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									Avast! Pro Antivirus + License (until years 2012)



Installation Method :
1. Install setup_av_pro.exe (uncheck the Participate in the avast community)

2.Next after your installation was complete just open in System Tray.

(at the bottom corner > right click Icon Avast! then select Subscription
information > click Insert license file
     3. Find the folder that name Avast!Pro Anti Virus License key + License
File.rar>double click> click 1license.avastlic/Avast!Pro License File.avastic> click
                             Open > click Yes > click Ok
4. Now , your Avast ! Pro Antivirus is valid until years 2012.

5. Last , click Update > connect your internet. 6.Open the Avast! Pro Antivirus on
your system tray (right click the Avast! Icon then select Update > select Engine
and virus definitions)
WARNING NEVER EVER UPDATE the Program (because this will make your
Anti Virus ~to Trial Version )

Just Update Engine and virus definitions on the Update tab. Just leave a
comments, rate & subscribe.

by MrWillPan

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