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									                           Bayer MaterialScience Fact Sheet

   Facts At A Glance:
    •   Canadian headquarters: Toronto, ON
    •   Employees worldwide: 14,900
    •   Employees in Canada: 21
    •   Business activities in more than 30 locations globally

Bayer MaterialScience AG is an independent, globally operating company within the Bayer
Group. The name Bayer MaterialScience stands for the materials that the company produces and
the technologies it develops. It also stands for the know-how and expertise of its employees all
over the world. Bayer MaterialScience employs approximately 14,900 employees at more than 30
locations globally and in Canada, Bayer MaterialScience employs 21 people.

Strong brands – high-quality, innovative products

Coatings, adhesives and specialty systems based on polyurethane raw materials from Bayer
MaterialScience reliably protect surfaces against the effects of weather and chemicals, while, at
the same time, offering high-quality mechanical properties. Environmentally-compatible
Bayhydrol® and Bayhydur® coating raw materials, for instance, have proved particularly
successful in water-based polyurethane paint systems.

Mondur® TD80, Arcol F3222, Hyperlite® E-833, E-850, Mondur® MR Light, Makrolon®
Engineering Resins, together with Desmodur® Base and Modified Isocyanates, rank among
Bayer MaterialScience's best-sellers. These products are indispensable when it comes to the
production of automotive components, data carriers such as CDs and DVDs, and a large number
of other everyday items.

Polyurethanes are an integral part of many aspects of daily life. Their broad application range
extends from mattresses, automobile seats, refrigerator insulation and car bumpers, to shoe
soles. The key product brands used here are Arcol, Acclaim®, Hyperlite®, Ultracel®, Softcel®
and Softcel® V, Multranol®, Mondur®, Bayflex® and Bayfill®.
Thermoplastic polyurethanes unite the properties of high-grade polyurethane elastomers with the
efficient processability of thermoplastics. Resins under the brand names Desmopan® and Texin®
are used in technical films and textile coatings, belts, hoses, cables and profiles, in the
automotive sector (interior, exterior, chassis), in a multitude of applications in sports & leisure
(e.g. ski and sport shoes and sport equipment) and last but not least in agriculture, mechanical
engineering and industrial applications.

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