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					 Trimming the budget                                                                                                going to go up and morale
  anDie richarDs   anD   Gwen wriGht
                            reporters                                                                               will be tested,” said math
                                                                                                                    teacher Colleen Dabney.
      Imagine if the one thing                                                                                               Many school-based
  you had worked almost your                                                                                        positions will also be cut from
  entire life to achieve was                                                                                        the high school. Three high
  cut from your life, and you                                                                                       school support positions,
  couldn’t do anything about                                                                                        administrative assistants to
  it. This is what many high                                                                                        the assistant principals, will
  school teachers fear this                                                                                         be cut, one from each school.
  month.                                                                                                               Each high school will also
       All around the country                                                                                       have one less audio-visual
  school districts have to                                                                                          assistant and one less person
                                                                                                                    in a technology resource
  cut back their budgets.
                                                                                                                    position. Also, each school
  Williamsburg-James       City                                                                                     in the district, including
  County school district is                                                                                         elementary      and     middle
  facing a loss of $4.5 million                                                                                     schools, will have one less
  according to the proposed                                                                                         custodian.
  budget for the 2009-2010                                                                                             Another area of the school
  school year.                                                                                                      preparing for the budget cuts
       “I wish the county had           Mark Weideman’s AP Physics class, despite having a large enrollment         is the Media Center. Steps
  more money so we didn’t               this semester, is being cut from the science curriculum next year.          they are taking include as
  have to cut things from the                                                              Photo by Stephen Kline
                                                                                                                    cutting unpopular magazine
  children’s education,” said           protect,” said math teacher          it,” said art teacher Liz              subscriptions and making
  chemistry teacher Pam                 David Sutton. “They’re fun           Bahl-Moore.      “The     way          sure the students get the
  Crowley.                              and vivacious and have so            I look at it is, why take              fiction books that they enjoy.
    One major aspect that will          much to give and they give           away from the kids now by              The Media Center was lucky
  be affected by these cuts             so much, but they’re the first       worrying about the future?”            enough to receive a donation
  is the size of the faculty. A         to go.”                                  After the cuts are made,           of SAT preparation materials
  total of 17 high school-level             Some teachers are not            much will change for                   from the parent of a former
  teachers will be dismissed            worried about the situation          students     and     teachers.         student.
  from the district.                    and choose to continue               One adjustment will be is                  “We expect [the cut], we
         “They’re thinking of           on with their daily school           the increased number of                know it’s coming and we’re
  cutting     young    teachers         routine.    Attitudes     like       students in classes. The               trying to be as judicious as
  who don’t have tenure, but            these that keep the school           student to teacher ratio will          we can,” said media specialist
  these people are the core of          organized     in    stressful        be increased from 22.25 to             Mary Turnbull.
  their teaching staff, they’re         situations.                          one to 23.50 to one.
  the people they have to                  “I try not to think about              “Class size is definitely                Continued on page 14

Riffed or fired: teachers are gone
                                                    staff members.                                     would look at all aspects, like that

  Dinah Mackenzie anD chelsea lehew
              co-eDitor-in-chief anD reporter            According to the U.S. office of               they look at upper level staff [salaries]
               ith registration for next            personnel management, when there are               before they cut out necessary support
               year’s classes complete,             insufficient government funds to cover             staff.”
               and the question of which            the salaries of all employees, Reduction               Staff cuts will ultimately lead to
               teachers will be lost,               in Force (RIF) occurs. RIF does not                a shortage in teachers to cover the
  one can’t help but wonder if classes              mean that the person was fired; simply             current classes offered at Lafayette.
  students signed up for will be around             that their position no longer exists                  Class sizes are already overwhelming
  next fall.                                        because of lack of funding.                        to some, and next year many believe
    The economic crisis affects more than             “The difference between being ‘riffed’           classes will be even larger.
  just the people on Wall Street; it is             and fired is that being fired has to do              “[This year] my French class, French
  taking a toll on public schools around            with your job performance,” said head              One, is so big because they only offer one
  the country. Changes are being made               guidance counselor Suzanne Hart.                   class,” said freshman Heidi Peterson.
  to counteract the need to tighten the                   Audio Visual Assistant Janice                   With classes growing in size, there
  budget.                                           Holloway, who has been with WJCC for               is greater potential that students will
     There will be a $4.5 million budget            17 years, is one of the support staff who          be hidden in the crowd and not get the
  cut by the state government for WJCC              was cut using RIF.                                 individual assistance and attention
  schools. A total of 17 teachers will be             “I feel that I know that there will be           they need.
  cut within the district by the end of             more cuts, but none of us want to lose
  February, along with 25 other support             our jobs,” said Holloway. “I wish they                                 Continued on page 14
news                                                                                                                                                         2
A new star on the horizon
     Chelsea hunniCutt                      man Samuel] in two hours,”
                            layout editor   Kolekofski said. “It’s kind of
       Getting into college is hard         ironic.”
     enough as it is. Getting into            Though “Old man Samuel”
     one of the top five art schools        won two awards and was
     in the U.S. is even harder.            featured in a local newspaper,
     Senior Kelly Kolekofski has            it’s not Kolekofski’s favorite
     reached the goal she has               out of the work she has
     been working toward her                done.
     entire high school career.                   “The video art project
       “VCU was my first choice,”           we did for Ms. Leek’s class
     Kolekofski said, “I was                sophomore year [was my
     overwhelmed [when I got my             favorite] because it creeped
     acceptance letter].”                   people out,” Kolekofski said.
      Along with getting into VCU            One may wonder where this
     art school, Kolekofski has             art comes from and what
     also won multiple awards.              inspires the artist.
        “Recently I won $100 [for            “Everyday life [inspires me],”
     my art], which is good gas             Kolekofski said. “Nature,
     money,” Kolekofski said.               people interacting with each
          Other than the money              other and [interacting] in
     and awards, Kolekofski was             their environment.”
     featured in the Virginia                      Just as everyday life
     Gazette for one of her                 inspires Kolekofski, she
     drawings she calls “Old                wants her work to inspire
     man Samuel.” Surprisingly,             others.
     this piece of work did not                  “[I want people] to not
     take her long or have much             only think outside the box,”
                                                                              Kelly Kolekofski, whose art has won her multiple awards and helped her get admission into
     inspiration.                           Kolekofski said, “but also not    Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, sketches in her AP studio art class.
         “I was just really bored           be afraid to push the limits                                                                          Photo by Stephen Kline
     one night and drew [Old                of society.”

Tasty alternatives coming soon?
                                                        40 students at lunch, about half of             encourage students to make better
     emily Kimminau         Chelsea speth
                                                        the students said the salad bar is an           eating choices, students don’t seem to

                                                        addition they would actually use.               be taking advantage of the salads that
              eenagers are repeatedly told              Teachers, too, shared this excitement.          are currently offered.
              by their parents to eat their               “I am excited,” said assistant principal         “The salads offered in the lunch line
              veggies. However, the reality             Jeff Bond, “It’s a cool idea, and I can’t       now are usually only bought by the
              is when given the opportunity             wait to see what’s on it.”                      teachers,” said Salisbury. “We don’t sell
     at school to choose, the majority of these              But don’t get your hopes up too            enough as it is.”
     teens choose curly fries over an apple.            fast—the salad bar is still just an idea.         If implemented, the salad bar would
     Despite the recent efforts of SHIP,                According to the cafeteria manager              offer a full meal, including meat and a
     a program that encourages healthy                  Dale Salisbury, a federal grant was             vegetarian alternative. Doing so would
     eating and habits, students have yet to            issued to WJCC food services. While             encourage students to eat a full meal
     embrace healthy eating routines.                   the grant was not given specifically            as opposed to just a side of salad.
       Recently, SHIP has made an effort to             for the salad bar, they believe doing so              A salad bar like Ruby Tuesday’s
     encourage healthy habits by proposing              would be the best use of the money.             shouldn’t be expected, but more choices
     the idea of a salad bar. In a poll of                    While a new salad bar would               at lunch are better than less.

  Cabaret Night
                            News in Brief   The Snack Box                            Thoroughly                                      Forensics
       And                                                                          Modern Millie
                                        Want a snack after                                                                  The Forensics team
  Silent Auction                        school? The Newspaper,                                                              went to the Bay Rivers
                                                                               March 26 through 28
Buon Amici will be                      Litmag, and Yearbook                   marks the opening of                         District   Competition
hosting Cabaret Night                   are sponsoring a new                   the spring musical.                          and placed first, second,
and Silent Auction. It                  snack box after school in              Tickets go on sale March                     and third. Then, at the
will be on Thursday,                    the upper commons in                   2. Times are as follows:                     Forensics League Tour-
March 19 at 6 p.m. in                   the SCA room. Come by                  Thursday at 7 p.m.                           nament of Champions,
the upper commons.                      to get your after school               Friday at 8 p.m.                             they earned first, third,
                                        refreshments.                          Saturday at 2 & 8 p.m.                       and fourth place.
news                                                                                                                                                           3
Celebrating Black History
Taylor GossaGe                                                                                                            of events are held in honor of the
                                 Copy ediTor                                                                              achievements made by African-
           lack History Month has been                                                                                    Americans. To celebrate, the school
           celebrated since 1926, and                                                                                     put on the play “Voices of the Past,”
           was started by Carter G.                                                                                       directed by Minority Achievement
           Woodson. His intentions for                                                                                    Leader Termaine Hopkins.
the month were to “produce facts that                                                                                            “Voices of the Past” featured
would prove to the world that Africa                                                                                      impersonations of important figures
and its people have played a crucial                                                                                      in African-American history such as
role in the development of civilization”                                                                                  Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman,
(Association of the Study of African-                                                                                     Booker T. Washington, and even Barack
American Life and History).                                                                                               Obama.
    It started off as only a week, and                                                                                       “The play went extremely well,” said
Woodson chose the week in February                                                                                        Hopkins. “I believe that the students
that encompassed Abraham Lincoln                                                                                          were receptive and it helped them
and Frederick Douglass’s birthdays;                                                                                       understand and gain deeper meaning
both are considered important in the                                                                                      of African-American history.”
history of African-Americans.                                                                                                 Black History Month is a time when
  To students, Black History Month has                                                                                    everyone can reflect on the past, and to
a significant meaning.                                                                                                    see how far our country has come in
     “It shows that black people have                                                                                     acceptance of African-Americans, and
worked hard to get where we are and                                                                                       their prominence in society.
[it celebrates] the many great African-                                                                                     “As important as Black History Month
Americans who’ve made it,” junior              Sophomore Beniqueka Futrell, in the celebration of Black Histor y
                                                                                                                          is,” said Hopkins, “it is something that
                                               Month, plays the part of Sojourner Truth in the school play.
Dezmond Braxton said.                                                                            Photo by Stephen Kline   should be recognized and celebrated
    Conventions, parties and all sorts                                                                                    every day.”

                                                                                    Pictured are the officers of the LHS chapter of FBLA: Elisha Chestnut, President;
                                                                                    Renea Johnson, Vice President; Chris Burris, Treasurer; Beth Begley, Secretar y;
Senior Melanie Marotta with her parents; principal, Anita Swinton; LHS field        and Nakeisha Johnson, Reporter. FBLA collected food for FISH during National
hockey coach Pat Thompson; and athletic director, Dan Barner signing with the       Career and Technical Education Week using the Valentine’s theme, “Have a Heart!”
Virginia Commonwealth University field hockey team on Februar y 4.                  The club collected over 700 cans and packages of food to replenish FISH’s food
                                                          Photo by Stephen Kline    pantr y.                                               Photo courtesy of Jeanne King

   Cracking down on the rules                                                                                             bell has rung.

           HannaH anGles and Haley WalTon      has been a topic at recent           when they were in school.”
                                   reporTers   staff meetings. Since then,             There is a logical reason             “I have made sure I don’t
                     efresh.        New        teachers have been more              for everything. Even the              let anybody leave 10 minutes
                     semester,      new        consistent with making sure          rules that seem awkward               before or after the bell,”
                     teachers, and new         students follow the rules.           have a certain effectiveness          said Stewart. “But I think
                     classmates.      As            “Teachers interpret rule        in order to maintain safety           it makes more sense to go
           the next 18 weeks roll in,          enforcement differently but if       and the accountability of the         before instruction.”
           students hear the crack of          something stops instruction          students.                                Inevitably, rules are going
           the whip as rules sprout up.        it has to be dealt with,” math           “It’s necessary that we           to be broken. And as with
              It is no surprise that the       teacher Eric Hetzel said.            review school policies,” said         every broken rule, there are
           rules exist. Although none            Some students have begun           English teacher Stephanie             consequences.
           are new, the rules have been        to feel the heat of the rule         Stewart. “Some teachers                 “The initial infraction of the
           curveballs for those who            constraint and have begun to         become preoccupied and we             rule is on the student,” said
           aren’t used to them being           express their views toward           forget to follow some of the          Bond, “and the consequence
           enforced.                           the protocol.                        rules.”                               will fit the infraction.”
                “We have always had                “I think the teachers are            Every teacher has their               With summer coming up
           the rules,” said assistant          getting too serious with             own tolerance level. Stewart          quickly, as well as the end
           principal Jeff Bond. “It is a       the rule enforcement,” said          described how she always              of the year, going along with
           friendly reminder to enforce        sophomore Jessie Dunkle,             enforced the rule of not              the rules will make the next
           them as they come up.”              “and they’re used to following       leaving the classroom 10              semester go by that much
               Administering the rules         the old fashioned rules from         minutes before or after the           quicker.
lifestyles                                                                                                                                             4
New season, new fashion
             Johanna aevarsDottir anD thoMas Pearce         themselves looking for more affordable   on the outside of clothing. North
                         Managing eDitor anD rePorter                                                Faces, sweat pants, oversized
                                                            options. Balance plays a major role

                                                            when deciding when to splurge and        and undersized clothing, velour
                                       he      audience     when to get the most for your dollar.    track suits, destroyed jeans,
                                       is seated. You         “I splurge on vintage clothing sites,  camouflage, peace signs, and
                                       feel the music       but I also get a lot of stuff from Papayaskater shoes are just a few
                                       pulsing     while    and Charlotte Russe,” said sophomore     of the things I strongly
                                 you await your turn.       Sarah Koahou.                            dislike,” Sims said.
                                   Hands besiege you              As warm weather approaches,              Men’s fashion
                                    completing                                                           is much less
                                    your        look.   “To me, designer labels don’t matter. complicated.
                                     Thirty seconds     You have to have confidence.                        “It bothers
                                      to go. With a     Without it, don’t bother.”                       me       when
                                       final push,                                                       p e o p l e
                                                                                -senior Sieya Sims have                a
                                       you hit the
                                       r u n w a y                                                       s w e e t
                                      with full force. spring fashion and new collections outfit                 with
                                    Absorbing       your find themselves replacing jackets and b u m m y
                                  look and judgments closed toed shoes.                              shoes,” said
                                flying,       spectators    This season’s new looks are all about Ashlock.
                               decide whether or vivacious colors and light-weight                            Spring
                               not your attire is         complementary materials. For the is                quickly
                              desirable.                  freshest look, colors to be on the lookout a p p r o a c h i n g
                                Although you may not for include yellow, pink and blue paired and                     just
                             be a high fashion model,     with neutral colors such as white and like               plants
                            what you wear to school light shades of brown. Contrary to awakening from
                           is still a reflection of who solid colors, abstract or bold prints help a gray and dismal
                          you are. Walking into the accentuate a healthy and attractive winter, students’
                          commons strutting your figure.                                             vibrant clothing
                         stuff and turning heads,            On the other side of the spectrum, will begin to
                         you know your outfit is a skinny jeans remain a hot commodity reemerge. You
                        success. Senior fashionista for men. Senior AJ Ashlock appreciates don’t have to
                       Sieya Sims has been “fierce” his unique style and enjoys standing wear the most
                      since birth.                        out for it.                                e x p e n s i v e
                            “To me, designer labels          “My style is unique because I dress clothes, or high
                     don’t matter. You have to have different than most of my friends,” fashion                    styles,
                   confidence,” said Sims. “Without Ashlock said.                                    but         looking
                  it, don’t bother trying.”                  But looking good has its rules. Both fantastic           this
                     Less expensive does not mean Sims and Ashlock have a variety of pet             season has never
                 less attractive. With the economy peeves that bother them.                          been less
Sieya Sims, 12   in a recession students often find         “I don’t like when you can see labels complicated.                   AJ Ashlock, 12

All she ever wanted was a little credit

           Dinah Mackenzie                        a new job to help fund her      played by Hugh Dancy (“Ella
                         co-eDitor   in   chief   insane spending habits.         Enchanted”), calls her with
                          hat is the price            She goes to an interview    a job offer.
                          of fashion? How         at the exclusive Alette              Taking the job only to
                          much       would        magazine, and on the way        gain experience for Alette,
                          you pay for the         tries to buy a green scarf.     Bloomwood advises people
           perfect outfit? For Rebecca            When her credit card is         on how to spend money
           Bloomwood, there is no price           declined, she in desperation,   and make investments.
           too high. That explains why            goes to a hotdog stand,           Her overnight fame because
           she’s in $16,000 worth of              where a kind stranger gives     of the article makes her debt
           shopping debt.                         her $20 to help her it.         problems even more out of
              Rated PG for some mild                     She proceeds to the      control. She tries to smooth
           language       and     thematic        interview only to discover      it all out before it all falls
           elements, “Confessions of a            that the position has been      from under her feet.
           Shopaholic” is a great movie           filled. Rejected, she applies    Fighting to make everything
           for a girl’s night out.                for a job at a savings          right again, Bloomwood
              Quirky, fun, and vibrant            magazine.      Unfortunately,   learns some hard lessons.
           journalist              Rebecca        she’s unsuccessful again.       While going to shopaholics
           Bloomwood,         played    by           Jobless and in major debt,   anonymous,         Bloomwood
           Isla     Fisher      (“Wedding         Bloomwood and her friend        works to become a better
           Crashers”), has 12 different           Suze, played by Krysten         person.
           credit cards, lives in New             Ritter (“What Happens in             A romantic comedy for
           York City and can’t pass by a          Vegas”), come up with a plan    the shopaholic in every
           store window without going             to write a brilliant article    woman, “Confessions of a
           in and shopping. This is not           and send it to Alette to try    Shopaholic” is a lesson for
           a good combination.                    and help her get the job. She   every woman on what not to
                When her current job              accidently sends the article    do when shopping. Hilarious
           goes downhill, Bloomwood               to the savings magazine, but    and colorful, I give this movie
           desperately needs to find              the editor, Luke Brandon,       four out of five stars.
                                                                                                                         photo courtesy of
lifestyles                                                                                                                                 5
Valentine’s Day: from sweet to sappy
                                    their ideal Valentine’s date.
  Lizzie HaLstead
                                    Although it is a special time
                                    for some, others are not as

                                    excited about this day.
            alentine’s Day- a          February 14 has also been
            day when we show        called a “Hallmark Holiday”
            our affection for       or “Single Awareness Day.”
            the ones we love        For many it is only welcomed
  by exchanging gifts and           if you are in a relationship.
  spending time together.               “It puts it out there that
  When we were younger it           I’m single,” said sophomore
  was a fun day, a day when         Gena      Hernandez,      “and
  everyone bought valentines        that’s not something I want
  and candy for each other,         to share with the world.”
  whether it was Barbie,               Some people are reminded
  Ninja Turtles, or whatever        of past relationships that
  the latest craze happened         have ended, which can be
  to be. We’d stuff them into       upsetting, while others are
  each others’ valentine goodie     celebrating the relationships
  bags, and later compare           they are in. It is a time of
  what we got.                      mixed feelings for all.
      Now, as we get older, it             The term “Hallmark
  becomes a more serious            Holiday” refers to the fact Seniors Matt Covington and Lauren Lisle celebrated their fourth Valentine’s in Feb.
  holiday. Some people think        that this day has become                                                                  Photo By Stephen Kline
  of Valentine’s Day as a           more of a day filled with
  chance to be with the one         sappy cards and chocolates the Emperor of the Roman his execution, he fell in love
  you care about most. Going        instead of a day for us to Empire banned men from with the jailor’s daughter
  out to dinner, buying gifts       focus on the true purpose getting married, in fear that and wrote her love letters,
  for each other, giving cards,     of the holiday. However, they would not want to join signing them “From Your
  flowers, or chocolates, are all   this holiday was not always the war if they had wives, Valentine,” a phrase we still
  ways we share this day with       looked at this way. People Valentine could not obey his use today.
  our “valentine.”                  celebrated it to remember orders. For years he secretly               Although Valentine’s
      Seniors Matt Covington        the Bishop Valentine and married couples and when Day may not be a holiday
  and Lauren Lisle see              the impact he had on love.     the Emperor found out, he celebrated by everyone,
  “cooking dinner together               Valentine was a strong sentenced him to death. it will always be a day
  and renting a movie” as           believer in marriage. When While Valentine awaited dedicated to love.
op-ed                                                                                                                                         6
Forty-six and counting
                                                   or become one of the now 46 teachers’      pay for various everyday things and
                                                   assistants.                                even college tuition, which would have
                                                        Mentorships require at least 130 its advantages in our current economy.
                                                   hours per semester and an extreme             Think of yourself as a parent: would
                                                   amount of dedication. So naturally, you rather be forced to work overtime
                                                   students choose the simpler road of to pay max tuition payments, or would
                                                   becoming a teacher’s assistant, which you rather have your child help pay?
                                                   has its advantages. You get to take a        Which choice sounds more productive?
                                                   closer look at the work that teachers Well, that depends on how you would
                                                   put into teaching, as well as some of the define worthwhile and productive.
                                                   tasks that teachers must do, but your          “Wait until you get out into the real
                                                   choices are limited when it comes to world,” the famous words from an

 Devon McGinty    anD   cierra WashinGton
                                       reporters   the subjects that are offered in school. adult to a child. We have the chance of
           hree years of putting in hard               “For what I want to do in college getting a head start in the real world,
           work, seven hours a day,                (chemical and biological engineering), yet they’re holding us captive in this
           five days a week, 180 days              it’s pointless,” said Rongstad.            cement castle.
           a year. Your college résumé                     “There
 is completely stacked, you have all of            are         no
 your credits, and you just want to leave          mentorships
 school when those necessary classes               relating     to
 are over. Sorry, not happening.                   it, or T.A.’s,
    “I think it’s a waste of our time to           which        is
 have to sit through classes and not               a n o t h e r
 do anything, when we could be doing               reason why
 something productive,” said senior BG             it’s pointless
 Rongstad.                                         to keep me
     Why should we be forced to stay               here.”
 in school when we have all the                     Although the
 requirements necessary to graduate?               advantages
 Shouldn’t we be spared and allowed                are decent,
 to leave, especially with all of the              we could be
 scheduling conflicts and large class              doing more
 sizes?                                            productive
    All of our hard work and dedication            work if we
 have finally paid off and yet, we are             w e r e n ’ t
 forced to stay in school taking classes           forced to stay
 that we have no interest in.                      in school. We
   Along with being placed in filler               could get jobs
 classes, some students--especially                and      make Senior Tori Payne decorates a bulletin board entitled “World Religions” outside of
 seniors--opt to enroll in a mentorship            money       to Room 116. Payne is a teacher’s assistant for social studies teacher Ashley Ferguson.
                                                                                                                              Photo by Cierra Washington

Do you have a pass?
                                       students still resist carrying     Therefore, the school needs care of their business in
                                       their passes with them.            to keep track of them, too.      one trip in order to reduce
                                         It doesn’t take much to take       Hall passes verify this. They distractions in the classroom.
                                       a simple pass around with          state that an authoritative Even though their pass does
                                       you while you go wherever          figure knows where they not include going to the
                                       you need to. Just get your         are and that they have facilities, it shouldn’t be a
                                       teacher to sign it and you’re      been given permission to go big problem.
                                       good to go.                        there.                                            Even though
                                           Hall passes shouldn’t be             However, “When          a student        there are a few
                                       that big of a deal. When a         there          are                             exceptions,
                                       student doesn’t have a pass        c e r t a i n doesn’t           have       a I think that
                                       while roaming the hallway,         s i t u a t i o n s pass while roaming our               school
                                       it gives the impression that       that          hall the hallway, it gives has              every
                                       they’re skipping class and         passes could the impression that right to issue
                                       that’s what gets them in           be overlooked. they’re skipping.”              hall      passes
                                       trouble. It’s as simple as         For example,                                   and      require
                                       that.                              if a student                                   that they be

 Kirstyn nutter
                            reporter         This problem could be        has a signed pass to go to the used whenever a student
          very student is              eliminated easily. Some            library but needs to use the needs to go somewhere. The
          required to have a           effort and responsibility are      restroom after they are done school needs to know where
          hall pass in order           the key factors.                   with whatever they had to each student is just in case
          to    leave    their             Some argue that the 18-        do in the library, I believe something does happen.
 classrooms for whatever               year-olds in our school are        that it’s perfectly acceptable       Hall passes are simple,
 reason. All the “Ramport”             considered adults; therefore,      for him or her to go then easy and necessary. Every
 requires    is   the    time,         they don’t need to be kept         rather than return to their student has been issued a
 destination and a signature           track of.                          classroom and just leave ten “Ramport” at the beginning
 from their teacher.                       Wrong. Even if they are        minutes later.                   of the semester, so there is no
   Now, is that so hard?               18 and legally considered               Students should be able excuse to be caught outside
     Apparently it is. Some            adults, they are still students.   to make the decision to take the classroom without one.
op-ed                7
Letters to our Editors
  KaTe FouTz                            tired, I don’t feel like doing    with their friends, worrying      prepared and ready to give
               Social STudieS Teacher   anything.” I have noticed a       about “everything under the       100% in the classroom. I
           s a teacher, it is my        growing trend in these types      sun,” except for class. I think   think students need to
           job to ensure the            of excuses and students’          if students exerted as much       realize that it is their job
           quality of education         effort toward their work. I       energy in class as they do        to come to school and do
           being instilled in           really wish that students         with their friends in school,     the same. After all, that is
  my students. It is my hope            would see education as an         a lot of students would           what learning and education
  that students, once they              opportunity to excel, advance,    find many of their courses        are all about! Now, does
  leave my class, will have a           and become a little bit more      interesting. Who knows,           every student at Lafayette
  better insight of the subject         knowledgeable about modern        maybe a student would see         High School fit this mold?
  matter we have studied.               day issues. The truth is, it is   the world in a different light    Of course not! There are
  However, I have noticed               not that students are unable      besides shoes, clothes, cars,     some students who take
  that some students seem to            to meet this goal; it is that     boyfriends/girlfriends, and       their coursework seriously
  value their education less            they simply choose not to.        their social life. After all,     and want to achieve at the
  these days. I can’t tell you          Some feel they have “better       these are not items that get      highest level.     Kudos to
  how many times I hear the             things to do with their           students jobs or into college     you! I can only hope that
  phrase, “Are you serious, it’s        time.” I know this because        after high school.                these students can influence
  Friday, do we really have to          I see students in the hallway       As a teacher, I am expected     others to do the same. Keep
  do work?” or “Ms. Foutz, I’m          exerting so much energy           to come to school everyday        up the good work!

  donna BillchecK                                  with other varsity sports. In order for

     iTrT Teacher/ForMer cheerleading coach
                                                   the cheer squad to be competitive, they       Mallor y young
                                                                                                                                     engliSh Teacher

            ccording to the VHSL (Virginia         need a proper practice facility. Also,
            High       School     League),         during basketball season, they need
            cheerleaders are athletes.             to be able to practice in a proper LHS                   s Lafayette’s community faces deep
            They must follow the same              facility. They cannot use the wrestling                  cuts in the school budget, one area of
  rules as any other sport. Cheerleaders           room to practice because a little league                 concern that is not being addressed
  at Lafayette are not getting the respect         wrestling program uses the facility                      is the psychological and emotional
  they deserve.       They are forced to           after our school wrestlers are finished.      impact that losing 10 teachers will have on
  practice around other teams’ schedules.          The squad will not be able to compete         our student body. One can assume that at
  This problem needs to be fixed before            at the state level if they do not have the    least some of the teachers whose jobs will be
  the start of the next school year.               proper facilities in which to conduct         impacted by the cuts are teachers that have a
  Cheerleading is a varsity sport, and             practice. Lafayette, it’s time the cheer      vital role in their students’ lives both personally
  their practice facility should be on par         squad had a proper place to practice.         and academically.        Because of Lafayette’s

For love or goodies?
                                                                                                 family atmosphere, it has a continuing impact
                                                                                                 on our school’s morale. Is this being considered
                                                                                                 as Central Office and administrators consider
                                                                                                 whose positions will be cut?
                                                   flourished.                                      One assumption that can be made is that
                                                      According to Hallmark, Valentine’s         the younger, less tenured teachers will be cut.
                                                   Day sells 188 million Valentine’s Day         Unfortunately, these teachers are the future
                                                   cards a year. That doesn’t even include       of Lafayette. They are the ones who have the
                                                   the classroom card exchange with the          time, energy and stamina to devote themselves
                                                   cardboard shoe boxes. With selling            to students as coaches, sponsors, and mentors.
                                                   cards, it’s one billion, taking second        These young educators are excellent role
                                                   only to Christmas.                            models for our students who show students that
                                                     Fifty million roses are sent each year.     teaching is a worthwhile and rewarding career.
                                                   Fifteen percent of women buy flowers          They have made lasting relationships with our
                                                   for themselves to make themselves feel        students which will be lost if their positions are
                                                   better that they can’t find a guy. This is    cut.
                                                   what our society has come to.                   Another assumption that can be made is that
                                                    Valentine’s Day started off as a religious   teachers of classes that have low enrollments
                                                                                                 will be cut. Again, this doesn’t take into

  Taylor Blanding                                  holiday centered around a holy priest in
                                        reporTer   Rome as an ancient Roman tradition.           consideration the time, effort and importance
          ewelry. Chocolates. Flowers.             As the Roman Empire fell, so did the          that these kinds of classes have on a small
          Teddy bears. Dinner.                     tradition. Emperor Claudius II made           but vital number of students. It impacts
              These are the usual gifts            the decision that young men should be         these students who have specialized in a
          given to women each year for             soldiers and outlawed marriage, but           particular kind of coursework, be it scientific,
  Valentine’s Day. Many people bend                Valentine spoke out. Because of that          language-based or career-oriented, and these
  over backwards for this day, which               he was thrown into prison and put to          relationships foster a love of learning that
  happens to fall in the shortest month            death. Before he died, he wrote a letter      represents Lafayette long after the students
  of year. Seriously, what is the big deal         to his love and signed it, “From your         have graduated. It would be a travesty to lose
  about this day?                                  Valentine” (          this kind of teacher.
    You are supposed to love your special          lki_home/Valentine.htm).                         Finally, the stress that teachers are feeling
  someone 365 days of the year, not just               How many people even know the             as they await the news of the cuts impact our
  one. It would be much more romantic              story of St. Valentine? Very few, thanks      students as well. They worry for their teachers’
  if your special someone came home                to the way society rewrote the meaning        well-being and job security. Teachers are not
  and surprised you any other day than             behind the day.                               only educators, but neighbors, friends and
  February 14, for no apparent reason.                  Valentine’s Day isn’t about the          family members. Our stress is our students’
  Then it actually would mean something            material things that show your love           stress. To tell them not to worry is a empty
  to you.                                          by how much the gift is worth. It’s           statement. Until the outcome is clear and the
     Valentine’s Day is used to represent          about a man, who died while loving a          results analyzed, our students’ emotional and
  affections between people. It’s wrapped          woman. Just remember to celebrate             psychological well-being is affected. Let’s hope
  around symbols of hearts, doves,                 the traditions, and maybe we can              that a positive outcome for all is the result
  candy and chocolate. Though, it was              get through another Valentine’s Day           of changes to the state budget based on our
  supposed to embody when courtly love             together.                                     Federal government’s bailout plan.
               What is your favorite
               TV show or movie?

“I don’t believe in TV, I’d rather study                               “The old Romeo and Juliet, the new one
my homework.”                                                          is nothing like Shakespeare meant it to
              -Sarah Kammer, Freshman                                  be, it’s horrible. I love my Shakespeare
                                                                       and that movie is a disgrace.”
                                                                                       -Haley Crook, Sophomore

     “Family Guy because it’s funny and in
     every episode there’s a special character.”
                           -Jamel Young, Junior                            “Ferngully because it’s about fairies
                                                                           who save the forest.”
                                                                                               -Zac Beatty, Senior

Televison starts a new season
     Kirsten Melone                              nerd and love learning new things and      don’t look as fake. For the most part
                                     reporter    sciences,” said Chuckney. “Educational     though, I remember TV always being
            t’s a routine. Most students go      shows make my world go round.”             really good. I think TV grows with the
            home from school and sit down           Chuckney also likes the good style      generations.”
            in front of the TV. Some watch       tips from “What Not to Wear” and            There have been more shows than one
            sitcoms, others reality series, or   “Extreme Home Makeover”.                   can count on their fingers. Past shows
     even soap operas.                              “Wild Boys”, “Viva La Bam”, “That       are returning with new seasons after
          Sophomore Alison Fonner enjoys         70’s Show”, “Scrubs”, and “NCIS”           the writer’s strike. Some are having
     “Chuck”, “The Secret Life of the            are favorites of sophomore Callum          two part seasons, with the first part in
     American Teenager”, and “Night              Gordon.                                    the fall and the second in the spring.
     Rider”.                                       “They keep me entertained, make me          “TV has become a lot more reality
       “I like “Chuck” because it is so funny,   laugh, and the intense shows keep me       based and tries to reach out to what
     and “Secret Life” because it’s like a       on the edge of my seat,” said Gordon.      we do and what we like to see,” said
     teenage soap opera. “Night Rider” is          The television has changed drastically   Gordon.
     really good, it’s like a crime show and     over the years.        Now there are            There are shows for everyone.
     Michael Night is super cute and drives      personal satellites, digital cable, and    Whether you enjoy science, fashion,
     a really cool car,” said Fonner.            high definition. Though the process        drama, action, or comedy; there is
       Rob Chuckney, a junior, enjoys shows      of purchasing all the equipment is         always something to watch. We now
     like” CSI: Las Vegas”, “Myth Busters”,      somewhat confusing, the quality and        have the power of technologies to
     “Modern Marvels”, and “Future               satisfaction is relevant.                  record, fast-forward, and rewind live
     Weapons”.                                      “I think the technology has gotten      TV. Fans will never miss a moment of
        “As most people know, I am a huge        a lot better,” said Fonner. “Things        their favorite features.
Beat and rapper revolution
  trent sMith                                         With a price that steep, artists         always have been, a new “hipster”

                           Co-editor-in-Chief   can hardly be expected to continue             brand of rap, led by Kanye West, has
                                                to sample, unless they’re a hip-hop            risen to the forefront. Relatively old
               usic is an ever-changing         heavyweight. Thus, struggling up-              rappers such as West, Common, Q-Tip,
               industry. A fluid form           and-coming artists are already at a            and Lupe Fiasco as well as newcomers
               of expression for the            disadvantage.                                  like Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth,
               earthling’s ears. New tools        Hip-hop’s answer, at least temporarily,      Wale, Schwayze, Big Sean, Kid Cudi,
  come into play, new artists make noise,       seems to be Auto-Tune. Hip-hop artist          and 88-Keys have popularized this
  and old artists fall silent.                  T-Pain has made a career off of Auto-          subdivision of rap.
      In no other genre is change more          Tune. Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West have                This new brand contains a more
  constant than hip-hop. Whether East           also recently used the tool in songs. The      cultured sort of sound. These rappers
  Coast or West Coast; North or South;          emergence of this voice-modulating tool        draw influences from all genres of
  “gangsta” rap or Will Smith’s preaching       has sparked mixed reviews.                     music: rap, jazz, rock, soul. They
  raps of good behavior, hip-hop has been           “It adds a nice twist,” said senior        rap about more than cars, money,
  around the world and back.                    Adam Shata. “It could help shape new           and promiscuous girls. They dress
       Recent years have served as a            school from old school.”                       differently. As West himself said, “Hey,
  remarkable period of tumult in the               Others find it amusing for now, but         I guess they was lookin’ at me crazy
  genre. Sampling, hip-hop’s inaugural          don’t wish to hear it exclusively.             cause you know, ‘cause I ain’t have a
  form of beat-making where you sample             “I like it, but I think it’s going to get   jersey on or whatever.”
  old songs and incorporate them with           played out,” said senior Alex Madison.            Some people embrace this change in
  the beat, is alive, but barely. With              With sampling prices skyrocketing,         style.
  copyright laws becoming stricter and          it seems that less financially-stable             “I like Lupe [Fiasco] and Q-Tip and
  more expensive, hip-hop’s purest form         rappers may turn to Auto-Tune in the           them because they rap about real
  is becoming increasingly more difficult       coming future. However, this will most         issues,” said sophomore Brandon
  to attain.                                    likely be a mere placeholder until hip-        Jones.
      According to an article in “Spin”         hop minds can find another solution, as            Whatever hip-hop settles on as its
  magazine, “Today the average base             the reception has been mixed.                  most prevalent form, Auto-Tune or
  price to clear a sample is $10,000, and          Another change in hip-hop has been          sampling, “hipster” or “gangsta”, you
  the threat of lawsuits over copyright         the emergence of a new sub-genre.              can bet that it will soon change again.
  infringement looms heavy over artists         Although “gangsta” rap and pop-rap             One thing, however, remains constant.
  and labels.”                                  remain just about as popular as they           It’s good music.

Oscars give glamorous recognition
  t iM striKwerda                   Case of Benjamin Button”           movie I saw in 2008 was ‘The
                        reporter    was the most nominated film        Dark Knight.’”
                                    with thirteen nominations.              Though Best Picture is

         n the movie industry,      Categories for nominations         the most coveted award it
         there is no event bigger   vary to the obscure Best           is hardly the only important
         than the Academy           Sound      Mixing     to   the     one. Major awards that films
         Awards, also known as      venerated Best Picture. No         and performers were vying
                                                                                                                             Best Picture:
  the Oscars. These awards          matter what the category,          for included Best Director,
  are given to nominated films      every winner receives a            Best Actor, Best Supporting                            “Slumdog
  by the Academy of Motion          small golden statuette that        Actor, Best Actress, Best                             Millionaire”
  Picture Arts and Sciences         is the actual award.               Supporting Actress, and Best
  that are believed to have           Competing for the ultimate       Foreign Language Film.                                 Best Actor:
  achieved excellence in a          prize of Best Picture,                 Oscars bring recognition                           Sean Penn,
  certain category. The awards      equivalent to best film, were      and give a place in history                              “Milk”
  ceremony draws millions of        five films: “The Curious Case      to deserving films. This
  viewers every year. Theatre       of Benjamin Button,” “Frost/       year shows no sign of being                           Best Actress:
  teacher Suzanne McCorry           Nixon,” “Milk, “The Reader”        different and many people                             Kate Winselt,
  is one of these millions of       and “Slumdog Millionaire”.         from seasoned veterans
                                                                                                                             “The Reader”
  viewers.                          Noticeably absent from this        to newcomers have had a
    “I really enjoy the speeches,   list of nominees is this year’s    chance to add an Academy
  it gives you a glimpse into       blockbuster and highest            Award to their resume. Often                          Best Director:
  who is the real celebrity,”       grossing film, “The Dark           it’s possible to see just how                         Danny Boyle,
  said McCorry.                     Knight.” This has baffled          truly happy they are.                                   “Slumdog
        For 2009 the awards         many people from film                    “Some performers get                             Millionaire”
  were shown on February            critics to Newtown Theatre         carried away with their
  22 at the Kodak Theatre           employee, Travis Brown.            emotions,” said McCorry.
  in Los Angeles. Actor                 “The film stayed in our        “You can sense their strong
  Hugh Jackman hosted the           theatre triple the normal          gratitude for receiving the
  presentation. “The Curious        time,” said Brown. “The best       statuette.”
sports                                                                                                                                             10
Lady rams take a swing
Katie Utne
                                              Post-season honors were awarded to
                                  RepoRteR several of the players last year.

                                               “Senior pitcher Jenny Carroll was
      t’s that time of year. As winter first team all-district and second team
      melts into spring, the softball all-region,” said Bunn. “Sophomore
      team is getting ready for a great first baseman Sammie Cagle, senior
      season.                              shortstop     Morgan      Hayes,     and
    “We have lots of experience,” said sophomore third baseman Patti Vinson
senior center fielder Tori Payne. “I all received all-district recognition as
think the season will go really well.”     well.”
   The team has                                                    Over the years
a lot to live up                                                the players have
to. For the past       “We have never been to                   really       bonded
three years, the       regionals. I think this year will        together.
team has made it       be the year we go.”                          “We are really
to the Bay Rivers      -Athletic director Dan Barner            close,” Payne said.
District      semi                                              “We spend a lot of
finals.                                                         time together, and
  “We have never                                                I know the coach
been to regionals,” said athletic director really well.”
Dan Barner. “I think this year will be       Practicing hard and giving their best
the year we go.”                           is what the team has agreed to do.
  Luckily the team has many returning         “If we commit to consistently work
seniors. Only one key player, Khrystal harder than our opponents, on the
Mixon, graduated last year.                practice field as well as in the games,            Senior pitcher Jenny Carroll takes a hit for the team. Carroll prepares
                                                                                              for the upcoming softball season by going to the after school pre-
    “We return nine players, including then we can exceed every milestone we                  season workouts at James Blair Middle School. The gym is open for
eight starters from last year’s team,” have set over the past three seasons,”                 all lady Rams interested in participating in the approaching season.
said coach Thomas Bunn.                    Bunn said.                                                                                             Photo by Stephen Kline

Running back
for more track
                                                               Baseball begins
                                                               Johanna aevaRsdottiR
        CieRRa Washington                                                               Managing editoR
        	       	       	     																						RepoRteR                ith winter workouts now
            February 23 arrived and the outdoor                             in full swing, the Rams
        track season began.                                                 baseball team is heading
          Those long hot, sweaty days out on the                            toward a new season.
        burning asphalt mixed with funky tan                   Since Williamsburg Indoor Sports
        lines, short shorts, intense sweating                  Complex (WISC) has accommodated
        and dehydration have arrived.                          their former sport court for baseball,
            “The heat is intense, but it doesn’t               Lafayette is taking full advantage to
        get that hot until later in the season,”               prepare for the challenging season that
        said freshman Heidi Peterson. “But if                  lies ahead.
        you’re out there doing something you                      “The guys joined the WISC and go
        enjoy, it’s all good.”                                 twice a week for now,” said coach Joe
             Last year, the girls finished third               Henzel, “Half of them work out upstairs
        in the district meet behind York and                   doing strength training while the other
        Jamestown, while the boys were district                half are downstairs hitting.”
        champions.                                               After losing key pitcher Jeff Wiggins,
            Peterson represents the core of the                returning senior Ryan Fleischman will
        team, with several other members                       be counted on to rally his team.
        specializing in their single events.                       “We’ll need Ryan to step up and
        Peterson will be premiering on the                     win games,” said Henzel. “He’ll need
        different relay teams and in the long                  to surprise the league, our team, and
        distance races, she is versatile and                   himself as well as to be the catalyst.”
        willing to take on the needed position.                    Last season’s final record of 8-11
              Juniors Renee Samaha, Laura                      reflected tough losses against Tabb and
        Hernandez, Becky Dobosy and senior                     Grafton. This year, those opponents
        Ariel Zimmerman are also key athletes                  will continue to be solid competition,
                                                                                                          Junior Thomas Whitmore practices his pitching at the
        to keep an eye out for.                                yet will be wins that need to happen.      WISC, which was rececntly accomodated for baseball.
            The boys lost a significant amount                 Losing nine seniors will certainly make                                       Photo by Stephen Kline
        of standouts last year. Luckily senior                 it even harder on the Rams, giving
        DeAngelo Scales is returning this                      the six remaining seniors an added            “With a small team we are going to
        season along with seniors Sam Schultz                  challenge to find their leadership gear.   have to either win by committing or we
        and Tim Womble. Last year, Scales was                    “Hopefully, we’ll win every game, but    will lose,” said Henzel.
        a top place finisher in the 300 meter                  Tabb and Grafton will definitely be           Despite these challenges, the team
        race, the 110 meter hurdles and the                    tough,” said junior Thomas Whitmore.       still shows faith in having a strong
        triple jump.                                              Another challenge facing the team       season.
           “Track can have its challenging days                is their size; it is the smallest team       “I think we have potential to contend
        but it’s all worth it in the end,” said                since 1999 when Lafayette split with       for districts this year,” said senior
        Samaha.                                                Jamestown. More pressure will be           Tyler Shawcross. “Everyone is going
          Although both teams lost key standout                placed on the sophomores and juniors       to just have to step up and pull their
        players from last year, they have gained               who don’t have the same level of           own weight to make up for our lack of
        new talent.                                            experiencence as seniors.                  depth.”
sports                                                                                                                                  11
Professional deadbeats                professional aspect of the             Or there are those who           things other athletes do.
                                      title professional athlete.        decide to show off just how             “There are probably tons
                                      Outside of their sport, many       fast they are by celebrating         of [profession athletes] that
                                      athletes act like amateurs in      before they even finish a            do good things like help
                                      life.                              race.                                kids or give back to their
                                        And what’s worse, these are         Or they decide that rules         communities,” said athletic
                                      people we want to respect.         don’t apply to them and              director Dan Barner. “But
                                      These are people who get           pump their bodies full of            you don’t ever hear about
                                      paid millions of dollars to        steroids or human growth             them in today’s media.”
                                      play a game. These are people      hormones.                              Take a look at Tim Tebow.
                                      who serve as role models for          And they wait until after         Granted, he’s not technically
                                      our youths. People who are         they do these things to              in the professional sports
                                      symbols for the benefits of        apologize to their biggest           realm yet, but considering
                                      healthy activity.                  fans, the kids who look up to        that both his parents
                                        In fact, many athletes, such     them. By then it’s too late.         are missionaries in the

 Stephen Kline                        as Michael Phelps, pride                It used to be that you          Philippines and he regularly
                 photography editor
                                      themselves on the fact that        watched professional sports          visits prisons to preach, it
      Mommy, when I grow              they are looked up to. The         to get away from the gossip,         will take a huge change to
      up I want to play in the        guy has more Olympic bling         glamour, and politics that           bring him down to some
      NFL and fight dogs just         than anyone else, is respect       have grasped a hold of every         athlete’s levels.
      like Michael Vick!”             not deserved? But then he          other aspect of life. But, of            Michael Jordan. Peyton
     What is happening to             gets caught smoking weed.          course, these things have            Manning. Tiger Woods. I
 professional sports? It seems        Is that the kind of activity a     been thrown full force into          don’t even need to give more
 that every time I turn on            role model should do?              sports because they make             than their names to give
 SportsCenter, I am greeted              Then there are guys who         the media money. Nowadays            them as examples of how
 with the coverage of a couple        decide to carry pistols into       it seems as if the media tells       professional athletes should
 games, and then an hour on           night clubs, where they            us more about whether or             act. Let’s give the kids some
 whatever professional athlete        aren’t even supposed to have       not Brett Favre will finally         real role models by showing
 has been arrested. I think           guns, and shoot themselves         retire than the actual games         more support for those who
 some may have forgotten the          in the leg.                        he plays in, let alone the good      do good deeds.

                          “They’re not very                                                       “[They are] not
                          good ones. I feel
                          like some of them      Do professional                                  very good. The
                                                                                                  whole       image
                                                                                                  thing: the tatoos,
                                         but     athletes make                                    dogfighting,
                                                                                                  drunk     driving,
                          that does not
                          qualify them as a        good role                                      steroids, gun in
                                                                                                  the club. Kids try
                          role model,” said
                                                                                                  to emulate them,”
                          two-sport coach                                                         said    basketball
                          Brian Sorrell.                                                          coach Tony Clark.

Spotlight is on the mat
 Macon heiKeS

    This year’s wrestling team wanted
 to make sure there wasn’t any doubt
 they would be a hardworking team.
 The spotlight was on these athletes, no
 matter if it was a preseason match or
 regional final.
     How did these guys handle their
 pressures so they could show their
 true potential? Quite well. With no
 “ra-ra”attitudes or unclassy ways, they
 stuck to what they’d been taught day
 in and day out: to scrap out wins with
     “They exceeded my expectations,”            Senior Shawn Sweaney gets ready to take on another wrestler in the 215 pound class. Sweaney
 said coach Lenny McNeal. “They were             went 4-0 at regionals, winning the Region I championship. All four matches ended in pins.
                                                                                                                             Photo by Stephen Kline
 a young team who won 50 percent of
 their matches.”                                   “It sucks that this season is my last         to get the team better,” said Sweaney.
    Many of the wrestlers on the varsity         and that I can’t contribute any longer            The returning wrestlers are heading
 team were freshmen and sophomores,              for Lafayette,” said Sweaney.                   in the right direction for a strong season
 skipping the normal junior varsity               Sweaney placed third in the state and          next winter.
 experience.                                     currently holds the school record for               “In the offseason we will need to
   “The 215 weight class has been strong         number of wins.                                 build the strength and work a little
 with Shawn Sweaney, but there were                   Next year, the team will miss the          on technique,” said McNeal. “Coach
 still a lot of tough guys,” said McNeal.        presence of seniors Adam Shata and              Wheeler’s three days a week lifting
    Sweaney was a senior leader on the           Kevin Whitaker.                                 plan should help with that, as will
 team; his success has led others to                 “We will be passing on the torch to         three days of wrestling each week of
 perform well on the mat.                        the juniors now, in particular Ben Lisle        the offseason.”
sports                                                                                                                                      12
Not tall? Injury-prone sets the tone
                                          StePhen kline And dAvid kimminAu
                                          PhotogRAPhy editoR And RePoRteR

                                                 Some athletic teams
                                          have difficulty overcoming
                                          obstacles, and considering

                                          this year’s boys basketball
                                          team’s 5-15 record, they seem
                                          to fit into this category.
                                              “For the first half of the

about it
                                          season we had no cohesion
                                          at all,” said head coach Tony
                                          Clark, “but many of the other
                                          obstacles we had no control
Alex PtAchick                               One such obstacle was the
                                          back-to-back loss of Trent

                                          Smith and Cedrick Jones to
               ith an impressive 7-0      turned ankles, both seniors
               start to the season, the   and key players to the team.
               girls basketball team      Smith averaged 10.3 points         Junior Macon Heikes releases a shot in the 74-60 loss to district foe New Kent.
               had proved that size       per game over 16 games,                                                                         Photo By Stephen Kline
doesn’t always matter.                    making a key addition to
    “I wouldn’t say we were worried,”     the offense. Jones averaged        shut down some of the Bay           they could lose every game,
said junior Lauren Griswold, “but         13.8 points per game, but his      River’s most prominent              and beat Lafayette, and
we knew we were at a disadvantage         most impressive statistic is       offense players.                    have a successful season,”
when it came to size out on the           66 blocked shots, an average        However, the team produced         said Clark. “Our season has
court.”                                   of 3.5 per game. Jones             some positive results later in      been made by knocking off
        Size didn’t seem to be the        received second team All-Bay       the season.                         Jamestown twice.”
determining factor early on in the        Rivers District honors, and            “They pursued through               With juniors like Zach
season.                                   Smith received Honorable           adversity,” said Clark. “They       Warring and Macon Heikes
     In addition to their height woes,    Mention.                           could have folded in, but no        returning to the team, the
they had to get used to late night          Senior Adam Straight was         one quit and we played our          future looks bright.
practices and the injury of key player,   another key player on both         hardest until the end.”                “I expect us to do better
Johnisha Grey.                            sides of the court. On the           The boys played hard with         next year,” said junior
   “All of us thought it would be hard    offensive side, Straight had       two late-season wins against        Darien Donaldson. “We will
to make up for her scoring, but if we     an impressive 48 assists;          Jamestown.                          try harder, and that will
applied ourselves then we [would]         on the defensive side, he           “Jamestown used to say that        make us a better team.”
accomplish a victory,” said sophomore

                                          Track exceeds expectations
Josalynn Hayes.
 Despite Grey’s upsetting knee injury,
the girls basketball team finished
with an impressive record of 14-6 in
the district. Their final record placed                                                  great, all of the hard work          boys’ side were seniors Tyler
them as the third seed in the region              cieRRA WAShington
                                                                                         paid off.”                           Erickson, Haroun Rahman
one tournament, behind Poquoson                                                             Our girls’ track and field        and Sam Schultz who all
as the second seed and Bruton as the                Districts. Regionals.                team placed second in the            placed in the top six of their
first seed. As always, the Rams are                   These two words can bring          District meet on February 9,         events, qualifying them for
striving to be victorious during the              fear into many athletes, but for       where four of our girls took         regionals.
playoffs.                                         our girls and boys track and           the highest honors.                       “We’re glad to see the
       After two upsetting losses to              field team they are just words.           Zimmerman was district            many people who made
Bruton in the regular season, the                   “Districts cause more anxiety        champion in the 300 meter            it to regionals, they came
team is ready for redemption in the               than      nervousness,”    said        race. Junior Becky Dobosy            forth and put in the effort
tournament.                                       senior Ariel Zimmerman. “But           was district champion in the         needed to succeed,” said Sam
   “We should’ve won against Bruton               everyone worked hard and did           3,200 meter race (2 mile).           Schultz.
the second time we played them,”                                                         Senior     Chelsea    LeHew              Regionals took place on
said Hayes. “We were up by twelve                                                        defended her title in Pole           Feb. 19 at the Boo Williams
at the half and then we just gave                                                        Vaulting while capturing             Complex, where the girls
up at the end, losing by only three                                                      a new personal record.               placed second and the boys
points.”                                                                                 Freshman Heidi Peterson              finished fourth. With the few
     During the girls’ first match up                                                    brought home two gold                members who qualified for
against Bruton they also suffered a                                                      medals, one in the 1,600             regionals, many are moving
defeat by only five points, breaking                                                     meter race (1 mile) and              on to states, which will be
their perfect record.                                                                    another in the 1,000 meter           held on Feb. 27 and 28 at
    Looking past all the negatives of                                                    race.                                Tolsma Track Center in
the season, the girls are ready to play                                                      “It was cool taking first        Lynchburg, VA.
the game they know best against the                                                      in two events at my first               Peterson and Scales also
teams they want so badly to beat.                                                        district meet, because it            qualified for the national
      “We’re going to have to give it                                                    doesn’t happen too often.”           elite    silver   standards.
everything we’ve got in preparation                                                      said Peterson. “It was a great       Peterson registered 3:06.37
for the tournament ahead,” said                                                          opportunity.”                        in the 1000 meter race and
Griswold. “Practices are where our                                                            The boys had one key            5:19.23 in the 1600 meter
games are won.”                                                                          standout, senior DeAngelo            race, while Scales ran a 7.81
      Despite an impressive win over                                                     Scales who was the boys’ solo        in the 55 meter hurdles.
Tabb in the first round of the district                                                  champion taking first place              The teams are running
tournament, the lady Rams lost to                                                        in the 55 meter hurdles and          strong and the future is
Poquoson, 40-33 as well as to Bruton                                                     second in the triple jump.           looking bright, with the
42-38.                                                                                   Other contributors on the            journey ending on Feb. 28.
sports             13
Splashing all the way
           TrenT SmiTh   andLeigh hiLL
                          Co-ediTor-in-Chief   and   reporTer
                      heers fade. The water slowly
                      laps up against the wall.
                       Swimming and diving season
                      is coming to a close. The Rams,
           however, hope to keep those cheers ear-
           splitting and those waves tidal for just
           a few more weeks to the tune of another
           set of state appearances.
                After beating rival Jamestown by
           a score of 64-30 for the girls and 54-
           30 for the boys, the Rams are getting
           ready for the time of the season where
           it’s win or go home.
             “[After Jamestown] we have districts,
           regionals and states,” said sophomore
           Colby Jensen. “[This is] the fun part of
           the season.”                                         Junior Jason Haigh swims breast stroke during the district tournament meet on Februar y 21.
             Although this may be the time where                                                                                        Photo by Stephen Kline
           excitement picks up for the virtually
           unchallenged Rams, they have had                     because going into the finals, I was            said Hogge.
           some moments when they felt gratified                placed first in all of my events,” said           There have been close calls this year
           during the season.                                   sophomore Catherine O’Donnell.                  in terms of team records. The 400
               “York [was gratifying] because our                   A few of this team’s high-profile           meter relay team, consisting of seniors
           coach was worried about them but                     swimmers are former Jamestown                   Knicely, Paul Schisa, Ben LeRose and
           we beat them by a good margin,” said                 swimmers who came over when the                 freshman Ben Colley, has come close
           senior Taylor Hogge.                                 schools redistricted; including Hogge           on several occasions this season.
                Some swimmers remember meets                    and senior Ricky Knicely. Beating                 The Rams seem destined for another
           because of some great individual                     Jamestown definitely has its own extra          year of state greatness. Both boys
           efforts.                                             benefit to these swimmers.                      and girls alike are confident in their
                 “Kecoughtan [was a good meet]                    “Yeah, I like beating my old friends,”        abilities on the state level.

“Upper 90” expectations
for boys and girls soccer
TrenT SmiTh, peyTon young and TayLor goSSage           A curse and a blessing for
 Co-ediTor-in-Chief, reporTer and Copy ediTor        this season is the number of
              Girls soccer                           returning seniors.
                Girls soccer is starting               “The junior class wasn’t as
           back up again with tryouts                strong last year, and then
           beginning      this     week.             [Nate] Kepa is still hurt
           Another successful season                 and John Lee broke his leg;
           seems on the horizon for                  he was JV last year but got
           the Rams, as they return                  pulled up [to varsity] at
           seven starters. They are not              the end,” said coach Brian
           without concerns, though.                 Sorrell.
                “[Replacing last year’s                    The blessing is that
           seniors] is my main worry,”               there will be many new
           said senior Melanie Marotta.              underclassmen to train.
           “Addie [Williams] saved us a                    “My expectations are
           lot, she was always there. I              always high,” said Sorrell.
           think we’ll be okay, though.”             “We have an all-state goal
             Big games for the girls this            keeper returning and the
           season include Jamestown,                 plusses will come together to
           Grafton and Tabb. On an                   focus on a common goal.”
           HRVarsity survey, most                       Senior Drake Kuhn, all-
           respondents chose Grafton                 state goal keeper, has come
           or Tabb as the team to                    to know the expectations
           beat in the district, but the             Sorrell has for him and the
           Rams hope to defy those                   team.
           expectations.                               “The younger kids we have
              No matter the position or              are really good and since
           the years of experience, the              they are it won’t hurt us,”
           girls are uniform in their                said Kuhn.
           goals for the season.                            With the ratio of
                “I want to repeat our                underclassmen              to
           results from last year,” said             upperclassmen so high,
           Marotta. “[I expect to] win               having the seniors set good
           districts and go from there.”             examples is crucial.With
                                                     the talented group, Sorrell
            Boys soccer                              is strategizing to use the
             On February 27, the boys                team’s strengths.
           will be back again to start off               “We play to win,” said
           another hopeful season.                   Sorrell.
news/sports                                                                                                                              14
Budget cuts affect all
  Continued from page 1               will each dismiss two

                                      support positions and the
           he new budget also         department of academic
           calls for a reduction      services will dismiss 1.5
           of central office          positions. Each department
           positions.      Some       will be restructured in order
  of these positions are new          to redistribute the duties of
  as of the 2008-2009 school          the workers.
  year, such as coordinator of                Despite the many
  program evaluation, grants          reductions,     the     2009-
  manager, and coordinator of         2010 budget calls for an
  multi-cultural affairs. Some        increase in the departments
  longer-running positions that       of special education and
  are going to be eliminated          transportation. There will
  are    the     communication        also be an increase for the
  specialist, hearing officer,        liability   insurance     and
  and     operations      payroll     workers compensation and
  position. The duties of all         health insurance, adding up
  of these positions will be          to $940,667 in increases.
  taken up by various people               “The 2009-2010 school
  at the discretion of the            budgets in Virginia – and
  superintendent.                     in WJCC – will take us
      The reduction of central        backwards undoing some or
  office support positions was        many of the advancements
  also taken into account             in school operations, if not
  for the 2009-2010 budget.           student learning, as we
  The       departments        of     approach the future,” said             This chart represents the areas of the district in which cutbacks will be made.
                                                                                                       Chart courtesy of Superintendent’s Proposed Budget 2009-2010
  human resources, finance            Superintendent Dr. Gary
  and      student       services     Mathews.

                                                                             Spring in the air and
                                                                             bounce on the courts
                                                                             Victoria Brinkley                       return to regional action,” said
                                                                                                        reporter     Goode. Jamestown, Tabb, and
                                                                                  As the weather brings              Poquoson look like Lafayette’s
                                                                             drafts of warm air and                  biggest competitors, but hopes
                                                                             greenery again unfurls its              are high.
                                                                             beauty, sophomore Chris                    On the other side of the
                                                                             Ford is excited to wield his            spectrum, the girls tennis team
                                                                             tennis racket in the name of            will be “interesting,” to say the
                                                                             Lafayette once more. Expected           least, said senior Robin Bland.
                                                                             to remain the number one                “We lost our top three players,”
                                                                             starter on the boys team, Ford          she said.
                                                                             has high hopes for the coming                  Coach Pat Thompson
                                                                             season. Finishing last season           agrees.
                                                                             third in the district, he thinks             “We don’t have a lot of
               Information from Superintendent’s Proposed Budget 2009-2010   the team will do as well if not         experience,” Thompson said,
                                                                             better this year.                       “but we’re going to be good.”

More students,
                                                                                 “We only lost one senior,”                The girls expect a few
                                                                             said Ford, referring to last            freshmen with reputable tennis
                                                                             year’s number two player                skills to contribute to the team
                                                                             Matt Weiser. “The other teams           this year, a positive thing to

fewer teachers
                                                                             lost a lot more.”                       look forward to. Seniors Lizzie
                                                                               Since losing Weiser, the boys         and Allie Mitchell will also be
                                                                             will all have to step things up         key players this season.
                                                                             a notch.                                 “We’re very young,” Thompson
  Continued from page 1                                                          Junior Jesse Bryant, also           said. “Every match is going to
                                                                             expected to remain a starter            be a big match.”
   “When class sizes grow, you’ll have less individual attention             this season, thinks it is                         Although relatively
  and teachers are going to be more and more stressed,” said                 unlikely that the team will             inexperienced, the girls have a
  media specialist Monica Schauffler.                                        have any senior starters.               lot going for them.
      Teachers, overwhelmed by an increase in number of                         “We’re hoping to win it big             “The participation is really
  students, face a greater workload by having to grade more                  this season,” Bryant said.              amazing,” said Thompson.
  assignments that come with having larger class sizes.                         As for Jamestown, Bryant             “About 20-30 girls are expected
    “Many teachers will be inclined to assign less stuff, at least           said, “I hope we can win at             to try out.”
  less writing and more reading,” said social studies teacher                least one match!”                           The girls are sure to have
  Chris Hailey.                                                                    Coach Richard Goode               a great season, no matter the
   Students and teachers alike anticipate the changes to come.               looks forward to an excellent           matches won or lost.
  With no definite answers until the end of June, students                   season. “We have a great                    “We’re such a close team,”
  are unsure of how things—including schedule changes and                    team returning,” Goode said.            said Bland. “We’re like a
  teachers—will play out.                                                    Many of the Ram’s boys                  family. We just want to have
     “I think there are a lot of rumors flying around because                tennis players have been elite          fun and work together.”
  people are worried,” said Hart. “I really feel like we have to             throughout the district and               Tryouts for both teams begin
  see what happens.”                                                         the team may possibly see “a            February 23.
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