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									                                                     COLLEGE OF THE DESERT
                                                 HEALTH SCIENCES/ECE DIVISION
                                         Early Childhood Education Advisory Committee Meeting
DATE:         10/14/08
ATTENDING: Dianne Russom, Susie Dauto, Julie Stenger, Donna Greene, Cathy Knudsen, Leslie Young, Ifthicka Nissar, Gayle
              Clark, Jackie Leany, Geri Sutton, Debra Loukatos, Patricia Dorado, Joan Prehoda, Beatriz Machiche

             TOPIC                                               DISCUSSION                                                  ACTION

Call to order by Leslie Young at
9:08 a.m.

Welcome and Introductions          Leslie Young, HS/ECE Dean, welcomed all members. Self-introductions        Informational.
                                   were made.
                                   Dianne Russom is new Director @ CDC. Goal is accreditation NA EYC
                                   Donna Greene is new full-time ECE faculty @ COD

ECE Program updates                Per agenda, brief update on all items.                                     Informational.

Committee Input                    Wendy Sanders asked for discussion on what the needs are in the            List of ideas / topics for further
                                   Coachella Valley for children, child care, providers, and parental         discussion on implementation.
                                   interaction with childcare providers. Roundtable brainstorming as
                                       1. Trained ECE providers with knowledge / needs.
                                       2. Language to communicate with parents.
                                       3. Diverse education to meet needs of parents
                                       4. Educational component to serve families, not just the children in
                                           their care.
                                       5. Recognition of generational differences – how we do what we do
                                       6. Awareness and access to resources and programs.
                                       7. Centers need networking for cooperation – not competition for $.
                                       8. Serve and act as proponent for children / childcare
                                       9. Children and families must feel valued – cultural differences
                                       10. Respect for children for who they are NOW, not who we want
                                           them to become as adults.
             TOPIC                                         DISCUSSION                                                   ACTION

Committee Input (continued)      11. Holistic view of children. Must include mental health (direct and
                                     reflective stress from parents / environment) as well as physical
                                     health / exercise components.
                                 12. Support providers to do their job / needs, classroom & resource
                                     support includes mental health issues for providers too.
                                 13. Insurance & health needs. More LOCAL resources identified and
                                     tapped so that parents & children do less travel outside of CV for
                                     needs coverage.
                                 14. Trained analysis about what is developmentally appropriate.
                                     Teachers, staff, and administrators all need to understand age
                                 15. Teachers need to remain current with ECE research & practices.
                                     Perhaps better continuing educational opportunities and/or
                                     requirements? Info sharing for resources – gov‟t. and private
                                     funding, programs, etc.
                                 16. Recognize that there is a nutritional facet to childhood and
                                     learning. Parents must also be aware of these needs.
                                 17. What exactly does „economy‟ issue mean to childhood programs?
                                 18. Language development needs – for teachers to develop high
                                     quality teacher/child interaction.
                                 19. Child guidance / classroom leadership (disciplined growth),
                                     facilitation for groups of children.

Stan Little Conference        May 2, 2009. Call for presenters will be going out in beginning of          Informational.
                              November. It was noted that packets of presenter‟s materials / notes were
                              greatly appreciated by participants last year.

COD curriculum et al.         Infant / Toddler class needed EVERY year. ECE certificate reflecting        Still on faculty / departmental agenda
                              school age and special needs children still needed.                         to complete.

                              Question on Montessori training and college credit towards degree           Training must be via college or
                              programs.                                                                   university programs only due to
                                                                                                          accreditation issues and “paper trail”
                                                                                                          in order to count towards degrees.

                              Possible 3 credit course on ECE & Family                                    In development.
Other                             November 8, 2008 – Professional Growth Advisor training (afternoon)   Informational
                                  More info to come.

                                  Ifthika “Shine” Nissar will be participating in the LA Marathon and
                                  encourages any/all to walk with her in March, 2009.

Adjournment                                                                                             10:45 a.m.

Next Meeting                                                                                            March 2009 – time & location TBA

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