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 fr a n n I e pe a bO dy cen t er

annual repOrt
             2006: dignity
                                   a letter from our director
                                   Dear friend,
patti capouch, lcSW
Executive Director                    It’s been quite a year at Frannie Peabody Center!
2006 Board of Directors               In 2006, we served more people in Maine at risk for, or living with, HIV/AIDS than
robert Hark, esq.                  ever before. And we’ve continued to strive for wise strategic planning, programs that re-
President                          ally work, strong partnerships in the community, and effective public advocacy.
Wendy r. cherubini                    Why? Because even today, after 25 years, we’re still fighting the stigma of HIV/AIDS. The
Vice-President                     disease is more widespread but also, in some ways, more invisible. And there’s still no cure.
Steven G. McGrath                     Yet the people we serve are right here! They’re our neighbors, our friends, our family.
Secretary                          And they deserve human kindness, dignity, quality care, and a safe home just as surely as
Jon Bradley, DSW                   you and I do.
Arthur A. Aleshire                    Now, however, in the face of even bigger challenges, funding sources are growing
John Hatcher                       scarcer just as costs are increasing. We had to close our supplemental-food pantry in
Peter Haffenreffer                 August for lack of funding, for example, and the cost of heating our Peabody House
Ann M. E. Lemire, MD               Assisted Living Facility went up 33% last winter, and promises to rise even more this
Sam Surprise                       coming winter. Tough stuff.
Daniel C. D’Entremont                 That’s why we’re so grateful you’re reading this annual report. Please keep read-
R. Scott Hawkins                   ing! We couldn’t do our work without your care, your commitment, and your financial
Caroline Teschke, MD
                                   support. The Center’s staff, board, volunteers, and partner organizations are making a
Mark Register
                                   difference in so many people’s lives. We hope you’ll join us—and make a difference, too.
Thomas McLaughlin, Ph.D.
                                      Thank you,
Main Office and
cumberland county Services
335 Valley Street
Portland, ME 04102
                                            Robert S. Hark, Esq.                               Patti Capouch, LCSW
Phone: (207) 774-6877
Fax: (207) 879-0761
                                            President, Board of Directors                      Executive Director

york county client Services
Meadowbrook Plaza
647 US Route 1, Suite 303
                                 Our programs
York, ME 03909
P.O. Box 724,
                                 HIV prevention                                          Our case managers spent more than 4,000
York, ME 03909
Phone: (207) 363-3558 or         O     ur prevention team promotes HIV/
                                       AIDS awareness in the community and
                                 reduces risk behaviors by providing informa-
                                                                                      hours in direct contact with 267 clients in
                                                                                      2006 (up 26% over 2005), including 50 new
                                                                                      intakes—more than ever before.
Toll Free: (866) 439-8075
Fax: (207) 363-3996              tion, resources, and anonymous testing.                 We offered comprehensive assistance in
                                    In 2006, we provided 70 hours of commu-           obtaining help with life planning, medical
HIV prevention Services          nity education and 600 hours of outreach to          care, legal advice, mental health and sub-
49 Oak Street, Portland          7,000 at-risk Maine men and women, includ-           stance use counseling, insurance coverage,
Office: (207) 871-0216           ing GLBTQ youth and adults, people who               financial assistance, and housing. We made
Fax: (207) 871-0219              are addicted to drugs or alcohol, women in           more than 1,000 successful referrals and dis-
HIV Testing: (207) 749-6818      prison, people who are homeless, and racial          bursed over $50,000 in funds to help clients
Men’s Health: (207) 807-4586     and ethnic minorities.                               with unreimbursed medical expenses.
                                    We also tested 496 at-risk individuals               In keeping with national trends, the de-
peabody House                    for HIV infection and 71 for STD infec-              mographic profile of our clients has changed
Portland, Maine                  tion. (Early diagnosis is a key part of stay-        significantly. We saw more women (indeed,
Ph: (207) 774-6281               ing healthy longer.) Testing at our Portland         women with HIV could soon outnumber
Fax: (207) 879-4947              storefront office grew 129% over that of the         men) and more people of African descent,
                                 previous 12 months. For every 83 people              including African-Americans as well as immi-
www.peabodycenter.org                                                                 grants and refugees from Africa. Almost 10%
                                 tested, one was HIV positive.
                                                                                      of our clients spoke no English or spoke it as
                                 client Services                                      a second language. Half reported household
On the cover                        Our client-centered care program aims to help     incomes at or below the federal poverty level.
Staff and residents at Peabody   improve the quality of life and self-determination   And more than 75% reported mental health
House, Spring 2006
                                 of Maine people living with HIV/AIDS.                issues, substance use issues, or both.
residential Services                                              Eight people lived at Peabody House in 2006.
    We help people living with HIV/AIDS find or maintain a            HAVEN is a federally funded, statewide housing collabo-
safe, stable home.                                                ration between Frannie Peabody Center, the city of Portland,
    Our Peabody House is Maine’s only assisted living facil-      Shalom House, and Ryan White, providers of HIV case man-
ity for people living with HIV/AIDS. Peabody House is a           agement and medical care. It provides rental subsidies; short-
six-bed facility that provides room, board and assistance         term assistance with mortgage, rent, and utility payments; and
with activities of daily living. A team of social service and     support services exclusively to people living with HIV/AIDS.
nursing care providers work together to provide 24-hour           HAVEN served 216 clients statewide in 2006, helping 95% of
care and support to residents of varying levels of need.          them find or maintain permanent housing.

2006 Financials

F   rannie Peabody Center had an annual operating budget
    of approximately $2.4 million in 2006, 90% of which
came from federal and state government grants and pro-
                                                                  please see In Gratitude on the back page of this annual
                                                                  report or visit our website, at www.peabodycenter.org.
                                                                      In 2006, we spent more than $700,000 on client as-
grams. We were also the recipient of grants and generous          sistance and program supplies, including medical supplies
donations from numerous private organizations, foun-              and safer-sex kits, and $1.4 million on personnel and other
dations, and individuals that helped us build additional          costs directly related to the provision of client services. We
service capacity, subsidize shortfalls in public funding, and     are proud of our financial acumen and ability to get honest
stay responsive to an ever-changing disease. To learn more,       value for our dollar.

    revenues by Source                                                 expenses by program
    Total Revenue: $2,376,225                                          Total Expenses: $2,384,340


                                                Program Revenue                                       Prevention
                                                $40,055                   Peabody House                Services
                                                                             $544,633                  $223,754
          Contracts                              United Way
          $2,153,428                             $34,635
                                                                                                                       and General
                                                Foundations                                                           $206,160
                                               Other Revenue
                                                                                        $909,994                    Development

                                           Investment Income

the challenges ahead

A    s part of carrying forward and expanding our work,
     we’ll be tackling the following challenges in 2007 and
                                                                     cal, and private funds—to help us hire new staff to serve
                                                                     our ever-growing caseload, reach more rural communi-
                                                                     ties, and offer low-barrier access to mental health and
•	 Overcoming	the	obstacles	to,	and	stigma	of,	compre-               substance abuse counseling services.
   hensive HIV/STD/hepatitis testing and care in Maine’s          •	 Finding	ways	to	pay	for	the	more	than	$40,000	in	direct	
   York County, including the establishment of a Needle              administrative and evaluation costs that are not reim-
   Exchange Project.                                                 bursed by our federal housing grants.
•	 Balancing	client	requests	for	social	opportunities,	food,	     •	 Finding	donations	of	labor	and	supplies	to	make	needed	
   and housing assistance against the 2006 Ryan White                structural improvements to Peabody House—including
   Treatment Modernization Act’s call for more medically             a new roof, flooring, windows, and kitchen repairs—
   focused case management services.                                 that are not covered in Peabody House’s MaineCare cost
•	 Developing	more	outside	resources—such	as	federal,	lo-            reimbursement structure.
In Gratitude
$10,000 and Higher                       Dr. Lani Graham                          Congregation Bet Ha’Am                 Ben and Frankie Odom                    Brenda Chute
Scarborough Middle School                Mr. and Mrs. Reis F. Hagerman            Linda & Ross Converse, in memory of    Brian Ollariu and Chad Fernandez        TJ Clinch
                                         Rev. Linda Peyton Hancock and              David Harvey                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olum, in           Rita M. Coutu
$1,000 - $9,999                           Morris C. Hancock                       Ms. Joann Cook, in memory of Robin       memory of Robin Lambert               Robert Dow
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Aleshire             Mr. Joseph R. Hanslip                      Lambert                              Mr. Steve Ouellette, in memory of       Suzanne Lacroix
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Harwood           Mr. and Mrs. William K. Cormier          Robin Lambert                         Michael Lothrop
Mr. Kevin Beal                           R. Scott Hawkins and                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Coughlin       Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Page             Brenda Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bowie                   Ross M. Harpestad                       Mrs. Mary A. Crabb and                 Mrs. Angela Paris                       Wade L. McClay
Bonny Eagle High School                  Peter and Judith Haynes                    Joanne M. Ford                       Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Paulhus             Della S. Raymond
Ms. Sara Crisp and Mr. Gregg Lipton      Ms. Janet Henry and                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Creighton       Shirley M. Pelletier                    Gerard Samson
Ms. Madeleine G. Corson                   Mr. Vernon Moore                        Mr. Terence Cronin and                 Mr. and Mrs. Carlton D. Pendleton       Kristen Schluntz
The Episcopal Church                     Mr. Mark Irwin                             Ms. Linda Snow                       Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Pert           Margaret A. Spann
  of St. Mary the Virgin                 Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. LaFountain        Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Crowley           Ms. Mary Frances Polito, in honor of    Marilyn H. Thomas
First Congregational Church              Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Laskoff           Donna Crowninshield and                  Joshua D. Cutler                      Pamela A. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Glickman             Mr. and Mrs. John Leary                    Allen Westberry                      Mr. Charles L. Pollock
Hannaford Bros. Co.                      Mr. Gaston Lee                           Mr. Ernest Curtin Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. John Powers                Gift in Kind
Mr. Tim Stein                            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Leeman               Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Cutler            Allen and Margaret Pusch                AAA
Mr. and Mrs. A. Holmes Stockly           Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lemieux             Mr. and Mrs. Edgar C. Davis, in        Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Ralston         Admiral’s Inn
Caroline Teschke                         Ms. Rosalind W. Lewis                      memory of Robin Lambert              Ms. Marion H. Redlon                    Arthur and Julie Aleshire
                                         Dr. and Mrs. Chris Lutes                 Ms. Shirley Delosier, in memory of     Mr. Robert R. Renwick and               Artemesia Cafe
$500 - $999                              Mr. James W. McCalla                       Robin Lambert                          Mr. Ivan P. Jenny                     Bagel Works
Mr. John Anton and                       Mr. and Ms. Scott Meighen                Diane and John Delvin                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Reynolds        Bikram Yoga College of India, Portland
  Ms. Renee H. Schwalberg                Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Morash           Mrs. and Mr. Wendy Derzawiec           Ms. Marilyn Reynolds                    Mr. Donald Bisson
Coffee By Design, Inc.                   Randall Mullin and Florian Daniels       Mr. and Mrs. William Drake             Leslie Richfield and Scott Horton, in   Black Boar Inn
Cross Insurance                          Ms. Jane V. Nelson                       Mr. and Mrs. Weston S. Evans             memory of Daniel F. Richfield         Books Etc.
Mr. Bob Depaolo                          Ms. Cora R. Paradis                      Mr. Rick Filbert and                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rose               Caiola’s Restaurant
First Parish in Portland                 Ms. Mary B. Paul                           Mr. Rick Schnurbusch                 Mr. John S. Rozos                       Cape Shore Day Spa
Leon and Lisa Gorman                     Ms. Barbara Peabody, in memory of        Ms. Joan R. Fink                       Ms. Constance M. Rush                   Collective Capacity LLC
Mr. John Hatcher and                      Frannie Peabody, also in memory of      Ms. Patt Franklin                      Ms. Lorine B. Ryder                     Commercial and Industrial Properties
  Mr. Dan Kennedy                         Peter Vom Lehn                          Ms. Alicia Frenette                    Mr. and Mrs. James Satterthwaite        David’s Restaurant
Timothy Honquest & Marvin Olsen          Physics Consultants, Inc                 Mr. Rolf A. Fuessler                   Joyce Saunders, in memory of Robin      Ms. Laura Dobson
Mrs. Betsy Evans Hunt                    Mr. Will Plumley and                     Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Givertz             Lambert                               Fore Season Indoor Golf
Ann Lemire, MD                            Ms. Rebecca Reinhart, in memory of      Hon. Caroline Glassman                 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Schaefer         Garrand Marketing Communications
Lee Management Co.                        Robin Lambert                           Mr. and Mrs. Roger Gorham              Justine H. Sears                        GlaxoSmithKline
Mr. Neal Margulitips                     Ms. Elizabeth C. Potter                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Green          Sharon R. Sevigny                       Gobeil’s Furniture Galleries
Ms. Karla McGowan                        Daniel Reardon and                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green              Mrs. Peggy I. Shattuck                  Great Lost Bear
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meyerkopf            Bernadette Woodcock                     Andre Grimard, in memory of Gisele     Ms. Mary Shaw                           Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Green
North Yarmouth Academy                   Mr. Mark D. Rogers                         Grimard                              Mrs. Dolores Shevenell, in memory of    Peter Haffenreffer and
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robinson            The Rotary Club of Portland, Maine,      Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Grondin            Dean Shevenell                          Mallory Marshall
                                          by Rachel Rohner of Deering High        Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hachey         Ms. Beverly L. Sloat                    Heaven & Earth Day Spa
$250 - $499                               School                                  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hand                David and Laurella Smith, in memory     Hollywood Entertainment Corporation
Mr. David P. Becker                      Sanford High School                      Mr. and Mrs. Reginald L. Hannaford       of Robin Lambert                      Joe Fletcher Presents
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Cathcart          Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sawtelle, in memory     Ms. Wendy Harlan                       Rebecca and John Smith                  Ms. Angela Lawrence and
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. D’Entremont        of Robin Lambert                        Mr. Bruce L. Harrington                Dr. Daniel B. Sobel and                   Ms. Leigh Peake
Ms. Anne S. Drummond                     Mr. Salvatore Scaglione and              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Harvey               Ms. Kira Wigoda                       Lifestyle Fitness Center
Mr. and Mrs. J. Casey Faiman              Mr. Dana Heacock                        Ms. Mildred Harvey                     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stavenhagen         LT’s Screenprinting
First Congregational Church of           Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Simpson           Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hawk             Ms. Joan Sturmthal                      Maine Rock Gym
  Scarborough                            Leonard and Edith Skoog                  Ms. Sara J. Hayes and                  Thornton Academy                        Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Dino Giamatti               Harold A. Smith and Dianne N. Lewis        Mr. James C. Chute                   Town of Scarborough                     Ms. Anna Melbin
Mrs. Marie Z. Graves                     Mr. and Mrs. Seth Sprague                Joseph and Carolyn Heasly              Leslie and Mary Alice Tripp             Mesa Verde Mexican Restaurant
Tom Hinkle & Gary Duford                 Sam Surprise                             Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Hertz          Mr. and Mrs. Duane W. Wakefield         Ms. Ann K. Messinger
Mr. Leo J. LaPlante, CPA and             Robin Thatcher                           Gloria Hevey                           Ms. Catherine H. Walz                   Narrow Gauge RR & Museum
  Mr. Lewis J. Simoneau                  Dr. Philip P. Thompson Jr.               Lester and Sidney Hodgdon              Ms. Pamela A. Warren                    Nine Stones
Mainestreet                              Mr. and Ms. Robert S. Tyrer, in          Ms. Christine Holden                   Ann Wehrwein, in memory of Robin        Nomia’s Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Nelson              memory of Robin Lambert                 Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc.           Lambert                               Nonesuch River Golf Club
Kathy A. Nespoli                         Mr. Anthony Volponi                      Rev. Gordon Hutchins                   Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Winslow             O2
Saco and Biddeford Savings Institution   Ms. Sara Walbridge                       Mrs. Louise P. James                   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Woodbury           Oakhurst Dairy
St. David’s Episcopal Church             Katherine J. Watson                      Mr. and Mrs. Griffith M. Jones         Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zimmerman            Ogunquit Playhouse
St. Luke’s Cathedral                     Weight Watchers of Maine, Inc.           Simone P. Jones                                                                Old Port Mariner Fleet
Mr. and Mrs. James Shaffer               Mrs. and Mr. Marian M. White             Mrs. Janet Converse Kanai              Foundation Support                      On the Main
Robert P. Smith, M.D. and                Barbara J. Wood MD                       Ms. Brenda Keene                       Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS       Patriot Cinemas, Inc.
  Ms. Margaret P. Creighton              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wright              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kimber             Coldwell Banker Cares                   Pepperclub
Mrs. Katherine F. Woodman                                                         Mr. Bryce Lambert, in memory of        GlaxoSmithKline                         Ms. Anne Marie Polanski
                                         Up to $99                                  Robin Lambert                        Glickman Family Foundation              Portland Antiques & Fine Art
$100 - $249                              Mr. and Mrs. Josiah K. Adams             Madeleine Lambert, in memory of        Maine Community Foundation              Portland Pirates
Ms. Elizabeth Adams                      Martha Addington-McCormick                 Robin Lambert                        Maine Health Access Foundation          Pottery Barn
Mr. Paul D. Agnew                        Mr. Gary L. Anderson                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaRoche            National Semiconductor                  Mr. Christian Prudente
Charles B. Alexander MD                  Ms. Henrietta M. Andren                  Ms. Susan A. Leonard                   Palmer Walbridge Foundation             Ms. Maralee Ranger
Richard A. Ames M.D.                     Anonymous Organizations                  Ms. Shari L. Lewchanin and             Roy A. Hunt Foundation                  Mr. Al Romano
Ms. Nancy Ansheles, in honor of          Bath Savings Institution                   Mr. Bert M. Meek, III                Syringe Access Fund                     Royal River Natural Foods
  Debra Andrews                          Mr. Christopher Behan and                Mr. and Mrs. John R. Linehan           TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation      Saco Sport & Fitness
Mr. Leroy W. Barnes                       Mr. James Light                         L.L.Bean                               The Eunice Frye Home Foundation         Saltwater Grille
Major John B. Barranco                   Walter and Mary Jane Bergren             Alfred and Simone Loranger             The Haffenreffer Family Fund            Skillins Greenhouses
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Berman            Merrill Bittner and Nancy Noppa          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luce              Until There’s a Cure Foundation         Spring Meadows Golf Course
Jim Bratton and Drew Tait                Mrs. and Mr. Sally J. Blackman           Bethany and Sam Mateosian              Wal Mart                                Standard Baking Company
Dr. Andrew and Sandra Candelore, in      Ms. Emily Bley                           Alice McAdams                                                                  Sugarloaf/USA
  memory of Erin                         Mr. Richard S. Blumm                     Marilyn and Dennis Melton, in honor    Workplace Giving and Matching Gifts     Sunday River
Ms. Wendy Cherubini                      Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bornstein               of Leo J. LaPlante                   Aetna Foundation                        The Body Shop
Rev. Stephen F. Concannon                Claire P. Bouffard                       Mrs. Margaret Messinger                Allstate Giving Campaign                Three Rivers Whitewater
Mr. Daniel N. Crewe                      Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bradley, in honor of   Julie and Rebecca Michals Rinaldi      National Semiconductor                  Time Warner Cable
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Dalbeck           Jon S. Bradley                          Ms. Katherine L. Mills, in memory of   United Way                              To Life Chiropractic
Mr. Euan G. Davis                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Britton, in            Frannie Peabody                      United Way of Central Indiana, Inc.     Jos and Beth Van Mierlo
Mr. and Mrs. David DeMello                memory of Robin Lambert                 Ms. Sarah E. Moore                     United Way of Delaware                  Wal Mart
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.H. Dodge          Mr. Franklin Brooks Jr., LCSW            Miss Marianne C. Moore                 United Way of Eastern Maine             Willowdale Golf Club
Ms. Julie Doughty                        Mr. Peter J. Callnan                     Mr. David Martines                     United Way of Greater Portland          Yankee Publishing
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Drummond, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Campbell          Mr. Donald Myer, in memory of Robin    United Way of Mid Coast Maine           Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Young
Ms. Priscilla B. Eames                   Mr. William Carhart                        Lambert                              United Ways of New England
The Episcopal Church Women               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Caron             Mr. John C. Merriman, in memory of     Wellpoint Foundation                    We made significant changes to our
  of St. Peter’s                         Casco Bay High School                      Robert F. Merriman                                                           data systems this year. If your name
Mr. David Estabrook                      Mr. and Mrs. Aldus H. Chapin             Mr. R.C. Narvaez                       Workplace Giving                        is not on this list, please accept our
Mrs. Bess P. Faust                       Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Clark, in memory      Ms. Penny Nevers, in memory of         Anonymous                               apologies and do not hesitate to
First Parish Federated Church             of Evelyn & Peter Clark                   Robin Lambert                        Douglas S. Bean                         contact us, so we can update our
Ms. Joanne Fedorocko                     Ms. Kristi Clifford                      North Pownal United Methodist Church   Marie Briggs                            records.

Our Mission                                                                                           Frances Wilson Peabody • 1903-2001
Frannie Peabody Center is committed to compassionate care for the community                           We are proud to celebrate the vision, heart and commitment of “Frannie”
infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Maine. The Center helps the                                 Peabody. After the death of a grandson from AIDS in the 1980s, Frannie worked
community face and fight the realities of the disease by providing prevention                         for two decades to help awaken our communities to the suffering of people living
education and direct services, including housing, information, education,                             with the disease and to find humane, effective ways of helping them. In 2002,
advocacy, and counseling services. Frannie Peabody Center treats the whole                            Peabody House and The AIDS Project merged to become Frannie Peabody
person with dignity, care and compassion.                                                             Center, named in her honor.

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