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     29.07.2011                                                                  SLCSP


     Notes of the proceedings at a meeting of the Partnership held in the Georgian Room
     at the Town Hall, Kendal, on Friday, 29 July 2011, at 10.00 a.m.


     Name                              Organisation

     Mark Clement                      Cumbria County Council
     Jenny Draper                      South Lakeland District Council
     Julia Hancock                     Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Association
     Caroline Green                    Cumbria Probation Trust
     Claire Gould                      South Lakeland District Council
     Sam Hambley                       Cumbria Youth Offending Service
     Chris Kelly                       South Lakeland District Council
     Will Richardson                   Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service
     Gordon Rutherford                 Cumbria Constabulary
     Debbie Slater                     Cumbria Drug and Alcohol Action Team
     Hilary Stephenson (Chairman)      South Lakeland District Council
     Ian Stewart                       Cumbria County Council
     Peter Thornton                    Cumbria Police Authority
     Claire Willet                     Connexions Cumbria

     Apologies for absence were received from Helen Bailey (NHS Cumbria), Colin
     Beech (Victim Support), Karen. Johnson (Cumbria County Council), Paul Kennedy
     (Cumbria Constabulary), David Stubbs (South Lakes Housing), Carole Wood (NHS
     Cumbria), William Wyllie (Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service).


     An update was provided on Minute No. 39. It was advised that there had been a
     confirmed allocation of £28,422.

     AGREED – That the notes of the meeting of the Partnership held on 13 May 2011
     be received.


     Councillor Peter Thornton presented a report on Police and Crime Commissioners,
     and the implications of this for partners. He explained that the aim was for the
     Police Authority to be more reactive to public opinion. He went further to explain
     why the proposals were important, with them being a significant change to policing
     governance and their impact on how the police service operates. He also explained
     what the key themes were, including the new proposed structure.

     He provided further details regarding the role of the directly elected Police and
     Crime Commissioners and what their relationship will be with Community Safety

     Councillor Ian Stewart noted that the Home Office will be running road shows on this
     issue in the autumn. He requested that efforts are made to ensure they come to
     Cumbria early in the process and, also, to come to Kendal if possible.

     AGREED – That the report be noted.
     29.07.2011                                                                   SLCSP


     Mark Clement presented the report on the proposed changes to the Cumbria
     Partnership landscape. However, he advised the partnership that since the agenda
     had been produced, there had been recent developments resulting in much of the
     content of the report needing to be modified.

     He reported on what the proposed structure for partnership working had been,
     combining the Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB), Domestic Violence Board,
     Cumbria Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) and the Safer and Stronger
     Communities Thematic Partnership (SSCTP) and its aims of achieving efficiencies
     and introducing a co-ordinated method of commissioning services across the

     He explained that since the proposed structure was suggested, DAAT had indicated
     they would be part of Public Health England, so would not want to be aligned with
     police justice.

     He indicated that other community safety partnerships had already raise concerns
     about the lack of elected member inclusion in the new proposals and also
     governance arrangements. These concerns were echoed by SLCSP.

     AGREED – That a new structure would be produced and circulated for the
     partnership’s comments.

47   SOUTH  LAKELAND    COMMUNITY                  SAFETY       PARTNERSHIP          AND
     Jenny Draper informed the partnership of the on-going work that was being
     undertaken in developing collaborative working between Barrow Crime and Disorder
     Partnership (CDRP) and South Lakeland Community Safety Partnership (SLCSP).
     She detailed that both partnerships had identified alcohol misuse as a key area to
     tackle in their respective plans.
     It was proposed that they would hold a joint Leadership Group, which would also
     look at other issues the two partnerships had in common. Jenny Draper stated that
     they planned to hold two leadership meetings per year and that the rationale for this
     had been that it would provide greater efficiency and there was an increased
     importance of partnership working.

     Jenny Draper noted that work had already commenced on producing a joint South
     Cumbria Alcohol Strategy (2011-2012) in a bid to prevent and reduce alcohol related

     AGREED – That

     (1)   the proposal to hold joint Leadership Group meetings with Barrow CDRP and
           the request for further details be approved;
     (2)   the South Cumbria Alcohol Strategy be approved; and
     (3)   the Terms of Reference, future reporting routes and the work of the Alcohol
           Strategy Steering Group be endorsed.


     Mark Clement gave an update on the production of the Strategic Assessment of
     crime and disorder in the local area. He explained that it was being produced by the
     Cumbria Intelligence Observatory and would be completed by the deadline of
     September 2011.
     29.07.2011                                                                      SLCSP

     The importance of the report was stressed, as it will feed into a joint strategic needs
     report with other statutory assessments being undertaken throughout Cumbria.

     AGREED – That the report on arrangements for the Community Safety Partnerships
     Strategic Assessment 2011 be noted.


     Emma Sutton Riley, from Cumbria Probation Trust and DC Kevin Robson spoke to
     the Partnership about Integrated Offender Management (IOM) and the work of the
     South Cumbria Reducing Re-offending Group. The Partnership was informed that
     the Group had been working with increased capacity for just over five months.

     Emma Sutton Riley reported that there was a panel in place to assess the initial
     suitability of an individual and that this panel received a high number of referrals,
     which were mostly from the Police but could be from other agencies. She explained
     to the Partnership that when the Reducing Re-offending Group worked well with
     other agencies, it could have a very positive outcome on individuals. She provided
     an example of the work done with a repeat offender, which had included the work of
     14 agencies. The repeat offender was now employed part-time and had enrolled to
     start an NVQ.

     Councillor Ian Stewart noted that the key to success seemed to be ‘bottling’ the
     incentive for change within an individual. He expressed that he felt the preventative
     agenda was highly important and that, should there be an opportunity to aid the
     work of the Group through funding, then the Partnership should explore it. He
     suggested a letter should be written from the Chairman regarding any alteration of
     funding for the programme, especially in regards to employment for the repeat
     offenders who have passed through the IOM.

     AGREED – That the report be noted.


     Chief Inspector Gordon Rutherford presented a report on crime performance data
     for Quarter 1 2011/2012. He noted that the results were very positive and that this
     seemed to be a recurring theme for South Lakeland. He pointed out that alcohol
     related crime had continued to fall as had criminal damage.

     Hilary Stephenson stated that these figures were a good success story and that a
     press release detailing the figures would be appropriate. Julia Hancock, made a
     request for increased awareness during the summer holidays. A discussion
     followed regarding increased publicity for the Cumbria Community Messaging
     scheme and suggestions were made on how to raise awareness and increase
     membership of this web base system.

     AGREED – That the quarter 1 performance be noted.
     Jenny Draper provided the Partnership with details regarding the existing South
     Cumbria Domestic Violence Task Group which was due to change and be known as
     South Cumbria Champions Network. The first meeting of the new group would be
     held on 13 September and this would be followed by basic awareness training in
     relation to domestic violence, a half day training on the Multi Agency Risk
     Assessment Conference (MARAC) process and how to make referrals to MARAC.
     A full day practitioner training for staff who may come into direct contact with victims
     and are in a position to offer active support, e.g. safety planning was also
     29.07.2011                                                                  SLCSP

     Mark Clement noted that the CSP became responsible for the Domestic Violence
     Homicide Review earlier this year. He provided an update on the development of a
     Cumbria wide protocol to implement these reviews.

     AGREED – That the update be noted.


     Mark Clement gave an update on the achievement of Performance Reward Grant in
     relation to Local Area Agreement targets. He noted that Cumbria was the most
     successful county in generating the performance Reward Grant.

     He explained that the Coalition Government had cut the grant by 50 %, so that they
     would now be receiving approximately £6.4 million. There would need to be a
     debate as to how this grant money should then be spent. He welcomed any
     suggestions feedback into this debate. He reported that suggestions he had already
     received had included funding for safety cameras / CCTV, a sexual assault centre
     and compulsory drug taking in custody. The partnership also requested funding for
     Family Intervention Panels and further preventative measures.

     Councillor Ian Stewart noted that there had been a recent parliamentary report on
     the success of early intervention. He suggested that the Partnership lobbied for
     funding. Claire Gould also suggested that this issue of potential topics for funding
     was also discussed at the next Safer and Stronger Partnership meeting too.

     The meeting ended at 12.10 p.m.

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