PS3 VS Xbox 360

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					                       PS3 VS Xbox 360
                       By Alex Chaquinga

        Ps3 fans and Xbox 360 fans, the rivalry between systems continues. The fight for
which can provide more interaction with the world around them is always a topic on all
the gamers minds. Another fight that still continues between them is which system has
the better graphics. “I say that Xbox 360 has the better graphics then Ps3.” Said Senior
Ernest Denis. When research was done by the professionals that make Xbox 360 and Ps3
games it was found out that Xbox 360 has better graphics then Ps3 in some games. It’s
found that the professionals actually take more time to polish the games brightness in
Xbox while the Ps3 professionals work on the shaping of the games. “The graphics are
why people play games; it makes the games stand out like real life.” Said Senior Luis

         Xbox 360 is way better dude because it offers more online content.” Said Senior
Cesar Pinzon. The Xbox has what’s called Xbox live where gamers can experience the
life of online gaming and compete with anyone in the world. The Ps3 as well has what’s
called sign in. There you can go online and experience the online world like Xbox 360.
“The reason why I go for Ps3 is because I grow up on play station.” Said Senior Jessica
Chavez.” This is the case with most people; they pick the system that they grow up on.

        The Ps3 has a lot of things you can do on the system like, be able to watch movies
in HD, hold all types of picture, and buy items like games in the play station store. The
play station store is places to buy all type of thing for Ps3 like buy wallpaper for the Ps3
background, Buy classic games, and rent or buy movies. The Xbox 360 has not a store
but columns. The column separates all types of things like there’s a music column, buy
games column, and buy movies columns. “I still think Xbox 360 is way better then Ps3.”
Said Senior Luis Gonzales.

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