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November / December 2007

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                                                                   Louisiana Lottery Retailer Newsletter

         ‘Tis the season to spread holiday cheer with
       the Lottery’s latest holiday scratch-offs! With
       five games ranging in price from $1 to $5, your
       customers can purchase a gift that can keep giving.
       In fact, for those last minute gifts, holiday parties, or
       company gift exchanges, Lottery holiday scratch-offs
       are an inexpensive, exciting and convenient gift idea.
       This year, the Lottery unveiled a set of five holiday
       games: $1 Peppermint Twist, $1 Merry Money,
       $2 Mistle Deaux, $2 Jack Frost and $5 Gold’n
         According to a Louisiana Lottery online survey,
       73 percent of players consider the winter holiday
       season the best time to give scratch-offs as gifts.
       In addition, 72 percent of players purchase Lottery
       tickets as gifts because they like watching their
       friends experience the excitement of scratch-offs.
 Coming Soon. . . .                                                                                          exchange
                                   A Louisiana First!                                                                   CREDITS
                                                                                                             The Exchange is published bimonthly by
                                                                                                               the Louisiana Lottery Corporation.
                  Rose Hudson
     President, Louisiana Lottery Corporation                     I  ’m excited to announce that on
                                                                 Feb. 18, 2008, the Louisiana Lottery
                                                                                                                    Managing Editor
                                                                                                                       Bonny Botts
                                                                will begin sales for our first-ever $10                Vice President
                                                                                                               Marketing and Public Relations
                                                                raffle game, Millionaire Raffle. Only
                                                                300,000 tickets will be sold for the                             •
                                                                raffle, making this the best odds ever                      Editor
                                                                of winning a $1 million cash prize.                 Kimberly Chopin
                                                                  A $1 million-winning ticket will be            Communications Manager
                                                                drawn April 15, along with five prizes                           •
                                                                of $50,000 and 500 prizes of $500.
                                                                                                                 Contributing Editors
                                                                What’s more, the Lottery will be                        Susan Clayton
                                                                paying a $10,000 bonus to the retailer                 Products Director
                                                                who sells the $1 million-winning raffle
                                                                ticket and $500 selling bonuses to                   Jené Burgess
                                                                those who sell the $50,000 winning               Communications Specialist
                                                                                                                     Sarah McGriff
                                                                  Raffles have been received with                Communications Specialist
                                                                overwhelming enthusiasm in over 20
                                                                lotteries across the country with price              Jennifer Queen
                                                                points ranging from $5 to $50. Raffle             Communications Assistant
                                                                games on average have accounted for                              •
                                                                approximately 16 -17 percent of total
traditional draw-style games during their runs. Players love them because they have an easy-to-                       Dwain Richard Jr.
understand, familiar play style and also offer good odds of winning a significant top prize. The proven                 Art Director
popularity of raffles, coupled with the higher price point, means that Millionaire Raffle promises to
be a lucrative game for our retailers.                                                                                Tiffany Goodyear
 The key to raffle sales success will be creating a sense of urgency, since a limited number of tickets               Graphic Designer
are available, and promoting the best odds ever of winning $1 million. The Lottery will do its part
                                                                                                                       Marcy Hooper
through well placed point-of-sale materials and a mass media campaign. We need your help now in                        Graphic Designer
creating a “buzz” in your store about the upcoming game and asking customers for the sale starting
Feb. 18.                                                                                                                         •
  Millionaire Raffle will have a scheduled eight-week sales period; however, we anticipate that the                      Jeff Jackson
300,000 tickets will sell out well before the April 15 drawing. In a recent online survey, an incredible              Broadcast Producer
91 percent of Club Lotteaux members indicated they were likely to play a game with Millionaire
Raffle’s play style and prize structure, and 82 percent said they would purchase a raffle ticket in
addition to other games they regularly play.
  Raffle tickets will print from your Lottery terminal. In keeping with the traditional raffle play style,           Lottery Policies
Millionaire Raffle ticket numbers will be generated from GTECH’s central system in sequential                 1. Louisiana law prohibits selling
order from 000001 to 300000. This means players will not have the ability to select a specific                Louisiana Lottery Corporation tickets
                                                                                                              to anyone under age 21 and requires
number and no playslips will be required.                                                                     an ID check of anyone appearing to be
  During the coming months, GTECH will be placing a purple key cap labeled RAFFLE on a blank key              under age.
on your terminal key pad. At that time, they will also be removing the CASH QUEST key.                        2. The LLC supports “Responsible
As part of the sell-in, you will receive special Millionaire Raffle brochures for your play center in         Play” and help is available for problem
advance of the start of sales.                                                                                gamblers and concerned family or
                                                                                                              friends at 1-877-770-7867.
 Your Lottery Customer Service Representative will be visiting with you soon to discuss the game
launch further and answer any questions. We look forward to a fun and successful Millionaire                  3. Retailers must be in compliance
Raffle game with you as our partner!                                                                          with the Americans with Disabilities Act
                                                                                                              to remain a Louisiana Lottery
                                                                                                              Corporation retailer in good standing.

                                                                                                              4. Retailers must be current in all
                                                                                                              filings with and payment of all taxes,
                                                                                                              interest and penalties owed to the
                                                                                                              state of Louisiana in order to have their
                                                                                                              license renewed annually.
    Lapeyrouse Seafood
        Bar & Grocery in
     Chauvin sold the latest                                                       Powerball Jackpot
      $15 million Powerball
   jackpot-winning ticket in
    Louisiana. New Orleans
     CSR Stewart Rodrigue,
   Owner Terry Lapeyrouse,                                                         Lapeyrouse Seafood Bar & Grocery
   Regional Manager Victor                                                                         Highway 56, Chauvin
   Gray and Owner Rosalie                                                                         $15 million jackpot                11
  Lapeyrouse are holding a                                                                                    9/29/07
  “big check” for $25,000,
        the store’s one-time                                                          Debra’s Movie World of Cut Off
        bonus for selling the                                                                       W. Main St., Cut Off
     winning ticket from the
                                                                                                 $15 million jackpot                 10
           Sept. 29 drawing.

     Chauvin Retailer                                                                                    *Shell Food Mart
                                                                                                    College Dr., Baton Rouge

     “Wins” with
                                                                                                      $41 million jackpot

                                                                                           *Brother’s Food Mart #103

     Powerball Jackpot                                                                    General Meyer Ave., New Orleans
                                                                                              $42 million jackpot, split

           #11 for Louisiana                                                                      Chateau Supermarket
                                                                                                       Vintage Dr., Kenner
       Since joining Powerball in March 1995, Louisiana has had 11 jackpot                                                            7
                                                                                                    $48 million jackpot
     winners for an average of one per year. Louisiana ranks 5th out of 31
     jurisdictional lotteries (29 states plus Washington, DC and the Virgin
     Islands) in the number of jackpot-winning tickets sold since joining the                    *Frog City Travel Plaza
     multistate game. Powerball sales in Louisiana account for 4 percent of                              N. Polk St., Rayne
     total Powerball sales from all participating lotteries; however, almost                   $33 million jackpot, split             6
     6 percent of total jackpot-winning tickets since 1995 have been sold                                       12/27/00
     in Louisiana. 314004
       The most recent was a $15 million jackpot-winning ticket from the                             Fillmore Oil Co. #88
     Sept. 29 drawing purchased at Lapeyrouse Seafood Bar & Grocery                                     Goodwill Rd., Minden
     on Highway 56 in Chauvin. A retailer since the Lottery’s inception,                              $32 million jackpot             5
     Owner Rosalie Lapeyrouse said, “We were shocked to learn we sold                                               8/18/99
     the big one! My granddaughter actually sold the winning ticket. Sunday
                                                                                            Big River Food and Fuel #9
     morning she told me ‘Granny, come see what the machine says. A
                                                                                                    E. Airline Hwy., LaPlace
     winning ticket was sold in Chauvin!’ There aren’t too many retailers                           $25 million jackpot               4
     down here on the bayou, so we had a good chance it was our store.”                                            8/30/97
       Lapeyrouse said she and her husband, Terry, plan to use their
     $25,000 selling bonus to do something nice for their employees and                                    Breaux Mart
     buy a camper. “We want to travel around to see the country!”                                        Moss St., Lafayette
       The Lapeyrouse’s not only sell Lottery tickets, they also buy them.                            $24 million jackpot             3
     “I know it only takes one ticket, but we buy five Powerball and Lotto                                         7/17/96
     tickets every week,” she said. “If we don’t win, we look at
     it as helping the state.”                                                                      Gaubert Food Marts
       The Lottery’s 11th Powerball jackpot-winning ticket, worth $15                               Highway 20,Thibodaux
                                                                                                     $21 million jackpot              2
                          million, was claimed by William Heid Jr. of Chauvin.
                          Heid said he and his lifelong friend and fishing buddy
In the September/
October 2007 issue        have purchased $10 worth of Powerball tickets                          *Interstate Station #17
of the Exchange, the      every week since the Lottery joined the multistate                              Voters Rd., Slidell
owner of the Oak
Terrace Service
                          game. As a result of winning the jackpot, Heid said                        $35 million jackpot              1
Center in Gonzales        he plans to retire as well as share his winnings with                                   2/14/96
should have been          his children and grandchildren. 472014
identified as Todd                                                                      *Business name at the time of jackpot ticket sale.
Gautreau. We
regret the error.                                                                                louisianalottery.com                     3
Below: State Oil Fuel in Belle Chasse
sold a $200,000 “match-5” Powerball ticket from the Aug. 8 drawing and
earned a $2,000 selling bonus. Store Comptroller Scott Melancon stands
behind the “We Sold A Winning Ticket” banner in the store.

                                                                                    Above: Siegen Racetrac #436 in Baton Rouge
                                                                                    sold a $200,000 “match-5” Powerball ticket from the Sept. 29 drawing.
                                                                                    Co-Managers Tiffany Pitts and Dreama Robillard, CSR Cynthia Germany,
                                                                                                 Communications Specialist Jené Burgess, Clerk Chanelle Claiborne
                                                                                                  and Tel-Sell Representative Willie Mae Autrey hold the “We Sold
                                                                                                  the Winning Ticket” banner in front of the store. Siegen Racetrac
                                                                                                   #436 received a one-time selling bonus of $2,000, or 1 percent
                                                                                                   of the prize, for selling the winning ticket.

                                                              Above: Get & Go in Gretna
                                                              sold a “match-5” Powerball
                                                                                                         Above: Hardé Mart #122 in Monroe sold an $800,000
                                                              ticket from the Oct. 17 drawing.
                                                                                                           “match-5” Powerball with Power Play ticket from the Oct.
Above: Gentilly Spur in New Orleans                           Store Manager Linh Nguyen is
                                                                                                         17 drawing and received an $8,000 selling bonus. Monroe
sold a $600,000 “match-5” Powerball with Power Play ticket    happy to receive a “big check”
                                                                                                            Regional Manager David Morton, Store Manager Steven
from the Oct. 20 drawing. Store Manager Ali Saneci places     for their $2,000 one-time selling
                                                                                                           “Thunder” Tyler and CSR Jackie Mehl proudly display the
a “big check” for $6,000, their one-time selling bonus, in    bonus from New Orleans CSR
                                                                                                                  “We Sold the Winning Ticket” banner in the store.
front of the terminal in the store.                           Tandra Smith.

                                                                                                                             on, you also have the chance
                                                                                        double your commission per transacti
                                                on each Powerball ticket, you not only                            Powerball tickets, including the Pow
                                                                                                                                                      er Play
       When you sell the Power Play option                                   retailers who sell “match-5” winning
       to multiply your selling bonu s. A 1 percent selling bonus is paid to
4                                             ible bonus of $2,000 to $10,000.
       portion of the prize, for a total poss
      Circle K Directors of
 Operations Craig Stevens
and Kenny Hodges, Baton
Rouge Regional Manager
      Anne-Marie Hayden
  and Winn Dixie District
   Manager Edwin Tucker
 participated in the “Slice
 of Life” Gold Classic Golf
   Tournament on Oct. 2.

   Right: Monroe Regional Manager David Morton presents a winner with his
   prizes during the U-Pak-It #429 customer appreciation promotion in Monroe.

                                                                    Every dispenser
                                                                  left empty and
                                                                                            Things To Do:
                                                                  every pack left
                                                                  unactivated                Check Dispensers
                                                                  mean lost sales
                                                                   Dispensers full           Order Tickets:
                                                     players. In fact, in a recent
 of colorful scratch-offs is a motivating factor for
 online survey of frequent Lottery players, 17 perce
                                                         nt said that the number-one         1-800-259-8425
                                                    ler was the wide selection of
 reason they choose to shop at a particular retai
                                                     said offering a wide variety of
 Lottery games available. In addition, 45 percent
 games would override convenience in their selec
                                                      tion of a shopping destination!         Activate Packs
                                                       fill empty dispensers, the
   To help remind store staff to activate packs and
                                                    distribute “Things To Do” post-
 Lottery has utilized terminal messages and will
  it-note checklists to retailers as reminders of daily
                                                          Lottery tasks that get results.     Fill Dispensers
                                                            a huge difference in retailer
    “The checklists contain five simple tasks that make
                                                     Brandon. “We have found that
  sales,” explained Vice President of Sales Dianne
  our most successful retailers have built these steps
                                                           into their daily tasks.”           Ask for the Sale!

                                          ME. SEE PAGE                                                         8.
                                                                                               louisianalottery.com   5
  On Sept. 16, the Louisiana Lottery
launched Easy 5, its first new draw-
style game in more than eight years,
and players are responding well to
the new game. For the first five
weeks of sales, Easy 5 averaged
about $293,000, which is nearly
three times Cash Quest’s fiscal year
2007 average weekly sales. Cash
Quest ended with the last drawing
on Sept. 15 to make way for Easy 5.
  “The Lottery’s goal for draw-                                                                           • Like Powerball and Lotto, Easy 5
style games in 2008 is to offer a                                                                           tickets cannot be cancelled.
diversified product mix that will                                                                         • Easy 5 tickets must be generated
increase sales over the long term,”                                                                         before 9:30 p.m. the evening of
said Products Director Susan                Collins Boulevard Spur Cashiers Abderazek Dziri                 the drawing. Tickets generated
Clayton. “Player research indicated         and Azzedine Bouarouri and Manager Nada Kassouf                 after that time are good for the
Easy 5 would be well received and             were proud to sell the $138,397 Easy 5 jackpot-               next scheduled drawing.
we’re excited that initial sales are        winning ticket from the Oct. 17 drawing. They display
meeting our expectations.”                   a “big check” for $1,383, their bonus for selling the        • Easy 5 prizes can be claimed as
  A lotto-style game, Easy 5 gives         winning ticket to Ronald Wiggins of Bush. Kassouf said           early as the day after the
players the chance to win a cash            she hopes to sell another jackpot-winning ticket soon.          drawing but must be claimed
pari-mutuel jackpot that starts at                                                                          within 180 days of the drawing.
$50,000 and keeps growing until it’s won by matching all five numbers in a field                          • Total prizes of up to $600 can be
of 1 to 37. Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday, as with Lotto and                               paid by you. Prizes over $600
Powerball. 250010                                                                                           must be claimed at a Lottery
  Retailers also earn a bonus of 1 percent of the jackpot prize for selling a jackpot-                      regional office or headquarters.
winning ticket. See some of our first Easy 5 bonus-earning retailers here.                                  If an Easy 5 prize is claimed
  In conjunction with Easy 5, the Lottery rolled out a limited-time, instant-win                            with an ezmatch prize after
promotion called ezmatch. The $1 add-on option allows players to win an instant                             the drawing, the two prizes are
prize of up to $250 for each ezmatch number that matches an Easy 5 number on                                combined with regards to these
their ticket.                                                                                               thresholds for claiming the prize.
 The ezmatch promotion effectively turns a $1 Easy 5 purchase into a $2 sale,                             • Ezmatch prizes can be claimed
doubling your commission. The promotion has been an overwhelming success, with                              immediately by the player.
an amazing 70 percent of all Easy 5 tickets purchased with the ezmatch option!                              When validating an ezmatch prize
  Overall odds of winning an ezmatch prize are 1 in 5.65 and the promotion boasts                           before the Easy 5 drawing, an
a 60 percent prize payout.                                                                                  exchange ticket for the Easy 5
  “Early sales figures confirm Easy 5 can be a successful addition to retailers’ product                    drawing will print automatically
offering by appealing to a larger customer base,” said Clayton. “Plus, you can double                       to give to the player.
your commission on every ticket when you sell the ezmatch instant-win option on
each ticket.”                                                                                             • On multiboard Easy 5 tickets
 The ezmatch terminal prompt, which occurs during each Easy 5 transaction, helps                            with ezmatch, separate tickets
clerks to remember to ask for the ezmatch sale.                                                             will print for each play.
                                                                                                          • On multidraw Easy 5 tickets,
                                                                                                            ezmatch is available only for the
                                                                                                            first drawing.

                                                                                    New Orleans Regional Manager Victor Gray and Corporate Accounts
                                                                                  Representative Emily Flaccomio present Algiers Sav-A-Center in New
                                                                                  Orleans employees with a “big check” for $1,519, their bonus for selling
                                                                                the $151,908 Easy 5 jackpot-winning ticket to Barbara Henderson of New
                                                                                   Orleans. Gray, Customer Service Manager Kellie Tyler, Flaccomio, Store
                                                                                    Director Stanley Duplessis and Customer Service Specialist Monique
                                                                                      Hemelt are all smiles during the presentation of the “big check.”
                                                                                                              Easy 5’s launch on Sept. 16 was just
                                                                                                             what the Lottery was hoping for…
                                                                                                             “just that easy!” But it couldn’t have
                                                                                                              been pulled off without the help of
                                                                                                              Lottery retailers around the state and
                                                                                                               their customer service representatives.
                                                                                                               Displaying point-of-sale materials
                                                                                                                at the beginning of September was
                                                                                                                an integral part of promoting the
                                                                                                                Lottery’s newest draw-style game.
                                                                                                              Lafayette CSRs took the opportunity
                                                                                                    to turn the placement of game signage into a
     Above: Lafayette CSRs Brandi McZeal and Paul Fugatt get their store ready for the             fun event, as was the case at Jennings Truckstop
                  launch of Easy 5 at Jennings Truckstop in Jennings.                              in Jennings. 319016

Above: Monroe Regional Trainer
Gladis Coleman and The Grab Bag Manager Kathy Stanley get ready
for customers in front of the Lottery’s promotional trailer at the store’s
customer appreciation day in Lake Providence.

Right: Chevron #605 in Houma took advantage of a beautiful end-of-summer day to host a customer appreciation
event, and other Jubilee Store employees came out to help. Shop-N-Bag #2 General Manager Tina Fanguy, New Orleans Regional Manager Victor Gray,
Chevron #605 General Manager Tricia Landry and Jubilee Stores Retailer Director Cyntanna Horn visit in front of the Lottery trailer during the promotion.

                                                                                                                          louisianalottery.com              7
                                                                                                            ey. The game
                                                                                   the name, Merry Mon                         scratch-
                                              t that do  ubles as a gift tag with                        rvey recommending
                        demand is a $1 ticke                                   t came from a player su                             rchase
      Back by popular                                  . This unique concep                                  ggest that players pu
                           sc enes and artistic styles            e to greeting ca   rds. To boost sales, su
    features 12 different                 entertaining alternativ
    offs as a less expensive and more                                                                                         ermint Twist
                                                                                                      ite peppermints, Pepp
                                                                               ated with red and wh                               d up to
     the whole set.                                   much sparkle. Decor                                  on Mistle Deaux an
                            ratch-offs offer just as                               to win up to $10,000
       The other holiday sc              up to $500. Players
                                                                have the chance
                                                                                              bows, offers a top pr
                                                                                                                     ize of $100,000.
     offers playe rs the chance to win                                 kling ornaments and                                  your counter.
                                                , accented with spar                                 e holder to place on
      $12,000 on Jack   Frost. Gold ‘n Glitter                             ve lopes and a decorativ                               t.
                                                    produced holiday en                                    even more convenien
       To encourage gift-g iving, the Lottery has               ke envelopes to     make their gift-giving
                                        ay scratch-offs may ta
      Customer   s who purchase holid

                                                              mint          #426 Merry
                                                     Pepper )
                                                      Tw ist ($1             Money ($1)

                                                                 a               Features a
                                                      tic-tac -toe            match-3 play
                                                       play style          st yle with a top
                                                       with twe
                                                                  nty          prize of $250.
                                                        top pri zes              This unique
                                                        of $500.                game has 12
                                                                            different scen
                                                                               designe d to be
                                                                            used as gift ta

                                                      #431 Jack
                                                      Frost ($2)
                                                      Features a
                                                      card game
                                                      where the
                                                      players hand                                                           #427 Mistle
                                                       must beat the                                                         Deaux ($2)
                                                       dealer’s hand                                                         Features a key-
                                                       to win up to                                                          number-match
                                                       $12,000.                                                              play style with
                                                                                                                            seven top
                                                                                                                            prizes of
                                                                                                                            and over
                                                                                                                           in doubled

                                                                                           Typically, stores experience a high volume of
                                                                                traffic during the holiday season from existing and new
                                                                      customers. In order to maximize holiday sales, Lottery regional
                                                                      managers and CSRs shared some holiday promotional ideas that
                                                                       you can implement in your store to generate holiday ticket sales
                                                                       and excitement.
                                                                           “Holiday promotions are important because they draw interest
                                                                           in our holiday games resulting in increased sales,” explained
                                                                           Alexandria Regional Manager April Jeansonne. “Second-chance
                                                                            drawings from our holiday games have proven successful in
                                                                            doing just that. Players can drop their non-winning holiday
                                                                             scratch-offs into a box at the retailer for a chance to win a
                                                                             holiday prize pack.”
                                                                                “Holiday promotions are a great way to boost store sales
                                                                              and also to reward stores for their hard work in asking
                                                                              customers for the sale during the holidays,” Cal Tabor,
                                                                              Lafayette Regional Manager added.
                                                                                Lafayette CSR Bridget Honore’ agreed, “We’ve implemented
                                                                               a holiday promotion for stores with slow traffic called ‘Got
                                                                               Tickets? We Do!’ Customers buy $10 worth of holiday
                                                                               scratch-off tickets and receive a Lottery t-shirt! They also
                                                                               have the opportunity to register their name for a Lottery
                                                                               holiday gift bag drawing!”
                                                                                Lafayette CSR Brandi McZeal shared another holiday-
                                                                               themed promotion to increase sales. “It’s called ‘What’s in
                                                                              YOUR stocking?’ Customers purchase $5 worth of holiday
                                                                              scratch-offs, and their names are entered for a drawing
                                                                              to win a special stocking filled with Lottery goodies,” she
                                                                                “Ask-for-the-sale holiday promotions are another way
 #428 Gold ‘n Gl                                                             to increase interest in scratch-offs,” said Lafayette CSR
                   itter ($5)
Features a key-nu
                                                                             Paula Cornette. “If a store clerk forgets to ask customers
                    mber-match play                                        about purchasing a Lottery ticket, customers receive a small
a top prize of $1                     style with
                  00,000. Four teen
to win and a 64 pe                   chances
                     rcent prize payout
                                                                         fountain drink of their choice -- in a Louisiana Lottery plastic
                                        .                             cup they can keep!”
                                                                        Choosing an ideal location inside your store to announce
                                                        the promotion is especially important. “Some of the best spots in a store
                                                are the starlet, play center or on the front door,” suggests Baton Rouge CSR
                                       Cynthia Germany.
                          “Information about the promotion should be placed near the point-of-purchase -- near novelty gifts,
                cards, registers or near the dispensers so customers can participate upon impulse while waiting in line or
        purchasing their items,” added Jeansonne.
        “Cooperation between CSRs and retailers is important. We enjoy working with retailers on promotional ideas
  for their store,” said Tabor.
   Help spread the message that holiday scratch-offs are the one gift that’s fun to give and fun to get by conducting
  an in-store promotion. Lottery CSRs may not be available to assist in every promotion, but they can make sure you
  have the tools you need to ensure a successful holiday promotion!

                                                                                                       louisianalottery.com            9
 Dec. 11, 2007
 Bonus Bingo ($3)
 Crossword (#374) ($3)
 In The Money ($2)
 Mardi Gras 2007 ($2)
 Red Hot Dice ($2)
 Beads & Bucks
 Cat Scratch Fever
 Double Doubler (#359)
 Lucky 13
 Mad Money
 New Year’s Cash

 Dec. 27, 2007
 Stacks of Cash ($5)

 Jan. 10, 2008
 $100,000 Hold ‘Em Poker® ($5)

 Feb. 1, 2008

 Feb. 27, 2008
 $100,000 Spin ($5)

      Mega Money® ($10)
      Fabulous Fortune ($5)
      10X the Money ($2)
      Let the Good Times Roll ($2)
      Lucky Hearts ($2)
      Carnival Win
      $5,000 Spin
      Super 7’s

Wild 7’s              TIC TAC WOW Doubler
Lucky 7’s             Lucky Symbols
Hoola Moola           Aces High
Quick $20             Roll the Dice
Triple Win            Line ‘Em Up
Easy Money            The Number Game
Scary Money           Double Doubler (#413)
Find the 9’s          Roll with the Change
Merry Money           Peppermint Twist
Amazing 8’s            2008 Doubler

                      Triple Fortune
                      Barrel of Bucks
                      Lucky Horseshoes
Cash Reward
                      Money Mania
A Gift For You
                      Fat Cat Doubler
Black Jack
                      Sizzlin’ 7’s
Diamonds & 7’s
                      Jumbo Bucks
Double Time
                      Super Deuces
Luck of the Draw
                      Jack Frost
                      Mistle Deaux
Turkey Tripler

           Block Bingo
           Goldbar Crossword
           3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
           Cash Bingo
           Lucky Crossword
           Green Line Bingo

           Pieces of Eight
           Chili Days & Chili Nights
           Break The Bank
           Take 5
           $100,000 Payout
           Gold ‘n Glitter

           Emerald Green 7s
           Cash Blowout

          louisianalottery.com           11
                                                                           Above: Eric Dennett of Marion is presented his prize check by
                                                                           Lottery President Rose Hudson after claiming the $518,685 Lotto
                                                                           jackpot from the Sept. 26 drawing.

                                                                             Marion may be a small town, but on Sept. 27,
                                                                           everyone in Marion Food Mart was wondering
                                                                           just who could be holding the $518,685 Lotto
                                                                           jackpot-winning ticket from the previous night’s
                                                                           drawing. Eric Dennett didn’t keep them guessing
                                                                           for long.
                                                                            Two days after the drawing, Dennett, along with
                                                                           his parents and his 9-year-old son, arrived at
 Above: Danny Discount Clerk Tina Nguyen, Owner Charles Nguyen
                                                                           Lottery headquarters to claim the prize from the
 and Clerk Maria Nguyen hold a “big check” for $5,082, the store’s bonus   Sept. 26 Lotto drawing. According to Dennett, they
 for selling the Lotto jackpot-winning ticket from the Aug. 22 drawing.    checked for the numbers the night of the drawing
                                                                           and were pleasantly surprised to discover their
   Charles Nguyen, owner of Danny Discount in Marrero,                     ticket had matched all six.
 and his employees put a spring in the steps of three Bollinger              “My parents and I stayed up all night,” said
 Ship Yard employees on Aug. 23. That’s because Eddie Barnes               Dennett. “My mom even learned how to use the
 Jr., James Johnson and David Bernard had purchased a Lotto                Lottery’s Web site to find out if ours was the only
 ticket from their store that won the $508,285 jackpot from                jackpot-winning ticket.”
 the Aug. 22 drawing. 389011                                                 Marion Food Mart received a one-time bonus
   Barnes, who claimed the ticket for the group, said that the             of $5,186, or 1 percent of the jackpot for selling
 other two had given him quite a scare when he arrived at                  the winning ticket.
 work the morning after the drawing. “They took me into my
 office and told me I needed to sit down,” said Barnes. “I was
 worried that someone had been hurt or something. That was
                                                                           Below: Monroe Regional Manager David Morton presents a “big
 when they said ‘we won the Lotto jackpot.’”
                                                                           check” for $5,186 to Marion Food Mart Cashier Lisa McVicker
   Danny Discount received a one-time bonus of $5,082, or                  and Owner Glen Aulds. That was the store’s bonus for selling the
                                           1 percent of the                Lotto jackpot-winning ticket from the Sept. 26 drawing.
                                           jackpot prize for
                                           selling the winning
                                           ticket. Barnes said
                                           that he and his
                                           coworkers regularly
                                           purchase Lotto
                                           and Powerball
                                           tickets from
                                           Danny Discount.

 Above: Eddie Barnes Jr. of Westwego is pictured
 after claiming the $508,285 Lotto jackpot from the
 Aug. 22 drawing.
What happens to the
money from unclaimed prizes
  A big question your players may have is, “What happens to the prizes that do
not get claimed?” In short, it is returned to players in the form of increased
payouts on scratch-offs or through other player promotions, such as second-
                                                                                                        Big Cat Fuel, New Orleans
chance drawings. 110078                                                                                         • $2,000, Powerball
  Prizes that have surpassed their redemption period are credited toward the                            Marion Food Mart, Marion
Lottery’s unclaimed prize fund. Monies from this fund are used to increase the                                  • $5,186, Lotto
payout percentages on scratch-off tickets, which average about 59 percent. Funds                        Lapeyrouse Seafood Bar
are also used for second-chance drawing prizes and other player promotions.                             & Grocery, Chauvin
  A new page has been added to the Lottery’s Web site that lists some of the                                    • $25,000, Powerball
larger prizes that are set to expire within the next 90 days. The prizes listed                         Racetrac Petroleum #436, Baton Rouge
                                                                                                                • $2,000, Powerball
include Powerball, Lotto, Easy 5 and Cash Quest jackpots; “match-5” Powerball
                                                                                                        Algiers Sav-A-Center, New Orleans
prizes; and “match-4 plus the Powerball” Powerball prizes. The page gives the                                   • $1,519, Easy 5
details of when the prize was won, where it was purchased and the last day                              Collins Blvd. Spur, Covington
to claim.                                                                                                       • $1,383, Easy 5
 The Lottery’s communications department also sends a news release to local                             Get & Go, Gretna
media where the winning ticket was purchased, in order to inform the public                                     • $2,000, Powerball
of the pending expiration date.                                                                         Harde Mart #122, Monroe
  “Our efforts have been successful,” said Communications Manager Kimberly                                      • $8,000, Powerball
Chopin. “Someone saw an announcment in the local paper about a Cash Quest                               Gentilly Spur, New Orleans
                                                                                                                • $6,000, Powerball
jackpot prize set to expire on Nov. 18 and told a friend, Johnell Washington, who
                                                                                                        Quick Way Food Store, Independence
unknowingly had stashed the winning ticket away with other papers. Washington                                   • $2,000, Powerball
found the ticket and claimed the prize a few days later.”                                               B-Kwik Food Mart #7,Vidalia
  Remind your customers that according to Lottery draw-style game rules, all                                    • $2,000, Powerball
winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing. Also, scratch-off
prizes must be claimed within 90 days of the announced closure of the game.

For more information on unclaimed prizes, visit the Lottery’s Web site at

                                                                                                      Great Cus
                                                                                                        Service Ke
                                                                                                       Sales Stro
                                                                                                                   Walk into Broussard’s
    Broussard’s Shell Manager Anitra Stirgus, Baton Rouge CSR Ann Guzzardo and Owner Chris Broussard              Shell on South Sherwood Forest
show off the store’s “We Sold The Winning Ticket” banner after selling two top prize-winning scratch-off tickets. Boulevard in Baton Rouge, and you
                                                                                                                  will be hard pressed to find someone
 that won’t greet you at the door. Chris Broussard, owner of Broussard’s Shell, shared, “We are a store that provides good,
 old-fashioned customer service to anyone that walks through our doors. Our courteous staff enjoys helping customers and
 making sure they are satisfied when they leave the store.”
   Broussard has been a Lottery retailer for three years and recently sold back-to-back, top prize-winning scratch-offs to two
 of his regular customers: a $100,000 winning Chili Days & Chili Nights scratch-off and a $200,000 winning Cash Blowout
   Anitra Stirgus, manager of Broussard’s Shell, noticed an increase in sales after displaying the “We Sold the Winning Ticket”
 flyer on their Lottery terminal. “Regular and new customers noticed the sign and asked about buying Lottery tickets,”
 she said.
                                                                                                               louisianalottery.com                13
Right: Lafayette CSR Bridget Honore’ presents a customer with prizes
after spinning the Lottery wheel at Breaux Bridge Truckstop &
Casino’s one-year anniversary celebration in Breaux Bridge.
Below: Breaux Bridge Truckstop & Casino in Breaux
Bridge celebrated its one-year anniversary and invited
everyone to join in! Store Manager Danika Landry,
General Manager Michael Nichols and Lafayette CSR
Bridget Honore’ enjoy all the fun at the anniversary

   In the heart of Cajun country, Crowley has been home to the International Rice Festival for 70 years. Held the third
  weekend in October, the festival celebrates the rice industry of Southwest Louisiana with food-eating contests, cooking
  contests, live music, arts and crafts, parades and of course -- the Louisiana Lottery!
   Mickie Cook, owner of Cajun Mart in Crowley, has worked in the Lottery’s booth selling tickets for five years.
  “My husband, Kenneth, and I just love to do it! It’s so much fun,” she said.
   Cook said she remembers several years ago when she and Kenneth attended the festival. “We passed by the Lottery
                                                                   booth and there was a line across the street. They were
                                                                   selling tickets like hot cakes! I told Kenneth, ‘That looks like
                                                                   fun. We have a great business relationship with the Lottery.
                                                                   I’d like to work in their booth,’” she recalled. Cajun Mart
                                                                   has been known as the Lottery’s Rice Festival retailer ever
                                                                     “It’s a very busy festival and so many people attend,” said
                                                                   Cook. “A lot of the people we see are our customers, so
                                                                   we encourage them to come by the booth, buy some
                                                                   tickets and spin the wheel for Lottery prizes!”

                                                                                               Left: Lafayette CSRs Kim Thibodeaux and
                                                                                                   Bridget Honore’, Regional Trainer Stella
                                                                                             Arceneaux, and Cajun Mart Owners Mickie
                                                                                                  and Kenneth Cook keep Lottery players
                                                                                                           happy at the International Rice
                                                                                                                       Festival in Crowley.

  One glimpse of the vibrant colors and movement
in Darrin Butler’s artwork “Let the Good Times Roll”
and you are reminded of the essence of New Orleans.
That’s why the Louisiana Lottery will ring in the 2008 carnival
season by featuring Butler’s work on a $2 Mardi Gras scratch-off
by the same name, which will debut Dec. 17 along with the $1
game, Carnival Win. 160953
  Depicting a New Orleans second-line celebration, Butler’s
                                 work was selected as the winner
    Butler’s work of the “Louisiana Joys,visual Zest
                                 and Zeal (LA JAZZ)”
  was selected as competition sponsored by the
    the winner of Office of the Louisiana Lieutenant
                                 Governor (OLG) and the Louisiana
   the “Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation
        Joys, Arts,              & Tourism (DCRT) in cooperation
                                          Louisiana Lottery
    Zest and Zeal with the Baton Rouge Area and the
                                 Greater                      Arts
     (LA JAZZ)”                  Council. As the contest winner,
       visual arts               Butler earned an artist fee for his
                                 work to be featured on a Lottery
    competition... scratch-off game.
                                  “We are honored for the
opportunity to use Mr. Butler’s ‘Let the Good Times Roll’
artwork on a Mardi Gras themed scratch-off game that should
resonate with Lottery players and art lovers alike,” said Lottery President Rose Hudson.
  For Butler, a self-taught artist with no formal art training,                              Catch the
“Let The Good Times Roll” symbolizes perseverance. “My wife
and I were displaced after Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately,
I didn’t lose my art tools and wood, but we did end up
                                                                     “If you look very
                                                                     closely at the art      Parade
without a place to live,” he explained. He and his wife                transferred to         Don’t miss the parade! Be sure
returned to New Orleans after Katrina and discovered that                                    to keep dispensers stocked with
the house promised to them was no longer available. They               print, you will       these Mardi Gras-themed tickets
relocated to his mother-in-law’s house where they now live             see where the         throughout the carnival season.
and work in one bedroom.                                                                     • $2 Let the Good Times Roll
  Coincidentally, this challenging incident inspired him to
                                                                     paint flows along       Top Prize, $12,000; key-number
create his winning work. “I could not let my situation dictate        the wood-grain         match play style with auto-win
my life and livelihood. My art makes me a very happy person                                  and win-all 10 prizes features.
because I connect to the memories of my childhood in New                                     • $1 Carnival Win
Orleans. For me, being an artist is the true definition of freedom,” he explained.           Top Prize $1,000; match-three
  In 2000, Butler quit his job as an automobile painter and began painting full-time,        doubler play style; designed by
participating in art shows across the country. He now makes different                        Lottery Graphic Designer
color stains to create his art on wood with each work taking about                           Marcy Hooper.
three to four months to create. “Let The Good Times Roll” was a                               Starlet frames, counter mats and
stain painting created on one solid piece of wood.                                           Push/Pull door static clings have
“If you look very closely at the art transferred to print, you will                           been developed to assist you
see where the paint flows along the wood-grain pattern,” he said.                              in promoting the Mardi Gras
  Butler said he has played scratch-off games in the past and won small                         game line up. In addition,
amounts. “Just imagine winning money or learning of someone winning                              statewide outdoor billboards,
money on a Lottery ticket you designed,” he said. “That’s a great feeling.                        on-air radio promotions and
                                                                                                   traffic reports will promote
I feel like I have already won. I get to creatively express my love for a
                                                                                                     the Mardi Gras games.
city that I still call home…New Orleans.” 150216
                                                                                           louisianalottery.com           15
 Above: Lafayette CSRs Paul Fugatt and Brandi McZeal enjoy the
 excitement during Jennings Truckstop & Casino’s customer
 appreciation promotion in Jennings.

                                                                 Above: Patterson
                                                                                       Truckstop & Casin
                                                                 several prizes after                       o in Patterson had
                                                                                      spinning the wheel                       a lucky customer wi
                                                                                                         during the custome                         n
                                                                                                                            r appreciation promo

                                                                 Below: Customers scratch their
                                                                 tickets before spinning the wheel
                                                                 for a prize during the Crowley
                                                                 Truckstop & Casino customer
                                                                 appreciation promotion in

Above: Lafayette CSR Kim Thibodeaux greets
customers as they show off their tickets and get
ready to spin the Lottery wheel for a prize at
the St. Martin Truckstop & Casino customer
appreciation promotion in Broussard.

                                                                                                      Above: Lafayette CSR Amanda Begnaud presents a
                                                                                                      customer with her prize after spinning the wheel at
                                                                                                      the customer appreciation promotion at Highway
                                                                                                      31 Truckstop & Casino in St. Martinville.
                                                                                                    The Marketing and Public
                                                                                                   Relations department was
                                                                                                  honored with four awards by
                                                                                                the Southern Public Relations
                                                                                               Federation (SPRF) during its
                                                                                               Lantern Awards banquet on
                                                                                               Sept. 18 in Mobile, Ala.
                                                                                                 Gulf Coast area businesses
                                                                                               and government entities
                                                                                                submitted 256 total entries
                              Louisiana Lottery’s Communication staff (from top left)           which were judged based on
                              Sarah McGriff, Kimberly Chopin, Jennifer Queen and Jene Burgess. the fundamental processes
                                                                                               for all good public relations
                              campaigns and communications: research, planning, implementation and results. The
                               Lottery’s communications team brought home three Awards of Excellence and one
                              Certificate of Merit in the following categories:
Special Public Relations Program, Short-Term: $1,000,000 Spectacular Live Drawing, Award of Excellence
Special Public Relations Program, Long-Term: Louisiana Lottery’s Winner Awareness Campaign, Certificate of Merit
Publications, External Newsletter: Exchange, Louisiana Lottery’s Retailer Publication, Award of Excellence
                                                  Promotional Brochure or Folder:
                                                  Retailer Recruitment Brochure, Award of Excellence

                                                        The North American Association of State and Provincial
                                                        Lotteries (NASPL) recognized the Louisiana Lottery’s
                                                         retailer publication, Exchange with a Batchy Award. This
                                                          coveted honor recognizes lottery marketing efforts that
                                                           achieve an exceptionally high level of excellence.
                                                             “These awards are a direct reflection to the quality of
                                                             work our marketing and public relations department
                                                              provides to players, retailers and our state,” said
                                                               Lottery President Rose Hudson. “I am very proud that
                                                                Exchange was recognized as the best lottery retailer
                                                               newsletter in the North America.”

                                                                                             louisianalottery.com           17
                                                                                                         Country Market
                                                                                                         in Ponchatoula is a well
                                                                                                          established community
                                                                                                          country store, recruited
                                                                                                           by Baton Rouge CSR Jody
                                                                                                           Guidry. Excited to be a
                                                                                                           new Lottery retailer, Store
                                                                                                            Assistant Manager Shae
                                                                                                            Delatte hangs a Lottery
                                                                                                            banner in front of the
                                                                                                             store to invite everyone
                                                                                                             in to play.

   $100,000 Hold ‘Em Poker® ($5) closed in October, but players still have time to
 enter the game’s second-chance drawing. Remind your players that nonwinning
 ticket entries into the fourth and final WPT™ second-chance drawing must be
 received at the designated drawing address by Jan. 10, 2008 to be eligible to win the
 WPT™ Grand Prize Trip Experience or one of 191 WPT™ Merchandise Prize Packs.
 The Grand Prize Trip Experience includes:
   • Round-trip airfare for two to an actual tournament
   • Six nights’ double occupancy accommodations
   • $1,000 spending cash
   • One World Poker Tour® Merchandise Prize Package
   • Up to a maximum $10,000 buy-in to participate in a WPT™ tournament
     of the winner’s choice
   • Two tickets to the taping of the World Poker Tour® finals of the tournament
 The winner also has the option of receiving a cash prize of $15,515, taxes paid, in lieu
 of the grand prize. Past trip winners are Leon Williams of Geismar, Terry McNeal of New Orleans
 and Philip Freeman of Anacoco.
 The Merchandise Prize Pack includes:                            Full second-chance drawing entry requirements and prize descriptions
  • Quad-folding WPT™ Poker Game Table Top                      can be found on the Lottery’s Web site, www.louisianalottery.com/poker.
  • WPT™ Clock
  • WPT™ Tumber Set
  • WPT™ Ball Cap

                                                             Gause Food Mart - 853 Gause Blvd., Slidell
                                                             Interstate Food Mart - 1833 Old Spanish Trail, Slidell

                                                             Allan’s Food Mart - 1800 Stumpf Blvd. Unit 10,Terrytown

                                                             Day & Night Convenience Store - 7600 W. Judge Perez Drive, Arabi

                                                             Acadian Express #3602 - 2018 Highway 182 East, Houma

                                               New Orleans
                                                             Ocean Seafood & Restaurant - 8009 Downman Road, New Orleans
                                                             Uptown Mart - 4839 Prytania Street, New Orleans

                                                             River Discount Food Store - 6913 Fourth Street, Marrero
                                                             Breaux Mart Supermarket - 3233 Magazine Street, New Orleans
                                                             Ideal Discount Market - 2436 Ursuline Avenue, New Orleans
                                                             R S Express Bait & Grocery - 845 Bayou Dularge Road, Houma
                                                             Barbara’s Discount Zone - 120 Carolina Avenue, Bogalusa
                                                             Brother’s Food Mart #119 - 3528 I-10 Service Road, Metairie
                                                             Lakeview Mini Mart - 207 West Harrison Avenue, New Orleans

New Orleans (Region 1)
1. Riverside Travel Center,
                                                             Jr. Mart - 77310 Landry Drive, Maringoun
                                               Baton Rouge

   Pearl River
2. Racetrac Petroleum, Inc. #380, Slidell                    Murphy Express #8501 - 130 S. Airline Highway, Gonzales

3. Get & Go, Gretna                                          Rende’s Quick Stop - 3036 Monterrey Drive, Baton Rouge
4. Super Serve #1, New Orleans                               Cracker Barrel #28 - 102 Lobdell Highway South, Port Allen
5. Louisiana Super Saver, New Orleans                        Delatte’s Country Market - 21515 Highway 22, Ponchatoula
Baton Rouge (Region 2)
1. Kangaroo Express #3988,
   Kentwood                                                  Creole One-Stop - 4418 W. Creole Highway, Cameron

2. Express Mini Mart, Baton Rouge                            Piggly Wiggly - 1305 Heather Drive, Opelousas

3. United Food Mart, Baton Rouge                             USA Food Express - 600 Moss Street, Lafayette
4. Side Stop Store, Baton Rouge
5. Express Way, Kentwood
                                                             Floyd’s Grocery & Market, LLC - 4269 Highway 357, Opelousas

Lafayette (Region 3)

1. 190 Kwik Stop, Inc., DeRidder
                                                             Murphy USA #5820 - 5934 Highway 167 N.,Winnfield

2. Tobacco Plus #5,Vinton
3. Smokers Choice, New Iberia                                Murphy USA #5662 - 925 E. Keyser Avenue, Natchitoches
4. Dave’s Self Service, St. Martinville
5. Delcambre Fuel Depot, Erath

Alexandria (Region 4)

                                                             Eastside Stop & Shop - 565 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Monroe

1. Raceway,Vidalia                                           Farmers One Stop - 10395 Highway 134, Lake Providence
2. B-Kwik Food Mart #7,Vidalia
3. Tobacco Plus #16, Alexandria
4. Rainbow Mini Mart,Vidalia
5. Cenla Express #4401, Winnfield

                                                             Raceway - 3701 Hearne Avenue, Shreveport

Monroe (Region 5)                                            Country Junction - 6602 Highway 3, Benton
1. Delta Discount, Delta                                     AJ’s Shell - 7702 Highway 509, Mansfield
2. Norsworthy’s Truck Stop, Bastrop
3. The World, Delta
4. Kilbourne Deli Mart, Kilbourne
5. The Grab Bag, Lake Providence

Shreveport (Region 6)
1.   Harde’ Mart #227, Junction City
2.   J-Mart Auto Parts, Shreveport
3.   Plain Dealing 66, Plain Dealing
4.   Homer Road 66, Minden
5.   Village Exxon, Shreveport

Based on Sales period Sept. 6 - Nov. 1, 2007                                                       louisianalottery.com      19
   The Lottery’s annual renewal process runs Oct. 1 to Dec. 31. If your initial license
  was obtained after Oct. 1, your license does not expire until the end of the next
  calendar year. Licenses not renewed by Dec. 31 are suspended and/or terminated.
  Make sure you have taken the following steps to facilitate the completion of your

             Make sure you are current in payment of all taxes, interest
             and penalties to the state that are not under formal protest.

             Resolve any outstanding issues with the Department of Revenue,
             the Department of Labor and the Secretary of State.

             Return the appropriate “Clearance Letter” from
             these entities to your local Lottery office or fax to
             the licensing department at 225-297-2124.

  For more information about retailer responsibilities, visit

Is your Lottery retailer number hidden in this issue of the Exchange (excluding the mailing label)? If so, contact your CSR or call 1-800-256-6690 to claim your prize.

                                                                                                                                                       PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                      Baton Rouge, LA
                                                                                                                                                      Permit No. 1198

     P.O. Box 90008
     Baton Rouge, LA

                                                    TOLL-FREE PROBLEM GAMBLING HOTLINE 1-877-770-7867
              The Lottery encourages anyone with a gambling problem, or friends or family of anyone with a gambling problem, to call the hotline for assistance.
                                              Responsible play is always encouraged by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation.

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