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R.S.L. SUB-BRANCH             August : The ‘V’ month !
 ISSUE NO: 60        It is with ‘tongue in cheek’        I am happy to hear your         surrender ceremony was per-
  August 2009        that I take the liberty of calling thoughts.                        formed in Tokyo Bay, aboard
                     this month the ‘V’ month           (This is an editorial comment!!) the Battleship USS Missouri
                                                                                                    on September 2,
                     I do with a full respect
                     for all and sundry, be-
                                                                                                    In Japan, the day is
                     lieve that it is an impor-
                                                                                                    usually known as
                     tant month in that we
                     celebrate two distinctly
                                                                                                    which literally
                     different but significant
                                                                                                    means the
                     events, but I am con-
                                                                                                    “memorial day for
                     cerned that with both
                                                                                                    the end of the war”
                     VP Day and Vietnam
                                                                                                    the official name
                     Veterans Day falling
                                                                                                    for the day is how-
                     within a couple of days
                                                                                                    ever “the day for
                     of each other, do we
                                                                                                    mourning of war
                     really honour these
                                                                                                    dead and praying
                     events in the manner
                                                                                                    for peace” This
                     that we truly believe is
                                                                   VICTORY               official name was adopted in
                     the appropriate manner to

                                                                 OVER JAPAN              1982 by an ordinance issued
                     celebrate them.
                                                                                         by the Japanese Government.
                     Personal beliefs aside, do you Also known as VJ Day is the          The day is commemorated as
                     feel that maybe due to the         name chosen for the day on       Liberation Day in Korea and
                     close proximity of these two       which the Surrender of Japan     some other Nations.
                     events neither gets the appro- occurred, effectively ending               Vietnam Veterans
                     priate significance it deserves, WW11, and subsequent anni-                       Day
                     or maybe do we feel that VP        versaries of that event.         To honour those who died at
                     day is ‘old school’, and that as The term has been applied to       Long Tan, 6RAR erected a
                     Vietnam Veterans day is more both the day on which the initial concrete cross in the rubber
                     locked into the proverbial         announcement of Japan’s sur-     plantation where the men of
                     memory banks it should take render was made on the after- 11Platoon made their initial
                     significance.?                     noon of August 15th, 1945, as    stand….(more details inside)
                                                        well as the date the formal

                                               Executive for 2009
                       Condensed version now at; , under RSL Sub-Branch

                      President:                      Pensions Team:                     Cenotaph Officers:
                       Bob Payne M.M.                    Glen Barker                      Ron Benjamin
                        Secretary:                       Richard Kelloway                 Ted McRitchie
                        Alan Jervis                      Alan Ruge                        Terry Reynolds
                        Treasurer:                       Erwin Hodikin
                        Di. Fisher                       Dayle Appleby                    Bus Facilitator:
                        Snr. Vice President:             NCDC Delegates:                  Bob Payne M.M.
                        Steve Conlon                     Bob Payne M.M.
                        Jnr. Vice President:             Steve Conlon
                        Bob Gailer JP                     Welfare & Visitation
                                                          Graham Whelan
                                                           Ron Hulm
                                                           Terry Reynolds
                                       THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH:
        I WONDER…?                  How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges!

                                                                                              OFFICE HOURS
                                                                                                 Phone: 6691 9233

                                                                                               Monday: 10.00 am to
                                                                                                  12.00 noon.

                                                                                               Thursday: 2.00 pm to
                                                                                                     4.00 pm
                                                                                                      Tuesday :
                                                                                                10.00 am to 4.00 pm
                                                                                                 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
                                                                                                   By Appointment
                                              Leaving 41 Battalion.                              Phone: 6691 9237
                                             The Inaugural Indigenous March heads
                                             off on what is a proud day.
                                             (Photo’s are available through Bob Gailer)

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                        HELD IN COFFS HARBOUR.
On Saturday 11th July the first march and remembrance service to commemorate the sac-
rifices made by members of the indigenous community from Coffs Harbour and sur-
rounds was held at the Vernon Street Cenotaph.
Under the auspices of the Coffs Harbour Sub-Branch, but controlled by Mr Trevor Wil-
son local Elder and member of the Indigenous Servicemens Association, the day while
still down on numbers ran without a hitch.
Members of the indigenous community, along with their ex-service non-indigenous com-
rades marched to the Cenotaph from 41 Battalion, led by the Coffs District Pipe Band.
A Commemoration service was held at the Cenotaph, along with the assistance of the
Reverend Samuel Marsden (as Padre was away), and the gentle haunting sounds of the
didgeridoo was played through the wreath laying ceremony. The guest speaker was Mr
DavidFWilliams an ex naval submariner from Sydney.
The day was attended by Sub-Branches from around the District.
                               NEWS AND VIEWS FROM SUB– ASSOCIATIONS

VIETNAM VETERENS DAY                            WORLD WAR 1 WAS BORING
                                                                                                FRANK PARTRIDGE VC
                                                    SAYS VETERAN
PROGRAM FOR SAWTELL                                                                              MILITARY MUSEUM
                                                                                                 Located in Bowraville
                                            Britains last surviving WW1 Veteran has
With the disbandment of the Coffs Har-                                                         Open from 1000 to 1500 hrs
                                            shrugged off his achievement and even
bour & District Association of Vietnam                                                             Monday to Friday
                                            described the conflict as boring.
& South East Asia Veterans, the Saw-                                                           0900 to 1200 hrs Saturdays.
                                            Claude Choules, 108, who lives in a nurs-
tell, Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour                                                                 Gold coin donation
                                            ing home in Perth reacted calmly when told
RSL Sub-Branches have agreed to con-                                                              Well worth the visit
                                            he was Britains only survivor from the
tinue the annual Vietnam Veterans Day
                                            1914-1918 war.
Service on a rotating basis starting with
                                            “Everything comes to those who wait and
Sawtell in 2009.
                                            wait” he told ‘The Australian’ newspaper.
The service will be held on Tuesday         Mr Choules was informed by his 80 year
18th August in the Lyle Rose Memorial       old daughter Anne Pow that the death of
Park at Sawtell at 1730 hrs.                111 year old Harry Patch, Britains last sol-
                                            dier who fought in the Great Wars infa-
Veterans wishing to take part in a short
                                            mous trenches, has made him the Countrys
march to the Memorial Park are asked
                                            sole survivor.
to form up outside the Sawtell RSL
                                            Parch’s death, a week after that of fellow
Club at 1720hrs
                                            veteran and worlds oldest man Henry Al-
Kevin Hayton                                lingham, 113, prompted a national outpour-
                                                                                                    MID-NORTH COAST
                                            ing of grief in Britain.
Sawtell RSL Sub-Branch                                                                                  KOREA VETS
                                            Mr Choules served on HMS Revenge dur-
                                                                                           Max Gant and yours truly travelled to
                                            ing a 41 year Naval career which spanned
                                                                                           Grafton on 26th July to commemorate
DEFENCE HONOURS & AWARDS                    both wars, witnessing the surrender of the
                                                                                           the 56th Anniversary of the Korea
                                            German Imperial navy in 1918 and the
The Parliamentary Secretary of Defence                                                     Ceasefire. It was a day before Korea
                                            scuttling of the fleet at Scapa Flow.
Support The Hon. Dr Mike Kelly AM,                                                         Veterans day, 27th July.
                                                          Support the Australian
                                            He was seconded to Our Sponsors Navy in
MP has announced that the Tribunal                                                         The morning commenced with wreath
                                            1926 and remained in the force for 30
will inquire into recognition of Austra-                                                   laying at Lt.Col.C.Green’s memorial in
lian Defence Force service in Somalia                                                      Memorial Park, followed by a special
                                            However, Ms Pow said her father had al-
between 1992 and 1995.                                                                     service at Church of Christ Cathedral,
                                            ways said war was mostly very tedious
                                                                                           attended by vets and families. Lunch-
As part of the inquiry, the Tribunal will   punctuated with moments of extreme dan-
                                                                                           eon was at the Grafton District Services
consider the establishment of a cam-        ger.          Support Our Sponsor              Club laid on by Grafton members, a
paign medal for Somalia, recognition                                                       bush poet entertained us on a great day.
for HMAS Tobruk, HMAS Jervis Bay ( 27/7/09)                                     Look after yourselves: Frank Donnelly.
and recognition for 1st Battalion RAR
Group. A call for submissions will be
released shortly.
Contact the Tribunal:
Locked Bag 7765 Canberra Business
Centre, ACT 2610

                                                            RSL BOWLS
    LILLY PILLY CLUB                         Zone ‘7’ Bowls held another successful
       Meets….Wednesdays                     ‘Get Together Day’ at Sawtell on the 20th
                                             July with over ninety bowlers taking part.
       10.00 am ‘til 2.00 pm                 The next social bowls day will be held at
       WESLEY METHODIST                      the Coffs Ex-Services Club on Monday
            CHURCH                           21st September and is open to all bowlers.
            BRAY STREET                      For more information, contact the Secre-
                                             tary Erwin Hodikin.
     Cost: $5.00 (includes pick-up)
                                             All the best
                                             Kevin Hayton President.
                                              PROTESTERS DODGE TROOPS
The Chauffeur
                                              Two peace activists say they camped
The Pope was on his way home from a           in a military excersise area in Queen-          VALE
function one day in the “Popemobile”          sland for 11 days without being de-
when he asked the driver what it was like     tected by the 24,000 troops operating
to drive.                                     there.
The driver said it was excellent and could    The two girls finally surrended them-
                                                                                          Athol Hardie
really move if you cared to put the foot      selves to the military at Shoalwater
down.                                         Bay as Exercise Talisman Sabre
The Pope then told the driver to pull over    wound down.
because he wanted to drive, they swapped      They were handed over to Queen-
seats and the Pope took it up to 80 then      sland police and charged with tres-
90 then 100, then he put his foot down        pass.
and they were soon flying along at 150        Ms Bardon and Ms Neilson say they
km’s per hour. All of a sudden a siren        lived on rations and slept in a tent
started up and they were pulled up by a       during the joint US-Australian mili-
policeman.                                    tary training.
The policeman looked at the Popemobile        “If two young women with a com-
then told them to wait, and walked back       pass and limited tactical experience
                                                                                       WE WILL REMEMBER
to the police car and got on the radio to     can get away with sight-seeing in a
the boss. “Look I’ve just pulled over a       military base over the course of 11            THEM
VIP for speeding and I’m not quite sure       days without detection, there may be
what to do?                                   a need to enquire just how effective
“Well”’ replied the boss, “is it the          these training excercises actually
Mayor”? “No” said the policeman. “Well        are” Ms Bardon said.
is it the Local Member?” “No” replied         The pair say they dodged helicopters,
the policeman                                 military dogs and avoided thousands
“Well who the hell is it?” asked the boss.    of military personnel.
“I have no idea” said the policeman, “But     The pair entered the base on July 16
he must be someone big, he has the Pope       with five other activists in two
as a chauffeur” !!!                           groups. In all nine activists were ar-
                                              rested during the excercises.

                                             Member Frank Donnelly is presented
                                             with his50 year Certificate of Service
                                             to the RSL by President Bob Payne

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