The Resurrection of Our Lord Welcome to our Easter celebration

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					               The Resurrection of Our Lord                     + The Nicene Creed                             page 104
                                                                Prayer for the People of God
 7:30 AM & 10:00 AM                            April 24, 2011
                                                                Sharing the Peace
                                                                WE OFFER GIFTS TO GOD AS WE SAY THANKS
WE PREPARE FOR WORSHIP - (Silence and Prayer is
                                                                o Offering of Our Gifts and Tithes
                                                                + Offertory
Prelude                                                         Prayer                                         page 107
+Call To Worship                                                WE EAT AND DRINK TOGETHER IN CHRIST
P:     Sing a new song,                                         The Great Thanksgiving                         page 206
C:     Full of incredible joy, gracious healing and             Holy, Holy, Holy                               page 207
       comfort for those who mourn.                             Words of Institution                           page 108
P:     Sing praise to God,                                      Lord’s Prayer                                  page 208
C:     A strong song of springtime glory and sunny              The Lamb of God                                page 208
       renewal.                                                 o Distribution                     ELW # 384, 367 & 366
P:     Sing loud and clear,                                     + Closing Prayer                               page 114
C:     For God brings rainbows after storms, butterflies
       after cocoons.                                           WE LEAVE TO DO OUR WORK ON GOD’S BEHALF
P:     Let all the waterfalls clap their hands and the          + Benediction- We have gathered at the tomb, stooped
       mountains and hills ring out in gladness.                   and looked in. It is empty, thanks be to God! Now
C:     For Christ is risen and rules the world with truth          return to your homes, amazed at what has
       and grace.                                                  happened, and spread the word that Christ has
P:     Heaven and nature sing,                                     been raised!
C:     For the Savior reigns, and the wonders of God's          Sending Hymn Thine is the Glory               ELW# 376
       love are everywhere.
                                                                      One: Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
Church Choir         ‘Easter Fanfare’                                 All: He is risen indeed. Alleluia!
+ Processional Jesus Christ is Risen Today        ELW # 365     Postlude
Prayer of the Day
WE HEAR THE WORD                                                + Indicates to Stand if you would like to do so.
Announcements                                                   o Indicates to Sit.
o First Reading                                 Isaiah 25:6-9
Choir Anthem ‘ Crown Him With Many Crowns’                      Welcome to our Easter celebration. The Lord is risen!
(See Screen for congregational singing with choir)              Let us join hearts, hands and voices in joyous praise to
Second Reading                    1 Corinthians 5:6b-8          almighty God, whose power and love raised Jesus
+ Gospel Acclamation                          page 205          from the dead. Such power and love is among us even
                                                                in this hour. Today, as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we
Holy Gospel                             Luke 24:13-49           welcome all believers in Jesus Christ to this meal. For it is
o Children’s Sermon                                             the Lord’s Meal and it is he who welcomes all who desire
Sermon                               Pastor Don McKee           this meal. Grape juice is available at the center of every
WE RESPOND WITH SONG AND STATEMENTS                             tray of wine.
Hymn     Now the Green Blade Rises          ELW # 379
The radio broadcast is given today in loving memory of
Eddie and Kenneth Huseby from Elmira Huseby and family.
Please extend your hands of comfort to the family of
Burnett Pearson. Burnett died on Sunday, April 17th. His
funeral will be on Tuesday, April 26th at 10:30 am at Our
Please remember in prayer the family of Kay Ward. Kay
was a member of Our Savior’s for many years and died
suddenly of a stroke in Kansas. Her funeral was April 18th
at Advent Lutheran Church in Olathe, Kansas. Condolences
can be sent to 5117 W 159th Terrace Stilwell, KS 66085.
You are invited to Easter breakfast! Let us do the cooking
for you on this Easter morning from 8:30-10:00 a.m. The
youth of Our Savior’s will be serving a full breakfast, con-
sisting of scrambled eggs, sausage, fruit, rolls, juice and
coffee. Free-will donation.
Confirmation Service will be next Sunday at 11:00 am. We
invite all of our members to join with us as our 9th grade
confirmation students take on this new responsibility.
Please pray for each of our 9th graders as they affirm their

            Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
                Montevideo, MN 56265
           222 N. 5th Street (320) 269-8824
        Pastors: Donald McKee and Tim Wheatley
        Lectors: Megan Enevoldsen & Sonja Zenk
                  Organist: Tim Burns
           Broadcast Assistants: Bruce Vien
                                                         Larry and Jacquie Youngs and Roger and Janice
Easter Flower List                                       Voorhees from Rod and Pam Voorhees and family
We know that among the flowers in the chancel there is
                                                         Hanna Gilbertson, Roy Gilbertson, Dave Brovald and
                                                         Tom Dandurand from Ryan and Sue Gilbertson and
In Memory of:
Loved ones from Vern and Jan Jordahl
                                                         Charlene and Bernard Johnson and loved ones from
Loved ones from Ken and Janice Olsen                     Lloyd and Carol Norman and family
Lawrence and Evelyn Binnebose from Ron and Pat           Jim and Eric Black and loved ones from Darlene Black
                                                         LaVon and Wally Quenomoen, Connie and Wayne
Lillian Hansen from Ron and Pat Binnebose                Mooney from Pam Merrill
Loved ones from Jerry and Jan Lund                       Scott Myhre from Wayne and Pat Myhre and family
Eddie Ojer from Mrs. Osman’s 4th Grade Class 2008        Wayne and Vernice Erickson and Ike and Aggie Peterson
                                                         from Bob and Carol Erickson and family
Les Onken from Pastor Don, Barb, Ashley and Tyler
McKee                                                    Elsie Jones from Kevin, Julie, Adam and Kate Jones
Megan Bothun from Jim, Jan, Zach and Bree                Loved ones from Ingmar Molde and his family
Gene Christenson from Lois Christenson and family        Grace and Thor Jordahl and Katie and Gustav Hoppe
                                                         from Harold and Bea Hoppe and family
Mel Wik from Phyllis Wik and family
                                                         Dwight Cranston from Mark and Julie Redepenning
Milo Norman, Roy Quigley, Kenneth and Dorothy
Adamson from Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Norman and family       Everett Moen and loved ones from Bev Moen and family
Arendt and Ruth Arends and loved ones from Dave and      Mike Schmitz from Amanda Clark
Lynette Arends
                                                         Derek Twete from the Ken Enevoldsen family
Dennis E. Johnson and Darrell Johnson from Dianna
                                                         Keaton Vickers from Bruce Vien
Johnson and family
                                                         Becky Cushman from Brad and Becki Tollakson and
Jeff Mann, Sheldon and Karen Konstant from Sheryl,
Noah and Marissa Mann
                                                         Diane Ferris from Bennett and Hope Hagen and family
Otto and Ruth Obermeyer, Ben and Mable TeBeest,
Ralph Kleven from Darwin and Janeen TeBeest              Ione Hilden, Lorraine Winter and loved ones from Garret
                                                         and Sue Winter and family
Loved ones from David and Joyce Offerman
                                                         Our parents, Mr. & Mrs. Alton Benson, Mr. & Mrs.
Loved ones from Paul and Ardis Larson and Jerome and
                                                         Leonord Loose, brother Arlin Loose and nephew Jon
Kelly Fragodt
                                                         Sorby from Dennis and Diane Loose
 Easter Flower List                                                                    MINISTRY OF CARING
                                                                                       Please remember in your prayers those who serve our
        Loved ones from Chad and Carol Arends, Garrett,                                country, Kirk Larson and Ashleigh Holt (granddaughter of
        Amery, Gavin and Anika                                                         Claire Eddy) who are serving in Afghanistan; those who are
        Russell Moe from his family; Jean, Julie, Laurie, Britni,                      in need of God’s healing grace; for those who seek comfort
        Dain, Taylor and Elijah                                                        and answers:

        Sally Tostenson from the Kenneth Tostenson family                              Health For Members: Yvonne Ward, John Walstrom, Bob
                                                                                       Jorgenson, Patricia Toov, Rosemarie Haase, and Wendy
        Birdeen Winge, Mary and Eric Steenson from the                                 Jacobs.
        Delores Winge family
                                                                                       Health For Others: Liz Reinken, daughter of Pearl
        Sally Tostenson, Anne Stokke and Birdeen Winge from                            Toftness, Rudy Larson, Reagan Hedin, granddaughter of
        the Lonny Tostenson family                                                     Dave and Deb Hedin, Madeline John, granddaughter of
                                                                                       John and Annette Thompson, Glorraine Erickson, sister-in-
        Obert and Phyllis Evenson, Victor Evenson, Percy and                           law of Algean and Florence Erickson and Maurice and
        Brad Saue from Dave and Linda Saue                                             Audrey Erickson, Glory Dyshaw, daughter-in-law of John
        Shirley Clark from Denny, Denise, Rollie, DeWayne,                             and Lois Dyshaw, Dawson Kesteloot, grand nephew of
        Brian and families                                                             Debra and Jerry Larson, Ann Yackley, Cindy Jerve, Brad
                                                                                       Boraas, brother-in-law of Jim and Jackie Thompson, Tim
        Cleo and Alva Clauson and Ben Dirksen from Jon and                             Haugen, son of Dolores Haugen, Leone Struxness, sister of
        Brenda Clauson and family                                                      Bev Moen, Shirley Brovold, mother of Sue and Ryan
                                                                                       Gilbertson; and Lexy Croom.
        Jean Bergeson and John and Lillie Jones from Bob and
        Marcia Jones                                                                   Pew Pads are at the end of each pew. Please fill them
                                                                                       out and pass them to your neighbor. This is a way to
In Honor of:
                                                                                       get the names and addresses of visitors, prospective
      Our 50th Wedding Anniversary from Leland and Judy
                                                                                       members, and people who would like a pastoral visit.
                                                                                       Thank you
      The Clark Family

                                                                                       Office Closed The church office will be closed all day on
For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue,         Monday, April 25th in observance of the Easter holiday. If
innocence, hope and life—the spiritual essence of Easter. Often called the             you have a pastoral emergency you may call Pastor Tim
“white-robed apostles of hope,” lilies were found growing in the Garden of Geth-       Wheatley at 321-1180 or (612) 756-4633.
semane after Christ’s agony. Tradition has it that the beautiful white lilies sprung
                                                                                       Adult Education There will be no more adult education
up where drops of Christ’s sweat fell to the ground in his final hours of sorrow       this spring. This is due to Pastor Don’s surgery and
and deep distress. Churches continue this tradition at Easter time by banking          recovery. See you next fall.
their altars and surrounding their crosses with masses of Easter Lilies, to com-
memorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and hope of life everlasting.                Quilters Take Note: There will be no quilting on Monday,
                                                                                       April 25th due to the church and office being closed or on
                                                                                       Tuesday, April 26th due to a funeral. There will be quilting
                                                                                       on Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd.

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