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					Welcome to BTSN

Mrs. Vaught
Earth Science Grade 6
(should be kept at home)

  Class Code: 6thsciencevaught
On-line Textbook
Additional Resources
       video clips
       virtual activities
      vocabulary flashcards
      practice quizzes
      …. and more
  ~8:00-3:00
      password: brainpop
Course of Study

  Earth’s Structure and Plate Tectonics
      Maps
      Earth’s Structure
      Thermal Energy and Heat
      Plate Tectonics
      Plate Boundaries and California
Course of Study

 Shaping Earth’s Surface
   Earthquakes
   Volcanoes
   Weathering and Erosion
Course of Study

  Energy in the Earth System
    Earth’s Atmosphere
    Oceans
    Weather and Climate
Course of Study

  Ecology and Resources
    Ecological Roles
    Energy and Matter in Ecosystems
    Resources
Course of Study

  MIND Math
      In support of the mathematics
   standards in middle school, Oak science
   classes utilize the MIND Research
   Institute middle school math review
   computer program 2 days a week.
Course of Study

    Too Good for Drugs

    Too Good for Drugs™ K–8 is a school-based prevention program
     designed to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors related to
     alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use among students. Too Good
     for Drugs™ K-8 has a separate, developmentally-appropriate curriculum
     for each grade level for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Each
     curriculum builds on earlier grade levels, an instructional design which
     enables students to learn important skills sequentially and retain them
     year after year.
    Too Good for Drugs™ K-8 builds five essential life skills:
    • Goal setting
     • Decision making
     • Bonding with pro-social others
     • Identifying and managing emotions
     • Communicating effectively
Course of Study

  Family Life
    Information will be sent home
    Preview of the curriculum will be available
    Approximately 2 weeks of study regarding
     the physical, emotional and social changes
     experienced during adolescence
Field Trip
This classic program is one of our most popular and explores the
relationship between biotic and abiotic components of the marine
ecosystem. This lab includes a fish dissection, water chemistry, aquarium
science, and a study of the oceanic food chain. Aboard the R/V Sea
Explorer students examine benthic and pelagic habitats by deploying
oceanographic sampling equipment to collect a variety of marine
  Work is graded on a traditional scale:
              90 – 100 A
              80 – 89 B
              70 – 79 C
              48 - 69 D
        less than 48 F
 Grades will be available online on Aeries.
 The district will be contacting you with log-on
Discipline and Rewards

  In class behavior
  Discipline
    Processing forms
    Detentions
    Office Referral and Saturday school
  Rewards
    Paw Passes
    Monthly Awards
    Classroom celebration of excellence
  Classwork and homework are copied into
   the Minder Binder at the beginning of the
   week. This same list is available on my
  Classwork is due at the end of the period
   unless modifications or accomodations
   are needed (like a fire drill?)
  All papers should be kept in a science
   folder, binder section or some form of
   organizer until we do a binder cleanout.
 Chapter homework will be done in
  Glencoe’s “Science Notebook” which is
  tied to the textbook
 Homework may include worksheets
 Homework may include longer term
 Homework is due the following day (the
  day after it is assigned) unless otherwise
 Incomplete classwork may become
Late Work and Absences
  If your student is absent, they will have as
   many extra days to complete work as days
   they are absent (see page 8 in the Minder
  Late work will only earn 50% of the student’s
   grade on the work.
  STUDENTS are responsible for making up
   missing work and tests. Absence does not
   excuse students from completing
  For a one day absence, call a study buddy.
  For make-up work due to an extended
   absence, call Mrs. Koops in the attendance
   office and she will collect work from teachers.
Organization –
a key skill to reduce stress
  Minder Binder - keep this up to date and
   use it daily to aide memory & priorities.
  Backpack and binder – go through these
   weekly. Clear out unneeded papers and
   put items in the correct place.
  Locker – use it wisely. Don’t carry
   everything all day. Clean it out as often
   as needed.
  Lost and Found – many items are

  Help, we always are in need of Cleaning
   Wipes for desks!!
  A $5.00 donation request
   for lab materials
   will be sent home in
A Day in Science Class

  1. On the first day of the week, students copy
   assignments for the week into the Minder
   Binder. Sometimes changes are necessary, if
   so we update the Minder Binder. Review your
   child’s Minder Binder with him/her to stay tuned
   to assignments.
  2. There is always a note on the whiteboard
   with instructions to follow when the bell rings.
   We work “Bell to Bell” here at Oak MS.
A Day in Science Class

  My website, linked to the Oak MS
   website, has weekly information about
  You can set an “alert” function to receive
   notification that information has been
A Day in Science Class
  3. Homework is collected at the beginning of
   class. If your child does not have the work
   ready to turn in, s/he writes an “overdue” note
   in the Minder Binder. I may ask your child to
   get their Minder Binder signed by you to be
   sure they are showing you the record of work
   turned in.
  4. Homework is due the following day unless
   otherwise noted in the Minder Binder.
  5. Your child should have a homework buddy
   for each class.
A Day in Science Class

  6. There is a file for copies of papers
   handed out in class. There will be a very
   limited number of extra copies available
   due to budget cuts. Students who are
   absent will have a copy reserved with
   their name on it.
  7. The Science book your child has
   checked out should be kept at home.
  We’re looking forward to a wonderful year!!


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