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Feb 09 Web Newsletter


                                                                               February 2009

Damaging Winds Blow Through Hyland Greens
On the night of Monday December 29th, gusty winds woke many of us up in the middle of the
night. At least two large trees were blown over as well an numerous fences. Amazingly, our
neighborhood had no power outages, damage to homes, nor personal injuries. The photo below
is of a 40 foot pine that fell onto Winona Street. The neighbors rallied together with saws to help
clear the mess; they quickly turned a heartbreaking situation into next year’s firewood.
Photo courtesy of Kathy McClung.
The Neighborhood News                                           Handy Man and Talented Fellow
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except January, using articles that are sent to us by the
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volunteers includes six block captains and 35 block                  No Project Too Small
reps who distribute your copy. Each issue should be                  Very Reasonable Rates
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month. If you miss a copy please contact me.
                                                                     Hyland Greens Resident
                                                                Bob Belden 303-513-9247
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This Newsletter is published as an information
resource to benefit the residents within the First
Hyland Greens Association. The Newsletter is sepa-
rate from the Association, but works closely with the
Association Board to provide information to the
community. The editorial positions the Newsletter
may take and the publishing of ―Letters to the Editor‖
are independent from the Association.

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor are the opinions of the writer,
and are not necessarily the opinions of the News-
letter Owner. To be considered for publication, let-
ters to the editor must include the writer's full name,
address and daytime phone number.

Newsletter Deadlines
Articles and ads for each issue must be received by                                  303-466-7197
the 15th of the preceding month.
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The Financial View                                          Letters to the Editor
By Scott Hamilton, HOA Treasurer                            None received this month

We just completed our annual audit and the key
finding is stated in the following paragraph:               From the HOA Board
       In my opinion, the financial statements referred     Don’t forget to take down your holiday
       to above present fairly the financial position of    decorations. Thank you!
       First Hyland Greens Association as of Septem-
       ber 30, 2008 and the results of its operations
       and cash flows for the year then ended in confor-    From the City of Westminster
       mity with accounting principles generally accepted
       in the United States of America.                     Large Item Cleanup Program
That language is known as a ―clean‖ audit mean-             The Large Item Cleanup Program is designed to
ing there are no items that are out of compli-              assist homeowners discard oversize items that are not
ance or otherwise fishy. I am working with our              normally accepted in the regular trash service.
auditor on a couple of adjusting entries to fi-             The contractors will be in our area on April 25, 2009.
nalize the official year-end financial statements.          Registration for this year’s Large Item Cleanup will be
Also, as part of the audit package, both federal
                                                            accepted through February 20,2009. There is a $10
and state tax returns have been filed.
                                                            fee which can be paid at Westminster City Hall.
To update you on the dues collections:                      Call 303-706-3352 for more info.
Three homeowner accounts are with our
attorneys for collection ($5,918)
Five homeowners have not paid anything toward
their current year’s dues ($2,603)                          From the City of Westminster
Six homeowners have paid part of their current              Neighbors in the News
year’s dues ($2,301)
                                                            Westminster fire and police responded to a 911 call
One home is in foreclosure (we hope to collect
$270)                                                       on December 29th reporting a dog in a Hyland Hills
Total outstanding ($11,682)                                 Golf Course pond. Charlie Brown, a brown stan-
                                                            dard poodle, pulled the leash out of owner Karen
The Board has been reviewing our procedures                 Diaz’s hand to chase geese and ended up falling
                                                            through the ice in the center of the pond.
and processes to ensure we are operating
correctly to prevent fraud or wasteful payments.            Firefighter Ronnie Taylor donned a rescue suit to
At the last meeting, we decided to expand the               get the dog and the rest of the crew on shore pulled
fence committee to further explore options for              Taylor and the dog to safety.
replacing the perimeter fencing. We believe
we may have three or more years before we                   The Westminster Fire Department would like to
                                                            remind citizens that it is never safe to go out on
really need to do the major replacement so we               frozen bodies of water in the metro area. The risk
are being prudent in looking at various options.            of falling through the ice into the freezing water is
All materials are under review. We may con-                 very real and can be life-threatening.
sider using financing if the maintenance funds
are not sufficient to cover all the costs. If you           Diaz did the right thing - be sure to call 911 if an
have inputs, attend a Board meeting or forward              animal or person needs rescue from icy water.
your comments to a Board member.
Your HOA Board                                               First Hyland Greens Home Owners Association
                                                                        Board of Directors Meeting
President:      Gerry Mooney
                                                                             December 9, 2008
Vice-President: Steve Seiler
                                                                   Summary Meeting Minutes – Draft 2
Secretary:      John Van Royen
Treasurer:      Scott Hamilton                            Meeting was called to order at 7:02 P.M.
Greenbelts:     Charles Reeder                            MEMBERS PRESENT:
                Bev Medlock                               Kathleen Dodaro, President; John Anthony, Vice
                                                          President; Scott Hamilton, Treasurer; Jeanenne Johnson,
Pools:          Bill Head                                 Secretary; Gerry Mooney and Toni Eisele, Architectural
                Bill Robertson                            & Covenants Control (ACC) Committee; Allan Meers, and
                                                          Beverly Medlock, Pools; Eleanor Selle, and Chuck Reeder,
Covenants:      Fred Allen                                Greenbelts.
                Toni Eisle                                MEMBERS ABSENT:
Security                                                  Jeff Swingle; Fred Allen; and Bob Belden
& Sports:       Jeff Swingle            3
                                                          HOMEOWNERS ATTENDING:
                                                          John Paine; Bob Frerich; Sharon Seiler; Steve Seiler;
                                                          William Robertson; John Van Royen; Agnes Spino; and
First Hyland Greens Website                               Martin Lajeunesse

                                                          APPROVAL OF BOARD MEETING MINUTES:
                                                          Kathleen Dodaro advised the Board that the November
To send an email to the HOA Board                         10, 2008 FHG HOA Annual Meeting minutes are to be
                                                          approved at the 2009 Annual Meeting;
                                                          INTRODUCTION OF HOMEOWNERS
                                                          Martin Lajeunesse indicated he was just attending to learn
First Hyland Greens Association Address
                                                          about the Board’s process and he did not have any
First Hyland Greens Association                           comments to make.
4981 W. 101st Circle
Westminster, CO 80031                                     President’s Report

                                                          Updating Policies – Kathleen indicated that she and
                                                            other Board members have spent time this year
First Hyland Greens Board Meetings                          updating policies so that we could be in compliance
Board Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the        with legislation, e. g., SB100. The Officers had had a
month at The Grill at Legacy Ridge at 7:00pm. The next      conference call with the attorney for the Association
board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 10th at     on November 14 to finalize some details on the
7:00pm at Legacy Ridge.                                     policies. The updated versions of the policies and new
                                                            policies are included in the Policy Handbook for the
                                                            next President and on the Association’s laptop
                                                            computer for the next Secretary.
2006 – 2008 FHG HOA Policy Handbook –                        President              Gerry Mooney
   Kathleen thanked Jeanenne Johnson who has                 Vice President         Steve Seiler
   prepared the 2006 – 2008 Policy Handbook which
   includes the Boards SB 100 policies for 2006 and          Secretary              John Van Royen
   2008, Covenant, Rules, Regulations policies, Adams        Treasurer              Scott Hamilton
   County Recorded 1st Amendment to the                      Covenants              Fred Allen
   Covenants, FHG HOA Handbook and miscellane-
   ous documentation for the 2009 President and                                     Toni Eisele
   Secretary. In addition, the approved, signed 2006         Pools                  William Robertson
   to 2008 minutes will be provided to the new
                                                                                    William Head
                                                             Greenbelts             Chuck Reeder
Renewed Insurance Policies – Kathleen stated that
   in the last month, all insurance policies have been                              Beverly Medlock
   reviewed and renewed. She also noted there has            Sports/Security        Jeff Swingle
   been a reduction to the cost for liability insurance
   of the pools since the previously separate coverage
   for the diving boards has been incorporated in the        Kathleen thanked the former Board Members for their
   pool coverage.                                            successful contributions to the Association and wished
                                                             the new members a productive successful year and
Accounting firm fee increase – Kathleen noted that           handed over the meeting to the new President, Gerry
   there will be a more professional job done on the         Mooney.
   review of the Association’s finances because of
   Scott Hamilton’s recommended change to a new
   accounting firm. Because of the additional work           The new Officers then assumed responsibility for the
   being done to improve the review, the fees will be        meeting and proceeded with the remaining business.
   up to $2,160. from about $1,100.
Contract Renewal – Kathleen indicated that the               Treasurer’s Report - Scott Hamilton
   February 10, 2009 is the last meeting at Legacy
   Ridge under the current contract. The new Board           Financial Statement - Scott Hamilton provided to the
   will need to negotiate a renewed contract. Pool,             Board the year-to-date Profit & Loss statement for
   Greenbelt contracts are also pending review and              October through November 2008. He briefly
   she offered her assistance in this process.                  reviewed the statements noting that it is early in
                                                                the fiscal year. He noted that the Greenbelts
Improved Financial Information to Homeowners –                  contractor, AHA, was now on an annual retainer
  Kathleen complimented Scott Hamilton for making               and there would be approximately a $4,700 per
  positive changes by providing Homeowners with                 month expenditure for those services.
  more financial information through the newsletter.
                                                             Annual Assessment Update - Scott also reported that
                                                                currently there are 3 homeowners in the collection
Election of Board Positions for 2009                            process with about $6,000 being owed; he noted
                                                                that these were in collection for the 2008 dues. He
                                                                stated he had sent letters to 10 homeowners who
Kathleen Dodaro indicated it was time for the Board to          are late in this year’s payment indicating the Asso-
establish the positions for Board Members for 2009.             ciation’s policies on late payments and the late fees
Each of the new Board Members introduced them-                  and interest which will apply. He also noted that 5
selves and indicated a little bit about their interests in      other homeowners are making payments on their
serving on the Board. Motions were made, seconded,              dues. In February, a list of homeowners who re-
and unanimously approved for the following Board                main delinquent will be submitted to our attorneys
Member positions:                                               for collection action. He stressed that once the
                                                                collection goes to the attorney, the additional costs
                                                                to the homeowner go up very significantly (initially
                                                                a fee of $212 is assessed to open the account with
                                                                the attorneys).
HOA Board Meeting Minutes Continued                       Chuck Reeder raised the question of whether the
New Finance Auditor – Scott indicated that a new             Perimeter Fence Committee should be under the
  auditor had been selected. He had recommended              purview of the Greenbelts Committee as the re-
  a change as it did not appear we were getting              pair of the perimeter fences generally seem to be
  enough time and effort from the previous firm.             a Greenbelt’s responsibility. That raised the
  The new auditor is Brian Wilcomb CPA and Scott             larger question of what the status was of the
  indicated that based on references and interview           effort on the perimeter fence. It was noted that
  he believes this firm will do a very good job at a         some preliminary information on fencing
  reasonable cost. He noted the costs are higher             materials had been provided to the Board last
  $2,160 versus about $1,100 last year. Scott stated         spring, but not much had happened since then.
  that he did not believe that the previous $1,100           In the discussion which followed, several Board
  charge could cover the cost of the real work which         members indicated that it appeared like, with
  needs to be done each year.                                maintenance, the fences could last 5-8 years, but
                                                             it is unlikely they will last beyond that time
                                                             period. In response to questions Scott Hamilton
Covenants                                                    indicated the very preliminary estimate of cost
Toni Eisele noted that there really wasn’t anything          for replacing the fences with the same wood
   new since the report at the Annual Meeting. It            structure would probably cost at least $140,000.
   was noted that the Board is pursuing an issue             It was noted that many people believed we
   related to a separated structure (shed) which has         should seek better materials so that the fence
   been installed without approval and some Board            would last longer. It was also noted, the
   members have met with that homeowner to                   Covenants limit fencing materials to wood,
   discuss the next steps.                                   stone, and brick. Based on another preliminary
                                                             estimate a brick fence might cost about one-half
                                                             million dollars. That may be more than the
Pools Report                                                 neighborhood would like to pay for new fences;
                                                             therefore there was a desire to look at alternative
As the new Pools Board Members were just installed
                                                             materials. Several Board members indicated they
    at this meeting, there was no formal report. It was
                                                             would like more information before discussing
    noted that the contract for next year would need
                                                             the next step(s). It was discussed that a number
    to be negotiated soon. Allan Mears indicated he
                                                             of homeowners have asked about alternative
    would begin bringing Bill Robertson up to speed
                                                             fencing materials for their own yards. After
    on what needs to be done.
                                                             further discussion it was decided the perimeter
                                                             fence status should be discussed at the February
Greenbelts Report – Chuck Reeder                             Board meeting so the Board could think about
                                                             the next steps in the process. The Perimeter
Chuck Reeder asked Bob Frerich to report on upcom-           Fence Committee should be invited to update
   ing and prospective projects. Bob indicated the           the new Board on what they had learned and
   biggest project was sprinkler system replacement          Bob Frerich volunteered to get additional
   from 101st Avenue down to the small pool. This            information on alternative fencing materials and
   project at a $17,000 cost would replace the main          potential costs per lineal foot.
   lines, which have been breaking, and the replace
   the sprinkler heads with more water efficient
   heads. The second project was the removal/             Sports Report – Jeff Swingle (No report)
   trimming of some old trees in the area of the small
                                                          Security Report – Jeff Swingle (No report)
   pool and of the large pool. It was noted that these
   trees had been determined to be dying and in dan-      A motion was made, seconded, and unanimously
   ger of falling down. This work will start when the     approved at 9:02 PM to adjourn the meeting.
   contractor’s schedule allows.
                                                          The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February
                                                          10, 2009 @ 7:00 PM at the Legacy Ridge Grill.
Babysitting/ Housesitting/ Pet Care
Send me your information and we’ll list you for free. Written parental consent is required for minor children to publish their
personal information. Contact the editor for more information. Please keep us updated with any changes.
NAME                          AGE     PHONE                           CPR?   COMMENTS
Helen Bettinger               14             Yes    After school, Weekends: Pets, Houses, Children
Jordan McKinley               16         Yes    After school: Pets, Houses, Children. References.
Sarah Mayer                   14      303-480-0537                    Yes    Afterschool; Weekends; Children, Pets, Houses.
Meghan Murphy                 14      303-589-3997                    Yes    Fri evenings, Sat evenings, Sun daytime
Matt Vail                     13      303-410-7060                    N/A    Pets & Houses; weekends; before & after school

Lawn Care               College age and younger: No Professionals
Send me your information and we’ll list you for free. Written parental consent is required for minor children to publish their
personal information. Contact the editor for more information. Please keep us updated with any changes.
NAME                          PHONE           COMMENTS
Ben Lahn                      303-466-3547    All lawn care
Mark & Tim Redding                            Mow, trim, and misc work; References.
Tim Ross                      303-466-5479    All lawn care & odd jobs.

                                                                                                        DUST FR
                 D                                                                                             EE
            HYLAN                                                                                      MACHINE
                  S                                                                                            RY
            GREEN                                                                                      AVAILAB

   Offering: Installation, Refinishing, Prefinished Products, Laminates, Commercial/Residential
         Projects, Eco-Friendly Products such as Bamboo and Cork, Custom Borders and Inlays
                      Phone: 303-953-9135 Fax: 303-953-9138 Email:
                                          Visit Our Website:
Hyland Greens Resident Business Connection
The Resident Business Connection is an opportunity for Hyland Greens residents to share contact information
about their business. This is a free listing; it is a community service with the intent of linking neighbors together.
The Resident Business Connection will be printed in the Hyland Greens Newsletter at least bi-monthly, but more
often is space allows. Please contact me if you would like to be added to the list.

Alterations                     Kathy                   303-466-8206
Cleaning/Home Organization Robin Edmonds                303-404-9584
Creative Memories               Sarah Voigt             720-289-2919
Custom /Handmade Jewelry Lindsay Woltz                  303-903-0231

Financial Advisor               Jeffrey Swingle         303-430-9093
General Contractor              Bob Frerich             303-548-2242      720-887-3573
Hardwood Floors                 Jessica Taylor          303-953-9135
HerbaLife Nutrition             Glenda Haines           303-465-9700
Insurance Broker                Don Russell             303-829-2180

Painting (Homes)                Mark Quevli             303-439-9301
Plumber                         Erik Jensen             720-839-4742
Promotional Materials           Kim Gifford             303-994-5350

Property Mgt/Realtor            Kim Grice               303-466-1212
Real Estate Appraiser           Fred Allen              303-469-0453

Realtor                         Joanne Barron           303 469-1039
Realtor                         Tammy Galloway          720-934-2532
Realtor                         Christina Kern          303-915-0809

Signs                           Garret Gifford          303-422-7440
Silpada Jewelry                 Mary Beth Murphy        303-589-3997
Tailor/Home Décor               Nancy                   303-469-0448
Travel Agent                    Shirley Lee             303-404-0811

Community Bulletin Board
FOR SALE: Avalanche tickets. Great seats. 3rd Level, front row, just off center ice. Sold in pairs only.
Kathy 303-466-8206
FOUND: 2T Pink Roxy Jogging Suit near main entrance. Peggy 303-466-4868
HYLAND GREENS KNIT & CROCHET GROUP: We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month in each
other’s homes from 6-8pm. We chat, work on new projects, share our completed projects, and have dessert. All
levels from beginners to advanced ages 11—101 are welcome.
Weds 2/4/08 We’re meeting at Clare Redding’s home at 4741 W. 102nd Avenue. 303-438-9894.

    A Handyman and Contractor you can trust.

        Some of the services I provide are:
             *Kitchen/Bath remodels
    *Hardwood flooring installation/refinishing
   *Tile work *Door and Window installations
               *Framing *Drywall
            *Painting *Decks *Sheds
*Plumbing *Electrical *Fix-N-Flips *Make-Readies
    *General Handyman Work *Home Repair

               Please Call Dan @

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