Antigone, scene 2 by W72JwZk


									Antigone, scene 2

   1.       What does the sentry tell Creon?
   2.       How is the sentry a “foil” for Antigone?
   3.       What law does Antigone recognize as the supreme one?
   4.       What vow does Creon make?
   5.       Whom does he suspect her accomplice to be?
   6.       What does Ismene want to do?
   7.       What bond is discovered that further complicates the plot?
   8.       Unlike Creon, Antigone holds that humans cannot understand the thinking of
   9.       Antigone claims to belong to _______________.
   10.      Creon says that even brave men run when they see ______ coming.

Antigone – Scene 3

   1. How does Haemon approach his father?
   2. What do Creon’s words tell you about his views of government and his role as
   3. Write down the line that hints that Creon feels his manhood is threatened .
   4. What does Haemon say is God’s crowning gift to man?
   5. How does Haemon go about trying to convince his father to release Antigoone?
   6. What does Haemon threatened to do?
   7. Creon has decided not to kill whom?
   8. What does Creon decide to do with Antigone?
   9. Why?
   10. What does Haemon tell his father as he leaves?
Antigone – scene 4

   1. When Antigone speaks what does she personify?
   2. Who is Niobe?
   3. What is the blasphemy of Antigone’s birth?
   4. The chorus claims that ___________________ is a virtue.
   5. What does lamentation mean?

Antigone – scene 5

   1. Who is Teiresias?
   2. How did he know something was not right in the kingdom?
   3. What does he tell Creon?
   4. What does Creon accuse Teiresias of?
   5. What is Creon’s crime?
   6. What does Teiresias say will happen if Creon does not change?
   7. What does the Choragus advise Creon to do?


   1. What does Creon do?
   2. What happens to Haemon?
   3. What happens to Antigone?
   4. Who else dies?
   5. How does Creon react at the end of the scene?

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