Susan - Impatient - Hard - working - Adventurous - Open Kevin

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   - Impatient
   - Hard - working
   - Adventurous
   - Open

Kevin :

   -     Shy
   -     Lazy
   -     Patient
   -     Unadventurous

                         OPPOSITE ATRACT

   -     Hard-working
   -     Open
   -     Adventurous
   -     Impatient

   -     lazy
   -     shy
   -     unadventurous
   -     patient
Jack: Hi, how are you tonight?
Susan: Fine.
Jack: Do you want to go cycling after the dinner?
Susan: No, I would like to go to the cinema.
Jack: Ok let’s go to the cinema.
Susan: There is a good comedy playing tonight.
Jack: No I don’t like comedy I would rather watch action film.
Susan: Why don’t you respect my wishes!!?
Jack: Come down, why are you jellying?
Susan: I am not jellying, that’s how I talk.
Jack: You can’t talk to me like this.
Susan: Ok let’s focus to the diner.
Jack: Yes let’s do that, what do you want to eat?
Susan: Fish.
Jack: Ok but I will eat chicken because I don’t like fish.
Susan: How do you mean you don’t like fish it’s my favourite food.
Jack: I have different taste.
Susan: I don’t like you because you are attracted by the opposite things.
Jack: Ok, you are right I will go home.
Susan: Me too I am really tired I will go to bed.
Jack: What!!? You are going to bed so early?
Susan: Yes.
Jack: Good bye.
Susan: Good bye.

Klemen Ivnik Dujovič
Asmir Suljič
                                 OPPOSITES ATRACT

SUSAN: Hard-working, mean, adventurous, impatient,

KEV: Lazy, generous, unadventurous, patient,


                         Some time here, some time elsewhere,
                            some time happy, some time sad,
                          some time lovely, some time hostile,
                       some time friendly, some time unfriendly…
                              But you are you, every time.



Jack: Hi, how are you today?
Rose: I’m fine, what about you?
Jack: I’m fine too. Can we go out tonight?
Rose: Sure. We meet at the cinema at 8 p. m.
Jack: No I can’t sorry, I have some things to do tonight can we meet tomorrow.
Rose: No, I have piano lessons tomorrow did you forget.
Jack: Oh, I forget, then we meet on Wednesday home because I am home alone.
Rose: Ok, see you on Wednesday.

                                 Made by: Domen and Marinko

     KEVIN                                   SUSAN
    - lazy                                      - hard-working
    - serious                                    - light-hearted
    - shy                                       - open
    - generous                                   - mean
    - unadventurous                              - adventurous
    - bothered                                   - lively
    - impolite                                   - polite
    - dishonest                                  - honest

lazy, polite, serious, adventurous, honest, unadventurous, open, bothered, dishonest, shy,
impolite, mean, hard-working, generous, light-hearted.



   O P    P   O   S   I   T   E S    A   T     T   R A C         T
                                     Opposites attract
SUSAN: energetic, open, light-hearted, friendly, adventurous, fit, sports
KEVIN: lazy, shy, wet, serious, patient, unadventurous, adaptable

Played: Kate, Robert, dog Pat, Kelly

It was sunny day and Robert was going to the park with his dog Pat. Suddenly he looked to
the bench. There was Kate. He has been in love with her since he started skating.

KATE: (thinks) Wow, who is that handsome boy?

She started to search her lipstick in her handbag.

Pat ran away.

ROBERT: Pat, come back right now! You stupid dog!

The dog came to Kate and put its paws on her knees.

KATE: Aaaa, that dog is attacking me! Help! Look at my new skirt, it’s dirty!

ROBERT: I’m so sorry about that.

KATE: That’s your dog?! Are you Robert from skating course?

ROBERT: (thinks) She remembers me! I have big luck!
      (says) I am.

KATE: What a cute doggie, what is its name?

 Few weeks after that day Robert and Kate started dating. But Robert realized that Kate was
too much selfish, that they could stay together.

KATE: oh, honey, look at this beautiful dress, can you buy it for me?

ROBERT: No, I’d rather go to the sport’s shop.

KATE: How egoistic! You are my boyfriend; you should buy me this dress!

ROBERT: I’m sorry, Kate, you have right, I am your boyfriend not your slave.

KATE: That’s not true, I love you.

ROBERT: You love just yourself!

KATE: O, that is too much, I am leaving you!! Good bye!!

Kate went away and Robert was very sad, but than he heard voice behind him.
It was Kelly.

KELLY: Hi, how are you? Would you like to go to the ice-cream with me?


Written by Angelika and Tjaša Markič
                                     Opposites attract

Susan: hard- working, open, impatient, adventurous, energetic, …
Kevin: lazy, shy, patient, unadventurous…

                                    Opposites attract the story

There was a guy named Franci and a girl named Jessica. They were very different in their
characters. They were known as, that they like each other. They were very good friends and
they attracted each other. She loved him because he was very fit but he didn’t know that and
he didn’t ask her to date, because he was shy. Than came to the school dance and Franci
danced with another girl. Jessica was disappointed about that situation and angry with him.
Then they broke up. Franci soon found out that he loves her because she is so open and
beautiful and he cannot live without her. He was going to apologise to her for his mistake. It
was the first time she didn’t accept his apologise. After 1 month later she finds out too that
she can’t live without him and since than, they are together. I hope that they will live happily
ever after.

                                                  Written by: Urban Sušnik & Žan Meglič, 9. a
Opposites attract

Susan- she is open
        - she is hardworking
        - she likes dancing
        - she likes sports

Kevin- he is shy
       - he is lazy
       - he does not like dancing
     - he likes films
     - he is unadventurous

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