.)
        Mr. Grant D. Gillham

                                                  Thank you for your support.
                                                                                                                          Crossroads Fall 2011 31
Know Your Association

   “For every minute you are angry you lose          want to hire veterans, including several        “There can be no friendship without
   sixty seconds of happiness.”                      headed by retired Marine general officers.      confidence, and no confidence without
                    —Ralph Waldo Emerson             These outfits, Amos said, “are vetted, so       integrity.” —Samuel Johnson
                                                     they’re not some flunky organization that
   “Let no man pull you low enough to hate           just wants to get them in to make money.”       “We lie loudest when we lie to our-
   him.” —Martin Luther King Jr.                        Expecting there will be a percentage of      selves.” —Eric Hoffer
                                                     Marines who aren’t sure what they want
   Report Card on Active Duty Transi-                                                                Keeping the Marines’ Memorial Club
                                                     to do when they get out, the TAP office
   tioning to Civilian Life                                                                          an Attractive Place to Stay
                                                     will help them write an effective résumé
   Reactions to our “Report Card” article in                                                         If you’ve been here lately, you must have
                                                     and explore options they might not have
   the Spring Crossroads have been lively.                                                           noticed that we have brand new beds, new
   Several Members who were critical of                                                              bed covers, new pillows, and new, fluffier
                                                        “It will succeed, and it will be the model
   the current Transition Assistance Program                                                         towels. We have a wonderful housekeep-
                                                     for the Department of Defense,” Amos
   (TAP) wrote asking that we continue to                                                            ing department and they are intent to
                                                     said. “It’s going to change, and it’s not
   tell about the changes the Marine Corps is                                                        keep our rooms as the cleanest and fresh-
                                                     going to be one size fits all.”
   implementing in its TAP. For that reason,                                                         est rooms anywhere. Internet access is free
   we are repeating the article in the Marine       “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”       and very fast. The room safes will remain
   Corps Times cover story on 13 June, as           —William Shakespeare                             and, due to the demand, we’re keeping
   follows:                                                                                          refrigerators in the rooms. Our fitness
     “In about 18 months, Marines will see a        “Women and cats will do as they please,          center is top-notch and, as guests, you can
     completely revamped Transition Assis-          and men and dogs should relax and get            use it free of charge. Besides having com-
     tance Program,” Commandant General             used to the idea.”                               plimentary breakfast, we have a special fea-
     Amos said. Marines will be brought into                           —Robert A. Heinlein           ture: With advance notice, you can bring
     the transition process six months before                                                        your family pet. Yes, we are pet friendly…
     their end-of-active-service date for a dis-    Our Reciprocal Clubs                             and you might find us in the Leatherneck
     cussion about their plans and for help         We have a very good collection of Recip-         Lounge for the complimentary happy hour.
     organizing the steps needed to get there.      rocal Clubs and we know you Members
     If college or other higher education is the    appreciate this benefit of membership.           “Perfection is a road, not a destination.
     focus, Marines will get help selecting the     The most popular are the Army Navy               Every time I live, I get an education.”
     right path, preparing to take the SAT and      Club in Washington, DC, located one                                           —Burk Hudson
     getting their records up to date. The Corps    block from the White House, and,The
                                                    New York Athletic Club, located on               “The only source of knowledge is experi-
     will even help Marines fill out applications                                                    ence.” —Albert Einstein
     for school and learn how to write an effec-    South Central Park. Four of our Recipro-
     tive résumé.                                   cal Clubs are in New York City; 3 are in
                                                                                                     More Care Packages for the Troops in
        For Marines interested in a trade such      Washington, DC; 12 are in the UK; 1 is
     as welding, carpentry or pipe fitting, or      in Ireland; 7 are in Australia; and 13 are
                                                                                                     We continue to ask for your donations to
     those who want to become electricians,         in Canada. A significant number of these
                                                                                                     help us send “care packages” to our troops
     stone workers or mechanics, the new TAP        clubs were brought to our attention by our
                                                                                                     in Afghanistan. Every single dollar you
     will help with admission into a recognized     Members. We thank them for helping us
                                                                                                     donate goes directly to the project. We
     union trade school apprenticeship pro-         expand this program. Most of the Recip-
                                                                                                     know the troops appreciate the TRX sus-
     gram. By the time their EAS date arrives,      rocal Clubs are private clubs with dress
                                                                                                     pension trainers because it’s tough to stay
     they’ll be all set to start.                   codes. You can find a link to them on our
                                                                                                     in shape in some of the remote areas. This
        The new TAP also will help Marines          website
                                                                                                     past mail-out included a healthy shipment
     network with known organizations that                                                           of school supplies for the Marines to give to

32 Crossroads Fall 2011
Afghan school children. Every single dollar     “If you’re not making mistakes, then           Our Mission and Purposes
you donate goes directly to the project.        you’re not doing anything. I’m positive        The mission of the Marines’ Memorial
                                                that a doer makes mistakes.”                   Association:
“When I was young I thought that money                                  —John Wooden               “Maintain a Living Memorial honoring
was the most important thing in life; now
                                                                                               Marines and other Veterans of the United
that I am old I know that it is.”               Tell Other Veterans About the                  States Armed Forces, including Regular and
                             —Oscar Wilde       Marines’ Memorial Club                         Reserve Components, the US Coast Guard,
                                                We depend on Veterans spreading the            the US Merchant Marine, and their reserves;
“The trouble with weather forecasting is
                                                word about the benefits of membership          to educate and perpetuate the achievements
that it’s right too often for us to ignore it
                                                in the Marines’ Memorial Association.          and the sacrifices of these Veterans; and to aid
and wrong too often for us to rely on it.”
                                                You can help us by telling other Veterans      and assist these Veterans.”
—Patrick Young
                                                some of the benefits of membership. In our         We like to say that our purposes are to:
Memorial Plaques at the Marines’                Member Get a Member Program, you can           “Commemorate, Educate and Provide Ser-
Memorial                                        earn free night stays at your Club. Point      vices.” We commemorate the sacrifices of
A wonderful way to honor a friend and           them to our website at www.MarineClub.         our Veterans; we educate the public about
loved one who served honorably in our           com. (Be sure and tell them to list you as a   those sacrifices through our programs; and
Nation’s military is to order a plaque to       reference when they join).                     we provide services to those brave young
place in our Memorial Hall here at Marines’                                                    men and women currently serving in the
                                                “If you put the federal government in
Memorial Club. You can order by filling out                                                    US Armed Forces.
                                                charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years
the form below. The donation is $500. You       there’d be a shortage of sand.” —Milton        “A typical vice of American politics is
will be able to take a tax deduction of $350    Friedman                                       the avoidance of saying anything real
for your donation of the plaque.
                                                                                               on real issues.” —Theodore Roosevelt
                                                “Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that
“The hottest places in hell are reserved        where the fruit is?”—Frank Scully              “The handwriting on the wall may be a
for those, who in times of moral crisis, do
                                                                                               forgery.” —Ralph Hodgson
nothing.” —Dante Alighieri                      “In war, there are no unwounded
                                                soldiers.” —Jose Narosky

                                To order a MeMorial plaque, please coMpleTe and fax or Mail THis forM wiTH payMenT To:
                                415.563.5820; Memorial plaques, Marines’ Memorial club, 609 sutter st., san francisco, ca 94102
                                Name: _________________________________________Member number: ________________
                                Address: ______________________________________________________________________
                                City, State, Zip:_________________________________________________________________
                                            (     )
                                Telephone: __________________________________Email: _____________________________
                                Plaque Information
                                Seal (circle one): Marine          Navy      Army      Air Force     Coast Guard
                                Line 1: _______________________________________________________________________
                                Line 2: _______________________________________________________________________

  Honor                         Line 3: _______________________________________________________________________
                                Line 4: _______________________________________________________________________

   THeir                        Line 5: _______________________________________________________________________
                                Line 6: _______________________________________________________________________

  MeMory                        Plaque donation: $500. Additional donation: _________________ Total: _______________
                                Payment method (circle one): Cash Check Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners)
  with a Memorial Plaque at
                                Credit Card number: ______________________________________ Exp: ________________
 the Marines’ Memorial Club
                                Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ________________

                                                                                                                      Crossroads Fall 2011 33
looking back

                             A Living MeMoriAL from page 3

                               The Marines’ Memorial Club is a twelve story building with 138 guest
                               rooms and suites; the Leatherneck Steakhouse, the twelfth floor
                               dining room with a vibrant view of San Francisco’s bridges; a library;
                               and a world-class health club with a lap swimming pool.

                               Membership in the Marines’ Memorial Club is open to all Veterans of
                               the United States Armed Forces. Effective 1 January 2005, by virtue
                               of Veterans’ contributions, the Association is able to offer free annual
                               membership to all Currently Serving members of the US Armed
                               Forces who come to stay at the Marines’ Memorial Club to use the
                               facility. For members and their guests who stay overnight in the
                               Club, the room rates are the most reasonable in San Francisco; and,
                               also effective 1 January 2005, because of our Regular Membership
                               support, Currently Serving members of the US Armed Forces can
                               stay at the Marines’ Memorial Club for $79 Sunday through Thurs-
                               day, and $99 on Friday and Saturday.

                               Members may use the club for the observance of the occasions that
                               are significant in their own personal lives, such as reunions, weddings,
                               and receptions. The most gratifying experience may be the spontane-
                               ous camaraderie with those who share like values and ideals.

                               The deliberate, delicate mission of the Marines’ Memorial Club con-
                               tinues: “A tribute to those who have gone before; and a service to
                               those who carry on.” While browsing amidst the Club’s commemo-
                               rative exhibits, take a few moments to listen to the voices that speak
                               from the books, the photos, the citations, and the artwork. The
                               Marines’ Memorial Club is theirs and you are welcome in their home.

34 Crossroads Fall 2011 07
34 Crossroads Fall 2008
              Spring 2 0
looking back

Crossroads Fall 2008 35
Marines’ Memorial Association                                                                            NONPROFIT ORG.
609 Sutter Street                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
San Francisco, CA 94102
tel 415.673.6672
                                                                                                          PERMIT No. 4659
fax 415.441.3649
                                                                                                          San Francisco, CA

The Marines’ Memorial Association is a non-profit 501(c)(19) Veterans organization.

                            October 20
                            cup chat: a revolution of sailing
                            The Tonight Show meets The America’s Cup, with racing’s top personalities.

                            October 28-31
                            4 lads froM liverpool tribute to the Beatles
                            Journey back to the ’60s on a magical mystery tour.

                            November 19
                            Whose live anyWay?
                            Hilarious improvised comedy and song, based on audience suggestions.

                            December 10
                            guitarist eduardo fernández
                            Uruguay-born Fernandez is recognized as one of today's leading guitarists.

                            December 2-4
                            caMinos flaMencos “solo flamenco”
                            Emmy Award-winning choreographer Yaelisa brings new works, highlighting the traditional

                            December 13-31
                            Michael londra’s celtic yuletide
                            Let the renowned lead singer of Riverdance sweep you away to Christmas in Ireland.

       for tickets:                                           (415) 771-6900

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