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									Putting your business
on the internet
           An introduction to the web &
         marketing your business online
                               Liam Byrne
Section 1:

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
Why invest in an online presence ?

●   Broadband
    - where do you go first ? Google

●   Potential global audience
    - Ireland : 2.06 million
    - Worldwide : 1.043 billion

●   24hr advertising medium
Why invest in an online presence ?

●   Cost / benefit analysis
    - compare to colour newspaper ads, radio,
●    tv, brochures Golden Pages, etc...

●   Image-friendly medium
    - potential to show multiple images
Protection of .ie domain names

IEDR require registered business names,
protecting your investment

There is no similar restriction on .com or .net
Your own site vs photo-sharing site

●   Own your own website & domain
    - professionalism
    - unique design & branding
    - copyright concerns
    - compare one-off cost vs ongoing
      subscription costs
Use & own your own email address

Imagine the customer's perception: vs

Which would you prefer to pay a deposit to,
 or buy a €2,000 product or service from ?
Have your own “look and feel”

● branding, logo, colours & fonts
● your own unique “look”

● easy-to-use navigation
Other Design Considerations

  Photographic websites have relatively unique
 requirements; they should have a professional
   look, but should allow the images to be the
             main focus of the viewer
What makes a good website ?

       Rate the following from 1-7:

● clear & professional-looking
● quick-loading & easy to navigate

● provide sample photographs & information

  about your business
● make it easy for viewers to get in touch &

  make enquiries
● easily found in search engines like Google

● easy-to-update

● animated content and interaction
Section 2:
Plan Your Site Content

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
What should be on your website ?

●   sample images

●   your background information / profile

●   contact information / contact form

                             ...... anything else ?
What else ?

●   details of your style & approach

●   available packages, albums, frames, etc

●   opening times; how to make an appointment

●   hints on what (and what not!) to wear

●   directions to studio / location map
What else ?

●   details & examples of award-winning images

●   testimonials - quotes from smiling, satisfied
    customers, accompanied by their photos!
Section 3:
Ensure that people,
and Search Engines,
like your website!

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
What sites do you visit most often ?

......ones that are regularly updated ?

    Don't hide great images in a drawer or a
    hard drive where no-one can see them!

Add them to your website!

●   Modern sites can be updated in seconds!

●   Encourage vistors to return
What sites do you visit most often ?

Search engines love regularly-updated sites!

  Up-to-date information is more relevant
            in any search results

 How can you use this to your advantage ?
Have a “Latest News” section

Add photos & images from
                 recent events & weddings
Caption Your Images

Tag your images and have your site
                   display that information

- include location, category, etc – whatever
  someone might be likely to search for

 “a picture paints a thousand words.....
   ...but Google can't find them in a picture!”
Section 4:
Ensure that Google
continues to like your site

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
Things to Avoid.....

●   DON'T build a website completely in Flash
     - search engines won't index these properly

    Modern technology and browsers can allow
     fades & animations without using Flash

●   DON'T have just images
    - the images are the most important part of
      a photographer's site, but remember....

        “a picture paints a thousand words.....”
Avoid Generic, Standalone Galleries
These will not have the professional look or
navigation of your overall website

       If someone goes to an “orphaned” page
     from Google, they won't be able to access
    your main website and contact information!

●   DON'T open other “popup” windows
    – these will annoy & frustrate the visitor, i.e.
      your potential client & cause them to leave
Don't hide text or lie!

The “white text on white background” trick!

 If Google discovers you have attempted this,

All text and information on the page should be
        relevant and useful to the visitor
Get Inward Links
Add your site listed in appropriate directories

Get hotels & venues
to link to your site

 Only incoming links improve your rankings
- reciprocal links might be a necessary evil -
Section 5:
Additional Marketing Ideas

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
“Recommend an Image” Feature
Let your visitors do your marketing for you!
Free Marketing Downloads
Provide free – branded - downloads;
screensavers, jigsaws, etc
Promote Your Website
● in newspapers, via adverts & photo credits
● on business cards, stationery, vouchers, etc

● in radio ads

Make it easy for
people to find your

Promote one image
vs promote them all!
Section 6:
Make your site even
more useful

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
Promote Your Activities
Get your site to display seasonal promotions
● December: “Portraits make great Christmas gifts”
● February: “Engagement Portraits for Valentine's Day”

● May/June: “First Communion Portraits”

     Modern sites can be set up to display all of
    these automatically, along with appropriate
     galleries, with no additional work for you!
Online Viewing & Ordering
Upload images from weddings & events

●   Allow clients to log in and order their album
                        or prints


●   Allow potential clients to see what types of
           photos you can take at that venue
Online Viewing & Ordering
A proper viewing & ordering system will allow:

●   viewing & comparing of images in colour,
    black & white, or sepia

●   separate sets of images to be chosen for
    wedding album & individual prints

      A standard “shopping cart” or ordering
        system will not have these facilities
Search Facilities
If your images don't fit neatly into categories,
or if there are lots of images, consider
providing a search
facility so that visitors
can quickly locate and
access the images that
they want to see.
Online Viewing & Ordering
If you sell bordered or mounted prints, you can
allow clients to view the images either with or
without the border

If you have landscape or
product images, or event
images with competitors,
allow visitors to search
for a particular location,
content or competitor ID.
Other Ordering Facilities
Consider allowing visitors to order
gift vouchers online, or order images from
a particular event
Section 7:
Internet Etiquette &
Best Practices

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
Don't Send SPAM
    EU law does not allow you to send marketing
      emails without the recipients' permission
●   DO NOT subscribe or source any marketing email
    lists without written confirmation that the seller has
    obtained these via an opt-in mechanism
●   DO NOT send marketing emails “on-spec” to companies
    or individuals with whom you have not previously dealt;
    if you absolutely must do this, ring them to get permission

●   DO NOT use client emails to send marketing material
    unless you have previously obtained their permission
Avoid incoming SPAM
●   Use a junk mail filter to divert the bulk of unwanted mail

●   DO NOT deal with companies that send unsolicited
    marketing emails, unless they are acting on a referral
    from someone that you know

●   DO NOT reply or click a supposed “unsubscribe” link
    in an unsolicited email; this will just confirm to the sender
    that the email address is valid and that a real person has
    received and read their email – they will then send more!
Protect Your Web Forms
If your website uses forms, make sure they are protected
from attempted abuse by “spammers”.

These emails will appear to come from your email address,
and could get you, or your hosting company, into trouble,
preventing future emails from your from getting past junk
mail blockers.

   Since mid-2006, OnSight's web forms are protected
     against the most common attempts at spamming.
Beware of “Phishing”
“Phishing” is the practice of sending emails which are
 designed to appear to be from bank or a service like
 PayPal, asking you to log in and confirm your details.

Most of these emails are from criminals who are trying
to gain access to your account details.

While SPAM is much more prevalent, phishing is much
more serious with financial implications.
Don't Get Caught Out!
●   NEVER click on a link in an unexpected email which asks
    you for financial account details; the site will be a copy of
    the real one and will record your username and password.

●   ALWAYS open a new browser window and type in the
    web address youself.

    REMEMBER that banks and credit-card facilities do not
       send out emails asking for your account details.
Section 9:

               An introduction to the web &
             marketing your business online
                                   Liam Byrne
A well-designed website is an amazing resource which,
if designed properly and regularly updated, can promote
your photography business in a way that no other medium

When combined effectively with more traditional marketing
methods, your website, email and marketing techniques
can reward a small effort with significant returns.
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