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                                         Fisher Jeffries Christmas Card
                                              Commission Competition

Fisher Jeffries are celebrating 9 glorious years of supporting the State's emerging graphic designers
with our highly prized Christmas card competition/commission.

Each year since 1994 a Christmas card design from a South Australian School of Art graphic design
student wins the commission for the Fisher Jeffries Christmas Card.

This assignment brings two fold rewards for the winner. The first is cash: $2,500 this year for the
successful design, plus prizes for runners up. Second, and a huge incentive to these keenly ambitious
designers is the exposure to the firm's high profile clientele and the ensuing publicity.

As in receiving commissions in professional life there is a client brief which students must follow. The
brief stipulates:

•    Card must be distinctive and memorable.

•    Must be witty and reinforce the firm's character as a leading provider of quality and value for
     money legal services.

•    Convey the essence of Christmas and the holiday season.

•    Have a shelf life of 4 - 6 weeks.

•    Stay within a given budget.

•    Finalists must present their design and costings to a panel of Judges and the winner is
     announced at a cocktail party in September each year.

Said Fisher Jeffries Business Development Coordinator, Lorraine Wohling: "The project is an ongoing
encouragement to emerging graphic designers whose mission is to design a memorable and individual
Christmas card reflecting the organisation's corporate style and to send our greetings around the
globe to national and international clients and contacts."

"We're in the business of selling intellect therefore the winning design must also be witty, clever, and
professionally designed."

"For almost ten years we have seen some fabulous designs ranging from very humorous to
intellectually sharp."
                                                                   SGIC Building            Telephone: (08) 8212 4903
                                                                   211 Victoria Square      Facsimile: (08) 8231 6896
                                                                   Adelaide SA 5000
                                                                   GPO Box 544           Email:
                                                                   ADELAIDE SA 5001

The winners over the last nine years have been Sally Watts winner of the inaugural competition in
1994 (not related to Fisher Jeffries partner of same surname), Peter Moore, Sandra Caretti, Kim
Peterson, Peter Wright, Kate Burns, Sharon Moreno, Janna Corso and the 2002 winner was
Jacqui Lapsley.

            The Gallery of our winners over the past 9 years:

                       Sally Watts winner of the inaugural
                       competition in 1994 (not related to Fisher
                       Jeffries partner of same surname)

                                 Peter Moore's
                                 1995 winning card

                                       Sandra Caretti's
                                             1996 winning card

                                 Kim Peterson's
                                 1997 winning card

                                         Peter Wright's
                                             1998 winning card

                                             Kate Burn's
                                             1999 winning card
                                             Millennium … A period of general righteousness and

                 Sharon Moreno's
                 2000 winning card

                                             Janna Corso's
                                             2001 winning card

                 Jacqui Lapsley's
                 2002 winning card

For further information contact Lorraine Wohling on 8233 0658.

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