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									                                                                                        ARRC Abbreviations

           1SG      1SG first sergeant

           A&S      Armaments and Standardisation Division
           A/DACG   Arrival/Departure Airtleld Control Group
           A/SPOD   Aerial/Sea Ports of Debarkation
           A2C2     Army Airspace Command and Control
           AA       Assembly Area
           AA       Avenue of Approach; Assembly Area; Anti-Aircraft; Army Accounting
           AA       Air-to-Air
           AAA      Anti-Aircraft Artillery
           AAB      Air Assault Brigade
           AACG     Assembly Area Control Group
           AADC     Area Air Defense Commander
           AADCOM   Army Air Defense Command
           AAFCE    Allied Air Forces Central Europe
           AAFIF    Automated Air Facility Information File
           AAG      Air Apportionment Group
           AAM      Air-to-Air Missile
           AAP      Allied Administrative Publication
           AAR      Air-To-Air Refuelling
           AAR      After Action Review
           AAR      After Action Report
           AAR      Air to Air Refueling
           AASLT    Air Assault
           AATA     ACE Automated CCIS Target Architecture
           AAv      Army Aviation
           AAW      Anti Air Warfare
           AB       Airborne
           AB       Air Breathing
           AB (C)   Aviation Battalion (Combat)
           AB2      Army Brigade and Below
           ABCCC    Airborne Battlefield Command Control and Control Centre
           ABCCC    Airborne Battlefield Command Control and Communications
           ABCS     Army Battle Command System
           ABD      Airborne Division
           ABDE     Airborne Brigade
           ABDR     Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
           ABF      Attack by Fire
           ABGD     Air Base Ground Defense
           ABL      Ammunition Basic Load
           ABN      Anti-Ballistic Missile
           ABN      Airborne
           ABNOC    SACUER's Airborne Operations Centre
           ABO      Air Base Operability
           ABT      Air Breathing Target/Threat
           AC       ARRCADE CHARGER
           AC       Active Component
           AC       Commonly used as a prefix to NATO committees and their sub-groups
           ACA      Airspace Control Authority
           ACC      Air Component Commander
           ACC      Air Control Centre
           ACCAP    ACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool
           ACCE     Air Component Co-ordination Element
           ACCHAN   Allied Command Channel
           ACCIS    Automated Command, Control, and Information System
           ACCN     Accommodation
           ACCS     Air Command and Control System
           ACE      Allied Command Europe (AAP-15)
           ACE      Analysis Control Element/Airspace Control Element

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                                                                                          ARRC Abbreviations

           ACE       Armored Combat Earth Mover
           ACEADGE   Allied Command Europe Air Defence Ground Environment
           ACEHIGH   ACE Troposphericscatter Communications System
           ACELIP    Allied Command Europe Long-Term Infrastructure Programme
           ACEREP    ACE Report of ACE Reporting System
           ACF       Aviation Close Fires
           ACINT     Acoustical Intelligence
           ACLANT    Allied Command, Atlantic (AAP-15)
           ACM       Airspace Control Means (AAP-15)
           ACM       Advance Cruise Missile
           ACM       Airspace Control Measures
           ACM/T     Air Combat Maneuvering/Training
           ACMR      Airspace Control Means Requests (AAP-15)
           ACO       Airspace Control Order
           ACO       Allied Coomand Operations
           ACO       Air Coordination Order
           ACOC      Air Command Operations Centre
           ACOS      Assistant Chief of Staff
           ACP       Airspace Control Plan (AAP-15)
           ACP       Allied Command Publication
           ACR       Airspace Change Request
           ACR       Armored Cavalry Regiment
           ACR       Air Control Reporting
           ACROSS    ACE Resource Optimisation Software System
           ACSAS     Army Command Support Application Suite
           ACT       Allied Command Transformation
           ACT       Authorised Change Time
           ACTF      Aircraft
           ACTICE    Agency for the Co-ordination of Inland Transport in Central Europe
           ACTIMED   Agency for the Co-ordination of Transport in the Mediterranean,
           ACTORD    Activation Order
           ACTPRED   Activation of Pre-Deployment
           ACTREQ    Activation Request (AAP-15)
           ACTWARN   Activation Warning
           ACTY      Activity
           ACU       Area Common User
           ACUS      Army Common User System
           AD        ARRCADE DEPLOYEX
           AD        priority Add-on
           AD        Air Defence
           AD        Armoured Division
           AD        ACE Directive
           AD Ops    Assistant Director of Operations
           ADA       Air Defence Area
           ADA       Air Defence Artillery
           ADAMS     Allied Deployment and Movement System
           ADatP     Allied Data Publications (see AAP-4)
           ADatP3    NATO Message Text Formatting System
           ADATS     Air Defence Anti Tank System
           ADC       Air Defence Commander (AAP-6)
           ADC       Area Damage Control
           ADCIS     Air Defence Command and Information System
           ADCO      Air Defence Coordination Organisation
           ADCON     Administartive Control
           ADCOORD   Air Defense Coordinator
           ADDS      Automatic Data Distribution System
           ADE       Air Defense Element
           ADEX      Air Defence Exercise
           ADF       Air Defense Fighter
           ADF       Air Defence Force
           ADGE      Air Defence Ground Environment
           ADIZX     Air Defence Identification Zone

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                                                                                   ARRC Abbreviations

           ADJ           Adjustment
           ADL           Allied Disposition List
           ADM           Admiral
           ADMIN         Administration
           ADO           Air Defense Officer
           ADO           Assistant Director of Operations
           ADOC          Air Defence Operations Centre
           ADP           Air Defense Plan
           ADP           Automated Data Processing
           ADP(SG)       Automated Data Processing (Support Group)
           ADPS          Automatic Data Processing System
           ADR           Airfield Damage Repair
           ADR           Air Defence Region
           ADROE         Air Defence ROE
           ADSI          ARRC Data Store
           ADSI          Air Defence System Integrator
           ADV           Air Defence Variant
           ADVON         Advanced Echelon
           AE            Aerial Exploitation
           AE            Auxilary Explosives
           AEDP          ACE Exercise Directive Programme
           AEF           Air Expeditionary Force
           AEG           Air Expeditionary Group
           AEGIS         Automatic Electronic Guided Intersept System
           AEP           Allied Engineering Publications, etc (see AAP-4)
           AEW           Airborne Early Warning (Radar Picket Aircraft)
           AEWWG         Air Electronic Warfare Working Group
           AEZ           Air Exclusion Zone
           AF            ARRCADE FUSION
           AF            Augmentation Force (AAP-15)
           AF            Air Force
           AF C2 M2      Air Force Command and Control Modernisation methodology
           AF C2 S       Air Force Command and Control System
           AF C4 A       Air Force Command, Communications, and Computer Agency
           AFAC          Airborne Forward Air Controler
           AFAP          Artillery Fired Atomic Projectiles
           AFATDS        Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
           AFCENT        Allied Forces Central Europe
           AFCENT        Allied Forces Central Europe
           AFCESA        Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency
           AFG           Auto Force Generator (JOPES)
           AFG           Afghanistan
           AFISA         Air Force Inteligence Support Agency
           AFL           Allied Force List
           AFLD          Airfield
           AFM           ANDROVIA Freedom Movement
           AFMC          Air Force Material Command
           AFNORTH       Allied Forces Northern Europe
           AFNORTHWEST   Allied Forces North Western Europe
           AFOSI         Air Force Office of Special Investigation
           AFPG          Air Force Planning Guide
           AFRES         Air Force Reserve
           AFRTS         Armed Forces Radio and Telivision Service
           AFSC          Air Force Speciality Code
           AFSOF         Air Force Special Operating Forces
           AFSOUTH       Allied Forces Southern Europe
           AFV           Armoured Fighting Vehicle
           AFWMAA        Air Force Wide Mission Area Analysis
           AFWMPRT       Air Force Wartime Manpower and Personnel Readiness Team
           AG            ARRCADE GUARD
           AG            Adjutant General
           AGARD         Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development

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                                                                                                ARRC Abbreviations

           AGCCS         Army Global Command and Control System
           AGE           Aerospace Ground Equipment
           AGI           Auxilliary Gathering Intelligence
           AGL           Above Ground Level
           AGM           Attack Guidance Matrix
           AGM           Air-To-Ground Missile
           AGS           Alliance Ground Surveillance
           AH            Attack Helicopter
           AHU           ARRC HUMINT Unit
           AI            Area of Interest
           AI            Air Interdiction
           AIB           ARRC Intelligence Battalion
           AIC           Atlantic Intelligence Command
           AICV          Armoured Infantry Combat Vehicle
           AID           Agency for International Development
           AIFS          ACE Information Flow System
           AIG           Address Indicator Group
           AIM           Air Intercept Missile
           AIMPOINT      A point on the ground about which it is desired to centre the weapon
           AIMS          Armaments Information Management System
           AiR           Air-inflatable Retarder
           AIR           Area of Intelligence Responsibility (AAP-6)
           AIR ALLOC     Air Allocation Message
           AIRBALTAP     Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
           AIRCCS        Air Combat Camera Service
           AIRCENT       Allied Air Forces Central Europe
           AIREX         Air (Live) Exercise
           AIRINTREP     Air Intelligence Report
           AIRNORTH      Allied Air Forces North
           AIRSOUTH      Allied Air Forces, Southern Europe
           AIRSTAT       Airbase Status Report
           AIS           Automated Information System
           AIT           Academic Intelligence Training
           AJFB          Allied Joint Force BERENGARIA
           AJFM          Allied Joint Force MESOPOTAMIA
           AJP           Allied Joint Publication
           ALARM         Air Launched Anti-Radar Missile (UK)
           ALB           Albania
           ALC           ACE Logistic Centre
           ALCC          Airlift Control Center
           ALCE          Aircraft Coordination Element
           ALCM          Air Launched Cruise Missile (AGM-86B)
           ALE           Air Liaison Element
           ALLA          Allied Long Lines Agency (International)(See also NALLA)
           ALLOREQ       Allotment Request
           ALLS          Advanced Logistic Support Site
           ALO           Air Liaison Officer
           ALOC          Air Line of Communications
           ALP           ACE Logistics Publication
           ALSS          Advanced Logistic Support Site
           ALZ           Air Landing Zone
           AM            Amplitude Modulation
           AM39 Exocet   All weather anti ship missile (France)
           AMA           Artillery Manoeuvre Area
           AMC           Air Manouevre Cell
           AMC           U.S. Army Materiel Command
           AMC           Air Mobility Command
           AMCC          Allied Movement Coordination Centre (AAP-15)
           AMCC          ACE Mobility Coordination Centre
           AMEZ          Air Manouevre Exclusion Zone
           AMF(A)        Allied Command Europe (ACE) Mobile Force (AIR)
           AMF(L)        Allied Command Europe (ACE) Mobile Force (LAND)

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                                                                                               ARRC Abbreviations

           AMHS      Automated Message Handling System
           AMIB      Allied Military Intelligence Battalion
           AMO       Aviation Medical Officer
           AMOPES    Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System
           AMPN      Amplification
           AMPT      Aeir Manoeuvre Planning Team
           AMR       Alpha Military Region
           AMRAAM    Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
           AMT       Aerial Mail Terminal
           AMW       Amphibious Warfare
           ANA       Afganistan National Army (see ANSF)
           ANAL      Analysis
           ANBP      Afganistan National Border Police (see ANSF)
           ANG       Air National Guard
           ANGLICO   Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
           ANP       Afganistan National Police (see ANSF)
           ANPP      ACE Nuclear Planning Process
           ANSF      Afganistan National Security Force - Collective term to refer ASF, ANA, ANP, ANBP (see
                     ASF, ANA, ANP, ANBP)
           AO        Area of Operations
           AO        Oilier
           AOA       Amphibious Objective Area
           AOA       Angle of Attack
           AOAD      Army Organic Air Defense
           AOB       Any Other Business
           AOB       Air Order of Battle
           AOC       Air Operations Centre (AAP-15)
           AOCC      Air Operations Co-ordination Cell
           AOCC      Air Operations Co-ordination Centre (AAP-15)
           AOCC      Air Operations Control Centre
           AOCP      Airborne Operational Computer Programme
           AOD       Air Operations Directive
           AOI       Area of Interest
           AOO       Area of Operations
           AOO       Air Operations Order
           AOR       Area of Responsibility
           AOR       Auxiliary Oilier Replenishment
           AP        Allied Publications
           AP        Armour Piercing
           AP        Antipersonnel
           APA       Air Policing Area
           APA       Air Patrol Area
           APAM      Anti Personnel Anti Armour
           APC       Air Planning Cycle
           APC       Armored Personnel Carriers
           APDS      Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot
           APDS-T    Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot with Tracer
           APERS     Antipersonnel
           APFSDS    Armor Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
           API       Armour Piercing Incendiary
           APIC      Allied Press Information Cell
           APIC      Allied Press Information Centre
           APICM     Armor Piercing Improved Conventional Munition
           APO       Air Post Office
           APOD      Airport of Debarkation (AAP-15)
           APOE      Airport of Embarkation
           APPS      Analytical Photogrametric Positioning System
           APQ       Armaments Planning Questionaire
           APR       Approximately
           APWT      Annual Personal Weapons Test
           AQF       Advanced Quick Fix
           ARA       Artillery Reserved Area

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                                                                                           ARRC Abbreviations

           ARBS             Angle Rate Bombing System
           ARC              Air Reserve Component
           ARCOM            Army Command
           ARCOM            Army Reserve Command
           ARFA             Allied Radio Frequency Agency
           ARFOR            Army Force
           ARFPS            ACE Reaction Force Planning Staff
           ARLO             Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer
           ARM              Armenia
           ARM              Air Request Message
           ARM              Antiradiation Missile
           ARMD             Armoured
           ARMT             Armament
           ARNG             Army National Guard
           ARP              Air Raid Procedures
           ARR              Air Reconnaissance Request
           ARRC             Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps
           ARS              ACE Reporting System
           ARTD             Artillery Division
           ARTY             Artillery
           AS               Air-to-Surface
           AS 30L           Laser guided missile, 529lbs HE penetrating warhead (France)
           AS 34 Kormoran   Anti-ship guided missile (Germany)
           AS 37 Martel     Missile Anti Radiation and TELevision (UK & France)
           ASACEUREP        Assistant SACEUREP
           ASACS            Air Surveillance and Control System
           ASACSTAT         Air Surveillance and Control Status Report
           ASAP             As Soon As Possible
           ASARS            Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
           ASAS             All-Source Analysis System
           ASB              Administrative Support Branch
           ASC              All-Source Cell (AAP-15)
           ASC              Air Space Control
           ASCC             Army Service Component Command
           ASCM             Airspace Control Measures
           ASFAO            Anti-Surface Force Air Operations
           ASG/DS           Assistant Secretary General for Defence Support
           ASL              Authorized Stockage List
           ASLT             Assault
           ASM              Airspace Management (AAP-15)
           ASM              Air Supression Measures
           ASM              Air-to-Surface Missile
           ASMCC            Air Space Management Co-ordination Cell
           ASMD             Anti-Ship Missile Defence
           ASMP             Air-to-Surface Stand Off Missile (France)
           ASOC             Air Support Operations Center
           ASP              Advanced Sound Ranging Programme
           ASP              Ammunition Supply Point
           ASPS             All-Source Production System
           ASR              Alternate Supply Route
           ASR              Alliance Standardisation Requirement
           ASRAAM           Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile
           ASSESSREP        Assessment Report
           ASSETS           Transportation Assets File
           ASTOR            Airborne Stand-off Radar
           ASIT             Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal
           ASUW             Anti Surface Warfare
           ASZ              Air Safety Zone
           AT               Air Transport
           AT               Antitank
           ATA              Atlantic Treaty Association
           ATacCS           Army Tactical Computer System

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                                                                              ARRC Abbreviations

           ATACMS    Army Tactical Missile System
           ATAF      Allied Tactical Air Force
           ATBM      Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missile (AAP-15)
           ATC       Air Transport Command
           ATC       Air Target Chart
           ATC       Air Traffic Control
           ATCA      Allied Tactical Communications Agency
           ATCALS    Air Traffic Control Landing Systems
           ATCCIS    Army Tactical Command and Control Information System
           ATCCS     Army Tactical Command and Control System
           ATDL1     Amphibious Transport Dock
           ATDL1     Army Tactical Data Link 1
           ATF       Amphibious Task Force
           ATG       Amphibious Task Group
           ATGM      Air Tasking Group
           ATGM      Amphibious Task Group
           ATGM      Anti-Tank Guided Missile
           ATGW      Anti-Tank Guided Weapon
           ATICS     ARRC Tactical Intergrated Communications System
           ATK       Attack
           ATKRON    Attack Squadron (USN)
           ATL       Atlantic
           ATLIS     Airborne Tracking Laser Identification System (France)
           ATM       Air Tasking Message
           ATM       Asynchronous Transfer Mode
           ATM       Advanced Trauma Management
           ATMCT     Air Terminal Movement Control Team
           ATO       Air Tasking Order (AAP-15)
           ATOC      Allied Tactical Operations Centre
           ATOMAL    NATO Markings for U.S. Atomic Information
           ATP       Allied Tactical Publication/Ammunition Transfer Point
           ATP       Ammunition Transfer Point
           ATPA      AZURE-TURQUOISE Peace Agreement
           ATTG      Automated Tactical Target Graphic
           ATTN      Attention
           ATTU      Atlantic to the Urals
           AUEL      Automated Unit Equipment List
           AUF       Augmentation Forces
           AUG       August
           AUT       Auatria
           AUTH      Authorization
           AUTMV     Automotive
           AUTO      Automation
           AUTODIN   Automatic Digital Network
           AUTON     Autonomous
           AV        Avenger
           AVAIL     Available
           AVGAS     Aviation Fuels
           AVIM      Aviation Intermediate Maintenance
           AVLB      Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge
           AVN       Aviation
           AVRE      Armoured Vehicled Recovery Engineer
           AVUM      Aviation Unit Maintenance
           AW        ARRCADE WARRIOR
           AWACS     Airborne Warning and Control System
           AWADS     Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
           AWCS      Alternate War Headquarters Communication Squadron
           AWG       Assessments Working Group
           AWHQ      Alternate War Headquarters
           AWIS      Army WWMCCS Information System
           AWNIS     Allied Worldwide Navigational Information Service
           AWSIMS    Air Warfare Simulation System

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                                                                                   ARRC Abbreviations

           AWOP        Automated Weaponeering Optimization Program (JMEM)
           AWWP        Amphibious Warfare Working Party
           AWX         All Weather Fighter
           AXP         Allied Experimental Publication
           AXP         Air Exchange Point
           AZE         Azerbaijan

           BAE         Battlespace Environment
           BAE         Battlespace Area Evaluation
           BAI         Battlefield Air Interdiction
           BALO        Brigade Air Liaison Officer
           BALTAP      Allied Forces Baltic Approaches
           BAMS        Balanced Analysis Modelling System
           BAP 100     100mm area denial and cratering weapon (France)
           BAP 120     120mm parachute retarded bomb (France)
           BARCAP      Barrier Combat Air Patrol
           BAS         Battalion Aid Station
           BAT         Brilliant Anti-Tank submunition
           BAT         Battalion
           BATES       Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
           BCA         Border Crossing Authority
           BCC         Battle Command Centre
           BCC         Battlefield Circulation Control
           BCD         Battlefield Coordination Detachment
           BCE         Battlefield Co-ordination Element
           BCP         Bunkered Command Post
           BCR         Battle Casualty Replacements
           BCV         Bradley Command Vehicle
           BDA         Battle Damage Assessment
           BDAR        Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
           BDE         Brigade
           Bdry        Boundary
           BDSCT       Broadcast
           BDU         Battle Dress Uniform
           BDU         Bomb Dummy Unit
           BE          Belgium
           BE          Basic Encyclopedia
           BEI         Bridge Effectiveness Index
           BELOUGA     305 cluster bomb, 151 grenades (France)
           BEN         Basic Encyclopedia Number
           BES         Budget Estimate Submission
           BFC         Battlefiel Clearance
           BFF         BERENGARIA Freedom Front
           BFPO        British Forces Post Office
           BFV         Bradley Fighting Vehicle
           BG          Battle Group
           BGL-250     French Matra PGM
           BGL-400     French Matra PGM
           BGL-1000    French Matra 2000lbs class high penetration LG8
           BGM-109B    Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile
           BGM-109A    Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
           BGM-109D    Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
           BHL         Battle Handover Line
           BICES       Battlefield Information Collection & Exploitation Systems
           BIF         Bomb in Face (fighter-bomber self defense tactic)
           BIH         Bosnia and Herzegovina
           BiMLntPol   Bi MNC Intelligence Policy
           BIN         Binary Information
           BIOL        Biological
           Bi-SC       Bi-Strategic Command
           BJOA        BERENGARIA Joint Operations Area

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                                                                                                ARRC Abbreviations

           BKEP      Boosted Kinetic Energy Penetrator
           BLR       Belarus
           BL755     277kg cluster bomb, 147 droplets (UK)
           BLDG      Building
           BLMPS     Base Level Military Personnel System
           BLT       Battalion Landing Team
           BLU-61    CBU-52 bomblet
           BLU-63    CBU-58 bomblet
           BLU-77    CBU-59 bomblet
           BLU-82    15,000lbs "daisy cutter" explosive
           BLU-86    CBU-71 bomblet
           BLU-91    Gator anti-tank submunition
           BLU-92    Gator anti-personnel submunition
           BLU-97    Combined Effects Bomblet
           BLU-107   American Durandal 500lbs penetration bomb
           BLU-108   Sensor Fuzed Weapon submunition
           BLU-109   2,000lbs penetration bomb
           BLU-110   Mk-83 with low sensitivity explosive fill
           BLU       Bomb Live Unit
           BLUE      Friendly Forces
           BLUEFOR   Blue Forces
           BMD       Ballistic Missile Defence
           BMD       British Military Doctrine
           BMNT      Beginning of Morning Nautical Twilight
           BMEWS     Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
           BMR       Bravo Military Region
           BMS       Bureau Militarise de Standardisation/Military Agency for Standardisation
           BN        BROWNLAND
           BN        BANOR
           BN        Battalion
           BOA       Basic Ordering Agreement
           BOCCA     Bureau of Co-ordination for Civil Aviation (see Chapter 6 - NCWAs)
           BOD       Board of Directors
           BOS       Battlefield Operating Systems
           BP        Battle Position
           BPA       Blanket Purchasing Agreements
           BPA       Battlefield Psychological Activities
           BPFA      Basic Personal Fitness Assessment
           BPPBS     Biennial Planning, Programming and Budgeting System
           BPT       Be Prepared To
           BR        Branch; British
           BRA       Barrier Restricted Area
           BRIEF     Briefing
           BRU       Bomb Release Unit
           BSA       Brigade Support Area
           BSCM      Battle Space Control Measures
           BSD       Battle Staff Director
           BSFV      Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
           BSM       Battlespace Spectrum Management
           BSM       Battle Space Management
           BSU       Bomb Stabalizer Unit
           BTG       Basic Target Graphic
           BTOC      Battalion Tactical Operations Centre
           BTWC      Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention
           BU        Bulgaria
           BUB       Battle Update Brief
           BUDFIN    Budget and Finance (AAP-15)
           BW        Biological Weapons
           BXP       Border Crossing Point

           C & EE    Central And Eastern Europe

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                                                                                                  ARRC Abbreviations

           C-KILL         Communications Kill
           C 1 IV         Class 4 Supplies (Engineer, Defence and Construction stores)
           C1 I           Class 1 Supplies (Rations and Water)
           C1 II          Class 2 Supplies (Materiel)
           C1 III (F&L)   Class 3 Supplies (Fuel and Lubricants)
           C1 V           Class 5 Supplies (Ammunition)
           C2             Command & Control (AAP-15)
           C21            Command, Control, and Intelligence
           C2S            Command and Control System
           C2V            Command and Control Vehicle
           C2W            Command & Control Warfare (AAP-15)
           C3             Command, Control, and Communications
           C31            Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
           C3I            Command, Control, Communications and Information
           C3IS           Command, Control, Communication and Information Systems
           C3S            Command Control and Communications System
           C4             Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
           C41            Command Control , Communications, Computers and Information
           C4ISR          Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and
           C8U-71         Cluster Bomb - SUU-30 dispenser, 650x8LU-86 bomblets
           CA             Canada
           CA             Controlling Authority
           CA             Civil Affairs; Combined Arms
           CA             Concentration Area
           CA             Counter Air
           CA             Combat Assessment
           CAA            Combined Arms Army
           CAAC           Combined Arms Armies Corps
           CAB            Combat Aviation Brigade
           CABB           Combined Air Bombardment
           CACG           Consolidated Alliance Capability Goal
           CACOM          Civil Affairs Command
           CADA           Co-ordinated Air Defence Area
           CAFMED         Combined Amphibious Force Mediterranean
           CAINS          Carrier-Aligned Inertial Navigation System
           CAL            Critical Asset List
           CAL            Caliber
           CALCM          Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile
           CALWG          Critical Asset List Working Group
           CAOC           Combined Air Operations Centre (AAP-15)
           CAOI           Combined Arms Obstacle Integration
           CAP            Combat Air Patrol
           CAP            Combat Air Patrol/Company Aid Post
           CAP            Crisis Action Planning
           CAPC           Civil Aviation Planning Committee
           CAPCAT         Capability Catalogue(s) (G9 HNS)
           CAPS           Conventional Armaments Planning System
           CARSTRIKFOR    Carrier Striking Force
           CAS            Close Air Support
           CAS            Crises Action System
           CASEVAC        Casualty Evacuation
           CAST (N)       Command and Staff Training North
           CAST (S)       Command and Staff Training South
           CAT            Catalog
           CAT            Crisis Action Team
           CATF           Commander Amphibious Task Force (AAP-15)
           CATF           Combined Amphibious Task Force (AAP-15)
           CATM           Captive Air Training Missile
           CAV            Cavalry
           CAVU           Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited
           CAWG           Critical Assets Working Group

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                                                                                          ARRC Abbreviations

           CAX       Computer Assisted Exercise
           CB        Chemical and Biological
           CB        Counter Battery
           CBC       Civil Budget Committee
           CBM       Confidence Building Measures
           CBPO      Consolidated Base Personnel Office
           CBRN      Chemical , Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
           CBT       Combat
           CBU       Cluster Bomb Unit
           CBU-52    Cluster Bomb - SUU-30 dispenser, 220xBLU-61 bomblets
           CBU-58    Cluster Bomb - SUU-30 dispenser, 650xBLU-63 bomblets
           CBU-59    APAM cluster bomb, Mk 7 dispenser, 717xBLU-77 bomblets
           CBU-78    USN Gator SUU-58 dispenser, 45xBLU-91 & 15xBLU-92 bomblets
           CBU-87    Combined Effects Munition - SUU 65 dispenser, 202xBLU-97 bomblets
           CBU-89    USAF Gator SUU-641B dispenser, 72xBLU-91 and 22xBlue-92 bomblets
           CBU-97    Sensor Fuzzed Weapon, SUU-66/B dispenser, 10xBLU108 bomblet
           CBW       Chemical Biological Weapons
           CC        Commander (USAF)
           CC        Component Command / Component Commander
           CC        Communications Component
           CCATF     Commander, Combined Amphibious Task Force
           CCC       Command, Control and Communications
           CCCC      Cross-Channel Co-ordination Committee
           CCD       Commander Combined Amphibious Task Force
           CCIR      Commanders Critical Information Requirements
           CCIP      Continuously Computed Impact Point
           CCIRM     Collection, Co-ordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
           CCIS      Command and Control Information System
           CCLF      Commander, Combined Landing Force
           CCLREP    Control/Coordination Line Report
           CCM       Campaign Co-ordination Meeting
           CCM       Cross-country Movement
           CCP       Casualty Collection Point
           CCPC      Civil Communications Planning Committee
           CCRP      Continuously Computed Release Point
           CD        Cavalry Division
           CDC       Civil Defence Committee
           CDD       Coastal Defence Division
           CDR       Commander
           CDS       Container Delivery System
           CE        Civil Engineering
           CE        Crisis Establishment (AAP-15)
           CE        Command Element
           CE        Combat Effectiveness
           C-E       Communications-Electronics
           CEAC      Committee for European Airspace Coordination
           CEB       Combined Effects Bomblet
           CECC      Civil Emergency Crisis Cell
           CEDAM     Combined Electronic Display and Map
           CEF       Civil Engineering Data File
           CEI       Communications Electronic Instructions
           CELL      Civil Emergency Cell
           CELP      Corps Engineer Logistic Park
           CEM       Combined Effects Munition
           CENTAF    Central Command Air Force
           CENTAG    Central Army Group
           CENTCOM   Central Command
           CEOA      Central Europe Operating Agency
           CEOI      Communications and Electronics Operating Instructions
           CEP       Circular Error Probable ( For Missiles)
           CEP       Civil Emergency Planning/Central European Pipeline
           CEPD      Civil Emergency Planning Directorate

1/5/2012                                    11 / 173
                                                                                                                    ARRC Abbreviations

           CEPN            Circular Error Probable in the normal plane   (a plane perpendicular to the line of sight passing through
           CEPPC           Central Europe Operating Agency
           CEPS            Central European Pipeline System
           CER             Central Electronic Register
           CESP            Civil Engineering Support Plan
           CESPG           Civil Engineering Support Plan Generator
           CET             Combat Enhancement Trg
           CEWI            Combat Electronic Warfare Inteligence
           CEWP            Central Europe Wagon Pool
           CFA             Covering Force Area
           CFA             Cease Fire Arrangement
           CFB             Corps Forward Boundary
           CFD             Chaff/Flare Dispenser
           CFE             Conventional Force Europe
           CFE             Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
           CFE             Canadian Forces Europe
           CFL             Co-ordinated Fire Line
           CG              Commanding General
           CG              Command Group
           CG              Cruiser Guided Missile
           CGFE            Command Graup Forward Element
           CGSC            U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
           CH              Chief; Cargo Helicopter
           Chap            Chaplain
           CHBUDFIN        Chief Of Budget & Finance
           CHE             Switzerland
           CHOC            Change of Control
           CHOD            Chief-of-Defence, eg CHOD Norway
           CHOP            Change of Operational Control
           CHS             Combat Health Support
           CHSTR           Characteristics of Transportation Resources File
           CHUM            Chart Update Manual
           CI              Critical Information
           CI              Counter-Intelligence (AAP-6)
           CI/SY           Counter-Intelligence/Security
           CIA             Captured in Action
           CIA             Central Intelligence Agency
           CIC             Coalition Intelligence Centre
           CICOM           Counter Intelligence Communication
           CID             Combat Intelligence Division
           CIMIC           Civil Military Co-ordination
           CIMIC Ctr AM    CIMIC Centre Augmentation Module
           CIMS            Country Information Management System
           CIN             Cargo Increment Number
           CINC            Commander-in-Chief
           CINC IPL        Commander in Chief's Integrated Priority List
           CINCAMC         Commander in Chief, Air Mobility Command
           CINCEASTLANT    Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Atlantic Area
           CINCENT         Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Central Europe
           CINCGERFLT      Commander-in-Chief, German Fleet
           CINCIBERLANT    Commander-in Chief, Iberian Atlantic Area
           CINCLANT        Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Forces
           CINCNORAD       Commander-in-Chief, North American Aerospace Defence Command
           CINCNORTH       Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe
           CINCNORTHWEST   Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces North-western Europe
           CINCPACAF       Commander-in-Chief Pacific Air Forces
           CINCSOUTH       Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe
           CINCSTRAT       Commander-in-Chief Strategic Command
           CINCUSAFE       Commander-in-Chief, US Air Force, Europe
           CINCUSAREUR     Commander-in-Chief, US Army, Europe
           CIOMR           Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Medical Officers

1/5/2012                                            12 / 173
                                                                                             ARRC Abbreviations

           CIOR          Inter-Allied Confederation of Reserve Officers
           CIP           Communications Improvement Plan
           CIPACE        Counter Intelligence Policy Allied Command Europe
           CIR           Critical Information Requirement
           CIS           Communications and Information Systems
           CIS           Commonwealth of Independent States
           CISC          Communications and Information Systems Centre
           CISCC         Communications and Information System Control Centre
           CISD          Communication Information Systems Division
           CISI          Communications Information Systems Instructions
           CIS-MIL-PAM   Civil Military Planning Augmentation Module
           CivPol        Civilian Police
           CIWS          Close in Weapon Systems
           CJ            Combined Joint
           CJCS          Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
           CJFACC        Combined Joint Force Air Component Commander
           CJFCC         Combined Joint Force Component Commander
           CJFLCC        Combined Joint Force Land Component Commander
           CJFMCC        Combined Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
           CJMO          CJTF METOC Officer
           CJFPOCC       Combined Joint Force Psychological Operations Component Commander
           CJFRACC       Combined Joint Force Rear Area Component Commander
           CJFSOCC       Combined Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander
           CJSOTF        Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force
           CJOC          Combined Joint Operations Centre
           CJPOTF        Combined Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
           CJPS          Combined Joint Planning Staff (AAP-15)
           CJPS          Combined Joint Planning Staff
           CJRA          Combined Joint Rear Area
           CJRAC         Combined Joint Rear Area Commander
           CJSFSOCC      Combined Joint Force Special Operations Component Command
           CJSOTF        Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force
           CJTF          Combined Joint Task Force (AAP-15)
           CJTF          Commander, Joint Task Force
           CJTWG         Combined Joint Targeting Working Group
           CL            Coordination Level
           CL            Calaban
           CLC           Combined Logistics Centre
           CLCC          Commander Land Component Command
           CLF           Commander Landing Force (AAP-15)
           CLF           Combined Landing Force
           CLSP          Composite Launch Sequence Plan
           CLSU          COMSEC Logistic Support Unit
           CM            Council Memorandum
           CM            Cruise Missile
           CM            Crisis Management
           CM            Configuration Manager
           CM            Counter Mortar
           CMC           Civil-Military Cell
           CMC           Chairman of the Military Committee
           CMC           Campaign Management Cell
           CMCC          Commander Maritime Component Command
           CMCC          Combined Movement Coordination Centre
           CMD GP        Command Group
           CMDS          Command Manpower Data System
           CME           Counter Mine Equipment
           CMF           Conceptual Military Framework
           CMM - 1       Crisis Management Manual
           CMMC          Corps Material Management Centre
           CMMDD         CJTF Manpower/Manning Deployment Document
           CMO           Chief Medical Officer
           CMO           Civil Military Operation

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                                                                                 ARRC Abbreviations

           CMOC             Civil Military Operations Center
           CMP              Crisis Management Procedures
           CMPG             Cruise Missile Planning Group
           CMRC             CIVMIL Resources Coordination
           CMR              Civil Military Relation
           CMS              Civil Military Support
           CMS              Crisis Management Section
           CMS              Communications
           CMX              Crisis Management Exercise
           CNAD             Conference of National Armaments Directors
           CNASP            Chairman's Net Assessment for Strategic Planning
           CNI              Communication of NATO's Intention
           CNPF             National Confederation of French Employers
           CNR              Combat Net Radio
           CO               Company
           CO               Commanding Officer
           COA              Course of Action
           COAX             Co Axial
           COB              Co-Located Operating Base
           COBRA            Counter Battery Radar]
           COC              Computer Operations Centre
           COCOM            Combatant Command (command authority)
           COD              Carrier On-board Delivery (USN)
           CODEF            Coastal Defence
           COE              Contingency Owned Equipment
           COEC             Council Operations and Exercises Committee
           COFDEN           Commander Danish Operational Forces
           COFS             Chief of Staff
           COG              Centre of Gravity
           COHA             Cessation of Hostilities Agreement
           COIN             Counterinsurgency
           COLOC            Change of Location of Command
           COLPRO           Collective Protection
           COLTS            Combat Observation and Lasing Teams
           CoM              Centre of Mass
           COM              Commander - the prefix given to NATO subordinate
           COMACC           Commander Air Combat Command
           COMAFFOR         Commander Air Force Forces
           COMAIR           Commander Air
           COMAIRBALTAP     Commander Allied Air Forces Baltic Approaches
           COMAIRCENT       Commander Allied Air Forces Central Europe
           COMAIRCENTLANT   Commander, Maritime Air, Central Atlantic sub-area
           COMAIRNORTHWEST  Commander, Allied Air Forces Northwest
           COMAIRSOUTH      Commander Allied Air Forces Southern Region
           COMAJF           Commander Allied Joint Force
           COMAMF           Commander, ACE Mobile Forces
           COMAO            Combined Air Operation
           COMARRC          Commander ACE Rapid Reaction Corps
           COMASC           Commander Allied Strategic Command
           COMBALTAP        Commander, Allied Forces Baltic Approaches
           COMCARSTRIKFOR   Commander, Carrier Striking Force
           COMCEN           Communications Centre
           COMCJTF          Commander Combined Joint Task Force
           COMFIVEATAF      Commander Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force
           COMINT           Communication Intelligence
           COMJCCENT        Commander Joint Command Centre
           COMLANDCENT      Commander Allied Land Forces Central Europe
           COMLANDSOUTH     Commander Allied Land Forces Southern Europe
           COMLANDSOUTHEAST Commander Allied Land Forces South Eastern Europe
           COMLANTAREACOGA Commander, Atlantic Area, Coastguard (US)
           COMMARFORLANT    Commander, Maritime Forces, Atlantic (US)
           COMLSE           Commander LAND South East

1/5/2012                                              14 / 173
                                                                                                 ARRC Abbreviations

           COMMS              Communications
           COMMSTATSUM        Communications Status Summary
           COMNAEWF           Commander NATO Airborne Early Warning Force
           COMNAVNORTHWEST    Commander Allied Naval Forces Northwest
           COMNAVSOUTH        Commander Allied Naval Forces South
           COMNOR             Commander Allied Forces Norway
           COMOREP            Civil Military Operation Report
           COMPES             Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Executing System
           COMPUSEC           Computer Security
           COMRC              Commander Regional Command
           COMRF(A) S         Commander Reaction Forces (Air) Staff
           COMSC              Commander Military Sealift Command
           COMSEC             Communication Security
           COMSIXATAF         Commander Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force
           COMSPOT            Communications Spot Report Summary
           COMSTRIKFLTLANT    Commander Striking Fleet Atlantic
           COMSTRIKFORSOUTH   Commander Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe
           COMSUBACLANT       Commander Submarines Allied Command Atlantic
           COMTACDEN          Commander Tactical Air Command Denmark
           ConMarOps          Concept of Maritime Operations
           CONMAROPS          Commander Of Maritime Operations
           CONOP              Concept of Operations
           CONPLAN            Concept Plan
           CONPLAN            Contingency Plan
           CONUS              Continental United States
           CoP                Close Of Play
           COP                Contingency Operation Plan (also CONOPLAN: AAP-15)
           COP                Common Operational Picture
           COS                Chief of Staff
           COSARRC            Chief of Staff ACE Rapid Reaction Corps
           COSIN              Controller Instruction
           COSJCCENT          Chief of Staff JHQ CENT
           COSOG              Chief of Staff’s Orders Group
           COSRO              Conical Scan on Receive Only
           COY                Company
           CP                 Command Post (AAP-6)
           CP                 Change Proposal
           CP                 Command Plan
           CP                 Crisis Planning
           CPA                Chairman's Programme Assessment
           CPA                Controlled Penetration Ammunition
           CPG                Chairman's Programme Guidance
           CPG                Corps Planing Group
           CPIC               Combined Press Information Centre
           CPIO               Chief Press Information Officer
           CPO                Civilian Personnel Officer
           CPR                Control and Reporting Post
           CPR                Chairman's Programme Recommendations
           CPS                Consolidated Planning Staff
           CPS                Core Planning Staff
           CPSE               Corps PSYOPS Support Element
           CPT                Central Planning Team
           CPX                Command Post Exercise
           CR                 Combat Rescue
           CR                 Central Region
           CRA                Corps Rear Area
           CRACCIS            Central Region Automated Command, Control and Information System
           CRC                Control and Reporting Centre (AAP-15)
           CRCC               Combined Rescue Coordination Centre
           CRESP              Crisis Response Prototype
           CRO                Crises Response Operations
           CRONOS             Crisis Response Operations in NATO Operating Systems

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                                                                            ARRC Abbreviations

           CRM      Campaign Review Meeting
           CRN      Core Route Network
           CRP      Combat Recce Patrol
           CRRC     Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
           CRS      Chairman's Readiness System
           CRTS     CIMIC Reporting and Rracking System
           CRSG     Central Region Signal Group
           CRV-7    2.75 inch (70mm) aircraft rocket (Canada)
           CS       Combat Support
           CSA      Core Support Area
           CSA      Central Supply Agency (an NCWA)
           CSAF     Chief of Staff, US Air Force
           CSAR     Combat Search and Rescue
           CSBM     Confidence and Security-Building Measures
           CSC      Convoy Support Centre
           CSC      Command and Staff Component
           CSCE     Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
           CSE      Communication Support Element
           CSEL     Combat Survival Evader Locator
           CSS      Combat Service Support
           CSS      Contingency Support Staff
           CSSC     Combat Service Support Centre
           CSSC     Combat Service Support Cell
           CST      Company Support Team
           CST      Combat Support Team
           CTAPS    Contingency Theatre Automated Planning System
           CT       Combat Team
           CT       Counter Terrorism
           CT       Conflict Termination
           CTC      Combat Training Center
           CTF      Commander Task Force
           CTG      Commander Task Group
           CTG      Corps Targeting Group
           CTS      COSMIC TOP SECRET
           CTU      Commander, Task Unit
           CTZ      Control Zone
           CUC      Common User Contract
           CUR      CELTIC Unit Republik
           CUSRPG   Canada-United States Regional Planning Group (AAP-15)
           CV       Carrier Vessel
           CV       Aircraft Carrier
           CVB      Combined Visitors Bureau
           CVBG     Carrier Vessel Battle Group
           CVBG     Aircraft Carrier Battle Group
           C-VR     Verbatim Record of a North Atlantic Council meeting
           CVS      Aircraft Carrier
           CWA      Continuous Wave Analysis
           CWAO     Codeword Action Officer
           CW       Chemical Weapons
           CW       Chemical Warfaire
           CWC      Composite Warfare Commander
           CWF      Clear Weather Fighter
           CWG      Conventional Weapons Guide
           CWHQSO   Collocated War Headquarters Security Office
           CY       Calendar Year
           CZ       Czech Republic
           CZ       Combat Zone
           CZE      Czech Republic

           D&G      Direction & Guidance

1/5/2012                                   16 / 173
                                                                     ARRC Abbreviations

           DA           Director of Administration
           DA           Denmark
           DA           Direct Action
           DACOS        Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff
           DACS         Deployable ACCS Component System
           DACT         Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics
           DAF          Department of the Air Force
           DAG          Division Artillery Group
           DAL          Defended Asset List
           DALO         Division Air Liaison Officer
           DAO          Direct Air Operations
           DARB         Daily Assets Reconnaissance Board
           DBP          Deutsche Bundespost
           DBS          Direct Broadcast System
           DC           Deployable Capability (C2)
           DC           Crater or disruptive diameter
           DCA          Defensive Counter Air
           DCA          Dual Capable Aircraft
           DCA          Defence Communications Agency
           DCA          Defensive Counter Air
           DCAOC        Deployable Combined Air Operations Centre
           DCI          Defence Capabilities Initiative
           DCM          Deployable Communications Module
           DCMC         Deputy Chairman Military Committee NATO
           DCOFS        Deputy Chief of Staff
           DCOM         Deputy Commander
           DCOMARRC     Deputy Commander ACE Rapid Reaction Corps
           DCOS         Deputy Chief of Staff
           DCS          Deputy Chief of Staff
           DCS          US Defence Communictations System
           DCSA         Defence Communication Services Agency
           DD           Destroyer
           DD           Damage diameter
           DDP          Detailed Deployment Plan (AAP-15)
           DDS          Dry Deck Shelter (US)
           DE           Directed Enemy
           DEAD         Destruction of Enemy Air Defense
           DEB          US Digital European Backbone
           DECM         Deceptive Electronic Counter-Measures
           DECON        Deconflict/Decontaminate
           DEFPAT       Defence Patrol
           DEP          Deflection Error Probable
           DEPID        Deployment Indicator Code
           DEPCOMCJTF   Deputy Commander Combined Joint Task Force
           DET          Detainee
           DF           Direction Finder (or Finding)
           DFSC         Defence Fuel Supply Centre
           DFSCOORD     Deputy Fire Support Coordinator
           DFT          Deployment for Training
           DGP          Senior Defense Group on Proliferation
           DGZ          Desired (or designated) Ground Zero
           DHQTF-Team   Deployable Headquarters Task Force
           DIA          Defence Intelligence Agency (US)
           DILCS        Dedicated Intelligence Loop Circuit System
           DIMP         Development Information Management Plan
           DIMS         Director International Military Staff
           DIRFAM       Digital Radio Frequency Memory
           DIRLAUTH     Direct Liaison Authority
           DISA         Defense Information Systems Agency
           DISTAFF      Directing Staff
           DIV          Division
           DJTF         Deployed Joint Task Force

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                                                                       ARRC Abbreviations

           DLA         Defence Logistics Agency
           DLM         Depot Level Maintenance
           DLQ         Deck Landing Qualification (US)
           DMA         Defence Mapping Agency
           DMAAC       Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
           DMD         Deployment Manning Document
           DMP         Decision Making Process
           DMPI        Desired Mean Point of Impact
           DMR         Deltaq Military Region
           DMS         Document Management System
           DMZ         Demilitarized Zone
           DNA         Defense Nuclear Agency
           DNBI        Disease and Nonbattle Injury
           DNVT        Digital Non-secure Voice Terminal
           DNS         Direct NICS Subscriber
           DO          Duty Officer
           DO          Director of Operations
           DOA         Desired Order of Arrival
           DOAST       DOA Staff Table
           DOB         Disperse Operation Base
           DOB         Depth of Burst
           DOC         Designed Operational Capability
           DOC         Deep Operations Cell
           DOCC        Deep Operations Coordination Cell
           DOD         Department of Defense (US)
           DOG         Deep Operations Group
           DOL         Dispersed Operating Location
           DOS         Department of State (US)
           DOM         Director Operations
           DOM         Director Operational Management
           DOS         Director Of Staff
           DOSO        Director of Staff Operation
           DP          Decision Point
           DP          Displaced Persons
           DPAO        Defence Planning and Operations
           DPC         Deception Planning Cell
           DPC         Defence Planning Committee (AAP-15)
           DPG         Defense Planning Guidance
           DPI         Data Processing Installation
           DPM         Deputy Provost Marshal
           DPP         Detailed Deployment Plan
           DPP         Disaster Preparation Point
           DPQ         Defence Planning Questionnaire
           DPRE        Displaced Person, Refugee and Evacuees
           DRB         Defence Resources Board
           DRC         Defence Review Committee
           DRG         Defence Research Group
           DRR         Defence Requirements Review
           DRS         Defence Research Group
           DRU         Direct Reporting Unit
           DS          Decision Sheet
           DS          Direct Support
           DSA         Defence Shipping Authority (an NCWA)
           DSACEUR     Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
           DSACEUREP   Deputy SACEUREP
           DSATS       NATO Digital SHAPE Area Transmission System
           DSC         Defence Shipping Council; Senior Body of DSA
           DSCS        Defence Satellite Communications System
           DSF         Deployed SHED Facility
           DSG         Deputy Secretary General
           DSM         Decision Support Matrix
           DSMAC       Digital Scene Mapping Area Correlation (TLAM)

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                                                                                   ARRC Abbreviations

           DSN        Defence Switchboard Network (US)
           DSO        Decision Support Overlay
           DSO        Division Security Officer
           DTCSS      Direct Tactical Communications Security Support
           DTED       Digital Terrain Elevation Data
           DTG        Date Time Group
           DU         Depleted Uranium
           DURANDAL   219kg runway penetration bomb (France)
           DX         Decision
           DX         Direct Exchange (US)
           DZ         Drop Zone

           E3         Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
           E&E        Evasion and Escape
           E&S        Engineering and Services
           E Day      Day on Which an Exercise Begins
           EA         Electronic Attack
           EA         Emergency Action
           EA         Engagement Area
           EAC        Echelon Above Corps
           EAC        Emergency Action Cell
           EACOS      Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff for the NMRs/MMs
           EADA       Esquadron Aeotransportado Defensa Aerea (Spain)
           EAF        Emergency Augmentation Force
           EAN        Essential Augmentees Nucleus
           EAPC       Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
           EASTLANT   Eastern Atlantic Area
           EAU        Emergency Action Unit
           EBO        Effect Based Operations
           EBOP       Effects Based Operations Planning
           EC         European Community
           EC         Electronic Combat
           ECC        Effects Co-ordination Cell
           ECCM       Electronic Counter-Counter Measures
           ECCP       Equipment Casualty Collection Point
           ECF        Essential Command Functions
           ECM        Electronic Counter-Counter Measures
           ECM        Electronic Counter Measures
           EC/SC      Electronic Combat/Signals Call
           ECR        Electronic Combat Reconnaissance
           EDC        Equipment for Deployment Contingencies
           EDT        Exercise Development Team
           EE         Early Entry
           EE         Emergency Establishment
           EEFI       Essential Elements of Friendly Information
           EEI        Essential Elements of Information
           EENT       End of Evening Nautical Twilight
           EEZ        Exclusive Economic Zone
           EFAT       Essential Field Artillery Task
           EFST       Essential Fire Support Task
           EGM        Effects Guidance Matrix
           EGY        Egypt
           EI         Effectiveness Index (JMEM)
           EIARRCIS   Enhanced IARRCIS
           EIFEL      Electronic Information C2 Readiness of Luftwaffe
           EIW        Emergency in War
           EJROC      Expanded Joint Requirements Oversight Council
           ELF        Emitter Library File
           ELF        Extrememly Low Frequency
           ELINT      Electronic Intelligence
           ELS        Emitter Locator Sytem

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                                                                                                   ARRC Abbreviations

           EM         Equipment Management
           EM         Electromagnetic Spectrum
           EMC        Electromagnetic Compatibility
           EMCON      Emission Control
           EMI        Electromagnetic Interferrence
           EMP        Electro-Magetic Pulse (Nuclear)
           EMS        Emitter Locator Sytem
           EMS        Electromagnetic Spectrum
           EMSEC      Emission Security
           EMSIWARN   Emitter Simulation Warning Message
           EMT        Emergency Medical Treatment
           ENG        Engineering Construction
           ENGR       Engineering
           ENGR       Engineers
           ENT        End of Nautical Twilight
           EO         Execute Order
           EO         Electo-Optical (television and infrared sensors - often means visible spectrum [TV] only
           EOB        Electronic Order of Battle
           EOD        Explosive Ordonair Divisie
           EOD        Explosive Ordnance Disposal (AAP-6)
           EODCC      EOD Coordination Cell
           EOR        Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
           EORSAT     ELINT Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
           EOT        End of Tour
           EP         Electronic Protection
           EPG        Employment Planning Guide
           EPLRS      Enhanced Position Location System
           EPM        Electronic Protective Measures
           EPO        Exercise Project Officer
           EPS        Exercise Planing Staff
           EPW        Enemy Prisoner of War
           ERDL       Extended-Range Data Link
           ERT        Execution Reference Time
           ERW        Enhanced Radiation Weapon
           ERWE       Enhanced Radar Warning Equipment
           ES         Estonia
           ESA        Emergency Survival Area
           ESAOC      ESA Operations Centre
           ESDI       European Security and Defence Identity (AAP-15)
           ESE        East Southeast
           ESJ        EW Stand off Jammer
           ESM        Electronic Warfare Support Measures / Electronic Support Measures
           eSM        Electronic Synchronisation Matrix
           ETA        Estimated Time of Arrival
           ETC        Exercise Technical Control
           ETC        External Training Conference
           ETD        Estimated Time of Departure
           ETF        Evacuation Task Force
           ETS        EW Tactical Suppression
           ETT        Embebed Training Team (Afganistan Related)
           EU         European Union
           EUCOM      European Command (US)
           EVE        Effective Visibility Execution
           EW         Electronic Warfare
           EW         Early Warning
           EWC        Electronic Warfare Coordinator
           EWCC       Electronic Warfare Coordination Centre
           EWCC       Electronic Warfare Coordination Cell (AAP-15)
           EWG        Effects Working Group
           EWG        Engineer Works Group
           EWG        Executive Working Group
           EWMS       Electronic Warfare Manual Support

1/5/2012                                        20 / 173
                                                                                 ARRC Abbreviations

           EWOS        Electronic Warefare Operational Support
           EWSG        Engineer Works Sub-Group
           EWT         Engineer Works Team
           EXBUD       Exercise Budgets
           EXCON       Exercise Control
           EXDIR       Exercise Directive
           ExNMJIC     Exercise National Military Joint Intelligence Centre
           EXOCET      All weather anti-ship missile (France)
           EXPEC       Exercise Expecification
           EXPI        Exercise Planing Instructions
           EXTAC       Experimental Tactics

           F&FP        Force and Financial Programme
           F/V         Fishing Vessel
           FA          Field Artillery
           FAA         Fprward Assembly Area
           FAC         Functional Area Code
           FAC         Forward Air Controller
           FAC-A       Forward Air Controller Airborne
           FAD         Force or Activity Designator
           FAE         Fuel Air Explosive
           FAE         Forward Air Element
           FAM         Funtional Area Manager
           FAOR        Fighter Area of Responsibility
           FAPC        Food and Agriculture Planning Committee
           FARP        Forward Air Refueling Point
           FARP        Forward Arming and Refuelling Point
           FARRP       Forward Area Refueling and Rearmament Point
           FASCAM      Family of Scatterable Mines
           FASP        Field Artillery Support Plan
           FASS        Functional Area Sub-Systems
           FAST        Forwand Accounting Support Team
           FASTBREAK   Unclassified Title of SHAPE Mobile Headquarters Element
           FAX         Facsimile
           FBA         Fighter Bomber Attack
           FBA         Forward Based Aircraft
           FBCB2       Force XXI Battalion Command Brigade and Below
           FBC         Fighter Bomber Attack Day/Night
           FBD         Fighter Bomber Attack Dual
           FBS         Fighter Bomber Attack Strike
           FBX         Fighter Bomber Attack All Weather
           Fc          Fractional Coverage (JMEM)
           FC          Fire Control
           FC          Financial Controller
           FCC         Federal Communications Commission
           FCE         Forward Command Element
           FCE-SC      Forward Command Element - Support Component
           FCL         Final Co-ordination Line
           FCOORD      Fire Co-ordination
           FCP         Forward Command Post
           FCS         Formation Communications System (FALCOM)
           FCU         Fuel Consumption Unit
           FCZ         Forward Combat Zone (AAP-15)
           FD          Final Destination (End of RSOM process)
           FDC         Fire Direction Center
           FDO         Fighter Duty Officer
           FDO         Flexible Deterrent Option
           FEBA        Forward Edge of the Battle Area
           FELP        Force Engineer Logistic Park
           FEZ         Fighter Engagement Zone
           FF          Frigate

1/5/2012                                         21 / 173
                                                                                                         ARRC Abbreviations

           FFA         Free Fire Area
           FFAR        Folding Fin Aerial Rocket
           FFIR        Friendly Forces Information Requirements
           FFL         Light Frigate
           FFM         Frigate
           FFO         Furnace Fuel Oil (see Chapter 12 - POL)
           FGA         Fighter Ground Attack
           FG          Force Goal
           FGL         Force Generation Level
           FIC         Force Indicator Codes (JOPES)
           FIDS        Force Identification System
           FIN         Finland
           FINABEL     Name given to meetings of Army Chiefs-of-Staff of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg,
                       Netherlands, UK
           FIR         Flight Information Region
           FISINT      Foreign Instrumentation SIGINT
           FIST        Fire Support Team
           FIT         Force Integration Trg
           FIVEATAF    Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force
           FL          Flight Level
           FLC         Force Logistic Coordination
           FLET        Forward Line of Enemy Troops (AAP-15)
           FLIR        Forward Looking Infrared Radar
           FLIR        Forward Looking Infrared
           FLM         French Liaison Mission
           FLOT        Forward Line of Own Troops (AAP-15)
           FLR         Forces at Lower Readiness
           FLRG        Forward Liaison and Reconnaissance Group
           FLR(L)      Formation of Lower Readiness (LAND)
           FLS         Forward Logistic Site
           FLSC        Flexible Linear Shaped Charge
           FM          Force Module
           FM          Force Marshaller
           FM          Fund Manager
           FM          Frequency Modulation
           FMA         Forward Maintenance Area
           FMB         Forward Maintenance Base
           FMC         Frequency Managenent Cell
           FMM         French Military Mission
           Fmn         Formation
           FMO         Frequency Management Office
           FMSC        Frequency Management Sub Committee
           FN          Framework Nation
           FO          Forward Observer
           FOA         Freedom of Action
           FOA         Field Operating Agency
           FOB         Forward Operating Base
           FOC         Full Operational Capability
           FOD         Foreign Object Damage
           FOIA        Freedom of Information Act
           FOL         Forward Operating Location
           FOM         Fivre Optic MODEM
           FOM         Freedom of Movement (AAP-15)
           FOPP        Fibre Optic Patch Panel
           FORCEPREP   Force Preparation
           FORCEREQ    Force Request
           FORSCOM     Army Forces Command
           FORSIZE     HQ USAF Support Force Sizing Exercise
           FP          Force Proposal / First Parade
           FPF         Final Protection Fires
           FPC         Final Planning Conference
           FPG         Functional Planning Guide (AAP-15)

1/5/2012                                          22 / 173
                                                                              ARRC Abbreviations

           FPG          Force Planing Goals
           FPL          Final Protective Line
           FPOL         Forward Passage of Lines
           FPWG         Force Protection Working Group
           FR           France
           FR/BE RITA   French/Belgium Army Tactical Network
           FRAG         Fragmentation code
           FRAG         Fragmentary Order
           FRAGO        Fragmentary Order
           FRG          Forces Requirements Generator
           FRG          Federal Republic of Germany
           FRIES        Fast Rope Insertion/Extraction System
           FRN          Force Requirement Number (JOPES)
           FRY          Former Republic Of Yugoslavia
           FS           Fire Support
           FSA          Forward Support Area (AAP-15)
           FSCC         Fire Support Coordination Centre
           FSCL         Fire Support Co-ordination Line
           FSCM         Fire Support Control Measures
           FSCM         Fire Support Coordination Measures
           FSCOORD      Fire Support Coordinator
           FSE          Fire Support Element
           FSEM         Fire Support Execution Matrix
           FSG          Forward Support Group (AAP-15)
           FSMC         Forward Support Medical Company
           FSN          Federal Stock Number
           FSO          Fire Support Officer
           FSR          (NATO) Force Structure Review
           FSS          Fire Support Safety Line
           FSSL         Fire Support Safety Line
           FST          Field Support Team
           FSU          Former Soviet Union
           FT           Feet
           FTX          Field Training Exercise
           FUG          Functional User Group
           FUN          Functional Users Network
           FW           Fixed Wing
           FWD          Forward HQ
           FWF          Former Warring Factions
           FWP          Former Warsaw Pact
           FY           Financial or Fiscal Year
           FY or        the Former Yugoslav
           FYI          For Your Information
           FYROM        Republic of Macedonia

           G2           General Staff Intelligence Officer
           G/VLLD       Ground/Vehicular Laser Locator Designator
           GA           General Alert
           GA           Global Assessment
           GA           GREYLAND Anchorage
           GAFTAC       German Air Force Tactical Command
           GAL          Gallon
           GAM          GPS-Aided Munition
           GARFCOM      German Army Forces Command (Heeresführungskommando)
           GAT          Guidance, Apportionment and Targeting
           GATOR        Area denial cluster mine
           GATS         GPS-Aided Targeting System
           GAU          Gun Ammunition Unit
           GAU-8        30mm, seven barrel gattling gun on the A-10
           GBAD         Ground-Based Air Defence (AAP-15)
           GBU          Guided Bomb Unit

1/5/2012                                        23 / 173
                                                                                        ARRC Abbreviations

           GBU-10      2,000 lbs laser guided bomb, Mk 84 (LDGP) or BLU-109 warhead
           GBU-12      500lbs laser guided bomb, Mk 82 (LDGP) warhead
           GBU-15      2,000lbs EO or IR guided bomb, Mk 84 (LDGP) or BLU-109 warhead
           GBU-16      1,000lbs laser guided bomb, Mk 83 (LDGP) warhead
           GBU-24      2,000lbs LLLGB, Mk 84 (LDGP) or BLU-109 warhead
           GBU-28      4,700lbs laser guided bomb
           GBU-31      JDAM equipped Mk 84 (LDGP) or BLU-109 warhead
           GBU-32      JDAM equipped Mk 83 (LDGP) warhead
           GCA         Ground Control Approach
           GCCS        Global Command and Control System
           GCI         Ground Control Interceptor
           GCP         GREYLAND Commercial Port
           GD          Guards Division
           GDP         General Defence Plan
           GDS         Guards
           GE          Germany
           GE AUTOKO   German Army Tactical Network
           GEIU-27     Modified GBU-24 for carriage in F-117
           GENINFO     General Information
           GENTEXT     General Text
           GEO         Georgia
           GEO         Geographic
           GEOFILE     Standard Specified Geographic Location File (JOPES)
           GEOLOC      Geolocation Code (JOPES)
           GEP         Generic Plan
           GETF        German Evacuation Task Force
           GEZ         Ground Engagement Zone
           GFOAR       Global Family of OPLANs Assessment Report
           GI          Geographic Information
           GIAC        Graphical Imput Aggregate Control
           GIBMED      Gibraltar Mediterranean Command
           GL          Greyland
           GLCM        Ground -Launched Cruise Missile
           GLE         Ground Liaison Element
           GLO         Ground Liaison Officer
           GLT         Ground Liaison Team
           GMEZ        Ground Manouevre Exclusion Zone
           GMT         Greenwich Medium Time
           GNP         Global National Product
           GNP         Gross National Product
           GNP         GREYLAND Naval Port
           GNR         General Nuclear Response
           GO          General Officer
           GO          Governmental Organisations
           GOA         Government of AZURE
           GOB         Global Order of Battle
           GOC         General Officer Commanding
           GOG         Government of GREYLAND
           GOG         Guidelines Operational
           GOP         Guidelines for Operational Planning (AAP-15)
           GOSCC       Global Operational Security Control Centre
           GOV'T       Governmental
           GP          General Purpose
           GP3         G2/G3 CIS Project - part of ACSAS
           GPGS        General Political Guidelines
           GPS         Global Positioning System
           GR          Greece
           GRAP        Ground Recognised Air Picture
           GRF(L)      Graduated Readiness Force (LAND)
           GRG         Gridde Reference Graphic
           GR HERMES   Greek Army Tactical Network
           GS          General Support

1/5/2012                                      24 / 173
                                                                                     ARRC Abbreviations

           GSG       Geographic Support Group
           GSR       General Support Reinforcing
           GSR       Ground Surveillance Radar
           GTC-SH    German Territorial Command Schleswig-Holstein
           GTNC      German Territorial Northern Command
           GTSC      German Territorial Southern Command
           GW Mk 1   Walleye 1:1,100lbs EO/TV Unpowered Glide Bomb
           GY        GREYLAND
           GZ        Ground Zero

           HA        Humanitarion Assistance/aid
           HAF       Headquarters Air Force
           HARM      High Speed Antiradiation Missile (AGM-88)
           HARPOON   AGM-84 Antiship Missile
           HAS       Hardened Aircraft Shelter
           HAW       Humanitarian Aid Worker
           HB876     Area Denial Submunitionfor JP233 Airfield attack Weapon
           HBA       Heavy Bomber Attack
           HCA       Humanitarian and Civil Affairs
           HDGP      High Drag General Purpose
           HE        High-Explosive
           HEAT      High-Explosive Antitank
           HEDP      High-Explosive, Dual-Purpose
           HEI       High Explosive Incendiary
           HELO      Helicopter
           HEI-T     High-Explosive Incendiary with Tracer
           HET       Heavy Equipment Transporter
           HF        High Frequency
           HF        Height Finder
           HIC       High Intensity Conflict
           HIC       Headquarters in Command
           HIDACZ    High Density Air Space Control Zone
           HILEX     High Level Exercise
           HIMEZ     High Missile Engagement Zone
           HLG       High Level Group
           HLTF      High Level Task Force
           HLZ       Helicopter Landing Zone
           HMG       Heavy machinegun
           HMG       Her Majesty's Government
           HMMWV     High-Mobility, Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
           HN        Host Nation (AAP-6)
           HNL       HALSTEN National League
           HNS       Host Nation Support
           HNSCC     Host Nation Support Co-ordination Cell
           HOB       Height of Burst
           HOIS      Hostile Intelligence Service
           HORIZ     Horizontal
           HOTAS     Hands on Throttle and Stick
           HPT       High Payoff Targets
           HPTL      High Pay-of Target List
           HQ        Headquarters
           HQ ARRC   Headquarters ACE (Allied Command Europe) Rapid Reaction Corps
           HQ RSC    Headquarters Rear Support Command
           HQSO      Headquarters Security Officer
           HR        Hour
           HRF       High Readiness Force
           HRF(L)    High Readiness Force (LAND)
           HRG       Hard Rover Group
           HRO       Humanitarion and Relief Organisation
           HRV       Croatia (Hurvatska)
           HAS       Surface to Air Missile

1/5/2012                                    25 / 173
                                                                            ARRC Abbreviations

           HSG          JHQ CENT Headquarters Support Group
           HTG          Hard Target Graphic
           HTS          HARM Targeting System
           HTUFT        Helicopters Taken Up From Trade
           HU           Hungary
           HUD          Head-Up-Display
           HUMINT       Human Intelligence
           HUSLE        Helicopter Underslung Load Equipment
           HVA          High Value Asset
           HVAA         High Value Air Asset
           HVT          High Value Target
           HVTL         High Value Target List
           HVU          High Value Unit
           HWP          Hazardess Waste
           HWP          Helicopter Weapons Platform

           I&W          Indicators and Warnings
           IAD          Integrated Air Defence
           IAD          Integrated Air Defence System
           IAEA         International Atomic Energy Agency
           IALCE        International Air Lift Control Element
           IAO          Indirect Air Operations
           IARRCIS      Interim ARRC Information System
           IASSESSREP   Intelligence Assessment Report
           IATO         Interim Authority to Operate
           IAU          Infrastructure Accounting Unit
           IAW          In Accordance With
           IBAN         Inernational Board of NATO Auditors
           IBERLANT     Iberian Atlantic Area
           IBIS         In Barracks Information System
           IC           Iceland
           IC           Intelligence Centre
           IC           Infrastructure Committee
           ICAO         International Civil Aviation Organisation
           ICAOC        Interim Combined Air Operations Centre
           ICB          International Competitive Bidding
           ICBM         Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
           ICC          Initial CAOC Capability
           ICC          Integrated Command and Control
           ICD          Imitative Communications Deception
           ICF          Intelligence Collection Flight
           ICM          Improved Conventional Munition
           ICOD         Intelligence Cutoff Date
           ICP          Infrastructure Capability Package
           ICR          In-Country Resources
           ICRC         International Committee for the Red Cross
           ICS          Information Communications Services
           ICSWG        Information Communication Systems Working Group
           ICT          Integrated Combat Training
           ICV          Infantry Combat Vehicles
           ID           Identification
           IDAC         Interim Deployable ACCS Component
           IDB          Integrated Data Base
           IDCAOC       Interim Deployable Combined Air Operations Centre
           IDF          Interceptor Day Fighter
           IDF          International Dining Facility
           IDHS         Intelligence Data Handling System
           IDP          Internally Displaced Person
           IDRO         International Disaster Relief Operation
           IDS          Interdictor Strike
           IEC          Initial Entry Concept

1/5/2012                                        26 / 173
                                                                                       ARRC Abbreviations

           IED          Improvised Explosive Device (see EOD)
           IEF          In-Transit Evacuation Facility/Immediate?Initial Entry Force
           IEF          Initial Entry Force
           IEFHQ        Initial Entry Force Headquarters
           IEPR         Initial Exercise Press Release
           IER          Inspectorate of Engineer Resources
           IER          Information Exchange Requirement
           IFEZ         Indirect Fire Exclusion Zone
           IFF          Identification Friend of Foe (Electronics)
           IFIB         Invitation For International Bidding
           IFIP         Invitation for International Proposals
           IFLOLS       Improved Fresnel Lens OpticalLanding System (USN)
           IFOR         Implementation Force
           IFR          Instrumental Flight Rules
           IFV          Infantry Fighting Vehicle
           IG           Inspector General
           IHSC         International HQ and Support Command
           IIR          Imiging Infrared, or Imagery Interpretation Report
           IIS          Infrared Imaging System
           ILLUM        Illumination
           IM           Information Management
           IMC          Instrument Meteorological Conditions
           IMF          Information Management Flight
           IMINT        Imagery Intelligence (AAP-15)
           IMP          International Military Police
           IMPC         Initial Movement Planning Conference
           IMPREP       Implementation Reports
           IMS          Imagery Derived Intelligence
           IMS          International Military Staff
           IMSM         IMS Documents
           IMT          Individual Military Training
           IN           Infantry
           INCSPOTREP   Incident Spot Report
           INF          Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces
           INF          Infantry
           INFO OPS     Information Operations
           INFOSEC      Information Security
           INS          Insert Code
           INS          Inertial Navigation System
           INT          Intelligence
           INTAF        Special Assistant to SACEUR for International Affairs
           INTEL        Intelligence
           INTREP       Intelligence Report
           INTSUM       Intelligence Summary
           IO           International Organisation (AAP-15)
           IO           Information Operations
           IO           Interoperability Objective
           IOC          Initial Operating Capability
           IOC          Information Operations Cell
           IOC          Initial Operational Capability
           IOC          Interceptor Operations Centre
           IOCB         Information Operation Coordination Board
           IOM          International Organisation for Migration
           IOPFOR       Opposing Forces
           IOT          In Order To
           IOWG         Information Operation Working Group
           IP           Initial Point
           IPB          Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
           IPB          Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace
           IPC          Initial Planning Conference
           IPC          Industrial Planning Committee
           IPE          Individual Protective Equipment

1/5/2012                                          27 / 173
                                                                                           ARRC Abbreviations

           IPF         International Police Force
           IPL         Integrated Priority List
           IPP         Individual Partnership Programme
           IPR         In-Progress Review
           IPSP        Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning
           IPSS        Initial Pre-planned Supply Support
           IPW         Interrogation of Prisoners of War
           IR          Intelligence Requirement
           IR          Infrared
           IRBM        Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
           IRC         International Red Cross
           IRD         Inter-Regional Development
           IREM        Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
           IREMPS      Integrated Refractive Effects Prediction System
           IRF         Immediate Reaction Force (AAP-15)
           IRINT       Infrared Intelligence
           IRL         Ireland
           IRLS        Infrared Line Scan
           IRR         Individual Ready Reservists
           IRST        Infrared Search and Tracking System
           IRT         Investigation and Recovery Team
           IS          Information Security
           IS          International Staff
           ISB         Improved SHAPE Broadcast
           ISB         Information System Branch
           ISC         Intelligence Support Cell
           ISDN        Integrated Service Digital Network
           ISE         Intelligence Support Element
           ISG         International Solutions Group
           ISR         Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
           ISS         Information System Section
           ISSC        Integrated System Support Centre
           ISM         Information Systems Management
           IST         Initial Support Team
           ISTAR       Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
           IT          Italy
           IT          Information Technology
           ITO         Integrated Target List
           IT SOTRIN   Italian Army Tactical Network
           ITC         Internal Training Conference
           ITU         International Telecommunications Union
           IUKADGE     Improved UK Air Defence Ground Environment
           IV          Intravenous
           IVO         In Vicinity Of
           IVSN        Initial Voice Switched Network
           IVSN        Information Warfare
           IW          Information Warfare
           IWT         Inland Waterways Transport
           IWW         Inland Water Ways

           J-2         Joint Intelligence
           JA          JA Judge Advocate
           JAAT        Joint Air-Assault Team (AAP-15)
           JAC         Joint Analysis Centre
           JACC        Joint Airspace Control Centre
           JAG         CFE - Joint Consultative Group
           JAO         Joint Area of Operations
           JAOC        Joint Air Operations Center
           JASSM       Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile
           JAT         Joint Analysis Team
           JAWS        JMEM/AS Weaponeering System

1/5/2012                                         28 / 173
                                                                                                  ARRC Abbreviations

           JC             Joint Commission(s)
           JCB            Joint Co-ordination Board
           JCC            JTASK Control Centre
           JCC            Joint Civil Commission(s)
           JCCC           Joint Communications Co-ordinations Centre
           JCC / JCCENT   Joint Command Centre
           JCCIC          JHQ CENT Intelligence Centre
           JCCSOC         JHQ CENT Support Operation Centre
           JCET           Joint Combined Exchange Training
           JCIS           Joint Counter Intelligence Section
           JCO            Joint Commission Observers
           JCO            Joint Commission Order
           JCO            Joint Co-ordination Order
           JCOC           Joint Command Operations Centre
           JCP            Joint Committee on Proliferation
           JCS            Joint Chief Of Staff
           JCSE           Joint Communications Support Element
           JDAM           Joint Direct Attack Munition
           JDISS          Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System
           JDS            Joint Deployment System
           JEB            Joint Effects Branch
           JEC            Joint Effects Cell
           JECG           Joint Exercise Control Group
           JEG            Joint Effects Group
           JEL            Joint Electronic Library
           JEPES          Joint Engineering Planning and Execution System (JOPES)
           JESG           Joint Environment Steeering Group
           JF             Joint Force
           JFACC          Joint Force Air Component Command
           JFC            Joint Force Command
           JFC            Joint Force Commander
           JFE            Joint Force Engineer
           JFLCC          Joint Force Land Component Command
           JFHQ           Joint Force Headquarters
           JFMCC          Joint Force Maritime Component Command
           JFMOLANT       Joint Frequency Monitoring Office Atlantic
           JFPOCC         Joint Force Psychological Operation Component Command
           JFSOCC         Joint Force Special Operation Component Command
           JFSOCC         Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander
           JHNSP          Joint Host Nation Support Plan (AAP-15)
           JHQ            Joint Headquarters (AAP-15)
           JIB            Joint Information Bureau
           JIC            Joint Intelligence Centre
           JIO            Joint Intelligence Observer
           JIPTL          Joint Integrated Prioritised Target List
           JISE           Joint Intelligence Support Element (US)
           JITC           Joint Interoperability Test Command
           JITD           Joint Intelligence Training Division
           JLCC           Joint Logistic Co-ordination Centre
           JLOC           Joint Logistic Operations Centre
           JLRSA          Joint Monthly Readiness Review
           JMAP           Joint Master Attack Plan
           JMCC           Joint Movement Coordination Centre (AAP-15)
           JMEM           Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
           JMEM/AS        Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual/Air-to-Surface
           JMETL          Joint Mission Essential Task List
           JMNA           Joint Military Net Assessment
           JMOC           Joint METOC Operations Center/Cell
           JMRO           Joint Medical Regulating Office
           JMT            Joint Air Attack Team is a combination of attack helicopters and Air Force OAS aircraft
                          (supported by Arty and ADS)
           JNC            Jet Navigation Chart

1/5/2012                                                29 / 173
                                                                                      ARRC Abbreviations

           JO        Junior Officer (USN)
           JOA       Joint Operations Area (AAP-15)
           JOC       Joint Operations Centre
           JOCPG     Joint Operation Coordination Working Group
           JOIIS     Joint Operations Intelligence Information System
           JOPES     Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
           JOPG      Joint Operations Working Group
           JOPS      JOPES Reporting System
           JOR       Jordan
           JOS       Joint Operational Staff (Oil)
           JP233     5,150lbs low altitude airfield attack weapon system (UK)
           JPCC      Joint Petroleum Coordination Centre
           JPD       Joint Planning Document
           JPDAL     Joint Priority Defended Asset List
           JPEC      Joint Planning and Execution Community
           JPERSAT   Joint Personnel Status Report
           JPG       Joint Planning Group
           JPI       Joint Precision Interdiction
           JPRC      Joint Personnel Reception Centre
           JPT       JFMC Planning Tool
           JPTL      Joint Prioritized Target List
           JRA       Joint Rear Area
           JRA(CC)   Joint Rear Area (Component Commander)
           JRAC      Joint Regional Air Commander
           JRCC      Joint Rescue Coordination Centre
           JRFL      Joint Restricted Frequency List
           JRMS      Joint Reception and Movement System
           JROC      Joint Requirements Oversight Council
           JRS       Joint Reporting System (JOPES)
           JRS       Joint Reporting Structure
           JSEAD     Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defences
           JSHED     Joint Special Handling and Evaluation Detachment
           JSMC      Joint Staff Message Centre
           JSME      Joint Task Force Spectrum Management Element
           JSOACC    Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander
           JSOTF     Joint Special Operations Task Force
           JSOW      Joint Standoff Weapon
           JSPD      Joint Strategic Planning Document
           JSPDSA    JSPD Supporting Analysis
           JSPS      Joint Strategic Planning System
           JSR       Joint Strategic Review
           JSRC      Joint Sub-Regional Command (NNMS) (AAP-15)
           JSRCSE    Joint Sub-Regional Command South East
           JST       JTASC Support Team
           JSTARS    Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
           JSTPS     Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff
           JTAR      Joint Tactical Air Reconnaissance
           JTASC     Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Centre
           JTB       Joint Targeting Board
           JTC       Joint Targeting Cell
           JTCB      Joint Targeting Coordination Board
           JTCC      Joint Transport Co-ordination Cell
           JTCG/ME   Joint Technical Coordination Group for Munitions Effectiveness
           JTCWG     Joint Targeting Coordination Working Group
           JTD       Joint Training Division
           JTDC      Joint Target Development Cell
           JTF       Joint Task Force
           JTFCP     Joint Task Force Command
           JTFCP     Joint Task Force Command Post
           JTICB     Joint Target Information Control Board
           JTIDS     Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
           JTL       Joint Target List

1/5/2012                                      30 / 173
                                                                                           ARRC Abbreviations

           JTLS            Joint Theatre Level Simulation
           JTMS            Joint Theatre Movement Staff
           JTO             Joint Targeting Objectives
           JTS             Joint Targetting System
           JTSG            Joint Targeting Steering Group
           JTT             Joint Training Team
           JTTP            Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
           JULLS           Joint Universal Lessons Learned System
           JTWG            Joint Targeting Working Group
           JWCA            Joint Warfare Capability Assessment
           JWICS           Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

           KAZ             Kazakhstan
           KB44            0.6kg shaped charge, armour peircing bomblet (MW-1)
           KDM             Key Decisions Makers
           KGZ             Kyrgyzstan
           KIA             Killed In Action
           KIAS            Knots Indicated Airspeed
           K-KILL          Catastrophic Kill
           KILLREP         Kill Report
           KL              Khuril
           KLE             Key Leaders Engagement
           KO              Korash
           KORMORAN        Anti-ship Guided Missile (Germany)
           KP              Key Point
           KPML            Key Post Manning List
           KR              Khuril
           KTAS            Knots True Airspeed
           KTO             Kuwaiti Theatre of Operations

           L               Liter
           LA              Latvia
           LAD             Last Arrival Date
           LAD             Latest Arrival Date
           LAMPS           Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (helicopter)
           LAN             Local Area Network
           LAN/WAN         Local Area Network/Wide Area Network
           LANDCENT        Allied Land Forces Central
           LANDJUT         Title given to NATO Land Forces
           LANDNON         Jutland, North Norway etc
           LANDSOUTH       Allied Land Forces Southern Europe
           LANDSOUTHCENT   Allied Land Forces South Central Europe
           LANDSOUTHEAST   Allied Land Forces South-Eastern Europe
           LANDZEALAND     Allied Land Forces Zealand
           LANT            Atlantic
           LANTCOM         Atlantic Command
           LANTFLRT        Atlantic Fleet
           LANTIRN         Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (US)
           LASER           Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation
           LASINT          Laser Intelligence
           LAT             Latitude
           LAV             Light Armoured Vehicle
           LAW             Light Anti-Tank Weapon
           LBS             Pounds
           LCAC            Landing Craft Air Cushion
           LCC             Land Component Command
           LCC             Land Component Commander
           LCC             Logistic Coordination Centre (AC)
           LCC             Life Cycle Costing (Infrastructure)
           LCE             Logistics Capability Estimator (JOPES)

1/5/2012                                            31 / 173
                                                                     ARRC Abbreviations

           LCE        Liaison Coordination Element
           LCE        Load-Carrying Equipment
           LD         Line of Departure
           LDGP       Low Drag General Purpose
           LEGAD      Legal Advisor
           LEGADV     Legal Advisor
           LEGAL      Legal Advisor
           LET        Live Environment Trg
           LET        Light Equipmet Transporter
           LEWT       Light Electronic Warfare Teat
           LEWWG      Land Electronic Warfare Working Group
           LF         Landing Force (AAP-6)
           LF         Low Frequency
           LFF        Logistics Factor File
           LGB        Laser Guided Bomb
           LHA        Amphibious Assault Ship
           LI         Lithuania
           LIM        Linear Metre
           LIMFAC     Limiting Factor
           LIMS       Linear Meters
           LIP        Long-Term Infrastructure Programme
           LIT        Lithuania
           LITINT     Literature Intelligence
           LIVEX      Live Exercise
           LL         Low Level
           LL         Lessons Learned
           LLAB/P     Lessons Learned Action Brief/Plan
           LLAP       Leasons Learned Action Plan
           LLB        Lessons Learned Branch
           LLDB       Lessons Learned Data Base
           LLLGB      Low Level Laser Guided Bomb
           LLLSO      Landing Signals Officer (USN)
           LLLTV      Low-Light-Level Television
           LLR        Lessons Learned Request
           LLTR       Low Level Transit Route
           LMCC       Logistics Movement Coordination Cell
           LN         Lead Nation
           LNO        Liaison National Officer
           LNO        Liaison Officer
           LO/LNO     Liaison Officer
           LOA        Limit of Advance
           LOAC       Law of Armed Conflict
           LOAL       Lock On After Launch
           LOB        Line of Bearing
           LOBL       Lock on Before Launch
           LOC        Lines of Communication
           LOCE       Linked Operational Capability Europe
           LOCE       Linked Operations Intelligence Center Europe
           LOE        Limit of Exploitation
           LOG        Logistics
           LOGAIR     Logistics Airlift
           LOGCC      Logistic Coordination Cell
           LOGDET     Logistics Detail
           LOGFAC     Logisitcs Feasibility Analysis Capability
           LOGFAS     Logistic Functional Area Services
           LOGFOR     Logistics Force Packaging System
           LOGMOD     Logistics Module
           LOGMOD-B   Logistics Module - Base Level
           LOGMOD-H   Logistics Module - HQ USAF
           LOGMOD-M   Logistics Module - MAJCOM Level
           LOGPAC     Logistics Package
           LOGPLAN    Logistics Planning Subsystem

1/5/2012                                      32 / 173
                                                                        ARRC Abbreviations

           LOGREP          Logistic Reporting
           LOI             Letter of Instruction
           LOMEZ           Low Missile Engagement Zone
           LONG            Longitude
           LORO            Lobe on Receive Only
           LOS             Line of Sight
           LOSSREP         Loss Report
           LP              Listening Post
           LPB             Logistic Preparation of the Battlefield
           LPF             Logistics Planning File
           LPH             Landing Platform Helicopter
           LRA             Long Range Attack
           LRING           Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
           LRMP            Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft
           LRP             Logistics Release Point
           LRRP            Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol
           LRS             Logistic Readiness Centre
           LRTIF           Long Range Theatre Nuclear Forces
           LSA             Long Scan Analysis
           LSA             Logistic Support Area
           LSC             Logistics Support Cell
           LSD             Logistic Support Detachment
           LSE             Land South Element
           LSE             Logistic Support Element
           LSOC            Logistics Support Operations Centre
           LST             Landing Ship Troop
           LST             Laser Spot Tracker
           LTBF            Long Term Build Up Force
           LTDP            Laser Target Designator
           LTDP            Long-Term Defence Programme
           LTIOV           Latest Time Information of Value
           LTM             Laser Target Marker
           LTPG            Long Term Planning Guideline
           LTR             Long Term Requirement
           LTS             Long Term Study
           LU              Luxembourg
           LZ              Landing Zone (AAP-15)

           M&S             Material and Services Section
           M&S             Modeling and Simulation
           M&T             Movement and Transportation Section
           M1 17           750lbs (LDGP) bomb
           M117 Retarded   750 lbs (HDGP) bomb
           M118            3,000 lbs (LDGP) bomb
           M/E             Main Effort
           M/LB            Mounting Logistic Base
           M               Meter
           MA              Marshalling Area
           MA              Military Assistance
           MA              Mutual Assistance
           MA              Mission Analysis
           MA              Military Assistant
           MAA             Mission Area Analysis
           MAAP            Master Air Attack Plan
           MAC             Military Airlift Command (US)
           MACE            Mobile Assessment and Coordination Element
           MACO            Mobile Allied Contracts Office
           MAD             Magnetic Anomaly Detector
           MAE             Main Area of Effectiveness (JMEM)
           MAEB            Mean Area of Effectiveness
           MAEBLDG         Mean Area of Effectiveness for Buildings

1/5/2012                                              33 / 173
                                                                                              ARRC Abbreviations

           MAEF            Mean Area of Effectiveness for Fragmentation
           MAF             Manpower Availability Factor
           MAF             Marine Amphibious Force
           MAG             MNC Allotment Group (for the NAEW Force)
           MAGTF           Marine Air-Ground Task Force (USMC)
           MAGTF           MNC Allotment Group (for the NAEW Force)
           MAIN            Main HQ
           MAJCOM          Major Command
           MANFOR          Manpower Force Packaging System
           MANPADS         Man-Portable Air Defense System
           MANPER          Manpower and Personnel Module
           MANPER-B        Manpower and Personnel Module - Base Level (COMPES)
           MANPER-H        Manpower and Personnel Module - HQ USAF (COMPES)
           MANPER-I        Manpower and Personnel Module - Intermediate HQ (COMPES)
           MANPER-M        Manpower and Personnel Module - MAJCOM level (COMPES)
           MANREQ          USAF Wartime Manpower Requirements Exercise
           MAOP            Master Air Operations Plan
           MAP             Membership Action Plan
           MAP             Mass Attack Plan
           MAP             Master Attack Plan
           MAPPS           (Enhanced) Mobile Access to Ptarmigan Packet Switch Network
           MAR             Morocco
           MARCLIP         Maritime Commands Long-Term Infrastructure Programme
           MARCONFOR       Maritime Contingency Force
           MARCONFORPLAN   Maritime Contingency Force Plan
           MARFORLANT      Marine Forces Atlantic
           MARREP          Maritime Report
           MARTEL          Missile AntiRadiation and TELevision
           MAS             Military Agency for Standardisation (AAP-15)
           MASCAL          Mass Casualty
           MASINT          Measurement and Signature Intelligence
           MAST            Mobile Accounting Support Team
           MATRA 200       Bomb retarding system for 250kg & 400kg GP bombs (France)
           MATRA GBL       250kg and 1,000kg LGBs (France)
           MAVERICK        AGM-65 missile
           MAWHQ           AFCENT/AIRCENT Alternate WHQ
           MB              Main Body
           MBA             Main Battle Area
           MBC             Military Budget Committee
           MBT             Main Battle Tank
           MC              Manoeuvre Corridor
           MC              Military Committee (AAP-15)
           MC              Prefix to a Military Committee Document, eg MC 14/3, MC 35/1 etc
           MC&G            Mapping, Charting and Geodesy
           MCAOC           Mail Control Activity
           MCAOC           Mobile Combined Air Operation Centre
           MCC             Maritime Component Command
           MCC             Maritime Component Commander (AAP-15)
           MCC             Movement Control Centre
           MCCIS           Maritime Command & Control Information System
           MCCP            Movement Control Check Point
           MCI             Mission Critical Information
           MCLS            Minimum Clear Length
           MCLS            Movement Control Liaison Staff
           MCM             Mobile Communication Module
           MCM             Mine Counter Measure
           MCM             Military Committee Memorandum
           MCMN            Mine Counter Measure Force North
           MCO             Major Contingency Plan
           MCO             Major Contingency Option
           MCP             Micro-Channel Plate
           MCP             Military Co-operation Program

1/5/2012                                           34 / 173
                                                                                                  ARRC Abbreviations

           MCSC           Mine Counter Measure Command and Control Ship
           MCT            Movement Control Team
           MCW            Minimum Clear Width
           MCWG           Minimum Clear Width
           MCWG           Military Co-operation Working Group
           MD             Mechanised Division
           MDA            Moldova, Republic
           MDC            Military District Command
           MDE            Measures and Disarmament in Europe
           MDF            Main Defence Force (AAP-15)
           MDG            Multi-Disciplinary Group
           MDI            Modernized Demolition Initiator
           MDMP           Military Decision-Making Process
           MDR            Main Deployment Routes
           MDS            Mission Defence Series
           ME             Main Effort
           MEB            Maritime Expeditionary Brigade (US)
           MECH           Mechanised
           MED            Medical
           MEDCC          Medical Co-ordination Centre
           MEDEVAC        MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
           MEDIVAC        Medical Evacuation
           MEDSOUTHEAST   South-East Mediterranean Area
           MEF            Marine Expeditionary Force (US)
           MEF (FWD)      Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward)
           MEFPAK         Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging System
           MEL            Master Events List
           MEL            Main Events List
           MENA           Mediterranean & North Africa
           MER            Multiple Ejector Rack
           MERCO          Merchant Ship Reporting and Control Message System
           MERZONE        Merchant Shipping Control Zone
           MESG           Mediterranean Shipping Group
           MET            Management Engineering Team
           MET            Mobile Environmental Team
           MET            Meteorology
           MET            Meteorological
           METCON         Control of Meteorlogical Information
           METL           Mission Essential Task List
           METOC          Meteorological and Oceanographic
           METOC          Meteorological/Oceanographic Cell
           METT-TC        METT-TC Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops and Time Available, Civil Considerations
           MEU            Marine Expeditionary Unit
           MEWSG          Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group
           MEX            MEWSG Exercises
           MEZ            Missile Engagement Zone
           MF             Military Function(S)
           MFBF           Multi Function Bomb Fuse (UK)
           MFCE           Mobile Forward Command Element
           Mfd            Minefield
           MFE            Manpower Force Element
           MFEL           Manpower Force Element Listing
           MG             Machine Gun
           MGD            Military Geographic Documentation
           MGI            Military Geographic Information
           MGID           Military Geographic Information and Documentation
           MGRS           Military Grid Reference System
           MHE            Material Handling Equipment
           MI             Military Intelligence
           MIA            Missing In Action
           MICCFAC        Mobile Integrated Command and Control Facility
           MICLIC         MICLIC Mine-Clearing Line Charge

1/5/2012                                          35 / 173
                                                                                      ARRC Abbreviations

           MICON           Mission Concept
           MICV            Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle
           MIDB            Modernised Integrated Data Base
           MIFF            3.4kg Anti Tank Mine
           MIJI            Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming and Inerference
           MIL             Main Incidents List
           MILAN           Anti-Tank Missile (Missile d'infanterie legere antichar)
           MILES           Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
           MILREP          Military Representatives
           MILSTAM         International Military Staff Memorandum
           MILSTAMP        Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures
           MILU            Multinational Integrated Logistic Unit
           MIOAP           Military Information Operations Action Plan
           MIOOM           Military Information Operations Objectives Matrix
           MIP             Multinational Interoperability Programme
           MIR             Interoperability Requirements
           MIRV            Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicle
           MIS             Management Information System
           MISCAP          Mission Capability
           MISREP          Mission Report
           MITASK          Mission Tasking
           MJLC            Multinational Joint Logistic Centre
           MJLC PECC       MJLC Patient Evacuation Control Cell
           Mk              Mark
           Mk 118          Rockeye II Submunition
           Mk20            Rockeye II cluster bomb, Mk 7 canister, 247 x Mk 118
           Mk 81           250lbs LDGP bomb
           Mk 81 Snakeye   250lbs HOGP bomb
           Mk 82           500lbs LDGP bomb
           Mk 82 LGB       GBU-12, 500lbs laser guided bomb
           Mk 82 Snakeye   500lbs HDGP bomb
           Mk 83           1,000 lbs LDGP bomb
           Mk 83 LGB       GBU-16, 1,000lbs laser guided bomb
           Mk 84           2,000lbs LDGP bomb
           Mk 84 LGB       GBU-10, 2,000lbs laser guided bomb
           M-KILL          Mobility Kill
           MLC             Military Load Classification
           MLRS            Multiple-Launch Rocket System (AAP-15)
           MM              Millimeter
           MM              Military Mission
           MMOU            Multilateral Memorandum Of Understanding
           MMP             Master Air Attack Plan
           MMR             Minimum Military Requirement
           MMR             Military Mission Requirement
           MN              Multinational (AAP-15)
           MNC             Multinational Corps
           MNC             Major NATO Command
           MNC             Major NATO Commander; ie SACEUR, SACLANT,
           MNCC            Multi-National Co-ordination Centre (at AFCENT)
           MND             Multinational Division
           MND(C)          Multinational Division (Central)
           MND(S)          Multinational Division (South)
           MNDDP           Multinational Detailed Deployment Plan
           MNF             Multinational Forces
           MNJCC           Multinational Joint Command Centre
           MNLC            Multinational Logistic Centre/Command
           MNMF            Multinational Maritime Forces
           MNMPB           Multinational Military Police Battalion
           MNVR            Maneuvering
           MO              Military Options
           MOA             Mission Orientated Approach
           MOA             Memorandum of Agreement

1/5/2012                                           36 / 173
                                                                        ARRC Abbreviations

           MOB         Main Operating Base; a Major Military Airfield
           MOC         Movement Operation Centre
           MOD         Ministry of Defense
           MOD         Modification
           MODEM       Modulator Demodulator
           MOE         Measure of Effectiveness
           MOG         Maximum on Ground
           MOGAS       Motor Gasoline
           MOI         Mission Orientated Item
           MOIA        Mission Orientated Item Activity
           MOIAR       Mission Orientated Item Activity Report
           MOO         Method of Operation
           MOOTW       Military Operations Other Than War
           MOP         Memorandum of Policy
           MOP         Measurement of Performance
           MOPP        Mission-Orientated Protective Posture
           MOR         Military Operational Requirements
           MOS         Minimum Operating Surface
           MOS         Military Occupational Speciality
           MOU         Memorandum of Understanding (AAP-15)
           MOVOC       Movement Occasional Report
           MOVSITREP   Movement Situation Report
           MP          Multipurpose
           MP          Military Police
           MPA         Maritime Patrol Aircraft
           MPA         Mission Planning Agent
           MPC         Mission Planning Cell
           MPC         Main Planning Conference
           MPF         Multinational Peacekeeping Force
           MPI         Mean Point of Impact
           MPM         Medical Planning Module
           MPP         Mission Preparation Plan
           MPS         Maritime Prepositioning Ships
           MPSA        Military Postal Service Agency
           MPSU        Military Police Specialised Unit
           MRA         Military Requirement (Armaments)
           MRBM        Medium Range Ballistic Missile
           MRD         Motor Rifle Division
           MRE         Mission Rehearsal Exercise
           MRE         Meal, Ready to Eat
           MRFL        Master Radio Frequency List
           MRG         Movement Requirement Generator
           MRL         Multiple Rocket Launcher
           MRL         Maritime Rear Link
           MRO         Military Response Option (AAP-15)
           MRR         Maritime Radar Reconnaissance
           MSAM        Maritime Suface-to-Air Missile
           MSC         Major Subordinate Command
           MSD         Minimum Safe Distance
           MSE         Main Staff Element
           MSEL        Master Scenario Event List
           MSG         Message
           MSGID       Message Identification
           MSHQ        Mobile War Headquarters
           MSL         Mean Sea Level
           MSLO        Mass Swimmer Lock Out
           MSN         Mission
           MSOW        Modular Stand-Off Weapon
           MSP         Map Supply Point
           MSR         Main Supply Route
           MSR         Military Standardisation Requirement
           MSSF        Multistory Steel Framed

1/5/2012                                         37 / 173
                                                                                              ARRC Abbreviations

           MSWG        Military Sealift Working Group, a Sub-Committee of PBOS
           MT          Mechanical Time
           MTA         Military Technical Agreement
           MTBF        Mean Time Between Failures
           MTCR        Missile Technology Control Regime
           MTF         Medical Treatment Facility
           MTG         Mission Training Guide
           MTI         Moving Target Indicator
           MTL         Mobile Target List
           MTT         Mobile Training Team
           MTWP        Maritime Tactical Working Party
           MUD CALL    Surface to Air Missile Indication
           MULE        Modular Universal Laser Equipment
           MUNSS       Munition Support Site
           MUSA        4.2kg fragmentation mine (MW-1)
           MUSPA       Airfield denial mine
           MUX         Multiplexor
           MV          Muzzle Velocity
           MV          Military Vigilance; One of the Four NATO Alert Measures
           MW-1        (Mehrzweckwaffe) 12,000 lbs multi-purpose attack weapon, eg runways (Germany)
           MWA         Morale and Welfare Activities (AAP-15)
           MWHQ        Mobile War Headquarters
           MWHQ        Main War Headquarters
           MWR         Morale and Welfare Resources
           MYS         Malaysia

           NA          Not Applicable
           NA          Number of sorties available
           NAAG        NATO Army Armaments Group
           NAAFI       Navy Army Airforce Institute
           NAAMA/      NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Development and NAMMO Production
           NAC         North Atlantic Council (AAP-15)
           NACC        North Atlantic Cooperation Council
           NAC/DPC     North Atlantic Council/Defence Planning Committee
           NACISE      NATO CISZ Committee
           NACMO/A     NATO ACCS Management Organisation/Agency
           NACOSA      NATO CIS Operating and Support Agency
           NACSI       NATO Agency Committee Special Inteligence
           NADEFCOL    NATO Defence College at Rome
           NADGE       NATO Air Deference Ground Environment
           NADREPS     National Armaments Directors Representatives
           NAEW        NATO Airborne Early Warning
           NAEWALLOT   NAFW Allotment Message
           NAEWF       NATO Airborne Early Warning Force
           NAEW-F      NATO Early Warning Force
           NAEWFC      NATO Airborne Early Warning Force Command
           NAEWREQ     NAFW Request Message
           NAF         Numbered Air Force
           NAFAG       NATO Air Force Armaments Group
           NAFS        NATO Automated Financial System
           NAG         Nuclear Assessment Group
           NAI         Named Area of Interest
           NALLA       National Allied Long Line Agency
           NALS        National Liaison Staff
           NAMILCOM    NATO Military Committee, this abbreviation is used in signals
           NAMSA       NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
           NAMSO       (see Chapter 7 - Agencies)
           NAPMA       NATO AEW & C Programme Management Agency
           NARAT       NATO Airlift Request Format Message
           NARFA       National Radio Frequency Agency
           NAROC       NATO Reserve Officers Course (NADEFCOL)

1/5/2012                                       38 / 173
                                                                                           ARRC Abbreviations

           NASIP       NAEW System Improvement Plan
           NASIS       NATO Subject Indicator System
           NATINADS    NATO Integrated Air Defence System (AAP-15)
           NATO        North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (AAP-15)
           NATOPS      Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardisation (USN)
           NATO C3     NATO Consultation, Command and Control
           NAVAID      Navigation Aid
           NAVFOR      Naval Force
           NAVSOUTH    Naval Forces Southern Europe
           NBC         Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
           NBC(D)      Nuclear, Biologic, Chemical (Defence)
           NBI         Nuclear Burst Indicator
           NBI         Non Battle Injury
           Nc          Number of cuts required (JMEM)
           NC          NATO Confidential
           NC3A        NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency
           NCA         National Command Authority
           NCAA        NATO Civil Aviation Agency (an NCWA)
           NCAB        NATO Civil Aviation Board (Policy Element of NCAA)
           NCAC        NATO Committee for Armaments Coordination
           NCAIC       National Civil Aviation Information Centre
           NCC         National Contingent Commander
           NCCAP       NATO CIS Contingency Assets Pool (AAP-15)
           NCCDPC      NATO Command, Control and Information Systems and Automatic Data Processing
           NCCP        Nuclear Command and Control Procedures
           NCF         NATO Composite Force
           NCIR        National C.I. Representative
           NCO         Non-Commissioned Officer
           NCO         National Container Organisation
           NCOIC       Non Commissioned Officer in Charge
           NCS         Naval Control Of Shipping
           NCS         NATO Committee for Standardisation
           NCS/O       Naval Control of Shipping /Organisation
           NCSA        NATO CIS Sopport Agency
           NCW         Network Centric Warfare
           NCWA        NATO Civil Wartime Agency
           NDB         Nuclear Bomb Depth
           NDC         See NADEFCOL
           NDMS        NATO Defence Manpower Committee
           NEC         North European Command
           NEDB        NATO EW Database
           NELC        National Employers’ Liaison Committee
           NEO         Noncombatant Evacuation Operation/Order
           NEPR/NETR   NATO Electronic Parts Recommendation/NATO Electronic Technical
           NET         Not Earlier Than
           NETF        NATO Expanded Task Force
           NETSO       North European Transhipment Organisation
           NEWAC       NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee
           NEWCCG      NATO Electronic Warfare Course Coordination Group
           NEWJCCG     NATO Electronic Warfare Joint Chairman's Coordination Group
           NEWVAN      NATO Electronic Warfare Van
           NEWWG       NATO Electronic Warfare Working Group
           NFA         No Fire Area
           NFGS        Naval Gunfire Support
           NFIB        National Foreign Intelligence Board
           NFL         No Fire Line
           NFO         Naval Flight Officer
           NFPDB       NATO Force Planning Data Base
           NFS         NATO Force Structure (AAP-15)
           NFZ         No Fly Zone
           NGF         Naval Gunfire

1/5/2012                                      39 / 173
                                                                                  ARRC Abbreviations

           NGO         Non Governmental Organisation
           NGS         Naval Gunfire Support
           NHMO        NATO HAWK Management Office
           NHPLO       NATO HAWK Production and Logistics Organisation
           NHTDC       NATO HAWK Technical and Documentation Centre
           NHQ         National HQ
           NIB         Naval Infantry Brigade
           NIC         National Intelligence Cell (AAP-15)
           NIC         National Information Cell
           NIC         National Intelligence Center
           NICS        NATO Integrated Communications System
           NIDS        NATO Integrated Data System
           NIDTS       NATO Initial Degital Transfer service
           NIMA        National Imagery and Mapping Agency (US)
           NJFA        NATO Joint civil-military Frequency Agreement
           NL          The Netherlands
           NLT         NATO Liaison Team
           NLT         Netherlands
           NLT         No Later Than
           NL ZODIAC   Netherlands Army Tactical Network
           NLO         National Liaison Officer
           NLOS        Non-Line-of-Sight
           NLR         National Liaison Representative (AAP-15)
           NLSC        National Logistic Support Command
           NLT         No Later Than
           NLT         NATO Liaison Team
           NM          NATO Military Authorities
           NMA’s       NATO Military Agencies
           NMAs        NATO Military Authorities
           NMB         No Move Before
           NMCC        National Movement Coordination Centre (AAP-15)
           NMCC        National Military Command Centre
           NMCC        National Movement Control Centre
           NMCCIS      NATO Military Command And Control And Information System
           NMCS        National Millitary Command System
           NMOS        NATO Maritime OPINTEL System
           NMR         News Media Representative
           NMR         National Military Representative (AAP-15)
           NMS         National Military Strategy
           NMSD        National Military Strategy Document
           NMT         National Movement Team
           NNAG        NATO Naval Advisory Group
           NNMS        New NATO Military Structure (AAP-15)
           NNPS        NATO Nuclear Planning Strategy
           NNTCN       Non-NATO Troop Contributing Nation
           NO          Norway
           NOA         Nuclear Option Analysis
           NOAH        Norwegian Adapted HAWK
           NOB         Naval Order of Battle
           NOB         National Oil Board
           NOD         Night Observation Device
           NOEB        NATO Oil Executive Board (East and West)
           NOFUN       No First Use of Nuclear Weapons
           NOK         Next of Kin
           Non-WSTA    Non-Weapon System Table of Allowance
           NOP         Nuclear Operations Plan
           NOTACK      No Attack Area
           NOTAMS      Notices to Airmen and Mariners
           NP          Nose Plug (bomb)
           NPC         NATO Pipeline Committee
           NPG         Nonunit Personnel Generator
           NPG         Nuclear Planning Group

1/5/2012                                      40 / 173
                                                                        ARRC Abbreviations

           NPM       Nuclear Planning Manual
           NPS       Nuclear Planning System
           NPS       NATO Precautionary System
           NPSM      NATO Precautionary System Manual
           NR        NATO Restricted
           NRA       NATO Refugee Agency
           NRAO      Nuclear Release Authority Officer
           NRDC      NATO Readiness Deployment Corps
           NRF       NATO Readiness Force
           NRFC      National Reserve Forces Committee
           NROA      National Reserve Officers Association
           NS        NATO Secret
           NSA       National Security Agency (US)
           NSA       National Shipping Authority
           NSBB      NATO Secret Back Bone
           NSC       National Security Council
           NSCS      National Security Council System
           NSDA      Non Self-Deployable Aircraft
           NSDD      National Security Decision Directive
           NSE       National Support Element (AAP-15)
           NSG       NATO Standardisation Group
           NSG (*)   National Support Group
           NSI       Nuclear Safety/Security Inspection
           NSIB      NATO Security Investment Budget
           NSIF      NATO Special Intelligence Facility
           NSIP      NATO Security Investment Programme (AAP-15)
           NSLB      NATO Standardisation Liaison Board
           NSLBWG    NATO Standardisation Liaison Board Working Group
           NSN       NATO Stock Number
           NSO       Non Single Integrated Operational Plan Option
           NSO       NATO Standardisation Organisation
           NSP       NATO Standardisation Programme
           NSR       NATO Secret Registry
           NSR       NATO Staff Requirement
           NSS       National Security Strategy
           NSTDB     Non-SIOP Target Data Base
           NSTR      Nothing Significant to Report
           NSTR      Nothing Serious to Report
           NSV       NATO Secure Voice
           NSVN      NATO Secure Voice Network
           NTC       National Territory Command
           NTF       NATO Task Force
           NTF       Naval Task Force
           NTG       NATO Task Group
           NTM       Notice to Move (AAP-15)
           NTTS      NATO Terrestrial Transmission System
           NTU       Naval Task Unit
           NU        NATO Unclassified
           NUCINT    Nuclear Intelligence
           NUOPS     Nuclear Operations Section
           NVD       Night Vision Device
           NVG       Night Vision Goggles
           NVSN      NATO Voice Switching Network
           NWOO      NATO Wartime Oil Organisation (an NCWA)
           NWR       North-Western Region
           NWRP      Nuclear Weapon Release Procedures

           O/O       On Order
           O/T       Observer/Trainer
           O&M       Operations and Maintenance
           OA        Observation Area

1/5/2012                                    41 / 173
                                                                                               ARRC Abbreviations

           OAB        Operations Analysis Branch
           OADR       Originating Agency's Determination Required
           OAP        Offset Airport
           OAS        Offensive Air Support
           OASD(PA)   Office off the Assistant Secretary of Defence (Public Affairs)
           OB         Order of Battle
           OBIS       Out of Barracks Information System
           OBJ        Objective
           OC         Operations Centre
           OCA        Offensive Counter Air (AAP-6)
           OCA        Operational Control Authority
           OCE        Officer Conducting Exercise
           OCO        NATO Wide Operating and Control Organisation
           OCOFS      Office of the Chief of Staff
           OCP        Observation Collection Programme
           OCPG       Operations Coordination Working Group
           OCR        Optical Character Reader
           OCT        Operational Continuity Training
           ODA        Operational Detachment Alpha
           ODB        Operational Data Base
           ODSS       Offense, Defensive, Stability, and Support
           OE         Operational Establishment
           OEA        Open Ended Agreements
           OECD       Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
           OEIM       Orbital Ballistic Missile
           OEIW       Operational Emergency in War
           OF         Officer
           OFM        Operational Fund Manager
           OHQ        Operational Headquarters
           OHQSO      Operational Headquarters Security Officer
           OIC        Officer in Charge
           OIL        Open Issue List
           OJT        On the Job Training
           OKOCA      Observation and Field of Fire, Key Terrain, Obstacles, Cover and Concealment, Avenues of
           OMB        Office of Management and Budget
           OMG        Operational Maneuver Group
           ON         Other Nations
           ONA        Operational Net Analysis
           ONC        Operational Navigation Chart
           ONS        Office of NATO Standardisation
           OOA        Out of Area
           OOB        Order of Battle
           OODA       Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action (OODA ‘Loop’)
           OOG        Out of Guage
           OOT        Operations Other-Than-War
           OOV        Object of Verification
           OP         Observation Point
           OP         Operation
           OP         Observation Post
           OPCEN      Operations Centre
           OPCOM      Operational Command
           OPCON      Operational Control
           OPFOR      Opposing Forces
           OPG        Operations Planning Group
           OPINT      Operational Intelligence
           OPLAN      Operational Plan
           OPORD      Operation Order (AAP-6)
           OPP        Operational Planning Process
           OPR        Office of Primary Responsibility
           OPRB       ACE Operational Planning and Review Board
           OPREP      Operations Report

1/5/2012                                      42 / 173
                                                                                                    ARRC Abbreviations

           OPS           Operations
           OPSCEN        HQ ARRC G3 Operations Centre
           OPSEC         Operation Security
           OPSMOD        Operation Planning Module (COMPES)
           OPTAG         Operational Training Advisory Group
           OPTASK AAW    Operational Tasking Anti-Air Warfare
           OPTEMP        Operations Tempo
           OR            Other Ranks
           ORBAT         Order of Battle
           Org & Coord   Organisation and Co-ordination Branch
           OSA           Operational Support Airlift
           OSCC          Open Skies Consultative Committee
           OSCE          Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (formerly CSCE)
           OSD           Office of the Secretary of Defence
           OSG           Offensive Support Group
           OSI           On-Site Inspection
           OSO           Operational Support Office (US)
           OSS           Operational Systems Support
           OT&E          Operational Test and Evaluation
           OTAN          Organisation du Tratie de Atlantque Nord (NATO in French)
           OTC           Officer In Tactical Command
           OTH           Over The Horizon
           OTRAP         Oil Transport Programme Group
           OWNSITREP     Own Situation Report

           P&C           Purchasing and Contracting
           P&C           Procurement and Contracting
           PA            Public Affairs; Physician’s Assistant
           PA            Probability of Arrival
           PA            Primary Assistant
           PA            Public Address (loud speaker system)
           PAA           Primary Aircraft Authorised
           PAA           Position Area for Artillery
           PABX          Private Automatic Branch exchange
           PAC           Personnel Administration Center
           PACOM         Pacific Command
           PAIS          Prototype Automated Intelligence System
           PAK           Pakistan
           PAL           Permissive Action Link
           PAPS          Phased Armaments Programming System
           PARP          Planning And Review Process
           PAS           Personnel Accounting Symbol
           PAS           Public Address System
           PAVE TACK
                         Pod combining a forward-looking infrared system and a laser spot designator and receiver
           PAX           Private Automatic Exchange
           PBEIST        Planning Board for European Inland Surface Transport
           PB            President's Budget
           PB            Patrol Boat
           PBC           Planning Boards & Committees
           PBD           Program Budget Decision
           PBOS          Planning Board for Ocean Shipping
           PC            Personal Computer
           PC            Political Committee
           PCC           Precombat Checks
           PCC           Partnership Coordination Cell
           PCG           Policy Coordination Group
           PCI           Precombat Inspection
           PD            Probability of Damage
           PD            Point Detonating
           PDAL          Priority Defended Asset List

1/5/2012                                          43 / 173
                                                                                                    ARRC Abbreviations

           PDBS        Pilot Direct Broadcast System
           PDD         Presidential Decision Directive
           PDM         Programme Decision Memorandum
           PDSS        Persons(s) of Designated Special Status
           PDWS        Point Defense Weapon System
           PE          Peacetime Establishment (AAP-6)
           PE          Probable Error
           PECC        Patient Evacuation Co-ordination Cell
           PENGUIN     820lbs anti-ship missile, 308lbs HE semi-armour peircing warhead (Norway)
           PERMREP     (National) Permanent Representatives to the North Atlantic Council
           PERSCO      Personnel Support for Contingency Operations
           PfP         Partnership for Peace (AAP-15)
           PGM         Precision Guided Munitions
           PHD         Probability of damage given a hit
           PHIB        Amphibious
           PHIT        Probability of a hit
           PHOTINT     Photographic Intelligence
           PHQ         Peace Headquarters
           PHQ ( R )   Primary HQ - Reserve
           PI          Public Information
           PIC         Public Information Centre
           PIC         Page Identifier Code
           PIC         Press Information Centre
           PID         Plan Identification
           PIM         Position and Intended Movement
           PIN         Personnel Increment Number (JOPES)
           PINFO       Public Information
           PIO         Public Information Office
           PIR         Priority Intelligence Requirement (AAP-6)
           PJC         Permanent Joint Council
           PJHQ        Permanent Joint Headquarters
           PK          Peace Keeping
           PK          Probability of Kill
           P-KILL      Personnel Kill
           PKO         Peacekeeping Operation
           PI          Photo Interpreter
           PL          Poland
           PL          Phase Line
           PLANS       Planning Section
           PLP         People's Labor Party
           PLT         Partner Liaison Team
           PLT         Platoon
           PM          Programme Manager
           PM          Prime Minister
           PM          Provost Marshal
           PME         Politico-Military Estimate
           PME         Principle Military Elements
           PMI         Pearlitic Malleable Iron (aerial rocket warhead case)
           PMO         Provost Marshall Office
           PMSC/AHG    Political Military Steering Committee - Ad Hoc Group
           PNM         Probability of Near Miss
           PO          Portugal
           PO          Private Office; a letter or document issued from the Private Office of the
           PO          Procurement Officer
           POB         Personnel Order of Battle
           POC         Point of Contact
           POD         Point of Debarkation (AAP-15)
           POD         Port of Debarkation
           POD Op Gp   POD Operating Group
           POE         Point of Embarkation (AAP-15)
           POE         Port of Embarkation
           POE         Plan of Execution

1/5/2012                                        44 / 173
                                                                              ARRC Abbreviations

           POE         Point of Entry
           POF         Potential Opposing Force
           POL         Poland
           POL         Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants
           POL/MIL     Political/Military
           POLAD       Political Advisor
           POM         Program Objective Memorandum
           POMS        Prepositioned Organisational Material Sites
           POMSS       Propositioned Organisational Material Storage Site
           POSS        Possibly
           POTF        Psychological Operations Task Force
           POV         Privately Owned Vehicles
           POW         Prisoner of War (AAP-15)
           PPBS        Planning and Budgeting System
           PPC         Petroleum Planning Committee
           PPI         Political Policy Indicator
           PPP         Policy, Plans and Projects INTEL
           PPS         Pulses transmitted per second
           PPSN        PTARMIGAN Packet Switch Network
           PR          Planning Requirements
           Prep        Prepared
           PRESENCE    Presence Report
           PRF         Pulse Repetition Frequency
           PRI         Priority
           PRM         Personnel Readiness Management
           PRM         Plans Review Meeting
           PRM         Personnel Readiness Management
           PROB        Probable
           PRSIA       Pulse Repetition Interval Analysis
           PRSL        Precise Radar Significance Location
           PRT         Provincial Reconstruction Team (Afganistan Related)
           PSC         Postal Service Center
           PSC         Principal Subordinate Command
           PSC         Principal Subordinate Commander
           PSE         Psychological Operations Support Element
           PSO         Peace Support Operations
           PSOF        Peace Support Operations Force
           PSPA        Peace Support Psychological Activities
           PSTN        Public Switched Telephone Network
           PSU         Power Supply Unit
           PSYOP       Psychological Operations
           PTARMIGAN   Primary Training Audience / UK Army Tactical Network
           Ptl         Patrol
           PTL         Prioritized Target List
           PTL         Primary Target Line
           PT0 kill    Prevent Takeoff kill (JMEM)
           PTT         Post, Telephone, Telegraph
           PTT         Post, Telegraph, Telecommunications
           PTT         Postal, Telegrams and Telephones
           PUF         Planning Units File
           PUG         Partially Underground
           PUP         Pull-up Point
           PVNTMED     Preventive Medicine
           PVO         Private Voluntary Organization
           PW          Prisoners of War
           PWC         Principal Warfare Commander
           PWG         Permanent Working Group
           PWHQ        Primary War Headquarters
           PWP         Partnership Work Programme
           PWRMS       Prepositioned War Reserve Material Stock
           PWS         Performance Work Statements
           PXR         Post Exercise Report
           PZ          Pick-up Zone

1/5/2012                                       45 / 173
                                                                                     ARRC Abbreviations

           Q             Q Day - Main deploment commences/Activation Order Release
           QRA           Quick Reaction Alert
           QRF           Quick Reaction Force

           R&D           Research And Development
           R&S           Reconnaissance and Surveillance
           R2            Reports and Returns
           RA            Reinforced Alert; One of the Four NATO Alert Measures
           RAAWS         Ranger Antiarmor Weapon System (Carl Gustaf)
           RAC           Regional Air Commander (AAP-15)
           RAC           Replacement Aircrew
           RACO          Regional Allied Contracting Office
           RADC          Regional Air Defence Commander (AAP-15)
           RADINT        Radar Intelligence
           RADPL         Regional Air Defense Priority Listing
           RAE           Royal Aircraft Establishment (UK)
           RAG           Replacement Air Group
           RAI           Recce-Attack Interface
           RALCC         Regional Airlift Coordination Centre
           RAM           Radar Absorbent Material
           RAMCC         Regional Air Mobility Coordination Centre
           RAOC          Regional Air Operations Centre
           RAOS          Repair of Air Operating Surfaces
           RAP           Recognized Air Picture
           RAP           Regimental Aid Post
           RAS           Replenishment at Sea
           RAS           Rear Area Security
           RATELO        Radio-Telephone Operator
           RATT          Radio Teletype
           RB            Roland Battery
           RBECS         Revised Battlefield Electronic CEOI System
           RC            Regional Command (NNMS) (AAP-15)
           RC            Regional Command - Reserve Component - Response Cell
           RCA           Riot Control Agent
           RCC           RUF Co-ordination Committee
           RCIED         Radio Control Improvised Explosive Device
           RCN           Regional Command North
           RCS           Radar Cross Section
           RCS           Reports Control Symbol
           RCZ           Rear Combat Zone (AAP-15)
           RDA           Requirements Development and Analysis
           RDC           Receipt and Distribution Cell
           RDC           ROSCC Duty Controller
           RDD           Required Delivery Date
           RDM           JMEM/AS Radar Deliveries Manual
           RDP           Regiment de Dragoons Parachutists
           REALESTREQ    Real Estate Request
           REALESTRESP   Real Estate Response
           RECCE         Reconnaissance
           RECEXREP      Reconnaissance Exploitation Report
           Recy          Recovery
           REM           Remote Sensor
           REMBASS       Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
           REP           Range Error Probable (JMEM)
           Res           Reserve
           RF            Reaction Force (AAP-15)
           RF            Reaction Forces - Radio Frequency
           RF(L)         Reaction Force (Land)
           RFA           Restricted Fire Area

1/5/2012                                        46 / 173
                                                                                          ARRC Abbreviations

           RFAS       Reaction Forces Air Staff
           RFI        Request for Information
           RFIMS      Request for Info Management System
           RFL        Restrictive Fire Line
           RFL        Restricted Fire Line
           RFL        Restricted Frequency List
           RFOM       Reaction Force Officers Mess
           RFWSM      Reaction Force Warrant Officers and Sgt's Mess
           Rft        Reinforcements
           RGM-109C   TLAM with unitary warhead
           RGM-109D   TLAM with BLU-97 CEB
           RGPO       Range Gate Pull Off
           RHAW       Radar Homing and Warning
           RHD        Railhead
           RHQ        Rear HQ
           RHQ        Regional Headquarters
           RIBS       Readiness in Base Services
           RINT       Radiation Intelligence
           RIO        Radar Intercept Officer (USN)
           RISTA      Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
           RLD        Ready to Load Date (JOPES)
           RLEM       Rifle-Launched Entry Munitions
           RLS        Real Life Support
           RLT        Regimental Landing Team
           RMKS       Remarks
           RMP        Royal Military Police
           RMP        Rapid Application of Airpower
           RMP        Recognized Maritime Picture
           RNP        Remote Network Processor
           RO         Romania
           RO/RO      Roll-On/Roll-Off
           ROA        Radius of Action
           ROC        Regional Operations Centre
           ROCC       Rear Operations Co-ordination Cell
           ROE        Rules of Engagement
           ROEAUTH    ROE Authorization
           ROEREQ     ROE Request
           ROI        Rules of Interaction
           ROR        Radar Orbital Reconnaissance Satellite
           ROSCC      Regional Operational Security Control Centre
           ROTA       Risks Other Than Attack (AAP-15)
           ROTA       Release Other Than Attack
           ROZ        Restricted Operational Zone
           RP         Release Point
           RP         Red Phosphorous
           RPFO       Resupply Planning Factors Office
           RPG        RSC Planning Group
           RPG        Rocket-Propelled Grenade
           RPOD       Rail Point/Port of Disembarkation
           RPTS       Reports
           RPV        Remotely Piloted Vehicle
           RQMNS      Requirements
           RR         Repeater
           RRF        Rapid Reaction Force [Air] [Land] (AAP-15)
           RRF(L)     Rapid Reaction Force (Land)
           RRP        Rapid Reinforcement Plan
           RRR        Rapid Runway Repair
           RS         Role Specialisation (AAP-15)
           RSA        Rear Support Area (AAP-15)
           RSAC       Radar Significance Analysis Code
           RSC        Rear Support Command
           RSG        Rear Support Group (AAP-15)

1/5/2012                                       47 / 173
                                                                                 ARRC Abbreviations

           RSGS            Regional Signal Group SHAPE
           RSMT            Royal Signals Maintenance Teams
           RSN             Role Specialist Nation (AAP-15)
           RSP             Readiness Spares Package
           RSOI            Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration
           RSOM            Reception, Staging and Onward Movement
           RSS             Royal School of signals
           RTA             Road Traffic Accident
           RTB             Return to Base
           RTL             Restricted Target List
           RTTS            RAF Transportable Telecommunications System
           RUF             Ruppersweiler Underground Facility
           RUS             Russia Federation
           RV              Reentry Vehicle
           RVTD            Revetted
           RW              Rotary Wing
           RWP             Real World Parameter
           RWR             Radar Warning Receiver
           RX              Rockets

           S&S             Supply and Service Branch
           S/E             S/E Supporting Effort
           S1              S1 Adjutant (US Army)
           S2              S2 Intelligence Officer (US Army)
           S3              S3 Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
           S4              S4 Supply Officer (US Army)
           S5              S5 Civil Affairs Officer (US Army)
           SA              Staging Area
           SA              Strategic Attack
           SA              Staff Assistant
           SA              Simple Alert, a NATO Alert Measure
           SA              Situational Awareness
           SAAFR           Standard Army Aviation Flight Route
           SAC             Strategic Air Command (superseded) (USAF)
           SAC             Scene of Action Commander
           SACC            Supporting Arms Co-ordination Centre
           SACEUR          Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (AAP-15)
           SACEUREP        SACEUR Representative
           SACLANT         Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic (AAP-15)
           SACLANTREPEUR   SACLANT Representative in Europe
           SAFU            Safety, Arming and Functioning Unit
           SALT            Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
           SAM             Surface to Air Missile (AAP-15)
           SAMOC           Surface to Air Missile Operations Centre (AAP-15)
           SAMP            50kg to 1,000kg GP Bombs (France)
           SAP             Semi-Armour-Piercing
           SAP             Simplifide Acquisition Planning
           SAR             Synthetic Aperture Radar
           SAR             Search And Rescue
           SAS             Special Air Services
           SATCOM          Satellite Communications
           SATS            Stand Alone Tencap Simulator
           SAU             Saudi Arabia
           SAW             Squad Automatic Weapon
           SB              Submarine
           SBE             Stay Behind Element
           SBF             SBF Support by Fire (position)
           SBS             Special Boat Service
           SBSS            Standard Base Supply System
           SC              Special Corridor
           SC              Strategic Command (NNMS) (AAP-15)

1/5/2012                                            48 / 173
                                                                               ARRC Abbreviations

           SCARS        Status Control Alerting Reporting System
           SCARS II     Status Control Alerting Reporting System II
           SCATMIN      Scatterable Mines (AAP-6)
           SCC          SHAPE Command Centre
           SCC          Surveillance Coordination Centre/Computer Center
           SCEPC        Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (AC/98)
           SCG          Serbia & Montenegro
           SCI          Sensitive Compartmented Information
           SCL          Standard Conventional Load
           SCO          Selective Contingency Option
           SCP          Shipping Control Points
           SCP          System Control Point (Rheindahlen)
           SCR          Security Council Resolution
           SCRA         Signal Channel Radio Access
           SD           SHAPE Directive
           SDA          Ship Destination Authority
           SDAF         SACEUR's Direct Augmentation Force
           SDC          Strategic Direction Center
           SDH          Synchronised Digital Heirarchy
           SDI          Special Duty Identifier
           SDI          Strategic Defence Initiative
           SDNCO        Staff Duty NCO
           SDO          Staff Duty Officer
           SDO          SHOC-Senior Duty Officer
           SDP          Standing Defence Plan
           SDQ          Standardisation Deficiency Questionaire
           SDV          SEAL Delivery Vehicle (USN)
           SE           Southeast
           SEAD         Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
           SEAL         Sea, Air and Land
           SECDEF       Secretary of Defence
           SECGEN       Secretary General
           SERA         SHAPE Emergency Release Authority
           SERE         Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
           SEVLOGS      Subjective Evaluation of Logistics Sustainability
           SEWOC        SIGINT & Electronic Warfare Operations Centre
           SF           Special Forces
           SFAF         Standare Frequency Action Format
           SFCP         Shore Fire Control Party
           SFOB         Special Forces Operating Base
           SFOD         Special Forces Operational Detachment
           SFOR         Stabilisation Force
           SFW          Sensor Fuzzed Weapon (CBU-971B)
           SFZ          Special Forward Zone
           SG357        Runway cratering submunition for JP233 attack weapon
           SG           Secretary General
           SGP          Senior Politico-Military Group on Proliferation
           SGS          Secretary to the General Staff
           SH           Sea Helicopter
           SHAPE        Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (AAP-15)
           SHAPIC       SHAPE Public Information Centre
           SHED         Special Handling and Evaluation Detachment
           SHEWS        SHAPE Early Warning System
           SHF          Support Helicopter Force
           SHF          Super High Frequency
           SHF SATCOM   High Frequency Satellite Communications
           SHIMS        SHAPE Information Management System
           SHOC         SHAPE Operations Centre
           SHOCW        Crises Response and War HQ Section
           SHORAD       Short-Range Air Defence (AAP-15)
           SHQ          Support HQ
           SHRIKE       AGM-45 Missile

1/5/2012                                        49 / 173
                                                                                    ARRC Abbreviations

           SI         Slovenia
           SIC        Subject Indicator Code (NASIS APP-3)
           SIDEARM    AGM-122 anti radiation missile, AIM-9 warhead
           SIDZ       Self Imposed Deconfliction Zone
           SIF        Selective Identification Feature
           SIGINT     Signal Intelligence
           SIGS       Synthetic Imagery Generation System
           SIGSEC     Signals Security
           SILCEP     Security Investment, Logistics and Civil Emergency Planning
           SINCGARS   Single-Channel Ground/Airborne Radio System
           SIOP       Single Integrated Operational Plan (US)
           SIP        SHAPE International Police
           SIP        Support Information Point
           SISP       System Interconnection Security Policy
           SITCEN     Situation Centre
           SITEMP     Situation Template
           SITREP     Situation Report
           SIXATAF    Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force
           SJA        Staff Judge Advocate
           SK         Slovakia
           SLAM       Standoff Land Attack Missile (AGM-84E)
           SLAR       Side Looking Airborne Radar
           SLBM       Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
           SLCM       Sea Launched Cruise Missile
           SLICK      Unretarded or low drag general purpose (LDGP) bomb
           SLOC       Sea Lines of Communication
           SLV        Slovak
           SLWP       Senior Level Weapons Protection Group
           SM         System Monitor
           SMA        Signal Message Address
           "SMACK"    Slang term for Kinetic Energy
           SMADEF     Spectrum Manaqement Allied Database Exchange Format
           SMAW       Shoulder-Launched, Multipurpose Assault Weapon
           SMC        Staff Message Centre
           SME        Subject Matter Expert
           SMIS       SHAPE Management Information System
           SMO        Senior METOC Officer
           SN         Slovenia
           SNAKEYE    Retarded or high drag general purpose (HDGP) bomb
           SNARP      SHAPE Nuclear Assessment & Request Procedure
           SNDV       Strategic Nuclear Delivery Vehicle
           SNEB       68mm rocket (French)
           SNF        Short-Range Nuclear Forces - Standing Naval Forces
           SNFC       Standing Naval Force Channel
           SNFL       Standing Naval Force Atlantic
           SNFM       Standing Naval Force Mediterranean
           SNLC       Senior NATO Logisticians' Conference
           SNMF       Standing Naval Minewarfare Force
           SNR        Senior National Representative
           SO         Staff Officer
           SO         Special Operations
           SO         Standardisation Objective
           SOA        Speed of Advance
           SOA        SOUTHPORT Anchorage
           SOAc       Special Ops Action
           SOC        Special Operations Command
           SOC        Sector Operations Center
           SOC        Support Operations Centre
           SOCCE      Special Operations Command and Control Element
           SOCCORD    Special Operations Coordination Cell
           SOCP       SOUTHPORT Commercial Port
           SOF        Special Operations Force (AAP-15)

1/5/2012                                       50 / 173
                                                                            ARRC Abbreviations

           SOFA        Status of Force Agreement
           SOG         Special Operations Group
           SOJ         Stand off Jamming
           SOLE        Special Operations Liaison Element
           SoM         Scheme of Manoeuvre
           SON         Statement of Needs
           SOP         Standard Operating Procedures
           SOR         Statement of Requirements (AAP-15)
           SORTS       Status of Resources and Training System
           SOSR        Suppress, Obscure, Secure, Reduce
           SOT         Star of Tour
           SOUTHCOM    Southern Command
           SOUTHEAST   Commander Allied Land Forces, South Eastern Europe
           SOW         Statements of Work
           SP          Spain
           SP          Security Police
           sp          Support
           SPA         Submarine Patrol Area
           SPA         Strategic and Policy Assessment
           SPC         Strategic Planning Co-ordination Conference
           SPEAR       Strike Projection Evaluation and Anti-air Research
           SPECMAN     Spectrum Manager
           SPG         Strategic Planning Group
           SPG         Stockpile Planning Guidance
           SPINS       Special Instructions to Aircrew
           SPJ         Self Protection Jamming
           SPL         Special Investigations
           SPO         System Program Office
           SPOD        Seaport of Debarkation (AAP-15)
           SPOE        Seaport of Embarkation (AAP-15)
           SPT         Support
           SQ          Square
           SQD         Squad
           SQOC        Squadron Operations Center
           SQUAD       Squadron
           SR          Surveillance and Reconnaissance
           SR          Southern Region
           SR          Strategic Reserve
           SR          Standardisation Requirement
           SRA         Shipping Risk Area
           SRA         Short Range Air Defence
           SRAM        Short Range Attack Missile
           SRAOCG      SHAPE Rear Area Operations Coordination Group
           SRB         Senior Resource Board
           SRBM        Short Range Ballistic Missile
           SRC         Survival Recovery Centre
           SRC         Special Recce Cell
           SRC         Services Reserved Code
           SRC         Senior Resources Committee
           SRF         Summary Reference File
           SRF         Combined and Strategic Reserve Force
           SRG         Soft Rover Group
           SROC        Senior Review Oversight Council
           SRR         Survival, Recovery and Reconstitution
           SRX         Strategic Recce All Weather
           SSBN        Submarine, Ballistic Missile, Nuclear powered
           SSE         Safe & Secure Environment
           SSF         Sub-Strategic Nuclear Forces
           SSK         Submarine (conventional)
           SSM         Surface to Surface Missile
           SSN         Submarine (nuclear powered)
           SSO         System Security Officer

1/5/2012                                      51 / 173
                                                                                   ARRC Abbreviations

           SSP              System Security Policy
           SSPD             Single Sortie Probability of Damage (JMEM)
           SSR              SACEUR’s Strategic Reserve
           SSR(A)           SACEUR’s Strategic Reserve (Air)
           SSR(L)           SACEUR’s Strategic Reserve (Land)
           SSRC             Single story reinforced concrete
           SSREP            Surface-to-Surface Missile System Report
           SST              Sub-Strategic Trident
           SSTO             SAM SHORAD Tactical Order
           SSVCS            SACEUR's Secure Voice Conference System
           STA              Surveillance and Target Acquisition
           STABO            17kg runway penetrator and cratering munition (MW-1)
           STANAG           Standard NATO Agreement
           STANAG           NATO Standardisation Agreement (AAP-6)
           STANAVFORCHAN    Standing Naval Force Channel
           STANAVFORLANT    Standing Naval Force Atlantic
           STANAVFORMED     Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean
           START            Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
           STC              SHAPE Technical Centre
           STOL             Short Take-Off and Landing (aircraft)
           STON             Short Ton
           STOR             Storage
           STRATCOM         Strategic Command (US)
           STRIKFLTLANT     Striking Fleet Atlantic
           STRIKEFORSOUTH   Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe
           STROG            Strait of Gibralta
           STU              Secure Telephone Unit
           STU II           Secure Telephone Unit Second Generation
           SU               Step Up
           SUBACLANT        Submarine Allied Command Atlantic
           SUCOC            Succession of Command
           SUPLAN           Supplemental Plan
           SUPLAN           Support Plan (AAP-15)
           SUSTAT           Sustainability Statement
           SUU-3C           Cluster bomb dispenser (CBU-52 & 58)
           SUU-64           Cluster bomb dispenser, nonspinning (CBU-89 gator)
           SUU-65           Cluster bomb dispenser, spinning (CE3U-87 CEM)
           SUU-66           Cluster bomb dispenser, nonspinning (C8U-g7 SFW)
           SUU              Suspension Unit Universal
           SWAT             Special Weapons and Tactics
           SWE              Staff Working Environment
           SWE              Sweden
           SWHQ             Static War Headquarters
           Sy               Security
           SYDP             Six Year Defence Program
           SyOPS            Security Poerating Procedures
           SYSCON           Systems Control
           T&S              Travel and Assistance
           TA               Territorial Army
           TA               Technical Agreement
           TA               Table of Allowance
           TA               Tasking Authority
           TA               Towed Array
           TA               Target Audience
           TA               Technical Agreement
           TAA              Tactical Assembly Area
           TAA              Target Audience Analysis
           TAC              Tactical HQ
           TAC              Tactical Air Command
           TACAN            Tactical Air Navigation (System)
           TACC             Tactical Air Control Centre

1/5/2012                                             52 / 173
                                                                                            ARRC Abbreviations

           TACEVAL   Tactical Evaluation
           TACO      Theatre Allied Contracting Office
           TACOM     Tactical Command
           TACON     Tactical Control
           TACP      Tactical Air Control Party
           TACS      Tactical Air Control System (AAP-15)
           TACS      Tactical Air Control Squadron
           TacSOI    Tactical Standing Operating Instruction (HQ ARRC Internal Use)
           TacSOP    Tactical Standing Operating Procedure (HQ ARRC and External Use)
           TAD       Temporary Additional Duty
           TAF       Tactical Air Force
           TAI       Target Area of Interest
           TALCC     Tanker Airlift Control Centre
           TALCE     Tanker Airlift Control Element
           TALD      Tactical Air Launched Decoy
           TAM       Tactical Aerodynamic Missile (AAP-15)
           TAMPS     Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
           TAOO      Theatre Area Of Operations
           TAR       Tactical Air Reconnaissance
           TARE      Telegraph Automatic Relay Equipment Network
           TARE      Telegraph Automatic Relay Equipment
           TARPS     Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System
           TARWI     Target Weather Information
           TASLO     Tactical Air Support to Land Operations
           TASMO     Tactical Air Support for Maritime Operations
           TASM      Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile, BGM-1 09B, 250+ NM range, active radar homing, 1000lbs
                     bullpup warhead
           TASMO     Tactical Air Support for Maritime Operations
           TASS      Tactical Automatic Switching System
           TAWP      Tactical Working Party
           TBC       To Be Confirmed
           TBD       To Be Decided
           TBD       To Be Determined
           TBM       Tactical Ballistic Missile (AAP-15)
           TBMF      Tactical Battle Management Functions
           TBP       To Be Planned
           TBP       To Be Published
           TC        Transit Corridor
           TC        TRANCAN Coalition
           TC        Traffic Control
           TCA       Trainer Cargo Aircraft
           TCC       Troop Cargo Carrier
           TCD       Territorial
           TCD       Civil Defence
           TCF       Tactical Combat Force
           TCN       Troop Contributing Nation (AAP-15)
           TCP       Traffic Control Post
           TCP       Tactical Command Post
           TD        Tank Division
           TDD       Target Detection Device
           TDF       Territorial Defence Forces
           TDI       Target Data Inventory
           TDP       Theatre Deception Plan
           TDST      Training Data Support Team
           TDY       Temporary Duty
           TEB       Training and Exercise Branch
           TECHCON   Technical Control
           TEL       Transporter Ejector Launcher
           TELAR     Transporter Ejector Launcher and Radar
           TELECON   Telephone Conversation
           TEM       Transverse Electromagnetic Wave
           TER       Triple Ejector Rack

1/5/2012                                    53 / 173
                                                                                           ARRC Abbreviations

           TERA      Terrain Analysis (AAP-6)
           TERCOM    Terrain Contour Mapping
           TEREC     Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance
           TERRA     Terrain
           TF        Time of Flight
           TF        Task Forces
           TFC       Theatre Financial Controller
           TFE       Transportation Feasibility Estimator
           TFMC      Theatre Frequency Management Cell
           TG        Task Group
           TGO       Terminal Guidance Operations
           TGT       Target
           TH        Transport Helicopter
           THOC      Theatre Head of Contracts
           TI        Time
           TIADS     Theatre Integrated Air Defence System
           TIALD     Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator (UK)
           TIBS      Tactical Information Broadcast System
           TIH       Toxic Industrial Hazards
           TIM       Toxic Industrial Materials
           TIS       Tactical Information System
           TISEO     Target Identification Set, Electro-Optical
           TJK       Tajikistan
           TKD       Tank Division
           TKM       Turkmenistan
           TLAM      Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
           TLAM-C    Tomahaw Land Attack Missile, BGM-1 09C, 750+ NM range, intertial and TERCOM
           TLAM-D    Tomahaw Land Attack Missile, 13GM-1 09D, 750+ NM range, inertial and TERCOM
           TLB       Tactical Logistics Base
           TLCF      Teleconference
           TLE       Treaty Limited Equipment
           TM        Team
           TMCC      Theatre Movements Co-ordination Centre
           TMD       Tactical Munitions Dispenser
           TMD       Theater Missile Defense
           TMPS      Theatre Mobile Planning System
           TNF       Theatre Nuclear Forces
           TNL       Target Nomination List
           TNS       Third Nation Support
           T/O       Tasking Order
           TO&E      Table of Organization and Equipment
           TOA       Transfer of Authority (AAP-6)
           TOC       Transportation Operating Commands
           TOE       Table of Organization and Equipment
           TOO       Theatre of Operations
           TOPFAS    Tool for Operational Planning Force Activation and Simulation
           TOR       Terms of Reference (AAP-15)
           TOT       Time Over Target
           TOT       Time on Target (AAP-6)
           TOW       Anti-Tank Weapon
           TOW       Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided (Heavy Antitank Missile System)
           TPC       Tactical Pilotage Chart
           TPFDD     Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data (JOPES)
           TPFDL     Time-Phased Force and Deployment List
           TPT       Target Practice with Tracer
           TPT       Tactical PSYOPS Team
           TQ        Turquoise
           TR        Transit Route
           TRAM      Target Recognition Attack Multisensor (USN)
           TRANSEC   Tranmission Security
           TRAP      Tanks, Racks, Adapters and Pylons
           TRAP      Tactical and Related Applications

1/5/2012                                    54 / 173
                                                                               ARRC Abbreviations

           TRC        Theatre Reception Centre
           TRE        Tactical Receive Equipment
           TRG        Training
           TRI        Tactical Reconnaissance Infrared
           TRN        Theatre Route Network
           TRP        Target Reference Point
           TRS        Tactical Reconnaissance System (U-2 aircraft)
           TRU        Target Reporting Units
           TRX        Tactical Recce, all weather
           TSA        Target Status Assessment
           TSASUM     Target Status Assessment Summary
           TSE        Tactical Support Element
           TSGT       Transportable Satellite Ground Terminal(s)
           TSPJ       Tornado Self Project Jammer
           TSS        Target Selection Standards
           TST        Time Sensitive Targets
           TT         Target Tracking
           TTMC       Tactical Target Materials Catalogue
           TTP        Techniques and Procedures
           TTP        Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
           TTR        Target Tracking Radar
           TTW        Transition to War
           TTY        Teletype
           TU         Turkey
           TU         Task Unit
           TUCHA      Type Unit Data File (JOPES)
           TU CZCS    Turkish Army Tactical Network
           TUDET      Type Unit Equipment Detail File (JOPES)
           TVA        Target Value Analysis
           TV TAB     TV Tabular
           TW         Territorial Waters
           TWACN      Theatre Wide Area Communications Network (CORMORANT)
           TWS        Track-While-Scan
           TYPREP     Type Unit Data Report (JOPES)

           UAJ        Unaccompanied Jammer
           UATC       Urban Area Training Centre
           UAV        Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (AAP-15)
           UBL        Unit Basic Load
           UCMJ       Uniform Code of Military Justice
           UCP        Unhardened COLPRO
           UDL        Unit Designation List
           UG         Underground
           UGV        Unmanned Ground Vehicle
           UHF        Ultra-High Frequency
           UHX        Utility Helo
           UIC        Unit Identification Code (JOPES)
           UK         United Kingdom
           UKADGE     United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
           UKADR      UK NATO Air Defence Region
           UKNLAF     United Kingdom/Netherlands Amphibious Force
           UKNLLF     United Kingdom Netherlands Landing Force
           UKR        Ukraine
           ULC        Unit Level Code (JOPES)
           ULN        Unit Line Number
           UN         United Nations
           UNAAF      Unified Action Armed Forces
           UNDHA      United Nations Department Of Humanitarian Affairs
           UNHCR      United Nations High Commissioner’s Office for Refugees
           UNKN       Unknown
           UNPROFOR   United Nations Protection Force

1/5/2012                                      55 / 173
                                                                                    ARRC Abbreviations

           UNSC            United Nations Security Council
           UNSCR           United Nation Security Council Resolution
           UNSGSR          UN SECGEN Special Representative
           UMF             Unconventional Military Forces
           URG             Underway Replenishment Group
           UO              Urban Operations
           UPS             Uninterruptible Power Supply
           US              United States
           USA             United States of America
           USAF            United States Air Force
           U.S.C.          United States Code
           US MSE/TRITAC   United States Army Tactical Network
           USAFE           United States Air Force (in) Europe
           USAREUR         United States Army Europe
           USCENTCOM       US Central Command
           USCINCACOM      US Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command
           USCINCCENT      Commander in Chief, US Central Command
           USCINCEUR       US Commander in Chief, Europe
           USCINCLANT      Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Command
           USCINCPAC       Commander in Chief, US Pacific Command
           USCINCSO        Commander in Chief, US Southern Command
           USCINCSOC       Commander in Chief, US Special Operations Command
           USCINCSPACE     Commander in Chief, US Space Command
           USCINCTRANS     Commander in Chief, Transportation Command
           USEUCOM         United States European Command
           USIA            US Information Agency
           USMC            United States Marine Corps
           USMTF           US Message Text Format
           USS             Uranium Storage Site
           USSOUTHCOM      US Southern Command
           USTRATCOM       US Strategic Command
           UTC             Unit Type Code
           UTC             Universal Coordinated Time
           UTM             Universal Time Medium
           UTM             Universal Transversal Mercator
           UW              Unconventional Warfare
           UXO             Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (AAP-6)
           UZB             Uzebekistan

           V/STOL          Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing
           VA              Vulnerable Area
           VADM            Vice Admiral
           VAN             Vulnerable Area in the normal plane
           VBIED           Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device
           VBK             Verteidigungsbezirkskommando (Military Region Command)
           VCC             Verification Co-ordinating Committee
           VCMR            Variable-Charge-to-Metal Ratio (aerial rocket warhead)
           VCOO’s          Volunteer Conscripts For Overseas Operations
           VCP             Vehicle Check Point
           VDM             JMEM/AS Visual Deliveries Manual
           VDU             Visual Display Unit
           VEH             Vehicle
           VER             Vertical Ejection Pack
           VFR             Visual Flight Rules
           VGPO            Velocity Gate Pull Off
           VHF             Very High Frequency
           VI              Visual Information
           VIP             Very Important Person
           VLF             Very Low Frequency
           VLO             Very Low Observable
           VMC             Visual Meteorological Condition

1/5/2012                                          56 / 173
                                                                             ARRC Abbreviations

           VMC         Visual Medium Conditions
           VOD         Vertical Onboard Delivery
           VOR         Valid Operational Requirement
           VSHORAD     Very Short-Range Air Defence (AAP-15)
           VT          Variable Time
           VTC         Video Tele Conference
           VTOL        Vertical Take-Off and Landing (aircraft)

           WAA         Wartime Aircraft Activity
           WAAR        Wartime Aircraft Activity Report
           WAAR        Wartime Aircraft Activity Report System
           WAC         World Aeronautical Chart
           WAC         Weapon Authority Card
           WALLEYE 1   1,100lbs EO/TV guided, unpowered glide bomb, GW Mk1
           WAN         Working Area Network
           WAN         Wide Area Network
           WARM        War Reserve Mode
           WARNORD     Warning Order
           WBK         Wehrbereichskommando (Military District Command)
           WCB         Wartime Contingency Base
           WCMD        Wind-Corrected Munition Dispenser
           WCO         Weapon Control Order
           WCS         Weapon Control Status
           Wdr         Withdraw
           WDU         Weapon Delivery or Dispenser Unit
           WEF         With Effect From
           WESTLANT    Western Atlantic Area
           WEU         Western European Union (AAP-15)
           WEZ         Weapons Engagement Zone
           WF          Weapon Free
           WFZ         Weapons Fire Zone
           wfz         Weapon Free Zone
           WG          Working Group
           WGS         World Geodetic System
           WH          Weapon Hold
           WHIDDS      War HQ Information Dissemination and Display System
           WHNS        Wartime Host Nation Support
           WHO         World Health Organisation
           WHT         Weapons Handling Test
           WHQ         War Headquarters
           WHQSO       War Headquarters Signals Officer
           WIA         Wounded In Action
           WIN         WWMCCS Intercomputer Network
           WIS         WWMCCS Information System
           WISP        Wartime Information Security Programme
           WLR         Weapon Locating Radar
           WMD         Weapons of Mass Destruction
           WMP         War Mobilization Plan
           WNGO        Warning Order
           WOCREP      Wing Operations Centre Report
           WOC         Wing Operations Centre
           WOE         Weight of Effort
           WP          White Phosporous ("Wily Pete")
           WP          Working Paper
           WP          White Phosphorous
           WRM         War Reserve Mode
           WT          Weapon Tight
           WWMCCS      World Wide Military Command Control System
           WX          Weather Conditions
           WX          Weather


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                                                                                   ARRC Abbreviations

           Xng     Crossing
           XO      Executive Officer

           Y1      Release altitiude above ground level of first weapon, in feet
           Y       Average release altitude above ground level, in feet
           YP      Altitude at pull up above ground level, in feet
           YN      Release altitiude above ground level of last weapon, in feet
           YUG     Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

           ZEAC    ZAGROS Eastern Area Corps
           ZG      ZAGROS
           ZGNOG   ZAGROS Northern Operating Group
           ZGSOG   ZAGROS Southern Operating Group
           ZOS     Zone of Seraration
           ZWAC    ZAGROS Western Army Corps

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                      ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   119 / 173
                                                              ARRC Abbreviations

           studies in the field of aerospace development

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                                  ARRC Abbreviations


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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   146 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   147 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   148 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   149 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   158 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   159 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   160 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   161 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   168 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

1/5/2012   170 / 173
                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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                       ARRC Abbreviations

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