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					              National Guard Bureau Chaplain Corps
               Air National Guard Readiness Center
                    December 2011 Newsletter

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                    Page 1
                              National Guard Bureau Chaplain Corps
                               Air National Guard Readiness Center
                              3501 Fetchet Avenue * Shepperd Hall
                               Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762-5157

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                    Page 2
                 Message from the Chief, Ch, Col Les Hyder, ANG Chaplain Corps
Greetings from the NGB/HC Staff members. It is my pleasure to announce the selection of our new Deputy
Director–Ch, Col Steve Chisolm. Ch Chisolm has been our ANG Assistant to the Chaplain Corps College for
the past two years, where many of you have met him (Bio attached). Please join me in welcoming Steve to this
new position, where he will undoubtedly continue to serve with distinction.

We also have good news from AF/HC that Chaplains are now allowed to wear the faith group insignia again on
the ABU hat. This was an administrative mistake made in the AFI rewrite. We heard concerns from many of
you about this change, so we join you in celebrating this reversal.

The Fall holiday season is quickly approaching and we are praying for all of you in the civilian parish as your
lives get very busy. Last year the holiday season on the ANG brought a flurry of suicides. Therefore we are
asking all of our HC sections across the country to be extra vigilant between now and January 2012. Every life
we save is a tremendous contribution, so thank you for mitigating these tragedies whenever possible.

The Joint Chaplain Conference has been cancelled, so we are in the midst of planning for an ANG conference in
conjunction with the ANG Safety Summit. The dates will be 23-27 April 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We
apologize for this inconvenience, but hope you can understand the budgetary constraints we are facing here at
the NGB. In Milwaukee, our focus audience will still be our younger airmen – those with fewer than 10 years
of experience in the AFSC. All of the briefings will be geared to their needs. Then, in FY 13 we will focus
again on bringing the Wing Chaplains & NCOIC’s to our conference. We ask Wing Chaplains to encourage &
support their young Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants to attend. May I thank all of you who submitted
nominations for the ANG Chaplain & Chaplain Assistant of the Year. We have a record number of packages &
the boards will be held this fall. The award winners will be announced at the HC conference in April. On
behalf of the HC staff may I extend to all of you a Happy Holiday Season and express our sincere gratitude for
your service in the ANG Chaplain Corps!

This week I was at the National Defense University and discovered “General Colin Powell’s Rules”. Perhaps
some of you have seen them before, but they are worth sharing again:
   1. It isn’t as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning.
   2. Get mad and then get over it.
   3. Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.
   4. It can be done!
   5. Be careful what you choose. You may get it.
   6. Don’t let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision.
   7. You can’t make someone else’s choices. You shouldn’t let someone else make yours.
   8. Check small things.
   9. Share credit.
   10. Remain calm. Be kind.
   11. Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers.
   12. Have a vision. Be demanding.
   13. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

With a grateful heart,
Ch, Col Les Hyder
December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                        Page 3
                                   TEXAS AIR NATIONAL GUARD

State Headquarters
Texas Air National Guard
Camp Mabry, Austin TX


                                  Chaplain Chisolm is the Air National Guard Assistant to the Commandant,
                                  United States Air Force Chaplain Corps College, Fort Jackson, South
                                  Carolina. In this capacity he represents Air National Guard Chaplaincy to
                                  the Commandant, reviewing proposals and making recommendations to the
                                  Commandant on matters of policy, programs, operations, and utilization of
                                  the ANG HC community and this community’s interface with Chaplain
                                  Corps College programs.

                                  After serving nine years as an enlisted Security Policeman, Chaplain Chisolm
                                  was commissioned in 1984 through the Academy of Military Science, I.G.
                                  Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center, McGee Tyson
                                  Air National Guard Base, Tennessee.

1980 Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice, William Carey College, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
1987 Squadron Officer School, Non-resident course
1992 Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling; Master of Arts in Religious Education, Southwestern
Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas
1997 Air Command and Staff College, Non-resident course
2005 Doctor of Ministry, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, Fort
Worth, Texas
2006 Master of Strategic Studies, Air War College, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

1. 1976-1984, Security Policeman (Enlisted), 186th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, Key Field Air National
Guard Base, Mississippi
2. 1984-1989, Administration Officer, 186th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, Key Field Air National Guard
Base, Mississippi
3. 1989-1992, Commander, Services Flight, 186th Air Refueling Wing, Key Field Air National Guard Base,

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                       Page 4
4. 1992-1997, Chief Social Actions, 186th Air Refueling Wing, Key Field Air National Guard Base, Mississippi
5. 1997-2003, Chaplain, 136th Airlift Wing, Hensley Field & NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas
6. 2003-2009, Wing Chaplain, 136th Airlift Wing, NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas
7. 2009-2010, Air National Guard Assistant to the Command Chaplain, Air Education and Training Command,
Randolph Air Force Base, Texas
8. 2010-Present, Air National Guard Assistant to the Commandant, United States Air Force Chaplain Corps
College, Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Meritorious Service Medal
Air Force Commendation Medal          1 device
Air Force Achievement Medal           3 devices
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award      1 device
Air Reserve Meritorious Service Medal 2 devices
National Defense Service Medal        1 device
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Air Force Longevity Service           5 devices
Armed Forces Reserve Medal            2 devices
Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon
Air Force Training Ribbon

Mississippi Medal of Efficiency
Mississippi War Medal
Mississippi Service School Medal           9 devices
Mississippi Longevity Medal
Texas Faithful Service Medal               1 device

National Guard Association of Texas-Life Member
National Guard Association of the United States-Life Member
Air Force Association-Life Member
Military Chaplains Association

Second Lieutenant  06 DEC 1984
First Lieutenant   04 MAR 1987
Captain            18 JUL 1989
Major              06 FEB 1994
Lieutenant Colonel 06 FEB 2001
Colonel            10 MAR 2010

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                     Page 5
                                      The ANG Strong Bonds Team
                                 ―Wishing everyone a great holiday season‖

The Strong Bonds Team wishes to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your
tremendous efforts and passion throughout the year as you take great care of our Airmen and their families.
You have all contributed in making our ANG Strong Bonds Training Program a huge success and we are most
appreciative. As we close-out our first quarter and the end of our calendar year, we will embark on some of our
busiest months-February, April, June and July. Each of these training sessions will be met with much great
enthusiasm and some challenges.

Though our ANG Strong Bonds training and funding requirements have been approved for FY 2012 as
submitted, we reserve the right to adjust as needed due to funding limitations, budget cuts and the CRA if it
continues into the second quarter. Accordingly, we will notify each and every unit affected as to any changes in
time to adjust events, contracts, etc. In spite of possible challenges, we anticipate a continued interest
throughout 2012 due to the joint participation with our ARNG counterparts, more Wing hosted events and the
overwhelming desire for Singles, Couples and Families to participate in the Strong Bonds Program.
In order to meet our program needs, several consolidated training courses will be offered to prepare our RST’s
(Unit Ministry Team Chaplains, Chaplain Assistants and Volunteer Support Spouses) to conduct the required
training events. Below is a listing of upcoming SB Instructor Training Courses:

4-9 December 2011 – Honolulu, HI
5-10 February 2012 – Seattle, WA
21-27 April – Location TBA (In Concert w/Executive Safety Summit and Chaplain Corp Conference)
10-15 June 2012 – St Louis, MO
August – San Antonio, TX (date TBA)
October – Charlotte, NC (date TBA)

Again, thanks to every Chaplain, Chaplain Assistant, Key Volunteer and Airman and Family Readiness
Program Coordinator for your continued support and efforts to make the ANG Strong Bonds Program a success.
Your efforts have a direct and positive impact on our Airmen and their respective Families. If you have any
questions or concerns regarding your 2012 Event Initiatives, AAR’s or Training Courses, please contact either
Mr. Ed Brown at 334-718-2572, or MSgt Rosalind DiYanni at 240-612-7310, Again, the ANG Strong Bonds Team wishes you and your families the very best
of Holidays!


Chaplain David Reynolds, MSgt Rauz DiYanni and Mr. Ed Brown

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                        Page 6
                  Don’t Find your way alone—Join in the NGB/HC Mentoring Initiative!

As either a Chaplain or a Chaplain Assistant, you will face many challenges in your Military Ministry….Many
will depend on you for your Spiritual Strength, Sense of Calling and Moral Support during their crises. So
where do you go when you need someone to turn to for advice and encouragement?

A Mentor can help make that crucial difference-the difference between going it alone and just struggling
through, and maybe not even getting through the challenge very well. A mentor can ask the right question or
provide that word of encouragement that could help you continue to make your ministry and service as a
Chaplain or a Chaplain Assistant the best it can be.

                  Don’t Find your way alone—Join in the NGB/HC Mentoring Initiative!

To participate in the Mentoring Initiative as a Mentor or Protégé please return the requested forms attached in
the newsletter to; Questions? Please contact Ch, Maj Colin Smith, Comm: 240
612 7751; Cell: 301 979 0535 or e-mail: God Bless you.

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                          Page 7
                                  As of 16 November 2011

1. Make sure Standardized Duty Titles are updated in MiLPDS
Reference: AFI 52-101, Paragraphs 2.1.1 and 2.2.1

2. Do an annual Memo For Record (MFR) which shows religious literature and materials have been approved
by the Wing Chaplain
Reference: AFI 52-101, Paragraph 4.4

3. Make sure your Contingency Support Operating Instruction (CSOI) is approved with MAJCOM prior to
Reference: AFI 52-104, Paragraph 5.1.6

4. Make sure your CSOI is pertinent to the Guard- not just a re-labeling of an active duty CSOI. Will it cover
Title 32 missions?
Reference: AFI 52-104, Paragraph 5.1.2

5. Make sure you have Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) with local active duty chaplain corps if including
them in your CSOI
Reference: AFI 52-104, Paragraph 5.1.6

6. Make sure you have contracts and Statements of Work (SOW) for any local clergy identified to support the
HC mission in contingencies and/or on-going basis and who are paid
Reference: AFI 52-104, Paragraph 5.1.6; Reference: AFI 52-105V4, Paragraph 1.5

7. Make sure you have annual MFRs with all local clergy listed in CSOI, all non-chaplain worship leaders, all
religious study group leaders which briefs them on what they can and cannot do regarding being involved in the
base chapel programming
Reference: AFI 52-101, Paragraphs 2.3 and

8. Don’t use copyrighted materials to include song lyrics without permission
Reference: Title 17 USC, Chapter 1, Sections 102 to 106 and Chapter 5, Section 501

9. Do needs assessments: MFRs from conversations, meetings/ hard copies of surveys conducted (should date
back at least 3 yrs but start now if you haven’t done one), meet with the Wing Commander as to his/ her vision
for the HC mission- record it with an MFR or email exchange
Reference: AFI 52-105, Volume 1, Paragraph 5

10. Enlisted Training Program
- Ensure oversight of enlisted training program.
  -- Unit Training Manager and supervisor must conduct training progress review at the 36th month for member
in upgrade training.
  -- Unit Training Manager did must ensure trainers are scheduled to attend Air Force Training Course.
  -- Develop a master training plan to ensure completion of all work center duty position requirements.
  -- Document training progression for members in upgrade training.
  -- Transcribe training records to new CFETP.
  -- Integrate training with work center operations.
AFI 36-2201, Paragraphs 6.6, and 6.7

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                      Page 8
11. If you have a chapel facility- called chapel, used as a chapel- do not use as a multi-purpose facility
Reference: AFI 52-105, Volume 1, Paragraph 4.1.2 and AFH 32-1084, Section G and Paragraph

12. Annually exercise and record with MFR the chapel contingency support OI
Reference: AFI 52-104, Paragraph 5.1.6

13. Your Ministry Action Plan should:
- Provide a clear picture to the wing commander to what the needs are, how you validated the needs, the cost to
the CC, a calendar of events to show how the needs will be met, and how you will evaluate your plan.
- Reflect particular needs, requirements and resources of the wing. Therefore, every plan will be different.
- Meet HAF/HC ministry priorities of Warrior Care, Chapel Based Ministries and Care for the Caregiver. Not
all are relative to NGB units and carry the same weight.
- Manage how the chapel team provides monthly ministry to the wing.
- It is the game plan the chapel team can point to every month and provide ministry to their wing.
Reference: AFI 52-105V1, Paragraph 5

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                        Page 9
                                     Uniform information clarification

The AFI 36-2903 dated 2 August 2006 contained a proviso in note 3 to Figure 2.12 that stated, "NOTE:
Chaplains may wear chaplains' insignia centered 1/2 inch above visor of BDU cap." That proviso was intended
to extend to the ABU cap; however, during rewrite of the current AFI, the information was omitted. The policy
did not change.....Chaplains remain authorized to wear Chaplains' insignia on their utility caps.
AFPC/DPSIM has an IC in progress that will correct the oversight by adding the following statement to Chapter
6 (paragraph number may change):

* Chaplains may wear chaplains’ insignia centered ½ inch above visor of ABU cap. Until such
time as the IC is published, please use this email as authority to allow Chaplains to continue to wear
chaplains' insignia centered 1/2 inch above the visor of the ABU cap.

                              EXCITING NEW VA-NGB/HC CPE NEWS!!

Last year NGB/HC and the Veteran’s Administration (VA) entered into a cooperate effort enabling eight ANG
Chaplains to receive 1 credit of CPE for ninety days of “summer intensive” CPE training at various VA
locations throughout the United States. In addition, two ANG Chaplains will receive 4 units of CPE credit from
the VA one year “residency program” at ten pre-identified locations.

NGB/HC, in cooperation with the VA, is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications for
CPE training for 2012. Applications should be received at NGB/HC NLT 15 January 2011. We anticipate five
ninety day summer intensive training slots being made available. In addition, the VA has opened 89 slots for
the one year residency program. The 89 slots are not “fenced” strictly to DoD Chaplains but are open to both
DoD and civilian applicants.

NGB/HC Chaplains that are interested in these positions should identify themselves as ANG/HC Chaplains and
“preference” will be shown by the VA CPE Center of interest. If you do not apply through NGB/HC, no “ANG
preference” will be recognized.

Interested Chaplains should select the VA center of interest and make application to them through the VA
website at . Applicants should concurrently apply for consideration through
NGB/HC. NGB/HC will screen all applicants and make selections for recommendation to the VA. VA CPE
centers will review all NGB/HC recommendations and make the final selection.

Any questions may be directed to Ch, Lt Col M David Reynolds at or Ch, Maj
Colin Smith at
                          This cooperative program is fully accredited by ACPE
                                            VA CPE Website:
December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                     Page 10
 CPE PROGRAM OPTIONS:                           ***ATTACH STANDARD MILITARY                          NGB/VA/CPE
                                                BIOGRAPHY WITH APPLICATION                         Cooperative Effort
 I wish to apply for:                           FOR REVIEW AND SELECTION
                                                PURPOSES. Submit entire package to
 _____ intensive (“on orders” up to 95          POC:***
 STO days, travel/per diem authorized) 1
                                                SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT:
 Unit of CPE upon completion. Available
 at various VA centers.
 _____ in residency 1 year (no orders)          ****By signing and upon completion of CPE
 stipend $24-$32K at various VA centers. 4      through NGB/VA cooperative program, applicant
 Units CPE upon completion. Post 911 GI         agrees to be considered for ANG assignments
                                                requiring CPE.***
 benefits may be available at various VA
                                                Mail to:
 _____ extended (TBD) no orders, no
 stipends. Available at various VA centers
                                                            3501 Fetch Ave.
 for various lengths of time. 1 Unit CPE
                                                        Andrews AFB, MD 20762
 upon completion. Commuters may benefit
 from this option. Post 911 GI benefits may
                                                The VA Clinical Pastoral Education
 be available at various VA Centers.
                                                Program in cooperation with the National
                                                Guard Bureau is accredited by the
 *No tuition costs will be assessed at any of
                                                Association for Clinical Pastoral
 the various VA locations as long as                                                            What is Clinical Pastoral Education?
                                                Education, Inc., located at 1549 Clairmont
 applicants coordinate their request                                                            Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is
                                                Road, Suite 103, Decatur, GA 30033,
 through NGB.                                                                                   interfaith professional education for
 ** Preference will be given to NG                                                              ministry. It brings theological students
 Chaplains at VA locations                                                                      and Chaplains into supervised encounters
                                                 Please refer to the NGB HC web page at:
 *** A minimal ACPE registration fee is                                                         with persons in crisis. Out of an intense
 required and payable by the applicant                                                          involvement with persons in need and the
                                                    and the VA Chaplains web page at:
 ****FUNDING CONTINGENT UPON                                                                    feedback from peers and teachers, students
 CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET                                                                           develop a new awareness of themselves as
 RESTRAINTS                                                                                     persons and of the needs for whom they
                                                    For further information contact the
                                                             ANG HC POCs:                       minister. From theological reflection on
 CONCURRENCES:                                       M. David Reynolds, Ch, Lt Col              specific human situations, students gain a
 ____________________________                              new understanding of ministry. Within the
 CC Concurrence (signature)                                                                     interdisciplinary team process of helping
                                                           Colin Smith, Ch, Maj                 persons, students develop skills facilitating
 ____________________________                                                                   complimentary interpersonal and
 Wing Chaplain Concurrence (signature)           
                                                                                                professional relationships.

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                                      Page 11
  In Clinical Pastoral Education you           Residency Year Program                                    CONTACT INFORMATION:
  will learn how to:                                                                                     ALL APPLICATIONS DUE BY 15 FEB
                                               An opportunity to complete four units of                  FOR CONSIDERATION FOR SUMMER
                                               CPE (APC Board Certified Chaplain
  • Offer relief to the suffering,                                                                       OR FALL
                                               requirement). The residency program
  • Care for the dying,                                                                                  Full Name (First Name, MI, Last Name,
                                               includes a stipend, holidays, paid vacation,
  • Cope with crisis,                                                                                    Rank)
                                               sick leave, and health care coverage at
  • Minister to family members,                                                                          __________________________________
                                               employee rates.
  • Listen,
                                                                                                         Mailing Address:
  • Help heal the hurts,
                                               Part-Time Extended Program                                __________________________________
  • Think for yourself,
  • Improve your interpersonal skills,         Upon completion of the part time extended                 Work phone:
  • Teach others to be caregivers,             option, a single unit of CPE is granted.                  Home phone:
  • Put your theology into practice,           Both the student and the specific VA                      Cell phone:
  • Minister on a health-care team,            Center negotiate the details of the                       E-mail: ___________________________
  • Be a good steward of your talents.         program, which may extend over several                    Military E-Mail: ____________________
                                               months. This option may be best suited                    Wing/Unit: ________________________
  You will learn practical matters that will   for bi-vocational commuting students.

                                                                                              CUT HERE
  help you throughout your professional
  career. When visiting the sick, many                                                                   DSN: _____________________________
                                               Summer Intensive Program
  persons ask these questions:
                                               This is a single unit of CPE which takes                  CC Name: _________________________
  • How do I introduce myself?                 place over an 11-12 week period. The                      Wing Chaplain: _____________________
  • What should I do in the room?              summer intensive program is designed to
  • Should I pray? For what?                   introduce CPE and offer an opportunity                    MSD (mandatory separation date):
  • What scriptures should I use?              for students to meet requirements for 1                   __________________________________
  • What does a patient really need?           unit of CPE.
  • How can I talk to a stranger about                                                                   Dates and locations of Past and Projected
  matters of life and death?                                                                             Deployments:
  • What can I offer the terminally ill, and                                                             __________________________________
                                               This cooperative program is fully                         __________________________________
  what should I do if they die?
                                                     accredited by ACPE                                  __________________________________
  CPE can help you discover yourself, your
                                                                                                         Date available to enter CPE Program:
  answers to these questions, and much

              VA CPE Website:
                         CPE PROGRAM

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                                                         Page 12
                                         AIR NATIONAL GUARD
                                                  Data Sheet
                                         Clinical Pastoral Education

Applying for: Fall_____ Winter_____ Spring_____ Summer_____

12 month residency_____ (stipend available; 4 units of CPE)

Extended Unit_____ (no stipend; 1-4 units of CPE)

Intensive up to 95 days (AD orders; Per Diem authorized; 1 unit of CPE)

Preferred program/site (select from indicate region and location)
Earliest date you can begin: _____________________________

Applicant Information
Name: ____________________(Rank, First, MI, Last)
Mailing address: ______________________City:____________________ State: ____ Zip_____
Mandatory Separation Date_________________________
E-mail (civilian): ________________________E-mail (mil) __________________________
Day Tel.:_______________________________________
Cell Tel.:_______________________________________
Work Tel.: ___________________DSN:_______________
Denomination/Faith Group Affiliation: _________________________________
Prior CPE Dates: Center, Supervisor____________________________________

Are you scheduled to deploy? Yes or No (if so when) _____NO_____
Deployment history: dates and location(s)?

Wing Chaplain: Approval or Disapproved

Signature __________________
CC: Approval or Disapproved Signature_______________________ Phone:___________

Signature of applicant: ____________________ Date:__ _________

The final selection is to be determined by the local CPE center. NGB/HC applicants must maintain
regular drill status (except during AD summer intensive status). By signing and upon completion of CPE
through NGB/VA cooperative limited initiative, applicant agrees to be considered for NGB/HC
assignments requiring CPE. Form 40A may be submitted for retirement points.

Please e-mail this cover letter and standard military bio for review to:

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                    Page 13
                              COMPREHENSIVE AIRMEN FITNESS (CAF)

We are slowly hearing more about Comprehensive Airmen Fitness (CAF) throughout the Air National Guard.
 What are the four pillars of CAF? They are physical, social, mental and spiritual. Airmen are use to physical
fitness. Recently, I listened to a commander who reflected how easy it is for him to deal with the physical and
the mental domains. “Chaplain, I need you to help us with the social and spiritual dimensions”, he
commented. Just as we train physically and mentally, we need to train spiritually and socially. All four pillars
are needed to contribute to overall healthy fitness. CAF is to focus on the entire force-not just active, but the
Guard and Reserves as well. It is not just airmen, but families, civilians, retirees and the entire AF community.

When I attended the AFISRA Resiliency Training Conference in San Antonio in September, I was reminded
throughout the Intelligence Agency: "Humans are more important than hardware." Amen! We are all trying to
provide the right skills so our Airmen and Families can meet the challenges and opportunities of life – with
more strength. One definition of resiliency is to thrive, to flourish and to grow in the face of adversity (when
you bounce back… you bounce back even stronger). We are beginning to hear that your units, wings and bases
are applying Comprehensive Airman Fitness in a variety of ways….and some as an umbrella that pulls together
programs from all the different agencies. Some sites are focusing on one of the pillars each month or one per

I was delighted to hear about the Wellness Center concept at the 109th AW in New York staffed by the DPH,
Chaplain, MD, Nutritionist and the state Military One Source rep with input by Family Support. Chaplains Jake
Marvel and Robert Rose at 109th Airlift Wing, Schenectady, NY ( can provide more
information. P lease read Jake’s perspective below.

In November, I was blessed to visit with Chaplain Brian Bohlman and his DPH (Mr. Jeff Rose) at the 169th
Fighter Wing at McEntire Joint National Guard Base in Eastover, SC to see firsthand their resiliency
efforts. They have developed some great tools to identify early at-risk individuals, care for them and track their
progress–one that honors the wingman concept. Ch Brian Bohlman can be reached at Please read his comments below.

 We are excited to hear about your great programs that are taking place across the ANG. Please contact Jeff
Young, our ANG Chaplain Office resiliency point of contact, about your programs and ideas in resiliency
and comprehensive airmen fitness. Feel free to contact Jeff at

                                      Wellness Center, 109th Airlift Wing
                                          By Chaplain Jake Marvel

We’ve converted what used to be the chaplain’s office into the Wellness Center, a one-stop-shop for airmen and
their families looking for help. I t now looks like someone’s living room with an off-network computer, radio,
television with cable and an X-Box. It’s a comfortable place to hang out and, oh by the way, when you stop in,
you might meet the chaplain, or a nutritionist or a counselor. We’re trying to take the stigma off of asking for
help, and for many folks, it is working.

In addition, by putting these resources in the same room, around the same table, we are able to coordinate our
programming to give a more holistic approach based on the pillars. Someone overwhelmed with concerns
might want a chaplain’s listening ear, and would also benefit from meeting a nutritionist and borrowing a
Military OneSource resource CD. A Strong Bonds Retreat might also include information about the benefits of

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                         Page 14
your family exercising together. Spiritual health is an essential pillar, but not the only one, so this new multi-
disciplinary direction for us has been great.

Two articles appear in our unit magazine which can be found on our unit website
(Please type the words; “wellness center” under search).

169 FW (SC ANG) Resilience Program
By Jeffrey Rose, DPH and Chaplain Brian Bohlman

The 169 FW Resilience Program was developed as a result of two completed suicides in a SC Army Guard unit.
The original program was based on a three man "fire team" concept in that one soldier oversees two or three
other soldiers as in a sibling-type relationship. The TAG reviewed the program and saw its usefulness and had
it implemented for all of the SCNG units. The original program was slightly modified to fit our ANG culture so
that a Wingman Leader is responsible for meeting face to face with two or three airmen each UTA to complete
a resilience questionnaire. The questionnaires are then given back to the unit first sergeant and the answers to
the questions are graded to determine the risk of the individual. All medium and high risk airmen have their
questionnaires sent to the Wing Director of Psychological Health for review and they are contacted for
assessment, referral and follow-up. The chaplain plays a key role as a referral resource for at-risk airmen.

As a result, since this program was implemented, the chaplain's office has seen an increase of counseling as the
chaplain offers a safe place for airmen to talk. All in all, this program has enhanced our ability to provide a
ministry of presence, care, and hope to Guardsmen and their families. As a resource to each Wingman Leader,
the South Carolina National Guard published the “Leader ’s Toolbox for Guard Member and Family Care”
booklet. Its purpose is to educate members about resources that can help strengthen resiliency, family readiness
and personal concerns. This resource can be downloaded from the link provided at

                           Please mark your calendars * Care for the Caregivers
                        The next two AF Chaplain Corps ―Care for the Caregiver‖
                    Reintegration Retreats are 20-22 March 2012 and 30 Oct – Nov 2012
                                   The location is still to be determined.

                            Guidepost Outreach is available to review and download.
              Fax: 203-749-0266 or write Suite 2AB, 39 Old Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT 06810
                      Resiliency information written by U.S. Army Chaplain Ken Sampson

                             RESILIENCY RESOURCE - Guideposts devotional
                                   31 Ways to Build Spiritual Resilience
                              By Chaplain (COL) Ken Sampson, Army Chaplain

Springing back when hit with adversity-- remaining flexible during the ups and downs of military life.

Preserving and thriving through difficulties... all identify resilient individuals and teams. This booklet
identifies right thinking, character strengths, and God-given perspectives to live a vibrant, energized life.

The attached order form gives a complete list of the titles that Guideposts offer. Three ways to place an order
for any materials:

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                               Page 15
1)   FAX the form or your information to (203) 749-0266
2)   Email:
3)   Mail: Guideposts, Suite 2AB, 39 Old Ridgebury Rd, Danbury, CT 06810

To place an order, include the following information:
State the Guidepost material you want to order, # of copies, your military unit, your name, address, email
address and phone number.

All material that they offer to the military is Complimentary. In addition to the booklets in the order form, they
can offer subscriptions to their magazine "Guideposts" and their daily devotional (pocket sized and
camouflaged covered 365 - currently offering for 2012).

If you need any additional, I was given the following point of contact:
Caroline Harris (Outreach Associate) Email: Phone: 203-749-0412 Fax number:

Please let me know the feedback after your personnel and families use either the Resiliency resource or any
other Guideposts materials.

Jeffrey M. Young, Chaplain (Col-Ret)
Senior Analyst, NGB/HC
Air National Guard Chaplain Office or (personal BB)

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                            Readiness and Disastrous Dilemmas and Difficulties
                                       Chaplain, Lt Col Al Nicholson

Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants are strange creatures, and some stranger than others; nevertheless, strange
indeed. Within this often cold, insensitive, and selfish world, we care about people. This strange phenomenon
is regretfully rare, yet almost always welcomed and desired. People want to feel like somebody cares…about
their plight, issues, victories, failures and personhood. We care. We listen and are often engaged. But I must
expose a frustrating myth in that Chaplains have all the answers. At the risk of deflating an ego or two, permit
me to relieve pressure from our precious brain cells by stating we will not have all solutions nor solve every
dilemma. Be not like Rita Rudner who stated, “When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first
name was Always.” We will not reach every aching or broken heart or bring perfect peace to every tumultuous
household or prevent all tears of great disappointments and personal loss. But yet we are called to exemplify
faith and courage, to be “reminders of the Holy.” How do we create a stable bridge between these opposing
states of being? How do we yet offer assistance in the many desperate situations life brings? How does our
“readiness” posture speak to our potential effectiveness on the social crisis battlefield?

No doubt the previous questions can draw a variety of suggestions. Permit me to offer just one - a familiar
theological and ministerial construct. You have heard it before and when earnestly and faithfully applied, it has
a synergy that surpasses the power of words and overt actions. It’s simply termed “ministry of presence.”
Ponder this insightful quote by Henri Nouwen (renowned author and Catholic Priest); “It is difficult not to have
plans, not to organize people around an urgent social cause, and not to feel that you are working directly for
social progress. But I wonder more and more if the first thing shouldn’t be to know people by name, to eat and
drink with them, to listen to their stories and tell your own, and to let them know with words, handshakes, and
hugs that you do not simply like them, but truly love them.” Fr. Nouwen speaks to a path of ministry that
reaches the heart and soul of a person, with genuine empathy stemming from one’s own heart. Ministry of
Presence is more of a state of being or spirituality rather than intentional, pre-planned deeds. For example, if
you are a member of the Christian faith, ministry of presence would be more about living the Gospel…living
out one’s faith; as opposed to the perpetual exercise of maximizing programs, plans, directives, creeds or
doctrines toward social uplift. Ministry of Presence has the real potential to energize and motivate the
depressed one who previously was void of hope and on the path to self-destruction. Ministry of Presence is

Our spiritual and professional readiness would do well to allow room in the arsenal for ministry of presence.
How do we prepare? Here are two brief suggestions. There is much to be said about reading. Reading has a
discovery value and personal growth prospective that cannot be over-estimated. The great Groucho Marx once
said, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend and inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”
It’s also important to take time for your own spiritual rejuvenation. Every now and then, you need to retrieve a
spiritual fill-up. That may mean different venues for various faith groups and persons, but nevertheless seek
revival and renewal of your own soul and spirit, that your reassuring smile and hug may be meaningful and
authentic while engaged in ministry of presence.

Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants, you are much appreciated for all that you do to positively influence the
spiritual fitness of the Air National Guard community; you are greatly appreciated for your steady “readiness”
posture; and you are oddly admired and likewise peculiarly appreciated for the strange creatures you are…


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                    Wisconsin Airman, Chaplains Assistant uses her faith to serve others
                                            TSgt Jon LaDue
                                    115 Fighter Wing Public Affairs

MADISON, Wis. – Ch, Lt Col Alfred M. Nicholson recently traveled to Truax Field's 115th Fighter Wing from
National Guard Bureau to award the Air National Guard Outstanding Chaplain Assistant award to SSgt. Mary
Ann Buchholtz. Buchholtz, of Belvadier, Ill., serves more than 1,000 Airmen of the 115th FW as a Chaplains
Assistant. Buckholtz joined the unit in 2001 and has taken her role very seriously. "Buchholtz is an unsung
hero," said Ch, Maj James Chizek, 115th FW chaplain. "She quietly goes about her tasks, drill after drill,
accomplishing her piece of the mission pie. The drill ends, dishes done, and she returns home with little to no

As a chaplain's assistant, Bucholtz serves as a highly trained and qualified chaplain's assistant who offers advice
to leaders at all levels on spiritual, ethical and moral issues. Also, in the area of crisis intervention, Buckholtz
has the capability of mediating in crisis to individuals -- most effectively in the realm of other enlisted
personnel. "What the award represents is service over and beyond expectations and duty, superior performance
and sustainment of that performance," Nicholson said. "She commits herself to any and every task and she
works at things until it's complete – and not just done, but done with excellence." Buchholtz served many
wounded marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen while deployed to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC),
Germany. She spent her time visiting the wards, gaining “target acquisition” for potential chaplain visits and
distributing inspirational literature in a sprawling U.S. military medical complex.

Effective 1 Dec 2011, Buckholtz will be promoted to Technical Sergeant. Chaplain Nicholson, who served with
Buckholtz in Germany, says her promotion is no surprise. "She has a very, very strong faith. It's in her speech,
her posture, the very way she carries herself," Nicholson said. "I was highly impressed and she's even more
outstanding than the time that I knew her." "When Mary Ann spoke at the award ceremony, she emphasized
again and again how the love of Christ strengthened her and flowed through her, often without words," Chizek
said. Buckholtz seems to have a great faith and passion in what she does. Those are characteristics that benefit
Airmen here, as well as anywhere she goes. "I have great admiration for her," said Nicholson. "I would serve
with her anywhere at any time."

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                           Page 20
                                           Chaplain Assistant
            Spotlight nomination into the Crossfeed Active Duty Chaplain Assistant newsletter
                                   Awarded the AFCENTCOM award

MSgt Janet O’Keeffe-Hernandez is a Criminal Analyst in Region East, assigned to DEA-Galveston County. On
the traditional side, she is the NCOIC of the Chaplain’s office at the 147th Reconnaissance Wing in Houston,
TX. She is currently deployed to Camp Buehring, Kuwait. In country, her day begins at 0300 hrs and continues
well after the sun sets. The dust storms are a regular occurrence and are like nothing she has ever experienced.

She is serving as the Joint Forces Chaplain’s Assistant and NCOIC of the Chaplain’s office. Her office is
responsible for several Air Force and Army camps. The compound is vast. She travels with the Chaplain
between the other three camps on a regular basis. Travel is often restricted to red zone during extreme weather
conditions. As the NCOIC, MSgt O’Keeffe-Hernandez works on a multitude of projects and procedures. She
works for the Camp Commander under a broad umbrella. The challenge for her has been learning all the
military branches of personnel she works under or works with. These areas include: ASG, ARCENT,
AFCENT, BSB-North etc. She ensures compliance via the checklist of inspection on things that need to be in
place and outlined under Army Regulation references. Seeing the need to improve the operation, she
established a continuity binder for her replacement. For those who know Janet, she makes things happen, no
matter what the obstacle! She re-organized, re-modeled, and re-invented the Chaplain’s offices to include the
resource library. She repaired sunshades, recycled unused inventory and acquired additional workspaces for her
soldiers and airmen. Her efforts resulted in the AFCENT Chaplain’s award. She is taking her last Math class to
complete her Criminal Justice Degree through College of the Air Force. She is also completing the Senior NCO

Janet remarked, “It is a blessing to serve as a Catholic and to serve my fellow Brothers and Sisters here in
Kuwait. Many that we serve will head to Iraq or Afghanistan. I feel this has also been good for my faith, a sense
of renewal.” She gives daily briefings to personnel and fills in for the Chaplain when needed. She also assists
the Catholic Priest as a Eucharistic Minister and Alter Server and does the readings. She obtained the special
title, after a background check through the Military Diocese for the Catholic Church.

December 2011 Chaplain Newsletter                                                                        Page 21
                            Outstanding recognition of ANG deployed Chaplains

Congratulations to Ch, Maj Jonathan R. Bell of the 171 ARW who was recently recognized as the AFCENT
Chaplain Corps award winner in the Field Grade Officer Category. Congratulations to Ch, Capt John W. Bailey
who was awarded for the Company Grade Officer Category.

                                                     Humor story
An elderly lady did her shopping and upon returning to her car, she found four males in the act of leaving with
her vehicle. She dropped her shopping bags and drew her handgun, proceeding to scream at the top of her
lungs, “I have a gun, and I do know how to use it! Get out of the car!” The four men immediately exited out the
vehicle and ran away quickly. The lady, somewhat shaken by the incident, then proceeded to load her shopping
bags into the back seat of her car and sat in the driver’s seat which was now extended beyond her feet to reach
the brake pedal. She was so shaken that she could not get her key into the ignition. She tried and tried, and
then she all of a sudden realized…. There was a football, a CD player and energy drinks in her front passenger
side seat.

A few minutes later, she walked around the exterior of her car to now find her own car parked about two spaces
farther down in the parking lot. It happened to be the same make, model and color as her car. She quickly
loaded her items into her car and drove to the police station to report her mistake. The police sergeant she told
her story couldn’t stop laughing. He pointed to the opposite end of the counter, where stood four teenage males
from the parking lot incident who were reporting a carjacking themselves. The young males had described the
suspect as an elderly woman with a loud voice screaming that she had a gun. No charges were filed. The
woman never had a gun.

If you have a senior moment as the police sergeant explained, then please make it a memorable one. Some
hilarious moments happen every day and not only to be called senior moments. Please enjoy the laughter with
others to uplift the day. It could be a person thinking about a real gun needing to be heard. Show how much
you care by offering humor or expressing interest of others. A simple smile makes a big difference.
                                                  Safety reminder

                  Remember to keep valuables out of plain view and always lock your doors.
                   Please keep your keys readily accessible and park in well lighted areas.
                                       Please remain alert always.

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              Please remember to include deployed members and their families in your prayers.

                                               NGB/HC Staff

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