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                                                                                                                                                               END OF Y10
                 P1: Introduction                                  P2: Task Analysis                                P3: Disassembly / Interview                              P4: New materials / Spec            Band [        ]
                                                                                                           Materials                                                   Materials

                                                                                                           Processes                                                   Processes

                                                                                                           Social Issues                                               Social Issues

             P5 and 6: Initial Ideas inc 2D/3D sketches of board, box, cards and game pieces                  P7-8: Developments with RELEVANT research and modelling alongside
 Materials                                             Processes                                           Social

                                                                                                                                                         OCT ½ TERM

  P9-11: Developments w/res into materials and adhesives. (consider 2D, isometric, exploded, perspective and ICT based designs, flowcharts)                                  P12: CAD/CAM modelling w screenshots      [     ]

                                                                                                                                                                 XMAS HOLS
                    P13: Final Design                   P14 Manufacturing spec         Band   [    ]                       P15: fineliner drawings                                     P16: making diary with photos

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FINAL DEADLINE
      P17: Photo(s) of products         Band   [   ]               P18: Industrial Practices                                       P19: Testing                                    P20: Evaluation    Band   [     ]

             Category                      Page Title                                                                  Brief description of Page                                                                 Deadline

                                   Introduction                    Explain the problem (why are you doing the project?), the brief and identify an example client. Add a time-plan and mind-map                   Before
                                                                   of any possible themes for your game.
 Investigating the                                                                                                                                                                                               summer
                                   Task Analysis                   What do you need to know before starting the project? Include a brainstorm of things you will need to research related to the
  Design Context                                                   specification points (aesthetics, cost, manufacturing etc). Ask a series of questions to clarify the task.                                    holidays
                                   Research                        Study at least 2 existing products. Use the specification topics to help you analyse them. Visit a business that may
                                                                   sell/produce similar products. Interview a potential client to gauge their opinion of your ideas.

                                   New Materials /                 Research new, processes and materials (eg digital printing, corrugated board, spiral wound tubes, self-cleaning glass,                        Up to pg
                                                                   thermochromatic materials and suggest how they could be applied to a board game. Write a (specification) list of features to
                                   Specification                                                                                                                                                                 11 by Oct
                                                                   base your ideas on. Use the topics aesthetics, cost, consumer, environment, safety, size, function, materials and manufacture.

                                   Initial Ideas                   Produce 2 pages of Initial Ideas. Include 2D and 3D sketches of how the board folds, boxes with nets, cards in various shapes                  ½ term.
                                                                   and game pieces. Add thick and thin lines, tonal shading and annotations.

                                   Developed Ideas                 Choose the best elements of your ideas and change or add something (don’t just colour them in!). Add notes on costs,
  Development of                                                   environmental and social issues, materials and manufacturing processes. Be specific about materials and adhesives.
 Design proposals                  Modelling                       Model your ideas using Photoshop and Artcam and screenshot them. Use Techsoft 2D to model a net, cut it on the vinyl cutter                   By Xmas
    (including                                                     and stick down. Explain why you did this.

    modelling)                     Final Design                    Draw an isometric of your final design (can be exploded to show all parts). How does it meet your spec? Add notes.

                                   Manufacturing Spec              Be very specific. How will each product be made, what tools and equipment will you need at each stage and what quality
                                                                   checks will you make? What symbols will you use to show that you have taken account of sustainability and the environment.

             Making                Fineliner Drawings              Draw range of isometric, perspective and 2D images that you will scan in and edit on Photoshop to use on your final product.
                                                                   Annotate them to show how you intend to edit them.

                                   Making Diary                    Making your product, take photos to show each stage. Print and stick down. Annotate using specific material and tool names.                    Final
                                   Photos of Product               Take Good Quality Photos of each product. Ask a peer to write a short evaluation based on y9 evaluation sheet.                                Deadline
       Testing &                   Industrial Practices            Document how you prototyped your design and what you would do differently if making a mass-produced version.

       Evaluation                  Testing                         How did you test your product? Write up the key points of your specification and explain how you made sure you met these

                                   Evaluation                      What worked well with your product and what would you change? Use photos to show the stages of making. Would you have
                                                                   done anything differently?

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