Trouble With the Edges

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					Every moment of the Sabbath is
to be kept holy, but some have
Trouble With the Edges
        APRIL 9. 1957

   Bible Lesson for April 20

                                            UNDAY AFTERNOON
                                               there were so many
                                               things to be done, and
                                               the sun was riding down
                                               the sky. I knew that
                                               what I didn't get done
                                               that afternoon wouldn't
                                               get done until the fol-
                                               lowing Sunday.
                                                 Looking around the
                                 house, I could see so many things.
                                 Especially that chair! That chair! I
                                 had promised my wife so often that I
                                 would fix it "on Sunday." Now I was
                                 afraid that if that chair was not re-
                                 paired that afternoon, my marriage
                                 would come crashing          To page 3


             All Heaven Is Keeping the Sabbath 1
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                       Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days                                                  low in the staff box this week. The first is
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           that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them"                                                     retary, has been in the INSTRUCTOR office for
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               The Sabbath will be the great test of loyalty, for it is the                                                ment of Education of the General Conference.
           point of truth especially controverted.8                                                                        In her last two years at Washington Mission-
               As the crowning act in the great drama of deception, Satan                                                  ary College she was a reader in the Depart-
           himself will personate Christ. ... In his assumed character of                                                  ment of English. After graduation from WMC
           Christ, he claims to have changed the Sabbath to Sunday, and                                                    in 1953 she taught two years at Plainfield
           commands all to hallow the day which he has blessed.8                                                           Academy. When called to the INSTRUCTOR she
                                                                                                                           was secretary to the head of the New York
               The Sabbath was not for Israel merely, but for the world.                                                   office of the General Conference Bureau of
           It had been made known to man in Eden, and, like the other                                                      Public Relations.
           precepts of the Decalogue, it is of imgerishable obligation. Of
           that law of which the fourth commandment forms a part, Christ
           declares, "Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in                                           YOUTH       In welcoming Pastor Guy and
           no wise pass from the law.". . . When Eden shall bloom on earth                                                 Miss Slick to the official family that is respon-
           again, God's holy rest day will be honored by all beneath the                                                   sible for producing this magazine, we are
           sun. "From one Sabbath to another" the inhabitants of the glori-                                                happy for the experience and the points of
           fied new earth shall go up "to worship before Me, saith the                                                     view they bring that will increase our ability
           Lord." 10                                                                                                       to serve the interests of Seventh-day Adventist
                1 Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 362; " Ex. 20:8-11; 3 Patriarchs and Prophets, pp. 525, 526;
            4 Testimonies to Ministers, p. 134; 6 The Desire of Ages, p. 283; 6 Ibid., p. 288; ''Ibid.;                    COVER          The cover is a J. Byron Logan
            8 The Great Controversy, p. 605; " Ibid., p. 624; I0 The Desire of Ages, p. 283.

                                                                                                                           DELINQUENT         In recent years much has
                                                                                                                           been said and written about the juvenile de-
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                                                                                                                                            THE YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR
 From the cover                                 had finished, down he came, took his                lighted up. Instead of an interrupter ask-
                                                box of screws and slowly went through               ing silly questions, I was a neighbor in
                                               it. When he had gone through the box for             need, and that meant all of his resources
                                               the second time, punctuated by my "Oh,               were at my disposal until my need was
       TROUBLE                                 never mind, George," he had to concede
                                               defeat. "Sorry," he said. "Every kind
                                                                                                       Down to his tool shed we went, and he
                                               but that one, it seems."                            took down one jar of neatly tabulated and
                                                  By this time my Irish blood was up,              labeled screws after another. But no
                With the                       and I determined that this little matter of         screw of the dimension I needed.
                                               a screw was not going to beat me and the                "Try Rube," he said, indicating the
                                               neighborhood too, so I moved in on my               neighbor on his other side.

             EDGES                             other neighbor. There he was, down on
                                               his hands and knees on his immaculate
                                               back lawn, shears in hand, trimming the
                                                                                                       "Well," I said, "I hardly know him.
                                                                                                   Do you think he would mind?"
                                                                                                       "Certainly not. He's got everything in
                                               edges. I'm afraid I wasn't very original            that line. He'll be glad to help you."
 By     ROBERT            H.     PARR          in my efforts at preliminary conversation.              "I'll give it a try," I said, "and sorry
                                                  "Trimming the lawn?" I said, in what             to have interrupted you in your work."
                                               I hoped was a disarmingly cheerful voice.               His reply sounded something like what
                                                  "Nope. Just the edges. I mow the                 I had heard from George. "That's all
  down about my ears, and all I would have
                                               lawn."                                              right," he said. "Glad for an excuse to
  would be memories. Well, not quite so
                                                  Well, I guess I had asked for it, and            get off my hands and knees for a while.
  bad as that, but I did admit to myself
                                               the taciturn old fellow had set me right            I don't mind cutting lawns, but I hate
  that my wife had reason to be disbeliev-
                                               back where I belonged. Still, I knew that           trimming the edges. Rather cut the lawn
  ing to the point of scornfulness when I
                                               underneath that gruff old exterior there            twice."
  promised that I would see to it "on Sun-
                                               was a heart of gold, so I told him my                   I found Rube (or Mr. Bowen, as I
                                               story. As I told him of my need his face            respectfully called him) hard at it in his
     All that chair needed was a screw in
  the right place, but that was the trouble.
  It had to be a certain type of screw and
 just a certain length. As usual, when I
  went through my box of screws there
 were all kinds but the kind I wanted. I
 had suspected as much, but I had for-
 gotten to buy the right kind on Friday.
 I even admitted to myself that I was not
 a success as a husband a total failure, in
     Then a happy thought struck me. My
 neighbors! They wouldn't mind lending
 or even giving me the kind of screw I
 wanted. They all had lots of screws any-
 way. So, pocketing my pride, I moved
 next door to track down the single screw
 that I needed to restore the chair and my
 tottering reputation with the family.
     I found my neighbor George up a
 ladder, painting the ceiling of one of the
 rooms of his house. Undeterred, and
 filled with the importance of my own
 need, I failed to appreciate the fineness
of the work upon which he was engaged.
 I did notice, however, that he was con-
centrating. His tongue protruded its tip
through his lips, and his eyes had
screwed themselves into that peculiar
little line that announces to all that
George is concentrating.
    I told him my story. He was sympa-
thetic. Yes, he thought he had the kind
I needed.
    fust one?
    Certainly. But would I wait until he
had finished? "You see," he explained,
"I'm on these edges, and they're tricky.
Rather paint a whole wall than get one
straight line against another color. It just
takes all the time and concentration I've
got. I wish someone would invent some-
thing that does away with painting the
    I promised that I would give it some
thought. I would have promised pretty           A. DEVANEY

well anything to get that screw. When he       What a happy feeling we enjoy when our week's work is done and we are ready to welcome the Sabbath.

APRIL 9, 1957
workshop. He was making something on            edges. And I had had it just twenty-four       spirit and in truth. A few minutes before
the bench that looked like a picture frame,     hours before. You know what I mean.            the sun set on Friday evening the family
and as I entered he was so engrossed that       True, not a tangible edge to handle, but       gathered for worship. Everything was
he did not see me. It was obvious that he,      the harder for that. Let me tell you about     in readiness. As the wife softly played
too, was intent on getting something just       a recent one. I could multiply examples        some hymns on the organ her husband
so, something that demanded of him all          to infinity, but one will have to do.          looked through the Bible for some suit-
the care and attention he could give.              It was Friday afternoon, and I was busy     able reading to usher in the Sabbath. The
   I shuffled my feet and coughed gently.       with one or two things that had to be          rest of us sat quietly waiting. The per-
   "Don't talk yet," he said. "Don't even       done before Sabbath. With one eye on the       fect calm of a warm summer evening
breathe if you can arrange it. If this slips    sun as it slid toward the western sky, I       seemed to pervade the air, adding to
once more, I'll give the whole thing            hurried to get all done. When the sun          the atmosphere of worship. As the organ
away."                                          slipped behind the houses, I put the eye on    stopped playing the father looked over to
   So I stood quietly, watching him as          my watch to keep track of the time.            his eldest son, a lad of about sixteen, and
with practiced thoroughness and preci-          Finally my tasks were all finished, and I      said, "I'll sleep a lot easier now I know
sion he abutted the pieces of the frame         hurried home to open Sabbath.                  the wire is repaired on that far chicken
together, so that only the closest scrutiny        "You're late, aren't you?" my wife          run."
could detect the joint.                         said. "Sabbath came in ten minutes ago.           Somehow, all eyes naturally turned on
   At last he straightened up, saying as he     What happened?"                                Don. He didn't need to say anything.
did so, "Sorry I didn't have the welcome                                                       His horrified expression told its own
mat out. Hope you'll excuse my bad man-                                                        story. "Dad!" he blurted out, "I clean
ners, but you just came in as I was hav-                                                       forgot it; I'm sorry, I forgot!"
ing the hundredth shot at getting these                                                           "Forgot!" his father echoed, in a voice
edges flush. They always move when I
cramp them, and get out of plumb."
                                                     7tote fo                                  that was at once a rebuke and an in-
                                                                                               credulous utterance of dismay. "How
   I said it was perfectly all right, and                                                      could you forget? I saw you going that
with a desperate hope, told my story for              By MARY GUSTAFSON                        way with your tools to fix it. There won't
the third time.                                                                                be a chicken left in there by now!"
   "Know just what you mean," he said,            As I clean the last wee youngster               In two minutes there wasn't a soul left
reaching for a jar of screws. "This kind?"          I can feel a special thrill                in that room. We were all, family and
   It was. Exactly. He insisted that I take       From the beauty of the sunset                guest,     chasing    chickens,   tramping
a few, although I wanted only one. And              And the peace that walks the hill.         through the long grass, trudging among
if I had any trouble, I must bring the                                                         the corn, hunting chickens, and thor-
chair over and he would fix it.                                                                oughly trampling on the precious edges
   And so it was that as I went home I            I have baked the bread for Sabbath,          of the Sabbath, as we did so. As we
pondered to myself that it was certainly             Cooked corn and greens and rice,          chased chickens Don repaired the wire.
some coincidence that my three calls              There is lettuce for a salad                 As we herded them into their yard poor
found each neighbor having some bother              And dessert to pass out twice.             Don wrestled with his own problems
with "edges." I resolved that it was                                                           the wire and his conscience.
worth mentioning when I reached home.                                                             It was dark when we were all around
                                                  The shoes have all been blackened,
Besides, it would give me a lead to an-                                                        the organ again. We were ready to
                                                   Each dress was ironed with care,
nounce to those it would surprise most:           And I touch the Sabbath edges                welcome in a day that had come an
"I have the screw. Now, where is the chair,                                                    hour ago, and no one was feeling quite as
                                                   With a little time to spare.
and please don't look surprised when I                                                         calm and composed as before. Just as his
walk in a little later with the chair fixed."                                                  father was about to begin reading, Don
   I knew what I was going to say. I                                                           said softly, "I'm sorry, everybody. It
even knew the tone of voice to use                                                             seems as though I've spoiled things for
slightly superior, with the suggestion of          "It's all right," I said. "Sabbath is not   everyone. I'm terribly sorry."
challenging overtones.                          in yet. There's a couple of minutes to go.        Of course, we all said the right things,
   "You'll never guess," I announced, "all      Let's have worship now."                       but the fact remained that once the edges
three neighbors "                                  "Do you know the time?" We com-             of the Sabbath are trampled underfoot
   "Sh-sh! please," said my wife, her           pared watches. Mine had stopped! The           the day seems to get off to an irreparably
mouth full of pins. "This is the third          long twilight and the treacherous time-        bad start. And what is worse, we seldom
time, and you'll put me off."                   piece had defeated my apparent vigilance.      spoil it for ourselves only. Usually, I
   My daughter was standing on the table,       I had to admit it. I had trampled on the       notice, if I am not careful of the edges,
and my wife was pinning up the hem of           edges of the Sabbath. I was probably           the whole family suffers. Because Don
her new dress. One gets used to this kind       actually in that last shop when the sun        was careless, the first precious minutes of
of thing over the years. I had seen the         went down. I could find no satisfactory        the Sabbath were gone for us all. What is
performance before. Knowing it was fu-          explanation; as the sun went down I was        worst of all, however, is that a Sabbath
tile to interrupt, I waited and watched.        about my worldly business, and actually a      thus begun is never quite what you
Eventually it was done to her satisfaction      stopped watch is a weak excuse. So I           hope a Sabbath will be. The anticipation
and she straightened up. "What were you         too had my problem of the edges.               of good things to come is dulled, the act
saying                                             This problem of the edges, particularly     of worship too late seems almost with-
   "I was going to remark," I said, for-        as it refers to the Sabbath, is all too com-   out point or significance, and that feeling
getting the tone of voice I had intended        mon. Have you noticed it too? No matter        seems to linger throughout the day.
to use, "that all the neighbors are having      how early or late the sun goes down, no           One who spoke with great authority,
trouble with edges of some sort, but here       matter how thorough we thought our             knowing the weakness of the human
in my own house there seems to have             preparation had been, at the last minute       flesh and the supreme cunning of the
been a problem of edges too. Apparently         there crops up something. Something            evil one, has left us this word: "We
everyone is having trouble with edges but       like this:                                     should jealously guard the edges of the
me."                                               I was spending the weekend with an           Sabbath." It is right-up-to-the-minute ad-
   Everyone but me? How easily we for-          Adventist family. They sincerely tried to      vice. So up to date, indeed, that you'll
get. Every week I have trouble with the         keep the Sabbath as they worshiped in          need it for next Sabbath. And so will I.
                                                                                                          THE VOVTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                       "HE drew a circle
                       that shut me out."
                          What could possi-

                                                                 SOME CIRCLES
                       bly have brought
                       Markham's little clas-
                       sic to my mind?
                       There was nothing
                       literary about the gay
                       conversation of my
                       friends around me as

                       we thoughtlessly
crowded the sidewalk that late morning                                               Are Small
   Could it have been the slight droop in
Rodney's shoulders as he meekly stepped
aside to let groups of us by, or the wistful                                      By     ANNA         JO      ALLGOOD
look in his eyes when fellows by twos or
threes passed him on their way to chapel,
so engrossed in their own small circles
that they didn't even notice him?
   Yet now that I've noticed, I keep won-                    aren't the snobbish type. I have seen their    him that will contribute to our interests,
dering why Rodney is always so alone.                        warmhearted friendliness demonstrated          to our own social position and success ?
He has not one more friend than he had                       too many times for me to believe they             But must we always think in terms of
the day he arrived two years ago, but no                     would coldly draw circles to exclude           what others can be to us, I wonder; is
one ever seems to be aware of his alone-                     solitary ones in need of friendly compan-      there no reason for us to consider what
ness. Is that because most of us are                         ionship.                                       we can be to others? Can't we realize
absorbed in little cliques of our own and                       Still, however involuntary our action       that by giving of ourselves we enhance
assume if we ever give the subject a                         may be, I am becoming convinced, since         our own personality and strengthen our
thought that all those around us are                         observing too many Rodneys about our           own character? Are we so shortsighted
taken care of and are as contented in                        campus, that even students of a Chris-         that we can't see below a person's mere
friendships as we?                                           tian college can set up some unwritten         peculiarities or surface quaintness to
   The majority of students on our cam-                      standards by which we more or less in-         more basic qualities, and there discover
pus are too fine to deliberately snub or                     stinctively "rate" others.                     something to stimulate our interest?
shut out anyone, I feel sure. They just                         Thinking of Rodney again (I can't              True it is that Rodney's background
                                                             seem to forget him since the other morn-       has given him a seeming oddness. He
   Miss Allgood, a native of New Mexico, was attending
Southwestern Junior College when this article was written.
                                                             ing), have we shut him out because his         evidently hasn't been accustomed to
She was enrolled as an education major, with plans to        dress is shabby? Because his mannerisms        associating with people, particularly
teach in the field of English for her lifework. She can-
vassed during the summer of 1955, and in the school          and his conversation when he finds any-        young people. He takes everything so
year following worked as a reader in the education de-
partment. It is understandable that the reading of lit-
                                                             one who will listen a few minutes seem         seriously and his brisk businesslike man-
erature is her hobby.                                        peculiar? Or do we just see nothing in         ner is quite different from the casual tone
                                                                                                            of college life; yet a look at his transcript
                                                                                                            would be enough to convince anyone that
                                                                                                           his mental ability is not inferior. In some
                                                                                                            scientific subjects he seems to be un-
                                                                                                           usually perceptive, even brilliant.
                                                                                                               Can we see nothing in him that would
                                                                                                           be a challenge to us? Something that
                                                                                                           would more than amuse us? For we
                                                                                                           must admit Rodney has progressed further
                                                                                                           in his schoolwork than he has socially.
                                                                                                           The very mention of his name brings
                                                                                                           laughter from his classmates. Yet I felt
                                                                                                           more like crying than laughing when I
                                                                                                           stopped to talk with him briefly yesterday
                                                                                                           afternoon. The delight that shone in his
                                                                                                           eyes over my interest in some rocks he
                                                                                                           had collected tugged at my heart and
                                                                                                           made me realize, suddenly, how much he
                                                                                                           needed and longed for a feeling of belong-
                                                                                                           ing and appreciation.
                                                                                                              Rodney has stayed here in school in
                                                                                                           spite of all the exclusion he has faced. But
                                                                                                           I think sometimes of those who leave the
                                                                                                           campus before the term is completed,
                                                                                                           who don't return after a vacation, whose
                                                                                                           stated reasons for dropping out are com-
                                                                                                           monplace. Was it too easy for them to
                                                                                                           slip away from us because we already had
                                                                                                           them shut out and there was no bond of
 A. DEVANKY                                                                                                real fellowship to gather them in and
 The majority of campus students are too fine to deliberately snub anyone, but are they too busy           hold them here?
 to see the lonely droop in the shoulders of the shabbily dressed boy or the stringy-haired girl?             And now that I have become so alerted
APRIL 9, 19)7
 to the subject, I have begun to wonder       sation for the cool indifference with             We are glad to say in our campus pub-
 whether a few of those who have been         which he had been treated in life.             lications that our schools are "friendly
asked to withdraw from school this year          "Ned was always so eager to help."          schools." One of our strong promotional
may be circle victims too. That is, could     "He was a tireless worker." "He had one        points is that there is no place like a
one of the basic reasons for their diffi-     of the friendliest smiles I have ever seen."   Christian college in offering wholesome
culty be that finding themselves shut out     From fellow students around me I oc-           association for Adventist young people.
of the better circles, they sought and        casionally caught fragments of low, awed          I am glad that this is true. But are
found admittance in some that brought         conversation, and I wished almost vio-         the opportunities equal for all or are they
out their baser qualities and hid or extin-   lently that Ned might hear those sincere       limited for some by our own selfishness?
guished their good ones?                      words of praise, for I am positive he             It is delightful to know people whose
   As I said before, surely we are blind      heard all too few of them when he was          interests and tastes are similar to our
to the needs around us, and whatever          alive. Sincere though they undoubtedly         own. It's fun to be with them; it's easy
circles we have inscribed to shut out         were, they sounded strangely empty to me       to like them. It takes no real strength of
people have been unknowingly drawn. I         coming just then.                              character to be cordial, to be friendly, to
have to believe we would open them               Ned had come to school with an ear-         be likeable to friendly people. It is our
gladly could we see the need in time.         nest desire to become a better Christian,      treatment of the socially retarded, those
Unfortunately, our understanding often        yet just a day before he met with the          who have unlovable traits, or the shy and
comes too late, as it did for Ned. Circles    accident that took his life he is said to      inhibited, that reveals what we truly are.
opened wide for him one day, but he           have expressed doubt as to whether he             Very few people are gifted with the
didn't know.                                  even wanted to be a Christian. His stay        talent of making friends effortlessly,
   My heart aches at the remembrance. I       among us had been so short; his tragic         spontaneously; and so too often we are
can still hear the sobs of students rising    death had come so suddenly. Could we           friendly only to those who are friendly
above the soft organ strains. One of my       have had something to do with his dis-         to us, forgetting those who would like
own sobs shook me as I wondered sud-          couragement? Had it been any fault of          to be friendly but don't know exactly
denly what Ned would think could he           ours that he had doubted the Christian         how, and are waiting, even longing, for
wake at that moment and see the large         way of life? Could the change in his at-       someone else to take the initiative. Our
congregation that had come to pay their       titude have been influenced by Christian       circles can become so tightly closed that
last respects. The profuse array of flowers   students who had unwittingly shut him          those shut outside could no more imagine
surrounding him seemed poor compen-           out of their circles?                          trying to be friendly to us than they
                                                                                             could think it feasible to be sociable to a
                                                                                             stone wall.
                                                                                                What a difference it makes when you
                                                                                             are on the inside! It can change your
                                                                                             whole outlook and attitude on life, your
                                                                                             character, your desires and wants, your
                                                                                             personality, and even your looks.
                                                                                                It surely made all those differences in
                                                                                             Jane. If you had known Jane six months
                                                                                             ago, you wouldn't recognize her today.
                                                                                                She came to school unsure of herself,
                               By HERTA GLANZER                                              shy, inwardly bitter, with an uncaring
                                                                                             attitude. Her dress was showy and in-
                                                                                             appropriate. But now poised, friendly
                                                                                             to everyone, dressed simply and in good
                                                                                             taste Jane is happy and looking forward
            OME TIME ago we bough                                                            to a place in God's work. What has made
             the Peterson place down by                                                      the difference?
             the river. Of course, we                                                           One girl Shirley, a lovely Christian
             changed many things to make                                                     shut her ears to the unkind criticisms
it our own, but there was one thing we                                                       and took the timid misfit into her group
didn't change, and that was a sign on one                                                    of friends. She was just friendly to Jane,
of the gateposts: "D. Peterson."              when I told them that Petersons no longer
                                                                                             waited for her after classes, walked to
   I really don't know why we didn't re-      lived here.
                                                                                             chapel with her, invited her to meals.
move the sign. I suppose it was that it          Sometimes a young person wears the
                                                                                             And the thought that one person was in-
wasn't very conspicuous from the house,       wrong sign. It reads: "I am a Christian."
                                                                                             terested in her kept Jane going, gave her
but it really should have been the first      The surprise comes when we see that it
thing to be changed. We certainly didn't      is just an empty profession, because he
                                              doesn't look like a Christian, act like a         Jane wasn't the only one whom Shirfey
look like Petersons, act like Petersons, or
talk like Petersons. We neither liked the     Christian, or talk like a Christian. He        influenced; other girls followed her ex-
                                              neither likes the same things that Chris-      ample, began to see something in Jane
same things Petersons liked, nor had the
                                              tians like, nor has the kind of friends that   that was worth while. Now Jane is very
kind of friends the Petersons had.
   Any passer-by who had once known           Christians should have.                        much a part of several circles, is gener-
                                                 When they are asked to help in church       ously reaching out drawing in others who
them would, no doubt, be quite surprised
                                              work and someone points to their sign,         need a little special friendliness. The
and puzzled to see two fairly good-sized
                                              they make some lame excuses, that show         widening results of one friendly adven-
boys going in and out as though it were
their home, and a little dog defending the    that "Christian" no longer lives there.        ture still amaze me. As yet I haven't
yard as though he lived there, because the       At our place the thing to do was take       been able to decide which was the more
previous owner had no boys, and their         down the old sign and put up a new             blest in the experiment, Jane or Shirley!
                                              one. But the youth who has the Christian          Yes, Markham had the right answer
dog was a huge collie.
   Occasionally people used to knock on       sign at his gate should find a new occu-       after all:
the door and ask to see Mr. Peterson.         pant, so the sign will tell the truth.             "But love and I had the wit to win:
"Yes, but the sign " they would say,             The new occupant is himself reborn.              We drew a circle that took him in!"
                                                                                                        THE YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                          trees and garden in the back. After a
                                                                                                          short conversation about the weather and
                                                                                                          family, Aunt Mary left her.
                                                                                                             The young girl sighed, pulled off her
                                                                                                          tam, and sat down on the bed. She felt
                                                                                                          bone weary through and through, and
                                                                                                          she longed to rest, but her mind wouldn't
                                                                                                          let her.
                                                                                                             With another sigh she pulled her case
                                                                                                          across the bed and opened it. She took
                                                                                                          out her Bible and books and papers, ar-
                                                                                                          ranged them within reach on the bed.
                                                                                                          She closed the case and put it on the
                                                                                                          floor. Untying her shoes, she toed them
                                                                                                          off and they dropped with a thud on the
                                                                                                          floor. Then doubling up the snowy-white
                                                                                                          pillow she curled up with it supporting
                                                                                                          her shoulders and head. Picking up her
                                                                                                          Bible, she turned the pages idly, wonder-
                                                                                                          ing how to begin. Then a verse caught
                                                                                                          her eye. She rolled over, tucked the pillow ;
                                                                                                          under her chin, put her Bible on the bed.
                                                                                                          in front of her, and proceeded with
                                                                                                          energy and determination. Lethargy left
                                                                                                          her, her senses fired with keenness, her
                                                                                                          pulse quickened, and her eyes darkened.
                                                                                 LESTER QUADE, ARTIST    Where this might lead to she didn't
  "You may go to any decent, civilized church," her father's letter said, "but I won't have a girl        know, but wherever it was, she was cer-
  of mine bring disgrace on the entire family; I thought you more sensible than to mix with SDA's.       tainly on her way.
                                                                                                             Her aunt stopped by the door once,
                                                                                                         puzzled by such quietness, but seeing
                                                                                                         Lohanna flushed and busy over her
                                                                                                         books, she tiptoed away smiling. "A real
                                                                                                         student, and so young at that! Got the

                All the Way
                                                                                                         Anderson ambition and pride and brains.
                                                                                                         I do believe." Her aunt wiped her hands
                                                                                                         on her apron with satisfaction, and
                                                                                                         proceeded with the "supper fixin'."
                                                                                                             Lohanna was noncommittal at supper-
                                                                                                         time, only smiled and turned the ques-
                                                                                                         tions of her aunt and uncle aside.
                By      MARJORIE                  GRANT             BURNS                                   "Up to something startling and bigr"
                                                                                                         the aunt thought, and nodded her head
                                                                                                         approvingly. "Make the family proud
                                                                                                         someday no doubt." She beamed on
                                           PART TWO                                                      Lohanna and kept refilling her dish. The
                                                                                                         girl's poor tired mind reeled a little before
                                                                                                         it all, but she finally was able to excuse
                                                                                                         herself and return to her room.
                                                                                                            And now the real fight was on. Hours
           HEN Lohanna entered her                 by and keep her from feeling so alone!                went by, but she read on and on. "You're
            room some time later she               But there wasn't a soul that she knew of              wrong you're wrong you're wrong
            knew that the time had come            that she could trust, not one who would              you're wrong you're WRONG, Lo-
            when she must face all the             understand her struggle to know truth.                hanna!" Oh, but she couldn't believe it.
odds, and make a final decision. Her               Turning slowly, she picked up the case                How could she be wrong? and the
minister had not helped her really. Ten-           and reached for the door.                             people? and the ministers? yes, even
sion gripped her, making her feel cold                At that moment faintness almost over-             the ministers! All of us, hundreds of us,
and nervous and distraught. "To get                whelmed her. She shook her head sharply              thousands of us. Wrong! It just couldn't
away," she thought. "If I could get                to clear her eyes. "Stop it, Lohanna," she           be!
away have time to study and to think."             said to herself. "Get a hold on yourself                 But Lohanna, "the living know that
But where could she go, where could she            and let's get this thing settled." Shoulders         they shall die: but the dead know not
find the unmolested seclusion she needed?          back and eyes narrowed a little, she                 any thing"——"the just shall live by faith"
   She pulled out a little case and packed         marched out of her room and into the                     "but faith without wor)(s is dead"
a few things. She gathered up what books           hall. There she paused to scribble a note.                 "If ye love me," Lohanna, "keep my
she had and put them in. Cold, trembling           "Gone to see Aunt Mary. Be back Mon-                 commandments"          "Remember the sab-
fingers picked up the Bible and put it             day."                                                bath day to keep it holy" "the seventh
carefully on top. Then she closed the                  Out she went then and hailed a bus.              day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God"
case and pressed the latch shut.                   It was rather a long way, but she was                      "the Lord blessed the sabbath day,
   Suddenly loneliness and despair swept           rewarded when she got there. Aunt Mary               and hallowed it"        "praY Ye t ^lat y°ur
over her. If only someone would come to            was quiet, her home free from hustle                 flight be not in the winter, neither on the
help, if only she had one friend, even for         and bustle. She led Lohanna to a peaceful            sabbath day" "from one new moon
an hour or two someone to care, to stand           room, the windows of which framed the                to another, and from one sabbath to
APRIL 9, 1957
                                                ^--^ *--s-i. *- * -i. *- * *.-* * i. * i. * * * -S--*. i--i--J--S.-i--^
another, shall all flesh come to worship                                                                                     "Yes, Pastor, I would."
before me, saith the Lord" "Sin,"                                                                                            Pastor Wilson held out his hand. "God
Lohanna, "is the transgression of the law"                                                                                bless you, Lohanna. I could wish others
   "the wages of sin is death" "if                                                                                        were as honest and truehearted as you.
thou turn away thy foot from the sab-                                                                                     But you girls better hurry now. It's getting
bath, from doing thy pleasure" "The                                                                                       late."
seventh day is the sabbath!"                                      By RAE BEHRENS                                             With quick good-bys the girls bundled
    The pressure was just too great, the                                                                                  up and turned toward home.
shock too much, the book slipped from              The first storms of winter had come,                                      "Lohanna," said Elaine in an agitated
her fingers. Pulling up stiffly, she slipped    and the low-lying vegetable gardens were                                  voice, "do you think you are wise? What
off her dress and without further prepara-      under a foot or so of water. Acres of old                                 will your cousin say?"
tion crawled cold and shivering into her        cucurbit plants pumpkins, melons, cu-                                        "Not much I guess. I'll try to- tell her
bed. A last painful effort and she pulled       cumbers, marrows like whitened skele-                                     at a receptive moment, if one happens
out the light, then her arm dropped             tons, with shreds of frost-blackened leaf                                 along."
heavily on the bed. Sleep swept over her        still clinging to them here and there, rose                                   "Well, more power to you, but I think
slowly like a deadening drug, bringing          in desolation from the swamp.                                             you are heading for trouble."
release at last.                                   Surely no illustration Isaiah used could                                  Elaine turned in at her gate. "Good
    The next morning she awoke with a           have better typified the stricken nation                                   night. See you tomorrow."
 start. Something had fallen! Oh, yes. The      of Israel: "And the daughter of Zion is                                       "Good night." Lohanna hurried on. A
 books. She rolled over and hid her face        left ... as a lodge in a garden of cucum-                                  foreboding was crowding in, a dread she
against her arm, dreading the mental            bers."                                                                     could not name. She turned in at her gate
 pain of reality again. She felt urged to                                                                                  and noticed the lights were on in the hall.
pray. "O God, help me!" She opened                                                                                         Entering, she saw a letter on the stand
 her eyes again. Her room was filled with                                                                                  addressed to her in her father's firm hand.
 a strange, glowing light. Sitting up, her                                                                                 "Had somebody found out already? Had
 eyes turned to the window, and then her         other aunt and uncle in Denton. She felt                                  somebody told?"
 breath caught, and she sat there trans-         a little guilty as she told them of her                                      In a fever of hope and dread Lohanna
 fixed.                                          weekend trip, leaving out the best and                                    rushed to her room and ripped open the
     It had snowed during the night. A           most important part, but she wasn't                                       letter.
 little rain too, evidently. Everything was      ready to tell them yet. She didn't even                                  "DEAR LOHANNA,
 clothed in white, and was sparkling with        tell her friend, Elaine, but she urged more
 a thousand tiny icicles; the trees and          attendance at the little Adventist church,                                  "Well, what is this nonsense I hear
 shrubs bent humbly under their load of          and Elaine was glad to go.                                               about you? I have never forbidden you
 snow; and new lines of grace and beauty            It wasn't long before Bible studies                                   your religion; you may go to any decent
 and gentleness enshrouded the whole gar-        were suggested, and the girls consented.                                 civilized church. But I forbid you to go
 den. Her heart rose into her throat. Pick-      They went each evening to the home of                                    to an Adventist church. I will not have a
 ing up one of the covers as she crawled         the elderly couple where Pastor Wilson                                   girl of mine be so foolish and bring dis-
 from bed, she pulled it around her and          was staying. There, gathered around the                                  grace upon the entire family. I'm sur-
 knelt by the window.                            big coal stove, by the light of a coal-oil                               prised at you, Lohanna. I thought you
     "Oh, how beautiful," she whispered.         lamp, they studied. Elaine was impressed,                                had better sense than to get mixed up in
 "All the old covered with the new." She         but Lohanna was deeply stirred. One                                      such stuff.
 paused, bit her lip to keep back the tears,     evening as they were leaving she said,                                      "Go out and have a good time. Go to
 but they would not obey. Down over her          "Pastor Wilson, it is clear to me. And                                   shows or something. But I forbid you to
 pale cheeks they ran and fell on her            God has seemed so close, I just feel "                                   go to that church again, and I expect you
 hands. The tears magnified the sunlight         There she paused, unable to put her de-                                  to obey me."
 and made her hide her face again. Sud-          sire into words.                                                                              "Your father,
 denly everything in her heart broke up              Pastor Wilson arose, came around the                                                       JAMES ANDERSON."
  all the tension and fear, the uncertainty       table and stood near, a smile of joy light-
  and dread. She sobbed bitterly, shaken          ing his youthful face. "Miss Lohanna," he                                   Lohanna sat down weakly. How could
  through and through. Then it passed as         said kindly, "I think I understand. I've                                  her father feel like that? Surely she could
  quickly as it had come and like the             seen honesty and conviction in your face                                 make him understand. She got pencil
  storm, it was gone, leaving the old             from the very start." He paused, also at a                               and paper out and tried to write to him.
  covered with the new. "God did this for         loss for words. Elaine moved restlessly,                                 But she couldn't think of the words to
  me," she thought, her eyes on the garden        her conscience was pricking her, but she                                 say.
  beyond the windowpane. "He, in His              threw it off with a shrug.                                                  Finally she gave up and went to bed.
  endless love and mercy and understand-             The pastor looked at Lohanna search-                                  Her heart felt sore, and she shed some
  ing, did it to help me understand." Hap-        ingly, and said, "God has won hasn't                                     tears. She longed for a friend, but as be-
  piness welled up in a reviving tide and         He?"                                                                     fore she felt alone in her trouble. But
  brought bright color to her face again.           "Yes," answered Lohanna, "He has."                                     God stood by, and angels too. Calm came
      "If you love me," Lohanna, "keep my           "Are you ready for what follows?"                                      and she fell into peaceful sleep.
  commandments."                                    "I would like to be baptized," she said                                   Difficult days followed. She couldn't
      She raised a tear-washed face and whis-    simply.                                                                   eat and couldn't sleep as much as she
  pered simply, "Lord, I will." And she                                                                                    should, and she lost weight rapidly. Her
                                                    "Are you sure? Do you realize all it                                   cousin alternately scolded and teased her,
  marveled at a sudden change, like a
                                                 involves? It may cost you a great deal."                                  and what was worse, sent another dis-
  flash of light across her mind. The com-
  mands, which the night before had                 "It's right, so I must do it." It was as                               turbing message home.
  seemed like threats, now seemed like           simple as that to Lohanna.                                                   At school her chemistry teacher
  dew-pearled promises held in the chalice          "Do your folks know?"                                                  stopped her one day. "Lohanna, are you
  of two nail-pierced hands. Such peace             "Not yet, but I'll tell them."                                         ill? Something seems to be the matter
  and security came in, and God seemed              "Well, we'll have a baptism in three                                   with you."
  unutterably near and dear.                     weeks. I feel you are ready. Would you                                       "No, not ill. Just well, just some
      Lohanna returned to the home of the        like to be baptized then?"                                                trouble."                       To page 19

 8                                                                                                                                    THE YOVTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                        corner of a bunkhouse where our whole
                                                                                                        family had to stay for a week or more
                                                                                                        until a temporary shack was provided.
                                                                                                           One evening shortly after our arrival,
                                                                                                        Father announced that he had picked a
                                                                                                       good site for a house. We were all eager
                                                                                                        to see the place, so after the supper dishes
                                                                                                        had been quickly washed Dad led the
                                                                                                       way to a secluded knoll covered with
                                                                                                       small pine trees. It was some distance
                                                                                                        from the main camp with its daily din of
                                                                                                        mill machinery. This setting seemed per-
                                                                                                        fect to everyone.
                                                                                                           From the highest point of this gentle
                                                                                                        rise there was a remarkable view of the
                                                                                                       famous Canadian Rockies raising splin-
                                                                                                       tering spires to pierce the evening sky.
                                                                                                        To the southwest the snowy heads of the
 Hiking in the woods one sunny summer afternoon, nay brother and I wandered farther than usual,
                                                                                                        Caribou range loomed boldly near and
 suddenly breaking through taller timber into an open meadow through which flowed a gurgling stream.    very steep, making us, who were ac-
                                                                                                        customed to holding a level eye across
                                                                                                       prairies and plains, feel almost penned
                                                                                                        up. But this feeling was fast to be re-
                                                                                                        placed with that of security, which these
                                                                                                        sentinels of the valley seemed to offer
                                                                                                        under their protecting shadow.
                                                                                                           During the next few weeks Dad, in his

  Give a Boy a Pond                                                                                     spare time and with the help of all the
                                                                                                       family, managed to build a cozy frame
                                                                                                        house and finish it enough so we could
                                                                                                        move in. Mother was glad to abandon
                                                                                                       crowded shack quarters with only a
                                                                                                       smoky pot-bellied camp stove-on which to
                                                                                                       cook. Immediately we felt more comfort-
                                                                                                        able in our new house, and it was only a
                              By      VERNON               GANZ                                         matter of time until it was completed in-
                                                                                                        side and out.
                                                                                                           From the first my brother and I began
                                                                                                        to attend a small one-room country school,
                                                                                                       about a half mile from home. In the
        | HE stuffy train coach jerked and          that gave the only clue as to where the            afternoon, when school had been dis-
           swayed along a track that was            new campsite might be. The fast-melting            missed, we liked nothing better than to-
           rougher than I had been ac-              snow still lay four feet deep under the            head for the ever-growing shaving pile
           customed to traveling on. Being          tall evergreens and in even higher piles           that the planer was producing, kick off
just a timid young lad, I was uneasy                along the side of the road that seemed to          shoes and socks, and spend a happy hour
and perhaps a little frightened. The con-           my bewildered mother more like a water-            romping with our friends in the fluffy
ductor had just passed through the coach            course than a road.                                shavings. I loved to feel that strange
telling my parents that the next station               Soon we caught sight of a few rough             tickling deep in my tummy that came
was our destination. I was so glad the              shacks evidently built without the luxu-           from leaping into mid-air from the top
trip was almost over, for my feet yearned           ries of square or level. Off to the right I        of the mountainous pile to land up to
for solid ground.                                   could hear the roar of a powerful motor,           my ears in shavings some twenty feet
   To the accompaniment of uncertain                and with a few more steps I saw for the            down the side.
motions and shrill screeching, the train            first time in my life what I learned was a             My brother and I often enjoyed hiking
finally came to a full stop at a little flag        planer, hungrily devouring an endless              through the woods near our home just
station high in the Fraser Valley of                stream of freshly sawed, slivery boards            for the joy of "exploring" as we called it.
northern British Columbia. Excitedly I              and delivering a similar stream of lumber          One sunny summer afternoon we wan-
scrambled off the train into the sweet              beautifully shiny and smooth. It was a             dered farther than usual, suddenly break-
mountain air of that mild morning late              miracle!                                           ing through the taller timber into an
in March. My parents, a younger sister,                By this time my father had briefly in-          open meadow through which flowed a
and an older brother soon followed. Here,           quired around, and soon was busily in-             gurgling stream. Following the stream to
according to instructions, we would be              volved in conversation with his new em-            where it left the meadow, we were fasci-
but a short distance from a new lumber              ployer, already making plans as to where           nated by what seemed certainly to be a
camp, scarcely a month old, where my                we could stay until we would be able to            deserted beaver dam. It was all over-
father had arranged for employment.                 build a temporary shack. My mother and             grown with meadow grass, but here and
   My boyish heart thrilled as I tried to           sister were introduced to our employer's           there were old stumps and weathered
picture the interesting days in such a              wife, and I had already found a playmate           sticks bearing the telltale marks of razor-
place as this. This was a major experi-             about my own age, who was more than                sharp beaver teeth. The flow of water
ence in the life of a seven-year-old boy            delighted to show me all around.                   had cut a neat gap in the dam probably
who had just come from the prairies of                 That first day was wonderfully excit-           during the years after the beavers had, for
Alberta.                                            ing. Night came too soon, but because of           some reason or other, left the meadow.
   We had to wade ankle deep through                the previous night of restless travel, I           Excitedly my brother and I began to plan
mud and water along a freshly cut road              fell asleep quickly on a little cot in the         together.
APRIL 9, 1957
   The very next day saw us back with             My brother laid out liberal piles of         gravity water system was laid, originat-
axes and shovels, driving stakes and pil-      grain along the grassy pond shore where         ing with a natural sparkling spring found
ing brush and mud carefully to make a          a variety of ducks soon came for the            coming out from the rocks high on a
strong repair of the rupture in the dam.       food so readily obtainable. They liked the      mountainside.
What fun this was! The next afternoon          pond too. Sabbath afternoon often found             Since everyone belonged to the same
we were back again to complete the task.       us squatting behind a low bush intently         faith, a church was badly needed, and to
Already the water was beginning to inch        watching the brightly colored waterfowl         fill that need faithful Adventists con-
its way up on the face of the old beaver       splash about and feed undisturbed, while        tributed time and money to erect a fine
dam. Within a few more days a sizable          we felt deeply satisfied knowing they           church building, which rings with the
pond was backed up, and now water              were enjoying the work of our hands.            voices of worshipers every Sabbath morn-
was trickling past the dam through the            In winter the glassy surface of the          ing.
overflow provided.                             frozen pond invited us to learn to skate.          Five years of hurried high school and
   With the abundant lumber scraps from        Moonlight evenings began to find even           college life have taken me far from the
the mill and a few extra tins of tar left      adults coming out to enjoy a skate and          peacefulness of the little narrow valley
from the roofing job on the house, we          the friendly warmth of a crackling lake-        nestled among the protecting mountains.
designed a narrow, flat-nosed boat for         side fire.                                      But memories of those happy days never
use on our new pond. Our playmates                Time hurried by with the passing of          leave me. Whenever vacations give me an
built similar crude crafts and what pleas-     several more winters. The little camp           opportunity to go home, I tramp again
ant hours we spent, just drifting, racing      began to swell and burst at the seams.          through the woods, visit again the beaver
each other, or joyously joining in a           Improvements came quickly. Electricity          dam and the pond, and live again the
drenching water fight.                         was produced by a local Diesel plant. A         happiest days of my life.

                                                                                                  Both groups respond well to the pre-
                                                                                               ventive measures and medicines that are
                                                                                               commonly used to avoid this condition.
                                                                                               If you are sensitive to motion sickness,
                                                                                               you should especially try to plan your
                                                                                               travel so that it takes as short a time as
                                                                                               possible. Try to arrange your ocean trip
                                                                                               at a season when the sea will be smooth.
                                                                                               Do not eat greasy or highly seasoned
                                                                                          V    foods, and avoid anxiety, worry, and
                                                                                               fatigue before the trip begins. These sim-
  Health subjects of general interest will be discussed in this twice-monthly department       ple methods of prevention may be all
There will be no diagnosis or treatment of disease by mail, and no letters will be answered    that are necessary to keep you from be-
personally. If you would like to suggest a subject for discussion, you may send your sug-      coming ill.
gestion to Dr. Saxon, The Youth's Instructor, Takoma Park, Washington 12, B.C.                    When you begin to experience motion
                                                                                               sickness it is the stomach that is first
                                                                                               affected. The end of the stomach that
                                                                                               joins the small intestine closes and di-
                            MOTION SICKNESS                                                    gestion stops. Some time later the con-
                                                                                               tractions of the stomach reverse and pro-
                                                                                               duce vomiting. It is important that pre-
       lECAUSE of the increase in air          odors, a bad taste, or the sight of some-       ventive measures be taken before this
          and boat travel more and more        one vomiting, often acts as the trigger         stage occurs, because once you are upset
          people are wondering whether         that sets your vomiting center into action.     they do very little good.
          motion sickness must be put up       This usually occurs when you are already           Several of the newer antihistaminics
with or whether it can be relieved.            on the verge of becoming sick. Actually         are effective against air and sea sickness.
   This condition has troubled mankind         this trigger stimulus is the last of a series   One tablet of the long-acting antihista-
from antiquity wherever he has sailed the      of factors, and is not the cause of motion      mines will frequently protect you for
high seas. History records that Caesar's       sickness.                                       twenty-four hours.
sailors were incapacitated so badly by            It has been estimated that one third of         To secure maximum benefit from these
seasickness that they surrendered to their     the general population will become sick         tablets they must be taken one hour be-
enemy and were massacred en masse be-          after an hour or two of rough air or sea        fore beginning your trip. This gives you
cause of their weakness. Even today            motion. If subjected to violent motions         the opportunity to absorb them before
modern man can have his life endangered        for enough time, practically everyone will      the function of the stomach becomes ab-
by the abnormal changes that occur in the      become sick.                                    normal.
body in connection with motion sick-              People can be divided into two groups           A simple diet and a peaceful mind with
ness.                                          according to their susceptibility to mo-        the help of the antimotion sickness pills
   This common malady is caused by             tion. There are those who are extremely         can make sea and air travel a pleasure
the stimulation of the central nerve center    sensitive to all forms of motion. As chil-      for the most sensitive individuals. Before
of the ear, called the labyrinth. Some         dren these persons become sick in trains        you take your next trip prepare yourself
persons have much more sensitive laby-         and automobiles, and are unable to toler-       and avoid the miseries of motion sickness.
rinths than others, which makes them           ate the motions of a swing. As long as the      Why not finish your trip in as good a
more susceptible to motion. Deaf-mutes         motion continues they remain sick. Then         physical condition as when you started?
who are born without this nerve center         there are others who become sick only if
do not become motion sick.                     the motion is vigorous and prolonged.
   Frequently motion sickness is thought       They soon develop an adaptive resistance
to be psychological. This stems from the       to it and are able to tolerate the motion
fact that unpleasant stimuli, such as strong   with no sickness whatever.                                    JACKSON A. SAXON, M.D.

10                                                                                                        THE YOVTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                               were evidences that God had not yet for-
                                                                                               saken the life in the world. Gradually her
                                                                                               bitterness melted. There were still those
                                                                                               moments of heartache when she was re-

                  ASHAMED                                                                      minded that she would never hold a child
                                                                                               of her own, but her mind was kept busy
                                                                                               with other thoughts and had less time for
                                                                                               despondency. Once home, she busied her-
                                                                                               self with work and soon life was back to
                                                                                               normal again.
                                                                                                   She shied away from others with young

           of Her Doubts                                                                       children and would not let her mind
                                                                                               dwell on her loss. She made herself useful
                                                                                               in the civic activities of the town and so
                                                                                               filled all her spare moments.
                                                                                                  Time passed. There were weekend
                                                                                              trips, evenings away from home, and
                                                                                              slowly there was less time spent at home
                         By     BERNICE              SCHAAK                                   and more time spent elsewhere. She was
                                                                                               soon deep in the whirl of activities. The
                                                                                              months went by faster now, and then
                                                                                              turned themselves into years.
                                                                                                  One day in early summer she stayed at
                                                                                              work longer than usual and shortly be-
                                                                                              fore she left, she heard the ring of the

        |HE elevator door opened and            proved to be only a reminder of her great
          into it stepped two proud,            loss.                                         telephone. As she answered, a familiar
          happy parents. Their faces re-           As the days went slowly by she began       voice said, "We have a motherless child
          flected the joy that was in their     to search for the reasons for it all. Why     who is in need of a home. We would
 hearts over the small bundle in the father's   had God let it happen? Maybe she              prefer a Christian home, and your name
                                                would not have been so tempted if she         has been suggested. Would you be inter-
 arms. The door closed and they were on
                                                could have busied herself with work and       ested?"
 their way home.
                                                could have kept her mind better occu-             Surprised, she did not speak for a
   Across the corridor from the elevator
                                                pied, but there she lay on her back, and      moment. Then without thinking she
 was room 210. It was an attractive room
                                                soon into her idle mind crept self-pity-      said, "Yes, of course." She replaced the
and held many flowers and cards from
                                                ing, even sinful, thoughts.                   receiver and sat motionless.
thoughtful friends, but in the center of
                                                   One day a kind friend gave her a leaf-         She began to realize what a change
these was a young mother whose eyes had
                                                let of poems. One especially attracted her    would have to be made in their way of
long ago been emptied of tears. Her heart
                                                attention and she repeated its lines again.   life. A baby would make a difference in
ached more deeply than words can tell,
                                                                                              their home!
and the appearance of these happy par-              There's a law that I am learning,             She hurried to tell her husband, and
ents renewed her pain.                                That is helping me each day:            together they spent many hours discus-
   At their marriage she and her husband            That the Lord sends something better      sing the future and making plans. She
had rededicated their lives to God. They             For each thing He takes away.
                                                                                              quit her work, spent afternoons shopping,
had pledged themselves to His service
                                                   Had the author had an experience           and soon had things in readiness for the
and had prepared themselves in a school
                                                like hers? She could never find out be-       little one.
of God's choosing. They were happy to-
                                                cause the author was unknown. Could               Then a small bundle of life was placed
gether and yet it seemed that something
                                                God give her something better? It was         in her open arms. It was to be hers for
was lacking. They had so much love, they
                                                hard to believe that He could. Doubts         always, to be loved and to love.
wished for a little one to share it with.
God intended that homes should have             continued to fill her mind until she felt         The child grew and developed "fair,
children, but none had been given to            that He had stopped caring for her. Her       and lovely as a rose," with beauty of
                                                inclination was to forget God even as         character also. Now as the mother looks
   Then one autumn day she had stepped          she felt that He had forgotten her.           back over the past, she is ashamed of the
lightly from the doctor's office. In her           Then came the day when she sat by the      way in which she doubted God. He had
purse was a slip on which was the date of       open window and viewed the unfolding          not forgotten her. He had only asked her
her next appointment with him. In the           of spring. The grass, flowers, and birds      to wait.
lower corner was a notation, "Maternity
Case."                                           H. A. RUB1

   The months that followed found her
busy sewing and planning. Everything
must be just so for their little "boy." A
girl would have been no less welcome,
   Suddenly, tragedy had struck. Her
mind again passed over the events of the
last week. The accident, the untimely
birth of a boy, and the hope of having a
family taken from her it was too much!
She turned her face to the wall and tried
not to think of it, but there seemed noth-
ing else to think about. Her only enter-
tainment had been watching the activity
in the hallway and now, even that had
APRIL 9, 1957
                      HOW'D the game                        A youth faces his future with realism in
                      go, son?" queried
                      Mr. Walton. "Any
                      hits today?"
                         Eddy, still wearing
                      baseball shoes, clam-
                      bered out of the
                      dusty jeep. "We won
                      5-3, and I got a
                      single and a double,"
                                                                   BASEBALL SHO
                      he said. "Next Sun-
day the all-star game'll be played against
Chesterhill. I don't know yet whether I'll                                                                                                  By JAI\
make the team. The coach'll call me
Thursday night."
   "You'll make it," his father assured
   The two men walked toward the house.                        "I just don't know for sure, Dad, I I       Cardinals are having tryouts this next
Sunday afternoons were like this at the                     just don't know."                              weekend in .Marietta. Eddy ought to go."
Walton farm. Eddy had been granted the                         "You're going to have to face it pretty        "Maybe he should," agreed Mr. Wal-
time off to play ball with the team from                    soon, you know."                               ton hesitantly, "maybe he should." But
Vincent, a small town eleven miles away.                       Yes, that he did know. His father let       there were doubts in his mind.
He was nineteen, and a smooth-working                       the question rest.                                It was 3-0, all-stars, at the end of
second baseman. Vincent had one of the                         When Thursday evening came, Eddy            four innings. This score remained until
top teams in the Tri-County League.                         guarded the telephone like a sentry. The       the bottom of the ninth. Then Chesterhill,
   Eddy held the door while his father                      call came.                                     league champs as they were, bounced
gathered the milk buckets from their                           "Hey! I start at second in the all-star     back with two round-trippers, after the
place in the utility room that opened                       game. How do you like that?"                   first two men had lined out to left field.
onto the back porch.                                           His parents congratulated him in the           "Settle down, Doug," Eddy encouraged
                                                            usual parental manner, but he sensed the       the young pitcher from Coolville.
   "I'll be out as soon as I get changed,"
                                                            reservation in it all. He went through            The next batter tripled to right center
he promised his father. The older man
                                                            the next few days with thoughts of driv-       and Doug was relieved by a "speed-
was on his way to the barn.
                                                            ing in the winning run in the important        bailer" from Beverly. The first man to
   "If I can only make that all-star team,"                 all-star game, or of nabbing a line drive      face him had a reputation all over the
Eddy thought, as he slipped off his spikes                  that saved the game in the last of the         league for breaking down fences. He was
and socks. "The coach thinks I'll make it,                  ninth both of these with bases loaded,         a left-handed hitter. Eddy shuddered to
but "
                                                            of course!                                     think of this fellow getting the wood on
   The screen door whined and slapped                          As usual, the lad could not eat a reason-   one of those fast balls. He dropped back
the doorcasing as Eddy left the house to                    able dinner Sunday. His mother was ac-         on the grass behind second.
help with the chores. He waved to his                       customed to the I'm-not-hungry explana-           The first pitch went wide. The next
mother, who was giving the chickens                         tion on game days. But the Waltons did         did not, and the ball sizzled back past
their daily rations. Eddy liked farming,                    like to see their boy have physical exer-      the surprised pitcher. It was well tagged.
surely he did, but a baseball career                        cise. Very little good, clean recreation       Eddy's spikes dug fiercely. A spurt of
seemed to him the ideal life. He often                      could be found around the community.           dust rose as the ball skimmed over the
thought of how delightful it must be to                     Eddy's time was spent helping his par-         second base bag. Eddy had gone deep for
have baseball as a lifework. Why, there                     ents live comfortably on their hundred-        just such a play. His gloved hand jerked
was simply no work to it! It was fun.                       acre hill farm. He found no enjoyment          viciously as the ball bored into the web
Thoughts of baseball kept time with his                     with the "gang" at the store and no            of his glove. No time to throw the man
methodic milking of all three cows.                         satisfaction in the hot-rod races Saturday     out at first, but the other runner was
   The chores finished, he turned the                       night. He was content to work in the           digging for the plate. Prying the ball
cows out of the barn. He and his father                     fields, attend Sabbath services, and play      from his glove, Eddy threw for the
started them down the lane toward the                       ball on Sunday afternoon. But it was           catcher's shoe tops. That umpire's thumb
pasture. Mr. Walton whistled that famil-                    beginning to be plain to his parents that      looked as big as a banana when he called
iar, self-composed tune. Eddy knew his                      baseball was threatening to come between       the play.
father had something on his mind.                           their son and his convictions.                    "What an arm!"
   "Tell me, son," Father began, "do you                       '"Bout ready, Dad?" Eddy asked,                "Nice play, kid!"
plan to make professional baseball your                     smacking his fist firmly into his glove.          Eddy smiled his thanks.
goal in life?"                                              The all-star game was considered the              On the way home Mr. Walton said,
   This was the one question Eddy had                       game of the year by every player in the        "Your coach tells me there's a big league
been expecting. He knew exactly what                        league, and this was a perfect day for         scout coming to Marietta next weekend.
his parents were thinking how about the                     baseball hot and no breeze.                    Did he tell you?"
Sabbath?                                                       Eddy tagged the first base bag on his          "Yes," Eddy admitted. "He told all
   The cows scattered into their green                      way to second as the all-stars took the        of us."
domain, and Eddy latched the white gate.                    field for pregame practice. Mr. Walton            "Do you realize what days the tryouts
                                                            watched the boys scoop up the ground           are to be held?"
   As a student at Emmanuel Missionary College the          balls as though they had bushel baskets           "Yes. Looks as though baseball and I
author was enrolled for two majors English and French.      for gloves.                                    are going to have a showdown."
"I like languages," he writes, and if his dream of pos-
sible mission service in Europe comes true, he will find       "Your boy digs 'em outa the dirt, Mr.          "You never played on the Sabbath in
his "like" a real aid to service. He is preparing him-
self for secondary teaching. Work during summers in         Walton." It was Eddy's coach.                  high school, son. Why now?"
industrial plants, and as an orderly and student reader
in French, plus the assistance of his wife, have combined      "Yesx he seems to do it with ease."            "It means more to me now, Dad. I've
to meet 100 per cent of educational expenses. He was           "Ya know, I think your boy is big           got to think of my future."
president of his junior and senior high school classes,
and has been president of the Student Association at EMC.   league stuff," the coach continued. "The          The jeep turned into the drive.
12                                                                                                                   THE YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                                                    "I want to do what's right," he thought,        "We need a second baseman to com-
                                                 as he methodically prepared for bed. "I         plete our number three team."
                                                 think I can play ball and still be on the          "Be right with you," Eddy agreed, lac-
                                                 Lord's team. Seems to me that there             ing up his shoe.
                                                 should be some Adventist ball players any-         Rising from the bench, he looked out
                                                 how."                                           on the playing field. A huge fellow was
    DOWN                                            All through the week Eddy and his
                                                 parents waited for the decision that had
                                                to be made. Of course, Mr. and Mrs.
                                                Walton hoped and prayed that their boy
                                                would see the peril of his constant as-
                                                                                                 standing behind the pitcher watching all
                                                                                                 the players. Eddy could make out the red
                                                                                                bird on his uniform and the written
                                                                                                 word "Cardinals" across his chest. He
                                                                                                surely looked big. He seemed to be looking
                                                sociation with baseball.                        right at Eddy when he said:
                                                   Friday morning he was changing his               "All right. Number three team take
EDWARD           CARR                           overalls after breakfast. His father stood      the field."
                                                across the room shaving.                            The first-base bag had its usual
                                                   "Don't be nervous, Son," he counseled,       stepped-on feeling as Eddy went to his
                                                "and good luck."                                position at second.
        "We'll talk after supper. O.K., son?"      "Thanks, Dad. I'll try. Say, I'm not             "Let's hold those big boys," demanded
        "O.K., Dad, sure."                      sure just what time I'll be home. Some-         the scout. "They've been gittin' hits too
        Chores and supper were soon over.       time this afternoon. So long."                  long."
     Eddy and his parents sat in the living        Marietta seemed only a few miles away            Eddy kicked a pebble from in front
     room. Each seemed to be waiting for the    to Eddy. Actually it was twenty-four            of him, spat in his glove and waited. He
     other to speak. Mr. Walton shifted his     miles from home.                                did not have to wait long. A grounder
    legs. Mrs. Walton stopped rocking. Eddy        "Well, here we are," he affectionately       was bouncing his way. It took those
    looked up from the sports page. His         addressed the jeep.                             mean, short hops a tricky one for sure.
     father began:                                 There were players all over the field        Because it came rather slowly, Eddy
        "You said you are thinking of your      dressed in their respective team uniforms.      charged it and figured to throw his man
    future, Eddy. That is exactly what your     Quite a colorful crowd! One of the grey-        out fast. But that crazy ball forgot to
    mother and I are thinking of, son your      and-green uniforms came toward Eddy             hop the last time. Instead it hugged the
    future."                                    as he sat down to put on his spikes. It         ground and rolled lazily toward right
        "But how am I ever going to know        was Jack Roland, a pitcher from Chester-        field. Eddy flushed as he raced to cover
    whether I can make the big leagues?"        hill.                                           second. The shortstop was already there.
       His mother leaned forward. "It may          "Hi ya, Eddy, we've been waiting for            "Guess I muffed that one," Eddy ad-
    be better not to know," she advised.        you."                                           mitted to himself.
       "What do you mean?" Eddy puzzled.           "Yeah? What for?"                               "Wadda ya want, kid?" snapped the
       "Do you think you are good enough                                                        scout, "a gallon bucket?"
    not to play on the Sabbath? The good                                                           Eddy felt embarrassed. But it was dis-
    players are in demand. Lots of important                                                   appointment when he heard the first
    games are played during Sabbath hours.                                                     sacker swear and say something about
    You know that."                                                                            never getting to do some hitting.
       "Yes, but I want to know just how I                                                         "It isn't necessary to swear about it,"
    rate."                                                                                     Eddy conceded to himself. "My teammates
       With that the conversation ended, and                                                   never taunted any player who made an
    Eddy shuffled toward the stairs.                                                           error. I don't go for that spirit at all."
       "Good night, Son," Mrs. Walton said                                                         This same spirit of cursing, prodding,
    comfortingly.                                                                              and disrespect went on until three
       "Good night," he answered in a tone                                                     o'clock.
    different from that of his usual worry-                                                        "That's all for today, fellas," roared the
    about-nothing manner.                                                                      tryout manager. "Be back here tomorrow
                                                                                               morning at nine sharp for the final
                                                                                               of tryouts."
                                                                                                  The next day, Sabbath, would decide
                                                                                               which boys would be signed.
                                                                                                                                To page 19
                                                                                              is the fat in the nuts that turns rancid,
                                                                                              and it may be toxic.
                                                                                                 Speaking of tree nuts, Henry Bailey
                                                                                              Stevens has this to say: "Here is a prod-
                                                                                              uct which nature has already packaged
                                                                                              wonderfully, encasing it in an individual
                                                                                              shell that brings it direct from the tree to
                                                                                              the table. It does not have to be refriger-
                                                                                              ated. It does not even have to be cooked.
                                                                                              Best of all, it has a superlative food value.
                                                                                                 "Many nuts are also valuable sources of
                                                                                              iron and calcium. The almond and filbert
                                                                                              supply a larger proportion of iron than
                                                                                              does an equal amount of beefsteak and
                                                                                              several times the amount of food lime
                                                                                              supplied by meats of any sort. Tree nuts
                                                                                              are so well adapted to human food as to
                                                                                              foster the intimation that they are the
                                                                                              most natural protein for the private
                                                                                              family." 2
                                                                                                 Answering the question about nuts be-

       What Vegetable                                                                         ing hard to digest Mr. Stevens flatly says,
                                                                                                 The research of Osborne, Cajori, and
                                                                                              others has shown that such protein is of
                                                                                              the finest quality and can be as well
                                                                                              utilized as the protein of meats if the
                                                                                              nuts are crushed or well chewed. In fact,

 Protein Can We Use?                                                                          Tissier, of the Pasteur Institute, found
                                                                                              that animal protein is twice as putrefac-
                                                                                              tive as vegetable protein. Nut proteins
                                                                                              resemble those of milk so closely that
                                                                                              they were long known as vegetable
                                                                                              caseins. Furthermore, nut fats are more
               By   M.    DOROTHEA                   VAN       GUNDY                          readily digestible than most animal fats
                                                                                              and are far less likely to decompose in the
                                                                                              alimentary tract. Pound for pound, wal-
                                                                                              nuts, almonds, pecans, filberts, and others
                                                                                              rate well with leading flesh foods in pro-
         [HEN man was created, God             which include nuts, legumes, seeds,            tein content and their quality is superior;
            gave him the best food pos-        cereals, commercial vegetable products         almonds and walnuts exceed whole milk
            sible for the maintenance of       (made from a combination of vegetable          in protein content four to one.2
            health. This was fruits, grains,   proteins), and vegetables. Vegetables do          Legumes play an important part in the
nuts, and vegetables. With the wide dis-       not contain a very large percentage of         vegetarian menu. The soybean can easily
tribution of protein in our natural foods      protein, but the quality is rather high.       be classified as the king of this food
it is almost impossible to get an inade­       Research is pointing this out more and         group. The publicity given to it in the
quate protein intake unless we use a large     more.1                                         last twenty-five years has probably made
quantity of protein-free foods such as            Nuts make a valuable contribution           every reader of this article familiar with
jelly, jam, candy, soda pop, ice cream,        from a protein standpoint, though they         its value. It is one of our finest vegetable
anq\cake.                                      should be used sparingly because of their      protein foods. It carries 36 to 40 per cent
   All protein found in food is broken         high fat content. Many people complain         protein in the dry bean. It has a good
down in the digestive process into amino       that they cannot digest nuts, but I think      quantity and quality of fat and is low in
acids. There are about twenty-two of           this is because they are often prepared        carbohydrates. It is also a valuable source
these in all, eight of which are designated    and eaten in a way to give trouble. Many       of vitamins and minerals. The wonderful
as essential. The body has no way of           nuts on the market are overtoasted in          thing about the soybean, however, is its
knowing which food furnishes which             deep fat and heavily salted. They are then     versatility. It can be made into flour,
amino acids.                                   eaten between meals as a snack or at the       meal, milk, soy cheese, and served in
   All protein foods contain different         close of a heavy meal. The stomach rebels      many other ways. Soy milk is a real
kinds and amounts of these acids. They         at the heavy load.                             boon to infants and to adults who are
supplement one another in such a way              If nuts are used, they should be in-        allergic to cows' milk. It is an adequate
that one food may supply the amino acids       cluded as part of the meal. Some people        replacement in respect to protein and
lacking in another food. Because a food        will more easily digest them if they are       calcium.
may be a bit low in some of the essential      ground fine or made into nut butters.             Successful Farming magazine for Feb-
amino acids is no reason for omitting it       Nuts may be purchased raw and then             ruary, 1956, describes a disease new to
from the diet. No matter what its amino        toasted lightly in the oven before using.      dairy herds, called leptospirosis. It is be-
acid content, it still makes a contribu-       A better quality of nut is usually obtained    coming fairly widespread and is a serious
tion. With this in mind it is plain to see     when purchased in whole or large broken        disease threat. It has been recognized in
how important it is that we get a variety      pieces and not ground up fine. Buy nuts        other animals besides cows, and man may
of vegetable protein foods. This is rel-       unsalted and then add your own salt in         also become infected. The article warns
atively simple, for practically all vege-      small quantity. Nuts are high in price and     "great care should be exercised in han-
table foods except fruits contain protein.     salt is cheap. Beware of rancid nuts. Better   dling diseased animals and drinking milk
   Let us consider some of these foods,        not buy them even at bargain prices, for it                                     To page 23
14                                                                                                       THE YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR
            I AST parts of Western and
               Northern Australia are so
               sparsely settled that the isolated
               coastal towns may serve hun-
   dreds of square miles of interior or "sta-
   tion" country. Our colporteurs have not
   been within a thousand miles of some of
   these towns, yet they must be reached.
      Following a colporteur institute at
   Perth, West Australia, I made a survey
   by plane of some seven thousand miles
  in Northwest Australia, the Northern
   Territory, and Central Australia to see
   what possibilities there were for col-
  porteurs with a strong pioneer instinct.
      Just after daylight on Sunday my plane
  took off from Perth into a rain-sodden
  sky. Geraldton, our first stop, is a town
  of about five thousand people, noted for
  its equable climate in winter. There is
  so little cold weather that tomatoes grow
  all the year round. Nearly all rainfalls
  are at night, leaving the days warm and
  sunny. The next hop was to Carnarvon,
  a much smaller place. Tropical fruits are
  grown here in profusion. Underground                "Gan" is the local term for the Commonwealth train from Alice Springs to Port Augusta, so named in
                                                      memory of the Afghans who ran supplies in by camel train before the railway was put through.
  streams tapped by shallow bores or wells
  provide water for irrigation purposes. It
  is the center of much of the finest sheep
 country in the world and of a large
 whaling industry.
     We dropped down next into one of the
 most desolate places on earth Learmouth
    on the extreme westerly point of the
 continent. Just an airstrip, no buildings,
 only a gangway carriage. This is the site
 chosen by the Ampol Caltex Company to
 bore for oil. Some fifty men are working
 on this project under American direction.
                                                        Australia's Frontier
 As the plane stopped, several jeeps loaded
 with men came racing up, glad to con-
 tact the outside world. An hour later we                                           By     J.     W.      NIXON
 circled around the little town of Onslow,
 where live some three hundred people.
 This town has no resident minister or
 doctor and no picture theater.                      quite clearly. They will eat a hole                own, where men wear sombreros and
     Roebourne, our next port of call, is a          through a shoe sole overnight and soon             high-heeled riding boots; it is the land of
 very small place, but is the outlet for the         destroy motor tires if they are left stand-        Australia's roughriders and open ranges.
 Blue Asbestos Mine at Wittenoom Gorge,              ing long in one place. The tides rise                 The slip stream swirls again, the red
 160 miles inland, where some one thou-              and fall 24 feet, leaving boats high and           dust eddies and is swept astern, the sun
 sand people mostly new Australians                  dry on the mud as they recede.                     glints over the air crews, West Australia
  work on a thriving project. Port Hed-                 Derby, the next little town on the coast,       slips away, and the Northern Territory
land, farther east, with a population of             is the port for a large inland station area.      opens up like a vast map. Red, so long
about six hundred people is an important             It has some six hundred people. A large           the prevailing landscape, color, has
center, having a Flying Doctor Base and             leper station with about five hundred in-          changed now to the green of the jungle;
hospital. It is also the outlet for Marble           mates is situated about fifteen miles out-        mean, man-eating crocodiles infest the
 Bar gold mine, which is reported to be              side the town.                                    harmless-looking streams winding far be-
the hottest place on earth.                             North of a straight line between Derby         low. The coast line stands out in bold re-
     Two hours' more flying, in which time          and Wyndham the country is wild and                lief against the green forest. A town pops
the sun drops behind a sapphire ocean,              rugged, inhabited only by native peoples.          out of the earth, with rows of neat, white
and we glide down into Broome. This                 It is too rough for motor transport to             houses perched on concrete pillars (to
is an interesting place with a population           penetrate. Wyndham, West Australia's               defeat the white ants). The plane glides
of about one thousand of various races.             most northerly outpost, is tucked away at          down on to a huge airport, and as the
One section of the town is known as                 the foot of high mountains on the mouth            door opens there is an inrush of moist
Chinatown, and in this part are the                 of the Durack River. It is backed by an            warm air. This is Darwin.
homes and business places of the Chinese            immense area of huge cattle stations.                  Although bombed seventy-three times
and other Eastern nationalities. Broome             When the drovers are in town with their            during the war there is very little visible
is a pearling center.                               herds of cattle the crack of the whips             trace of damage. The receding tide re-
     White ants are so bad here that once           ring like rifle shots as they are swung by         veals several wrecks in the harbor, and a
they get into a place people just have to           the aboriginal stockmen, who ride as               few buildings are shell scarred, but the
walk out and leave it to them. At night             steady as statues in their saddles. This           wounds have been healed and the town
they can be heard working in the timber             is the land where the horse comes into his         extended. The harbor and surroundings
APRIL 9, 1957                                                                                                                                        15
are picturesque and the people colorful        volumes of Modern Medical Counselor.           maintains this town of five hundred
and friendly. Darwin has mushroomed            In the Hotel Darwin, the leading tourist       people.
since the war, and now has a population        hotel, five persons working within the            After a drive of more than three hun-
of some eight thousand. Descendants of         building placed their orders. So great was     dred miles on Sunday, we arrived late at
aboriginals who have intermarried with         the demand for immediate delivery of           night at Alice Springs. In addition to the
Europeans and other races are known as         books that two consignments had to be          townships of Katherine and Tennant
colored people. They are educated and          flown in by air freight. In fact, the great    Creek there are many places between
enjoy all the social privileges of the com-    demand for our literature right through        Darwin and Alice Springs. Every sixty
munity. The Aboriginal Inland Mission          the whole of the Northern Territory,           or seventy miles there is a hotel and post
and the Australian Inland Mission provide      opened up new possibilities for soul           office with a few houses scattered around,
schooling and accommodation for the abo-       winning through the printed page in this       and a station homestead dotting the land-
riginals at the Bagot Reserve, just out of     vast and largely neglected area.               scape here and there.
the town.                                          This message has just one living wit-         Alice Springs is a pleasant place, nest-
   Here I met and joined forces with           ness in Darwin Mrs. Luke, whose hus-           ling among beautiful trees and sur-
Colporteur K. J. Dansie and the publish-       band is a member of the Legislative As-        rounded by hills of the Macdonnell
ing department secretary for South             sembly. Alone she bears the torch aloft.       Ranges. Being about two thousand feet
Australia, J. T. Young. They had already       Singlehanded she had endeavored to In-         above sea level, it experiences extremes of
canvassed up through Alice Springs and         gather the whole of the town. It was truly     heat and cold, the temperature falling as
Central Australia, and together we set         a joy to meet with this lone member in         low as 16 degrees in winter. Three thou-
out to carry the benefits of the Home          her home each Sabbath and bring spirit-        sand people dwell in this well-laid-out
Health Education Service to the people in      ual help to her hungry soul. For four          town. On rising ground five miles from
Darwin.                                        Sabbaths we enjoyed her fellowship and         the township is the grave of Flynn of
   The Lord went before and with us;           hospitality.                                   the Inland, buried in the land he loved and
He knew we had need of accommodation,              Buffaloes roam the plains and forests in   for whose people he gave his life. On
and a furnished converted army medical         many parts of the Territory. These are         his tomb has been placed a great round
unit was waiting for us. Sales came roll-      hunted, and bulls of three years old and       stone weighing eight tons, one of the
ing in, but not without our cooperation        over are shot and skinned. Buffalo hunt-       outcrop of rocks three hundred miles
with the Lord, for every day we were on        ing can be both exciting and dangerous.        north known as the Devil's Marbles.
the job from early morning till late at        A horseman gallops in among the fleeing        It is reported that this was done to as-
night. In four weeks orders were received      herd and with a .303 rifle shoots the          sure the natives that he would not es-
to the value of £2,571, approximately half     bulls through the back, disabling them,        cape. The Alice is in the center of the
of which was cash business.                    the skinning crew following and finishing      most colorful range in Australia, the
   We found the colored people and the         them off. It's a gruesome, risky business.     chasms, gaps, and valleys of which are
Australian-born Chinese particularly in-       On one occasion a horseman galloped            the delight of the photographer.
terested in our health work. We felt that      after a buffalo and just as he fired, his         In order to reach our respective homes
among the colored people there was a           horse stumbled and fell. He was not            by the next Sabbath it would be necessary
real opportunity for presenting our mes-       seriously hurt, nor was the buffalo, and       for us to travel at night, so at ten o'clock
sage. They offer a great challenge to us,      as the man picked himself up he turned         Monday night we left Alice Springs to
particularly as no spiritual work is being     to face a charging bull, only a few feet       travel the rough road south to Kingoonya.
done for this large community of edu-          away. He shot him through the brain            The Redex trial cars had torn the road
cated, intelligent, impressionable, and        cool, precise work, for a buffalo has a        up, but all went well till two-thirty
friendly people.                               very small brain.                              in the morning when the brakes failed. A
   Jimmy Nipper, a bearded, full-                  Leaving Darwin on the highway to           hole rubbed through the oil line had to
blooded aboriginal, posed for his photo-       Alice Springs, which is paved the full         be soldered by firelight and flashlight.
graph, then I inquired his age. He looked      length of nearly one thousand miles, we           Just at daylight we were on our way
thoughtful and then slowly said, "Forty,       drove to Bachelor, the township for the        again to travel only a few miles before
fifty, sixty, seventy ninety!" But he          Rum Jungle Uranium Mine, which has             the rear axle broke. By nine o'clock this
didn't look more than sixty at the most.       brought new life and activity to the           was replaced with a spare one we carried
   After leaving the wintry blasts of Mel-     Northern Territory. Hundreds of people         and all was smooth sailing till five o'clock,
bourne it seemed unreal to be moving           are working on this project. Various other     when this axle gave out and we were
around in shirt sleeves, and even then feel-   finds have been made in this northern          really in the middle of a fix, hundreds of
ing too hot but it was surely a delight-       area, and hopes of big things are running      miles from a garage and no way of get-
ful change. During most of the year the        high.                                          ting a new axle.
climate is warm and very pleasant, but it          Two hundred and fifty miles south we           We carefully checked our position on
is hot and humid during the wet season,        came to Katherine, a scattered town of         the map and decided to walk to the Gran-
which comes between November and               some five hundred people, easygoing and        ite Downs Station homestead, which we
April. Tropical fruits grow plentifully        unconcerned in its isolation. Just south        estimated to be eight or ten miles away.
around the Darwin area, especially pa-         of here we passed the grave of the Mal-        Leaving one with the car, two of us
paws, bananas, and mangoes.                    uka, owner of the Elsey Station, made           set out across the bush, carrying a water
   While in Darwin we met a man who            famous through the book We of the               bag, some biscuits, and a flashlight. We
at one time spent four years studying          Never Never, written by his wife, Mrs.         would have to hurry because it would be
medicine and who claims to have dis-           Aeneas Gunn. The Northern Territory             dark soon, and our position was uncer-
covered a cure for rheumatism and arthri-      Forces have enclosed the spot and erected       tain; we could easily get lost and have to
tis. His cure is extracted from a tree,        a memorial gateway. Other characters of         spend the night in the bush.
 and he says it is not a drug. He and his      the book are buried in this same enclosure.        It was a long tramp, but providentially
wife think very highly of Seventh-day              The heat played havoc with our old          we took the right direction and walked
 Adventists, and he expressed himself as        tires, and we crawled into Tennant Creek       almost directly to the station, arriving
 eager to help our medical work in a big       to spend the Sabbath at a tin hut near          after nightfall. The manager was very
way his way.                                    a bore head, a few miles from the town.        helpful. He had a welding plant perhaps
    In a business firm of three Chinese         This is an extremely hot place, but its        the only one between Alice Springs and
 brothers, one sat down and wrote out           salvation is the strong winds that blow        Kingoonya and he gave us the use of
 the firm's check in payment for three          almost continuously. Gold mining largely                                      To page 23
16                                                                                                       THE YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                        "Such as I have give I thee" A dying world awaits the

                 bbath Schoo                                                        kindly ministrations of a generation of Advent youth just as the
                                                                                    lame man at the Beautiful gate awaited whatever it was Peter
                                                                                    and John could to for him.
                                                                                       Kindly ministrations, yes, but more than that. They must be
                  L fa $ 0 N                                                        ready ministrations, too. Peter and John had no time, nor could
                                                                                    they take time to go to the spiritual stock room for supplies.
                                                                                    The answer had to be as simple as "Yes," or "No."
     Prepared for Publication by the General Conference Sabbath School Department      The man asked for alms. But they had no alms. They had
                                                                                    instead something better, and something the poor man needed
                                                                                    far more than money.
                                                                                       They had been with Jesus, and more important, they had
                    The first Healing                                               something of Jesus to impart to the suffering suppliant.
                                                                                       If we will give to the dying world around us not what it
                                                                                    wants but what it needs, we will be much with Jesus, so that
                                                                                    when the entreaty comes to us individually (and it will be sure
                    LESSON           FOR       APRIL         20                     to come at the most unexpected and unlikely time and place)
                                                                                    we will be ready to give the help needed on the spot.
    LESSON SCRIPTURE: Acts 3.                                                          "Desired a murderer." You would not prefer a murderer to
                                                                                    Christ, of course, as the Jews chose Barabbas. But how often is
   MEMORY GEM: "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that                         Christ pushed aside for someone else, or for a book, or a game,
 your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing                         or a hundred other things.
 shall come from the presence of the Lord" (Acts 3:19).                                Check the choices of the past week against this consideration
    OUTSIDE READING: The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 57-62.                           and be reminded of how easy it is to leave Christ behind when we
                                                                                    make our plans.
                                  Inspiration                                          "Through ignorance ye did it." It is not much of an excuse.
                                                                                    Actually, no better than no excuse at all. For the choice these
    "The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God                        people made in ignorance against Jesus meant rejection of
 of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus; whom ye delivered                    Christ's mission by His chosen people. Those who took the
 up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was                          step in ignorance arrived at exactly the same conclusion as those
 determined to let him go. But ye denied the Holy One and                           who understood what they were doing. They were successful in
 the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you; and                       strengthening the hands of those who willfully rejected Jesus,
 killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead;                     and thus rounded out the evil confederacy.
 whereof we are witnesses. And his name through faith in his
 name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know:                                                        Quizangles
 yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect                            1. What was it the lame man asked and expected of Peter
 soundness in the presence of you all. And now, brethren, I wot
 that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers. But                     and John ?   ______________________________
 those things, which God before had shewed by the mouth of all
 his prophets, that Christ should suffer, he hath so fulfilled. Re-                    2. Were Peter and John prepared for this challenge? ______
 pent ye therefore and be converted, that your sins may be                             3. Did they take any glory to themselves for the ensuing
 blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the
 presence of the Lord; and he shall send Jesus Christ, which before                 miracle? ________________________________
 was preached unto you: whom the heaven must receive until                            4. Whom did the man praise? _______________
 the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by
 the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began" (Acts
                            Spirit of Prophecy
   "I saw that none could share the 'refreshing' unless they ob-
tain the victory over every besetment, over pride, selfishness,
love of the world, and over every wrong word and action. We
should, therefore, be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and                                  By LOUISE TENSEN JOHNSON
be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to
stand in the battle in the day of the Lord. Let all remember
that God is holy and that none but holy beings can ever dwell                                  SPENT most of the day preparing a bluebird house.
in His presence." Early Writings, p. 71.                                                       The door had to be just right approximately one
   "If we would escape having a sickly experience, we must begin                               and one-half inches in diameter. Bluebirds are rather
in earnest without delay to work out our own salvation with                                    particular about that. I worked diligently. Finally I
fear and trembling. There are many who give no decided evi-                         had it fastened securely to a pole.
dence that they are true to their baptismal vows. Their zeal is                         Retiring that night, I said, "Lord, please send me a pair
chilled by formality, worldly ambition, pride, and love of self.                    of bluebirds to inhabit my house."
Occasionally their feelings are stirred, but they do not fall on                        The next morning on awaking, there they were, busily
the Rock, Christ Jesus. They do not come to God with hearts                         carrying straw for their home.
that are broken in repentance and confession. Those who ex-                             I felt thankful.
perience the work of true conversion in their hearts will reveal                        How did the birds find that home so quickly?
the fruits of the Spirit in their lives. Oh, that those who have                        Surely God watches over them, directing them in all their
so little spiritual life would realize that eternal life can be                     ways, too.
granted only to those who become partakers of the divine nature,                        The Builder of heavenly mansions is preparing a home
and escape the corruption that is in the world through lust!"                       for me.
Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 155.                                                            Will I be there to claim it?
APRIL 9, 1957                                                                                                                                    17
   5. How did he show his appreciation to Peter and John?                  11. Of whom and what were these people the children?

   6. Who was it that killed the Prince of life? .._—„..-_________—._      12. What two reasons did Peter give for Jesus having been
   7. Why did they do it? -_._„„.„.„__.____..._—__.____......__._       raised from the dead? _________„_____„„__„_„—________
   8. Was there any hope for them after this? _.___~-—_.„„——
                                                                             NEXT WEEK, April 27, lesson title: "The First Per-
   9. What is the first step Peter called on them to take?————-              secution." Scripture Reference: Acts 4:1-33. Memory
                                                                             Gem: Acts 4:12. Outside Reading: The Acts of the
   10. How many of the prophets did Peter say had foretold
                                                                             Apostles, pp. 62-69.
of these days? —————————————........................—~

                                                          By JANE WOELKERS

(D               ANY times we stand and
                  gaze spellbound at the
               _. moon as it makes its grace­
                  ful journey across the
dark blue sky. Looking at the ruler of the
night, do we become too absorbed in its
                                                                                                as one minute of his employer's time, or
                                                                                                who keeps his eyes on his own paper dur­
                                                                                                ing an examination, arouses the curiosity
                                                                                                of those about him. Many have come to
                                                                                                Christ because someone lived a Christ-
                                                                                                centered life. People are attracted to those
beauty to read the message it has for us?                                                       they can trust. They see us, and then in
From its shining silvery light to its in­                                                       our actions they see Christ.
fluence upon the tides, from its orbit to                                                          We know an eclipse occurs when the
its eclipse, the moon sends silent messages                                                     moon passes into the earth's shadow, plac­
for us to read.                                                                                 ing the earth between the sun and moon,
   We are taught in school about the                                                            thereby preventing the sun's light from
moon reflecting sunlight, it having no                                                          reaching the moon. The round disk shape
light of its own. We could say its light is                                                     of the moon can be seen—we know it is
borrowed sunlight. A Christian's light is                                                       there—but we cannot see its light.
also borrowed; borrowed from the Son                                                               When the world of some selfish desire
of God. Anything borrowed should be re­                                                         comes between the Christian and the Son
turned, and generally with interest. Since                                                      of God, there is an eclipse. When we fall
our light is borrowed it will reflect, we                                                       someone knows it. We are there, people
hope with interest paid on the principle,                                                       see us, but we lose our beauty—we give
in the form of many persons redeemed.                                                           no light. If we find our way out of the
   As we watch the moon continue its voy­                                                       world's shadow, our light will shine again,
age across the sky and see its different                                                        and like the moon, be more beautiful
phases, we realize that it faithfully fol­                                                      after the eclipse than before. This beauty
lows a God-directed course without fal­                                                         comes as a result of a strengthening of
tering or straying from its appointed way.                                                      faith in God.
So dependable is it that man makes time                                                            One October night I rode my palomino
from it and counts seasons from it.                                                             gelding up the side of a hill. I didn't know
   The Christian's orbit is the path of his                                                      the trail too well and depended on the
daily travel to his place of business, work,                                                     full moon to light the way. It grew
or school, and to his place of play and                                                         dark. I looked at the moon and saw a
relaxation. But the Christian, being hu­                                                        dark cloud passing before it. How disap­
man and a free moral agent and subject           seems to pull the earth away from the           pointed, lonely, and frightened I felt be­
to the temptations of the devil, does not        waters on the other side so that the water      cause I could not see the trail!
 always follow the path God would like           is raised there also, but not as much as on       When our Christ light is hidden behind
 him to follow. But if we place ourselves        the side nearer the moon.                       the dark cloud of faithlessness and dis­
under Christ's divine will, we also can             Like the moon's influence on tides the       obedience we cannot be of any help to
be unfaltering and dependable like that          Christian has influence upon people.            anyone, we cannot show them the way to
silvery disk He created.                         Scripturally, waters represent people. The      a Christian life. We must be a disappoint­
    In science we have become acquainted         tide is the rising and falling of the waters    ment both to them and to Christ, for they
 with the fact that the tides are caused by      of the seas. Let's change a few words to        can come to Him only if someone points
 the attraction that the sun and moon ex­        make this definition fit the Christian:         the way.
 ert over the waters of the earth. The parts     "The rising and falling of the people of           The moon's message to us is Christ's
 of the waters directly beneath the moon         the earth." By our good tidings we can          message, "Let your light so shine before
 are drawn out toward it, like steel being       bring comfort and happiness to others.          men, that they may see your good works,
 attracted by a magnet. At the same time            Someone who is so completely honest          and glorify your Father which is in
 the bulk of the earth is attracted and          that he refuses to cheat in things so small     heaven."
IS*                                                                                                        THE YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR
                                                                                                the sea. Like all beginners I carried home
                                                                                                many small, beach-worn shells that were
                                                                                                colorful and attractive when left wet by
                                                                                                the receding tide, but that were dull and
                                                                                                colorless when dry. I began to realize I
                                                                                                 had much to learn about shelling.
                                                                                                   The local library's shell books were
                                                                                                much too scientific, but I did obtain some
                                                                                                helpful information about how to find
                                                                                                live shells, which, I learned, would re­
                                                                                                main colorful when dry. We were not
                                                                                                living very near the rocky areas where
                                                                                                we should be most likely to find the
                               SHELLS: By Edna L. Meyer                                         live shells.
                                                                                                   There is one thing about a good col­
                                                                                                lector: when he really becomes enthusi­
                                                                                                astic about his hobby he wants to in­
 It was such a little shell that introduced me    delicate shell was fed years later while      terest others. Two couples we met about
 to a chapter of God's other book. I was          I was visiting in the home of an elderly      this time had shelled in Florida and one
 then just a child. My mother had taught          couple who had collected many attrac­         also shelled in Mexico on the Gulf of
me, more by observing her interest than in        tive shells while on a Florida vacation.      California shores. All we learned from
                  actual instruction, to enjoy    I think my hostess observed my frequent       these friends gave a helpful boost to our
 SHELLS the books about flowers and               glances toward the large china cupboard,      growing interest.
                  trees. She loved the wild       the glass sides, doors, and shelves of           Experience, too, is a good teacher. The
flowers of meadows and hills and neigh­           which allowed an unobstructed view of         more I look for shells the more I learn
boring woods.                                     the shells so neatly arranged within. "I      about their living habits, making it pos­
    When the first touch of Jack Frost            don't want to bore you with our shells,"      sible to know just how to look for the
set the Wisconsin trees on fire with flam­        she ventured, "but we are always happy        various species. Certain shells require cer­
ing colors, their beauty was rivaled only         to show them to interested friends." Lit­     tain living conditions, for all do not re­
by autumn's gorgeous sunsets. Later in            tle did she realize just how fascinated I     quire the same amount of air or eat the
the fall, when every gully and ravine was         was.                                         same kind of food. Information from re­
piled high with fallen leaves, together              I had always lived inland and far from     liable sources is helpful if you are to have
we would shuffle through them and oc­            large bodies of water, so when en route       good success in collecting.
casionally bury each other under them            to California in 1945 in search of a new          As our collection has grown by our
just to send them flying in all directions       home, my husband and I took the coast         own efforts and by exchanging with col­
as we jumped to our feet.                        route, and my hopes of finding some           lectors of other areas, I am amazed at
    Now this little shell that my aunt held      shells grew with the miles. Not knowing       the countless forms, colors, and intri­
out to me in a small box was unfolding           how to look for them, I passed by the         cate details of these shell homes. Of no
the secrets of another chapter of God's          places where I might have found some          less interest is the study of the sea crea­
other book.                                      live shells, and the few I found on the       tures that made them. Surely David was
   "A chambered nautilus," she com­              sand were broken and unattractive. I          inspired to record in Psalm 104:24, 25:
mented, "rarely found unbroken on a              did not know that the high tides of           "O Lord, how manifold are thy works!
beach because it is so fragile. Buffeting        summer, tourists, and beachcombers com­       in wisdom hast thou made them all. . . .
by heavy surf on rocky beaches usually           bined to make shelling rather unreward­       So is this great and wide sea, wherein
results in the breaking of all delicate          ing.                                          are things . . . innumerable, both small
shells." Then observing my interest, she             We located at Oceanside, California,      and great beasts." God made them for
added, "I will name it yours in my will."        just eight blocks from the beach, and I       His pleasure and He is graciously shar­
   The spark of interest created by that         lost no time in getting acquainted with       ing them with us.

        Baseball Showdown                           "Yes, I know that, but where have we                    All the Way
              From page 13                          They heard Eddy close the door that                      From page 8
   "How'd you do, son?"                          joined his bedroom to the bathroom.              "Trouble? Why, I'm sorry. Is there
   "Not too bad, I guess. Tomorrow de­              "I can't think that we have failed," Mr.   anything I can do?"
cides it, though."                               Walton continued. "Eddy will just have           "No, I guess not."
   His father said no more. He and his           to find out for himself, and then he will        "Not pining over some boy friend are
wife had given their counsel. Now their          see his mistake."                             you?"
son must make the decision.                         The buzz of Eddy's electric razor an­         "Oh, no! You know I'm not," Lohanna
   Sabbath morning all the Waltons scur­         nounced continuing progress in prepara­       laughed. "The boys don't mean a thing
ried about getting the chores finished.          tion for—the baseball field?                  to me."
There was little conversation while milk­           Silence filled the kitchen. Eddy did not      "Sad thing, and you so pretty."
ing, and there was less at breakfast. The        need much time to shave. The bathroom            Lohanna blushed.
clock said eight o'clock. Eddy pushed            door reopened and his parents heard the          "Look, I don't want to pry. But it is
away from the table and went to his              dresser drawer slide open and shut. He        obvious that something is wrong. Can't
bedroom. The parents heard one shoe hit          was putting away his razor.                   you tell me? I'd like to help you if I
the floor, then the other. Mr. Walton's             The door of their son's room opened        could."
eyes met those of his wife. She looked           and out he came.                                 The girl turned away, but he saw the
concerned.                                          "I don't know about you folks, but I'm     tremble of her chin. "Look here, young
   "Now, Mother, this is Eddy's choice           going to be on time for church," he called    lady, no need to try to handle it alone.
and we cannot make it for him."                  with a radiant face.                          Sit down here and tell me about it."
APRIL 9, 1957                                                                                                                           19
                                           Lohanna brushed a tear away and sat          cousin's house. Going in, she stopped in
                                        down. "You won't understand."                   the kitchen to get a drink, then went to
                                           "I can try, can't I?"                        her room to put her things away. As she
                                           "Well, I'll tell you then." Lohanna          put her blouse on a hanger she heard
                                        looked at her trim little shoes all the time    someone come up the walk, and pres­
                                        she was talking, and she rushed through         ently there was talking in the hall. The
                                        it all very fast. It was a relief to tell it,   door of her room opened suddenly, and
                                        even if he didn't understand. When she          her mother walked in.
                                        finished she waited without daring to              There was no exchange of greeting at
                                        look up.                                        all, and the coldness of it shocked her.
                                           But her teacher didn't say a thing. The         "Pack up, Lohanna, and get your
                                        moments ticked by painfully, and Lo­            things out into the car!"
                                        hanna felt hot and cold by turns. Finally          "Pack up? All my things! Why?"
                                        she looked up.                                     "You know why."
                                           Her heart literally turned over. Profes­        "But, Mother, I don't. What has hap­
                                        sor Galoway was staring at her, his face        pened ?"
                                        as pale as death and seemingly immobile.           "What indeed! Lohanna, we sent you
                                        Then he tried to speak, but his voice           here to get an education, not to get mixed
                                        wouldn't come. He tried again, and said         up with some silly young preacher and
                                        in a hoarse, barely audible voice, "Lo­         his new-fangled ideas. We expect you to
                                        hanna, I do understand, because——"              be respectable, and I'll take you home
                                        There he paused, overcome.                      until you get this foolishness out of your
                                           She sat there, wonder-struck and             head."
                                        frightened. She had been through so                "But Mother——"
                                        much recently, and now this. It left her            "Hush. I don't want to hear any of it.
                                        emotions swirling. Her eyes dimmed, and         Pack up and do it quickly!"
                                        her lips moved in sympathy with her                She dared not disobey, and in a daze
                                        teacher's efforts to speak again.               she began to gather up her things. She
                                           Finally he continued. "I understand,         got her blouse and put it back on. She
                                        better than you can know, Lohanna. You          pulled out her suitcases, and put in her
                                        see—I used to be an Adventist!"                 things one by one, her mind unable to
                                           "You, you used to be," faltered the          function at all.
                                        startled girl. As gently as she said it, he         She put her things into the car, then
                                        read condemnation in it. He turned away         went back and looked about. Her eyes
        For Senior and                  a moment, shame burning in his heart. It        spied her Bible on the window sill. Pick­
                                        was hard to turn around again and face          ing it up, she felt for a moment that faint-
        Junior Societies                the honest, reproachful candor of her           ness would overcome her. She prayed
                                        blue eyes, but finally he did.                  desperately.
                                           "Lohanna, I have just one thing to say.          Her mother came in. "Well, are you
          GOOD MEETINGS                 No matter what the cost, don't ever give it
                                        up. As one that did give up, what more
                                                                                            "Yes." Gathering her courage she
                                        could I say to you?"
          GOOD PLANS                       "But, but can't you, won't you—I
                                                                                        added, "Mother, could I just go and say
                                                                                            Sensing submission and acceptance in
          GOOD ACTIVITIES                  "No," he broke in. "It can't be for me       this meek request, her mother told her to
                                         now. Perhaps someday. But in the mean­         go, but to hurry.
                                         time I want to help you all I can."
                                                                                            Lohanna needed no second bidding, but
                                           Disturbed, but grateful even so, she         fairly ran through the streets. Would they
                                        rose and gathered up her books. "I must         still be gone? She knocked on the door
                THE                      go, but thank you so much. I'm glad I          loudly. Someone answered, and she could
                                         have found one friend."

     MV Program Kit
                                                                                        have wept with relief.
                                            "I'm glad to be your friend, Lohanna,           Pastor Wilson was still out, but the
                                         and I want to see you stick by your reso­      elderly couple gladly heard her story, and
                                        lutions." He smiled and raised his hand          when she finished they just stood there a
                                         in kindly salute as she left.                   moment in shocked silence. Then motion­
      will help you hit the mark            Time went by, and the date of her            ing her in, they closed the door, fell on
                                         baptism was just one week away. An un­          their knees, and prayed.
      for a better MV society.           fortunate encounter with her cousin had            Moments later when Lohanna left she
                                         forced her to admit her intentions. An­         hugged them both and thanked them, and
     $1.50 a year; club of 5 or more,    other urgent message went home. "Better         turned to hurry away.
                                         come at once. Lohanna is dead serious
     $1.35 each. Add lOc each in                                                            "Lohanna," came their parting ques­
                                         and clear out of her head. I can't do a
     Canada, 20c overseas.                                                               tion, "suppose they never let you come
                                         thing with her."
                                            Lohanna's kind, tactful, much-prayed-
             Published by the                                                               "Then I'll be an Adventist at home.
                                         over letter was mailed the same day, and
     SOUTHERN PUBLISHING                                                                 Pray for me please, won't you? I'll need
                                         the next few days became tense with
                                                                                         it—so much." Tears were getting too
           ASSOCIATION                   hopeful, fearful waiting.
                                                                                         close, so waving quickly she turned and
                                            Lohanna stopped by Thursday after­
         Nashville 8, Tennessee                                                          hurried away.
                                         noon to tell Pastor Wilson the most re­
                                         cent state of things, but no one was home.       This is the second installment of a three-part serial.
                                         Disappointed, she hurried on to her            Part 3 will appear next week.

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           DEPARTM ENT                       ORDER         FROM    YOUR      BOOK       AND        BIBLE    HOUSE
          WASHINGTON 12, D.C.

APRIL 9, 1957                                                                                                       21
      Into Australia's Frontier                    a Bible reading with them during the day,
                                                   and then they invited in some friends and                  BELIEVE IT OR NOT
                From page 16                       asked us to return in the evening for a
                                                   singsong of good old gospel hymns. They               but there are no bars, saloons,
  the station truck, rolled in a drum of          declared that our visit was "like an oasis             cocktail lounges, or night
  water, and sent us back to our car with         in a desert." Who knows to what this con­              clubs in Russia. The only
  instructions to bring the axle over next        tact may lead?                                         place where a man can secure
  morning. It had to be taken nearly forty           To avoid the risk of breaking down                  a drink is in a bona fide res-
  miles out on the station to where the weld­     again on the bad roads between Oodna­                  taurant in connection with a
  ing plant was being used, so it was Fri­        datta and Marree, a distance of three hun­             meal. Cafes are not allowed
  day morning before we were roadworthy           dred miles, we put the car on the train,               to sell alcoholic beverages.
  again.                                          going ourselves by the "Gan," which is                    Neither are alcoholic bev-
    We turned off the Kingoonya road and          the local term for the Commonwealth                    erages advertised on TV, over
 drove into Oodnadatta, 150 miles east, to        train from Alice Springs to Port Augusta,              the radio, or on signs and
 wait for a new axle to come from Ade­            so named in memory of the Afghans                      billboards.
 laide. That Sabbath we camped by a               who ran supplies in by camel train be­                    Lenin did not smoke or
 water hole in the Neales River four miles        fore the railway was put through. At Mar­              drink, and no one dared to
 from Oodnadatta, which by the way, is            ree, just a little township, we found a                smoke in his presence. He had
 one of earth's most desolate places, just a      keen interest in our work and left many                a "No Smoking" sign in his
 small place in a desert. The axle did not       books. One section of the town is the                   office.
 come till Monday morning, so Sunday             Afghan community—remnants of the                              W. A. SCHARFFENBERG
 we canvassed the town. In isolated areas        camel-train days.
 Sunday is one of the best days for can­             The road was good from here for the
 vassing, as the men are home and folks          final four-hundred-mile run to Adelaide,
 are not too busy to sit down and talk.          which we reached safely without further         duction of 'meat' substitutes in which
    There is an Australian Inland Mission        mishap. We had left a trail of literature      wheat gluten containing 60 to 80% pro­
 Hospital in Oodnadatta, and we found            for two thousand miles through some of         tein has been used. While the process of
 the two nursing sisters in charge fine          the inland's great open spaces, and had        manufacture is not generally known, the
 Christian young women. They refused             also opened up the way for a yearly visit      wet or reconstituted wet gluten is de­
to join in the worldly practices of the com­     of a colporteur-evangelist prepared to         natured by heating in water. It is then
munity as their predecessors had done,           brave privation and hardship in return         sliced or ground and combined with
and consequently were unpopular with             for the appreciation of hundreds of            other products, such as specially prepared
most of the people. They had gone out            warmhearted but spiritually and physi­         yeast proteins and vegetable flavoring
because they planned to become overseas          cally needy people.                            materials, to produce an edible product
missionaries and thought the outback
                                                                                                having something of the characteristic of
experience for two years would be a good                                                        soft-tissued meats. The palatability of
training ground. But they were so dis­                                                          such products necessarily varies with the
appointed with the materialistic outlook             What Vegetable Protein
                                                                                                formula and skill of the manufacturers. If
of the church and that which was expected                Can We Use?                            properly formulated, they are highly
of them, that they decided one year was
                                                              From page 14                      nutritious." *
all they could conscientiously stay. They
                                                                                                   Some workers in the field of nutrition
sent in their resignations in order to           from diseased animals." 3 With the in­
return to Brisbane and put in two years at                                                      are advocating that proteins and carbo­
                                                 creased possibility of milk contamination      hydrates not be used in the same meal.
a church college in preparation for over­        by disease, poor handling, and the use of
seas mission work. We had prayer and                                                            Many students have asked questions con­
                                                 hormones and antibiotics, we feel the          cerning this. As we look over the com­
                                                 Lord has been very gracious to furnish         position of food we find many of our
                                                 us with a replacement food such as soy         vegetable foods containing both protein
                                                 milk.                                         and starch. If our Creator intended that
                                                    All types of seeds have a good protein     they be used separately, would He have
                                                 content. Our most popular ones in this        put them together in so many foods?
                                                 class are sunflower and sesame seeds. The        "God has furnished man with abun­
                                                 use of both of these has increased con­       dant means for the gratification of natural
                                                 siderably in the last few years. They are     appetite. He has spread before him, in
                                                 used equally well in baking, confections,     the products of the earth, a bountiful
    The department of education of the           butters and spreads, and in other protein     variety of food that is palatable to the
    West Michigan Conference, under             dishes.                                        taste and nutritious to the system. Of
    J. G. Lamson, published in 1904
    a study manual for young people's               Cereals are such an important item in      these our benevolent heavenly Father says
    workers. It contained this pledge,          the diet that they will be handled in a        that we may 'freely eat.' " 5
    which preceded our current MV Le-           separate article.                                 Let's follow God's program of using a
    gion of Honor by about fifty years:            Just a word about the commercial vege­
                                                                                               wide variety of vegetable proteins, that
    "I solemnly promise in the power of         table protein foods on the market today.
                                                                                               we might enjoy His blessings.
    God, I                                      Many of them contain gluten, the pro­
         "Dress to please Jesus.                tein found in wheat after the starch has         Next Wee\: Ways to Serve Vegetable
          Read to please Jesus.                 been washed out. Gluten makes its con­         Protein Foods.
          Eat to please Jesus.                  tribution to the over-all protein intake.
          Sing to please Jesus
          Talk to please Jesus.                 However, used by itself as the sole source        1 Journal of Niitrilion, Aug. 10, 1955, p. 491.
                                                                                                  2 American Fruit Growers Magazine, Western edition.
                                                of protein, it is inadequate. This is also     May, 1954, p. 11.
    "God helping me, I will                     true of many other foods.                        3 Page 154.
         "Study my Bible every day.                "Wheat gluten—while not widely avail­         4 L. M. Thomas, "The Chemistry and Technology of
                                                                                               Food and Food Products, Proteins and Amino Acids of
          Talk with Jesus every day.            able, has found limited use in a large         Pood Product* (Interscicncc Publishers, Inc., N.Y., 1951),
          Work for others every day."                                                          vol. 1, p. 139.
                                                number of products. In recent years there        B Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3,
                                                has been considerable interest in the pro-     p. 50.

APRIL 9, 1957                                                                                                                                       23
^ THE use of aircraft by farmers and ranch­                                                           *" THERE are now well over 100 million tele­
ers has added $3 billion yearly to their in­                                                          phones in service around the world—twice as
come.                                                                                                 many as there were ten years ago.
*" PLANNED for next year is a "Who's Who"                                                             *" THE first cross-country air-mail flight in
for women only, to include 15,000 to 20,000                                                           1921 took an elapsed time of 33 hours. The
listings.                                                                                             same flight today regularly takes about eight
^ LAST year train arrivals and departures
from one station—the Pennsylvania in New                                                              *" CROSSED eyes are not straightened by nat­
York City—totaled 66,257,877 persons.                                                                 ural development; and the condition, rarely
                                                                                                      noticed before a child is 18 months old, should
*" PHILADELPHIA'S blue laws became less blue                                                          be given proper treatment as soon as it is
early this year when the mayor decided that                                                           noticed, regardless of the child's age.
concerts and convention hall shows would be
permitted on Sundays after 1:00 P.M.                                                                  m" LAST year's sales of nearly $2 million by
^ STUFFED toys are sold in the U.S. at a rate                                                         the Philatelic Agency of the U.S. Post Office
of $100 million worth a year, with a booming                                                          Department indicate a new high in public in­
new market among teen-agers and young                                                                 terest in stamp collecting, according to the
                                                                                                      postmaster general.
adults, especially on the distaff side.
** U.S. ARMY engineers have developed for                                                             *" THREE hundred fifty teen-age delegates to
use in extremely cold climates a face shield                                                          a meeting of the New York State Christian
that is weatherproof and will not cloud up            U.S. ARMY SIGNAL CORPS                          Youth Council voted unanimous opposition to
with moisture because of its two-layer con­                                                           bingo even for church or charitable purposes.
struction of transparent plastic.                                                                     The issue is slated to come up at the polls
                                                    ^ A PROGRAM to reduce the rate of recurrence      in November.
^ CONCENTRATED in 12 countries in Southern          of cancer following its radical removal by sur­
and Southeastern Asia are 660 million people,       gery, recently announced by the American          ^ REPORTS of identical fingerprints from dif­
more than a fourth of the world's popula­           Cancer Society, is aimed at eliminating the       ferent persons have all been disproved by the
tion, and beneficiaries of the international        possibility of cancer cells spilling into the     Federal Bureau of Investigation, which since
Colombo Plan "to help the Asians help               blood stream during an operation. Experi­         1924 has filed 143 million sets of fingerprints.
themselves."                                        ments on animals indicate that the program        Even identical twins, the Bureau says, can be
                                                    may be able to reduce the rate of recurrence      distinguished by their differing prints.
^ FOR- the celebration this year of the 350th       by as much as 80 per cent.
anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown,                                                           ^ ALASKA'S mineral-rich soil has yielded
duplicates have been constructed of the 100-        ^ "JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT" is a national move­        more than one billion dollars' worth of gold,
ton Susan Constant, the 40-ton Godspeed, and        ment with centers in 175 cities to assist high-   copper, silver, coal, lead, tin, platinum, and
the 20-ton Discovery, the three ships that          school-age boys and girls in a business world     mercury, reports the National Geographic
brought the first English settlers in 1607.         of their own. Ten to fifteen young people get     Society. Its gold alone continues to bring
                                                    together to form a company, and sell stock        more than $8 million a year, exceeding the
^ HIGHWAYS in the U.S. will be rid of com­          at 50 cents a share. Adult advisers give coun­    1867 purchase price of Alaska.
mercial signs if Senator Richard L. Neuberger,      sel on organization, production, management,
of Oregon, has his way. He has introduced                                                             ^ PREFABRICATED plastic shelters for the back
                                                    and sales.                                        yards of suburban homes have been proposed
legislation that calls for "the control and limi­
tation of billboards within 500 feet of the         ^ AN unidentified pilot is credited with sav­     by a civil defense expert as a means of pro­
right-of-way on each side of interstate roads."     ing the lives of four people asleep in a burn­    tecting families against possible atomic attack.
                                                    ing house one night a few weeks ago in            It is estimated that the shelters, which would
^ HYPOTHERMIA, or artificial hibernation, is        Georgia. The roar of the plane flying over the    resemble a bottle with an upturned neck,
used for certain heart operations. The patient's    house almost at the level of the chimney awak­    could be mass produced and installed for
body is cooled to reduce its rate of metabolism     ened one of the occupants who looked for          about $400 each.
and its need for oxygen, permitting interrup­       the plane and noticed the glow of the blaz­
tion of the heart's blood circulation for up to                                                       "" TEN nations will cooperate in a survey of
                                                    ing roof.                                         uncharted sections of the North Atlantic Gulf
nine minutes while it is opened for repair.
                                                    *" THORIUM, the key element in gas mantles,       Stream during the International Geophysical
^ CLINICAL tests are now under way to meas­         faded into obscurity when electricity ended       Year beginning July 1. The beginning of the
ure the effectiveness of a new antibiotic,          the gaslight era, but now nuclear research has    Gulf Stream between the Bahamas and the
streptovaricin, which in test-tube and animal       thrust this rare earthen metal into a new role    Bermudas is well known to oceanographers,
experiments appears to be 10 to 100 times as        as a "fertile" material converted into Uranium    and so is the northeastern "tail" near Britain;
active as some of the drugs now used to com­        233 in power reactors.                            but little is known about the central part of
bat tuberculosis. Results of preliminary stud­                                                        the current in the mid-Atlantic.
ies, however, have not been dramatic.               *" A MOBILE steel tower designed for servic­
                                                    ing guided missiles in firing position is ten     "" EXPERIMENTS are in progress with traffic
*' ALL life on earth seems to be tied to the        stories high, weighs 170 tons, costs $750,000,    lights, electric shocks, and even "Venetian
process of photosynthesis, by which plants are      and can be shipped dismantled in 14 freight       blinds" to keep young salmon out of hydro­
able to transform water and carbon dioxide          cars.                                             electric turbines of the great dams near the
taken from the air into carbohydrates—the                                                             Pacific Coast. One of the most promising
basic food. There is no other source of phys­       m' STACKED straight up, a billion silver dol­     techniques puts a pulsating field of direct
ical nourishment; any nutritional value in          lars would reach 1,500 miles high. Invested       electric current across the stream. The fish,
animal products is derived from plants the          at a modest 3 per cent interest per year, the     which find it unpleasant, can thus be nudged
animals eat.                                        daily income would be $82,910.                    toward a safe path over the dam.
"" A SYNTHETIC substance named borazon,             "" THE U.S. Post Office Department expects        "" THE golden hamster, a small rodent that
produced through application of pressure up         to handle about one and one-half billion pieces   normally hibernates during the winter, is the
to a million pounds per square inch and heat        of air mail during the current fiscal year.       subject of current experiments involving in­
of 3,000° Fahrenheit, is claimed to be almost                                                         duced hibernation in a room with a constant
as hard as the diamond. It is a compound of         "" MORE than half the U.S. labor force pro­       temperature of 41° Fahrenheit. Tests show
boron and nitrogen and changes its crystal­         duces and sells goods entirely unknown 50         that in such an environment the animal's tem­
line form to that of a cube, similar to the         years ago.                                        perature remains about one degree higher
crystalline form of a diamond. Whereas the          *" THERE were about half as many cases of         than the air around it, the heartbeat slows
diamond burns up at 1,600° Fahrenheit, bora­        poliomyelitis in the U.S. in 1956 as in 1955.     to eight or nine beats a minute, the blood
zon is able to withstand temperatures of more                                                         pressure is very low, and respiration is ir­
than 3,500°.                                        "" TIN cans are about 1 /200th tin.               regular with less than ten breaths per minute.

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