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      Andy Burton
     By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa   -   Photography by Rob Paino

       ooking for a unique marketing tool that will           the company has cultivated a successful niche market
       attract your clients’ attention for years to           among real estate professionals, who appreciate the
       come? Consider the gift of CUTCO cutlery,              opportunity to incorporate long-term branding and
where exceptional quality and creative branding bring         marketing into traditional closing gifts.
lasting results to agents and their customers.
                                                                “Real estate professionals typically give their clients
  The process of choosing real estate closing gifts is        consumable gifts – such as baskets, gift cards, or
often a time consuming issue for agents. With CUTCO           dinner out – which are used within a week,” remarks
cutlery, real estate professionals can provide their          closing gift consultant Andy Burton. “Long-lasting
clients with high-quality items that are appropriate for      pieces from CUTCO reflect the value and quality
daily use. The pieces are engraved with an agent’s            that agents offer their clientele, and serve as lifelong
logo, name and contact information, which creates             reminders of the agents’ services.”
top-of-mind awareness for years to come.
                                                                Burton, a consistent top-producing representative
  Established in 1949, CUTCO is North America’s               since 1999 and currently #1 within the Inland Empire,
largest cutlery manufacturer. Long known for its              works with over 2,000 clients throughout Southern
high-end products and a “forever guarantee” policy,           California. He acts as a partner to his real estate

                                                 ExEcutivEAgEnt Magazine

 “Think of our knives as functional business cards
   that clients will love to receive!” Branded as
             “the world’s finest cutlery.”
clientele, contacting CUTCO gift recipients a year after        CUTCO’s closing gift products typically range in cost
closing to schedule a free knife-sharpening. The service      from $50 to $150 for basic sets, well within the average
is optional, but agents appreciate the continued contact,     spent by most real estate professionals. Because the gifts
which keeps the gift – and the                                                           are engraved with an agent’s
agent- in the client’s mind.                                                             name, logo and telephone
                                                                                         number, the entire cost can
  What sets CUTCO apart                                                                  be written off as advertising
from traditional closing gifts                                                           or marketing expenses. The
is the value to the giver; real                                                          tax write-off is a tremendous
estate professionals receive                                                             benefit to agents, because
tremendous short- and long-                                                              traditional gift write-offs are
term benefits through the                                                                limited to twenty five dollars.
company’s       gift    program.                                                         “Think of our knives as
Tarbell, Realtors® agents                                                                functional business cards that
Joyce Bennin and Stephanie                                                               clients will love to receive,”
Donaldson have successfully                                                              says Burton.
incorporated CUTCO closing
gifts into their business, and                                                            Busy real estate professionals
report that they have received                                                          appreciate the opportunity to
excellent feedback from their                                                           maximize their investments,
clients.       “Our customers                                                           save time, and systematize
consistently indicate that they                                                         their businesses.          With
are using the products all the                                                          CUTCO closing gifts, agents
time,” notes Bennin. “The gift                                                          can accomplish these three
is a value to them, and keeps us                                                        goals while also offering their
in their minds.” Bennin states                                                          clients lasting tokens of their
that the CUTCO commitment                                                               appreciation. Says Burton, “I
to customer service is an                                                               work with agents to make the
added benefit to her business.                                                          gift giving process as easy and
“Andy makes it easy for us to                                                           convenient as possible. This
place orders, and has excellent                                                         enables agents to focus their
follow-up with us and with our                                                          time and energy on building
clients,” she observes.                                                                 their businesses and generating
  As a preferred vendor with
the National Association of                                                             CUTCO closing gifts are
REALTORS®, CUTCO offers                                                               a convenient and valuable
an exclusive line of products that are not available in       product for real estate professionals. To learn how
retail establishments. This, explains Burton, shows that      to incorporate CUTCO products into your business,
a gifting agent has taken the time and effort to seek out     contact Andy Burton, Independent Authorized Sales
a quality gift. Branded as “the world’s finest cutlery”,      Representative at 951-334-5301,, or
CUTCO products are backed by a “forever guarantee”.           visit
This ensures agents that their marketing will last as long
as their careers.

                                                                           Andrew Burton
      CUTCO                                               Independent Authorized Sales Representative
                                                                         Closing Gifts
                                                                       Ph: 951.334.5301
                                                 ExEcutivEAgEnt Magazine

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