New Year's Resolution Photography by verz07


									Many of us have received or a new digital camera we bought for Christmas, and it comes
with a passion for beautiful images. Unfortunately, this may be low, because they know that
most of us, a camera with great pictures, the photographer. Although the solution can be
started for photographic journey into the new year on the right track to do?

1 First read the installation guide
Do not stop reading this article, as I said. Back in the pits and get directions. To become a
good photographer, you have to do. If the basic functions and special creative ways to know
who is struggling to get a good picture you see in books and magazines to get to get it. This is
important if you want to proceed with the next solution. Then, learn the basics and not all

2 Find basic course on photography
This could include books, online courses or photography classes at the local level. In any
case, put something on the first stone, he decided to find and learn the basics. You are
entering your database from scratch. If the boot, there are books, journals and internet
equipment, which can be studied. Whatever you do something that works for you.

3 The time photography third floor
Photography is not just what you choose to do, and if you want to take a camera and take
some pictures. They stopped the film to time in the schedule. This is not to read or study, but
a finger on the start of the two. Time to take a photo every day or every week, it is very
important if you want to go somewhere in your photographic journey.

4 Find your passion for photography
What do you enjoy in your life? What hobbies or interests? If you are a stamp collector or a
person of extreme sports, then you probably want to take a photo of your passion. This is not
always possible, but will help you, your love. Sit, if you do not know, and write what you
want. Then ask yourself if any of the interests, that you want to photograph. The limits are
based on photographic equipment and lenses that can work around the limitation on the

5 Think before you shoot
Goal in mind for time to start photography you feel before you shoot. Disease without
quantitative goals, plans or ideas. And targets ", such as guns and hope for a direct hit. Let
your shooting and only 36 shots in camera. If you can think twice before shooting and not the
hundreds of photographs, many expected, You always have great photographer.
Please note that because you have a camera that does not mean you are a photographer in the
same table, in the field, so that you can become an artist. Will do when the new year with a
new camera and photography tour as you learn new digital photography. Shoot happy!

by Wayne Turner

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