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                                Continents & Oceans
                                          Just The Facts
What is a continent?
       _______One of the seven largest landmasses on the earth______________________

What is an ocean?
       ______One of the five major bodies of salt water that surround the continents__________

Number of continents: ____7_____

Number of Oceans: ____5____

SPECIAL NOTE: Europe and Asia are actually part of the same land mass and connected. The two are
geographically separated by the _____Ural___ Mountains

    Largest vs. Smallest
           Largest Population: _____Asia____________
             Smallest Population: _______Antarctica_______
             Largest Land: _______Asia_____________
             Smallest Land: _______Australia_____________
      Highest Points

       McKinley        Vinson   Elbrus    Kosciusko      Kilimanjaro     Everest    Aconcaqua

             North American: Mt.__McKinley____(+20,320 ft)
             South America: ______Aconcaqua_____(+22,829 ft)
             Africa: Mt.___Kilimanjaro____(+19,340 ft)
             Europe: Mt.____Elbrus______(+18,510 ft)
             Asia: Mt.____Everest______(+29,035 ft) *** Highest point on Earth***
             Australia: Mt.___Kosciusko____(+7,310 ft)
             Antarctica: Mt.____Vinson____(+16,067 ft)
Lowest Points

       Subglacial     Caspian      Death       Dead       Laguna       Assal      Eyre

      North American: ___Death__ Valley (-282 ft)
      South America: ___Laguna___ del Carbon (-344 ft)
      Africa: Lake _____Assal_____ (-512 ft)
      Europe: ___Caspian _____ Sea (-92 ft)
      Asia: _____Dead____ Sea (-1,369 ft) ***lowest point on Earth***
      Australia: Lake _____Eyre____ (-52 ft)
      **Antarctica: Bentley ___Subglacial___ Trench (-8,333 ft)**
                    SPECIAL NOTE: The Bentley Trench is below ice and would actually flood with
                    water if all the ice were to melt thereby placing it below the ocean. So Antarctica
                    does not actually have a recognized low point

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