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									How to Prevent a Lifetime Sentence of

        Nicotine by Reaching

 Out to Vancouver's Young Children

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One of the biggest threats to our children
nowadays in Vancouver is the vulnerability of
young children to the increasing malice of
smoking and doing drugs. Unless taught at a
young age, as early as preschool and early
elementary, the children are at an increased
risk of developing weaknesses towards the
peer pressure and dangers of smoking and

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An estimated sixty-five percent of high school
students regularly use, or have used drugs
since the beginning of high school. From this
number, about 50% of the students began
using drugs as early as middle school. The
time to teach children about drugs is not in
middle-school or high-school; the time is
preschool and elementary school.

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The majority of kid’s learning takes place
between the second and fifth years of their
life. It is here, where children develop
independent skills, such as judgment,
determination, and self-confidence. These
three skills are all essentially important to
setting up a mental barrier towards peer
pressure and others’ influence on them,
especially when situated in an environment
where the use of drugs is present, children’s’
brains are configured to believe that the use
of these substances is ok.

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By the time they finish learning these skills,
they are already exposed to what they
believe is conceptually correct. Although their
active years of developing independent skills
ends at around five or six years of age, this is
time where they are beginning to learn the
most educationally.

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At about the age of seven, children are at their
peak, learning the fundamentals of education,
including logic, connections, and reasoning.
These three characteristics are three of the
biggest influences to a child’s behavior and/or
reaction to a situation. By learning what drugs
are, what effects they have on you, the harm
they can potentially cause others, and the price
they might pay, children become aware
individually that drugs are a danger. In schools,
however, this education is normally provided
beginning at about 4th or 5th grade, and most
strongly emphasized during 7th and 8th grade.
This is not early enough.

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Current teaching habits potentially come too late.
Fifteen percent of children using drugs state they
didn’t know the severity of addiction, and that the
addiction prevention information came too late,
and an overarching forty percent of teens don’t
know the risk factor associated with the abuse of
drugs. Teaching the concept that drugs are fatal
and poisonous substances at young ages also
comes with other benefits. Since drugs might be
the first explicit subject discussed with children,
they might feel a sense of fear towards drugs.

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This is because as kids, their worries are fairly
immature, and presenting a mature and serious
topic with them might give them and ever-
lasting fear of drugs, making it less likely for
them to ever fall into the temptation. How is this
prevention possible? Simple. By using the
children’s imagination, they can create a
gateway to a superficial controlled belief that
drugs      are   malicious     and     dangerous
substances, not to be joked around with. This
belief, once practiced and reiterated throughout
their childhood, will become a long-lasting and
permanent mark on their attitude towards
drugs. This effect can be achieved, through the
Smokefree Kids BC Puppet Shows.
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Using puppetry and artistic creations, they
can easily embed into your child’s head the
danger of drugs, all while entertaining your

Teaching young kids to be smokefree is
important, so make your child’s next birthday
party a hit, with the best birthday gift of
knowledge and fun!

Check out Smokefree Kids BC on Youtube for
more information on how to do you and your
children a favor!.

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