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  AUGUST 2011|   Free Monthly Community Magazine    |ISSUE 23

                                                                       FOCUS 0
                                        Sales & Hire                    MELLOR 0
                                        Services of
                                        domestic and
                                                                      VOUCHER TO
                                        commercial                           BE WON!
                                        lawnmowers                    IT’S OUR FIRST
                        Northwest main dealer for Kioti               ANNIVERSARY
                                                                        We have established a good
                        tractors main dealers for Gianni                 reputation for Good Food,
                                                                             Service & Value.
                        Ferrari and Hustler mowers
                                                                        FREE DELIVERY
                        We stock all types of grass cutting            Examples of special events we
                                                                           have catered for are:
                        equipment                                       30th Birthday, Mothers Day,
                                                                      Hen Party, 1sy Holy Communion,

                           You have the grass,                                 70th Birthday
                                                                       “We can now also include party

                           we have the machine                        and speciality cup cakes for your
                                                                              special event.”

                                                                         Tel: 01254 248890

                        Telephone   01254 813175
                        Facsimile   01254 813479
                        Web site
                                    07810 650007
                                                                       GREAT FRESHLY
                                     MADE Hot & Cold
                        Lane Ends Cottage,                               Food To Go!
                        Nightfield Gate Lane,                                 Food Drinks
                                                                             Fresh Coffee
                        Balderstone,                                         Visit us at the shop at
                        Blackburn                                     9 Whalley Road, Wilpshire,
                        BB2 7LJ                                          Blackburn, BB1 9LQ

ylor FC.indd 1                                         25/04/2011 14:09:50
Whats in                                                                                     Granting parents
                                                                                              peace of mind

                                                                                         Weddings, Christenings, Special Occasions,
                                                                                                    Family Gatherings
                                                          Fairy God Mothers Crèche are a group of qualified, CRB nursery
                                                          nurses who have come together to provide a mobile professional,

                                                          fun and secure environment for your children.
                                                          This special crèche has been designed to visit any venue
                                                          Our friendly team of childcare professionals will ensure your
                                                          children are entertained and secure.
                                                          We will transform any location into a safe fun play area.
Longridge and                                                  • Professional Mobile Childcare • Qualified Nursery Nurses
                                                                   • Entertaining Play Area • All Age Appropriate Play
surrounding areas                               
focus.....................................                Talk to Georgina on 07845696093

Whats on in your area........             
                                                          Computer Repairs
Health tips...........................           Same day call out service available!
                                                    Laptop & Network Specialist
Walks...................................                Apple Mac Repairs
                                                     No Fix No Fee Guarantee!
Food fesitval.........................
                                                         Call Terry on........
                                             07738 729410 or 01254 813494
       SPOT THE PIGEON                            MOTs & SERVICING
                                              VEHICLE AIR CONDITIONING
                                               RE GASES AND REPAIRS
 Spot the pigeon in this month’s
   issue and you can win £10
  Please send your name and
            address to
                                              CALL US NOW ON
                                             01254 247 337                                       STS
                                                                                             SEVEN ACRE GARAGE
  *terms and conditions apply
                                               / 240 679                                      Barker Lane, Mellor,
                                                                                               Blackburn BB2 7ED

         Ofsted registered Company No. 6133004
                        Summer Holidays
                        Mon 25th July - Fri 26th August
                        7.30am - 6pm
                        For children 3 - 11 years.
           Schools out let the fun begin.
    Come and join our Summer club, 1 mile off
  junction 8 on the M65. Read Cricket club, Read.
          Call Lesley on 07727 001 017
          For information and booking.
                       Stag’s Head        NEWLY REFURBISHED
                        Quality locally sourced produce
                        freshly prepared on the premises
                           Large selection of fine wines
                                    and real ales.
                                           SAMPLE MEN
                                    BBQ chicken w
                                                     ings - £4.99
                              Fresh Whitebait,
                                                Melba Toast, Le
                                  Pepper Mayo &                  mon,
NEW                           Crispy Potato Sc
                            Balsamic Reduc
                                                   Garnish £5.50
                                               allop, Black Pu
Large Child friendly                       tion & Poached
                                                              egg £5.99
beer garden with                             MAINS
sandpit and rabbits       Goosnargh Duc
                                           k a L’orange with
                                  and duchess po                fresh veg
Garden bar with                                   tatoes £12.95
                          Slow braised po
                                           rk belly with ap
terrace and                  cider gravy and
                                              red cabbage £1
                                                            ple mash,
decking area                  Creamy Fleetw
                                              ood fish pie £8

                             Homemade crea
                                               my ri
                               (like grandma us ce pudding
ONCE A MONTH.                 Bramley apple
                                                 ed to make)
                                              crumble served
                                   with creamy cu
Private functions      Summer puddin
                                        g with fresh seas
                                                          onal berries
also catered for                        All £4.95

 990 Whittingham Lane, Goosnargh,
  Preston, PR3 2AU, 01772 864071
 Editor’s Letter......                                                MY LITTLE WARDROBE
 W      elcome to August issue of the Carrier
 Pigeon magazine, we’ve a fantastic 10 page
                                                                  I was first inspired to start my own business
                                                                  My Little Wardrobe from my own personal
 focus on Longridge & Ribchester for you this                     experience, experience of family and friends,
 month, featuring some great local businesses                     when trying to obtain good quality children’s
 that will cater for your every need! We’ve a new
 columnist Michael Arnold who will be writing a                   wear and gifts for family and friends. Having
 monthly blog on health tips ( Page 35 )and if                    struggled in doing so, in the Blackburn area
 you’d like to have a go at making your own Ice                   due to limited availability and choice, I had to
 Cream this summer, have a read of this month’s
 Innkeeper (Page 29) plus much much more!                         travel outside the area, which is not always
 Last month’s Spot the Pigeon was hiding in the                   convenient and having considered this along
 tractor on page 15, which was correctly spotted                  with some research to clarify any assumptions
 by Mrs. Betty Trueman from Clitheroe and the
 road was Corporation Street correctly answered
                                                                  I found there was a definite need. I am
 by Mr. Lambert also of Clitheroe, congratulations                passionate about personal attention to each
 prizes on the way. We’ve gone up an extra 8                      customer, which is hardly found in high street
 pages this month and would like to thank all our                 stores. I able to recognize what is important
 loyal advertisers for making this possible. If you’d
 like to promote your company in the Carrier                      to each customer, be it the comfort factor for
 Pigeon please go to                   there baby or fashion for the young girls &
 See you next month                                               boys or simply a gift for someone special.

               Gemma & Jeremy.
                                   The company that
                         CLEANS CARPETS
                                                                     • boys and girls everyday
             No Wetting No Waiting
                                                                       & occasional wear
       Just deep down CLEAN and DRY
                                                                     • boys wear range from Italy
       DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL                                       • Premature baby range
          FOR A FREE QUOTATION                                       • christening collection
            OR DEMONSTRATION                                         • gift sets & vouchers
     Call ROBERT on Mob: 07903 601660                                • baby cashmere
                                                                     • organic &
                                                                       fair-trade products
                                                                     • free gift list service
                                                                       available for
 Linclean is a small local business based in Mellor Brook              baby showers/
 midway between Blackburn and Preston covering the
 surrounding areas.                                                    christenings
 We cater for;
 House              Public Houses
                                                                     11 Fleming Square,
 Small Factory     new build and refurbishment cleans
 Rates from 1 hour to a full day in 30 mintue slots if required      Blackburn,
 Fully insured                                                       BB2 2DG
                                                                     Tel: 01254 693330

4|    To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:   |5
Win £25
To be in with a chance of
winning simply tell us where you think
this picture was taken.
Send all your entries to

The winner will be picked
at random.
Entries must be in by 20th August.
                    d to our
     You are invite

   OPENday Y


       20t h August m

                    9am - 4p
     All day from         !

  Fall in love
   with luxury
 H&S Bathrooms is a local family run business, established for over 20 years.

 Before you splash out on a new bathroom,
 visit our new showroom in Lower Darwen.

       To advertise 07824 Centre) Tel. 01254 693518
 (opp. Riverside Garden 553 790 / 01254 245 279

 In this new monthly feature we will provide       Pests
practical information and a range of tips and      Be vigilant for signs of lily beetle they are
ideas for all you keen gardeners out there,        extremely destructive to your beautiful lilies this
whether you are a beginner or an expert we         time of year. They start by destroying the
hope that these tips will help you make the most   underneath of the leaf and later move above to
of your garden.                                    eat through the foliage, working from the tip to
                                                   the stem. They cover themselves with their sticky
                                                   black excrement
Fertilize your Perennials & Shrubs                 to act as a
 Miracle-Gro Slow Release All Purpose Plant        deterrent to
Food £5.00                                         predators, so the
 can be mixed in with the                          orange colour
compost in pots or beds                            disappears and
when planting to provide                           they are more
nutrients for the whole                            difficult to
growing season. Balanced                           distinguish from bird droppings, but the leaves
                 granular                          are usually damaged and the black colour
                 fertiliser                        stands out. The only way to stop them is Bug
                 such                              Clear Ultra
                 as Fish /                         for Flowering
                 Blood / Bone 3.5kg £4.99 can be   Plants £9.99.
                 applied around all established    This product
                 plants this time of year.         is simply
                                                   watered into
                                                   the base of
Lawn Care                                          the stem
During the dry spells do not                       around the
forget to water and feed                           soil, the plant absorbs the product so that the
your lawn Aftercut Lawn                            beetles are killed as they feed.
Feed & Conditioner £21.99
covers 500m². It is the only
lawn feed that can be
applied straight after you
have cut the lawn, however it will need a good     All of these products are available from our shop
watering in, in order for it to dissolve.          at The Garden Village Ltd.
8|             07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
JOKES                  •A man walks into a bar, and
                     orders a beer. As he sits there, the
                                                            someone on this plane who is man enough to make
                                                            me feel like a women?”
jjar of nuts on the bar tells him what a nice shirt he is   A man stands up, removes his shirt and says “Here,
wearing. Disturbed by this, he goes to the cigarette        iron this!”
vending machine to buy a pack of smokes. As he
approaches the machine, it starts screaming and             •2 Mexicans are stuck in the desert after crossing the
shouting at him. He runs back to the bar and explains       US, wandering aimlessly and starving. They are just
this to the barman. The barman apologizes and says          about to lie down and wait for death, when all of a
“the peanuts are complimentary, but the cigarette           sudden Luis says……….“Hey Pepe, do you smell what
machine is out of order”.                                   I smell. Ees bacon, I theenk?” “si Luis, eet sure smells
                                                            like bacon” With the renewed hope they struggle up the
•A husband and his wife were having a big argument          next sand dune and there in the distance is a tree
at breakfast. “you aren’t so good in bed either!” he        loaded with bacon. Theres raw bacon, theres fried
shouted and stormed off to work. By mid-morning he          bacon, back bacon, smoked bacon…………
decided he’d better make amends and phoned home.            “Pepe, Pepe, we ees saved, ees a bacon tree”
After many rings, his wife picked up the phone. “what       “Luis, maybe ees a meerage? We ees in the desert
took you so long to answer?”                                don’t forget”
“I was in bed”                                              “Pepe, since when deed you ever hear of a meerage
“What were you doing in bed?”                               that smell like bacon….ees no meerage, ees a bacon
“getting a second opinion”                                  tree” And with that, Luis staggers towards the tree. He
                                                            gets to within 5 metres, Pepe close behind, when
•As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger       suddenly a machine gun opens up, and Luis drops like
jump up frantically and announces “if I m gonna die, I      a wet sock. Mortally wounded, he warns Pepe with his
want to die feeling like a women”                           last breath, “Pepe…..go back man……….ees not a
She removes all her clothes and asks “is there              bacon tree…..ees……ees…..ees…..a ham hush.

   07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:                                      |9
                                                          was 5 years old, which I absolutely loved and my dad
BAND REVIEW                                               also had some influence as he was musical.
                                                          I am a self taught musician along with the rest of the

                                                          band. Paddy is very talented he can play drums,
                                                          piano, guitar and bass.

Carrier Pigeon caught up with Revolter a local            Who are your musical influences and why?
Blackburn band who have just launched their debut         (B) Our main musical influences are bands such as:
album “When we died screaming”. They have been            Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Sound Garden. I think
together now for two and half years after meeting on      this is mainly due to the fact I grew up with the grunge
the local music scene. The band consists of Bryn-         scene in the early 90s. We are influenced by current
Singer/Guitarist, Mark-Lead Guitarist, Paddy-Drums,       bands such as Deaf Havana and Machine Head.
Bryn (B) singer and guitarist answered a few              Future Gigs?
questions;                                                If you go to our website you
                                                          will find all our up and coming gigs. We are
How do you describe your music style?                     supporting Marya Roxx (LA band) on September 1st at
(B) Our music style is heavy rock but there are lots of   the Railway venue in Bolton.
singing, tuneful choruses and harmonies. The music is
a blend of melodic vocal with heavy music.
All our songs are original. I write the songs and also
co-write them with Mark.
                                                          Project1:Layout 1        15/07/2011        17:40     Page 1
When did you realize you were musical?
(B) When I was a kid. I was given toy guitars when I

Homemade Food served seven                                  ELITE DRY CLEANERS
 days a week 12 noon - 9pm                                 We pride ourselves in providing a professional and
                                                           quality service to all our customers, old and new
                                                           47 Queen Street, Great Harwood, Blackburn,
                                                                      Lancashire, BB6 7QP
                                                               Or we have Agents at the following places;
                                                                        Whalley Post Office.
                                                                         Langho Post Office.
                                                                       Billington Village Store.

                                                                     Tel: 01254 877288

                                                                          IMPORTANT NOTICE
                                                              Although every advertisement is carefully
                                                            checked, occasionally mistakes do occur. We
                                                           therefore ask advertisers to assist by checking
                                                              their advertisements carefully and advice
                                                              us immediately should an error occur. We
                                                             regret that we cannot accept responsibility
                                                           for more than one incorrect insertion and that
                                                             no republication will be granted in the case
                                                             of typographical or minor changes which do
                                                              not affect the value of the advertisement.
                                                              The Carrier Pigeon does not endorse any
                                                             advertisements contained within and is not
                                                           responsible for any issues that may arise from
      Telephone 01200 440736                                      using advertisers or their services.
10|              07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:   |11
Calling out to all Charities!!!! If you would like to Challeng Diane,
      Please contact us on 01254 245279 or 07824553790 or
Hello, this is August challenge Diane. On 21st of         and I have been invited
August I was invited along to the Radio Hospital,         back to introduce top ten
located in the Royal Blackburn Hospital on                hits.
Haslingden Road, Blackburn. Steven Starkie is one of      The Hospital Broadcasting
several volunteers whom are paramount to keeping          Association (HBA) has an
the radio show, up beat, modern and trendy for the        annual awards for best
patients and staff of the hospital. Steve plays a vital   station, presenter, best
part in keeping the radio station going, he               newcomer so If you would like to give up a couple of
enjoys giving up his time to do something                 hours a week to be a hospital radio presenter and
 worthwhile in the community and is totally               help out a worthy charity please contact Steve. No
dedicated to theshow. Steven’s ambition in life is to     formal qualifications are needed just a love of
become a radio DJ; I am sure with silky smooth            music. For more information please contact
voice like Steven’s he will be snapped up very soon.      Steven Starkie on or
I was invited along to chat in general about my life
and what I do as a reporter and my aspirations for
the future. Steven introduced me on air with a poem
he wrote about me which was fun and entertained
the listeners. I also announce a couple of songs in
the hot chair. I had a blast

                         Company Accounts
                         Tax Advice
                         VAT Returns                                       Deborah’s
                         Tax Returns                          Dog Training and Behaviour Centre
                                                                      Fully qualified dedicated staff
                         136a Preston Road,                                  Reasonable rates
                                                                        Puppy Socialisation classes
                         Grimsargh, Preston.                               Dog Training classes
                         PR2 5JQ                                                  Flyball
                         Tel/Fax:                                   Behaviour Consults by arrangement
                                                                           Dog Grooming
                         01772 379081                                     Doggie Play Centre
                         Mobile:                                 Deborah Gornall               Telephone:
                         07786 577503                            Sandbank Estate          01772 864585
                                                                 Cumeragh Lane                      •
                         Email:                                   Whittingham
                                     PR3 2AJ 

12|    To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279/ email:   13
FOOD FESTIVAL                                           CLITHEROE FOOD FESTIVAL
Just in case you've been hiding under a rock for         will be for pedestrians only with The Key Street
the last few months, Clitheroe's running a Food          team organising all the music and entertainment.
Festival on Saturday 13th August! A BIG one!             Visit Clitheroe's Pop Choir at Swan Courtyard and
                                                         there will also be a shopping bag cloakroom at
With a huge variety of food lover activities, for all    the Council Chambers too.
the family, Clitheroe is really going to be put on
that UK food map.                                        A huge 1,000 vehicle Park and Ride will guide
                                                         visitors to the Auction Market from main arterial
From Tweets to Facebook, national and local              routes. Notices will be at our main supermarket
community glossy magazines to local                      and large store car parks informing visitors about
newspapers, radio to TV the team have pulled out         the Park and Ride scheme. So the organisers
all the stops to get everyone's attention. "It's not     have done as much as they possibly can to
just about a one day food event on Saturday              alleviate the parking problem for locals. Julie said
August 13th, its an opportunity for ALL our fantastic    "I have family living on the 'free streets' in town, so
shops, market traders, cafe's, pubs restaurants,         I had to make sure they were kept as happy as
visitor attractions and hotels to showcase               possible, or I'd be off the Christmas Card list!”
themselves so people return again and again"
said Julie Whalley who runs her own food tours.
                                                         So come down and support your local
Over 75 exhibitors are taking part with the main         businesses and your local town.
food zone down on Clitheroe Market. Castle Street

                                                              Two Astrology books
                                                             by Gary Goldschneider
                                                            ‘The Secret Language of
                                                            £60 for both. Tel 01254 720019.
                                                             Mr B Carter, 7D Stonyhurst Rd,
                                                         Project1:Layout 1 28/07/2011 16:37 Page                   1
                                                                  Blackburn, BB2 1NQ.

                                                           Waggon & Horses
                                                          Traditional homemade food served daily.
                                                                       Childrens Menu
                                                                    Premiership Football
                                                                        Beer Garden
                                                                          Car Park
                                                          6 Pimlico Rd, Clitheroe, BB7 2AG
                                                                     Tel: 01200 423518
14|     To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:
       Cordless window blinds are the big hit in 2011
 2011 will be the year that cordless window blinds step out of the shade and
 become a big hit with homeowners according to Tim Osman expert on interior
 Tim believes cordless blinds will be a hit for two main reasons. The first is that they
 are the safest blinds on the market as they have no cords or chains, which
 dramatically reduces the chances of children injuring themselves. The second is
 that they simply clip into windows or doors so there’s no need to drill or screw
 fixings into uPVC frames.
 He is expecting a surge of enquiries at Apollo Blinds business in Blackburn
 because he is currently proving them with a 20% discount until the end of August.
 “For the first time there is a collection which addresses two major stumbling blocks
 for consumers and solves both in one handy and stylish solution,” said Tim.
 “Safety has become a huge concern, particularly for parents and grandparents
 who have been calling on blinds companies to introduce a wider selection which
 is suitable for areas where children either live or visit.”

To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279/ email:      15
          INTRODUCING THE AWARD-WINNING                               In the bar five guest ales are always on tap. Dishes relying
                  THE STAGS HEAD                                     on quality local suppliers include slow-cooked Goosnargh
  Throughout the year, the Directors at London & Home                duck on toast; Curwen Hill beef and ale pie; Pendle lamb
  Counties Today select organisations that have best                 Lancashire hot pot; and battered deep-fried Fleetwood cod.
  demonstrated a proven ability to go that extra mile in not         The cheeseboard reflects the fact that this area is known as
  only meeting but exceeding the needs of their clients.             the Cheese Triangle. The surrounding countryside is a
  Therefore, in line with this philosophy, it gives us pleasure to   rambler's dream, with the pub a welcome stopping point.
  announce The Stags Head has been selected to receive the           Change of hands. The Stags Head Hotel is situated in the
  BA award recognising business excellence across a wide             delightful village of Goosnargh on the outskirts of Preston,
  range of disciplines, the Business Achievement Award is            Lancashire.
  recognised both locally and nationally.                            Having been singled out to receive the BA AWARD FOR Pub
  Outlining the philosophy behind the Award Scheme, Director         Restaurant of the Year 2011 serves as a distinguishing factor
  of the publication Andrew Simpson said: “The Award                 that ranks The Stags Head amongst the best in its field, as
  Scheme was created in order to recognise those businesses          well as acting as a seal of approval to prospective clients.
  and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution          For further information please call The Stags Head on
  to their particular field. We are always keen to bring             01772864071.
  attention to those who are providing a product or service that
  stands out from the crowd and deserves to be appreciated
  not only by our readers, but also by a wider audience.”
  Outside to the rear there is a very large garden with a
  marquee which is reached via a trellised walkway. This is a
  popular area for children to play football etc. on a warm
  summer’s day. The Stags Head has an extensive menu with
  a good use of local produce. There is a selection of real ales
  on tap alongside the regular lagers and beers and an
  annual beer festival is held every May Bank Holiday!

       RECIPE                                                                      Berry Pudding
  As the fruits this year are in abundance, I am                     pieces round the sides and then fill in the triangular
  continuing the                                                     gaps as neatly as possible.
  theme of summer berries, hence the recipe for this                 Tip the fruit into the basin and press it down
  month. Enjoy!!                                                     .Make a lid with more bread.
                                                                     Place a plate smaller than the diameter and place a
  Serves 8                                                           weight on it.
  225g redcurrants                                                   Chill overnight.
  225g blackcurrants                                                 Run a palette knife around the edge of the pudding
  170g caster sugar                                                  and then invert onto a serving plate.
  350g raspberries                                                   Stand for 30 mins to reach room temperature, then
  350g blackberries                                                  spoon the reserved fruits over the top
  8 - 10 slices of white day old bread                               and serve with the clotted cream.
  227g clotted cream

  Simmer the redcurrants and blackcurrants with the
  sugar for 5 minutes.
  Add the raspberries and blackberries, stir well and
  cook for a further 2 mins.
  Leave to cool and set aside 100ml of the fruit and
  syrup separately and chill.
  Line a 1.8 litre pudding basin with the bread. Place a
  piece on the base, four

16|    To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:

                                              Smile with confidence

                                               Offering quality, convenience,
                                               dedication & professionalism
                                              Douglas Heaysman Dip CDT RCS (Eng) Clinical Dental
                                              Technician. Denture Provider Registered
                                              with the General Dental Council.
                                                           57 Pick Up Street,
                                                           Clayton-le-Moors BB5 5NS
                                                           01254 416046
                                                           71 Albert Road,
                                                           Colne BB8 0BP
                                                           01282 862823
                                                           Fisher Medical Centre,
                                                           Coach St, Skipton BD23 1EU
                                                           01756 799622

To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279/ email:               17
                  North West Honda Specialist - Making Dreams Affordable
 Are you still paying main dealer prices when                     fault-tracking systems and software.
 servicing your Honda car? For two years Honda                    Servicing, repairs, diagnostic work and MOT tests can be
 owners have not been able to take their vehicles to a            carried out at NWHS. You may not own a Honda.
 Honda specialist within the Preston area. This has               However you may wish to benefit from this company’s
 resulted in lengthy journeys.                                    services. The team’s answer is ‘YES’ as the fully qualified
 Now there’s good news for Honda owners as on hearing             motor technicians maintain all other makes of vehicles
 of their plight, Phil Blackmore has created North West           including motorcycles, to an equally high standard with
 Honda Specialist (NWHS) to establish a Honda appraisal           all the associated savings offered to Honda owners. MOT
 facility to check and maintain their vehicles just 10            tests are also offered at competitive rates together with
 minutes from the centre of Preston.                              collection and courtesy vehicles which are available to all
 Now it’s not necessary for Honda drivers to endure long          NWHS customers by prior arrangement.
 journeys and all the associated traffic problems every           For more information call Phillip on 01772 866444
 time they need to have their Hondas maintained. What’s           you can visit
 more, they can take advantage of savings of up to 30%            North West Honda Specialist, Dean Garage,
 off main dealer labour rates whilst still gaining top-quality    Whittingham Lane, Goosnargh, Preston PR3 2JN
 workmanship from highly accredited Honda-trained
 technicians who only fit manufacturer-approved
 replacement parts. As all work is performed exactly to the
 manufacturer’s own service schedules and genuine parts
 are used, servicing can be undertaken on new Honda
 cars still under the balance of the manufacturer’s
 warranty without affecting its cover in any way.
 The workshop has all the facilities necessary for every
 task to be undertaken in-house to an exemplary
 standard. This includes Honda’s very latest diagnostic

                               North West Wills are professional               worries you may have about an existing Will
                              Will writers based in Bamber Bridge,             or give you professional advice to help you
                              Preston, owned and run by Gary and Jillian       make a Will.
                                                                                 Whilst we prefer to do things face to face
                                 At North West Wills we pride                  we understand there will be occasions where
                              ourselves on our personal service and            this is not possible, in which case we are
                              friendly approach and we aim to take the         more than happy to do the whole process
                              hassle and legal jargon out of writing a Will.   over the phone.
                                We come to see you in the comfort and            When it comes to making a Will you are
                              privacy of your own home, or another             never too young….if the worst should
                              convenient location if you prefer and at a       happen you want to know that you wishes
                              time that suits you, including evenings and      are carried out and the best way to do that
                              weekends. We are happy to come and               is the ensure you Will is in place. So why
                              see you for a no obligation chat about any       wait?

                                             Member of the federation
                                             of small businesses

                             97 Bluebell Way, Bamber Bridge, Preston, PR5 6XQ.
         0808 108 1524    
18| To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
                                            Phone Works has been established in Clitheroe for over
                                            13 years and has been awarded Orange small business
                                            specialist status. One phone or 200 phones we are here to
                                            help you get the best from your mobile comms and drive
                                            your costs down.
                                            We are also an accredited repair centre for Apple iPhones
                                            and iPads. LCD Screen and glass repairs done on site with
                                            genuine parts.

                                            Park Gate Works, Railway Crossings,
                                                                                   Tel: 01200
                                            Eshton Terrace, Clitheroe.                453820

                                                         Black Bull Inn
                                                Pool, Darts & Quiz nights
                                                - Sky Sports coming soon
                                                   Traditional Ales + Food
                                                                    TEL: 01200 440 007
                                                                   CHATBURN BB7 4AW
  TEL: 01254 813252
 MOB: 07854 134656
 Established for over 35 years
  Traditional Family Business

Preston New Rd, Mellor, Blackburn BB2 7NT
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:                         19
                                                        …the relaxed café
                                                        bar at the heart of
                                                        Backridge Farm on
                                                           Twitter Lane
            At The Plate we harvest the finest ingredients from Lancashire’s artisan suppliers,
                 and create a truly traditional English menu with a contemporary twist.
     Coupled with a relaxed and informal environment and our outstanding customer service, you’ll
   quickly discover why we’ve been awarded the highest level of accreditation from Taste Lancashire.
           As well as The Plate, Backridge Farm features a whole host of independent retailers
                               and outside play equipment for the children.

Summer Time Special                                     The Plate Breakfast
  ‘Kids Eat Free’ at The Plate                           Did you know we’re open for breakfast from 9am
                                                        Tuesday to Sunday? It makes us the perfect place to
throughout the school holidays                           catch-up with friends after dropping the kids off at
                                                         school, or taking advantage of our free WiFi and
 One child eats free from the children’s menu with
      every adult main course purchased…                 doing a spot of work before going into the office.
            go on spoil them a little!
                                                          Why not join our Breakfast Club loyalty scheme
 *Offer starts 19 July 2011, ends 16 September 2011,      which gives you a stamp for every breakfast pur-
                    Tuesday to Friday.                   chased over £4… when you’ve got six stamps you
  Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.               get your breakfast for free!

                                                        Alternatively if you’re just passing through and fancy
                                                        a brew, then this hot offer may just tempt you… buy
       Casino Fun Night                                          one hot drink, get a second ½ price
                                                            *available Tuesday to Friday 9am – 12 noon.
       17th September 2011                                Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

     Get together with your friends and join us
    for a glamorous evening of fun, as we host
        our Casino Fun Night featuring fully
                                                              Coming September
   professional casino complete with croupiers,                 and October
         chips and ‘funny money’. BBQ and
      live music entertainment throughout the            New Let’s Do Lunch Thursday
                    evening too!                                   - £10.50 for 2 courses,
                   7.30pm - late
                                                                  £12.50 for three courses
                                                            The After-School Tea Treat
        Tickets £25 pp – booking is essential                  – served from 3.30pm – 6pm
                  so don’t miss out!

   To keep up to date on our offers and promotions visit

      The Plate, Backridge Farm, Twitter Lane, Waddington, Clitheroe, BB7 3LQ
          Tel: 01200 427304                 e-mail:
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:   21
CARRIER PIGEON- What’s On in February


                                                          Summer Food
                                                          Service times
                                                          5pm - 9pm
                                                          Wednesday - Saturday
                                                          12pm - 9pm
                                                          Sunday - Breakfast
                                                          10am - 12pm /
                                                          12pm - 8pm

                   LUNCH TIME OFFER
                     Wednesday - Friday 12- 4pm
      10% discount off all food prices on production of this voucher
     Sunday set menu, 2 course £9.95 and 3 course £12.95
22| To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
To Advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:   21
           Fiona Podmore
              Branch Manager
      14 Towneley Parade • Berry Lane
            • Longridge PR3 3HU
  Tel: 01772 785431 • Fax: 01772 786690

Re - Spray existing Kitchen & Bedroom doors
              Contract Polishing
  Furniture Repairs, Stripping & Restoring
 Stonebridge Mill,
 Preston Road, Longridge,    Mob: 07866 160538
 Preston, PR3 3AQ             Tel: 01772 784037
     JSM are a family run company established around 20 years with branches in
          Worsley, Wigan, Leyland, Eccles, Atherton and NOW in Longridge!!!
          JSM provide good quality and elegant furniture at affordable prices.
      They try their very best to give the best possible choice, service and value for
        money. Don’t just take our word for it come down and see for yourself.
                                   See our advert opposite
                             (OPPOSITE BOOTHS).


26| To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
                                                 75 Berry Lane
        JSM                                     Opposite Booths
                                               Open 7 days a week
World of Bedrooms                               Tel: 07930873901



To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:   25
   Mary Frances
    “Back to school”
    Official stockist of
    all local schools
                                                                   Sainsbury’s sponsor a local charity every year,
    Christening                                                   the charity for this year is Vine House in Preston,
    Wear:                                                         together with the help of Vine house we want to
                                                                 raise awareness and raise as much funds as we
    Selection                                                       can for the cancer patients and their families.
    of Toys:                                                       Colleagues at Sainsbury’s have already raised
                                                                    approx £400 on a sponsored walk, we have
    Fashion:                                                     many more fund raising events planned, such as
                                                                   a grand raffle, book sale, kiddies corner and a
    Sarah Louise
    Abella                                                                           fashion show.
    Emile et Rose
    and many more.....                                           If anybody would like to volunteer to help
                                                                  at these events or in any other way, they
        59 Derby Road, Longridge,                                   would be made most welcome. Don’t
       Lancashire, Preston PR3 3JT
                                                                     hesitate to contact us Jane or Fiona
             01772 784272                                                       01772 404301

                                 A Touch
                                     Of Class                    Berry Antiques and Interiors.
                                 • Wedding Hair • GHD Stockist
                                                                              61, Berry Lane
                                 BRENDA NUTTALL
                                 74 Berry Lane, Longridge                     Opening Hours
       10% OFF                         Preston, PR3 3WH            10am - 4pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat
     On Tuesday, Wednesday &
     Thursdays with production
                                                01772                 10am - 1pm Wed Closed Sunday
           of this advert.
                                                                    Telephone: 01772 780476

   hush...                       accessories for living
                                                                            HAND MADE CHOCOLATES

   Design-led interiors and gifts                                   • Chocolate Slabs • Fresh Chocolates
                                                                        • Novelty Lollipops and shapes

                                  73 BERRY LANE                       • Create your own Occasions Slab
                                                                  • See our website for our DeliReady Range
                                   LONGRIDGE                       and other products:

                                  01772 780680                   The Corper Deli 11 Market Place, Longridge
                                                                                     Preston, 01772 783883
28| To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 or email:
                                                                                                  SHOP OPENING
                                                                                                   11.30 - 1.30pm
                                                                                                   4.30 - 8.00pm
                                                                                                     Fri Evening
                                                                                                    4.30 - 8.30pm

                                                                      DINE WITH TONY
                                                                 DON’T JUST BUY WITH TONY
                                                               Enjoy your chippy meal in our cafe area
            Bite                  Eat                          GLUTEN FREE BATTER AVAILABLE WEDNESDAY &
                                                                    THURSDAY EVENINGS PLEASE ASK.

    BERRY LANE BAKERY LTD.                                      The Cafe shuts 30 mins before shops closing times.
                                                                   * The management hold the right to refuse admission
 High Class Bakers     �   Coffee Shop   �   Take Away                            to the dining area.

   51 Berry Lane, Longridge, Preston, Lancs PR3 3NH
       Tel: 01772 782823 Mobile: 07768 638882                           NO DISABLED FACILITIES
                                                                 Telephone Orders are now taken
     10% OFF Chef’s Specials daily
     with production of this advert
                                                                      07812 100 503
                                                                        Market Place, Longridge

Every year we relish the annual ice cream competition        because it won’t crystallize in the freezer bowl!
here at the Inn.                                             2 good quality fresh vanilla pods will give the
Customers join in and send us their ideas and at the         excellent flavour we need for a good vanilla ice
end of competition week we choose the best flavour,          cream; extract just isn’t good enough!
make it up and sell it with their name on!                   500ml/16fl oz double cream
It’s a general free-for-all for the best flavours of ice     70g/3oz sugar
creams to be made up for the chocolate dipped                3 egg yolks
cornets we sell to all and sundry pitching up to sit idly    1. Halve the vanilla pods lengthways and scrape out
under our big green canopies taking in the splendid          the seeds. Add the pods to the cream and bring to the
views of our particularly lovely spot in the Ribble Valley   boil, then add the sugar and stir until the sugar has
countryside.                                                 dissolved.
This year’s suggestions reflected the general                2.Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks in a large bowl
mischievous mood of the participants involved, with          then slowly whisk in the hot cream mixture.
proposals such as dandelion & burdock flavour…..             3.Pour the mixture through a fine sieve into another
banana & custard or wild strawberry and                      bowl and whisk in the vanilla seeds. Pour the mixture
mint…..we’ve tried a few and yes, they are                   into a freezer-proof container and freeze for 2-3
particularly good indeed!                                    hours, or until set.
But to be perfectly honest, there is nothing better and      4.Slice into bricks and place between old fashioned
more satisfying that excellent, superbly made, rich          sandwich wafers……everyone will love this!
and creamy vanilla ice cream. Try this yourself. It’s
quick & simple & delicious and by using double               Enjoy! All the best… Innkeeper.
cream instead of milk, there’s no need to churn it
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:                                          29
 There is more to                 information on the trail.                                                                10
 Ribchester than meets the        1. St Wilfrids Parish Church
 ye and this trail has been       2.The Roman Granaries
 designed to take you             3.Museum
 through the rich history of      4.Villa and Tithe Barn
 the village from Roman           5. The Hillock                                                                                9
 times to present day. As         6. The White Bull                                                                       8
 you stroll down the              7. Roman Bath House
 narrow streets you will          8.ST Peter & St Pauls RC
 see how the village has          church
 been developed over the          9. The Almshouses
 last 2000 years. The             10. St Saviour’s Stydd
                                                                                                       12        11
 circular walk takes 30           11. Stone House/Bobbin                                      13
 mins and starts at the           Mill                         21               14
 carpark No 23 on map.            12.Phone box
 Don’t forget to pop into         13.Beehive House             22            21      16
 the local businesses             14. Weavers Cottages                         15         17
 featured. We have                15.Brick Town houses
 numbered them to the             16.Cottage                                              5        6
 map. The Ribchester              17.Weavers Cottages
                                                                          23                                7
 History Trail leaflet with all   18.The Millennium
 descriptions and history in      Sculpture                                                         4
 detail of each point of the      19. Rollinson Gallery                                   2                     19
 trail is available. Please       20.Ribchester Taste Buds                                         3
 call 01254 878453 for            21.Ancient Mariner                                 1
 more                             22. Fuelmizas
                                                               ANCIENT MARINER
                                                                    based at Bee Mill, Ribchester, is
                                                                Now open to the public
                                                                on the last Saturday of
                                                                     each month
                                                                to clear our factory returns and                       COFFEE TABLES,
                                                                ends of ranges, at a fraction of                         BOOKCASES,
                                                                       their normal price.                              LAMP TABLES,
                                                                                                                          TV UNITS,
                                                                                                                     CHESTS OF DRAWERS

                                                                                                            Tel 01254 820600
                                                                                                                     Visit our website:

30|                                                          To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279
             & LANDSCAPE ARTIST

                                     Originals and Prints
                                                                         Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10-5pm
                                       Dog & Animal                         Or at other times Please ring 01254878921.
                                     Portraits a Speciality                          64, Church St, Ribchester
                                                                                              Visit my website
                                        Picture Framing

 A SHORT HISTORY OF RIBCHESTER                                                        courtsey of Ribchester Parish
                                                                                      Council and History society

 The village of Ribchester is encircled by green hills and           The civilian site outside the fort was extensive and covered
 lies in a curve of the River Ribble mid way between                 an area more or less corresponding to that of the modern
 Preston and Clitheroe. It is a pleasant jumble of multi-            village. Narrow plots were occupied perpendicular to the
 coloured stone cottages in long twisting terraces. It has           main Roman roads. Excavations have revealed rectangular
 three pubs, the White Bull, dated 1707, the Black Bull and          wooden buildings used as workshops and dwellings.
 the Ribchester Arms, and a Sports and Social Club. The              Craftsmen plied their trades in the vicus providing essential
 White Bull has a porch canopy supported by four                     goods for both civilians and military personnel alike.
 columns from Roman ruins. The parish church of St.                  Metalworkers and leather workers were particularly
 Wilfrid has a sun-dial with the inscription ‘I am a Shadow.         abundant, supplying all kinds of military and cavalry
 So art Thou. I mark Time. Dost Thou?’ The village takes its         equipment. A network of Roman roads met outside the fort
 name from the River Ribble and the fort of                          allowing both the military and merchants easy access to and
 Bremetennacum (the walled town by the Ribble). For this             from Bremetennacum in all directions. In 1989 a well-
 reason, Ribchester has been seen to have a purely                   preserved section was excavated running parallel to the
 Roman foundation. But excavations in 1977 showed that               north wall of the church yard. The vicus was also the site of
 settlements going back to the middle Bronze Age existed             the baths, the most substantial stone built construction
 in the area.                                                        outside the fort, and at least two temples, fulfilling important
                                                                     social and religious functions . The fort at Ribchester was
                                                                     occupied into the fourth century although archaeological
 Roman Ribchester The Roman site at Ribchester,                      evidence points to there being little activity in the vicus after
 Bremetennacum Veteranorum, comprised a fort and civilian            the 2nd century. However, future excavations may contradict
 settlement or vicus. The earliest Roman fort in Ribchester was      our current understanding. Relatively little is known of the
 established in the early 70s AD as part of a network of             history of Ribchester during the seven hundred years after
 defensive forts across northern Britannia. Originally of turf       the departure of the Romans in the early 5th Century. What
 and timber construction, the fort was rebuilt in stone in the       small tell-tale signs remain can perhaps be seen within the
 mid first century AD. The fort accommodated a garrison of           parish church of St. Wilfrid, which for most part is essentially
 cavalry troops whose purpose it was to patrol the                   13th Century. Agriculture remained the principal industry in
 surrounding area and keep the local inhabitants under               the area until the 17th and 18th Centuries when handloom
 control. The first unit of cavalry originated from Spain, the ala   weaving became of growing importance to the local
 II asturum, or second Asturian cavalry unit. Towards the end        economy. Many of the older cottages in the village,
 of the second century AD they were replaced by an                   particularly in Church Street, were built with this in mind.
 ala of horsemen from Eastern Europe, a Sarmatian cavalry            Handloom weaving reigned supreme for about fifty years
 unit. The settlement then took unusual veteran status               before the advent of efficient power looms brought great
 indicating that a high level of importance was attached to          economic hardship to the area. By 1850 theweavers of
 the site.                                                           Ribchester had fallen on very hard times. Large numbers of
 At this point, if it had not already, Bremetennacum became          young people moved away to the towns and by early 1900
 the focal point for governance of the area.                         the population of the village had fallen by about one third.
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:                                                    31
  This is a delightful circular walk along the banks of the River   suspension bridge replaced the Dinckley ferry that operated
  Ribble, whose characteristics have remained unchanged             here until the 1950's and has to be one of LCC's greatest
  for thousands of years despite the human interventions by         achievements in architecture. The context and form of the
  Roman, Saxon and more modern people as well as the                bridge brings surprise and delight to the many visitors. The
  pre-history hunter-gatherers.                                     final part of the walk is from Dinckley to Marles Wood and
  The walk follows the 'Ribble Way' along the north bank of         can be described as a highlight, understandably this is a
  the river before we cross the Ribble at Dinckley. The             popular location for visitors.
  Owens Walks are FREE to
  download from The
  continuing success of Owens Walks re-
  lies upon local businesses advertising
  with us, its only £49 for the year. If you
  wish to advertise on a walk,
  contact Owens Walks at

        Taste Buds

  TEL: 07970 410020

                            TAKE A BREAK
     AUGUST CROSSWORD                                                            AUGUST CLUES
                                           Across                                 Down
                                           7 present season                       1 spiritual master
                                           8 ------ from Amsterdam                2 imply
                                           9 mess woth hair                       3 a version of three
                                           10 arsenic and ----                    4 pile
                                           11 solo                                5 everyone
                                           13 repeat happening                    6 spacious rooms ( 4.4.)
                                           15 forbidden fruit                     12 container for herbs ( 5.4.)
                                           17 part of America                     14 innards
                                           18 downward                            16 breed of dog
                                           20 feline                              19 happening
                                           21 part of cricket match               23 ---- of Good Hope
                                           22 acre ( anag )                       24 --- Gardner
                                           25 bingo term , legs ------
                                           26 abscond

                                                                                 JULY ANSWERS
                                           Across 7 under, 8 house, 9 tyre, 10 mystery, 11 persist, 13 troop, 16 evade
                                           18 cruelly, 20 leeches, 21 user, 23 spaces,24 Nolan Down, 1 ruby, 2
                                           adders, 8 promise, 4 chess, 5 tune, 6 very cool, 12 envelope, 14 ruefully
                                           15 present, 17 drench, 19 chase, 22 Edna

   Rufus Carr Ltd
   Sale of New Ford and all makes of used cars
   including Honda, Peugeot, Vauxhall & Vw

                                                  We refuse to be beaten
                                                  on price for any
                                                  Brand New Ford..!
                                                  Bawdlands Garage,
                                                  Tel. 01200 422173
To advertise 07824 553 790 / 01254 245 279 email:                                  33
                                                      Butterfly Bouquet
                                                          Floral designs with sophistication

                                                                                  Valentine’s Day
                                                                                  Mother’s Day
                                                          Weddins g               Sympathy
                                                          Flowe r                 Festive
                                                               now                Wedding
Kids Gardening club - Can you grow it?                                            Anniversary
Location: Worden Lane, Leyland                                                    Corporate Events
Learn about growing from seed, looking after
plants, jobs to do on a veg plot, helping wildlife                                Other Occasions
and composting. Take away with you- cut and
come again salad pot, bug house, info sheets,
bag of veg or bunch of flowers.                        Telephone: Lisa on 07963 582 537
Dates From: 9 Aug 2011 To 9 Aug 2011                    154 Liverpool Road, Penwortham, Preston PR1 0QE
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Location: Samlesbury, Preston
Chapterhouse Theatre Company presents
A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William                  supplemented by hand-made quality gifts. You’ll
Shakespeare.                                          be able to sample and purchase a tasty range
Venue; Brockholes, Preston                            of delicacies including cheeses, meats, organic
Dates From: 14 Aug 2011 To 14 Aug 2011                vegetables and much much more.
Great British Lorries Day                             If you’re interested in a
Location: Leyland                                     Dates From: 20 Aug 2011 To 20 Aug 2011
It is an impressive sight to see how many different   Hoghton Tower Farmers’ Market
types of lorries have been manufactured in Britain    Hoghton, Preston
over the past 120 years.                              Dates From: 21 Aug 2011 To 21 Aug 2011
Venue; British Commercial Vehicle Museum,             Holidays Exhibition Location: Preston
Leyland Dates From: 14 Aug 2011 To 14 Aug 2011
                                                      Venue Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
The World Of Steam Meets The World Of Wines
                                                      Dates From: 29 Jun 2011 To 3 Sep 2011
Location: Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston
                                                      Family Arts Workshops
We have joined forces with the Lancashire Wine
School to offer a wine tasting evening with a         Preston Summer Arts is an exciting six week
difference.                                           program of arts activities for the whole family-
                                                      Workshops will be led by led by a professional
Venue; Ribble Steam Railway, Preston                  artist and instructor and will take place in three
Dates From: 17 Aug 2011 To 17 Aug 2011                beautiful locations.
Grimsargh Farmers’ Market                             Venue Beacon Fell Country Park, Goosnargh
Location: Grimsargh                                   Samlesbury Hall, Samlesbury, Brockholes, Preston
Come along to the monthly farmers’ market at          Dates From: 25 Jul 2011 To 2 Sep 2011
Grimsargh Village Hall and discover some really       Treasure Hunt - Children’s activity
delicious treats.
                                                      Location: Worden Lane, Leyland
Dates From: 20 Aug 2011 To 20 Aug 2011
                                                      Dates From:
Lancashire Market
                                                      25 Jul 2011 To 2 Sep 2011
Location: Preston
Fresh, tasty quality local food and drink will be
 Did you know that Fulwood Methodist Church has a very successful theatre visit group? Over the
 last 5 years we have been to see over 50 performances of plays, operas, musicals and ballets in
 Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Bolton and Keswick. In each case we enjoy good quality seats at       The recent warm weather has brought the
 reduced prices and executive coach travel direct to the theatre. Membership of the group is free and
 open to all who love the theatre. Most visits are to matinee performances and are ideal for those
                                                                                                         biting insects out in force. Here are a few
 who don’t want the hassle of booking, travel and parking.                                               Natural Health tips from Mike Arnold , of
                                 Details of future visits are listed below.                              Longridge Health Store and natural health
                                                                                                         writer of the LEP.
                     September 10th (Sat - matinee) - THE SOUND OF MUSIC
                        (with Connie Fisher) Palace Theatre - Manchester                                 Essential natural remedy for any first-aid
                                     £50 adults, £40 children                                            cabinet is to be PYRETHRUM SPRAY from
              24 Sept (Sat - evening) MAHLER SYMPHONY No. 2 ‘RESURRECTION’                               Nelson’s. This handy little 30ml spray
                               BBC Phil and London Symphony Chorus                                       contains a blend of calming herbs including
                                   Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.
                           (Transport organised by cars on this occasion).                               St. John’s Wort, Echinacea, Calendula and
                        Cost £30 based on good Stalls seat and travel by car.
                                                                                                         Pyrethrum. Spray areas affected by insect
                                       5/6 October (fully booked)                                        bites or stings, and quickly takes the pain and
             48 hour visit to Stratford-upon-Avon for MACBETH (with Jonathan Slinger)
                                                                                                         irritation away.
                    October 29th (Sat - matinee) - KEEP SMILING THROUGH                                  High doses of Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)can deter
              At Theatre by the Lake in Keswick (full-day visit returning about 6.30pm)
              A heart-warming new play about life in the Lake District in the war time.                  insects from biting. Solgar’s 500mg Vitamin
                       Cost £35 – coach only for a ‘day-out’ in Keswick £12                              B1 tablet which, if taken daily, can within two
                        November 26th (Sat - matinee) - THE NUTCRACKER                                   weeks, act as an effective insect repellent. B1
                          Northern Ballet at the Opera House - Manchester                                produces a pungent smell undetectable to
                              Cost - £40 with £5 reduction for children
                                                                                                         humans but offensive to insects. A 500mg
                                                     2012                                                daily dose of Vitamin B1 can be taken safely
                      14 January (Sat - matinee) THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS                                 for a maximumof six weeks.
                        Alan Bennett’s version at The Lowry Theatre, Salford.
                               Cost £30 with £5 reduction for children
                                                                                                         If you are travelling to a malaria-risk zone
                                                                                                         Vitamin B1 is not a substitute for the anti-
                               1 March (Thursday - matinee) OLIVER
                       the musical in a new production by Cameron Macintosh                              malaria medication
                           at The Palace Theatre, Manchester. Cost £40.                                  prescribed by your
                           14 April (Sat - matinee) WONDERFUL TOWN                                       GP.
           the famous Bernstein musical in a new production featuring the Halle Orchestra                 Contact Mike at
                         and the production team from the Royal Exchange.
                  at The Lowry Theatre, Salford - starring Connie Fisher. Price £42                      naturalhealthad-
                   23 May (Wednesday - matinee) THE QUEEN OF THE NORTH
                     a new play by Ron Rose about Pat Phoenix of Corrie fame                             your national health
                             The Octagon Theatre, Bolton. Price £21.
                                                                                                         questions. Also on-
                         Organised by Fulwood Methodist Church – Crossroads Centre                       line at www.natural-
                               Watling Street Road, Fulwood, Preston PR2 8EA
                 1 12/07/2011                                                                21:29, or Longridge Health
                  If you are interested in joining us, please email          Store, Berry Lane, Longridge (01772 780562).

                                                 •MOBLIE CYCLE MECHANIC•                                                          With over 20 years experience in Events,
                                                     •LOCAL BUSINESS•                                                             Eminent provides value for money with
                                                 •ALWAYS ON HAND TO MAKE                                                          innovative solutions for every event, from
                                                 SURE YOUR BICYCLE WORKS•                                                         working on the smallest of private parties
                                                                                                                                  to the largest corporate and public
                                                • Bike Servicing                                                                  occasions.
                                                • Bike Repairs                                                                        At Eminent Event Management,
                                                • Bike Sales                                                                      the team facilitates a variety of services
                                                • Upgrades                                                  which will exceed your expectations to ensure your event is both
                                                                                                            unique and memorable. Whether you require a company you can
                                                • Re-builds                                                 trust to execute your event precisely the way you want it, or if
                                                • Wheel Repairs                                             you simply need proposals for your ideas, Eminent Event
         01772 654275 07860 388814                                                                          Management Limited will supply a solution.
                                                                           Why not call us today on 0845 094 8864
                                                 PLUMBING       RENOVATIONS
High Class Painter & Decorator
              Domestic and
              commercial work.
              Interiors and exteriors. Over 19
              experience. Advanced
              City & Guilds

              DALE LEE, LONGSIGHT RD,

              Free Estimates
              Tel: 01254 245835
              Mobile: 07903 020660
         DRIVEWAYS                                     PLUMBING, BATHROOMS
                                                         PROPERTY REPAIR
                                                 J. HELLIWELL SERVICES
                                                   LOOKING AFTER YOUR PROPERTY
                                                     BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS
                                                         PROPERTY REPAIR

                      CLASSIFED TRADE SECTION
                   BUILDING                                                                  BUILDING

                                                                                                        Complete building services.
                                                                                                        10 Years peace of mind
            All building work in Blackburn & surrounding areas                                          guarantee on all work.

All of our work is               Kitchens & bathrooms
carried out to the               Stone work specialist
highest standards                Insurance work
                                 Free quotations                   Brickwork - Plumbing - Electrics - Plastering - Fencing -
and we offer all of the
following services:            24 Mellor Brow                        Kitchens and Bathroom fitting - Joinery - Flagging -
 All building work             Mellor, Blackburn                      Roofing - Groundwork - Land Drains - Extensions -
 Extensions                    Lancashire                          Conservatories - Concrete Shuttering Specialists - ETC.
 Conversions                   BB2 7EX
 Property maintenance          Tel: 01254 812 855                07752 642 762 / 01254 381 124
 Refurbishments                Mob: 07976 984 430                120 Blackburn Road, Clayton le Moors BB5 5JH

                                                                     BUILDING                           STAINED GLASS

                                                                     ELECTRICAL                            EXTRA CASH

                                                                          DOMESTIC - INDUSTRIAL
                                                                          - COMMERCIAL

                                                                   Contact: Andy Pickup Bsc Hons
                                                                             or John Hope
                                                                      31 Whalley Road, Wilpshire,
                                                                         Blackburn, BB1 9LQ
                                                                 Tel 01254 248229 Mob 0771 676 8026
                                                                          Mob 07800 937 256
Bancroft Mill Steaming Days - 2011                      Date: 20th Aug 11
Barnoldswick From: 7 Aug 2011 To 7 Aug 2011             Location: Hurst Green Memorial Hall
Family Film Club - Gnomeo & Juliet (cert PG)            Time: 10:00 Cost: N/A For further details contact
Date: 9th Aug 11 Location: The Grand York Street        01254 827084.
Clitheroe Time: 15:00 Cost: £5 adults, £4 children,     Sabden Horticultural Society - 68th Annual
£15 family. For further details contact 01200           Show
                                                        Date: 20th Aug 11 Location: St Marys Church Hall
STEPPING OUT - THURSDAY EVENINGS                        Sabden Time: 14:00 Cost: Adults 25p, children free
Date: 11th Aug 11 Location: Read Car Park, by           Floral Horticultural and Handicrafts. Presentation
Cricket Ground Time: 18:30 Cost: Free                   at 2.15pm by Rev Birmingham. Refreshments
Rock Concert with Local Bands                           available. No entries after 9pm. For further details
Date: 12th Aug 11 Location: Clitheroe Castle            contact Mrs Clarkson on 01282 772762. Entries will
Bandstand Time: 19:30                                   be accepted by Mr J Boocock 123 Whalley Road
Cost: Free. Donations to charity. For further details   Mr L Clarkson 31 Pendleside Close
contact 01200 425566.                                   Last day for entries Thursday 18th August.
Clitheroe Food Festival                                 Holiday Bible Club
Location: Clitheroe                                     Date: 22nd Aug 11 - 26th Aug 11 Location: Knowle
Clitheroe Food Festival, the UK's newest Food           Green Church Time: 09:45. For further details
Festival, will showcase the best of Ribble Valley       contact Chris Okpoti on 01254 878394.
and Lancashire food and drink producers this            Clitheroe Bridge Club - Thursday Evenings
August. Dates From: 13 Aug 2011 To 13 Aug 2011          Date: 25th Aug 11 Location: Chatburn Village
Last Night of The Proms 2011                            School Hall Time: 19:15. For further details contact
Location: CLITHEROE. Venue Clitheroe Castle             01254 877256.
Museum, Clitheroe. Dates From: 13 Aug 2011 To 13        Kelbrook Art Exhibition 2011
Aug 2011                                                Date: 27th Aug 11 - 29th Aug 11. Location: Kelbrook
Dinosaur Mania                                          Village Hall. Time: 10:00. Cost: Free
Location: Castle Street, Clitheroe. Take part in a      Family Festival Date: 31st Aug 11
dinosaur treasure hunt when you visit Clitheroe         Location: The Grand York Street Clitheroe
Castle & Museum during July. Search high and
low to find the dinosaurs hidden amongst the            Time: 10:00 Cost: £1 per token, £10 for 12
museum exhibits.                                        redeemable at each activity.
Clitheroe Castle Museum, Clitheroe                      craft table, Guitar Hero on the big screen, Ball
                                                        Pool and Bungee Run inflatables. For further
Dates From: 13 Jul 2011 To 4 Aug 2011                   details contact 01200 421599.
Stonyhurst College Open Days
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